Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 30, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 1974
Page 12
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fteli0?e ft or Not! ANP OWNS lOOn HELP_ PV6U5HR5 V6W SELDOM PM AinHORS JD5T TO KEEP THEM FROM CWIN6- JHWS WRONG UTH HOUSES IN SftLTIT, IN THE HUN7A VALLEY OP THE HIMALAYAS, ARE BUILT OF FLW STONES WITHOUT MORTAR OF ANY KIND, BUT THE ARS f#38kw OF- KAZAKHSTAN, A BRANCH STUCK. IMTO A TERMITES NEST, IS CONSIDERED AN OMEhl OFfiOOD FORTUNE' BY TOE A2ANDES OMFRICfl, THE THEIR WEALTH AT ALL TIMES IN 7HE FORM OFGOiD AHD SILVER MfPALUONS · WHESE'S YOU!?\ 6NTRV TOR THE ) CONTE6T; HUEY? J YOUU- HAVE TO COME HOME WITH ME TD5EEIT: , LOUIE,'A\ CAVE .WAS PROBABLV ) IT WOULOVE MELTED GOING TO OUR CLUB. FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope MERCYS 7 YOU'RE A 1 '. SAKE I DPAK SWEET X C A N . GIRL, CLARA , HARPLY hi BELLE. BELIEVE I'VE MADE SUCH MESS OF AW LIFE/ AUNT MINNIE... IT'S NICE POIN SOMETHING RIGHT FOR A CHANGE. V CLARA BELLE" FOUND IT AHD HIP rr FROM PUBBA IT'S ALU YOUK5,AUH AMNNU7. YOU ARC ·MISS FRILLY, tf I ftM HV eapC SMOKHf w®gws ·MSN tU.« A ftUOMr MOHOPDty. YWLUPUf ' Of 9USIW ANY COMP6TrTK3N /--GOBORRY \ ( ft CUP OF I j SUGflRFROM ) \UDWEEZV (^ UH-- LETS see NOW- WHAT'S TH 1 FUST THINS TO DO? Z THINK I'LL GIT OUT MV BODflCIOUS PEflCH COBBLER RECIPE NEW YORK." HOW WE STOP UM TRAIN? SEE?-TF?AIN NICELY / WHERE STOP -V*SCORNED UM y- BV SWJNE SELF. 1 ?/ .. LIVE?- ' HIM GO BY FOREIGN NAME OF A. RAVEN NUTLEV- WHE.RE HIS WIGWAM P OH .7- THE NUTLEV HOME IS ONE OF THPSHOWPLACES OF NEW YORK ff- YEAH/... THAT MI6HT M6LP1 HOW WOUU3 VOU UIKS HAV£ YOUR WASHEP01JT WITH SOAR YOUNSWAN?/ VANDALISM | TOO A WOKP, (5ENEKAL WriAT ELSE WOULD CALL \TZ A (3KOUND RULE DOUBLE I'M SORRY, it WU3VWOOD.--6UT YOU'LL. I HAVE TO WORK THRU v XVQUR LUNCH TS £f HOUP? IM HAVING A FABULOUS ' LUNCH BROUGHT IN ^ ^ FORYOU DO YOU WANT IT WITH OR V/ITHOUTMUSTARD? BUTDOM'T DESPAIR MY BOY- ·I Northwest Arkansoi TIMES, Friday, Aug. SO, 1974 rAVCTTKVILLB, AHKANtA* ininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. One-Shot Allergy Treatment Unproven Has any progress been made! owards the one-injeclion treatment for hay fever and other allergies? Miss J.S., Mich. Dear Miss S.i For years scientific research in allergy has been dircled to :he possibility of a single anti-lay fever injection. Some allergists are enthusias- -ic about this one-shot treatment for rose fever and hay ever. Others beieve that there are disadvantages to this method and prefer the presea- sonal method of building up tolerance to the specific pollens to which patients are known to be sensitive. People often react to multiple pollens and therefore need careful study to determine the exact offender. The potential possibilities of the one-injection treatment are great, yet each patient must be individually evaluated by his own doctor to find the ideal riethod of allergy control. Look in the section in which your . birthday conies and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. SAT., AUG. 31 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Restraint and control of the emotions needed in discussions. Listen to all and judge objectively. Leave out personalities and conjecture. Don't let the "double talk" of others confuse you. TAUEUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Venus, favorable, stimulates your creative ab'Iities and your imagination, but don't let the 'atter run "wild" Maintain a down-to-earth attitude even your ambitions soar. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) A certain amount of dar could prove profitable hut, as with the Taurean, don't let your imagination run out of bounds. The Geminian is usually foresighted. May he be so now! CANCER (June 22 to July 23) A new contact, possibly a charge of scenery or activity indicated. Make the most of -- to provide a h ghly stimulating day! : LEO (Juiy 24 to Aug 23^ The Leoite likes room for action, new projects, the means t o i m p r o v e undesirable situations. This day provides the opportunity for all of these You should accomplish a greal deal. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Without realizing it, you ma} be a victim of your own fears and misgivings. Pull yourself together. This is a day which calls for clear thinking and fie finite action. Delays could prove costly. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Your stars highly propitious Especially favored: romance travel, creative and cultura interests; also family matters. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Don't rock the boat and don' push anything, or anyone, to ar -- or you'll regret it. Study auses, effects, people them- elves. Use your canny judg- nent. JAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 1) No matter what the situation, doii't judge on surfaco appear ntes only. Don't completely disregard first impressions ol strangers, however. ;APRICORN (De-.. 22 to Jan 10) Control your imagination vliile you also develop its tre iieiidous potential for further Ing your advancement. Don't let random ideas l e a d you lut of bounds AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb 19) Your outlook not tntire'y aus ricious. Contention may pop up 'n the least exported places. Sxercise restraint, put forward ·our Very best manner and jood-will to Bounce-'i"*. PISCES (Feb. ZQ to Mar. ?(]) You may br too impression- now. Avoid becoming in- Does a person develop immunity after -a severe attack f athlete's foot? Mr. T.W.R., La Dear Mr. R.: The fact that he may have repeated infections of athlete'; not sugcsts that there is little foot suggests that there is little no immunity, More often, he patient continues to reinfect imself. The fungus that causes ath- ele's foot lingers for a long ime in the patient's footwear, 'here are excellent powder and medications that can kill t h e ungus. These must be used in lie shoes and slippers in order o be sure that reinfection from hese sources does not occur. There may be some basic mmunity that some people lave to fungus infection of tne eet. Many people who take no precautions in gymnasiums and jools somehow do not come lowh with infections. The reason is not known. But . everyone, should take the simpla precautions against primary ind repeated,infections. Are frozen foods less nourishing than fresh foods? Mrs. G.S., Del. Dear Mrs. S.: Modern techniques for commercial freezing of foods ara scientifically designed to preserve all the nutritious . elements of food, including vitamin content. If, in the process, any of these are destroyed, th» label will say so. With rare exception, frozen foods made by reliable manufacturers are as nourishing ai fresh foods. inrcnmmi B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) Your right-hand opponent opens Three Diamonds (preemptive), neither side vulnerable. What would you bid with each of the following five vo'ved in 1 situations into which you could be trapped -and which co iH cause trouble a! ei. \OU FSORN endowed with i TODAY are fine ilEllecl; are always logical and analytical in your t h i n k i n g . I'lis fact, co MI! :d with your excellent memory for work involving thorju^b. knowledge o' records and informative data, and your msi.rulousnesi. handling deUili. especially fi's you for a "a r e;r in science nr technology. But you would also make an outstanding teacher, wr'ter or bus"ie-ss executive. In : latter case, you- gifts for organizing and prjrroting wo bu of special va'.ue. Olhrr fields suited to your tnlnnts: the stage (as actor, dramatic, or critic).; music, medi-ins (especially as diagnostician), o' journalism Birthdate of: Theopile Gaulier, Fr. novelist'.. Wm. S?jroyan author, playwright; A r t h u r Godfrey, radio and TV enter lainer. Crossword By Eugew Sheffer ACROSS 1 Man in Genesis 5.Dance step 8 Timber wolf 12 Statue U Among 15 Introduce 16 Ancient Persian 17 Asian festival 18 Closer 20 Panama seaport 23 Blemish 24 English river 25 Mixed 28 Skin tumor 29 Tiny 30 Existed 32 Reiterates 34 Saucy 35 Scarce 36 Dark Si Cnemicai clement 40 Novak or Hunter 41 Border on 42 Tested 47 Painful 48 Chemical compound 49 Chickens 50 Fasten 51 Abba -DOWN 1 Friend (Fr.) 2 Russian river 3 Blackbird Avg. solution 4 Flesh of a sheep 5 Type of fuel 6 Insect 7 Office items 8 Actress: Hedy -9 Hebrew measure 10 Wait 11 German river 13 Bearing 19 Nobleman time: 15 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 20 Crow's cry 21 Above 22 Single 23 Condition 25 Brightest 26 Wide- mouthed pitcher 27 Dusky '29 Aquatic mammal 31 Swine's pen .33 Chatters 34 Volcanic glass 36 Opera heroine 37 Currency 38 Woodwind 39 Scorch 40' Hardy cabbage 43 Roman numeral 44 Seize 45 Greek letter «Lair l.*Q93 VA84 +AJ7 +AKJ5 2.*Q7 VAJ +AJ8 +AKJ962 3.4AKJ932 ¥3 43 *AQJ74 4.AAKJ932 VAQJ74 *3 +3 5.AK85 VAJ3 *K1G724AJ6 1. Double. Obviously your pponent's aim here is to make fe difficult for you and part' er, so whatever you do will ot always turn out perfectly n this best of all possible orlds. Probably the instinctive bid s three notrump, but it is lightly better to double for ·akeout and then bid three o trump over the expected hree heart or three spade esponse. This makes it easier or partner to repeat his suil bid a new one if he i: unhappy with notrump. 2. Three notrump. No guaran ees go with this '"Did, either »ut it. is a far better call in he long run than a double or a four club bid. True, you have 10 spade stopper, but in bridge -- as in life -- you can't havi everything. 3. Four spades. It is a sounc irinciple of bidding that, when n doubt, you should bid wha you think you can make. I would be too nerve-racking tc bid only three spades and face he possibility of having that lid passed out. Naturally, you'd (refer to show you have a two-- iuiter, but unfortunately East IKS rtfobed you of valuable bidding space by his pesky liree diamond bid. 4. Four diamonds. This is exactly the same hand with a lifferent suit arrangement, but lere the recommended bid is 'our diamonds, which of course laces heavy emphasis on the najor suits. The chief reason or the different treatment is hat this time your suits are both geared to a ten-trick Jame. as opposed to the previous hand where you had only one suit for the ten-trick game. Furthermore, four diamonds suggests the slam possibilities setter --· a luxury you can't afford nearly r.s well with a spade-club hand as with a spade-heart hand. 5. Pass. No doubt it hurts to pass with such a good hand, but the fact is that you'ra between the devil and the deep blue sea. To double would b9 a dangerous shot in the dark, while to pass runs the (mild) risk of losing a game. Caution is generally the watchword in delicate situations such as this, 'but it is only fair to add that those players who are constitutionally inclined to bid whenever in doubt are welcome to do so in this case to see what will happen. PONYTAIL Zl 18 16. SI 10 U 27 "Far out, Gloria! EVERY boy you phoned said be would come over?!" SAVINGS GALORE! Smart shoppers first check.the hundreds of advertised values that appear daily in this newspaper. . . .and save a big bundle on food, clothing, cars, everything! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Delivered to your door seven daysa week for less than 11 a day!

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