Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1952
Page 8
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NOffTKWIST AIKAMM TIMtS, faytlttvllta, Arkonwt, TtMtday, April 15, 195) Advised To "Improve Yourself" ler To Help Educate The Student 'li$i!a eSc ints! SOCIAL AND PERSONAL NAPMR Has District liapi*ipniti"^M"i" j in u w »i\\ ii j i HIM tiif-.m in mi- w|M.i mi* . . . ' · . I / i M · i I riucntlonnl liadgcis ami i l ( i - ! » f Ihe r-ttuly TMif(wi,,-c-.,f · f/| e e j|f)g flf y/\ fJOSpltal itrntive reslrirtions. Improve.. , »«· Apsociatloi. lor Childhood Kcl- I elf as a human being. Then i "eation at Convenlion Hall. | Saturday morning at I I I o'clock. '1-Thrnw nway ! last nip.hl ;»l the icsslon ' yotfel. . you'ji c)o, r ,c t'.ie cap between whal i youjfe leaching mid pupfflf. IcnrninR. . Proponent of Ihe f o r m u l a was i l l i e ArliaiiKas-OI'.lalioina District of what the ' Or- '- Thomas Hopkins, professor j the "National Association, for : of education al Columbia U n i v e r - ; J'hyslcal and Mental R e h a h l l l t a A Tills fo career in oriiii-niinn was advanrcd I STOMACH GAS (an Rob You QUIEEP ·:ilv Me spoke In more t h a n 2,11111 i lion," met '.it the VA Hospital hero, delegates from ".-ill parts of t h e ] , »'··.'-'"'I Wiixlil, clinical psy- · p o i i i i l r v -incl fiirrlon Iritinn* i clmlnglsl at the h(«;|)llal, was the i Tr! J 1N*I«"! n conl'man, In -' "rincipal.spcakcr ,,,, the program.. Dr. Wright presented a paper and Miss Elizabeth Thomas Plans Organ Recital Miss Kliwiljclh Thomas of Fay- elleville will present an organ reeilal at Ihe University Concert H a l l at -1 p. m., Sunday. A graduate of the University, where she received Ihe bachelor of arts and bachelor of music degrees, she also has a toaster of music degree In music literature, history! anil th'c M i l i t a r y Cinvermnent in^ Ciei- ; (ijs'cus.jfd'ti on "The Physical Needs '· criticism from Ihe University of many from 1(147 to IIHII. said the : (|f paiionts rlcc.-iivc.-rmi! f r m n Kick- big problem In teaching Is. "that candidate for Michigan. She ness or I n j u r y anil Associated j |hc degree of master of music in I'hychologic.'il Disturbance." ! mKUH ,-u Michigan. Miss Thomas ome iM-opIn arc in ml Btuna ' ! a leachcr ilnery with i Rrcnvlh of ! of we try lo teach children by ex- · leriinl authoritarian process." l i e ! All members in the two-slate has'"iangh't"orija'n, music history said ,, is "far more imporlan, fur | area we,, p,-csc,, cxceot,, ,,,,,, mcraU , rc a[ MissiMJ| ,, . Sou(h . ·ipn Jo imUtM'slfind ,.. .. chiUln-fi it!!(i their ' JMrc'pnmonl.s wurt.- Kurvt-d ;tt trie- . t,-ln" in hii : mci'liiM' Bill Ilorn'sbv, coerce If vo I 1 1 1 1 1 1 '" *"· ! , , _ _ · j i. L ..i. r , i . . . - ·** , - . - . . . - , - - - - . - - , m'Mfificu ( i f Iflll'll III? i h i l l l U) 1H 1 HH.lH"Jv »·"" I J t n ii.-iu.», V J l 1 L v m i: ilanuch va n tail they ran I P'""-;" "' , '",7 f r ,, ' .,,,,,.»i Ihcrapisl, was in charge of the sleep. OU.ern can hardly cvu morel}· ah e to cad from a book , Members acljuuriicd lo nnF,ATHE-rlKlit. lut to ca.. and . ^ ^ K" (1 f' s hc /"'V 1 ".'' 1 .": '"" | attend Arkansas relays in the- hiv* to prop UirimclvM up ' I n "" »* ITM* TMn Include "al'illt.v | ,,, lmi ,,,, n . bell- with n Hows »(. they r:,n I K»"'Pl"K. remedial an; spec,,, i .,.,,,. next nioetlng will .he held nnr,ATHE hi' beH'"w!th pill...... ..- ....j hVeathe catlcr. ! rl " wi ' ts The New Medicine, CERTA-', P".'