Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1952
Page 11
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NOtTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMIJ, foytntvillt, ArkoM« TutiJoy, April 15, 1952. U.K. link Force Opens Up On Communist Enemy ' Stoul, Korei-M 1 )-/. powerful United Nations lank force killed or wounded 300 Chineje Reds Monday in a bombardment nf 'Communist lines on Ihe Central Korean front, the U. S Kighth Army announced. Fifty-four Allied tanks fired for an hour and 45 minutes from positions in front "of U. N. lines. It was the biggest tank action in two months. Three Die In Fire Chicapo-(/P)-Three members of a family perished today in a fire which destroyed their smal f r a m e home in suburban Dixmoor. The dead were Michael Gowrysiak, 52, _hig wife, Bernicer 51, and their "daughter, Theresa, 24. Session Plans Fade Candidate LKGAL NOTICES WARNIN* ORDli In Th* CtiMKtrv Cwrl Of W**hlflft*n Ctiinly, Arkiniat George W. Cooprr nnrl Cecil \Vhhntry. Mile iurvivinf ncirn at Law o( riniyra Cooper and Perry F. Cooper, dc- eeasftd, Pluintiff Willie Reynolds anil Murk St. Glair EI1U and Roue St. Juhn Mildnmy Ellis, huibiind ami wile. Dercml The Defendants Mark Si. CInJr and Rosr St. John Mildmay Kill* Hu* bund and wife are warned to pcnr in this Court within thirty day and answer the complaint of Plaintiff in I he above entitled NOT rcBiioiiiiliU- fur nny rlpli':- ou!- lirte 01 my own. .Sigurd Clu'llcr _Ue_GnM WKLI, known i-v-huii! Knynllrvilli- uonH Ii touch with p.irty Knm£ on v.-icnMnn W i l l - s l a v ;:K i.-art- liik'-r lit na t-linri:'.- Wrili- Hox K-r,. 1 , ',Tiin« hand I4th day Witnes Court th Hirhard U Chnnrery Clerk lly David J. ttur l April. uii. I). Chambers, Helena business . a n d Ntice Of Filing of Petition To Quiet Title na Warnlnt Order In The Chancery Cvurt Of Waihinitvn County, Arkani»i Lester Crisp anil Lavernc Crisp, hus- tintl nnd wife Ex-Partc. nml Piatntiffi vs. i Eleanor Piermont nnrl Lee Vaughn. i Defendants | Notice is hereby given Mint there has Ueen filed in my office as Clerk .,,.....,,..,, of Ihe Chancery Courl ol Wnshlnnlon I WAI I (ll-.b 'Coumy. Arkansas, the Petition nf I.i-s- Apply in PIT.I ter 1 Crisp and LaVerne Crisp, husband i l .14..'L l v rrisp i wife, .... for the quieting nnd Little Rock-(/P)-The possibility j man, today announced his candi- of holding a special session of the | dacy for Dornocrntic national com- legislature tn appropriate tornado i mittneman from Arkansas. For- relief funds is ''fading." Governor merly of Fayrtteville where he McMath said yesterday. , rirmation of title in thi-ni to th in Washingto reil e s t a t e . Minatcd County. Arknnsns. lo- The Northwest quarter of the Northwest quarter nnri tho North half of the Southwest quiiricr of the Northwest quarter of Section 22 in Township 15 North, of Rnngr 32 Wesl nf (he nth Principal Mrrirl- !".