Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1952
Page 7
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fJO::-··.·T57 ARKANSAS IIMfS, FnyrltnvilU, Arknnjm. T"-.-'J-»y, April LI, J75I Dixie Division Moved North By Plane In Biggest Airlift (.'amp Alterliur.v, Ind.-i/l'i-Uniis] flying conditions loriay. if the 21st, Dixie Division coulrt. About 0,000 troops and nearly save fought a bailie in Southern: 1,7110 tons of equipment will Indiana today after heinj- in San | hnisiecl from Texas to Indian Anijelii, Texas, only 24 hours Ihe operation. ' Kirlier. ' I Iruops of the t.-hnni VrTrtiiv"Yrteriionii Tiir ! Mr ' ""'' Mrf ' Allrn ThnmaB nd rooms /ere^nerorate'd and ^ cl,ndr«, of M.rlow. Okl. ,,*,,, Hawkins 1 room held open house; H»e weekend wilh Mrs. Dumms after Ihe play. The lower grades. piironU. Mr. snrt Mrs. K. E. Ar- wcre entertained with Easter ejig ririfflon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank huntfl al tin; hoines of their tearh- Thomas and sons of Kansas Cil.v Cool Producers Close Ranks Awaiting Demands By Lewis Wnshjiifltnn -M 1 )- T h e niiium's* r^rTxS'mVw'^'"!"^ lo Dedicate Nalional t'fir.'ll hrnrl'i Knil.i.r, j! ". I w . V i l i i l i l J . i l Suni'i T."': . ' f ! - - - . IIm in j U'..r II vHi-r IVXTS KT: hf'l-ii.-r- i-.-l I." "i-! V.'M'kl i;.sim,-.«t;;n. * a ; il 111" I'.r.nit-' -if:i~» v.-lii-h f'il'r,-'i rn April )§ and W «( Ihl Stnthr Hotel. ers, Mrs. Stella K. M»snn. and Mrs. i w e r e a i sn weekend RiiesU ol ' ' the xpf with John I.. fteliaf for S0U3 STOMACH -- i n j "Thi Humivlll. FKX Chapter ,,,; Arrin R ,o,, S . Another ,0"0|, he ' Slate vocational School won I Mrs. W. K. I 31st are leaving jigpcgncj place in livestock judging, i the week in 11 TKXBS. today hy| fourth in meat judging, sixth in : daughter, lalie them i noultrv JudsinR and seventh in i'lMllu wl;ll; i i t l v v l l il, *-ulll|/ n i l l . l - j - · iil-ii. 1111.11. ]ji/unr.T ^"^»"n ^ i I 11 n Hie bury Monday in the start of Ihei" 130111 a ^ cli to make the trip. biggest airlift ever atlcinpled in! " W e s t e r n Hemisphere. .fcfiatOr Jjy$ ;;, 'r,,,r;;;;:, ZT. · Building 01 AMVETJ .TM r 'I;;:,;':'",,;-';;;, ;,;;.;.·. s' , with her Abnut 2,0(10 troops of Iho rti-: Cam ' »-· rision wc.rc flown lo Camp Alter- molur convoy. Il wi .7VI They brought, howitzers, t r u c V j S j r'stepdy'sS'n'of C-m"Gi"hc-l NOl 10 BC QllCStiODCd iiaslers, C-iiO Flying Boxcars and : ~-4B Curlis Commando transports.! Waslimglon-i/J'.i-Scnstor Mum- Rain, foe and occasional icing' » lira v (D-Minn) today rejected a conditions failed lo slop Ihe 18lh i I'TMP"^I thai, a Scniilu Labor Suli- Air Force nperalion. The hi| TMniui.llee he heads invile Gen. plsnes refueled nnd went back lo': 0 "'!-' 1 " P. Eisonhnwar to testify Texas for another ln;,d. ! on - Mvl1 n;Mf legislation. ,, . , ,, ,, "We are nol aoint; ID call presi-. ,, BriK. Gen. Lncoy V. Murrov.-., r jenlial candidates" Hiirnphrev : ^ cptnniandiiiB the A'.iM, Troop Car- ': cairi ' .., ' n . iv( ,' cnol , Kl , |. rol , b | C s Pf rier Wins. said. 