Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 15, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 15, 1952
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THI nnuc imtnsr · THI FIRST CONCERN OF THIS NEWSPAPER VOLUME 90, NUMBER 225 Associated Press Leased Wire AP, King and NEA Features WSB Steel Proposal Defended TL Washington-MVChairman Na-; presidential seizure of plants and ; seriously considered resigning 1 B · H J-AYETTEVIILE^ ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING",* APRIL 15, 1952 IOCAL FORECAST-- Kiiyctlovilie and vi-jnity parti} cloudy nnd slightly v. armer to- nipht. Tomorrow partly cloudy v.-ii.h seaiiered h?ht nin.i by aft^ rrnc'in. Mizh temperature yesterday :,7; |r,-... 32; noon today 53, r:4H PRICE FIVE CENTS Washington-MVChairman Na-; presidential seizure of plants and ; seriously considered resigning than P. Feinsingcr of the Wage j facilities legal in corlain cases, i from the hoard just before the.' Stabilization Board told senators ' The hi " woultl S' vc 'be president : steel dispute was referred to it by : today the board's recommend,. .' .^mS piants^ecL, by i ^""i T acTMm»n "pS'hi ' tions in the steel dispute were ' labor disputes. American industry assistant who temporarily is run! clearly wi h,n the board s juris- . generally, and many lecisltors, : nins the defense mobilisation pro- i diction and authority. He said have condemned the president's gram, failed to report am- process i that would be dear to -any per; seizure of the nation's steel indus- - a f t e r his efforts yesterday to get : son taking the trouble to find out." : try a week ago as a "usurpation" ' ihe CIO United Steelworkers and , . leinsingcr, under /ire from ' of power. : , ho inrtl , stn . ,,, . iarec on -,' npw many members of Congress for j The sci/ure followed industry's work contract. He' said however · for**!! s r T'T h ap !T"'° rt 1C " ' rCf ""' 10 asr TM with WnSP Boarri ' t h a t " h " lh TMl* -^med """·' in- foie the Senate Labor Committee. : rocoinmsndatinns on pay raises, n i I I ^J ^^^ He said allegations the hoard " e x - : establishment of the union shop reeded its authority and ignored and olhcr proposals acceptable to its own regulations" were as far the CIO Sleelworkers who from the truth as anything could ! cued to strike without Tliem · be. He wfts called lo civu his opinion on an amendment prepared by Senator .Morse (R-Ore) . to the. Taft-Hartlcy act making _JL l_ tf° - etlsfeetmariy (crested than before in talking over" the deadlocked .situation. , Industrial and business leaders from ail over the country were called into a closed meeting here · Femsinpei- disclosed in bis pre- ; today to review the situation. The : pared statement to the committee meeting of, 17fl businessmen w a s , "he six industry members of the : sponsored by the U. S. Chamber' Wage Board--there an: also six , of Commerce and the National As-·' labor and six public members-- sociatio'n of Manufacturers. ! Union Phone Operators Are Out Board Manned ,Inspection oT^OTjcTunits Under Way Editor's Note: William L. Ryan,* AP foreign i"?\\'? ;maly?l. ' hn-; travelpd from Belgrade m'Hcl.-inki i:i ;i two-month fnu^ nf Kuropc tapping FOURTH nf information rti thr edges of the Irnn Curtain. Mr appraise? tho currrnt si-:Uis of the cold war in Europe nnd brins.