Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 29, 1974 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1974
Page 19
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No Live Coverage Planned For Evel's leap ny JAX atiAKDun NEW YORK (AP) -- The latest news on live TV coverage of Evel Knievel's rocket-powered leap over Idaho's Snake River Canyon is downright grim today. The networks don't plan any iive coverage. The Idaho Laud Board held an auction Wednesday for rights to televise the great leap from state property on the north side of the canyon, where Knievel intends to land. It received no bids. CBS Sports withdrew a tentative offar of $50.000 it had made on Tuesday, lest Top Rank, Inc., promoter of the leap, carry out its threat to cancel the whole thing if live TV coverage is allowed. Top-Hank, a New York-based firm which plans to show the Given Excerpts From Presidential News Con/ WASHINGTON (AP) - Here are textual highlights of Presi- ", r dent Ford's news" conference ' · Wednesday: '"· NIXON PARDON: "I am the -'· final authority. There have . been no charges made, there ':', has been no action by the courts, there has been no action ,, by any jury, and until any legal process has been undertakenn I ,. think it is unwise and untimely for me to initment." make any comPHILOSOPHY: "I don't think -'· I have deviated from my basic ' philosophy nor have I deviated from what I think is the right ""~ action... . .1 don't think these ,;, are-views-that fall in the politi- -- cal spectrum right or left." ···· PRESIDENCY 1976: "I will probably be a candidate in 1976. I think Governor Rock- -.'·'· efeller and myself are a good " team, but of course, the final judgment in this matter will be -- that of the delegates to the national convention.'* W A T E R G A T E P R E - ·.,'VENTION: ""I will make the ''decisions and take the blame · for them or whatever benefit might be the case ... The code '."' of ethics that will be followed '.,, will be the example that I set." '--· WAGE-PRICE CONTROLS: j- 'Wage and price controls are out, period." '·"· 'ROCKEFELLER: "Governor ·'··' Rockefeller will take over my ." responsibility heading the sub- '.··:· committee of the Domestic ' ' Council on privacy. Gov. Rock '" efeller, with his vast experience . in foreign policy, can make a -' significant contribution to some -- of our decision-making in the ""' area of foreign policy. Obvious- '."ily, in addition, he can be helpful, I think, in the political are"" na under certain guidelines and erence who did a superb job for President Nixon, is going back to the University of Virginia, and Alan Greenspan is taking over ... That is a distinct change ... We are soliciting, through ;he economic summit, the views of a great many people from the total spectrum of the American society ... this will give us. I hope, any new ap j proaches that are wise and ben eticial." ARAMCO OIL PRODUCTION RESTRICTIONS: "This points up very vividly the need for us to accelerate every aspect of Project Independence . . . il highlights the need and necessi ty for us to proceed with more oil and gas drilling a greater supply domestically . . . It does require, I believe, the short term action by consumer na tions and the long-term actions under Project Independence." GI EDUCATION LEGISLA TION: "I hope when Congress reconvenes within a week or sc that they will go back to con fercnce. take a good look anc hopefully eliminate any inequi tics and keep the price down because it is inflationary the way it was." BUDGET: "No budget to any department is sacrosanct and that includes the defens' j budget." CUBA: "If Cuba changes its policy toward us and toward iL Latin neighbors, we of cours would exercise the option, de pending on what the change were, to change our policy. Bu before we made any c h a n g e we would certainly act in con cert with the other members o some restrictions." ECONOMY: "Herb Stein, Nation of America: the Organi: Slates.' FEDERAL PAY RAISE: have made no judgment on tha yet, the recommendation ha not come to my desk." Shakespeare Festival Boosts Gate At Old Globe Theater - · SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (AP) -"We've never had anything like -this," says Craig Noel, a man not easily swayed to verbal rapture. { SRO business at the O l d - Globe Theater's 25th annual Shakespeare Festival explains the doughty producing director's terse gratification. Attendance for the June 4- Sept. 15 three-play display has been averaging 99.1 per cent of capacity, which is just about as - close to sellout as you can get - without putting a ticket bite on ··inevitable management guests. - "Audiences come because -·they assume you know what J you're doing." Noel explains the steady climb toward satura- vlion attendance during the past : seven years. Tourists form half "the audience. "· The conspicuous quality of - drama exhibits in the Elizabe. than playhouse that nestles in .