'Tho operation is w ji nn ,,t t i n t " ; running smoothly at both ends" j Bulh /. t :, iti Kisonhower or aflnr the first day of Ihe three- nnvnn( , ( ,| S( , w(u , ,, shs to t e s t i f y day airlift. A forecast of cicarins, ; j s ' a | v .i, vl , ,i plenum " warming weather indu-alcd easier | ' The" subcommitlee is sludying · hills lo crcale. a Fair Employment i Practices Commission w h i c h v.'ouki have aillhorily to seek court orders to enforce its rulings in cases of job discrimination nyainst Negroes or other oiinority puuiu.Y j"u»iMii ,.-.- --- j^| r a)1( j ^jrs. Homer T'.npio npd juduing dairy products at Ihei HIB- , [jsl hter Fnvm , whn ]mt , |M1 ,.|. ,rid contest held n """f"^ 1 . 1 ! ! ments with Mrs. ,1. R. Blakc.nnre. T l a^t,rYecI e ntb?gnern U umb a e n r:have moved hack to ,lo,denv,,,e. of points in-meat judging- Prairie Grove Children of Ihc various churches Oil la, Mrs. Sato Brewer and children, I'al and Charleeiie, spent. Raster wilh Mrs. Brewer's mother. Mrs. Shepherd, of Shawnee, OUIa. ,,,,,, . Mr. and Mrf. W. M. Tayra of held Easier egg huntf Saturday' San Anlonio. Texas, and .Mm Me- afternoon on the church lawns. \ Elrn.v of Dallas. Texas, have re- At the Methoctift Church Mrs.'turned lo Iheir homes alter a yisil Clvde Delap, Mrs. .1. .1. Fidler and : wilh Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Arritljt- i\1rs. Crannel Miller were host-. ton. nsses; at the Prnsbyierian, Mi35| M,- and Mrs. -lop Bland of ri j 1 Ethel Speedlin and Mrs. .1. W. rjnrario. spent Easier with l l e r i ( i Webb were assisted by Airs. -I. H - ; parents. Mr. and Mrs. Homy n ' W Blab jewelry Problems Our Specialty Why keep problem jewelry lying in your drawer jus) because your watch is *low, your pearls un- it rung, or your ring out- moded? Bring your jew- elry problems to us. We'll tolvft them. Gardentiire Jewelry 15 NORTH BLOCK Hindsville I'niinpF, rraMt--KB ' Mr?. I.lnyd Linehnrser and sons. ant j g ne \\ T jlson. Charles and F.ddie, 9iid Mrs. Line- 'c am j|| a TJiriv'pll ai ?S\nm!;^;,diy M "Kcr' «- i -'. -company by MTM^; c o m p a n y i n u Enum-lt Miller, advisor. Mrs. H. C. I.ane and Mi. KranrlfHthcr of Mrs. Linebarger. to · and Mrs. ,Ioe Par)t6 and Mrs. M- his home in Ktuttgs't. They also, ward Broyles, attended the ban- viisted relatives ami friends in · cptet given Saturday night in Fay- Memphis, Tenn. A f t e r returning etleville, honoring the grand of- home they had as guests Mrs. rjre| . s o{ )he order nf Rainbow for .j.o^dmorc. Mrs. Willarrt HrooKs, Carnshan. Mr. Bland reliirnea and Mrs. Kepneih Carnes; at t h e . Mnniiny. leaving Mr". Bland (01 Christian, Mrs. Lenarri Davjs and 3 | QM8e , visit with her parents. Mrs. Oscar Sharp; at the Baptist.., M| . nnd M r5 . .lack Cook and Mrs. Glenn Cyrtsinger, Mrs. Lyde Snn3 spcn . Easier wilh the George Campbell, Mrs. jfetibn faddis anrtl |. non ey's al fSprinndale. Mr.