- out how ihe Soviet Union is pushing its campnign. Goes To Jail After Journey To The Morgue 1 ad Jury !s Critical Of Prison Releases By W I L L I A M L. R Y A N Pine Bluff. State Officials Are Asked To Restrict Freedom-Granting lonesboro. Ark.-l/Pl-The Craig- By Others in Fayeffeville Northwest Arkansas Feels Results Of Labor Unrest The United Sin Its' . nm muni ration snarl was br-cinninq to un.' ravel lorlfiy m spots acniss the nalion, hut in Ark;inMs telephone · ;:cr\ ice was still crippled by v.-alk- ' I In FayetteviUe, union operators, 1 members of thu Commit mention I Workers nf America, foiled In re- i poll to work this morninr;. Serv- - Four vipitinu nfhrrrs beam a ' l m t h nf L j,,, ( . Hfrt . k; ;uir| ,, ( . (j , two-day anniMl federal Jnsper- Hcihrrt OMnim. :.i;-n,ii nfficcr ,f , lion nf Ihr Army Keserve Officers ! Training Corps nl (he Univrmtv I MK'nne Itntr. * Record tresfs As Missouri ! Hi! Wide Area Big Mississippi Also On Rampage; Large Acreage Covered May Name Candidate For U.S. Congress ftppubhcan:-. Ark.-OTVA light i hootl Cnunty Grand Jury ycstcr- Ecrlin-!/Pi-"After all".''" saYd t h c - i l r u c k came to n flow halt on f ' d ' iy rritic ^ nrl ^tr officials for rtinlomat, pu.shiufi his chair away : dou-ntown street here as its drive from his desk, "here is what the slumped over the v/he^l i cold wnr is nil about." I When police arrived a nhvyj- ' :nt?nt for Pt'^enlaiion to Govern Hi. 1 picked up ;t ruler and point- c i;m h;id pronounced the drivW '· ^ cMath nnri members «f Ih ''·'if -UK! "when'the Ru^hn" *tr ' ^ 1C mor " up - ; ' nr ' about 25 minutes rcnciy for here first," he went ( will not bo in ]n. r 2. The Kuspitins ] ( ;Su ddcnIy, the sheet cover ins the aren't ready. And Stalin ran wait, "body" flew into the air rind the ' - - --''We will know a year in a d - 1 "dead man' 1 hcRan protesting. Tlic , fiC I" m , JS nnnij .nh to be put away for ' morning and rarl vance. IliRht now we know thai j "corpse" was escorted to jail bv · their communications nnd trans- j police who said the man "was ' ' n " ' o c o r o n e r a e c l on. "Rut it-"' TMaminnlioo. he Russians I Suddenly, the sheet covering t " " ; ico had brcn normal fnr a time ' J(1 held in Chicago, were \i · last nij;ht a f t e r Wcslern Kleclnc "nmed, nnd W ere expected tr ; strikers, whn picketed lii; "iiinsfrurted. cxrhnngc yesterday, disappeared. The .situation was the same over most of Northwest Arkansas served by Southwestern Bsll. At Hog- house. crs. v.'hcre operators had remain- There has been considerable dj The Grand Jury drafted a .state- Ofi ° n tno -i 0 '1 stendily except for -··lightly over an hour las! work, ihe s'.vitelil)oards v/ere nnnncd by supervisory employes today. I n Fa y c 11 e \'i II e scr v i cu v; n b mainlaincci ;:t a levo! with line aid of supervisor:; and non-union members who kept Me board;; manner! ihrnufihout the afternoon. Today marked tin. 1 .second time nf the Third A r - ' e.u.^inn in (jarlv mnk.- ron.-emiir- met this aftcrnonn namiiif; a canrljdatc fnr Con-resr. from this district (n oppn.-.r ;he Democratic nominee, w i t h the name of ,Med Cashiftn of K a v e t l e - C-'ashion said yesterday "it will take a lot of mnvim-inn" tn j;rl biin to run. Hep. .