Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1952
Page 5
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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMB, Fayeflivilto. Arkemwn, April 15, 1952 Judge To Decide .Walter Wanger Shooting Case Testimony Before Grand Jury Will ' Be Considered Santa Monica, Calil.-W'l-Thc Walter Wanger shooting case, Hollywood expected would produce some sizzling courtroom tes- Mimony, goes !o court today--but there 11 be no sensations. Proiccution ard dol'cnsi, attorneys agreed yeslerdi;/ ^ let ·Superior Judge H s r r v B«de decide the 57-year-old Rvccii'cer's fate or. the ba.s.'j nf le-.t.mony before the Grand Jury The county Gr;nd Jury indicted AVauaer, cne i~-i fiiinl.'i '''s most respected moviemakers, last December 18 on a charge of assault " with a deadly weapon w i t h intent to commit murder. Five d a y s earlier in a Beverly Hills parking lot, while his wife, Actress " Joan Bennett, looked on, Wanger shot her agent, Jennings Lang, 39. Lang was seriourly wounded " in the groin, but is now up and around again. Wanger said he did it because Lang "broke up my home." Miss Bennett and Lang - said their relationship was strictly business. Wanger, who if convicted could be sentenced to from one to H years in prison, pleaded innocent and innocent by reason of temporary insanity. His attorney, ace criminal lawyer Jerry Giesler, said yesterday the insanity plea will be withdrawn. He declared lie will plead with the court to reduce the charge to assault wiht a deadly weapon, a lesser offense for which the penally would probably be a Jail sentence. Thc-ve have been numerous reports recently that the movie industry, seeking to avoid scandal, has exerted pressure on the principals to play down the trial. Gicsler said Wanger decided to "throw himself on the mercy of SHELLBURST SENDS MARINES DIVING FOR COVER THIS SPECTACULAR PHOTO was taken by a O. S. Navy combat photographer at moment of explosion of a Communist S2-mm. shell on a Korean ridge. U. S. Marines dived [or cover at Uie explosion, to escape shrapnel. The she'll landed almost in their trench. Defense photo. (Intcnialumul Soumljilioto) "Operation Speech" Cuts Confusion At Allied Headquarters Rocquencourt, Franre - (NEA1 -· A. T. And T. Net Income Shows An Increase Decline Reported In Earnings On ! Shares, However \ Nr\v Ynrk-(/P|-Ncl income n f ' the American Telephone and Tele- j Kraph Company for Hie q u a r t e r ; ended Miirch :)1 totaled SB".050,0110 | compared \vllh SBn.fl08.221 in the j I like !!rl m i a i t c r , the c o m p a n y ; reported today. PIT share carninjjs, however, declined In $2.5!) from $2.78 in the corrosponriiim period a year j sign because «r the l a i K O r number . of shares nulrlamiini'.. ; Net income for the 12 m o n l h s 1 ended March 31 amounted t o . $333,180.0011 or SHUli a share asainst $303,221.827 or SI0.7r a share in the pm iinR 12 months, when the number of shares \vas smaller. Net income for the Hell System, consisting of A. T. and T. and its principal telephone subsidiaries and representing the world's la,T,est corporate enterprise, came to $9770589(1 for the quarter ended February I!!), with $(15.073,224 or $2.115 a share applicable to A. T. and T. stock. Bel! system net income lor the 12 month.; ended February 29 totaled $37(1.037.377 with $365.473 2!I7 or SI 1.50 a share applicable to A. T. and T. slock against $374.- 2(i5.552 in the preredim; 12 months, with $3(i2.OT. r ).H84 or S12.M a share applicable to A. T. and T. stock. The report of tho parent A. 1. Order Withdraws Nuns From School Faculties City, Mn. - M'j - A i I Cut hoik- urdt-r nf church and r.tatr.' In Lutheran countries, the days Moth rases are n w a i t i n g Un-iMimn' marking Kpiuhany, Annunciation,' in M l w o u i i coinl-. I"""'! !-'-' d V. »'"· Monday, . I Ascension D n y, Unit-Monday,' The laiKc.-t nncicnl palace yet : Ash Wednesday and Corpus iimcu-.crcd in Palestine, d a t i n g . Christ! arc holidays. divided to : I'rom the t l r n e of Christ, was dlr.-' '*" w i t h d r a w nun:; s'-i-viiij; .'1-1 U\'n:hrr.: in si'vi-ial Mi.-'Muin public M-lmok. Withdrawn! nntict's wen* I't'ccivrd by Sthoul Bfj.'iid un'miii'is t tin* St. Thnm;is find St. M i n t i n g ciis- t r i r t s nc;ir hen-. i t w;i:i tint Ic;tniffi iiiimi;l|;itr1y whether n u n s would be w i t h drawn from ulhiM' public M-hnnls in the slain ilso, but ;il leyM t\vn ntlifi- districts received M i m l j i r notices. The nun-te.icher i:;;:uc \\nr- resulted in two l a w s u i t s in w h i c h I he pbiiiitiri^ con tend jn.vinj; C.'itholic nuns to tt-.n h in public schools violates f r d i - n d ;nid .