Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 28, 1974 · Page 27
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 27

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1974
Page 27
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Aug. 28, 1974 FAYETTEVILUl. A R K A N S A S 47--Real Estate--For Sale-- 47--Real Estate--For Sale-- 1U MILK Kasl of Kaslgale just oil 10 \Vest. Priced rlutit with excellent owner temxs. IJQW down And low Interest FayArk Really, 531-5530. BY" OWNER: Nice"2 bcdrt»m~houso with Kan Be. Excellent location In North* cast Kayo lie vllle. No realtors ptcasf, 1'honc 7M-32S7. FOUR NEW 3 bedroom homes just being completed in Meadow Lark Addition just off Cato Springs Road. Also 2 new homes, VA approved in Springdale. Coll Harrison Davis collect, Siloam Springs, 1-524-4888 between 6 pm and 7:30 am. NEW 3 bedroom 1H bath, carpeled on Lake Sequoyah Rovtd near Baldwin lota] "price £S,SOO, W,MO down payment, 5150 month. Cull Don Dingledine 321-3163 8:008:00 or 412-S53 ajter 6:00. Two locations 281X1 N, College N\V Ark. Plaza 521-7212 After 6 p.m. Call Plaza Gallery at 521-72TS RUN-DOWN GOLDEN GOOSE No. 1010. It does need some interior work, but it will be worth it when yon finish cleaning up this 3 bedroom home with a detached ga ra^e located on two acres In-sidi the city limits. 516,500, Call 52t 7272 or after hours Frances Lang ham 443-3157. ASBELL OR RAMAY SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 971 Buy this 4 bedroom home and you can lake your pick of school districts and best of all is the price! 513,500. Call 521-7272, Ixre Ward. KOLY COW! $35,000 imagine a 3 bedroom 2 bath home n the very de-sirab]e Crcstwood Drive neighborhood for this kind of money. It's a real sparkler with lew carpeting and central atr. Nicely draped, Xttchen with all Duilt-ins. Nice londscapingi garden spot. Thts home needs an occupant -- Call 521-6011 today lor a look-see. SOMETHING NEW / On 1 arge to t nca r Ash ell School on Sang Avenue. Yes, that's our ie\v, brick veneer, 3 bedroom 2 uath. 'home now being completed. If you like -- you can choose your own interior decoration. Really nice and in the low S30's- Call us today -|2l-G6H. 3535 N. College . ,_M1-S6: "Developers of ; : ' ; Hyland Park" Events Of McArthur's Life Little Known To Authors THE LITTLE WOMAN By BOB THOMAS LOS' ANGELES (AP) --\ When Hal Barwood was assigned to write the script for a movie biography of Douglas MacArthur, all lie could remember about the general was the Battle of Inchon and "I shall return," Barwood's writing partner, Matthew ·'· Rabbins, admits: Legal Notices-WARNING ORDER CASE NO. CH-74-685 In the CHANCERY Court of Vnstilnglan County, Arkansas DEAN KENNEH Plnlnllff TOMMIE GALE KENNER Defendant The defendant Tommie Gate Kcnnor , ivornctt to appear In this Court uUIiln ihf rly d n's a n rt nnsvver the coin pi ai tit ot the Plaintiff In the above entitled cause. Wltnesi my hand and seal of this Court this IGth day or-August^-197-i. Atam KoLlmeyer Cha'noery. CLe.rk By Kayc Chappell D.C. t Tc 21, 28, 4, 11 . : -. - . . ' .YOUNG SCREENWRITERS . . .who were babies during \VorK War U research the life and wartime /eats oj the famed general EVERYBODY readj Ifce TIMES WANT - H I G H ON A WINDY HILL You'll find this newly listed 3 bedroom brick. Excellent condition, lovely kitchen, family room with f/p and formal living room. Featuring nice lot with a tree shaded view. located on Windy Hill in Northridgc Addition. J35.000.00. FAMILY HAVEN Prestige location on Oak Manor Drive. A four bedroom home with family room spacious master bedroom. Kitchen fully equipped, formal living room heated and a/c down construction ly $43,500.00. 