(aim 1 ;-: W. Trim- Mr of Merry\'ilie i* seekinjr re- nominal ion us Ihe Democratic and wore to selcrl . Hclrujjles In national convention. · T w o delecales and two ,-illernate-: ' t o Hie national GO]' convention it. bn bi- A Jarjie Krnup from Nnrthwe^l ^"'t'Th/v'rt" ""r 1 ' 1 lh ° " lrCt - ; " nnrlnrri ' h TM'" ITM "»' "»*" »'a ..t the Madisnn Countv court-i Th« riislrirl horn ,-,,1,,,-socl esulfs In Doubt Eisenhower Leader Soys "Anything Can Happen" (By Th- Industripl ' pi''jm*lure rnlpn?r of convicts. It crilicixod '-Hie · nractice of relcnsinn criminals hr- 1 whom judges, juries and law rn- , forcement officers IhouKht dan- , ! Eafp krp P'"g.' anri im-ludns s»vcrnl counties nol - wnnn .,i 111 lho liislril ' 1 p"-"'».i.v. · ,,,;,.·.;,; Awiiclatcd Ne;.. .lerr ' A Y - ' ' n-.iM. rini.-il'fr :lrr.-iin nanl-.-. 'l"r,- ll'-l Cn, . . 'irn !':i!l f.Dlili]-:: iifl'l ,nni'.' I. o II :; h:i\-p h-'rl tri Iliiini-:. Tim figure I);ikfii:is, Nc!-.r,if.fcn. !·: sd.-i. Wisi-oniin, Kan:.---, aa'I Mu- : Mmn. Candidate Tacketl Is JDriving Car Too Honored in Pike County Fast C i t e d As Divorce Cause wn. 1 : · At VVnr^hin^t'.in, 'hr R"'! ;:nythin'!-r,in- ' :-,;ud ;i h;^ M).-;:-ot]ri River rr Ihrniish .it (Jma/i.-i-Oninril I Mui-frecrhorn. Ark. - r/v, - The boincfolks or Rrp. Unyd T a c k e t t an aimoiinced candidate lor the IVinoeralic nomination for Governor of Arkansas, honored 1| U Nashville congressman t n d a , r ilM-al Kino; Iciil.iy »'olrrs br;sn sayinv whn thrv likcl--raisini; Iho tnt;il ni homclp:-, fin- prr.-irlrM ,-iiitl rloclin, riclf- f.-millIP:, tn SI.OOO-- would pl.i.-« .-:-.2 fines to l-.-jlp rlo Cir ai-nial r.onii-: Miv-uuri flnod among Ihe Id lj :·- ;i ''''""- 'jirst i" 71 yr.-irs of HIV| Cross r - Gc'Jl l|..-ii;hl Klsnihnv.-ci- v:i.i lirf op-rations. ikrs StrrllKlhcned Men ;iui| niitdillU'S Bliilf.-.. rsl(il)li!.|lrrl ;:; Ihr lavniiln in the llcplllillc.m pnptilaritv poll. But ,-i Irari-r in Ins ..-iiii|.ai a ii, Allhur .Ir.. .··aitl: .it Omahi n'.'-a. (rnni- "Any,I,,,,,- ,,,,, happen. , ,|, ink ' ""TM ' """"' ."»' ·'"''."'"I !»»«« (irneral l-iscnhowiT is coin- to ' ""''' "'' t n e "°°" v;iills '" ld win 1,1,1 ;i ,,.,,,.1,1 , ' ' . . . _ ·. dikes. I hi. v.-eathcrma i iiredicted The jury said it fell law enforce- in the 'current showers fur Kaslern Nebraska and quo in Ihe west while they go eoout their business in the oast." Many Western diplomats agree r.'ith this assessment. Some think the war will come eventually, but most express the belief that what is going on today is a long-range holding action. The consensus here, at the edge of the smoldering volcano, appear? ' ·· - · · ·- '· President Asks Women's Support k a n n a s pcnitontinry. i n i counts, u-as civen a furlmiRh last Christmas. He didn't roiiirn. I.«st . week he turned up in Utah, rharg- , eri with inurdcr in the slaying of mcm lntin . v - ?' two miners. : held their busi ; nl!!n bclic'.-c? Tn the United Nation.. America's : rrr ef- TM;Iafl Says Truman h indangering sl.-iy there. Members of the Fayeltcviile local were not available for comment today. Previously they have i^rnr^jE-o^HS.^^ 11 " 6rou P Cri|ica ' ' l o c a l cuufn be locaied ihcrc. The As.'