Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1952
Page 12
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.NOtTHVmi MKANSA1 TIMIt, NvtHtvNto ArtonM. TiMtdcy, Apt!) 15, 1952 ishop, Charged With Murder In jLJlah, Convicted Here In 1943 Guilty In Two Trials ·; Coses Heard By : Fort Smith Judge; ; Feeling Ran H i g h ; By FRKII COGEK ; .(Tuck Bishop, killer of f o u r men ft ^Sprlngdaic in IIM3. v-.-a:: released tmm the Arkansas penitentiary In Dewm'irr lor n t'Chrlstmafi f u r l o u g h " w i t h o u t a guard and w i l h m i t n o t i d c a i i o n In local officers. Ho failed to return yoliinlaril.v, :nd now is ( h a i c c d iruUlah for the. m u r d e r of two fi men A p r i l ,V The following his sentence, on the nlchl of June I Harold Nail, Lowell truck driver, j exchange of circuits w i t h Judge : him, "rushing" him, eve,: aflcr it the end of an event- ! was injured latally and died the J. VI. Trimble, who d i s q u a l i f i e d ' ' ' ' two-dav trial in Washinuton I In the rate. Separate Bishop and his wile were j morning in City Hospital, | himself riruni"7;o'u.-l"ncW." The""vi-'rdir't' Uvl- G r a h a m , !9, f a r m e r also o f ! irinlr. for was ·'iruill.v of murde.r m Ihc f i r s t j I;""'? 11 ;, "·""* shot^twlcc, and died | ,;ranlcri. .n .... jjjr.hnp v/as tried first lor murdering Phillips. Prosecutor Duly i and his assistant, Glen Win*, were decree" The H-nlcnce *··· "Hie 1 . l h ! 'nllo«'ins afternoon. at hard lal:nr In a p e n i t e n t i a r y . " i A f i f t h man who was at the rrrn(! ' *;", K * n h ' c * r TMf ri ln "7 ^ ti n c a r b y v o h i ( ' l c ' It wa c , t l i e scrond lime w i t h i n a month l h a t Bishop, t h e n -18. had sloofl in the courtroom in Kay- c t t r v i l l e and heard the same v c r - J T w n nrlvr Cff d i r t and rentcnrp. He had hilled f o u r men and a d m i t t e d it; he had Bishop and his w i f e fiol I n l o an I 'ims. utomobile ho had horrowed and ; ''.'ere of Lowell, "K umll?r a [ilKsLiicil "'as slate's attorneys by John Nance of Rogers, who v/as ! hired by Ihc families of the victims. I-.awycrs for the defense Torn Sullins and Rex Pcr- bec-n captured w h i l e r u n n i n g ' f i r ( i v e , iv .., 1y . The car was ' f o u n d j kins. Bishop now clai.ncd he killay: he h a d li.-rn tried Ivicn i n r i | a l c r ,-,b,Tndoncd. miirrler and had boon f o u n d f j u i l t y j The slayinj; electrified Ihe area, both times. i Monfla.v noon a sheriff's pnsse was |;i:;hop was Mot and l i r r d . i combing t h e counties of Madison, Kvcrybrirly H.e wl.o bad lu-en in- , Washington and Carroll counties, volvcd in thf trafiii: fpir.orlo '/-as · leri by W a i i h i t u j t o n County S h e r i f f l i r r d . loo.|i '//as ;;oinj; to Cap G u l l c v .rn.1 State Polite SRI. prison for the rert "f ills l i f e , : B i l l Wallav, Hut the Bishops evad- an't he m.'ide no protest; IK? a p - 1 eil the net and escaped s u u t h - poaiod (;lnd they d i d n ' t decide to ward. They hoarded a southbound him. The rpe'/lalors were relieved. Perhaps now ii was a l l over and Ihc public- roulrl forgot Ihe ugly and Jiackjrround story of Bishop's story. There were r e l a t i v e s fcrimc · and conviction in \Vai-h- friends of the four dead men fnglbn County Is ba.'.ed on slories '.vould not JK'hich appeared in Ihe Northwest I Arkansas Times from J a n u a r y ! Horn Al USHER through-June, 10«.) W i l l i a m ', uck nishop o police trooper helped Tm-k ° r in Ihe w i l d h i l l country Cotinly, wherr* he spent i bus near G r e e n l a n d . Someone rcr- rKnized I h e m getting on the bus and n o t i f i e d police, who radioed r'ort Smith o f f i c e r s State Police M. Doug Morris ad Iwo p l a i n clothes men hoarded the bus at A l m a and arrested the f u g i t i v e s at gunpoint. Bishop lolrl Ihc officers ho had shot the men because they insist- i stand v/bile Ihe judne r..... . , . . , , , _=--=·.