Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1952
Page 11
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AMUMWAJ T1MK. f-jytmvllls. Arkansas Wsntaf, Aer* M, ? -J 1 Potient Killed Robinson And Graziano By Explosion Taper Oil Drills For In Hospital Middleweight Title Go New York-l/Pl-A younx mother , Chicaso-i/Pl-Champion Ray Flob- highway. In Municipal Court this i I.FGAL NOTICFR morning hp H-JIP fined SB and costs j - - - - - - ^^j --a total of Sift- nn (he rhargp. · N«t Tv.'n passengers in thr car ririvrn ^pp S " hy Paul Davis, 2fi, opcappri injury, .vans Rut Da\-i: and his \v\1p wr*rr troal- , {'| lvn ^' fini "'; ifinr(i frt for minor injuries at Cily HUP- ; Bnnrd of A I plal. ; K"f»ni ron y.yr.r-- Vaa killed hy a freak tneMhplfc | Inson and Rocky (iraziann nave | KJORTUWF-ST \RkANSAS TIMES '· llir explosion a5 she lay on an npprat- · ended heavy drill-: for their mid- j U~J . r " r i r I r P\ i r\ r i UuMu "'r rtTt'r'.TtT ·" i injt tablf after giving birth to her | dlftv.-eiRhl title brawl in Chicago i I I A \ \ ! h I r f) A [] \ r«i'»"t*H m h-' ; !..-»-m third daughter. The explosion Stadium Wednesday. V L rl J J I I I L U H L / J , ""I 11 ,.' * ^ ( ' n " 0 knocked an attending doc'or nn- Graziano's shot at Robinson i s ! R ? le: 3TVlcen " ° fr word »"i'» '" ' -- ' ri ' r " 1ni v Vowciou*. But the rhild, delivered j the rlimax nf his comeback. It will Tc^ii pVr^nr^'^inimnm n'S'^c ! K.nior n h, r"".'",, WHITFIELD'5 (J5ED CARS -TRUCKS . caefiarean section, had been I be their first meeting taken from the operatine room and i Sugar R a v rules , solid 3-1 was not harmed. I favorite. It will he hii second ' Detail* oMhefraRfidy. which no- j middleweight t i t l e defense since . - ..... Classified adi rmh in mired. Saturday, wr rp riisrlossd lasl niEhi by Dr. R. C,. Dinin, mnrl- teal superintendent at the city- owned Cumberland Hnspitpl in regaininjf the crov/ri Turpin in .\Vv York la?t Srptem- ber. Tlie srheriuleri 15 rounder will be televised and broadcast na- | a. m rially: 9:30 * ni Saturday I Corr»c lions and rerun chr rrlnll v iioc-nli"rl i marie after first insertion Nn cnrr^c- ' Wathinftn from Randy | lions or rerun marifc a f t e r *ri hai ex- Thr tin L E f t A i , NOTICES .Brooklyn. He said the blast appar- | finally starting at 9 p. m . (GST). " John I _ NOTICI' TO QUIIT TITLt r-ntly wa* .set off hy a spark of InXHf^ ^, e ^et Trumanj propane. Dinin sad there was eminence o.f negligence. « . r , , . | At HStef JCWICCS French Commies Fighl Ridgway Appointment \VF. Truman bravori a steady riri?,- ?.lo to join a great part the na- lional capital's population in nb- j serving Easier church servi:-* 1 ypp- I tPi'day. '''he Truman's a u ended PariK-f/Pj-ThF French Com- .holy communion semres at St munuta threatened today to re- :. Joh/i's Episcopal Church a c r o s s *cif violently .f Gen. Matthew B. : Lafayct* -Square from the White _ HidRway i* named sncrps«nr to ' House. Surrounded Cen. Dwight D. EisenhowPr fls = ire men , hev ^ ab h , supreme Allied commander in i( ^ ft , t The Communist party n,-,an. ' !,'Hiimanite. branded "Ridgway "A war criminal" and "killer of the Korean people" and "the indi- 'n ihe aisle in ; lion of pome fiOO. (he had Easter the germ i Washlnalon area sunrise services Secret Serv- ui the con vpafher. T in Not ire ].