-., n. C. Lane. Al aach of Ihe, w Q McCormic.k of Ljtlle Rock c h u r c h e s refreshments were · 5l)! , nt 'E 3 s| er at. hip home here, served alter the hunt. j ruturiiing to Little Hock Monday. Dr. and Mrs. Willard Prooksj The Federated Club will meet and children spenl the weekend j at | hl , |,ome of Mrs. Frank Hie- in Tulsa. guests of Mr. and Mrs.; gBM ,,, j :30 p . ,,,. Wednesday. i Miss Phcnbe Harris, home riem- , Ciirlsinger. Lavonne nris lralion ar.enl for Houlheasl A r - Bill Cable. Phillips, Frances Ganett. Coretta i kansa , w |ih offices in Little Hock. Nadine Neai. E p en ( the Raster vacatiin here and Miirylin Wil- ^j^ her aunt, Miss Betsy Camp- The revival meeting which has been in progress fur a week at ihe Baplifil Church closed wilh the Sunday niglU service. Mrs. C. R. Fcnirporc spent Sim- day wjlh her sister, Mrs. A. H. Flanas an . '" Fa.velteville. Frapk Lake Maupin has re- · -- ^ ·-- fjrers of. the Order of Rainbow foi Linebaryer's unclr and aunt. Mr. '· r - i a n d M i ^ O . H.JJcGrnatHof Huni-l 01 y anrf M| . S Ij!ncoln Mf)ljpjn horit. Iowa, and Mr. and Mrs. " ' . . c ^ ( , ,.,i,,,.: · · · · ' · - -··"-· · . . Edd KroDp nf CfdHr RauidP. lima. - enlertamPd a( supper SaUirdd Uirne d t n Shrevpporl. l.rt.. Mrs. Stulla K. Alasnn had 35 night at iheir home. "The Oaks, i n , P Easier vacation with \\K p»/- "iirsl;: Smurday hnr nephews.' PLIGSIP were Miss Phenhe Harrifi en ,,; M,-. and Mrs. T.. F.. Maupin. Jack nnd Bud Curler, and their . nf IJttlp Rook, Frank Maupjn of j n h n Oavid Carlisle, son of Mr. friend, .1. W. \Valkcr, all nf West , Sl)rcvcport ajid Miss Kalhlflen , anr j Mrs. Efiward CarlislP, \yh" fork. 'Cuinminfi.*. who i^ iust bppk f''""' fraplureri hi.*: collar bone in a fall Ainoii HarriMin ^ ill at his home W a q h j nj , lon D . C.. ' "' ' Jn Mn" f M^io Hollnnd of Hart . j-pen. .he ^inier w.-ll was an Easier Kiiwt of M i ^ j MISR pnlly Anne Ann Chapocll. ! spenl Easier \\-Hh is McCarvcr is recovering : ^la or, it \vfis lofiriHMl tod^ty. The fiiiuiniiious (' ; ' I C'c'M-a- lor* Assoi:i;Hi(in, jntn ipnl \:\i- yiiinitif,' (rrnup l(i thi inrt't: ti 1 . 1 '. has Kignt'd iiji in-isi nf i l ir In- riiann and Illlnnis MI|( mnl pm- rhirrrp. Those nprraluiy Jifwc dmu j hclfl nl(tnf (i-fini jninin;: the n;i- tjonnl harpainir.s J'.rni'p- clmii^Mv: Mo lake thru o\v» r n n t r r u t riianr"? \ \ - j l h Ihc UniHiii Mine V\'ni'nrrs' i llOSS. ' mills and wh;it it r.m^idi'r I nrliilanl ^ovi-i-iunrnl \ n;:r aminrnd;Mioiis nu Pliilip Mnrr;i\·'* ' C I O slt',.?|'.vnr\r'|-s, hi'lir\-cs i's IK-.V '.''ill ii\vr it .1 p r r j i t Niorp reFisl;inrc tn 1 ,M\ \ : -' !i ;tdi- ' tinual fii\'ifi(-;nHl-i-nnfjiM?i' s i i a l - Th n nf*w pJicl bcn^t^ (hf n:^o- ciation'-! nnnit;d lonnjijif. "n ihr basis of Ifl.'il jirndurtinn. in :nimit 11140 million IUIIF nf soil cn;il. i-fumh- Iv 5fi per rrnl "f »hr mi;il s o f t trnal pnifliH'Cfl hy l.c-wis 1 m inn ?. The as5ocii»iion i- hrnrU-d by Harry M. Mosos. n fnnni-r ollii'ial of U. S. Stcrl Cnrpriraiion. Hr is iTf.ardoH a." t h e top h;n taiinn^ fismr nn thr indtisti'y sidr ;mri rnp nf HIP few men '.vim c,in dr;ti I wilh. Lewis on an r.'vrii-strvnn ! basis. I I . c w i f , ju.