.TM'" 1 ' p a i l n i e n t a l l K i l i o n and I j n N o r t h L i t t l e Hock d u r i n g Sep- dcvise?." These "depress ' lernbci and Mr. and Mn. D. It. Eoff of Kiyettcville, had Easter dinner with Mrs. Howard.Eoff's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Mount, in tl/c Mount Comfort community. Sam K. Gcnrhart of the TIMES Is in Springfield, Mo., attending the a n n u a l convention of the O/arks Flayxrounds Association, heinK held at the Kentwood Arms Hotel, today and Wednesday. Mr. Gcarharl is a past president and nnw a director of t h e association, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Leonard of Terry Village and daughter, Nancy K., spent the Easter holidays with Mr. Leonard's parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Griggs of El Dorado. VIK.- Is now hrlnclns real ri-llrf to-'niny eaj victims hcrr. In Fay- eltjyctlli!. n nets to rrllevp the Bin mmed by fnod.layliiir UNdkeslcd ih'iiir *tomseh. ."·CBBTA-VIN ii'sn supplies vita- mtt H-l H-hrn needed In help prerent Indlcestlnn mi.terle» frnm rtRmliiff hack. Thiit'i* how This New Medicine (rein al « K K A I , CAUSE «f B»* '"'el Indliieslinn iKOiuse II helm AVOID a KI'.Tt.'RN of the Mlffc-lill;. i '^Mnny have wnlted yenm for a l\irdlcllie tike this, hrrallKr it eliTB lieal I, A S T I N T , llcllef («;)jtn tflkrii us directed) and it Ktii)i)ies Ircm. ton, when your «y«- IfM'needs Hill impnrlnnl iVVta-AMn clop« even more! H will rnrlrh the hlood ( red Mond corpuscle* to overenine Unit tired, worn-nut feclinp. So don't co on Ni:r r rrittK! If ,vnu Hwrll with ftnx or feel wcftk and rundown, clue to Ihe above ccm- dllions, tel CKRTA-VIN -- Fny- rltrvlllc DruK Stole. I.»r(r llndle SI.G5. children," he declared. Wilton DtVor« Funeral service for Wilson J3u- Vore, 70,- Denver, Colo., who died Springdale V.F.W. Installs Officers .Joint i n s t a l l a t i o n of officers for the Haymond Alstott Post and A u x i l i a r y to the Veterans of For- Dr. and Mrs. C. G. Melton are a t t e n d i n g the .Arkansas Optome- cru College. Iric Association meeting being held today, tomoirow and Thursday in Little Hock. Dr. Melton, P/»rc/-\n-i Ic A president of the Stale Board, will 1 1-ISUI1A1S · nrilt , ., boilrd mcciin g tomorrow afternoon at which time officers Mrs. Mary Bass of Atkins, Ark., wi " ^ cl ^ t « l f "' , th « c '°' T1 , i i' 8 former I-'ayelteville resident, is J""- Mrs. Mel on wii attend the v i s i t i n g here in the home of Mrs. | nloulme of »-e Women's Aux.l.ary. A " lla ! '' ri;lr - | Dr. Howard Carter, chairman of j 1 ' ! the University English depart- , mcnt. will give a paper on "Multi- New Uniforms For Springdale Police Sprinudalc's rcnrjranlzod and freshly uniformed policemen pose with their chief, Wayne Hyden. left, at jioiicc headquarters a f t e r changing from lhc old style uniforms lo the new trooper style. Left to right are Chief Hyden, Charles Cooper^ Lloyd Slockburgcr, Herman McColIough, Carlos Wilson, and Jack IMKTUIVI. (Car! TIMKSKOTO). pita], for election of officers. Mrs. W i l l a r d Williamson and daughter, F'rancenc, of Tulsa, Okl/i., are guests in the home of J. A. English. Mrs. Karle Smith and Miss Suz- Wars, was held last nlr,ht in i ,,,,,,,, Lighton are spending a tv.'o Springdale. April n while vIsltliiK licre, was ,_,,,,,,,,. M ,, 0[ | y ,, ( rjeiilonvlllo. conducted yesterday at 2 p. m, in : (I | sll . i( ,| ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,],.,.. W ., B i,, S |.,n- the Winslow Methodist. Church by ; , , ) f f i L . ( . r fo| . ,,,,. ,,,,,,, .,,,,, , i | | H , the Itev. Dee .Smith. J i u r i a l was m ! M r_. m ,,.i m . v ,,f F n v c t l c v i l l c . V. A I!r ; ntwood