2150 sq. ft. of space. Up and Good loan. On- 3535 N. College 52: "Developers of Hyland Park" INVESTMENT PROPERTY 12 TOWNHOUSE APARTMENTS. Assume good loan. Small equity. Less than one year old. Call C. R. Bates Bt 443-4316 or 521-6858. DUPLEX with 2 bedrooms each. Income $220 per month. -Priced at only S19.500 with terms by owner. Call 443-4316 NOW 21 ACHES ii mile North of way 45 East. §1,500 per acre. None open. Ideal for development or a secluded home. Call 443-431S NOW. POTHAST REALTY CO. 443-4316 2140 N. College Flora SIfitrunk 443-340. Maurice Mechem 521-5-1E Floyd Pothast Jr 413-333. NOTICE No. 74-162 IN THE PROBATE COURT OF VASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE F EDGAR T. JIcALLISTER, rfeceased ast known address at decedent: 225 Snst La/ayellB, Faj-ettovLILe, Arkansas )ate of death: August 19, 1974 o-ns 7800 Sq, Ft. 3 Bedroom Residence Nearing Completion on Hi acres in beautiful Wcdinf ton Woods. 3 large bedrooms, 3 1 baths, family room, native slon fireplace, double garage, beautifi View. AH for the nominal pric of $38,000. For appointment ca Harry Flesher at 443-2465; alte hours 443-2046. COUNTRY CORNER 92,5 Acre Chicken and Cattle rand 32,000 capacity chicken opemtio 40 acres of cleared good pasture. 50 Acres of spnryed timber and now in good fescue. 3 BR home with built-ins, some appliances. WARNING ORDER CH-74-7H Ihe Chnncery Court -ot Washington oimty, Arkansas i Bcniicc Philhps, by her lend and mother Blllle Havens Plaintiff Vs. ary Lee Phillips Defendant Tho defendant Gary IAS Phillips is irncd to appear in this court within [rly days and answer the complaint the Flninlill In the above entitled ISO. Vilnesi my hanil and seal ot ourt this 16 day of August, 1974. Alma KoHmeyer Chancery Clerk Hy Kaye Chappell D.C. Seal) fc 21, 28. 4, 11 \VAIININO oniii IN THE CHANCERY 'ASHINGTON COUNTT. AM NEWMAN Vs. I-BSS OANNE NEWMAN . Defendant The Defendant, Joanne Newman is ·arend to apear in this Court within hlrly days and answer the complaint I the Plaintiff In the above entitled ause. Wi Incss m y hand and seal ot th fs Court this 9 day of August, 197-4 ALMA KOLLMEYER Chancery Clerk By KAYE CHAPPELL D.C. Tc H. 21, 28, Sept. 4 COURT ot ARKANSAS Extensive Search For Patty Hearst Is Still Fruitless "The'only, thing r could recall was 'I shall return.'" Their Lack of recall oE MacArthur's World War II feats is more understandable when you realize that Barwood was born a year and a half before the Pearl Harbor bombing and Bobbins two' ye,ars afterward. Barwood's comment about In- chon referred to a battle in the Korean conflict and MacArthur made his famous statement during World War II. Why was the script of "MacArthur" assigned to a pair writers in their 30s? \ "They;'wanted'someone who 'hadn't lived through the period," explained Barwood. "It might be easier to relate the .lory to today's 'generation that the making of the big moneymaker "Fallen" at 20th Century-Fox. Now both are at Universal, where "MacArthur" is scheduled to be made, probably in 1975. Hal Barwood ant! Matthew Robbins are not exactly household names, even in Hollywood. ONE CREDIT ,,,, far they have only major writing credit -- Sugar- and Express." But they have already formed their own company, wrly called Plolto, -"· McCarthy and executive producer Richard Zanuck, who performed similar capacities in LOS ANGELES (AP) -- "I know what I have lo do," Patty Hearst said in her most recent statement from the under- comrades didn't . . I still feel determined to ground. "My die in vain, strong and Eight." With that enigmatic promise of action, delivered in a tape recording on June 7. the renegade newspaper heiress vanished from center stage. She has not been heard from since. Published claims have placed her in such diverse possible hideouts as Guatemala, Panama, Canada, Illinois, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. Miss Hearst, 20, was dragged screaming from her Berkeley apartment on Feb. 4. Two Instrument' dated June 2S, the 22nd day of August, dmltted to probate as the last f Ihe nbovc named decedent, and (he indersifTncd. has bee/i appointed executor hereuniJer. A contest of the probate of the will can he eHected only by filing petition within the lime provided by aw. All persons havjnj claims asalnst the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, o the undersigned withfn si* months mm the d ate