·). containing CO acres, be the . A l l persons claiminK any Interei! said lands or any lien thereon are hereby notified to appear in said was employed by the TIMES, lie · * -- has been active ns past president To Work Out Payment "f *'« East Arkansas Youns Men's Pusan, Korea-l/Pl-A U.S. ceo-i Club, past president nf the A r - nomic mission has arrived in | *TMTM Furniture Dealers Assnein- South Korea to work out payment : tion, and n former member of the of approximately 100 million dol- I Executive Committee of the A r - : hcreby^notir,^ to jp^ar ^ lars which the government claims Kansas Department of the Amr-ri- 1 nnlc O f ihe first publication of ih: .the United States owes in cash · «n Legion. He is a member of the nonce^ and ^V'Ttl, in ^.i"TM, and cervices. , ""lary Club. Veterans of Foreign i S.y^hL.icI nnl h, . - . . . . . _ | Wars and the Methodist Church. \ l Fire At Home For A«d | »=.'«" }"«·· graduate work at the ' ' San Franeisco-Wj-A four-alarm i Univpi'Fily of Arkansas, and h-- fire swept through a wing of the I served five years ·^th^Army. Little Sisters of Ihe Poor Home I for the Aged early today, but 12(11--- -' elderly women were safely moved. OlftnS ^ ! U n i v e r p i l v of Arkansas, and has ! -m'j i j( . c vauchn are herpby \\.irnril · · - - wllhin thirty . the Plaintiffs in tee simple . The Defendants. Eleanor Piertnont rid Lee Vaughn are h Io appear in said Court T =r-^ent Tru- % ^JM^^TL ,,, man today signed the U. S. ratifi-, Favc ,, cvillc an nouncc the birth of cation of the peace treaty with j a ^ av , Khter Apri , , 4 _ nt the city Japan. ^ 1 Hospital. . nswer the complaint of the "Plaintiffs. WITNESS my hand and seal on this 28 ih Any of March. 1952. (SEALl Richard D. Grccr Clerk of Chancery Court J-8-1S-22-29 May fi-c BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Today's Market-- 1 Mr. anrl Mrs. Clarrnrr Halnr-s IF YOU ore interested in a good business well established here Fa^c ^ ttcvill^Tnnou r nTp ^ ^"o' n hTrth· in Hayelieville, good location, of^son, April 14, at the City Hos- j see John Rhodes No informa-I CHINCII.LAS lion by phone. St. Lnuifi Livestock National Stockyards, III.-(ffV i P' tal (USDA)-Hogs IS.nnn; fairly ac- ! * live, uneven; weights ISO Ibs up rca " r;lct I rniircss-ps 40 tn 30 lower than Monday's av- - Taipch. Formosa-t/l't-NeRotiators erage: 170 Ibs down SO tn 75 low- 1 "f 'he .lapan-Nlilionalist China er; sows 25 to SO lowr-r: bulk : peace treaty today said the pact choice N'os. I, 2 and 3 1BO-230 Ibs ' was all but completed. , 17.00-15; two loads choice Nos. 1 ; " " " and 2 200-221) Ibs I7.2.i: packer : Franni Meets I'romier top 17.00; 240-270 Ibs full w i d t h 1 Madrid, Spain-l/h-Gcnoralissi- of choice grade 16.00-85; 280-350 i mo Franco and Portugal's Premier Ibs 15.50-85; 150-170 Ibs 15.2S-10.-'! Anlniiio dc Olivcira Salazar , _r lg ni_ " 50: most 120-140 Ibs 12.75-14.75; | planned to meet probably today, | SM'AI.I. 100-110 Ibs 11.25-12.50; sows 400 near the! Jrontirr. Ibs down 15.00-75; heavier snws i : ~"-"-" ~'~~:: ""---~~ -'-- -13.50-14.75; stags 11.50 - 12.50; j NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES . boars 10.00-12.50. Cattle 3,500. calves 1,000; opening modcratclv active and fully . steady on steers, heifers and cows: LS; V""%o P n,ernt°ve Insertion"'. , buyer hardly as aggressive as j 7 cents per word. Minimum order « Monday however; bulls and veal- RHODES REALTY CO. 31 North Block ·* MAN or boy for Arkansas {inzettc ascney ninth nf Fayetleville. Must be willing In huilH new business. Car required.