« h*n*hv given ihut there ha* brcn filrri hi the ofdrc of Clrrk of thp Chancery Court of W ash ing- inn Cniinty. Arkansas, a pel 11 inn '" confirm in .lohn fnfirarn anil Mary I.Ke Ingram ihe titlr to the following land* in sain 1 County: Th - S\V l , nf ijip NE 1 , nf Sec. t.V and piirt of thr SKU ( ihr- NW'« nf Sec. 15 dpurrihp-fl a* br- thp KF. i forty, run nine tlifince Wcsi M6 ft.: thence N. -If. ries. \\'. I.nil ft.: then N. 7fi riPR. HO ruin. F: thence N. 63 deR. F. 197 f t . K. 22 df-p. E. 1IKJ..1 fi : 'hence N. j fteR P. 4^0 H.; 'hence S. 1*20 ft to point of beginning, all in Twp 17 N'nrih RanRf :il \\ti. All n'rsnnx Haiming said lands. 01 [iffrt anri warned l« appear in sain" , \VKLI, Cnnri v.' six wppks from date : Ka.vcl hereof or n* soon thereafter a« said i much m.ilter may be heard and show causr Will «l;i why tille 10 sBid lands thtuittl nol b- mnfimied in sRiri putilinruM *. WhneKK FII.V hand as siir-h Clrrk ·f) r\nr, J anri spal of ;nirl Court this 21Mh riay ·M.nnn persons attended IS outdoor ; 0 f March, 1352. vidual \vho ordered ^United Nations official.c have J P - : BISHOP'S F.URLOUGH-- Commuhis, ' notedly d e n i P d Communist CONTINUKD FROM P A P E rharws that U N. forc-w a r e . n i i t t e d or sentence being dropping germ-laden bomb.s on ' and ruslomaril Knrra and Red China. Terrorjsts Charged With Starting Panic Caracas. Vene^-Uel a -i/Pj- Federal polirp ha\'r; arrested 40 persons suspected of touching off thr panic in \vhich 47 persons *ypre tram- ! ^ n'pd to death in Sanla Teresa Churrh last Wednesday. The panic --when someone yelled ··fire"-- VHP planned nnd provoked hy terrorisl.q, thr parish pries! chars- HictiBrd B. Grecr Clerk .11 April 7-I4-2I-2R Ma; S-c- IHVITATIOHOR BIOS No I ice is hciehy Rivfii ;hal spalrd proposal-i will he received hy ihr* City of Fayettpvill* 1 . Ark anna* for pal nil up all rxirrior woodwork, fir? psrapes. hand-rail?;. ornmcnlJil metal. Eultrre. rtownspnutf anri anv and nil olh^r oainted surface^ on thr nufsidf ot the City Hospital loralcd in the 'JD't block nf RotMlt School Avenue of the City nf Fa.vctteville. i P. *M. C. S. 'T. nn April 2lsi. 1H5?. j , . n . , .. Up i" n the Coun^l Ron | tn 10 riay*. ]a\v Pnforcempnt o f f i ; miniuration Ruildi ., and judges in the prisoner*' \.: S ^L P ^ i ^°r P i"rk S of W ihl n.v of F H V - ! itil S:(in I'. M . C.'s. T. April ' served, j approves alt holj- · i day furloughs the superintendent j recommends. The °overnor then grants the furloughs as a matter · of form on the hoard's recnm- j mpndation.c, i Foi the holiriav ftirlnue home prisoners · eas are npjthcr 'consulted . o'i'tcv'i'ih nolifird. For longer fitrlouphs 2 I - 19: ' 2 ' for such clemency and par- d 0lll . - and paroles, they are con- Meat ion" perf. Thus Bishop and from 50 lo 100 other prisoners \VPHJ ipleappri for bripf holidays, Thev wcrp not w c r p guarded and were murely told to F'avc return to prison when the f u r - The ahovfi-niPiitiori'-d 'vr»rk will hp rcordancc with th* 1 sppci- '· nd rippcription of work to ' med .T; oipparcd bv thr j Enpinrpr for "Outside Painiinc . iii- Fa.ictteville CItv Hospi^l." '. I April 7. 