-i l i f i r k f r r u n a K l n r i d a j Yamlion, hfis bi'fti «itlin^ nn his 1951 rnn t raft r v f t r si.ii'o Kchriifii'v ! J, thr f i r s t ri;iy ( on \vhir|i h? i-nulrl ! legally ha\-o uivrn (in-d;iy notjrr ! of serving his 105'Z ficm;mrlF. Tlie conirfirl is nnu- nn a ron- Mniimi5 fiO-rlny c x i r n ^ i n n Imsis. Tli js in pan? i' ("in IT rntio'J by · pitliiM- side, subjnrt In f(l days' ', nnli-T. Wa::liinainn-I.Spi'i'ial)-Thp pri Inil nf tit*? UnllM Stuic. .'. I I I I . M l r ^ l ' ! " ' . ' . 1 lo m Wn;nnr \\*r TUMS fOK THI TUMMV Own America's smartest 7u MIR Ov-firkP. anit .liinm.v nf the 1 t n j v p r s i t y . 'PHvrr . whert shp an,n. has been iv- from Ihe Ktobelh M i . nnd Mrs. .Tohn from an ailack of chicken-pox at ai (he home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. ROKF Sin rues. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mi-Niece and son, Jimmy, n[ Clinton A -'· fpptit the EnPtcr holiday. ... ..._ home of Mrs. McNicco's parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Roddin^finlrf. Mrp. Gertie Harp is confined lo her bed at the home of her son. * l.ny I.RWJS, with a vjrns infection, make her official The primary and junior elapse? of the Presliytei ian Sunday School , hold an Enstnr egg hunt at thje j home of their teacher. Mrs. Uoyd several days 1 lurned horn L 'k j Hufc'pitn). in i Mr. and Mrs. Rex Mall nnrt 1 children of Magnolia spent the _. . Riddle and j ir. lf; i ct - holidays with Mr. Hall's son, Jerry, of Paris, Texas, visiteH mo thrr, W'rF. Grace Hall. Mrs. F.lhel Riddle and Mis? Hula j yj m pj/i^ w j|| sponsor its an- ne. See it! Try it! Buy it! Studebaker Starliner 1952 Commander V-8 or Champion. The "hard-top" Avith the new swept-back lineaJ It's t h r i l l i n g to look a t . . . it's exciting to drive! One of eleven b e a u t i f u l 1952 Studebaker styles! Sluiitbnber Anlo^nli^ n,-.'^ o: O/.i.-Jr'.'j availnblR in ell nwldsh 0 fl'lrn fO-t WESTER MOTOR COMPANY FAYETTEVIUI, AUK. 4 4 } WEST DICgSON 1V11S. IMIItl nluule d l t u Jtll^'' J " " ( I IIP t J A W ) l l a j j ' i l j . ^ . " " e '"^ I Butler ovi!r Ihc Easter weckepd.. nua l summer roundup Trnm at ihe Mrs ' Riltlle hecnine ill and will ~ - ~ ur«,ir,M.i.T». at lh? ' s t a y nniil nerl wockend \vhen Mr. Riddle will return fnr her. The worthy grand matron of Ihe Order of Eastern Star v;pll i-isit April 17. at 8 o'clock at a joint inectinn of the chapters nf Prairie Gnu'r, West Fork. Winslow, Siloam 1 l o ; IIUITO of thuir teaclier Mr.=. I.loyd : " r -. M p ' ········"··. ····" i Linebarger. after Sunday School ; s P rln SS. and Lincoln. The rneel- u , . , ^ u o , 5 t l . o , . t , U U M V . n V ^ C I I O O I ' ' » u " · " - · · Sunday morning. Afler the hunt I ln r vvl11 he held m Lincoln. Some each of tliH 13 childron drew i officers of the f'rairie Grove chap- _fnvnrs from an Easter basket. Miss ' Ipr will fill stations that night and 3 p. m. Wednesday at the ha.