Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 30, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 30, 1974
Page 6
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Pork ; Poultry More Stable Beef Prices Fluctuating Up, Down Assumes Duties Mrs. Rodney Ryan, left, was iiilroiluccd by Lon Estcs, acting arfminislrafor, rlght t as the new director of volunteer services at the recent meeting of Washington Regional Medical Center Auxiliary and has assumed her duties in this capacity. Mrs. Ryan replaces Mrs. Joan Wllkins, who resigned in June and now lives In Little Rock. (TIMESpholo by Ray Gray) Friday, Aug. 30, 1974 Heloise Finds Those Dampers Can, Do Rust Here goes with my hard luck story that I don't want you to end up sharing. To begin, it was chilly the other night...and when I want a fire, f want a fire, and I don't want to have one of the neighbors coming to start it for me either. Try as I might, I couldn't get that damper to push open. So water and doused the flames, logs, etc. because by that time the smoke was so thick I had to open all windows and go outside. When it had cooled, I emptied il and crawled up inside -being very careful to wear glasses. (Don't ever look up chimney to see what's wrong without glasses on. No telling what's going to fall down.) Anyhow, I figured that it was another bird nest or a squirrel. Nothing! I had the cleanest chimney in town. Then I started ^forking the damper. It was stuck! I had no idea dampers rustet: and accumulated goop anc guck. They do and they will and you better believe it. So the next day, I went tc the store and bought some oi in a spray can that contain a solvent! It's fantastic. I sprayed, then pulled, thei pushed. I sprayed some mor and pulled and pushed 20 time to get the oil and solvent dow into and between those workin parts. In a few minutes I had tha . thing working like a gerasec pig. (I did take some steel woo and polished off all the rus ; Why and how these things rusty I will never know, they sure do, honeychiles.) I sprayed some more and swore that each year, when I closed the fireplace for the summer 1 would spray away so it wouldn't happen again. Anc! I am. That's one promise I am going to make to myself and keep...honest. I don't suggest that you all wait like I did. I am yelling '. at you to do it now. It's like - preventive medicine. And so '· much cheaper in the long run. I am going to close now, but ·'. don't you ever forget that I love you dearly. Heloise By MESCAL JOHNSTON GOOD BUYS Poultry -Fryers, eggs, turkeys, and parls. PORK - Hams and picnics, sausage, shoulder roasts. BEEF- Ground beef, chuck roasts, round steak. OTHERS - Milk, cheese, liver, bologna, franks, tuna, frozen fish. VEGETABLES - Potatoes, onions, cabbage, lettuce, c o r n , sciuash, celery, carrots; rice; canned vegetables. . FRUITS - Bananas, grapes melons, peaches, pears, oranges, canned and frozen juices. The pork and poultry situation is changing less at the re tail level than the beef, fresh produce, and processed f o o d situation. Mature beef prices are going through a period of slight ups and downs. Small de creases in the beef market are relfected in special prices for some mature b e e f cut/s this week. Also, young beef is fea tured in some grocery ads for the second time in the pas month. Produce counters · reflect the ipproach of fall, with furthej rice decreases for grapes and Bartlett pears. Prune plums are available, and the suppl; of fall vegetables is increasing Cantaloupes and watermelons should be available until after i^abor Day. Meal planning is also fj affected by the season. A re newed interest in sandwiche for school lunches serves as a reminder that packed lunche can also be pleasing money savers for working adults. BABY BEEF The price of baby beef, usual t ly several cents per pound be ~- ! ? low that for the same cut o mature beef, increases its ap peal to budget-niinded shoppers Its mild flavor is well acceptei by those whose diets have a sometime included farm slaugh tered calves, while the mor fully developed flavor of matur beef is preferred by othe shoppers. To get the most enjoymen from young beef, use the prepa ration method best suited t each cut. Young beef is tender but it has less fat throughou the lean and more connectiv tissue than the corresponds cut and grade of mature beef The low-fat content almost rule out broiling for baby bee steaks, but they are a ! choice for chicken-frying braising. Long, slow cooking o young beef pot roasts helps develop the delicate flavor an tenderize connective tissue. Ba y beef is a good choice for lose who like to add the flavor ' herbs and vegetables to meat ishes. Tf beef Is TJSDA graded, the