- This territory is open for -._ Phone Sfl7B3. e. Best location In city. Priced to sell. P. O. Box ' C L A S S I F I E D A D S ad! cash in advance --not ers s'eatly; few loads and lots j '"^m m" !£ ffiffi' ad,-. »,io higher £ n o rl and rhnirc stror." ".a. m daily; 3:30 a. in. Saturday 32.50-35.00 commercial and low ! ^"^"'.r^L"^" No "or?^ good 2R.00-30.00; nitiiilv nnri ; tiuns or rerun made after ad lias cx- commercial cnws; ran- \^^L ncrs and cutters 17.on-7J.50; util- itv and commercial bulls 23.0(126.25; cutter bulls 19.00-22.00; moderate number sorted prime ' WE WLLL TRAIN YOU TO BE. A TECHNICIAN IN ONE OF AMERICA'S LEADING INDUSTRIES I F s on. (rr.ife foil, on all rnutei. ky i rninutr 'irivc ;» raye'.t*vfl:4 ^\n\t^ l-Hiv fnr/iiahfj reidy tn mivi into fl:irn. cff"ir. tpflnf water unQef i idf SVW) Ouirk A l M f SVW) uir po3.Wi- . CALL OR ^'RITE OTU rrn hf!isf. n»*-- huiitlni, snrun. (K/i hroll'-'- cipirfty. on. n" I.TM 2 ; j m.lci of W A N T I C D -- M A L K dTi'i open y 1 mil? A iirrn Pncr ,, hlffhwjtv 5 [ISHWASHKH. apply _Maji-slii- Kps'.auniiu SMAUE t-roppf-r. rcsitlf Kitmtncrr arc. 1 Th (li-ncral Uclivo inaaw. KK\T--MISCi:i I . A N K O U S ·i i\pfirnnm ho inc. HELP WAITED--FEMALE ALTERATION lad.ii-s n-fuly tn '.Times WAITRESS. Eippl Cafr. Phone 293 H i g h " TV 71 South In ;ir:n*r! I!P. Ark 5 SEASONS" - - ' - ; r proprr'v v.-'h ill SITUA110N JVANTED HOUSEWORK h tins. Phone ^; (.'I.KAf-. l i r n y hirnUht- np-it Itnciii. or.vtir- tilt Hill 1'htni" 7 1 ? J [JNKMItNISHKn iipVrVm lint lloor. I rmuir. r.r pr.vnl- tisth. nt-\vl d Uo-(t l.nfnycite. MOItblRN' :i roiii i-n- purl. Nm- »i Sf-:iii-ijjih Ailnlti finly Chnnr 1771W .i" "ROOM 'hirnishnl ' o r unf npirini^ni. also sii-fpini: MONKY TO LOAN F H A HUM!:', LOANS Low interest, long terms L'TLEY AND C O M P A N Y , INC. IjOST AND IOUN1) FOR K A L E -- H O M K NFFDS A N f ) roo I H ij!Hl:ilr-. 2 hl TRANSPORTATION OFFERED LEAVING" for Cr7lirorn'n~" Krid. __ AI'PI.'ANCFS si.'i 'in . -.S '.Mm '. L A R G E li^i'nm i ^·]l) fi'l · cntriinrr Ne " ' ^ U.SE1) April Ifi. Tnkrr 2 share cxpcrjf ]i^-;- ' Klrctr-c Sec Chnrlca GuHtdpt 1 . j \V;^hni' Combs Arh. FOR SAIJC-- IJVKSTOCK l UNKUHMKHED npnrlniffn CATTLE, MORSES, HOGS. CHICKliNj. TOOLS, FURNITUPF. AND :i i(;Mi'|v r,j ;,,·(,. i..tin -.- ,. , ; , . half "Jrrst-y. half Mllklni Shorthorn, fresh IJth. Jack John 13MJ-_ npnr!inrn(""ovrrinnk"lnri [·Hiii pus Two morn*. n iiiitl hnth N'rwly driMiratcd D U P L E X room u.'ifimiUlu'd np;irimrm , ,, . p.ilrl. I 1 ? hlncks of r s m - . ,',,.,, . n c t l t M i ' I AiKii.inrnlv Phonr-. '""" "" ... _ _ - - : A NIC.: r, r tirnislird n mom : in U'ctl V ficcor:iicrt. I'hum- c'imli!imi TWO gnorl .Jersey LMWS, iirc-if In Whit face bull. Frushcti ncxl HI flay.N. 11 _W._Cranr. Rnulc 1.]i S YF.AR old work horse. 