-ocialcrl Press qunled 'Southwestern n o l i Telephone : Company as saying opuratoi's vcre " - l " l u '" .i"nr;i)m-ry . -, . " '" "" '" ·' 'onjinni ; sen of Mmne.-.ola, generally roll- f.iiunly, where he pracliced law. :il; '"' nf lurmnil" durliiK Ihe two . ccdril mil of Ih" runnin- nnrl m ll,,w;,rcl County, where he m "" tl « nnd 25 day;; they lived to- New .Irrsey Ilc-iuMican- elect ""' v lni; - s -_ _ . 'KPlhcr. __^^^^ 3S..lclcsalcs'lo Ihe presidential Of Jieel Mill Seizure Memphis ide intent now upon holding v/hatevcr , J'nri has called U can in the we?I, protecting its · women lo suonort its ''untirin ^SwncfiTM! huh^oA^i' 0 ^. 10 "'?" 1 '' 1 "" RPal ' " " I' " "" " """"· ! "'f tho job ,oday"at'^2"Artans;; c,nor fi em-v « Inlr . ,,, , h( , ,,,,,,,,,., '. 1:,',,,.,, T - ,, . ' " - . "''' ' 5 '·'·'"',' he wrote in a Pittsburcli -(/Pi- Senator T a ( t , cxchaiiKes. The state has a t o t a l 1 slool milk v,r; ricnouncrd *""* A1 "'" . °,l - nl51 . . , . '"1C'-re.icl ,it fhc Dnushlers ot the ; accused President Truman today of "S excl),-!ncr.s inus. fine.-, inc ie,iso,-un B . in { American Revolution Continental of cndaiiEorins the country's free- : A spokesman for the rumpair Would Cut Huge ium From Arms Budgef seen on tho Missouri River." HriK. Cli'n. Don G. Shinjler, . n-a,,,,.,,!,,,,, Missuuri R i v e r Division engineer!: nominntins ronvenlinn in July nl i "We're in a lot of trouble. The Chir.iRr)--HI at liu-t'e and I!B In i I '' V ' M ' ls coming v.'Hh a n\- and a districts. Tall backer-; nre con- large - fcvcn diMricts allrl (wo at- posts, meanwhile roar. 11 Ail alone the Mi:»ourl Valley where the river had struck to date, man has been ,1 loser. Only "unamhnn/.C'l. riartardly and 1111- cnnstilMljnnal acl" at a 'meelint' nf nrocrim H Emo t'odav ' . _ , --- :_'.j .. _,,..,,,...!,,·,, Longi ess lasl j anv polentiallv-favnrnble "inde- ...... . pendenl" candidates. i in Ihe matter of saving human Rob'e - " ^ r ' n '""'- '·"*·' "' S ° n ' Tn d: " r - Tnfl |r '" ls "'" I'-i'tlc'liff ha: he been winnm? His lar« - h i i i ' i ' ; '-y s '1 1|llil "" dol- for COP dele!!aic urenKth. LaieM . Innd.-, and Ins homes have been 'dmin sT, tin !· ',", ' I''""' ','"' : fi "" rrr i'u-hidinK New .lers-v and ma,;!*!. Army En;ineers estimate minisnaiion. 1 - liudBel |nr ,mli- based on pled K c.-,. inMruction.; and; I.^WHIH acres are under ·"- · and fiireicn aid apprnpnlinns. admilted Ira, IIIES -Rive Tafl :'lll, l lii-f in-, c*-. · · - * " " " '" ""· ·"".'-i iiiiii. 1 * ~ - ·.- fin i urn mi 1'iij n_Mti- mjii, inn i i 'iiiun viuri"! v iiv ^eale^H-c'on^^m-o ^ ^" « ^ C °""«-. ^ ^^ TM t %X£ - *"' "' ^ TM S '~" nomi- nn.i.'i'^c-." 111 " 3 '-''' '" Ul C C °" 1 Tnfl ' s rom-iri'-s were in a speech c « 'isainst the Western Electric inn. nnsi.ions. prepared for delivery here on his ' Company is settled. Weslcrn Ele-- Marcb eamp.iif!n tour. ' ' Truman's steel action, h? commented, "is in line with h's general disregard of the Constitution and laws nf the United Stales.". "What I object to is the p r e s i - i "'e C W A , a CIO affiliate, j dent's asstimins the null, to sei'/o Thii: morn,us exchanges at Lil| property when there is no s t a i u - · " e "'"·'^ and f'orl Smith were- !e- '· lory ,-aitliority whatever lor inn do so," Taft said. positions. j Truman's letter, daled ' lo, said the price to preserve freedom is but "we f-r-1 the rewards are far more valuable." Women Voters Invite Public To Meeting the Kremlin's domination. Thc Communists ?.re bending pvery effort tov.