abel tells its age classification, lature beef is marked only ith the grade shield which is ength of the carcass. Younger eef has the word calf between ach grade mark: so both rade mark and age classifica- on are stamped on most retail uts. VERSATILE' SANDWICHES Sandwiches are well fitted to ic busy lives of Americans. Ake other main dishes, they an be as economical or expen- ive as we wish to make them, 'hey can fje the basis for a veil-balanced meal or consist mostly of empty calories. Sand- viches can be made from spe- ific recipes or pieced together rom odds-and-ends in the refrigerator. In their most delicate orms, sandwiches and glamour o a fancy tea table: Yet sandwiches are more likely to be the plan-as-you-go Dagwood type. A single sandwich easily pro- ides two of the four servings iceded daily from the bread and cereal group plus one of he two servings of meat, poultry, or fish needed daily. Green or yellow vegetables add food value, color and taste appeal when served on the sandwich or as a separate salad To compete a full one-lhirid of the dai- y food needs in a single sandwich meal, serve a glass of milk or milk beverage. If rich salad dressings,' French-fried potatoes, . and prepared-vegetable fro/en sandwiches are raw vegetables, whites of hard-cooked eggs, fruit jellies, and mayonnaise. Vegetables l o s e their crispness, cooked egg while become tough, and mayonnaise and jellies soak into the ''oread and make it soggy. chips are held to a minimum, sandwich meals can be long on nutrition without adding excess calories. Because much of the work of making sandwiches consists of getting out and puttinig away all equipment and ingredients, making several at one time saves time. Since lunches often liave to be packed during the early morning rush, the shifting of sandwich making to a different time of day can also be helpful; however, the method of preparing sandwiches for freezing differs from that for making sandwiches to serve , immediately. Some foods are just as good after freezing as before, others are not. All breads keep good quality in the h o m e freezer. Fillings that freeze well a r e Cheddar or cream cheese, sliced or ground meat, poultry or fish, cooked egg yolks, peanut butter, nut pastes, and olives and pickles. Fillings that do not keep good quality in AAC Presents $10,000 To Springdale Fund SPRINGDALE -- Vice-mayor Charles McKinney on behalf oE the City of Springdale accepted a $10,000 check from the chairman of the Arkansas Aeronautics Commission, Tom Venters of Little Rock. Venters and the executive director of the commission flew up from Little Rock to present the money that will be used toward the city's s h a r e of the cost of the recently-completed airport expansion. The total project cost is approximately $309,000, with V5 per cent of this amount financed by the Federal Aviation Ad ministration. The city will mee its share with money from a bond issued voted by the people a couple years ago. Also present at the ceremony were members of the Spring dale City Council, airjior commission, Chamber of Com merce executive vice-president Lee Zachary, and past chair man of the aeronautics com mission, Ray Ellis of Fayette ville. New Coach Hired SALT LAKE CITY (AP) The Salt Lake Golden Eagles o the Central Hockey League an nounced Wednesday the hiring of a new coach, Jack "Tex' Evans, former coach of the Sai Diego Gulls. To prepare sandwiches for freezing, spread the inside of each piece of day-old bread from edge to edge with s o f t utler or margarine. This helps o keep the bread from absorb- ng moisture from the filling. Ill the sandwiches and wrap n plastic wrap. Place several andwiches in a plastic freezer ag and seal. Label with date and type of sandwich. At lunch-packing lime, remove wrapped sandwiches from he plastic bag and drop into lunch sacks or boxes. Since tt is best t'o add lettuce and mayonnaise to frozen sandwiches after they are thawed, a small package of mayonnaise and a package of lettuce may »e packed in the same container with frozen sandwiches. The cold .sandwiches will "'''P. 1 . 