Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1952
Page 10
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- . . . MOtttmmt AMANI AI ftMM. **·*·!*». M, if» COME BACK. HERE" DIDN'T, .. .-!-«' ,'VV ., V : , ?t---iS^- ..,·· 6 .: Si*'-" 1 «j«^'/':-.' - iar:/»j *-··.- ; ^ r ^T^ JL^'*i OKAV. ·.THIS SINGER. / TM TONSILS. AND ( WILLING. WE WANT HIS .AGENT, DUDE. LETS MAKE A YOU POLKS HAVE A GORGEOUS GAL DOING TV BV THE NAME OF DOT VIEW HAVEN'T VOU?"ASK5 OICK S, DOT VIEW IS THE MOTTE3T THING IN TELEVISION -BUT HOW CAN SUE HELP?" SAV5 THE DISC JOCKEV. WMV COULDWT WE HAVE DOT VIEW OFFER SEE HERE, WHAT'S-TOUR 6AME, WOMAN? tMI MfUHOlWIMMC KNTIt TMY60T HMt? I WANT A KOOM FACING THE SEA ANE JUST BECAUSE ITS DARK, DON'T TRX T' FOOL PEPC'S TW"nCKETS fO'A J UC*/^D BERTH FO' rV"^ ^ L?XAB»JEft^O«UM ' ' ~ tMAE HO-«OH'.'-VH'LL BE GLAD T'QIT SOMC WCST. ' THET MUUC AU DAV GOT ME T\Of.O. r . r - SIIO'NUKF.'.'-WE CAIKJ'T I.FAVl. TM' BOOPATCH'HAM OUT IM ' MIGHT STI:AU IT. OH.WXL-IT ._. KtW HAVn MAM spwrr:. AH'LL INTH'., .LOUNGF.CAP.ffl R.F.D. Seven ·y JACK CARLISII Last week stapled off pretty «nouah hut there was fjuit« a change before th'e week was over. That rain Friday 'night pill all the stream* 50 high that the/e was nn chance of fording any. of them. I couldn't even jjet across Greasy Creek, but Frank Skelton met me down at Cain Stout's and took the mail for the four boxes that are in front of Bill Thompson's house. And at the group of mail boxes up above the old Hazel Valley post office I was met by one. inf I stopped by the post office and picked up the mail for most, of the one* that I missed Saturday. And from the looks of Middle Fork, it is very doubtful if I could c/oss today. ^ It that was so warm last Tuesday .lack Hall was breaking in a brand-new Ft raw hat -- th« wide- brimmed kind that keeps all the sun off you. Last summer Elmer Stout was visiting in hi.« old neighborhood. I actually think lie had a little Uudness up Iherc, but he was getting in a little visiting on the ride. Kvrn thoush we have harl some pretty v/et spells of weather, the roadF have boon pretty good. One reason for this. I think, has been the Paris hoys v.-ho took 1h« Paris mall, as -veil as that for several of j (he absence of the log haulers that fhe neighbors- I had o EO out in ! wc usually have. Those heavil; that direction .Sunday morning, so loaded truck.'; cut some pretty deep rut?. And nf rr nurse that gravel wap spread about a year ago on some o/ the road hap d o n e away with som*» of the worst Fpofs. Last Thursday Mrs. -John Miler came out in the r-ail box, loaded down with a lot of her ron's fish- inc tnckje that he failed 10 take a f t e r his ror.ent visit. He h?P sone to Oklahoma and she : ent. it o\-er there. I don't think he ever did 50! a chance IT urc any of j' while hn v.-3s here. He is stationed at nn Army hospiial in San Francisco anri is spending a fiirlotich visit- j In; here tnd in Oklar.nmn. E. H. Young has been having pretty good luck 'iehing for suckers and redho'rse. Nearly every day last week he waft telling me about the £ood luck iir had had Ihe day before. His biggest job, it seems, is getting the bait. He uses mussels. These creature.; have to be captured by v/ading out in the creek. I don't think il t a k e - any special skill to get th? mussels, but 1 wouldn't want to os wading around in that '.rater--especially the way the weather is no'.v. The miilr route has been rx- lended as lar as the Bill Thompson place. I get there about the .same time thai Ihnir drh'er does and we, have some pretty cl.isii drive? when wn happen tn meet on lhat narrow road,that leads up to Rill's House. There i.