Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1952
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

., .*,,.- - V - . V ARKANSAS TIMES, FoveH«v!!le ArlronMir Ms-doy. Auf!! 14. 1931 Deferments Of Students May Get Once-Over Re-Opening Of Coses By Draft Boards Is Predicted IVufhillzlin-lflVlVnd h n a i 'I ·· tbroushotit Ire nation r .""n rn'.r-l hcfin re-oprninR 'be rnrrf nf .-ill ynuths H'i'h prluralinnnl f i r - f f r - mrnts Offirial e nt nnlmn.i! Sf'fc- tivr Scn'irr hiNirlrimrtr-r* iflinr'^ri InHay this pi'ohnhlv "'HI invnh-r litiirnrrlF nf yr.imt! inTM. PLAN TO BUILD Grt Our PrtCPB. Try Our S^rrice. DYKE LUMBER CO. 30» Si. ChnrlM probably nil 19-vrarF-old or older. A rli'iormrm rannnt hr granted ijniil Ihr ynii'li rrvpivr* notjrr of influrtion. Kudrr ihr Hi ;ifi l:m lorn! hrvuds cnn ci^in! n^tr-cmr-fHf for only onr* \ r a r . rxrrpt for ci-rtain hint! M'honl .fiiidrn'; 1 . In '-^"--' olhrr Ih.'tn rriu- r;i!ion,'il r['-/ti-rnrutr. offirlfcl« s.»iri. ninny h.'ivr l"*f*n lirmtrd In i x - mnnlh pri jnrt.v Ri'jIuU'imr- vpr-nliciillv 1C(|UHT thr rr-ctpmins ' p f c»- c '" "' 'i" 1 (1 " ri fif Ihr- ncarlrmir yc;u for ;ill ymiih? ' ;;r;m''f! rrhu .'iMoiuil rlf In m^nl" i f altcnr) rnllcjuv Ar nf KrhriMiy 2!) I th'TP were 2f»n.RIO in HiM rrtlf. ! c'M'V j i:ncl/T to'v a volilh lint prrvi- fiijslv rfci-ivins -'in rvhrc;it irm flc- f( im^ir r rniiilfv! in oiT\ upnu ' hr- irrjiif-. 1 .). in finish ;in .'ir.'iHrmic vr;u h* 1 'iJjT.irly liar flarirrt in rnJN^f. provirlr.1 hr rnnin'nin? ' vntufnrun-v ytanrlinj!. Tlifff wf-rf 17.237 vurh "Mfitiitory flrfprmi-ntr" ' nn Ffbniarv 2!) In »hr '·;i!- 1 nf high M-hnol * t u - M«-nti. ilw I .vv pinvirir: Inr ;t s t ; t i u - t'jrv flrfrrmrnl upon rcriuc*'! from Irr ilnif n VIMtd ic.irhrr th^ HRO of Ifl fur a" |nnK ;i- hr i" in ynorl · laiulinc imlil hr i" iiraclufHtr-'l nr rrnrhrp I h^ :i«i' nf 20. -vnirhrvrr mtcr roIlcRc it IK the pnclicr. to «rant him a statutory deferment for hi? freshman year. Hi* hiRh school record must Indicate he rnuld rnfikp Rood in collese. of- firlfllF said. One used these words In sum up 'he situation for high F.I honl students planning to £« 1" college this v e a t : *'"'''' ' An l "Practically any kirl planning nn have Hone going 1" college this fall a* ;.n | pd him tn enleririg freshman -- who made good enough grades in high .school to turrit consideration - will just fihout ho a SHI red he c;ui spend hi* year in college if he main- lain.* class standing and provided be is not ordered f»r induction before hr (jet.* s t a r t e d in college." A f t e r Mich » studenl Rets into rollegr:. he may then t a k e th" Se. , irclive Sorvice college rpjfiltfication j nnm test, if he desires. I K c f t t l e r i Under criteria suggested by 'hr ahead nT Selectivo Servjcr syslrn tn local boards--u-ho have 'the final say on induction -- college shidcntr who makp 70 or above on the qualification ir-i.t nr Kfaml in ihe upper portions of Iheir classep bf- pornf flifiible for conyidrralion for further edurationn! doferment.. Escaped Chimp Scatters Crowd In Park, But Psychology Gets Him Back In Cage nine-v *'-r-old miqht .