2 year nj spotlcrt pony. Loo Untforliill. Brcn; wood. Ark. FOR work hnrsrs and ridini; nc-0 ,lim Lester at Hilton's sale Bi.r anytime. XII-iCAID AND COMPANY NOW avnitiiblti. limllmf sitppl qun Chinchlll.iii Ri^i^trret. X C R. A Visitnr.5 wrlrnnir Kn-i- lilrrnlurr Scr »t Clyde Timbronk. :·!» Gunirr rill*. 1 - NEW 2 hrtlroo'm "rtuplf-x, 2flt ' Now srhnnlti. tJnivjrsit.v ONE OF THE RCST MOUtJTAIN FARMS IN TUG O Z A R K S non Ai:ru:s \\-Tn l P A K K V i R W APAKTMEKTS ont- hrtl .·nciM ilnfiirni^licd $ flf) hirnlslT 1 ! BL-ndix laundry nvnilnblft Phiu SI'KClAb -. ;-cl ever RKIIVICFS '.VASUINC I'ho ___ KOR pill nt inn, I tl»1 t!i! scloclion lo choose from onlnrs nnw fm- t.-iy old nnsiin^ G(?rr,o arc prnfii.-ihlcl Hrnhliy. liv.- ! . . parking. Bus every our. We give SH Green Stamps Phone 1770 A - l CARi'KN''KU tlitn» C. HIGHLY DFVElOPcO 7] f, m.tri' irn nni Mni'- p:'r r*OU S A I ^ -- M f H C K I . I . A N F O U S 970 TtJOT ot pinr J i i m J i v r . " I ' h o Phoni- M-J-2 llrnthpri Nurnrry quieted and con- LOST" Dime slonV JoshcS, nnl cover turn book--TlniL-! LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE In The Probate Caurt Of Washington County, Arksnui v,alcrs principally on "shipper : *c~- '\ \ n ff= K *?^£, f ^ ^' ; ^:,-S' COUnt? 39.fin; most gonrl and choice Last known address of drrrndrnt: 30.00-37.00: utility nnd commer- ^"^Jf vcrr ^ Strcpl * Knycttcvilie. cial 21.00-28.00; big packers some- naie ol dcaih: March u». what bearish. j The undersigned WHS apppointed ad- '{vjfiTM!, 1 ,^ uned decedent on the 4th day of April, J9.12. All persons haviiiR claim* ;i^ains1 | i Ihe esiatu muni rxnihii ihrm. ciuly j BOX K-62 care on RT labor rrnn^. orcb, r i p l l v c r y . A l H n l r h r r y . .'t HtRliwny 71. 2127. FOK SALE--AUTOMOTIVF, C R I D E R ' S USED CARS SPECIAL THIS WEEK ·"Iriwi-rf. Sonlh .si-In i , GOO1J ', r:in m i l k f · J o h n Shnn-::. 1'rainr 1 ]7xi:i vn'', chin-i ! ! C and I) I'liimbirij! C' i i«\"'10 r.TF.KL sinks im I C anil D Plam!iMi) C. 1951 Mercury . . . 1951 Sludebaker 1950 Chevrolet Club Coupe Sheop 800; trade modcratnly ac- · live, steady to strong; no high choice of primp lightweight wool: ed lambs present; few nt 2!).25; ! average around 1 ) 0 Ibs: o t h e r ' Yon can qualify-Ihifi cnuld bo your rhanrp for future security anil SIIL- kind of work you like You muM !"· : · between tht ape* of JR and V, and j 1950 Old^mobilc hove Ihe equivalent "f "'» R Hi Gradf I , _ _ _ ... . Education or morn . . . NO EXPERI- 1950 Plymouth KNCE nri-cssarj-hul must hp willlnR I Convertible Io train in spnrp tiiiT* at home t . .". l_onverilDie ntrrferr with prrsenl jobi. 11950 Chevrolet For full details and further informn- ; lion on how you may be nbl qunlif.v--\Vrfle giving 1 nK s tion to $1995 ; ... .51495, $1445 . . .$1795 S1645 HOISDAHC i» f i , ,r lurnbi'i . I'f.'i - . 5 1 4 4 5 ,;,,,... ,.- rl . l-'oi-dsnn irni-1or juiwrr hit ' H-iun kill : uniiiiLr u.viil '\ dtiyu £.'