Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1952
Page 10
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NOtTHWtlT AMANSM T1MK. f.y«««yim, Arlw*M». Timday, April 15, 1951 I'M SOPRV I'M LATE. OEA?, BUT THE BOSS CAME IN JUST AS J C ^ · I WAG LLAVIMG O \CO ON TELL ME A STOQY BE TOPE i GO to f /-* WHAT BED. WiLOCU j-^ i- KIND Or -i L5ADDr ? ,---x ( A STOPY ? ^i^ftT' / x"h ^ill%fc ^-^ TELL HER THE ONE VDU TOLD ME WHEN YOU CAME HOV.E LATE TONIGHT VE5. DUDE, ED AND I ARE LEAVING SOU WE'RE GONG BACK IM THE MEAT RACKET. "·" WE'VE GOT NO FAITH IN ,,, THAT SINGER. WAIT, "WVOU STAY THERE. BOYS. I TONSILS. AND WANT TO I PEHEARSe.'I'LL TALK TO I BE BACK IN 3O MINUTES. I'VE A GOOD NOTION TO PULL OUT AND LEAVE DUDE, TOO.' WE WON'T LET ME TAKE A JOB. HE'S HOLDING ME BACK. AND AT STATION XVAB. DOT TSOGLADTCUI WANT VIEW- KNOW YOU, SOU TO DICK MR TRACY. GIVE A TRACYVWMAT CAN I /SINGER ^DOFORYOUBf A JOB. ^r KAWKS »ors AKE COMING! SO TAR, YOU'VE WEN DARN PECENT, YUM*. I'M HlfNG IM YOUR CLOSET. 1 SUPPOSS YOU KNOW WHUT'U MAPPEM IF VOUR BROTHERS f INO US.. A. o o UJ (T'M A-THKOWIN 1 DOWN XsCXJCANT ! JN'POOLUALL"JONl;S/ DO THAT.. TW/V5 WHAT I'M nOlM 1 .1 IIR'O Ol IK |TH'Dir.-y, THIEVIN' I'OI LCW I'M TH' LAW, NOr VI DONT YOU.' THIO Btli^- /CAKE WHO MRR'a WANTED WANT6 ALL OVER \ 'IM OR CALIFORNV. 1 /'\ WHERE... -^ . rr . r %. BUT LAND SAKES, f.:" cJr, ;, M \ r GOTTA TAKK 'IM IMAN IM AN'PUT'IM IN JAILl KEEP 'IM! / (i"~~: r^~n^^y --t-O^V"'^ 3""^-.!i 1 ^f%i-Mrtp ? i ..^ .---**!, rJ») ·^-^»i.:- 1 .- · .'.Kill" : YO'/IN' TH'lX)Gf-A1CH HAM A DOUBLE SARSAnMmLA// AH GOT MARWfD, THIS MAW- . T ' T H ' LOUMGE CAR, AN' Sr.l.LN'-BRATt: ' ' GOTTA Cii: KEEP A-I-'IULIM' NV\4 GLASS, AUU NPOHT. . AKI'HANO TH'EXPENSE. Emergency Session Of U.N, General Assembly Is Sought By Asian-African Group Of Member Nations UnilPd Notions, N. Y. - (IP) -, yestrrdny liy Mrs. Franklin D. Asinn-Airican nations pushed l o - j Roosevelt, U. S. representative in day /or ;in emergency session of j the U.N. Human Rights Commis- the United Nations General As-! sion and a U.S. dcletrntc to the semhly in the wako nf Western refusal to let the Security Council lake up i compK'tinl against as n private citizen, the former France's treatment of Tunisia. f i r s t lady said she thru sht the The council's \vcstern m a j o r i t y ; ^ refused last n i g h t to a d m i t f o r 1 discussion the J l - m i i i o n charge | th;il i-'rance is oppressing h e r ! past six General Assemblies: Emphasizing that she spoke only U.S. position violated a t r a d i t i o n a l American policy of supporting f u l l U.N. airing of all complaints. U. S. delegates said previously they thought council rliscXisFion of the complaint mitrht disturb Defoliations ' which France says she will hold witli the Tunisians, died this year in riots sparked by nationalist demands for more self- rule. It was one of the rare occasions in which ihe council had turned down «i member's request lo discuss ;i complaint. A s i a - A f r i c a n n u l h o r s of the charges a g a i n s t France, a n t i c i - ! paling the defeat, already had cabled I heir governments to a s k ; Promising Scientists Among High School Students Named *·* ' Winners in the first a n n u a l Arkansas Science Talent Search lo find promisii:^ scientists amon,-. hijjh school students v/cre an- nouncL'd to'Jay by J. A. Doughty, c h a i r m a n of the search. They are: Jimmy D. K c n d r i c k , Samuel ,1. Lyons, Jr.. and Helen M. n n y b u r n , n i l of N n r i h L i t t l r Rock; Donald 13. Clarson. Jr.. of if they wanted a special a^ombly- Liujr!l r ^ w i , f i R m A ' Mycr; ! o[ A f f i r m a t i v e replies wore expected! ! Fayptte\ ille, and Hilary F. Lindcr Annnuncemnnf of Die order of the winner:; and the present;;! ion nf cert'fic-at^s v/i'l lie maf!