cemetery li.lder the di- ; ,, s reprcwntative and depa,t- eo-hnspilal c h a i l n i a i i , wa:: wceks vacation New Mexico. in Arizona and 0 PROBLEM I Too Herd For Ut jTo our trained *ervic» men fell problems can be solved ftvlth neatness and dlipatch ]£fv . and at low coit, "It 3|Myt to colt u* first ... to itarassured of rapid work. _CoMJ8IB6_J No Job Too Big No Job Too Small PLUMBING CO. 231 W. Mountain rection of the Watson M o r t u a r y . Pallbearers were O. ». r'arrinh, Haymonfl Horn, Chai'les Mill;;, inent i l i a r y . A f i l m . " Th " frji the Auji- d u r ) l l f , Wnr]d : 1 ' c l " " i "" cr Dr. Fred Ogden is visiting his brother. Ihe itev. D u n h a r II. 6g- den in .Slaiilon, Va. Me v.'il! be out of town t h r o u g h Saturday. Jamet Dillard Collins j W " r '.''i ,, · , n ,, : jireceded the i n s t a l l a t i o n . Klineral service for .lames D i l l - j Those a t t e n d i n g from Faynttc- ard Collins, 02, who died in (he : v n| n wcrc M ,. s . Courtney, Nora i m m e u f his daughter. Mrs. G u u m c i j Mae Ward. Jessie M i t c h e l l , Irene Sanders, he.e, was eondiiclcd y e s - i p ow( ,|| , 1Ml | M ,._ ;in ,| M,. SI j_ c. tei'day iiflernoon in the Combs ^|])|h Conimunity Chinch by the Itev. j ' ' . Benner JJavis and the Rev. Nor- \ r- · · , D T A man-Drake. Burial wan in Combs] rOI'ITling IOH I . I . A. ecmeiery under Ihe din.-clinn of 1 A n m i n |c ("nmrni I I f f ' S Mcjore's Funeral Chapel. : A p p U I I M S v _ U I M M l i I I L L S Pallbearers were Guy iihcare, O l i v e r Combs, Combs, Alfred H a w k i n s , I BlevinK, and .John M i l l e r . Slaff Sgt. and Mrs. James R. Howies visited w i t h ' t h e i r parents in Bankston, Ala., over t h e Easter vacation. They returned to Fayetteville Monday. pic Meanings in Paradise Lost" at the Southwest Renaissance Conference at the "University of Oklahoma April 25-20. Edgar A. AI- bin, associate professor of. art, nnd Dr, Marvin B. Becker, assistant professor of history, also will attend the conference. Announcements · '/.Inn School Mothers Ouh The Mothers Club ef School will hold its regular i iog Thursday al 2:;i(l p. m. meet Thursday at 2:30 p. m., in ' for its monthly party, the home of Mrs. F. G. Baendcr, ·124 Rebecca Street. A South American species of m a n t i s is so large that it attacks small frogs, lizards and birds. i Friendly Bihlf Class j The Friendly Bible Class of Ihe | Central Methodist Church will If no fertilizer were used on meet with Mrs. L. B. Uhl, 201 i U. S. farm crops, production would Marlon Chapter, D.A.R. Marion Chapter of n.A.K. w i l l Louise Street, tomorrow at 2 p. m.,' be at least 25 per cent lower. I j New officers of the K a n n i n g l o n i Parent Teachers A:*ociallnn had \ a called meeting 1'rlday n i g h t al j the school b u i l d i n g t o . appoint University Women's Cliih The University Women's Club w i l l hold its a n n u a l cooperative luncheon nt 1 o'clock Friday afternoon in the Facully Clubrooms. Members w i l l be contacted by phone but any member who is not Kverett Gibson arrived yesler- readied may call Mrs. Tom Smith, | day from Compton. Calif., to he telephone f)4!)