-e inpnl nf Ihe Christian Church. All parents of'children who wi " (1 "' ter school (or the first ti|l)n next fall are invited lo attend, bringing their children f" r fra nxami- nations by physicians, ricnlisls and nplnnietrisls. Ifnliriay visitors here included Rodney Rigsrall and Dean Rnl- lans of Tahlequah. Okla.; Bill Rutherford of the University: Rill.v L. McKT of Ihe Colleae Your own exquisite Your Invitation To ATTEND the GOSPEL MEETINGS April 16-27 Daily 7 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Church of Christ Corner Center Locust Sts. Foyetteville, Ark. PREACHING BY We Teach AH Ihe Bible Teaches and Nothing II Does Not Teach on Al! Sub- jecls. Congregational Singing Jim Sizemore and Guy (ouch Will Direct Ihe Singing. This Church Is Jusl Like Ihe One Jesus Christ Buill (in (very Way) A.D, 33 in Jerusalem. Your Questions Will Be Given The Bible Answers EVANGELIST E. R. HARPER of Abilene, Texoi PROPOSED SERMONS EACH EVENING W«dnn.d»y P.M.-- "Why I Am in F»yetti. Sunday P.M. --"God and I al tho Jud). Thur«d«y P.M.-- "Qo4'i Moil Dnipi^d vill^." n/i«nt 5Ant of Chriitt: . C«mmind." ThursHny P.M.-- "Who A r t Thou Lord?" V/hsl Th»n?" Friday P.M.-- "I BilliTt C»d." rr(rfBy P.M.; WK», ShMl I Do W,,h Monday P . M D . « l n p .n .u, P,,b.l« " ·*«,d v P.M-'Xord. wt,a. will Ita. . THMrf.r P.M.- . h, Chrl.l hnv» me lo do? . Sunrf . T , :00 P.M. J ,, C|) fc .. ' d u n d n y A.M.-- "Thn C h u r c h . I f i Worlc W e d n n d n y P.M.-- "Th^ Kln a dom D u n i f l Sunday 7:30 P.M.-- "Th. Olorl'oui C h u r c h and Worship." , | =""· | Th» Brid. ill Chrlil." You Will Like It --It's Different -- Come and Se« FRED W. McCLUNG, LOCAL MINISTER YOURS FOR ONLY 50 AND THE BOTTOM LABELS FROM 2 BAGS OF DESIGNED IT FASHION UPfRTS in beautiful flowing script, thfs^fl initial scaltQF ptns odd a daih of gaiety and a pprional touch to any en- icmblv you wear. HAH».jn BY 5KILUD lh« iparklino imported while rhinis- Itonti gleam in their attractive rhodium-plated lettingi, FAJTFNtD WITH A JtWELU'S CLASf with patented lock, thij Invely pin will look 10 right w h e r e v e r you You'll wpnt severe) of Ihete imort scalier pins at this remarkable price--for your own ute, and for gifts. But, for each pin you order, mail one completed order blank, with 504 and the bottom labels from two bags of A I R W A Y COFFEE. FREE ORDER BUNKS AT YOUR SAFEWAY STORE Enjoy meltotf coffee at its test I Thot'i AIRWAY-o dilicioui bUnd with the diiiinctivc m^lliw flavor nnd oroma of thfiir?. high-grown Brazifinn cofft*». A I R W A Y corner lo you truly friMfc-Anvnrttalfd in lh« (rtth-roait*rd vfrofr hron- ^' : ~1 ff*shgrAund whnn you hi;y it. No cnitiy vacuum pnclrin^ n^coviory 'uWra^S^i' · /J -- so you iavf up to I0 on tv»'y pound. Gnt A I R W A Y COFFEE-- "^* *s ami your initial pin ordtr blanki -- o t your neareil SAFEWAY iloro, * w --^_~^^ 1f W5^ c;; ,,.._ ^ ;;^ · --GET free BLANKS TO DAY... AT SAFEWAY!

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