1952. C»pip« of \vllirh , h;, may he obtained hy thr Cily Fnpinrf-r'. Arkans : C i f « Of fi Th(P Ci '- v Earlier police hart 'lanjpd fhn disaster on pick pocket p. who the officers s a i d , had shou'.cd the alarm lo divert attention from loughs ended. According to the board members, Bishop is the first prisoner on record who hns failed to return--although several of Ihem have been l a f e getting in. Known - w a v e t any and all hirl«. inforjnalily in hiri^ Senators In Search For Missing Grain 'itlr. W ch' iff\ ^ ' - r tnrep 'fiPinbers, he said. NVa gators said t.odav thcv are Irvine t .,.,, , ! to find out. what happened t o ' D .^y understanrtmg is that he nearly S.nno.OOO pounds of g o v - 1 (Blf;no P) was entitled tn a C h r i s t - i *rnmenl-owrted grain--enough to ! mas ^ l "'l (| ngh, ha\-inp been there fill 49 railroad cars. Chairman I several venrs. Hi*, conduct o n ! EHender 'D-La' of the Senate i titled him to it." : Agriculture Committee declared I Fulmer did not recall circum- the s h n r t a g e was discnvered | stances rpgarding Bishop'- fi.r I through chance by committee in- , lough .specifically, hut r-.\nlfuned ' SroSiJ'" 3 '' 11 * 0 TM 60 " 0 ***"" "» TMTM°TM 0 » f »^rin h .«±?" nW l3! i .lorsfif piarliccs. vi( .,, H( , MfnAfrl lhp c v t p m ^ · _ thuiiKh hp conceded ilial lhp ! Bishop raso iva.e '·iirifurtiinalp nf , j course." Rut hp said: ' 'Will no! Intfr.'p Fnr [nil drinilj: A pfrfonnanc« nnrt pa.vmt'nt bnr in the amount uqunl to i\vn bin Hred lint i-enl 121)0'. I of the rnntr.i prirs will hp required. Ench nrnpn? will hp Bccoinpani«(i Ijy a Rifl Ronfl (,. ,^i, - -. Ccrtjfipri Cherk nnd" pavahlp to thr i (.nan-man Niavill« said hp had City of Farrttri-illr In th' E amnun not hppn infot-rneri of fhp rpsiena · rlvc per crnt '* r ' } nf ""' 1)il1 * f a hifl I ' " ! - h ""« "·«"-· h "' - ---ftrtS?!H M .r WA N«n ----'---FAYEnEViLLE'S I - "' ·".' I«I.IMI memni-rs. nut mini hi- licensed ; thai recenl meeting? harl nnl hcnn i lhe laivs "' H" i attended b.v all mcmhrr... nn=i,,K, $'7Z,P£ f A u _ ; . . . , _ , . K A N S A S J. W. H I L L ELECTRIC CO. Quality InitolUrt · PUMPS »POWER f o r k IDEAL MATTREtf CO. OuciNiy HPW molircn onH m a t t f * * ^ ^ renovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST DICKSON WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. I S Mn.lh fr,-.' ',F. The"" 1 1 !10 HAMMOND RFA11Y CO F.\- r'tu.n^ M n H.V!.;!.'.n.! l 17' I v ' - i l l t l ' C ' l I O N WE"" WILL TRAIN YOU TO BE A TECHNICIAN IN ONE OF AMERICA'S LEADING INDUSTRIES I F Illllt-s p^ifl. ln-J. ilihp.l " iiiniii nnd h.nth i.paftin e^rajjr Plinoc Mr Ciii-n UNKIIIINIRIIKU ap»nrii.-nt cnlion for rinnlnvil ruiir Cnnnuil nf ihw Ci MM - . .. ran be conriuclnd by a fi\ionirn of j M. Rhi-» ! ,VTa;or _ V .H.,. | NOTICt Or PETtTION i TO quIIT TITLI I In Tht Chancery Court of Wathintlvn Ceimty. Arhaniii^ .'. F. Palmer and H-li-n I.. Palmrr i liuiband and wilr.. Prtitinnprs rx A I F. Palmer ihand and iHnllip Oxford- nciemtj Nntirc in herphy gi Palmer nnd Helen I. Pnlm- EMPLOYMENT CENTER ntral clearing housf! hring- -. i ing together W O R K E R and EM| PLOVER. By providing an e f f e c - '!