-_.=--.i_-.._:.-.- cran of World War I and - - rrarP hifi boyhood. He was a Navy vcl- ' Miffcrcd PLAN TO B U I L D Set OUT Material. Gel OUT Prlcu. Trr Our Sprvltr LUMBER co. 301 St. Ch«tl« a physical d i s a b i l i t y d u r i n g 1 h c war. He said he s u f f e r e d f u r t h e r injuries when a tree f r l l on him when he was a guide in Colorado, and i-laimed also lo be s u f f e r i n g from luberculosis, a i p a r t i a l arm and shoulder paralysis, and a spinal f r a c l u r e . He drew I service compensalion for dls- I ability, j Ilishop had alsn been a "floorwalker" In Nevada g a m b l i n g houses, nnd claimed to have received high wages a:-, a d i n m o n d drill operator in Denver, Colo. In Denver Blr.hop met Geneva l.cydld, 20, in a cafe which t h e girl's mother operated, l i e m a r - HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery P. O. Rax 113 or rlcd her in ,lune. tl.siny an Come In and See Us About Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Hbmc, Building New ·Garage, Chickon House or Milk Barns, etc. ALSO Wt Have Old and New *.: Philco Refrigerators and Freezers f Clifton Lumber Co. jfont 27. West Fork, Ark. assumed name of Gibhs (instead of Bishop,) Bishop's parents and olher rcl- allvcti lived in Springdalc in ,Jan- 1 uiiry, 13-n, nnd IJIshop v/n Iherc at l h a t time. On Sunday. J a n u a r y 17. his y/ife arrived by bn from Kansas and he mot her in a Springdalc cafe. They spent the aflcrnimn and early evening in I various cafes and in a hotel where they had a room. Hamindncs Nnl Clear E x a c t l y what happened between i Ihe Bishops and the five, men in- i volved In Ihe shoollnir was never I determined, Conflicting stories I were (old. Bishop claimed l h a t | (he men had "bothered" and launleri him durlni; Ihe day and had niadt advances toward h i s v/lfc. j About 10:30 p. m., Sunday, a f t e r I h a v i n g encountered the men again, j Bishop and his wife got up lo . leave thc cafe. The men followed ' Ihe nishops to Ihe sidewalk In i j f - o u t nf the cafe. That Is where j Ihe shooting rucm-red. i Bishop turned and fired his pis- i lol f i v e times. Each hnllcl found I its m a r k . I'aul Phillips, .If,, ,, I Snrinydnlr farmer who had once i been a star football player al : Sprinr.dale High School, v/as k i l l I cd i n ' i i n l l y . Lyle Carle:-, Spring | dale service slallon operator who | was one day short of 30 years I old, died almost himedialely. ! ed the f o u r in self-defense. Trial Altracts Interest The t r i a l opened i\!a.v 17 with a (ourlroom so f u l l lhat Judge Wood had to. close it to f u r t h e r ; spcclalors in the afternoon. The prosecutors demanded the death ' penalty for Ilishop. But the j u r y , : after deliberating six and a half j hours, brought in a verdict at j 11:30 p. m., May 10 of g u i l t y and I .specified p u n i s h m e n t of l i f e im- ' : prisonmenl. j The next f l a y , a g a i n in Ibe Fort Smith j a i l , Bishop slashed his left wrisl and h a n d and his r i g h t arm in an apparent suicide attempt. He recovered. f a m i l i e s and f r i e n d s of the vic- linis were dissatisfied w i t h the he .shot him once. Bishop became ill ag: 'n on the f i n a l day of the t r i a l J u n e 19. This time the j u r y look only tv/o hours to return a guilty verdict w i t h a l i f e imprisonment punishment. Bishop could have been .tried twice more--once for the k i l l i n g of Lyle. Carter and once for the death of Harold N a i l . R u t the first two trials had cost W;,«hing~ | ton County an estimated SlY'lIU-- the first one cost ;,bout S300, while