-t;ito Cnny.litntitinK, which i e ci u i i t; ;it Jpridio Advrrlisr In Ihr TTMK8 -- It PIT*. won't you Taste-a-iHAKEf . ,de Laslrac one of t h e French in- ! with material donaled by the Clif- ! and T. includes earnings of stib- SHAPE headquarters, officers a n d j t ltlrs ,. tn othpr f ] a v v;c t i i s - | t n n Lumber Company of West I sidiiincs only to he TMient i « I enlistee- men of 12 different na- - . . . . , . _'..- ., ; T .- .1 H..K. ..u...i:..« i:,.i i thev arc received by the .omp,m tionalities fired the first words this month in "Operation Speech." The words are in French and English--the two official SHAPE languages--and t h e operation is thc latest step in a campaign to end the Tower of Babel atmosphere at t h e "liltle Pentagon." Gen. A l f r e d Gruenther, deputy to General Eisenhower, started thc structors, "the other clay v:e t l i s - i t o n LUmuor company 01 west i "'"","." TM.plvpd liv the cominnv cussed a French play one of m y ' F o r k ; three light shading f i x t u r e s ! thc ' 'J f ' ^ J uimp.inx pupils had seen. To his great d e - j Riven by Mrs. Bess Coffcy Dixon.'l · _ '1--. light he had understood BO pen The Home Demonstration Cliibi _ j cent of it. Yet when he started j sponsored an Easter-egg h u n t and ] f}////{?? a year ago his French was of the ciivernl dish supper, Sunday a f - | *-"*·* *··'' brand 'high school,' do you H?" Like her pupils at S I I A I ' E . Mine, de Lastrac seems to be getting the idea. ipper, Sunday ·all ternoon. Following the .supp . ,nr. religious servier.-; were conducted by the Ri-v. and Mis. Nole of West Fork. campaign a year agr better understanding various representatives, who were! to iiromotC 1 ... , r . among t h e | W e s t Fork and LanB Langs two. besides French and English. Thc program now totals 2D hours a day of classes in French, eight hours in English. At Ihc start there were a couple of Russian courses, but these have been dropped. Students include 10 generals The Twin Kiss concession stand j"'«' « Kem-rm.s u.uola of ^^ it Mt. Gayler opened Sunday 1111- i majors, and lesser o f l i t e i s ,,s v.el Window Mrs. John Brainerd of Westminster, Md.. is spending a few weeks with lie, sister, Mrs. Bon Dupar. Mrs. George CoxwHl and '' daughters. Carolyn and Cathryn. ' I ~, , ,,. , , ,,. , ; attended Easter services at the ' Char cs Dixra has gone to Till- ; M c t h o ( l i s t church of Sprlngdntc |sa, Okla., where he has employ- : S u n c j a v | n i c i ! t - i Mr. and Mrs. Claude .I. Graham j I Mr. ami Mrs. Boh Povtiy.a of j visited Mrs. Mcrtic Ivy and M r s . ! ! Chicago, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Whitey | .luanita Cosnnd and children of The We«t · t;c: '"' ri nf o i l t °wn, Okla., Mrs. i Springrialc Salurday e v e n i n g . roi-K r-asicr pageant given as a '· M y r t l e Hindman of Denver, Colo.. | Mrs. Ivy has been ill for some! sunrise service at the school gym-! Ml '. ami Mrs. J. P. Collins of · lime, nasium. was presented to a | Wichita, Kan., Mrs. Marguerite: not travel in ho event was sponsored by the ! field. Mo., wore weekend guests vie,mm O. . iilln'i p a g e Q n (- |s West Fork-t __ * ^ ' " nasium, was prL'sL'iiiL'u n .1 ·..-.·»", ........ .....*. .....*.u.-..... crowded house by a cast of 53. Kippcy and John Jones of Spring- '. Hound The event was sponsored by the i field. Mo., wore weekend guesls vacuum. Community Religious Council. I nf Mr. and Mrs. Ted O'Brien a n d ; '"' ' " Mineral Storings i O .ives here. They and j ],, ( | )c ,j ;lvs ,,f Cleopatra, worn their mother. Mrs. Gertie Collins j m slaincd t h e i r nails v.-ilh henna. tier thc management of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bcllis. Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Page and children of Kansas City, Mo., were Easter visitors of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Page and Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Tomlinson. John Innis has been named president of the I Jons Club for 1952, and Harold Heckert first" vice president. The new officers were elected at a mce'.ing of the club Thursday night. Otln-r o l f i - ccrs are Paul Page, second vice president; M. T,. Hunt, third vice president; B. F. David, sccrctaiy- trcasurei; C. I 1 '. C h a p m a n , Lion f n l . tamer; S. H. Duncan, t a i l twister; and F,. A. Hobbs and Thomas Jay- coeks, directors. enlisted meivimd women and- c i v i l i a n employes. Classes Voluntary I The classes are not compulsory, but Donald S. Eycrson, chief of thc Information and Educational Branch who runs the courses, has no trouble getting students. On i b i s s t a f f of 10 instructors arc a number of highly attractive young The R u r a l Youth Group will meet Saturday night at the Comm u n i t y House. E n t e r t a i n m e n t will he sponsored by thc Home Dcm- . spent F.aster w i t h Mr. and Mrs. Jim C v i l l " f Fayi'lic-1 Th( , G l l i f stream does not al- '!'