Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1952
Page 2
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J--MOftTHWESt ARKANSAS TIMK, foyt«tvlH«, ArkcmMt, Tuetday, April 15, 1951 ^" =s==s ~ ' ^ i HIHIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIimllMIMMllllllllMIIIIIIHIIMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIMII " oce Ohsorvo ~?C,\\\ Anniversary MKS. KATHLEEN DOZIEI iiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiii!iiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,iiiiiiiiiii,..iiii.i'iuiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii · · Daily Calendar of Events · Tonight . . . Sub Hch Club. Sue Cute, 7 Naval Reserve Com»oilr Unit. Kasnn Hiiiliiinir. 'I rnfilh Military C,overr.mciil Group. 112', West C e n t e r . 7:M S p i n ' s m e n ' s C'luli. Cliibhm se, 7.30 O.E.5., M.T-onir Hall. 7:30 LarilCE Nlslll, Faculty Club, 7:,'(0 Wednesday . . . r.xrhMiire I'luh. Kersusnn';. \'l Olclenrod Cinh, Mt. Cljrencf V'ealt, 1 2 : 3 0 Tri rrlla Alliance. Mrs. .I"C Flemine, 3:3(1 IT» Or Club. 1 KR-, ;,l li«rn-i Kiectidiiic Cnmpam H-8 Drill. K.imn r.uildin?. 7 Delta Sipnui. Hugh Kincnnl, 7:3Ii Kappa Alpha Phi. J.i Karl Hock Slieel. ~i::m PB4IM Volunteer Air I'm re Kesen e Tr.iinm« Sriuailimi, 7::itl Army Ron-no. I 1 2 ' b W e f t Center, 7:30 Military Order of Purple llenrt, VTW Hall, 7:30 University I.ndce, U. I)., Mnsnnir Hall, 7:30 I.n.fl.'v, ioOK Mall, B McCullough-Mayes Wedding Announced i iMiimi'i! Ihe i:i,-iin»Kc "f t'lei · rlniiKhliM. Marl 1 a Ann. lei Jon Mef'ullooRh. .Ir. -.fin 'if I'npt. nii'l olluer Citizenship Project Featured in Journal the views of just one eiti/en can I been fo]9 cellist flff tht Chicago he under our system hy dealing Civic Orchestra, assistant s o l o with real citizenship situations. j cellist with the Kansas City Phll- '·Thp 400 schools now workinn : harmonic; and the Chicago Wom! with CEP will serve as a nucleus on 'c; .Symphony, and has also play' for irnprovlnq citizenship throuRh- r( | ....-j|h the Plttsbur n 'ii lind San » An article, "Cateh Em I" 1 '"TM. ,,,,, , n( , ^umry." Mr. Blossom A n t on io Symphony Orchestras. They Vole," appearins in the May . ; ,,| t | r ,|. "We feel strmiRly that he-: issue nf the Woman's H'imr Com- : cause- nf the threals facine our j Additional Socll-tr Newi 4 pnnion, dcseribes the history and. American freedom, it is more than i Qn p at . f f;| K ht · workings cif the Citi/enship Kiln- ever essential that cmr students cation I'rojC'-t, Teachers College,: learn what it means to he free-, the Columbia Univer.-.ity, a project in I things they must do to remain which the J-'avoUcville II i K h ' free, and how lo tin them." School is pi.ui'.'ej-jnR i " "Our n-hoo! system is among 4"" Pnscilla PorSOR Will . ,,nnm i,f- v-me*. ![!-vX!nf-;td^r a S^ Present Public Reciic! i /" ^ K Ml rilixonship M» that pludrnts liny c-nmo to appreciate their personal " I'riscilla I'arse,;,, cellir.'