of the first pub! [cat Eon if his notice, or they shall be forever larred and precluded from any benefit .n the estate.' T/ils notice first published 23th" day oi August- 1974. · - · · " · · A/D. MCALLISTER, JR. C/o Wade, McAllister, Wade Biirkc P. A. P. O. Bos 1000 ZTc 28 Sept. t Fayetleville, Arkansas KENNELS MAY CONVERT-TO POOL WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House cat sleeps easier today. The dog kennels may he about to go -- for a swimming pool. Administration.' strategists, U.S. Park Service'officials, the Secret Service and the Fine Arts Commission are casting an eye to the air-conditioned dog kennels as the hest spot for a new pool for President Ford. If the pool is built at the current kennel site, in a thick clump of trees on the South would be only steps President's Oval Of- carpeted, den and 1 car Located on paved road, pointment to see, call Col. DufCey car garage, d. For np- Carter, 521-1300 or nltes BARER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. College Lawn, it from the fice. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson had the luxurious kennels constructed for his beagles.-And forrher President Richard M. Nixon had an Irish setter. The months later in tape recordings she denounced her newspaper publisher father, jilted her fiance, adopted revolutionary rhetoric and said her name was now "Tania." She is wanted on charges of kidnaping, assault and robbery along with captors-turned-com rades William and Emily Harris, thought to he the last mem bers of the SLA. If captured and convicted, she could Cje imprisoned for life. FBI DENIES KNOWLEDGE "We dp not know whether or not she is out of the country," FBI Director Clarence M. Kelley said at one point. "We do not know where she is." Reports of eyewitness "sightings" of Miss Hearst and the Harrises continue. "We've got new leads in this case and we still get new leads coming in almost every day," FBI Special Agent Charles Bates said on Tuesday. But Bates, who has been directing investigation of the case .from San Francisco, added, "I don't have anything specific as far as developments cerned." Bates, who has admitted that he loses sleep worrying about the case, said, "1 think our :hances of catching any federal 'ugitive are good. We catch thousands of them every year, think we will catch 'Miss Hearst and the other two, but I just can't Cell you when." The San Francisco FBI alone has interviewed 22,000 people in connection with the case, Bates said. In California, police have stopped hundreds of persons for Questioning because they were suspected of SLA connections or resembled the fugitivies. More tips have been followec by law enforcement agencies in other parts of the country SIX MEMBERS KILLED Six SLA members, including the groups' leader, Donalt "Cinque" DeFreeze, died in a fiery Shootout that destroyed their Los Angeles hideout Maj 17. knife. The landlady picked oul a picture of the heiress from a row of photos. The tape with the heiress vow to fight on for the SLA was found under a mattress in an alley after an anonymous tele phone call to a Los Angeles ra^ dio station. In Salt Lake City, Utah, the Highway Patrol issued a bnlle tin for a man resembling Har ris. In Sandpoint, Idaho, a jai escape briefly was linked to the SLA but was later discounter as a connection. Last month in the Los Angeles suburb of North Hollywood more than 150 police officers surrounded an apartment building after being tipped that Patty Hearst \yas there. Police later complained that mobs of spectators rushed to the scene could crush vay. "They" are producer Frank was born studied art world 2215 A.D. in "Clearwater," which Barwood will produce and Robbins will direct tor Universal, Barwood, 34, Hanover, N.H., Brown University. Robbins, and a New Yorker, graduated in romance · languages from Johns Hopkins. Both were movie freaks, ana they met at the University of Southern California film school in the mid-1960s. The two young writers buried themselves in MacArthur lore to cure their