--n sirans'- "i-' 1 " punch- \_/()VC¥ « face. He sIsrtH run- ^ , · n / ^-j- i Cr//sbwg Blow I o Uf.ed Dy inousands In reducing Junge's Roman Meal oread. J i - I P - t f ninf. Rill hfc;iii?:* Dick v,e.e - - b e t t e r than worth - antf had just "; ; i'anc' hi.r f.riffiih Park Xon mzp '1 on ihr "noti * n fhirnpan- ]00 pniinrlr (mm | v/hffi . hoij.^evife by a : n w a v ^vit \.' Sweepstake Tale panicky h v K i a n d e r, v. p h a i h a o no n - j cd yesterrjay wrip a sifiht to be- ; ic ihe big Kastor crowd him like f.'hirkens, ihr | ape lit oul for a ne'rb; coif j course. Sunday picknickers around ' 71 * * DRIUE-IN THEATRE Phone 3103 fonitc Tuesday 7:15-9:23 There ' v c i c ./i.HI voui)i; : in hi'^h on Fftii-ii.'iry 20. hut national Se. loctive S'-rvirr nffirtiil^ :-iid ihey had tin breakdown oti bow many will be o.rfrtu?ilpd nr renrh 20 ihiy ycur. , , A f f o r a hi^b j;chnol ynulh hap been fiiMduated, if he tii:sir.!5 to Army Won't Reveal How Many Soldiers Deserted Wanhingtnn - (/PI - Thr Army warn. 1 -' mniT tnnncy fn fni (hf 1 apprns^nlinn of rtrKOrtcrF.. hut it (IcHiivs lo riiicloy.r hnw many pnlfiiorj; hr'tvr "fionr ovrr ihr hill." Askr-'f Inrtay hnw many tions have ni-ctilrrprl nt hnrn Ihr KOITJIH WIUIAM JUNE LUNDIGAN-HAVER MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL / Among Arkamat' /'/wo/ ?sc-r- ] Aflt.'i arnblinfi nrnund for almost and . Ihree. hours Dick scorned to tire. \y a i- ' A t t e n d a n t s , police and H u m a n e 17 3 7teri ^^spoVeMnan'^'id''!^ fig- .Society o f f i c i a l ? , "/ho had be.en 'HIPS «re classified. doi-Rinp him all !hp w a y , closed in. Diirinc ii^arin«P hy a House ap- | For anolher hour, cornered near pinprifitions ytibcornmitlec. Ihr · the R»lf course clubhouse half a Artnv risked foi Sl.nsv.flOf] foi (he j mile from hi? caac. Hick - A Honolulu my* her husband ran another woman afier wtnnm^ $).Tf),2ft:S in ihe Irish Sweep?tfiker. And now, she say?. 'hie \oveinment i= trying to Inke a w a y the p i t t a n c e he left her. Mrs. Dorothy Marie Soyack lold the U. S. Tav Court here; , Her husband pilfered- some fled in "panic. j money from her hnusrhold funclr, | , · bought a ticket m ihe Irish Sveep- lateur photographer w h n ! s ( ; j k ^ anf| wfln * u n 2 8 5 ] a ., M a v _ j Twn H-ays la I or he hoarded a j liner for i he Untied Stales w i t h . anolher woman. He sent Mrs. noif: pay rny t a x r r a t the end f of the yea i I will send you ih'-and I hope you can se.t o\ n: me." Bi't. when thr lax collector; called on Soyack in New York | i [ t .rjjni; i ii.iv.i. CMy v/iih n bill for Sfi4.fiBft.OB in | F:voryone jumped hack, respeci- ' IHXPS. Soyack said he was brokr I ' and couldn'l pay ii. j Now ihe g o v e r n m e n t has · slapped a claim against. Mrs. Soy- ! ack, deniandin? lhaf she turn ivrr \ ihr entire Slfi.OOf) the husband | gave her--lo help pay hi. 1 * tax hill. CHICK SPECIAL each HE.