. of the ft* from th»t nmrmi*. ]1tr«rr look IB at you wf riirTrrlnc "chlMO-OMlif " * inHiif-uji tniy hrip eome. yftt It c»n't rvoii*nwt out of your eyt» A liftle Cnrdul «cb d»y hii COmC 1 l ) a j J I J I i ' i : i i i i ' - "ii i i |ivi . j ' ^ i i o i · . , ... . mi*fi mf nnir. lil.ko in our American freedom."' M c l z Q u » rlt t v/h,ch v.-ill he in ^ ft^,TM^ ^W^J^iFSi Superintendent of Schools Virgil residence next year a tne 1. me - ;, R ,,,,,,,,,^;«y, TM» t TMfi?Z Blossom faid Imlay .'Sity will give a puolic rental al brlc ,,, rr . h , OT i,..M,,,4.Enieco«?a"i,"pro?!Jol in his'a, tide, 'Murray Telgh , S p. m. Thursday, in the A r t s ;«« ^, r "',rffi,?'',i«r n ' I s,?rTM,3ri r ^,'. the author explains how : Tenter Concert Hall. Dieby lil? . 1 ". F?t · .' students learn linw llic.v can func- ! University piano instrui-lor. will ^lyil | ticui as. citizens and how important : he accompanist. Miss Parson has : CHIME if lift Plii Chapter, Oon Lewis. rTHE IU!IN(« SHItt WITH I.N.F.O,«.M.».L couroti The Nrckhind dmppcirs in nothing at all from the convention*! hand ftt the biult. Interwoven at thtt vr.miln'nfi point is (he story of · nrw tomfori in R bu'inm shirt. Itic Lchufll will he n new experience to jou in Hrcwd up *npf»nncc with informil up appear in comfort. Your fhirt wirdrnbc i now if ditrd n} the nuimnricd "fin \\tt\t." Vf'e dare you (o try the tcijual* . . . the ultimate in style, design and, comfort. White Colors 4 50 W« Glvo SiH Groon Stnmpi \cr\wt v* Otnrk Thcolre Building Mr= Inhn ' Mcivlloiich "f Kuli ·,,.· h.'-.-L- in'." II,'. r l t IM ri'-hli Julian .SlewaM. .-·.·nlmel; Turn UraniLan. hi."l«ri:ni; Hot, Lewis. iiernarclin.., Cal.r .,-,,,·', c,.,,,,n. linj; '.:-.-«·!:,,·; mil Dims record,n u - M - c - : . - t : i r y ; Willi.-,m FI'K M-m, r.olloni row. (from The reif'moti' '·-us i.erl'.ri.ii'd · |,.(i h n|.hl) Huh! v I'c'ar.'on. scnlini-1: I'.lll Cnnii ingh.-im, tre:i:-|in-r; I'.:.':: ')', un'.iio, |i|i-o;j'j masti:r; Kic'hard.-on, nl. (I'holo by J'usha). flub Meels With Mrs. Massey Mr. niuj Mrs. S. P. .Mayes an- r) M . P mhrr 12. in BcntoiiviHe. nnd ' |;,,',l,v In.-!-. . ,,.. i Mr. and Mrs. McCrllnipisli an- IK.-' 1 inakins their h'.me ;il ."i2'i North . I Highland Avenue Christian Council Will Discuss Views On Creation " W h a t If Ymir View nf (',.·..· · lion?" is 1h(- tojiii- (HI a panel di:-- Mrs, Trowbridqe Elected BPWC President nf !'ie Fine Arl;- ruildii::!. t h e 4-H II .(· and a picnic !-;i-.rh to he held al ihc C ' l ' y I'M!, cl'-ring Nation; 1 ll'ine De']Hipiilrati"n Week. It Wiis ;m:;ii'i,iceil Ihrt all mc?nl- jc.issjon. scheduled lor \\ cdnoi-day |,,,..,,,,.,, ..linncr i at 7:30 p. m. In the Rlu ,1 IJ " '. f -,. r ,,,.,,,.: f) .-.,,,. ,, m . I Came Hnom. This iliri'iistii.n. I "" l "' ! . .'.V,... M ,,- ,,.,,.,. '· ,. , i . _ ....i.i:.. :., 11... *:...