«"' j live placement service, ihe Fm- 1 ployment Center reduces w a s t e ·J ! in job hunting and labor ro- T cruilinq. RemRmber, : ; NO FEES OR CHARGES PACKARD-.WILLY5 Sales -- Service IYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO 1 Phonf? 666. 208 Norlh Rlork ; FOR SAM]--I1OMH NKKDS and H*len L. Pal wife. Plainiiffn BENDIX U R C L E AGITATOR MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G llnllj vnrid Bf-d tAn\t T" Older ONF. ii \ v srnvirr,.- PHONF. ??·; Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. i2(i_Souih Ran Si. KINCAID AND COMPANY lf.^1 '.ofi :'M n KinST tiM'r.. nirn'rnl In .11 v,';ir f n ; f\vr rmiril'"rU?t| 1 ri'ii-i- 'in "l«',r '"'mi. HAMMOND'"RFAitT coj. 2 0 0 20,000,000 01 2ClV MUTUAl FIRE AMD A U T O INSURANCE THE RITTER AGENCY ' for Today's Market-- ''The Kt. 1,01115 Livestock National .Stockyards, ni.-ifl 5 )- URDA-HogF 12,000; ac1i\ p e, 40 to SO hipher than Friday's average; bulk choice No?. 1, 2 anri 3 180230 Ibs n.fin-fiS; top IT.fifl, highest since March 19; 140-2VU Ihs lull width of choice grade Ifi.'iO- 17.35; few to 17.50; 2rUl-33D Ibs Ifi.OO-afi; 150-170 Jbp 15.75 17.00; P.0-140 Ihs 13.50-15.25; 100-110 Ibs 12.00-13.00: cows 41)0 Ib* down 15.30-18.00; heavier so-.vs 14.0i»- I.i.OO; fc\v 1S.25; stags 11.50-13.10; j i HP .ciipfrintfnr1fMil s h n n 1 d · havp somp discretion in thcsr m a f - j fprp. HP in roni.ict w i t h thpm ' annri should know. I Hnn't think , thprr is A n y t h i n g wronc with Ihr ! system . . . Onlv nnp in thmisHnds 1 i? a prptty good avpragp." j Ftilmer pnintpri onl that there is ! terrific pressure froni ministers ; and welfare \vorker«. for instance | --for leniency to prisoners. ; Keel noted lhat fhp. nenitenfiarv . system is run by prisoner tnistie.c j instead nf hy large numbers of ; suarri.c. thp program thus sa silnaicd A part ihn Wept onr-hnlf Uct qimrttr nf Sct'l-o slilp 17 No^rh. of llnn wit: Rpginninp al fhi; -SnniliraM rornrr nf snirl fift-arn- t r a c t ami running, ihenrr West :·? rnti* ami 14 link?, 'hrnrr North in thr South hank- fir Whirr Rivrr. ihoncr- F.nit- crly "-ith the «airi river bunk to ihe EaO litir of ?airi sn-arrr irari. thnn-p South in llir pt?CP n( lj P (.in- nin;; an.l cnntaininR .141, arr«, and lake a chance the s t a t e money. The men! sv.-ctem i hoars 10.00-12.00: few lS..m. of hnlidav furlmi«h« for tructi P «= Cattle 3,oOO, calves fiOO; opening . he said. Rives the prisoners "some ' active on all classes with steers, j hope for the future." · heifers and cows 10 or more hijjh- I "If yoifrp goin^ tn rehabilitate ' er; bulls anri veaSers pteariy; Rood = * niHri you've ^ot tn s t a i f .vnmp- . where." Keel declared. "I ^ree that pome of thnm are rat.hnr hard - criminnls. hut you've got t f i treat em all alike . . . YnuYp got tn ' : K" by the rule ' (tn them." Consult Offi. i«K In crnming longer fiirlou^hs ; - s u c h as PO-dav furloushr, and in paroles, pardons, and such mailers, the hnard members rennrtod. ' '··(·fll officials are cnnsulled and ', irnlp officeis supervise the prk- ' . . . , . . ' n ner« while t b e ^ are free Thk \= vnry l,jh. supply, .