Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 17, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1952
Page 6
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Moscow Money Aids Reds In Europe; Subsidized Press, Block Market Are Weapons Editor's nole; The black market ·ni · subsidized preu are imonf .the weapons nf Communism. Here is an important and revoflini itory on the cold war, Riving a new insight into the way Moscow a skilled worker. Money From Worker* F r o m constant subscription drivel on behalf of the Communist press come the francs and lire and marks nf working people persuaded that their lot can be bettered. But from' Moscow comes the hulk of operating revcnur. Comin- operates, The Information was form couriers scurry about Kur- Iftathered by William L. r.y»n In i j o p e with remittances doled out to two-month tour of Europe. This artlc3r Is the third of a series of four. thin 30 million francs n month (or printing and editing. Aurore h«i estimated the Red bellwether I «nd Communist propufand* nt 11 rfHM'c II*W Tlflfc piper, L'Humanite, needs more ou t un der tha name of Jacquti """I ' ""· "·"* To bTops hi WwH FEELING % LOW ? Miykf YM NeelVI-MINTEX If you'ci (tellnf loc. viUmtnt «*« ml««»*!f, **«r pip ran u* (i*i ·mnllit vlUmini ifld I Thi bod/ ritdt th»m 4 tW«ii for * r"or,lh *i ·ptlttfri morif bitV f»*f I (Id 4 · lick e f « NIIX Ilblili Wj 0 * v *y u i l*nt!|l nineflll. iry VI.MINTIX r'lii.'Vl.MINlEX FvvvHtvtr Or**n By WILLIAM L. RVAN Firis-WVSIalln walls for Ihe time of conquest to ripen, and the money rolls in for' his leliont abroad, ft likes money--much money to feed Slillnlsm. Where does the money come from* - . Even (he salaries of Communist membcri of Pirliiment »re tapped lo swell the party coffers. From Communist journalists ind professionals come regular remittances--the member's income less a living allowance on the scsle of wonf you rMr "[3stemark SPECIALS! Spring Cleon-Up Aids ·Whitt -- tht Ctmcnt for filjing joints oroynd . both tubs, sinks, shower stalls, etc, , .. ."' , Special. . . jar SOe · Magic Spot R«mov«r for wall paper, furniture and grease spots from rugs. · · " · · .Special... .jar 4 0 e · P.D.Q. Point Cliantr for walls, ceilings and woodwork or any painted surface. Can 20c · Scroon'tnamtl for screen wire. Black only at this price. Regular 35c value. Special can 20e · Stt- Fait for renewing awnings, canvas, yard furniture; shades, fibre rugs and umbrellas. 1.25 · Sportsman En«m«l, especially made for boats, fishing rods, or any type outdoor or indoor sports equipment. Special . . ,pt. 1.27 · Smoothing Bruih, Pait« Bruih and Papor Knif* for'hanging your own wallpaper. All for 1.50 · CloM-Out Patttrni of name brand wallpaper. All,marked down to sell at prices ranging from 5c per roll and up. We Give SH Green. Stamps Pittsburgh Paints ' Park Avt., Prwtgcr, Ivrgt, «nd Warr»n Wallp«p*r JOHNSON'S 25 N. Block Phoni 806 purtles according to their needs and imporlancc. Smro parties, In Scandinavia for Instance, g?t virtually nothing. Others, particularly in France and I t a l y , are liberally aided F.O long as Moscow sees results forthcoming. A Soviet diplomat, immune from customs regulations, transports gold to be used to buy francs or lire or marks on the black market.- Gather U, K. Dollars The black marketeer In Paris or Rome or Frankfurt who sidles up to the, visitor to offer local money for American dollars may be Indirectly in the employ of the Ccminform. The Cominform assiduously .gathers American dollar* for its own ends. Every possible source Is lapped, even, to raids on {he treasuries of the unions .which are dominated and controlled by the Comr unlsts. The money pours in under he inpolus of rigid party discipline. But the operations of a Com- ·mUnist party are highly expensive, p a r t i c u l a r l y In the key areas of Europe. No matter how extensive the resources of the party domestically. Moscow must kick In. There is a - s t r i k i n g example of. this. In an address to the French National Assembly in Kevcmber, J948, Jules Moch, then Interior minister, gave this explanation: Bank IB Facade "The French Communist party and Its various branches have the great advantage nf having accounts at,one single Institution, The Banque Commercial Pour L'Europe du Nord. A peculiarity of this bank, which is a Trench limited company, is t h a t its capital Is dlvidcti into iOO.OOO shares, 07,000 of which belong to two Sovii governmental banks, the Nation. Bank and the Foreign Trade Ban The remaining 3,000 shares ar distributed amons various Frenc and foreign Communist leaders. "This,French facade, therefor is hiding a purely Soviet reality The bank Is Mill operalin French government sources sa the total accounts of Communl organizations arc overdrawn by 1 million francs ($4,000,000). In on month, August, 1948, the lot overdrawn was 88 millions, with out so much as a wince from tl bank. In addition, large sums com from countries of Ka; tern Eui-np either through transfer to Banque Commerclolo Pour L'Eur ope du,Nord or. through the trans port of gold under diplomat cover. Supports Its PrcsK Moreover, the Communist part spends millions nn Its press in th cities and the provinces. Aga with France as the example; Thei are some 20 Communist riailie 83 weeklies and 26 magazines. The rightist newspaper L'Auro: M-47 medium tank, now belnn mass produced, is "more than · match for its Soviet counterparts. The Army .demonstrated the M-47 to newsmen at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in nearby Maryland yesterday. The fdUtlM mA fatfUkiUon period among pigeon* Is »n!y la days, i . . . * FALSE TEETH Keck, Slide or Slip? FASTICTH, ma unproved po»d*r M iprlnkled on upjtr or town noliU 1M IMlh mmrt firmly Do not iltd*. illp or rock. ifo oocy. pasty tut* or SURPRISE YOURSELF! Try New, New Nucoa Only NUCOA f +* i Just om tostt will prov* there is no non dilidMis sprtod at any prke... btcause New Springtime-Flavor Nucoa mnrgnrinc givtl you a ytw^ound freshness, sweetness, mildness MVOT found to* »»rrarlne before! Try it todny 1 KUCOA secretary. Ten or II bsis of mail a day go out from the Assembly icit of million! montnlj', and the Washinglan-(/f)-Th« Army · (ambled on h»s proved it can climb better thin l man without slipping, run undtr water, Legally, a will or codicil may b« signed any day, including Sun- Tons of literature for I are sent out under the franking break most city speed limits, ttop Not whltt, not wheat, not ryt. days and legal holidays. on a dime, and packs · wallop. for distributing Comn.unlst orders Gen. J. Lawton Collins says the Uit*n »e th« NIWS, M ch at 7:30 AM, evtr .lotion KGRH OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. Super-Quality IHHER-TVBE Breezie" Car Ventilators Brings fresh fir into your cit. Direct! it down- watd. No draft. 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