-J, for information, ilh his mother, Mrs. Nellie Gib- Mrs. Smith heads Ihe hostess com-! lion, (1117 G o v e r n m e n t Avenue, who miltee which is made up of t h e i is seriously i l l . t wives of the College of Business ; Admini.Hlralion. Capt. and Mrs. John .1. llclmc- herger visited with Captain Hcn- nehergcr'.s mother i n D a l l a s , Texas, Easier. They returned to Kayelleville Monday. Mr,. Obanelto Joyc. Snyder Mrs. Obnnctln Joyce Rnyder, .111. j died at the Washington County Hospital yeslerdn.v at 5:fi5 p. in.. i atler an illness of three weeks. ! She was born at Krankslon, Texas, ' J u l y 1(1. I fin. the duitgbler of Kl- mcr G. and Gertrude Cole. She I was married In October, 11)47, to Program nnd devotions, M r s . Miss Arv/eldia Ann Boydston a n d Fred F. Gibson icft yesterday to return to Abilene Christian College, Abilene, Tc 'as, a f t e r F.ugenc Uorman. .Mrs. Alice liush- j v j s iij n ,, here in the home of his er, Clarence Stumps, an. I Miss I Marie lirown; Membershii), Lawrence parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Gibson, 157 South H i l l Street. land, Htihy W i l l i a m s a n d Kdnji Lowe; j AiMmr H. Siiydcr in Clilcuitd. 111., ' ,,,,,',,,,,, nm , rinilm . 0 , K wi , u! nuil came to Kiiyeltcvllle from Oak j Park, I I I . Slip was a member of the Melhodist Church and received her n.A. degree in English from lhc John Drown University 10 years ago. Mrs. Snydcr is survived by her husband; her' purcnls, of Frank- stpn; two brothers, Elmer Hay Cole of Pasadcnii, Texas, nnd .Inmcs M. Cole of Houston, Texas; three sisters, Mrs. Herbert Merrill, Occunside. Calif., Mrs. Leonard Uameron, Fraiikslnn, and Mrs. C. R» Taylor of Fort Riley, K a n . Tlie body w i l l be sent t o n i g h t to Frankslon by Nelson's Funeral Home for funeral and burial services. Ad.'tttlM In lhc TIMKR--II [·»?». MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL Jackson,' McDonald, A, C. W i l - liams, Charles Kehn .md Bob Tucker: Magazine, Agnes Blew; p n h l l - clly, M a u r i n e fluchanan; historian, Mrs. Kugcnc Teeter; health, Mrs. J. Morris nnd Mrs. Iv H. Arney; h o s p i l a l i l y , Mrs. A, C. W i l l i a m s : room lla/cl I'enn. representative, Dr. and Mrs. !·'. K. Whitehead w i t h c l a U K h t e r , .Shirley, returned last n i g h t from G r a n d Prairie. Texas, where I hey spent Kasler with I h e i r son-in-law and daiigh- ler, Mr. liint. and Mrs. W i l l i a m T. Northwest Arkansas Riding. Club The picnic for Ihe Northwest Arkansas Riding Club, scheduled for Sunday at the Herbert Thomas farm, has been postponed until warmer weather. Hunlwille Girl Wins Chicago Scholarship A scholarship for graduate sludy d u r i n g Ihe coming academic year have hern given to Miss Marjorie Sulton of H u n t s v i l l e by Iho University of Chicago. The scholarship, which a m o u n t s to S7fi(), is one of several ^h-en to s t u d e n t s of al l a i m n c n t and promise by the U n i v e r s i t y of Chicago. Miss Sulton, a .senior in Ihe University of Arliimsas, w i l l enter the School of Lrrercll School I'.T.A. The Loverelt School P.T.A. will have its meeting Thursday at 2:45 p. m. in the school auditorium. Preceding its mcciing Thursday at 2:45 p. m. in the school auditorium. Preceding the meeliirj there w i l l be an executive mcct- ini; al 2:15 p. in. University Exchange students w i l l talk on "Kle- mentary School and Home Lift!" of their respective countries. The nursery will be open for small children. Chapter K, P.E.O. Chapter K of P.E.O. will meet .lursday afternoon at 2:3(1 o'clock in Ihe home of Mrs. Jack Hyland, ,, ,,.. wilh Mrs. Jim B u t l e r as co-hosl- intlior, Mrs. Charles K i n k a i d of | ess. -P i t t s b u i g , Kan. Chapter S.. !'