ignorance of the famed general. "It was overwhelming," Barwood remarked. "Douglas MacArthur had the.longest career in the history of the American military; counting West Point, "My house plants don't love me choice must be a consummate it extended 52 years. We faced who appears capable of an enormous task in narovving commanding armies. Laurence his life to the confines of a fea- Holbrook are among those who !'We finally decided to open have been mentioned. and end it when he is dismissed eluding WOMAN'S WORLD HIS Fords have no clogs. R6ALTC* 521-1300 KEW home for sale at builders cost. Three bedroom, 2^ bMh, Till brick on large lot, fireplace, do-jbla #araze that's · insulated and paneled, many extra i. Approved va I u e J36.500- Builders cost $32,400, Open house 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday 1153 Overcrest, Fayetteville, or ral. Rozer?, ArV., 63S-774 for an appointment. Call by 9:00 a.m. In morning or 6:00 p-ra. in evening. PRICED REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE · bsdroom Hi baths carpets nad basement, corner lot, 4 blocks from ·Chools, J10.0QO. Phone SiG-33%. ATTENTION REAL ESTATE SALES PERSONNEL »r« expanding our aa!« staff Tor a confidential Interview call Mike R. Watson, 412-7301, Kincald it Co so quickly that police barely get through the when they arrived. PARENTS DISAPPOINTED Miss Hearst's distressed parents, Randolph A. and Catherine Hearst, who had rushed to Los Angeles by plane, left saying they were "very disappointed." Hearst, president and editor of the San Francisco Examiner, said, "I wanted to "ie of help in the final end of his story if it caine here." The Hearsts returned to the collision of their Hillsbovough, Jalif., home to continue the ordeal of waiting for word of heir daughter'. Hearst has said he believes lis daughter was brainwashed by her captors. Authorities have been pla ;ued with fake letters con- ending to be from the SLA. In early July, a television re porter, crediting an unidentifiec olice source, claimed that Wiss Hearst and the Harrises iacl traveled to Guatemala anc made contact with imdergrounc political leaders there but re urned to the San Francisco Bay area. Bates termed that repo: news to me" and said. ' _ now nothing that would lead me to the conclusion that any ,Shan. the Siamese cat brought io the White House by daughter Susan Ford, has the full run of the family part of the mansion. The dog kennels area is good 'or a swimming pool because shrubs and trees seclude it from public view, said Charles Atherton, secretary of the Fine Arts Commission. Two important objectives would be met: aesthetic and security. But, Afherton said, the site is limited, so early plans call for a 30-or 35-foot pool. There would be a removable bubble- type top -- "something like a greenhouse," said Atherton. Also under consideration is a small dressing cubicle so Ford would not have to dash from the White House to the pool in a bathrobe. Ford left behind at his Alexandria. Va., home a 20-by-40 foot pool that he used for morning and evening dips. Ford claims it kept his waistline trim. His wife says it kept his disposition pleasant. This weekend the President is slated to go for his first swim since officially moving into the White House over a week ago. That will be at Camp David, the presidential retreat that has two pools. Two witnesses said lieved Miss Hearst they be left thi hideout shortly before the Shootout, but the FBI dis counted the reports. The last reliable sighting o Mis Hearst was on May 19 when a Los Angeles landlad.v said two black men and a white woman tried to rent an apart ment for the night for $500. She said that when she told them there was no room, one of tin men nicked her dress with ; of them mala. Then, c r e d i American sources," claimec ,hat Miss Hearst had traveled Tom San Jose, Costa Rica, to Panama where she was given were ever in Guate , a Washington reporter i t i n g "informed Latin asylum by eral. The Panamanian gen story said Mis These easvio-make vSlipper will