-onsistmc pro- : no , dnn . ,,,, h(|lidav ,, ,, . , ,, ' · '' . oominalely of clipped laml«P: s*ai- KPP! nm't t M' i · K'T : lered small lm choice and prime ; anri |U d R ,neFtJ a^p'rTing'"thai '/he ' ivnoled lambp up to 23..iO: merely -. s t a t e is V e,v fortiinale to h,ve ! ' Rood kinds 2R.OO-.iO; Inart choice a man |j k( , i_ p r Hnnslrr" a: *o prime heavy No. t skins 2R.OO; '. superintendent, which mains to, 27.7.S lambs one | Rpleasps Critjrirrd u-c«k fl^o: load mixori Nn.s. 1 and j Hishnp's release arid tho ml* 2 skins at :!f.00, pie(iominnlely nf t w o other killer^, riuppit R utility pnd fiood with fev.- choice: /»d -Inel Cnrson, h, part deck Nos. 2 anri 2 skins ?.',.:·()·, f"-P5 sleady; tew utility Kftnri pwes 12.00-14.00; culls j Good openings received daily, i In short supply at, j I o r n I I y: Stenographers and | Women Factory Workers Out o ( i areu: Macrurml';, Machine Tool j Operators, Factory Laborer?, En ! gineers, Chemists, DrafIsmon, '· Clerical Workers, Cannery and | Farm W o r k e r s , p"c. ARKANSAS STAIE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 104 West Center St. 1 ONUS - HOADS CI.EARfNf; -- OMN KARNRS AN)) KI.I.IS WILSON' r.ln?\V SIJN'-f FAYETTEVILLE PLUMBING HEATING CO. 110 N \V~.t Th'i-e l.n AUTOMATIC $229.95 and low choice sieers and heifers largely .10.00-34.00; small lots a\ PI a^e to hiph choice 34."tO-?.5.0l); utility nnd commercial rnws ?^.0024.50; canners and c u r t e r s J7.00- ; 21.50; utility and commercial bulls 2.'.00-2fi.?ri; culler on Ms ".'(!.00- 2*-.OfJ; limited number sorted prime | vealers io 39.00 tn all pood and choice vcalers mainly SO.OO-S7.80; utility and commer- rial 21.001 1.00; culls l.i.00-20.1)0. j Sheep 4011; a c t i \ e and .-tnmi on ] K. LAI-*- o t i c . Rn: d . Phrmr 1130. ('a.vltnfillp voi.'n nooriNG MJDS Call H 1. S ' f w a r ! Akn. Sidmr llnnir repair. Ph'm- tnil.l . E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gruvel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A I T O N Phonf 749 : prison to 5.00-in.nn. STOCKS Roche Compony, Ti.ilf.n Tndar'l Slnck Third hour av-eraaes; fndiiFinalp minus s?; rail? minus fl.05; ufiliiies niinu« s-t; "olumc l.JSO.OOn shares; slarlerl /airly ttrnriK hut probably rtue tn pe«w neu-s s t a r t e d dropping. CASH PJUD FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon. Collect HSI J*plin Rendering Co. e hnen sevcre- j ly criticized hy law enforcement I officers and others. ; Rvler. w h o killed S h e r i f f j l . a w r e n c e Harhi-r in I*ard County I six years api, hns been free since I last year on furlough a f t e r yerv- | itlC five yr; ( | S of a 21-ycfir · sentence. Ousrm. senionrerl TO life Lrt^rHhrrt for killing a S t j i t e Hnspilal cuard. ' nim-k j wns pardonnd )iy Mr.Malh a f t e r rniM " several ftjrlouch exir-nsion*:. I nishop r e c e i v e d iwn lifp seniencef in conned ion with thp I fM3 falal shoot ins. Twn inure inurdT char^et are p « n ri i n R a c a m s t him. Hr killed the four men in .ranuary. l!14rt, in SprinR- (Jalf. and explained tnf o f f i c e i s that they had annnveri hi*; n-ife. Rut one of the victims o n his hospital deathhfri told officers Bishop shot them "for no rr-nson." FIVE SENT -- thr hiuh'i'di'. with parking All persons ' in or litlff to on the pomp, arp hrrphv 1 appear in said Conn within : after dnie nf ftrsi pnhlir; )nfirmf rl Whrreof 1 hnv^ h nrt on tliis .list rta unto ,«el my nano ano nmyn inc ; i»nnrrii tjcnvri'. pral of thi e Court on Mirch. 