( diiinn.'Med trisliinn. Hox 337. phti: imil MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Oiltun .Mallrcssc? Hulll lino flusirnnli'i'tl Innrrfiprliut* HnllMvnml neilf Mailr- T" Orilcr DNK' IT\Y SEnvir:e--1'iioNE 2171 Duggar-Brown MATTRPSS CO. 17(1 Knulh_KttSt_S»). m ["sarclen plowing. Phone 2-fit V';i'.|'.'l trom «fi»H v/rll nn-l inTl. I-'iv rrtom rc-Ktent'r in f;ur · "ri- hnrn. ccllnr. ^r.tzi hroflrr jtn-i !a;'in| HAMMOND' "RrAitT co. :: J'hnn*" 7«!3 * F Ilnrkstrom Phone 275-IM : r. ^ufbMATIC~APPL*iAHCE"Cb. '; A Belter Pltct to Buy · '· t» ;iiiti- hi hi- I th'it i! h cue- ul 111. ,1 buy- nn 71 birhv/:iv. NONE MKF IT WITHIN 2 in i lea Fnyi'MfvMK I-TI hui'iH-i* 'Hi-s nnd '» '''i7~n r'"' 1 llnni" · Rl't- CH" w.-urr rncl k 1 i piped In fjtie Mir. A r!'n i U N. Block DEALEn Ph. :11I I fur infnnnBtlon ,,, ! KXCAVA'flNG"" " ' ' ON13S - ROADS - CLEARING - · " . O l . I N KARNKR AND ELLIS WILSON. "' · FOOTINGS--w n t c r. gni ind itwer I dltrhcK. ficptlc innk holei Diug.HK nut hack filllnjt Call ZB2« Bryc* . linrf !h" vl"\v. Ilir nhnili-.. Ihr. lyi'.il Irnrlint. MM- nr ulrfml^riif^ in i-xcr'^n fllllnn. In Inn vnit MUI Mkn- tlilim iiboiil M-- tn-.-liitlirtu Tli» nil v.'hirh ynil '-^tl li'lv It, Im niit! r,- · iri:tT-.' B l. erificd Io the unrlersi fined within months from the dale ol the first sales woolskins largely 28.75-2n.00; S^tVc,- ba'rrcd"","' p?oc.u5=b some Kill] unFoltl; abnut three trom any benefit fn the estate. decks of choice and prime Nu. I ' ^^J 101 ,^ Iirst publishcd 8lh day skin? 28.00; several lots springers ° ' P Hazel Kelly i!-icnM- staimhter C\vc? Slpady at '. Adrnimstralriv -, \Vade A MrAlhstrr, Atlorneys i at 1 aw. Fayettcvilfc. Arkansas | 8-15-c i ""NOTICE In The Probate Court Of x Washintton County, Arkznias ] In The Matter Of The Estate Of William A. Gibson, deceased. No. j infil-A. ' Last known addrrss of dceendent: ! Rout* 4. FnyetirviMe. Arkjinsas. Third hour avprapcp: ! natr ol dcnih: January i'ii. 1332. TnHncfrialc tnimte ?9 7V rail« An instrument dated .lanu.iry 20, Industrials minus $ rails j 1D1!) Wflg on lhc usih (]av of MHrchi minus 52,13; utilities minus 2! ; JH.^. admitted m probate as ilv nnd : TIMES 12.00-14.00; culls 9.00-11.00. STOCKS Bache Company, Tulsa YOUNG h t r a c t i snj woman Io share nl- downtown nparlmcnt HELP WANTED cents; volume 950.000; market hari pretty good sized break during third hour, a little larger than yesterday. FAYETTEVILLE'S EMPLOYMENT CENTER A central clearing house bringing together WORKER and EMPLOYER. By providing an effec- in-edcin. and j tive p | aceme nt service, the Em- n appoinlcfi I ' f; ployment Center reduces waste '.in job hunting anc 1 cruiting. Remember, (ilinc al 'p'ri,"o n n 'wiihin °!h2 ' in job hunting and labor re- 1948 Mercury $1065 1948 Chevrolet S 995 1948 Chc-vrole! 5,1095 : 1950 Chevrolet Pickup. . SI 095 : 1949 Chevrolet Pickup...$ 9 9 5 ' 1947 Indian S 3 5 0 ; Vest Mountaip Street and Hiway 71 North inal owner. M.r.fiOOII. C;»ll 1«:!!IW, ."il.l I'ANSY. _Wr»l Map|r : t'.crrV; !):! niJICK Sprrin! Dvunllnv/ co^ir-li '· "^'V. 31 ^' Low inlioncr. Mn:;l .'loll Phone .John ' i,'''' r 'V A. Hunch. 