the second cost S l,f00. The prosecution figured that two l i f e sentences f u r n i s h e d assurance I that Bishop would remain In pris- j on and there would be no chince ; of f u r t h e r bloodshed by him. Thus j ' t h e y t n w no m;ed to caur-e t h e ' county to spend more money in f u i l h c r t r i a i r . About 152 prospective' jurors in bolh cases and sonic Ii'l witnesses in each t r i a l claimed fees. Three panels were exhausted before the jury v/as completed in the second trial. Allhmi;'.li Biho|i v / a s not j brought l'i t r i a l in thi. either t'.vo i |.dcathr, the charges romi'.incd cm . ' the nool:. 1 :, c o n s t i t u t i n g a "hold- i ;ovcr"--meaning that he could not i be pardoned before Washington | \ County o f f i c i n h were notified, and j he could then he tried on the two j pending counts if he were p a r - ! cloned. ' The f o u r charges of first-degree ; murder against Geneva Bishop j j were nolle prossed after Bishop's ; ; second conviction. She left t h e area, presumably to re-turn to Denver. j Used by thousands In reducing ; liets--Junge's Roman Meal bread. ; I I - 1 D - U j Motorists' dollars go farther when pavements are CONCRETE r I on t a l k i n g lo and s i l t i n g by ! refusal nf the j u r y to l a k e nis- his w i f e : "I d i d n ' t apiirecialc Midi j hop's l i f e , and demanded that he conduct. I had to shoot to save her honor." But his w i f e saicl the men "didn't lay a hand" on her and "seemed nice." She :aid Ihcro ·'wasn't any trouble" before Ihc s i d e w a l k siiooling, a l t h o u g h one of the men spoke lo Bishop as he | be t r i e d on another of ihe four murder charges. The second trial began .lune Hi, and was concerned with the death of G r a h a m . The slate again demanded the death penally. It was d i f f i c u l t lo o h l a i n a jury mo out of Ihc cafe, .sayil\, "How j f,,r |ho second t r i a l becjnsc of Ihe p u b l i c i t y and feeling stirred j up by the first t r i a l ; the regular fihnt him the second lirpe a f t e r he had f a l l e n , declaring; "I'm ing lo kill you." In Furl Smith J a i l A f l c r Bishop v/as put In jail in : Kaycllovillo, word reached here i Mint some nf Ihc folks up around ! Lowell in I3enlon County, where two of tin; victims had lived, were t h i n k i n g of removing Bishop from ' jail to o h l a i n "quirk justice.' 1 So ; are you. Bishop?' 1 G r a h a m , in a brief statement before he died in t h e hospital, j u r y panel was used up. lold Prosecuting A t t o r n e y J e f f ! Bishop became nauseated on the Duty t h a t Bishop "shut us lor j second day of Ihe t r i a l as Icsti- n dhing." G r a h a m said Bishop mony v/as beginning', and t h e proceeding was delayed. An a p p o i n t ed physician said a d r u g which Bishop used could have caused bis sickness if taken in excess. Laler in the t r i a l , f u r t h e r delay j was caused by the illness of At- I lorney N a n c e, who suffered a I h e a r t atlack. Judge Wood commented t h a t in 17 years as circuit judge in the l'"ort Smilh dislrict he had never seen so m a n y happenings in one t r i a l . The t r i a l was packed v/ilh w h i c h kept Ihe courl- S h r r i f f Oullcy look Bishop I'"ort Smith, where he was kepi in . . .. j a i l . Mrs, Bishop s'taycd in j a i l ' l c n - ! u l n n here. Bolh Tuck and Geneva Bishop were charged w i t h f i r degree murder in each of the f o u r d c a l h s . Circuit Judge Sam Wood of Tort Smilh agreed lo hear the t r i a l "on room and balcony crowded. I'roiiouccd Sane Bishop's defense v/as self-defense. The Stale Hospital had I wire pronounced him sane. He claimed G r a h a m had come toward -FROM i Z*nii. "Hotmei" TV toU. 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