be greatly appreciated. Crochet in one piece; sew to gethcr at back. Use kniltin worsted. Popcorn edged cuff Decorate hers with a velve rose, his with a button. Patter 811: sizes S, M, L incl. 75 CENTS each pattern -add 25 cents each pattern fo [irst-class mail and specia handling. Send lo Laura Whee er Northwest Arkansas TIMES, ; , ,, - ,, _ . ,_-. ,,,, ,^ ,, ,, v ,, ,, ^ j A Convenient Sewing and hopping Guide for Today's Gal on the Go, 4984 SIZES 8-18 which was when he was the virtual ruler of Japan." Robbins and Barwood are frequently asked play MacArthur. events, in- greatest years who should Their reply: "Katharine Hep- they admit burn." More seriously, casting is a problem. The Hal Kings Sign Winger LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Los Angeles Kings announced Tuesday the signing of Mike Usitalo, a left winger from Michigan Tech's No. 1-ranked college hockey team, to a National Hockey League contract. Usitalo is the second player from Michigan Tech to sign with the Kings. S/ btj^fklne.-/ft/* 450 Meedlecraft Dept., Box "I, l^ust S Old Chelsea Station, New York, B . U A 3 " °° P r 1 t t e N " f~«j THE BEST FRIENDS a busy girl can have are this terrific trio! Sew zip-front tunic, pants and dress version in demin or polyester knits. Printed Pattern 4984: Misses' IS YOUR CAR BULL HEADED WITH NO GET UP AND GO? If your cor refuses to run as it should, maybe it's time to give up the fight and come see us. We will make you the best deal possible on any car on our lot. You could be driving a new car home tonight and that's no bull! Hope we see you soon. . 1973 OLDSMOBILE NINETY EIGHT LUXURY SEDAN. 60-40 divided seat with 6-way power on driver's side, air conditioning, power steering, power front disc brakes, power windows AM/FM Stereo Radio, Till'n'telescoping steering wheel, a'nd whitewaU tires. Jh,, is a local one owner that's in showroom condition ....$4995 2 - / v a r d 2/2 yards ' source of inspiration -- our new 1975 Needlecraft Catalog! 1,80 designs, 3 printed inside. Send 75 cents now. New! Nifty Fifty Quilts . . $1 New! Ripple Crochet ---- $1.00 Send 51.00 for each pattern. Add 25 cents for each pattern for first-class mail and special handling. Send to Anne' Adams Northwest Arkansas TIMES 1973 BUICK CENTURY IUXUS COLONNADE HARDTOP COUPE. Factory air conditioning, power steering, power front disc brakes, turbohydramatic transmission, AM/FM radio, vinyl lop and This is a very cl lean whitewdll tires. little car $3695 438, Pattern West 1.)O, J^rtHlJl N UIS^IU, iiltJ * ¥ COIf i -- j. 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10011.1 economy car? bee 1972 FORD PINTO RUNABOUT. Looking for a real nice this one today. Bucket seats, radio, Print NAME, ADDRESS, _ Hearst's travels were arrangec through diplomatic channels. The State Department's I,alii American office branded th report false. Prom Chicago came a claim that Miss Hearst and the Harrises have been trying to make contact with the radical Weather Underground. In San Francisco, a claim surfaced last .week -that - t h e mother of a San Quentin con vict may be hiding Miss Hearst and ^the Harrises in a racially integrated neighborhood of Los Angeles. Bates said he was checking out all leads and "we have known that there were people who have acted lo assist the SLA here in this area and in Los Angeles." But he would not confirm the report. The three-month lull in actual Needlepoint Book Flower Crochet SI.00 Hairpin Crochet Book .... $1.00 Instant Crochet book $1.00 Instant Money Book $1.00 Instant Macrame Book $1.00 Complete Gift Book Complete Afghans No. 14 . .$1.00 12 Prize Afghans No. 12 50 cents Book of 16 Quilts No. 1 50 cents Museum Quilt Book No. 2 50 cents 15 Quilts for Today No. 3 ..50 Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs .50 cents A . g c J L J I I l L 1 f l l V l £ J , f l U LJ IVi^JO lj, fj II , ·sHXJSIZE and STYLE NUMBER. .1.0U M O R E FOR YOUR MONEY in NEW FALL-WINTER PATTERN CATALOG! 