2S'Or :i. Klkins. Ark n.*r- . of K'jrlt (.n IJ t ;vil s Urn l i i / r l u v n y . (.irntrv ^NEWLIN REALTY WKST t'OHK, f.HK. ROCK VENEER HOME"" 24 HOUR SERVICE ON Hemstitching, Pkoling, Covtrtd Bulloni, Button Holei, Tailored »».«,. w. TsX. Be l ;s an ^ Buckl "' , , Sptciol Attention glvtn Mall Orders. Satisfaction or Money Back. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO 18 S.E. St.. Fa^ottrvlllr i.ncATKn JlHI IIIII5I w i t h nnl riimplHi' lul Yoari of Servle» 20,000,000 · · Policyholdert ' orio/ l ., .: ' ,.-· Z U / o ; Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO . INSURANCE : THE RITTER AGENCY "Savings for Preferred Riik»" , d di-il V l \ - t ' S - n r i v c ' nnt"\v li'eV'i: rnjny sliu'ipiriK ;md hrons- I r Wc=;;.-rn Liquor Simp A j tin': of till M.-indnr-l anrl ;:nds. drnn -iitir' and unpniHi iini.T'K I-'IIONTIKK TOWN j" | fine nnin'-i'tv UNDER FIVE THOUSAND HHANU nw nridi-rn h»"iv hv owner; onl-- ;i -.Ii'irt iinv siiy thnt v.T ni" Jyitu:. h'j* ;i tn »nd fcpn for ym;f-f.f. 1,". l-till" Of tr-i-ri nn lar^r. Ko'nd 'e-'iil'tnirllnn. )'.ltch»n f-'lnwi-rs. crrcpinc . 1.'. :iou S:tlvi Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES. Contractor FAYETTEVILLE 'IAMMQND RFAITY CO.; PLUMB1NG HEATING Plinnr- .1 A l l . i m n i o n t l 1"2 v_.\»/. Phone ONE Kri(!icl.-!irc- r. I.Ik- nrv; Krc K. Lafny.ttP, H n x . « - - ·· · · - - · ' » fr:i:-tn:or. . it 519 Knst I'rospecl CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont Ccllect 2)53 FayeileTilla, Arkiniai Joplin Rendering Co. vill of tho nbove name Ihe undersigned ha executor thereunder probate of lhc only by filinp Hme provided by law. All persons having clainn nsains'i , rrre- /-.n /~u A rn~te the estate must exhibit them, duly j NO FEES OR CHARGES rrn.ii 0 rTM.B. nd d C . r S s Sr 1 ,hr l !!S!5!to '^ TM°** ° employer, publication of this notice, or they i Good openings received daily, i ?h;ill he forever .haired and precluded | . t . i , . from anv benefil in the e s t a t e , In short supply at, of T Aprn 0 i firSt pllhllshtlri Sth d " y | l o c a l l y : Stenographers and Tlni)rrt M. Gibsoi Executor ', Wade a I Lnw. McAllister. Atlprnpys BRAKES - LIGHTS - STEERING THE BIG THREE OF SAFE DRIVING t«e KOHLER and HALL for a FREE checkup on these Important safety factors at Whiteley's Garage Women Factory Workers. Out of i area: Machinists, Machine Tool j rnyeticvii'ic". Arkansas j Operators, Factory Laborers, En-1 --- | gineers, Chemists, Draftsmen, j Clerical Workers, Cannery and j Farm Workers, etc. ! ARKANSAS STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 104 West Center St. -ft DVVi YOI'LL QET BACK THAT MEWCAI77: * CMt »«fier3ltr iH fm k*h * Adint ftiils, cdtc * l«|(«ft, drain nnd rifill c«Wi«»j syitem ISIn CHEVHOI.F.T. 2 clrinr Klr-ollinu Hi-. luxe. Sl.Z.'