-c at a to pour in and there v/cre s^»"Si ,' s h j indication5 ihc jrrrnip could r a l l y ' * the 31 U.N. members necessary to call ihe session. The move to put the T u n i s i a n , complaint on the council aficnda i - t ° i n t ^ n n c r meotniR of the Ar- inustcrpd only five a f f i r m a t i v e j kansas J u n i o r Academy of Science votes, both of the original P a k i s - i " n d l h c Arkansas Senior Academy tan proposal for the discussion of Science at Arhrmras State Golan rl- for a C h i l e a n compromise l c K p - · 7onc?bnr °. r:! A u n l 2 5 - R u s ~ t:-al would havo listed I h e com-1 -^ Pf) « r ^ l h c N'^in:'al Science p l a i n t , but hrld off any debate j F o u n d a l i o n , W a s h i n g t o n . U. C. u n t i l France showed whether she;"''" bc fi"«t speaker at the din- is carrying out promised reforms.j net. The motions needed seven votes The winners will b?- rccom- for adoption. The yeas c n i n e ' mended to college nnrl university from Pakistan, the only council j committees throughout t h e nation. member of the I I complaining n u - j Miss Rayburn also wpn honor- tions, China, Russia, Brazil a n d , able mention in the Nations Chile. France and B r i t a i n cast I h e i Science Talent Search this year. negative votes and the United-: The state t;i!eni search is a f f i l i a t e d States, Greece, Turkey and The] w i t h t h e n a t i o n a l search for Wcst- Nclhcrl.'tnds abstained, " in-house Science scholarships, The U. S. stand \vas c r i t i c i z e d ' which is conducted liy Science OUT OUR WAY R. Williams T THAT RIGHT HEKE WOULPM'T -AEAD IDi'A FOE YOU TO AH, J'M TKVIM' TO LFARMTHISMELOM- \ HEAP TO WIPE HIS I FEET OW TH 1 RIJ / SO HE CAW COME / IW TH 1 HOUSE ' WITHOUT A SCAMPALJ Clubs nf America. V/inncf.T of l.c state search v/iH present pfiptrs at a joint meeting of (lie Junior and Senior Academics (if Science on April 26, d u r i n g t h e i r two-day scsMonF. The J u n i o r Acjulcmy program \vill in- clijrio an adflross on r n r d i c n l irch- nolojry presented by lhc vocational Ri.'itlanre romrnilte? of tlic A r k a n s a s Society of Medical Technologist:-;; sectional mpelinjrs on physical science, biolo^icnl science, and ?oc:inl science, and a botany field t r i p . Paprrs w i l l lie given r.t lhc sectional rne^tin«rs by Billy W h i t t l e , J u s l i n Fnrnsv/orth, Jarnr; Tatro. nnrl Bill Bcnll. n i l of For! Smith Senior High School; James A. Rollins, Jay Gorshaw, Solon McGaufihny and Mclba Taylor, all of Arkansas Stale CollcRC. Officer.-; v:ill be chosen to succeed Bill flen 11, president; W i l l i a m Myers, vic^ prrsirirnt, ;ind Bill KcMncr of i-'ort Smiih Ili^h School, secretary-treasurer. The Arkansas J u n i o r Academy of Science is co-sponsored by the Arkansas Academy nf Science and (he Science Section of the Arkansas Education Association. Supervisors of t h e j u n i o r academy are Doughty of the University I n s t i t u t e of Science and Trchnol- o»y staff and Miss H i r t h Armstrong, teacher in t h e Fort Smith Junior Hi."h School. The U. S. fleet of t a n k e r ships is f i l e largest in the worlo, more t h a n 4Tin ships of more t h a n 1,000 Ions each. Any body which emits sound vibrates. On The Radio New Ynrk-Wl-Tlininir t n n i g h l : ,\BC--7. Cavnlrade; 7:30, Barricl CraiR: R, Bob Hope; 8:30, Fibber' ;iml Molly; f), L'ririie Cnnter. CBS--7,' People Are Funny; 7:30, Mr. and Mrs. North; 8 L i f e W i t h Li igi; 8:35, Lineup; 9:30, Waxv.-orkr. ADC--7, Newsstand Theater; 7:311. K a t h i Norris; 8 Town Meet- ins; 9:15. Dream Harbor. j MBS--7, Black Museum; 7:30, | Dr. Kildarc; 8:05. Selective Dra- j ma; 8:30, Mysterious Traveler. Bdfero K wNot! ir.scnphofl -A the CiUBVh of Wais^m.England ADDING THE LETTER'E*(HAKES IT REAP flKSTISW V£ PERFECT MCH CVER KEEP n£SC PRKIPTS TCH OPT1CAI ILLUSION drawn bf ALLEN rtARLAWJ Brooklyn, K.V. FRIDAY EVENING 6:0(1 Dinner Music 6;1S Starlight Time 5:HO News 6:45 Ozarl; Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Meatier 7:30 Rthj'mic Rendezvous 7:45 Lomhardo on the Air 8:00 Bill Henry 8:05 Magazine Theatre 8:30 BASEBALL St. Louis Cardinals Vs. Pittsburgh Pirates 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sign Oft SATURDAY MORNING 5:30 Rise 'N Slime S:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Maiket.? and