\VY M I X E D ARKANSAS Broiler Hafrhery P. O. Bax 193 or THvphan* 3129 F^yrttrvill*. A imnvnri in Ion dnr.r was knor-kcd aprawlinK. Another man sot. his way. Dick spun him around Ihf^ s way. ic spun im aroun . ann , hr , r wom an. He se f^ lirnos and srnl him flyinj:. , Sr|v .,,., ( slfi.nnn anrl thi Oolfrr l-:lli.« Klrin was FlooiT'd " A f t n r I pay my t a x r r at by a round house right In the stomach. Then » shiny B u t t e r in the hands of a woman golfer rang hi Dick'? eye. He grabbed it and shook ii Ihreatenin^ly at the gathering crowd. Come In and See Us About Our Eosy Payment Plan on Rc-Modcling Your Home, Building New Garage, Chicken House or Milk Barns, etc. ALSO We Have Old and New Philco Refrigerators and Freezers Clifion Lumber Co. Phono 27. W«l Fork, A r k . BRAKES - LIGHTS - STEERING THE BIG THREE OF SAFE DRIVING Sec KOHtER and HAU (or n FREE checkup on !he»« importdnt infcly (riclorj ot Whltcloy'j Gnragn CORNER MOUNTAIN h SCHOOL apprehension and return , setters, an increase of- £30(1.000 I over lasl year. The Army nnw bears ihe «-n=i , of sending out to bring an appre- i henderl rieserlor back. Ilnlil recently, the travel cost of the I guard, plus t h a t of ihe prisoners I was rhnrced against the pay of ; Ihr returned deserier. i A v n i t a h l e records show only ntir ! nxpcutinn for desertion in World | Wai Ii. The Army said the i"l:il · number of rirsertion rwrf in ' World War II has Tin! been com! pilrrl. In World Wai 1. thr intiil ! of de.sf.-ilions was irpnrled al 21.- Iturbi To Present Tornado Relief Concert .Insr Iturhi, «-ho "-ill nupoar al Rnhinson Mrmnrial Auditorium in l.ililc Hock nn Tuesday cvcnins. April 'n, In a hcncfit cnnrprl fnr thn Tni-nflrin Rrlirf Fund, will iwv ' a l l his mvn nx-pcnst^. In Ihr \nr\ I IB iiionlhs Mr. llurhi has s'wrn '· ronccrls in 20 nf Ihr United Stairs. ·t'ichl cnnnlrins nf Latin Amorirn. : fmir I'ilics in South Afnra, '.'0 i'dflrs in tho Brilish Islrs. anH j romo.': hrrr nllcr a wintci tnur nf I Kuropr.. Tirkol. 1 : tor thr hrnr-fil fnticnrt '. ;tir nn salr a.l Iinhinr-nn Mrmnrial All'lilnriitm. f dp- all rfforis in lurp Ui5 laM viflim v.'ris ,i poliPOmfiii "·hn :*uffprpH n hitl«n hanrl whpn hr rnovrd in too Psyt-hotojiv finally tr^ppcH !hp hpast. His trainer rpmpmhnipd thai bcforp Dirk c;imp In the 7.00 ho had ridden in a littlp car of hi? own ;\F pnrt nT an anim? 1 ^ c t . The t t a i n o r ^o! an aulojnobilr and opened ihe floor invitingly. Dick climhpd in and sat. quietly np hp was chailffrui-prt hack tn hi = cagr. OfficinlF rppairpd f Hpfrf- ||\T pufllnck fin !hc dnnr. y z GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 63c Holland Bros, Locker Plnn Go To Seed AT Brown Bros, Where You Con Get Fresh Quality Seed AUo R o b y Chicks Hntchr.d Evnry Tuesday and Friday WEST CENTER ST. F A Y E T T E V I L L E WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving Yon 20 Years SMITH RADIO SHOP Palace Tuesday · ENDS TONITE · "KENTUCKY" AND "NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH!" THE- badgeof courage 7:00 - 9:00 · N E W S * SELECTED SHORTS Not vi'cirmeu over but strictly brand ncy! ·l^ni' nwr i ( ( . your pupkcllmok t« rfnVr 1 Ihir« ('hryj«|nr rnj;inr lpfnn- you hnv miy fine far l.ttri.iy. ft