. E. O. Sisterhood Chapler S. P. K. O. Sisterhood Mr. and Mrs. James I.. .Smith, will meet Thursday at 2:30 |). m., Jr.. and children, Surah and Jim- w i t h Mrs. C'.eorge Cole. Mrs. my, spent Kasler In Baxter j Slephen Slephan will be co-host- Springs, Kar... w i t h his parents ! rs s. and his brnlher-in-law and sister, f Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Kinkaid and daughter, Becky, spent Sunday In Tulsa, Okla., w i t h his brother-Ill- Thursday afternoon at 2:3(1 o'clock law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Roy ' ' "' " * ~ ~ ' " T '"' ' Inbod.v and family, and his Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m P. Sanford atlri children of Springfield, Mo. tr. .1. Wesley Thomas, chairman of the University German department, w i l l speak at a foreign language conference lo be held at Ihe U n i v e r s i t y of Kentucky on April 24-2(1. He w i l l discuss "G(-r- , ., ^ . . . . . L i t e r a t u r e and the Charles- Library Science al the U n i v e r s i t y I ,,,,,, s . c l{maissiimc ., nf Chir.-ipn. Slit; has been :\ ;;tv- j dent'int in the University of ArkiuisiiK library the past f o u r is for CROWN COACH . . . and all these extras! COMFORTABLE tie a ni-lit a ted Super-Coach** CONVENIENT hftarl-of-tht-cily depoti, f r t q u t n t ichedulet CAREFREE travel, with no parking or driving 1 CUT! COST! . Itlt than driving your own carl r COURTEOUS driven makt your trip tnjoyabtt CHARTER «fvi;e for group Iripi at low cot. UNION BUS DEPOT 103 N. Colloga Phone 65 Here's Sound, Helpful ftotne-Fitutncing The home mortgage loans we make let you pjj for your home (after a niodest down payment) in monthly amounts within your income. Every home loan is worked out to fit the particular home-owner. How can we be of service to you? It- will pay you to place your loan with FAYETTEVILLE BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION The Home Association for Home People Farminclon American Lcjtion Farminpton Legion announces . through H. T. Tcssmann j that the April meeting will be ; canceled, because of conflict with , g r a d u a t i o n exercises at Farmington H i g h .School Thursday n i c h t . Klcction of officers will be held May 15. t years. ARTHRITIS RHEUMATISM SCIATICA, NEURITIS and ofher MUSCULAR PAINS WASKA Ihe product that contains 6 proven ingredients for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains HOW MUCH RELIEF CAN BRASKA PROMISE YOU ? 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All trash j to be hauled off must be in suil- niul Mrs. C. L. Edwards of Fay- ctlcville, will he among the 147 iniliales at Ihe a n n u a l initiation able containers and stacked along and banquet of Phi Kappa l j hi, I the strecls, so that the area may '. | n a t i o n a l honor society, lov.-a Stale ! be coverecl in this one day. ; College, April 22, ' VA Wislaffem : Mr. anil Mrs. Howard L. Eoff j The VA Distaffcrs will meet j · and sons, Don and Doyne of Hog- i Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock ] | ers, Mr. and Mrs. (J. W. McClinlon I ill Ihe nurses home of the VA Hos- PAINT UP WITH Great Western Paints and Varnishes Non-Yellowing Enamel qt. $2.14 Flair Rubber Base Paint . . . g a l . $4.59 Flatwall, deep colors qt. $1.19 Wo h a v o just received a shipment of Outside Whit* Painl. Gallon $2.98 C o m p l e t e Line o f Garden T o o l s and Plumbing Supplies. GARDEN HOSE JO fl. Plnitlr 5 ycnr guarantee S7.65 SO ft. 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Actual tests show that NAUTOM increases feed c o n s u m p t i o n by as much as 15% in 10 days -- h e l p s put health and vigor into birds aficr colds and sickness. Sec your feed dealer today for NAKTONI THE GLAND-0-LAC COMPANY Thenn Crane, Springdak, Repnsentatin

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