~ a small sprins-frd stream that runs right by ihe place Mr. Thompson leaves hip I milk cans, so he-just sets the cans | there in the branch lo keep the | nilk cool. I Last week \v. \V. Richoson left | for Niagara Kails, but cm sidetracked inlo a St. Louis hospital. I think it was just, for a checkup, Ihou^h. I got a card from him. asking me to send his mail there tn the hospital instead of the other placr. Further ^isn^ of progress arr to be r-ce.n alon^ the Ed Eriv/arris Road; lasi Monday I saw thp Fay- p.tteviile telephone boys running some new telephone lines Ihrough there. around an well as f,hc rest o" Jhern. It is going to be 4o\tgh luck on whoever geU that drumstick, though. I just asked Irene if it would be TOO corny to say that if Ihis chicken's pa heard of such goings on, he would turn in his gravy. She just gave me a funny look and went back to her rending. Don't forget the historical pilgrimage that starts .at Ilaguirn- tou r n next Sunday at 2 o'clock. You get there by going about four miles beyond Baldwin and turning left on s t a t e highway 74. Maguire- to'.vn i.= just about a mile from H Farmers Urged To Cooperate In PMA Program B«at boredom Chew Wrigley'* Spearmint Gum. Good chewinii relieve monotony, nice little Ml. , 1 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OH, VES, IP MUCH CATHER SPENPAR SEWIMG PAPtRSOVER THEM THAW '^PENJD ALL SUMMED FDKlMG? PAIMT OUT OF THE SCREENS WITH AKI ICE PICK-- VOtJ HAVEN'T SEEM SOM O£ HUSAWP PAINT. I 6UE-SS. Wednesday I Imoin about \vas kidding ihe firooked ! Sall rov.'.- oT sUiff shp had ihcre. in . hor garden. Shr changed "he sub- jrct hy telling me about one her small chickens that had hern nearly beheaded by it? molh- rr. Sally took nine slichcs in the rh ink's peck and head and the chicken is apparently all right. The stitches are about, ready to come nut and there don't seem to he any complication. 6 . This talk led to a rhjcken which is ov/ned Fafnipt-s nf Washington County u'frn reminded loday by ·'. G. Buchanan, chairman of thp county I'M A Committee, to sign up j tn cooperate in the 1952 Agricui- j s a i d that the cnmUy and rommu- · nity PMA commitfccmen are ura- I in;: farmer? lo rooprraie in in? j ACI 1 because the snil and w a t p r conservation practices encouraged by this program- am so vilally necessary |o assure needed produr- tinn in meet detonsp requirements. Thf; current need Tor increased production of feed grains is par. ularly urgent.. "But we have to ^, j thnk nf more than the production ' nnerl this year," the chairman pointed out. "The needs may hp even greater next. ynar. That. i~ why farmers nrp. being urged in ^o over Iheir farms field by /irld tn delermine what, 1$ moil needed lo make trip lanr' mor- productive. 1 ' Thr chairman stressed t h a t thp program is oprn to all farmers. Bdiw K orAW/ ALLEY OOP AND FOOZV / VES, BUT SCEM TO MAKE PRETTY! 1 DON'T SEE GOOD FOKTY-N1NER5.. AT LEA5T THEY KNOW HOW TO HMgDLE ROU^Fl CHAKACTER6! TWO DAYS Wfc BEEN HURt AN' ALL WE SCRAPED IIP 15 FOUC THOUSAND WICK YEH. t KNOW. ITS AWFULLY LOW. BUT NOW WE'VE SO S CLAIM- JUMPER ,IO? LUCK'LLGirTB ALMOST KNOW. \ CAN MJJ ADO OKF. LETTER^? AW MAKE: IT A IT: WAS POET LAUREATE OF ENGLAND RDR2S YEARS MCAUSEHECDMfOSEDANEW SONNET FOR EACH aiRTHPAV Of m /S FOK60TTE Bur HIS NAME LIVES ON IN me LIHCS Sf OSWCf STB/ENS - »m) Khan me fit was owwd ' m t i a i i i i s i n j And wan Hhut n dainty 4;sh To pot before a k«,j PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK hv Sally's neighbor, Lillian Wood. ^ ' = ' a m ^ " n r r 'Some time ago Ihr. Woods' chicken hllt TMopcrafion suffered a broken lej, r.nd Mrs. Hood put 3 splint on ihe leg. Evidently she. sot. trie splint too tight i ( -" n ^ f - 1M anri nil off the circulation--any- "TM']__ n way the lc£ CAME OF'.', splint and all. So Mrs. Wood fitted the .chicken with an artificial 1e«;. And. brljrvp it or nnl, tlir rhirkrn fift? strict! On The Radio Kiw Vork-(/P)-Listeninc I"- · night: I NBC--7 Mac-Bar show; 8 Vonr- ! ·flrns concert: fi:3n Paul Lavnlln | hand: n Preview of Nr-w .Inrfr.v : primary; 9:33 Dangerous Assignment, i CBS -- 7 Suspense: S .1 a n ·: Powell; 9 Boh Hawk quiz. | ABC--7 Henry Taylnr; I'M Bis ; Hand; fl Whileman teenage talent; ! 