( ..r ' ' ' ' - · ' l ·· ' i n . . . , , , , , i open to the public, is Hie firrl "'' H series of Ihree panel diM'ussions 'j. ^ ^. · l e n t : M e Christian Council of |t:(p t'liivi.. r i t y as a follow-up lo the rerently hi-lrl llrliiions Kinphasis Week. A six-member panel v.'ill cii:'- C'liss several widely cliveri;(-lil llolierl llowclen, a s s i s t a n t p r o f e r - sen- of c-hemlslry at the U n i v e r s i t y ; Prof. James P. Hales, nf the re- llfjions eduinlion clepartment of HarcllIlK College. Rr.iri-y; Miller Wiiliiims, grarluale slvidenl in .111- thropology at Ihe University; Miss Oclly .lo Teler, i:rmln:ilc stiidenl In psvclioloKy. Moderator of the illfclisMon will be the Itev. William K. flihsun. piesiill-lil .if Ihe Hclir-lolis Workers Associiilion. A f t e r short t a l k s by Ihlco of the members. l'ie lupic- will be- dlsJ ciipsecl hy Ihe e n l i i c - panel. Tin- final part of the meeling will give the- audience opportunity lo ask ciuestinns. Topic for the second panel dis- '*"! c-nsfion lo he held A p r i l 20, is "What Is Your View of Hie Ilihle'.'" On May 1.1. Ihe final diseus'.fon of Ihe -cries will t a k e up the topic, "Christianilv and Itivnl Secular i Kailh." Mr:. M.-iri'.i:.'!!'." Win. e'"r, t i c ; i llier: Mi". Klha .l..lm-on. ,-,rl..-i- ,,,,.|,|-irian. M i e s M.i/"l K-Mv, n- , tirmr. p,''r.ideiil. will )-em: as coin: ''lor. A ca:!i e . i t i t i iluilion v;..s by inenihfTs pn-senl- !" Hie K.iiil Knob HPWC. v.-hii'h w a s oruaiii-,-"d , only a : ln.rt l ; , n e bc'f'.re the t o r - i iiacin (li-:;i'iii-r l.-.:-l month. I Mrs Tri"vl.ridi:e presided in the iilin-m-e of Mi:,:-: K e l l y , and an- null-.-. f,.r Ihe I t : . t c ' con- ! vcnlii.ii w h i c h i.' I', lie he-Id in j T r - x a i l d i n a May 'J. H and ·]. rlaii.- \ \ - c r e made f..r s e v e r a l ineelim: at S|,!i:i,n Sprin::s Fridav i nil'.ht. I Uh.-r c lull- lo lie r:'nri-:i'llt- ' «l' ale Spriiiuclale. [log.-in. lil'll- ! Innvdlr :md liunlsville. f i n e - i t s pr.-:-ent iilcludrd Mrs. ! ,N..ia I .'neelbach ot ,Snri:-j;d:ile Mai cur-rile IJickxon. | M.ii.ter S/:t. and Mr-:. 1 .a-.vrence W. Keck: lead .'pent the K a - t . i- va- n,linn perind in IVc-nliar. Mo. 'J'lie Highland Horn.: Dfinonr.'.rj-· v.-itd ne fih:ior!'...''d !:·' l-:it. i A iri-ort (leMion.-.ti-alinn d c - n i . ! were ( :iven by V.r'. Urn,on \V:"iy, r a'. · who v.-ith Mrs. Wayne Smith a l the cloihiim meetins. n v.-as e-nnciuc!ed liy Mrs. I.PI^I-:,,,, lollmvici. in c l i a i z i - of Smith and fli.;. Ti-.urman -won the Mr; K I I K C - - Tecti.,-. Mrs. K.'.liy! myi-iei y pHc-kaijc. T u c K e i - l'.::ve ; (if-.-oiion-'.l. ;: · Conimi'inily l-.:Kb' v-.-a:; planned :-,l:i','-ii of Ihe li,.i.|.; of John, and fc.r Fridav night, to !·.- in the Ihc. poe:i: "Sprirpli'iie in ,V;;:-M- IKHI-.I- i-f M'«. M:.^ey v.-ith Mrs. :;·:·." · ' . - . : : read 1 y Mr:. Franklin . i'.lain Hill in charge. Mrs. Tom T o c - ! : ' - r . ' , i l . o w e -.-,-:!! be l.o.