-.ird wbat they call ''national recUtanc 1 . 1 " tn tiie United States, lo bog down Western European defense effort.". They appeal to the self-in'.eresl uf Western Kuropean businessmen to turn their h^rks on the U. S. They tell the worker he is bcinq "supcr- exploiteci' 1 b- the Americans. In the drive tn neutralize Western Europe, the prime target is Germany. There are compeU'nt observers in Wrsler'i Europe who .speculate t h a t Stalin woul ; i even be prcoared to dump the whole ' .pi ln ....i.ji,. ^ :.. -, - . East Germany Communi.r. psriv if , ' , pub R , ls " n i l t c l t o an "l )c " hccouldadii'cvctlieHo:ilofa(.ipr- Ini - t ' l '"C of Ine I-ayelteville Proman vacuum in ihe heart nf Europe, dom-'iateri by the mi"hl "f Soviet arms on tho east and leaning the west down the road In enforced neutrr.liiy. Economic domination by Moscow would not be t|-. e Democratic and loo distant a Roal. narties will =ii Seeks Unificalior, Talks ' ' '' V 1 N ' ll Stalin now says tiie li.-ne is ripe for talks on unification of Germany. He h-ts let it be Imnwn he is \villinc for Germany to lie unified wi'.h its own army, sufficient , Tiamsey, i-h:,, of tile rounly Paul B. Seavv president nf ihe tn defend itself. This was a shock Democratic Committee. (; e o r j. e Mississippi Yaiicv E,i"ineeh",. to the Conimuni--.s. low 1'^'»'- . Caudle. Inrmer secretary nf the ·'"«! Conslructir,:, 'c:.,mi:,ny 'hc.7 on iho fear of auMimed ieiman. l) ( ., mK .,. a |j,. (',, ;n:t ,ii!,,,. Timrnian ·'··'lid tile contract v.-nuld hij, li-t bv icine for Vest' Gernr.',nv. which ''·"'··""··; "TM ' "·^"'ratic .-me- the Tulra U.S. Engineers fiis-M-i,! nothinq inure lii.ill unific.i- ' · " . ' - w h o sui-cc;-d,-n Laudle rc- tion without occupation. cent.y; Charles Allcmsnn. cliair- Staiin michl GO even further in m ':i of the cnunl\' Hepubhcan bis desperate bid to keep a f l o u i - Committee; and \V. M. KiiK-r, Re- ishing Western Germany out of the . publican Committee .··p'.'rr'.ary Allanlic defense community. He ]) r , Hcnrv M -Mcv of Ihe pn!itie.;| mpi menl at the Univc-rsit; on "volins procedure: ex-plrnn the Arkans.r; . inr and Soutbv.-estern Bell are 'both subsidiaries nf American · Telephone and Telo/traph Company. The telephone operators and I installers are both members nf visional Lea-rue o! Women Voters ' lTMisht at 7::;'l o'clock in the Civic 'Club room:; upy.taii^ in the City Adniinislralion Buildup. Civic and political leaders from Renublican River Projec! Near Fort Smith Scheduled i»i! picketed by Western Kleclrr.' slrikers. j On the national |i. v( .; ihins:. ! looked bettr;,- |,,day. The .scttle- rncnt nf a Npv: Jersey lc|p|)h'm. strike iirouuhl to three ihe niirn- be:- of strikes coder!. I'.ul lliree others remain unsellled. One nf these--the one .-nMiir.t Veslern Electric--can kerp the Mrj. D. D. Terry To Oppose Senator Pagan : Little Kock-(/P|-Mrs. n. » -r,.,.. ry, Little Kock cluhwoman and wile of a former conRressinan an- nouncnd last night she w i l l ' r u n for the Arkansas Senate in opposition ii, .Sen. Kllis Fa K an of I it- tie Hock. I'.