u nnt a "u'Hrnicd.n KisiraJly brnnd-n*nv OHP! It £/rvje n ni-tt Itinti nf prrlwmtuw Hint mcanx nr.'r mltir fnr nri-\' ilnllni- \(u pnv inil for ptirchnsi', itpkrcp, nr nprrritinn. H w-nr- huill hr/nul-npw firmiiul n hi'tui. - ! tphrrirnl cotnlniHliitn rhiunbrr u'liirh nuikc-t hottrr nw of pnsdlinr. nnd ;dsn (irrniils ftonnripr nil-round Piiniin- .sjruciurc, (h;ui any Arnprirjtn motor rjir i-nciw hn« hnd lpfon\ t! d»-Iivr r « ISO ImrM'pow-Pr . . »-ithmtl rpquinnp you }n buy pn-miuin i:i.snlini\ IT Pin.-- wiUl I»"!P w.-L-slr. Ir;i;i lu-n I. lc M fr^ttim and lc«« wt-nr lh;m prrvxins !"*!gn.t run H|inil. I f f romhtifltion IP HO rlA Hn if liiornlly develop* nlmost nfi r-rbon fJpposif nt till. It will tiisf longer Ihnn nny pnjfirii* yoti'v cvr.r known. It will i-vt you Iran a!r»np 11" 1 ^·ny. It will st.-ty "yonnn" in per forma nrf llniiisninln of rnilcrt pufit thp point, wlinn* an onlinnry pn|*inp Hliown}flld nRr. Am! nn top of nil (tinI, if m;ikcn rlriv\nc n lot more plpafiun-! Its nnioolh rfuporw . . . iif* Ftifpty-prnvrr, in rP«rr«-p lor pmcryoncifq . . . HP I'asy srnrn (ttr rlislnncp or hill" . . . tttiikn yrju jusf. plnin }crl A'ttw/ nl, the whcpj /i« yon'vr n*\-rr frit hoforr. l-'f.r HIP jj,,od of ntirl it. soon! Fayetteville Business Man Enters Insurance Field ' PYRAMID LIFE · ./ · -"..i : f Proudly Announces the Appointment of of MILAN CREIGHTON As Ifrs Special Representative in the NORTHWEST ARKANSAS AGENCY Mr. Creighton is well known Io the people of Northwest Arkonsos He is n graduote o the University of Arkonsos ond wos honored by selection on the All-Southwest Conference Football ond Basketball Teoms. He attended the University's Low School ond later became player-cooch of the Chicago Professional Football Team. Mr. Creighton has been independently engaged in business in Fayetteville for the past three years. He is an active participant in the civic life of his community. He is President of the Northwest Arkansas Quarterback Club, and was recently elected President of the Foyettcville Kiwanis Organization. i Mr. Creighton has Just completed the Indoctrination Course for New Agents ot the Institute of Insurance Marketing at Southern Methodist University. We urge you to discus's your needs for retirement income, monthly savings, educational funds, and business con- tinuotion with Mr. Creighton. Tho Earl N. Williams Agency wns established in 194B. Sines thnt time, this agnncy has wan the Company's highest award for quality of business nnd service to policy holde'S. Mr. Williams has merited the National Quality Award For the past two years. Ho was selected as Pyramid Life's outstanding salesman in Arkansas in 1951. The Pyramid Life has more than $1,500,000 insurance in force in Washington County alone. EARL N. WILLIAMS AGENCY Phone 2388, Applcby Bldg., Faycrtcvillc, Ark. CHRYSLER A M I - H I C A M A S vi;r I'lioni ci.ii WDips Mofor Co., Inc., 620-628 N, College Ave., Fayclfcville, Ark, "Owned ond Operated Py Arkansas Pr.ople" PYRAMID Herbert I. Thomos President 9f COMPANY

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