· , ,, , , _ _ . . . I ways flo-.v in Ihc same place, but Mr and Mr:: I.. D. Timbrook j , ; ( f ,, U , U ,. S( . in ,,,,,,,. and family of Faycltcvdle WITP I s ' ,, ds of The handsome Dresslyn Lavatory-Dressing Table (It's ffie talk of the townl) indi- onstration dun. \ ng, sunnay. · ^ " A number of people met at t h e ' Mr. and Mrs. I-lnbert P h i l l i p s : 0 seasons. Community building Saturday for l a n d family of Fajv'ilevillo and an all day working. Thc men ! Mr. and Mrs. Angus Allen a n d ! Mr. and Mrs. Bard Little. started work on the grounds, while : f a m i l y of Greenland, visited Mr. I Mrs. Sarah Malonc who has thc women cleaned the building | and Mrs. E. A. Paylon Sunday nnri j been ill and under a doclor's care and served refreshments. A num- attended the Easter services here.! for several weeks is reported im- ber of g i f t s for the b u i l d i n g in- Mrs. Elix.abclh Hicff is i l l of in- ; proving. eluded a pulpit madf by Earl fluviixa. Darling w i t h material f u r n i s h e d ! Mr. and Mrs. l l a l p h Malonr plan In the soundproof rooms, ITIOI- ijarung wiui in;m:i liji U U I I I . S M U U . j n . ,inu ivi:s. i , , i i p n .v idiial t e a c h i n g by sight and sound | by Ihe Home Demonstration C l u b ; . to go to California in I I is combined w i t h a "tape-recorder ; a folding pknic made by lure, where they will visit Mrs. concentrated 45-niinutc j C l i f f Hrinkworlh and Mr. Darling Malonc's father, Srolt Paylon an Not white, not wheat, not rye, he n r a r 1,1-; hut a flavor blend of all three-Junge's Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tl You probably Kaw this Ixmuty recently ndvuriLscd in your favorite magazine. If HO, you know why il, hns won thy IwartH of Amcrii.'n'H iiotiMowivoM . . . and why we're proud to Ixi nhle l,o offnr it to YOU. The Dreflfilyn in na nil it in beautiful. Diiigncd to Aiczu up bnlJw and jHiwdur rooms, it in both n lovely lavatory and a distinctive drcttBiug tabld combined in a roiidy-buill unit. It fenturen a ilocp- Ixiwl Invnlory of genuine vitrwim china, plenty of HtoraKC'flpacv. and ample eount/.T top arai. AvnilBbm NOW, in two styles, two sized and in 31 color combination*. 1O% DOWN, 3 FULL YEARS to pay I f\ U G G A N ' C ·^ Plumbing ** and Supply Co. 9 EAST MOUNTAIN. PHONE 59 session. A special textbook in French f o r ] Jua'nita and F.lizabeth Bouillion.. use in the SHAPE course lieginsj juanna aoo r.n^duuLii n u u i u i u n . . .!,,, L ;,nnl, "Whom is the Students at SI. Scholastics School! v/ith t h e simp e \!! C1C ls "^ at Fort Smith, spent the E a s t e r ' p e n of Ihc tMUtam and uns vacation here with their mother, llm.ugh lesson No. 10. which is Mrs. LaVada Burns and diiu;;h- colloquial convorsalion. I here are tcr. Miss Mary Lou Hums, and ;1 |so si;-,ht charts, sue!, as one Miss Vera Jean Riddle, returned Mondav from Piggott. where they Martha Harris and S. H. Girard. Miss M; dent at ~_ , her parents here for thc Easter vacation at thc home of her aunt, Mrs. Irene Canady. which a number of monkeys are! performing various monktyshines. i with the English words for their r ' i n r i Glover .,,,;,,. actions printed on the chart. Linn 010X01, ^.^ j A ,,. c ,, (iv fomK of | h e American ·'pupils" have reached t h e advanced conversational stage. "For instance," explains Mme. THIS IS THt 8NSIDE OF YOUR "CROWDED CLOSET" CAN YOU SEE THE MOTHS AT WORK! STORE YOUR WINTER THINGS .AT OK and Milady Cleaners Where They're INSURED AGAINST FIRE, THEFT, STORM . . . Just By Phoning 587 for Pick-up Service Or Bring Your Clothing to Our Convenient Location 14 NORTH BLOCK ST. Where Food is Finest leading Hotels, Cafes and Cafelerias Wherever Finer Foods Are Served Cook With Gas SELECT AN AUTOMATIC GAS RANGE FOR YOUR HOME TODAY See Your Gas Appliance Dealer ARKANSAS WESTERN HAS COMPANY "llelfiine Ruild North iiiiil West Artuiistts'

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