0 · m keep the mayonnaise and luce cold. At normal room t .em- in an lur a sandwich thaws hour or two but should keep acceptable quality of three to [our hours. KNITTING CLASSES Beginning Thursday, Sept. 5 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Charge is for materials only. Pre-Registration Required as space is limited. LA PETITE YARN SHOP 443-2151 WEDDING PHOTOS NO DEPOSIT NO MINIMUM * COMPIETE COVERAGE - IOTS OF PROOFS Reserve Your Date Now! PHOTOGRAPHY 19 North Block Street Phone 442-9925 Striped Wool Ensemble viffliiiiiiniiiiiniiiniiriiniiiiiiNiuiinnnniiiiniuinHiiitiiinini Daily Calendar of Events Saturday . , Farmer's Market, Old Post Office Square, 7 a.m. · Workday, Farmington Elementary School, 9 a.m. Clothesline Fair, Prairie Grove Battlefield Park, 9 a.m. till dark Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Al-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Springdale Dance Club, Springdale Legion Hut, 7:30 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Cafetorium, 8 p.m. Model shows a grey, lieige and black striped wool day- lime ensemble from the 1974 winter collection of Paris cou- turier Givenchy featuring the new longer length for day- tiime wear with hoots. (AP Wirepholo) Announcements American. Legion' and Auxiliary, District Nol, l/.v'vjUJi- n .^|p, a fall conference -Simday-'uY ·funtsville. Registration is at 9:30 a.m., and the joint meeting. LETTER OF JOY Dear Heloise: My little sweetheart just woke up. He's sure been a wonderful addition to this household. Even if it does mean I'm on "diaper duty" for awhile. You guessed it! My sweetheart is 3 months old! ! A Reader Dear Heloise: With a long telephone cord, and carrying it from room to room, in time it becomes quite twisted. To get the twists out easily, just set the telephone on a Lazy Susan on your floor and rotate the Lazy Susan in the opposite direction and you have a straight cord again. Mrs. M.G.W. Dear Heloise: Did you know that most stores have their spices stockec in alphabetic order on the shelves. Saves time if a person knows about it. A Fan True! And I never knew it... Forward Acquired PHILADELPHIA (AP) -The Philadelphia 76ers acquired forward John Tschogl from the Atlanta Hawks in ; National Basketball Associatio deal announced by a 76ers spokesman Wednesday. EVEREST 4 JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS TO 10" RENT/US* SALES Faytltevllle Driif K.SIieSiJu«r« will begin at 10 a.m. A lunch break will be held from 11:30 a.nj. until 1 p.m., when the Auxiliary will convene with Huntsville president, Margie Mason, presiding. SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Your 2-way radio hea tltruartera IB electronic* rinw 1929 530 N. College 4*3-2222 For Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center -- 442-4248 City Parking Lot In Rear BE LOVELIER- MORE SELF-CONFIDENT Have Unwonted Hair Removed by Electrolysis. Call Today for Free Consultation. LEIGH'S CLINIC 1765 N. College Phone 521-3540 WILLIAMS DANCE STUDIO For Girls and Boys. Age 316 through 18 COMBINATION CLASS OF ... · ACROBAT · TAP · BALLET · MODERN JAZZ Personality Singing · and Baton given I with Routine 1 Special Gymnastic Classes Accepting Registration Now '(il August 30th Classes Begin First Week of September Studio located 3 miles cast of Root School, Highway 45 Phone Mrs. Eleanor Williams 521-5373 FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE HAS MANY WAYS TO DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE Many fields welcome you, if you have « training. Fayetteville Business College is the ideal place to train. " Pick a career now. Enrollment Starting Aug. 26th through Sept. 6th Accounting the demand grows every year. Salaries at all-time high. General Office ClerK Learn the basics . of Office Procedures for a successful future. Executive Secretary Master basic office skills, then specialize in business procedures. No better way to become an executive' than teaming up with one. Booh keep ing Expanding business means tens of thousands of new bookkeepers wiU be needed. Acounting, Secretarial be a top notch Secretary and know the Company books too. More and mora women proving they can run business as well as they run homes. Barriers coming down. Salaries going up. Income Tax Specialilt Busineu Administration »nd Accounting Part-time, full-time, needed everywhere and the need will grow. Key Punch Learn to Key Punch Ihe input computers and fill one ox in a 115,000 new jobs in the next decade. EH* FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE 221 South Locust -- Fayetteville PHONE 442-2241 Licensed by the State of Arkansas Department of Education VA Approved Save 20% Last Two Days Our Annual Gold Toe Soek Sale Anklets! Mid-Calf Over-The Calf Orig. $T Orig. 1.25 1 Orig. 1.50 1 Orig. 1.75 1 Orig. $2 1 Orig. 2.50 2.00 Last two days to save! Our entire stock of Gold Toe® socks is re duced for this sale. Choice of lengths and colors . . . all with Gold Toe® fit and long wear. Now.. .Three Convenient Ways To Charge TheM two popular credit arils plut you r DillartTs credil catd .. -At Atl Dl LURD'S and CXLUfl D'S Pfei [or-Blass Slores In Ariimn Open Monday Through Saturday 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.

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