19.i2. 'SEAL' Rich.ird R Grp Chancorv Clf-rk · t l _ A p i i l 7"^ NO'TICK" ' hcrch*' sivn ih«l tl,i- ti ha" lil^rl with !hf COMMIT tionrr of Ri.'vpnit'-s o[ tho Slate of A r - i HijI/SKWIVKS- -K kans-iK (or permit lo «HI and disp-'n'.-'j An'-i'ic:r must pi»[ml;,i ·d «=: Mnvo's Cafp. N. 71 Ihgh-A-ay. . to .v; Urni- Hnv K-I,V · ! HFI.P \ V A \ T i : i -- KKMAI.P. v.':nlrfSK f-u WAITHKSS. .-.jiplv *·· ·*"""' ' ' ' D E B U T A N T E COSMETICS, [ U L l f : R BPUSHiS. PHONE [urnilurr. ot HILTON 71 N o r t h . WiH- lo c o o ' e f r o m . :·. evp.y hour. Sf.H Green Sto SALKSMKN \ V A N T K D iCnff! IMMKHIATF F.A ·s I"" ! TOHV SA1.F.SM1A- . I ha* | own pcriiinn.-iil ^".·.l it 1h 0 ' tllfillh-51 . . SHI Sliif : ("urhl'irl S!lO"- ,\M| ·.lorn. rOMFM.rrK. WORK LINK DH-HKK For Service ConM/ll You r Classified Sorvir.e Dirrrtory TKANSl'OHTATION i'WINr; I'T A m l t f i i I»;AITV SHOPS Sl'.nn » H-I MOM'Y TO LOAN ~" r l l A " IlnMK ! O-A m ' r - i e y t , lo.-.r. I KI A I ' T V SHOP M1TIST1C F O R S A I . K -- I I V r S H H ' K nil 1 , - r . r v i · , · · * » l . ' . - i l Apnlirntifin U fir r«i fit for opf-rntinn '.^jji I n«y of .Inly. I9.-.2. · i Mir .tfllh rjflV nf .Inn Murjnnr V « * l ] ApplKMnl SPRING OPENING KEN HAVEN GARDENS Hermfilching, Picolinq, Cov«r«d iuftons. Button Hol»», Tailored Bel.'s nnd Bucklii. j Special Attention given Moil' Ordfirs. Satisfaction or Money! Back. ! SINGER SCW'NG MACHINE CO . n .: in s.K^st.. F»y»n«vilie Bring your around plans and we will show yon how Excavating - Bulldozing ond where to plant We have expert advice on londr Disking - Brush Rake |scaping. We have o nice selection of evergreen? onrj ' Ponds - Roads - Clearing shade tr e ps. F lower,nq shrubs Perennials. Every- H. JONES Contractor thing , o | JHnuti(y yolir grounds f or outdoor living oom Red, pink, purple magnolias. Blue ond pink ! hydrangeas. Golden chain trees Red rnaple, tulip ! Irecs, sweet gum, sugar maples, red buddlea. Roses in safety container-: guaranteed lo bloom. .Red, pink, and white peonies in bud planted in con- joiners. Complete line of bedding plants, and many |mrc and unusual plants such as, orchid ins, and holly that is always berried. !Located one mile south of Rogers on Hiway 71. ov 1 r nd But cluding I h o M McKcch tons Pu'.kles ··fj C.OnlO'ir B"in in t e r Jobs - Good Jobs - Better Jobs ARF YOU INTERESTED' S E E K I N G A POSITION WITH A R.JTURP IK Y I , I - \ - ; r TKJ.X rnrxi n, 'vrni A r l - l ' I l I S F - ' V T A T I V K f l F THF. LITTLE ROCK * ' EMPLOYMENT AGENCY; TUES., WED., THURS., April 15-16-17' 9 A M TILL 7 T M · : 2NDEI.OOIv LOUNGE --MOUNTAIN INN ' '. \V" IIKI'IJKSKVT VIIK I.ARf.p-.H UVAL ; /.NI) N A T I O N A L CONCT.RNS GRADUATES iv'n'nrsTvn IN vonn F'lvrURR i c -. \'ri en \TiGF. TO RF.ri I.I- I' 1 '. ().' -\nOVK IVVTKS , Ark.

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