-iKiin. president pio | ( . n , of n,,. I3S1 Senate and an ;,ich-cnn,- ,,, the administration, charged loilav thai Governor McMalh in the race. walers of the Missouri and its tributaries. Thc damage has reached millions of dollars. 30.000 i.rave. 'lomcj In Council Bluffs an estimated ." penple har 1 streamed !rom the low-lyin,-; lands .n the north and western aieas of the tov/n. Kiscnhnwer flR and Stasscn Kcfaurnr On Itallnl Nov.- .ler-.-ey's Tafl-Ki.-ienh. duel j« iheir f i r s t on-lhp-liallnt. iou::t since the -ener;d \vnn thf N'ow Hampihire primarv Mar-li niuhl told I,(inn Republicans thai IV-rn-n'ratic nrcrnit-ntUil poll and In Ornaha an estimated p.OOO peat h e United Siate.s should m a m - , convention deleuate election. Sen, rie have been moved from the lain ;i powerful Air Torre which · ^'v. 1 ' Kefau-. er of Tennever- jr. city's kr.vland north and cast sec- could "strj^p at Russia successful- '. nnoopns-ii in Ihe roprlnritv bal-. tions. That makes 17 square miles ly wiih aiom bombs if necessary." Mini;, but i.r a lon^ way fmm o: the metropolitan area that has cindiin-; th" :iL'-vnip Vlp;!atinr. beeii evacuated--12 miles in Coun- Archibald Aievanrler. fo.mer un- cii Bluffs and five in Omaha TH dcr-scerot.-iry n f the aimy ,iiy|. Bluffs exncius from homes is head of an unopposed slate n f ; inlljjhlj' thri-c-quartcrs of the PIK!:| at-laii-n driesates. has dp- population of 45/100. clare-i (,,,· G ov Adl.ii Stevenson; l',crre, S. n., ha, -been hit' ,. ""' : '- -Simix City I,,.-;, l:; ls been helo- l o l a i c s v/a. poppin- d::e..vhe,e: less before a record crest, and t h e fir " 1 ""-- 1 -!i 'nen.bers...smaller towns dn-vnstreiirn have HllPC .,,e 'pnltl.1,: v.,l,,i,|;inly. bm |, t( . n .IP-orlPil S,, (·. · «i, r,,.. liracllcally :,l| of t|,n ?,| nth, (or a i e expeeHvl He asserted that Ihe U.S "cannot ficht Hussia on every far-flun,, point" ivhcre il "may choose to start an agRii-svivi: war." Picketing Courthouse In New York illegal Mpmphis-l/Pj-Tho head of ,, .., ct ..,,--,,,,, M. ; - P ,,,r panel to firm that specializes in shorini; up who have -ettle-l -ilh th ansv.-er ques,:ons from the audi- rrumblinfi river banks ,,,,%!! panics from return,,, to - .ence. The ]p. W e has announced has received a M, 130.000 contract since \VF. strike-, can pieke. that nn-natmns to appear on the for an Arkansas R.ver project chan-cs ' panel ha\-e hern if.,i,i-4 lo Virpil near Fort Smith. " " .. Mrs. Tc "A K r o u j i of dcnieri ilij,-, : .avin- : .'omen friends a:ked A l o a n y , N. V.-VIVIl,.:;,,,,,!,,- . -'"'y L il will 1,,. j||,. i; ,.,| j,, x ,. ,. Put he, i Wk Mali- lo pu-kcl a .··.urilu,..,.. · · - . . ,,..,,,, ,,.,.,,;,, ,^ ,. . ^ ' '"-WI. "set awash." While :ir Coun' Livestock Show To Open September 29 : 25-5econd Meeting 1$ I Held By Negotiators ')'its:dc | S'ju;ire York hr,i,..P t Co.'i.munirt . One misht even consent lo FOMIC so:. of revision of the German-Pnli?h bordrr. The Poles an rxpt'iidiilile. Thrv occupy what formerly was German territory un to Ihe Orler- Nie.sse line. It is not l(^n f;ir- fetclictl In im;u;e Stalin's throwing a son !n Genn;my in the form of n revision nt thu expense of Fnlnnrl. Party Weak In Germany Tho Communist party is woak. rei.iiiveiy, in We;:t Germany. Sia- lin has much lo pain in hy-pasunR it In an e f f o r t Jo create a Genrnn i?l-incl in Cenlr.ii Kurope, u'renrtu-f from the we?trrn community ;inr. riominatert by the f\'^tern armies. l . i l t l o Ro:-(--'/l'i-.