100 best school, career, casual, city fashions. Free pattern coupon. Send 75 cents. SEW plus Knit Book -- h a s basic tissue pattern $1.25 Instant Sewing Book $1.00 Instant Fashion Book $1.00 $1.00 ADVERTISE HEBE. Thousands of homemakers leaf this feature daily . . and they' will see your menage Estate BY JAMES R. SULLIVAN, G.R.I. REALTOR --· developments has not dissipated public interest in the Patty Hearst saga. Tips continue. FIVE ACRES Close In West on 16, Fenced with good pasture and garden. Clean, newly home. S carpet ee for ONE, ACRE i neat Stone Frame home Hwy 16 East near Baldwin. Carpeted. Built-in Kitchen -- 3 your country home, side storage building. Owner 3 BEDROOM ·age bu trade- Call us for details." CLOSE-IN IOCATJON Brick, completely remodeled, at- Excellent Five Ronm Cottage, re- tached two-car garage buy -- Move right in. p a ti 0 cently redecorated and jlew_quality a Great Snlj Ing. FRONTIER REAL ESTATE 521-6700 1015 N. College REALTOR Doug Hartley .... 442-6446 Bill Larenby 521-5833 Les Davis 521-4448 TAKEOVER NOT AUTOMATIC When buying an existing home, taking over a mortgage can be practical and profitable. But be cautious. Don't lake for granted that assigning the mortgage io another is automatic. The lender has a stake in who's going to repay him. Many mortgages are wrillen which specifically prohibit this practice without Ihe consent of the mortgage lender. The teeth will be found in an inserted acceleration clause which makes the whole balance due and payable upon sale. The bank can activate or waive this clause depend ing on the credit rating of the buyer, maintenance of th property ot spread between original and current interest rates. If the interest spread is great--don't count on a takeover mortgage. Before you advertise "low int. mort. takeover", and set yourself up for a letdown, why not hove us check your mortgage and advise you. If there is anything we can do to help you in the field of real estate, plaese phone or drop in THE SULLIVAN AGENCY, 434 N. College Fayetteville. Phone: 442-4294 We're here to help! automatic transmission in floor, 4-cylinder engine and whitewall tires. A very clean car for only.-..::.-.-...$2195 1972 OLDSMOBILE NINETY EIGHT LUXURY SEDAN. Thi$ local one owner car that is so clean you'll have to see it to believe it. Factory air conditioning, power steer- ng, power front disc brakes, power windows, 60-40 divided seat with 6-way power, tilt'n'telescoping steering wheel, AM/FM Stereo Radio and whifewall tires. Beautiful bamboo paint with beige vinyl top and matching beige interior $3895 1972 BUICK RIVIERA 2-DOOR HARDTOP. A mint green beauty with factory air conditioning,, power steering, power front disc brakes, power windows, 60-40 divided seats with 6-way power cruise control, tilt steering wheel, AM/ FM radio, whitewall tires and vinyl top. A great buy at only $3795 1970 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 4-DOOR SEDAN. Clrmats control, air conditioning, power steering, power front disc brakes, power windows, 6-way power seat, Tilt-'n- telescoping steering wheel, radio, and whitewall tires. A clean local one owner car for only $1995 1969 OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88 2-DOOR HARDTOP. Factory air conditioning, power steering and brakes, turbohydra- matic transmission, radio, whitewall tires, and vinyl top. Lots of good transportation for only .....$1295 1973 GMC %-TON PICKUP. Super custom cob, factory air conditioning, power steering, power front disc brakes, turbohydramalic transmission, 330 V8 engine, radio, two- tone paint, full wheel covers and long wide bed. A local owner true kith 15,000 actual miles for only $3495 1972 GMC %-TON PICKUP. If you're looking for a heavy duly pickup that's ready to put to work, hurry in to see this one, factory air conditioning, power steering, 454 V8 engine, 4-speed transmission, radio, gauges and heavy duty rear bumper. Suspension equipped with heaviest options available $2795 WHITF1ELD MOTOR GO. OLDSMOBILE-OMC 14-16 NORTH EAST AVE. - 521-7282

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