-one of famous Balboa Park's eucalyptus dells is cleanly sol".id, ungimmicked performance. ,::Everybody remembers Ham- ·"let's beseech about clear ·-speech. ''The Globe and its environment are not conducive to far .nout interpretations," argues the -'man who has set policy ever ,;since the theater opened in ...'1949. Noel recalls as "abomina- · .tions of all time" a couple of early far-out romps with "A -·Midsummer Night's Dream" ·"·and "Much Ado about Nothing." .· The silver anniversary is one ."year late because the public ..lost Interest in then-amateur .-.performances of the bard and -the faltering gale was revived .·-with a 1953 season of "Mr. Rob- WENT PROFESSIONAL The summer company went .,,professional in 1959. The 19-member Equity com. .pany, augmented in bits by stu- - d e n t apprentices, includes such : Broadway and regional stal- ~,warts as Victor Buono, Eric ^ Christmas, Penelope Fuller, ,,.John Glover and Benjamin ; Stewart. ·:- 1972 PLYMOUTH :· SPORT SUBURBAN WAGON Automatic, Power Steering, Power brakes, Cruise-cqn- trol, Radial Tires, An exceptional wagon. jWheeler Motor Co, - PHONE 443-3458 KJ4 "· 3244 N. College HI ... (Highway 71 North) Open 8 to 7 Their rotating display in eludes a staging of "Twelft Night" by the oddly apt patrc nymic tandem of Christmas an Sfoel; the second part of "Kin Henry IV," devised by Edwar Pay son Call; and "Romeo an Juliet," done by the Festival 'irst woman director, Dian Maddox. A chief associate in the fesl val's climb to what can be d scribed as sturdy, consisten dependability is Peggy Kellne set designer for 19 years. Over the years the Old Glob originally built for mini-Shak' spear performances at the 193 California Pacific Inlernation Exposition, has showcased fo midable acting and directin Salents. Jacqueline Brooke Douglas Watson, Morris Ca novsky, Jon Voight among th mummers; William Ball, Alle Fletcher, Ellis Rabb, Mel Sh piro and Duncan Ross amon the stagers. SCHOLAR-TEACHER The first seven production were put on by B, Iden Payn drama's venerable schola teacher. "What the Globe has don from a national standpoint says Noel, "is that actors a: playing verse better than b fore, getting away from th Brando naturalism. "For a nucleus of classic a tors, the Globe and the Shak neare Festival at Ashlan re., have contributed much.' As an adjunct to the 420-se Old Globe, the 245-seat Cart Theater next dorir was opene in 1969 for exhibit of more co temporary pieces. This year has been "Your Own Thing the prize-winning musical ada tation of "Twelfth Night." Noel's satisfaction with silv anniversary results is slight tempered. "What I really wanled w, another theater," he says. Th plan, gestating for some year is to erect a 700-seat audit rium of inconspicuous S3-m lion design in a canyon behin Ihe Old Globe, for an extensic of programming. When the Shakespeare Fes val isn't in progress, the Ba boa Park plant reverts eat winter to amateur communi theatrics. "Bulley" and "Go spell" move in this time whi Shakespeare moves out. "We've had long experien in both professional and com munity work, so that we fe extremely well experienced operating under both climates Noel sums up. Food Stolen An undetermined quantity potato chips, pretzels and oth packaged foods was stolen We nesday night in a break-in the Kitty Clover Co. warehou in the 300 block of North We Street. Value of the loss w placed at about $50. Police said entry to t building was gained by pryi a lock from a rear door. mp live on closed-circuit the- or television, says it has paid lievel $6 million lo cover the ap and wants to protect its in- siment. Knievel has leased private nd on the south side of the nyon as his take-off point, t Top Rank isn't