-tcrr, lor Ihc May Do You Like Beautiful Handbags? And Hats? And Do You Crochet? Then you will go into ecstasies over the muuoli and ths materials for making the exquisite and individualized bags and hats, now the rage in New York, Hollywood and Miami Beach. And the niiest Ihing of all is that you can make them yourself. We have Ihe largest and most complete stock this side of New York for making Ihese hats and bags. And on exclusive in this whole region. These include Cordes, both plain and with metallic threads; straws; mexican straws; gaily colored wood beads in every hue of the rainbow; silky cords in colors for drawstrings; Plastic 'buckets, "saucers," (both round and oval); bracelet handletop:,- everything lo make it easy to make your own, including printed instructions. McKeeban's \ Fasirr Party fro MI At Norman Sliiploys Mr. find Mrs. Nnrmnn Shipley ; rntrrtnlnrrl n f»rnnp "f fririiHs S.ilurtbiy niRhf nt nn Efi^tcr purty · ;uid mufit'll 1 with gnntp sinain;;. Thrtv u'CJT 2. 1 ) Boosts prcprnt jn- cltidin^: Mr. ;iiifl Mis. O. H. IVrvi.s find . rhil.fn-n. Flnytl Dulr. CJonnllc. ' Dnn. Muck jmd -)IIM, Mr. ;nul M::;. R. W. Cninc. Mi. und Mrs. C. K. Ki'vuuson. Mr. ;ui(l Mi.--. Murk Turkn. Mr. ;uid Mrs. II. H. Bmi- IHT and son, Rill, Mi. and Mis. · Mil mil Gibson mid snn, Mrililnn. and Uii 1 Stiiploy children. Thn:r taking part in playing music \vorc Mr. npc-vfs. FInyd ;jnd p 'I ri;do I'CPVr.N. Miihldt) Glil:-ill. 1' Haryl and .1. Shiplry. Crunp sinc- I inc \\'» lorl liy Mrs. Shipley and NOW UP TOWH 71 i r. MT, ST. Form. I.alcjt Slyloi neasonnhlo Prices Phone 620 or 2331 Evenings Free! C WiSh 15 Trade Coupons From Phone 2382 218 W. Dickson With each : $1.00 in Irado al RA7.ORBACK CLEANERS, you will i f c e i v e a coupon. When you have saved 15 coupons, we will exchange them for ono pack of Remembrance Quality Rorii-Slip finish Playing Cards, in your cliche, of two beautiful color combinalions. Each park ha; two jokers for Canasta. There is no limit lo the numbor of pucks you may receive, one pack for each 15 coupons. There is no objection to pooling the coupons with your nc-ghbors in order to secure your Playing Cards sooner. This offer also good on charge purchases paid on or before the 10th of month following date of purchase. After-Easter Sale Millinery 80 Hats NOW 2.50 WGre 3.00 ond 3.95 3.50 wcre 5 -°° to 6 95 5.50 wer R 7.95 and .8.95 6.50 werc 10.95 and 1 2 9 5 8.50 w c r e 13.95 and 15.95 ] /3 Off 18.95 to 27.95 MILLINERY DEPT. PURPOSE! ELGIN PICARD GRUEN HAMILTON BULOVA No Interest -- No Carrying Chargi 18 EAST CENTER Look for the Name on the Green Front. We Give 5 ! Listen to the NEWS, each weekday, at 7:30 AM, over station KGRH OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. Whisk through tljose hig family viisliin^s in record time with ARC-O-MATIC! )ust LOAD, Sf.T, F011GET! So fimplc and snfc a child can do a finished vash that looks clean, smells clean, ancj in clean! Only AHC lins shampoo action to save clothes from wear and tear! West Side Square Phone 161 :! ; ; M "HOME OF BETTER VALUES"

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