9:30 Time for Defense. MBS--7 Woman of fhe Year. Bette Davis: 7:30 Crime Does Not Pay; 8:05 Crime Fighters; 8:30 Korean Report.. MDNDAt NIGHT 6:00 Dinner Musir 6:IS StarlighfTime S:3!l News 6:4.T Ox.ark Spor]*; Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:IS Gabriel Heatler--M 7:3(1 Khythmir Hende/vous 7:45 Lombarrlo on the Air 8:nn Bill Henry 8:OS Crime Fighters 8:30 War Front--Home Front 9:00 News 9:05 Crime Does Not Pay 9:30 Just Music 10:00 News--M 10:15 Platter Parly 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sign Off TUESDAY MORNING 5:30 Rise N" Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise 'N-' Shine (j:30 Markets and Wralhcr 6:35 Rise N 1 Shine 7:0ll Koffee Kup K.lper* 7:30 Otasco News 7:15 Koffee Kuy Kapers 8:00 Rob HurlfiRh R:l.i Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns fl:00 Morning Melodies O.-J.i News--M 9:30 Take a Number tary. Pariicipatinp farmer? a r e urged tn check Ihoir farms /or the ·Htion operation? t h a t arp ceded and then f o ur,e th« program lo help carry out th- practices v.-hich will dn flic ni'jpf good in meeting these Deeds. Each cooperating farmer will bf civpp all possihl" assistancp in working ntil. the "first-things- first, yrar-hy-ycar'* conservation program for hip farm. In all rasrp emphatir \\-ill be on practices that tie in directly with thp current and futurr prnriiirtion need.';. 1924 Escapee Returned Fo Prison Farm Pinp Rluff-(P}-A man w-ho an- plied for \vorlc al the'Pine Blulf arsenal is \n prison today. Hi? fingerprints *w ·* r p identified a? those of a prisoner who escaped from Tucker prison farm almost 23 years ago. Kupt. Lee Hen?)ep ^gid I.cQjiard Burch \\'a« given a ti^-e-yp?|- sentence, on hnrglary and grand larceny charges in Miller County Dr- cember 2fi, 1921. Burch was IT. HP. escaped Ortnhcr 22, 1924. Blirch. now 45, applied for n-m-V at Ihe arsenal as Louis Morg?n Rurch. He \\ - as returned in prison yesterday. Indian corn or maiz.p is unknown in the native stale, but is belipvpd tn havp nricinalrri in tropical Arnerira. Bright Color For Trim 10:00 t'ood for Thousht 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day "Now ice il you boy* · put on M good a fighi in your (rcuinj[ room)" you did 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Rauckafie Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith i 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report TUESDAY AFTERNOON 18:00 Hymns of All Churches 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 ChuekwnRon -Innihoree 12:« Rider's of Uip Purple Sace ·;00" nf thr Day 3::tO Tune Pick'n Tim* 1:00 Tune Piek'n Timi- 1:30 Tunf. Piek'n Ttmr 5:00 S«t. Trostnn S:M Sky King 1:.U Cecil Brow* 8235 Ky Stic Burnett This youlhful frock for all oiva- iion wear all summer is pei-fcct for cay tubhnhle cottons, briRhlly accented with buttons in a contrasting tone. A choice of sleeves is provided. Paltern No. ft?.3!i Is » sew-rile perforated pattern in sizer li, H. IS, 18, 20. Si?.e 14, .Vi» yards nf Sfl-ineh. For this patlern, nend 30c In COINS, your name, address, si?« desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER tn Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times, ll.V* Avt. Americas, New Ymk ID. N. V. Basic FASHION for 'A2 Is filled with ideas te mnke your elolhes hudfiel. co further - · time-snvin£ and economical destans that ar" ensy In srw.' Gift patlftrn printed insldr. 7.'t rents.

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