.tl.ra). Phonc 25R5J. _ l!l« PLYMOUTH rliih i-mipi- n rll" and heilt-r Con-lili. n tourl RP.I : .'III- aWi- Cnnlact F. M;ii-r. Vcls I'o-,. pital lOjil" H,YMOUTiiT~5Sr~Wc!r Ccilti-r H rA'RMALL irnctor. plow and mowing mnrhinc Hnyilen Kanlkiur. Pliono 397J3. __ __ L E E ' S MOTOR SALES SPECIAL OPENING SALE 1950 Ford 2-door. Radio, lioat- er, overdrive and white wall tires. $495 down, or your old cor. : 1950 Chevrolet deluxe 2-door. ' A V K K Y tir* uin-nt m ;i fair prirf Nn nionstrosllifs Mil) South lfA"lMJO~W 'TJtOUT~RftlVj '("l r n!v "fMin'nc Spnnq'IriJf '.'.111 Or.nrk Trout Kami iDEAr~MAttRESSCO. Quality ncv/ ma It re os and matlrc'jS ronovating. Phono 3036 401 WEST DICKSGN Who's Who For Service Fgyrttrvi)]r "FOR "YouiTiiooriNcrKcEOS*" Cnll 11 L S t e w a r t Hoollng Cnnlroclnr Also. Ashpst n« Si'lihf. ___Hfini" rcpnirt. ! 3 honr 101 I.I E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 2X9 J. W. H I L L ELECTRIC CO. Quality Inltalltri · POWER; · PUMPS ^^^Phont^ 14. West Fork Adu-rtlur In the TISIKK--II nay» ARE YOU INTERESTED? : : SEEKING A POSITION WITH A FUTURE? ": '· I F YOU AI!!I. T l f r N C O U N C I L WITH . A R K P H E S E M T A T I V E OF THE ' i LITTLE ROCK ' : ' EMPLOYMENT AGENCY: : TUES., WED., THURS., April 15-16-1-) 9 A.M. TILL 7 P.M. 2ND FLOOR LOUNGE -- MOUNTAIN INN \VK nF,i'm:sr,NT -mi: I.AHOKK LOCAL AN'D XATIOr.'.M, CONCF.ilNS GRADUATES Wi: A P K I N T F , i ( K S T i v D I'! V O l : n FI - Ti:nj:. is m c - i i A i i n i : TO ni'fnsTER. S-.K i:s o:: AFIOVF. Lilllc Ilfir-k KiiipliiMurnt A".TM!--.-. Ki l)rin:ir,!i[--.- lil'i;;. Litlln Rork. Ark. Consult You r Classified Radio and healer. $450 '. Service Directory down. 1949 Chevrolet 2-door deluxe. Radio and ABSHIER-BRYAN "Your friendly Vord Dealer" heater. $450 down. 1949 Plymouth Special deJiMO 4-door. $450 down.' 1940 Chevrolet 4-door, special deluxe. 1940 Pontiac 2-door. 1950 CMC '.i-lon. Deluxe cnb. SEE LEE LARIMORE Phone 2149 _ 288 West Mounlain Si. " PACKARD-WILLYS" Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO j Phone 666. 208 North Block | FOR S A 1 . K -- - I I O M I . N K K D S ' l.IIAN'n" nrvv pl.iiform rockt-r, S. in rut can nr.nv DEBUTANTE "cbSAAETiCS.J " | DULLER BRUSHES. PHONE ,,1548 i BKAI;TY SHOPS A,!,v · - l l ) : i n - l BKAI:TV SHOP _ AriTlMTIC' OKAliTY SHOP "Ivrin ..iriit IV.-ivi-. ;, S,.innlty 1' if,3 (ir n|ipn:n'nii-nl _ C f i l . V A M U S tiriAUIY LiJi'/P :TJI W Mcndirv-Phono :M2 M:ich S.T.'.O-UIJ Cn[rt wavr J.', up_ b l A f ' K f t u"rL\u'rif aMOP ~ Florenct Sijiplalor I ^'M W Di.-knnn v'hon* IM : "HliTLIKtfi Ts" Ut:ATlTV "fiiTUlF" i HF.I.IARI.l: Wc)RK I .·!nj_N Ill-irk _ I'hnmr 736 "A'I.'IC-KH "II'KAUTY SHOP I Now up in«n 7 : , K M»u:.iaiti St. ! ,,,^ AI "'''J'"'"'"- ''I' 1 ""' '·'-" ' COriSKT.'KKi: I J 'v/"Mi-(irlirc. FRIGIDAIRE TRADE-INS From $39.95 Up THE FINEST STOCK OF TRADE-IN REFRIGERATORS IN FAYETTEVILLE NO DOWN PAYMENT Under $100.00 THE SIGN OF SERVICE I? ·ici-r C'tTv llt.'l I'M · l - J ' l t \ " Jil'KNCKH INDIVini'M.I.Y .M .«ti"'1 nn-I MIMM.II M i P | i - , i i % _ ( V i ^ I'tm.T- V.IH.I I I A D L I N G liy *r n Vlit Cnll r-lrrm Mny llfrfd IJ'CJJ 19 NORTH BLOCK ST. fHONE 35

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