\ ^ pn.JC'-l i s p l U m (wn pans: Stair | , j v r , f r j Sin coverin" fiiiiiien H.Mr!. n f ;, r h e c r ve( '.r c Kpirn, Ok!;... Iho mhrr M r . f f e l i - J, ( ,, f n . , T , . Rrnri. nhout thrcn mile alv.vo Koit "° ' ' :: ' : '' : ' : Smith, Ark. Sravy ^airl yrstci-rj.,y .".nrr, hear! (h; '' cf-nstmr^on wnilrl lake ;rhu:it r r t e p a i t - ;t Vr; ' r - v -' ltn v/ork in slart within viii ..Mr.,1, n month. mean ihe crimplele ct-ononne and inih-iiy (lominaiion f Iv.n-ope. In May the three western pnv:- (·]·;; meet with Wr.-tcrn '" MK" a peace cniitinel. This wnllld fm.ilj/j. i|,,» S p | j t n f (·;,,,.. many into \\\n part's. It would presage a WeMern C;rr;r.,iny. nbln In flnunsh Pnn;nmii-;il!y, f i t t f - d ·Six Kxcursinni^t^ Killrd i Kmuslon. .l.,:naii-a-i/l'.-Six holiday excur.Mo,;,:.!.. were killed ;,,,,, ·l:i injured yesterday when tiieir · Iruck skidded and hit a tree. I r. 1 .: i::i'.(·:·. ··· re se!- ;-fi ;.' IMP sho-.v's B'.;, : vl n; (Jovrrnoiy. v. hi h ;.lsn voter! n, comhino ihe -i-H C'lu! and Kimiro F.-trmer of Amf-nea porlinns of ;he shn-.v cn.iipoiiiinr. inio one junior division if posMhle. I'he Weather . nspu.iev I -ial bclore l;_s. ,|,,,| B e Harold Medina. Burleson Deputy Clerk In Absence Of Greer Circuit Clcik Hichard Grcor ir Mary-.-nle. -| ,.,,,,.. !,, ...,., . V1 , ' ,,.. inil'ical d:rec!or for a li:.,|,-,y ,,- ·'·'····'! at Ihe F,, M I.;,,,.,,, (-,;,,,.,, I . Denvicjat. are the iui; out ; .Sfn. .Jn:ne. Kf^m nf Mi^.inri · mm need ycMerdav he wjil 1 a:;a:n. Big Bombe? Crashes In Washington, 15 Killed Maryland Omaha''re-.YdoYi: ~ j A v .jrnuii; \i 'tpnti.-il fioi-.d .,.;. f the r:o- i by Ail;an-.a:, - Kair and a 1,111,, warmer fins allernoo,, .-,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,, .,,,,,.,, wiln lo-.v li-mperalures from .13 in -j- h] 4-1 lonr^ht; tomorrow. partly ,|,at clouOy ;,nil warmer. -i-.m,,. '·' :i r -'»-.'"l Fayettev,]),, pllly c l e i k id .1 l',:n Poultry Market -- Berkley Tip On Political Intentions May Come At Ball Game W a s l l i i i c l M - ' , V , - ' , . , - pe '"ill Tame bere tndav mav a "lip"---for wh,-,t if : , u -orth._ whether VI..-P Pi,-.-.|di-nl P.,,rk] i! a c.-u,d:rlati, fo, president vice pre-.jrlrnl. "If the V i - i - i , s.-|. a s i , I f p a i e oul The poultn market lodav as reported by Ihe University' of .Arkansas Institute of Science ,,nrl . A . . ·'· · "" IM.IOKP-O ,-, tn e announcin,' li.- \i-, no, -100 fee, ,,,,.,,, p,,l,|, ( .)y, |,ut has made ,·,, candidale, Truman L .^,"1 led - i n . l i i l . - i f p . w i t h K.,. 1 . burn at tepoit !.,nd at a nle,l Murry Announcemenl Expected Saturday Night Ik, M u i t y . atininey crniral o( A l k a n ' . i s . u ill annnunce his political intentioni. at a banquet lo be civi-n in his honor jit the Ktl- C"ii. ll'.ti'l m Kordyce Saturday nn;ht. It is e.-:tii'cted that he will then m.ikf formal announcement ··mdid;ite (or (jovernor ot Ar- a t t c Kor the larcest, preltiest selce. I Hon u( dresses, shfp Hunt's. (Adv.)

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