Weather 6'35 Rise :i' Shine 7 00 Minutes hy Music | 7:15 Jordanaircs 7:30 Otaseo News 7:45 Organ Reveries 8:00 A f t e r Breakfast 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMEg Morning Edition 8:45 Ozark Diary "I'm glut! you're not one of ihosc biiclucit driver:, LuJuJ" 0:00 Kiddies Hit Parade 9:30 News 9:45 Serenade in Blue 10:00 New Record Releases i u . I S New Kerord Releases 1 0 3 ' Hero 1 .. Tc Vets 10:45 Guest Star 11:00 Proudly We Hail 11:30 C'r.urch of Christ 11:45 News at Noon SATURDAY A P r K R N O O N ·* 12:00 Mnn on The Farm 12:30 Dunn on Discs 1:00 BARED AU. Game of the Day 3:00 Tune Pick'n Time 4:00 Tune Pirh'n Time 5:00 Smiley W h i l l o y 5:15 Know Your Univcrsily 5:45 Preston Sellers 5:55 News Scarcity Of Pork Dishes Said To Be Possibility Low Prices Of Hogs And OPS Order For Cafe Prices Cited Washington - f/P) - Pork dishes such as ham, pork chops, rnasis and sausages may disappear from restaurant' menus this summer. Fiirm leaders say low prices of n^s cor Id bring such, a dovolop- m r n t . Th?:p f a r m leaders also contend t h a t recent a'rlion of the Office of Price. Stabilization sotting new ceilings for public eating places may have the effect of ruling pork off menus. Tli? QF:\ in dcr fixed menu prices provnilinq the 1 week of February 3-G as the 'highest restaurants may charge. At t h a t time, and for several wcrks since t h e n , bo£ prices have been low from the standpoint of production costs. They have been about 80 per cent or parity because of a heavy mar- kelni*r volume. ' P a r i t y , a standard- for measuring f a r m prices, is declared by law to be equally f a i r to farmers and those who buy their products. But ho:; prices--and pork too-usually advance during^early summer and remain at higher levels u n t i l late f a l l . This price change reflects the fact that hog sales usually decline during the summer. Should pork prices £0 up very much, many restaurants would be caught in a squeeze between fixed ceilings on their meat prices and higher costs. Farm leaders say hop raisers would siiffrr because many restaurants would quit buying pork. Withdrawal of restaurants from the market could have the effect of keeping hop prices from advancing to more favorable levels. China Moves In On Asian Trade Tokyo - (/I 5 ) - Chinese manufacturers have adopted au old Jnpa- npse custom--and the Japanese don't like it. The-International Trade.and Industry Ministry reports that imitations of Japrnese goods are flowing i n t o Southeast Asia and taking over Japanese markets. Biggest complaints have come from Japanese makers of medicines and toilet articles, Price Violators To Be Named By The OPS .Washington -tfp)- Names of all price violators will be made available for publication--even those kept secret heretofore because violations were judged to be not intentional, Director'Ellis Arnall, of the Office of Price Stabilization announced this ruling today. It reverses a long-standing OPS policy sharply criticized by chairmen of Freedom of. Information Committees of the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the Associated Press Managing Editors Association. Pretty, Cool Pajamas % GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 63c Holland Brat, locker Wnnl I5y Sue Burnett If ymi'rn tlic tailored type, you're sure to nclorc these rrisp coat-style pajamas that are so coul and comfortable. They look so pretty in nn all-over print or rich solid color. Pattern No. B250 Is a sow-rile perforated pattern in sizes M, 16, IB, 20; 40, 42. Si/c 10, short sleeves, 5 yards of 39-inch. Kor these patterns, send 30c for . E A C H , in COINS, your name, ad- I dress, sizes desired, and the PATTERN NUMRF.I! to Sue Burnett, ! Northwest Arkansas Times, 1150 i Ave. Americas, New York 3fi, N. Y. Basic FASHION tor '51 1.1 filled with Ideas tc make your clothes budRct RO f u r t h e r -- time-saving and economical dcsifins that are easy to sew. G i f t P»U«r« printed msldc. 25 cent*

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