allowing e TV coverage from there, jump is scheduled for Sun- Malaysian Crows Are Scared Off By Taped Music KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- The Kiang town council's novel way of gelling rid of "taped music and other thousands of crows sounds" is proving by playing to be suc- Robert Wussler, head of CBS orls, said discussions were Id with Top Rank officials til late Tuesday night and rly Wednesday and they reit- ated their threat to cancel if BS stayed in. \ Fie said the company's execu- 'es "were really getting a lot heat from theater owners ross the country and they ad a very tender situation on eir hands." He said he finally decided 'ednesday morning to pull o u t the state bidding "because it ot to be a larger issue than it ver should have become. But e've had an interesting time the last 48 hours." An NBC spokesman said his etwork turned down a Top ank offer which, for $25,000, ould have let NBC film the ap from the takeoff point, royided it didn't air the filrii ntil 11 p.m. that night. Wussler similar offer as made to CBS Sports. Ironically, ABC, which has iven Knievel considerable na- pnal publicity, is airing a spe- al next Thursday night about is leap, and is handling the osed-circuit TV production for op Rank, says it still is nego- cessful, said the council's chairman Azmi Tahrim. The council has taped Jarring music, gun shots, planes landing and taking off, noises of timber being sawed with 'mechanical saws and other high pitched, sounds. Mobile vans go around play- 1- town, 20 Lumpur. ing the sounds miles west of Kuala The frightened crows run away, again. . ' · . ' The crows were brought to Klang in the 1930s from the South Indian state of Madras by British planters. The crows successfully that were crops in the area. Now, over 40 .here is not ate away destroying plantation in Uie area ating ghts. with the company for Although Top Rank threatens massive lawsuits against any- ne seeking to make what it alls "illegal broadcasts" of the vent, there is nothing to stop TV crews from covering it with ong lenses from the canyon's years single later, coffee the orth side. State and federal agencies, [aiming extreme fire danger nd safety problems, have loscd several thousand acres f land around the landing rea. But that's a lot of. acres o guard. Aerial shots? No big problem :iere, even though the Federal '.viation Administration has put i'ght restrictions pace. on the air- An FAA spokesman in Doise ays planes can get in, but hey'll have to file flight plans md will need FAA permission o enter the airspace. William Small, CBS. News' enior vice-president, groaned lightly when asked how and if he network would cover the eap as a news story for its iunday evening news pro- [rarns. He said plans aren't definite, "but I could care less about it. It's a non-event." An ABC News spokesman, isked the same question, said t would he covered "some- vhat, somehow." At NBC, the ·eply was, "We'll try to cover t some way. but God knows low we'll do it." crows have become a bold nuisance, multiplying into thousands. Their droppings are found everywhere, they carry away shiny objects like metal spoons, any food left uncovered is eaten up and they create a great din at dusk and dawn. The crows have not begun attacking babies but some of the 110,000 residents of Klang believe that may only be a matter of time if they are not eliminated. "The people will have to put up with the noise of the tapes for a short time but then the greater crow nuisance will 'be solved," said Azmi. The town council is hoping that the crows will be frightened away to islands off Klang in the Straits of Malacca, but what happens if they fly to Kuala Lompur only 20 miles away? "That is the business of the Kuala Lumpur authorities," says Azmi. Officials explained that the idea of the "music and noise" is to frighten away the crows and change breeding habits. The frightened crows will leave he eggs cold whenever they hear the noise and the eggs won't hatch. Finally the crows won't come jack to the area, but will find new areas. The authorities expect some of the other birds in the area to je frightened away, too, but the crow nuisance is so great that they are willing to risk losing some of the other birds. Population Meef Warned Of Food Production Lag BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- The world's agricultural production may not keep ahead of its population growth, even with the application of modern technology, the deputy director of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warned the World Population Conference Wednesday. Roy Jackson emphasized that in almost 40 per cent of the developing countries, food production has failed to keep up with population growth, and almost two - thirds of the so - c a 11 e d Third World it has not kept up with the increase in domestic demand. Consequently, he continued, much of the world has come to rely increasingly on the North American "bread basket," which now supplies more than half the world's wheat and other food grains and about 80 per cent of its soybeans. But Lester Brown of the Overseas Development Council in Washington, D.C., warned that by being "a supplier of food to the rest of Ihe world," the United States may be put in the position of having to decide who is fed and who starves. North America is not immune lo drought, frost and other vagaries of weather as well as economic and political disruptions, he continued. He expressed doubt lhat if crops are poor, the United States and Canada could export the quantities of food Asia and Africa need. More Universify Scholarships Are Announced Gary D. Johnson of Fort Smith, a senior engineering student at the University of Arkansas, has received a scholarship for the 1974-75 academic year of $1,500 from the James E. Hoffa Scholarship Fund of the Teamsters union, according to Dr. Charles E. Bishop, · UA president. This was one of several scholarship awards acknowledged by Dr. Bishop. Other grants were: --A $500 scholarship from the John Gammon Foundation of West Memphis- to Thennie Williams of Cotton Plant. --An award of $500 from American Legion Post 31 of Fort Smith to Richard P Gebhart of Fort Smith. --A $350 scholarship from the Daughters of the Cincinnati of New York, N.Y., to Elizabeth Eynch Buckley of Fayetteville --Assistance of $300 to Kathv Ketron and $200 to Patricia Anderson, both of Rogers, from the Rogers Junior Auxiliary -A $250 grant from the Fayetteville Kiwanis Club to Kelle Woody of Fayetteville --A scholarship of $200 from Pocahontas Women's Club to William Reed of Pocahontas. T?;7h S !?^T S ' udy grant from Kichmond Newspapers, Inc., of Richmond, Va., to Joseph! Sprigs. Reard °"' Jr - of Hot ! --A $200 contribution from the Van Buren High School for Karen Kynn Moon, a freshman from Van Buren. · --A $200 scholarship from the Aid Association for Lutherans of Applefon, Wise., for Susan o m ? nn of Kansas City, Mo --Scholarships of $100 each for Marcus Greer of Texarkana. § V w- 1S TM c £ s of Oossett, and Bobbie McCoy of Monticello fr TM «he Royal Grand Chapter Faculty Named Two new faculty members have been appointed in the area of physical education, health and recreation of the University of Arkansas College of Education, according to Dr. Troy Hendricks, area coordinator. They are Dr. Gerald F. Lafferty, assistant professor of health education, and Mrs. Penny Hanstein, instructor in dance education. Their appointments were effective with the beginning of the fall term this week. TERMITES? CALL ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL Roaches, Ants, Spiders, ett. COMMERCIAL KESIOENTIAI.. 442-7298 Motorcycle Stolen A 1974 Honda motorcycle was reported stolen from a parking lot at Carlson Terrace Wednesday morning. The motorcycle is owned by Michael T. Bond of G209 Carlson Terrace. It was reported stolen at 11:15 a.m. The motorcycle is described as a silver and black T-250 trail bike, bearing 1974 Arkansas license plate SZ23. The vehicle i d e n t i f i c a t i o n number i s MT250E1005983. 5!/ 4 % 6 3 /4% 7'/2% We haye a savings program ·nd Interest rate to meet roar needs. Fayetteville Savings Loan Association 201 N. Eut Avenue Northwest Arkanjos TIMES, Thurs., Aug. 29, 1974 * ^9 FAYITTKVILLI, AMKAHSA* WAL-MART DISCOUNT CITY Open 9-9 WE SELL FOR LESS WAL-MART Discount City GIGANTIC Health Beauty Rids] DISCOUNT COUPON S A T I S F A C T I O N ^ G U A R A N T E E D . Soufhgate Shopping [·] Center SflLE I Fantastic Savings On Famous Brands You Know w Discount Coupon LISTERINE Antiseptic 2O Ox. Bottle EXTRA Discount Coupon ! 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