Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 28, 1974 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1974
Page 23
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WOODSTOCK IS THE ONLY PERSON i KNOW WHO COULD 6ET CMASEP FOR THREE 0LOCKS 6f AN A6ALONE! Believe Ii or Not! ESKIMO WOMEN FOR MANY YEARS WERE MflKRIED SIMPLY BY BEING TATTOOED ON THE CHIH ^PINEAPPLE GROWN IN IT'S UNCLE. LUDWIG'S EMISSION A TRAILER WITH A VTMATi ?] NOT A TRAILER. BUILD-mem LIKE CITY IN PERU FOUNDED IN TO ll'h CENTURY, TMAT ANYMORE. CONTROL GADGET. QUEENSLAND WEIGHING- 9 POUNDS INHABITED COMMUtJrry ON THE EtiTIKE AMERICAN CONTINENT JEAN SEVILLE. Queensland, Australia FRANCES DRAKE Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Aug. 28, 1974 % 23 FAVETTEVILLC. ARKANSAS LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D, Doctor Adv'ises Care With Toxic Items FIND w-yew, BAReeo WIRE ANV- I ...A BOX. OR'SOME- ·VES, BUBBAFlM. HE MUST HAVE BEEH DIVING FOR SOMETHING AND GOT TANGLED UP IN SOME BARBED WIRE. POWH THE" LADDER, MELVM, TAKE A LOOK. XOU SAY SOMEBODY'S 1M THE WELL? SPORTS IS eSfflrJ' KSISWISI j'M1'HllKlN"90UT HAVIM" A M,F.t,BA DOC MUSTfl PUT HIGH TEST IN TH'OL'GflL SflKES H LOOKY \ \ ALIVE!! / I WONDER, · ^ ^ - SCREAM AT SIGHT OF FEATHER .'/-WAIT TILL HE SEES THIS jrr- ssTHAT WH/ HIM AFRAID OF FEATHERS.':'' US PHONEY INPIANS SRAS HIM AMP PUTON WAR RAVEN NUTLEY THINK MB IS TOO GOOD TO BE AN INDIAN ?f WARRIOR 'BEFORE WE INVADE USA- MOW SOON -- COU6H-CHOK 60T you MOW! OMB WHASK WITi-1 MY TAIU-- STARTUP OM A PANCEf GE£/ T. WOULDN'T TPEAT A DOG WAV NEITHER WOULD ME THAT'S AM AWFU LL.Y B13 GANG FOR JUSTONECAR THIS IS NOTHIWG.' WE STILL HAVE TO PICK UP THE BAND HAVE ANICSTIMEATTHE } DANCE, ALe*ANDE£ jrf| Your Daily Horoscope Pesticides, insecticides and an endless variety of toxic, poisonous substances account for in inreasitig number of health hazards. The United States Public Health Service offers these important suggestions which can avert potential threats tu icalth. Before using any of these substances, read the label carefully. East lime you use it, reread the label to be sure of Ihe instructions and the safety factors. SAFETY MEASURES Other precautions: 1. Keep pesticides in a plainly labeled container, preferably in its original one. If the contents are transferred, mark the container clearly. Avoid using milk bottles, soft drink bottles or any container formerly used f o r food or drink. Children can't read labels and often identify drinkable contents by familiar containers. 2. Avoid inhaling spray anc fumes. Indoors he s u r e to room is well ventilated while working. 3 . Wash h a n d s thoroughly before eating or smoking to be certain pesticides on the skin are not ingested. 4. Do not spray into the wind 5. When instructed, wear po- ectivo clothing such as gloves, prons, goggles and masks. . Avoid the fire h a z a r;d i caused by defective wiring, ipen flames and smoking wpen mixing or using flammable chemicals. 1 7. When clothing is contarni- lated, be sure to wash the skin and change to clean clolliing after bathing. Contaminated clothing must be washed before wearing again. ; BLOWN FUMES ; 8. Food and water containers must be a i r t i g h t to be free from contamination by sprays · of toxic substances. A slight wind can bring the fumes into Ihe kitchen through an open window. ; . Containers carry inslcuc- lions as to what to do shquld there be any accident as^oc- iated with the use of these products. If taken internally by accident, be sure to bring the container to the doctor or to the hospital so that they can quickly identify the substance and immediately start specific treatment. Children and animals must be protected from exposure to these toxic chemicals. T h e i r vulnerability is greater than adults'. Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. · FOR THURS., AUG 28 ABIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) You could get into trouble by sounding off too aggressively as you sometimes do. Your opinions will get a more attentive ear if you use a g e n t l e and persuasive manner. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Don't rest on past laurels. You can meet and, in spots, surpass competition. Be careful not to push too hard or at the wrong time, however. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Stepping out of the picture is no way to solve problems. Step right in there with your good-will and ingenuity and you can conquer all. CANCEE (June 22 to July 23) Mixed influences. You could speak out of turn, step out of place, if not on guard. Giving a good impression of yourself, however, could raring invaluable assistance in achieving day's objectives. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Solar influences now stimulate a spirit of adventure anc: imagination. You can rnako this a big day, if you will go all out in effort. VIRGO (Aug. 2-1 to Sept. 23) Some contention i n w o r k areas possible. Intervene where common sense dictates. This day's winnings will be in proportion to the effort expended. In vital issues, use m a s t e r strokes. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Quick decisions may now be required due to suddenly changed situations. Be ready to think and act -- but withoul anxiety. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Propitious influences. Gel into the spirit of things and do your itmosl, which can be substantial. Results will also depend ipon your approach to others. Tacl! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec "I) Dissidents or others noi having your best interests a heart may try to dissuade you from following well-laid plans carefully made decisions Pay no attention to them. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Fine Saturn influences. Use that keen mind of yours and make the most of them .Do nol :e perturbed by others' lack of know-how or witlessness. Show yur qualifications. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Discretion and secrecy may your most important tools, Let past experience guide you. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) S t e l l a r ' .influences warn against indiscretion, tinconven- lionality. Stress your conserve- tiye side -- especially if dealing with superiors or strangers. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with many fine talents, 'out do not always attain your potential because you either lack confidence in yourself or because you are too inhibited to break from tradition and strike out along more progressive lines to achieve the success thai coulrl be yours. Try to curb these doubts ami fears since, when you are al your best, there's no one belter. There are many fields in which you c o u l d succeed, but especially in the areas of science, technology, literature, diplomacy and the stage -- in the latter connection, especially as a dramatist or critic. You are an idealist and extremely meticulous -- often inviting frustration when things.are not "exactly right." Seek an outlet for your frustrations, either in art or in a "cause." B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH A Q 7 V J 7 4 3 » A J 10 9 2 *94 WEST A 8 4 3 V 2 · K 5 4 * Q J 1 0 8 G 3 EAST * 9 6 2 V 10 9 8 5 * Q 7 6 3 *72 SOUTH * A K J 10 5 » A K Q 6 · 8 *A-K5. The .bidding: South West Pass Pass 2 4 - Qrossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Temple Sin what manner 8 Game of chance 12 Metal 13 Spanish gold 14 Ancient country 15 Spanish dance 17 Baseball team 18, Compass reading 19 Ruler of Tunis 20 Step 21 Elf in 22 Size of 23 Rachel's father 28 Turkish coin 30 English anatomist 31 Small cask 32 Bulrush 33 Scorpion's Heart 35 Nictitates 36 Social gathering 37 Fabulous bird 38 A "shinplaster" 41 Dancer's cymbals 42 Greek letter 45 Guinness 46 Braggart 48 Ancient weight 49 Work 'unit 50 Chinese society 51 Combine 52 Negative vote 53 Rim DOWN 1 Small flute 2 Macaws 3 Not any 4 Remnant 5 Mel 6 Carousal 7 Court 8 Bizarre 9 Diva's- forte 10 Hindu queen 11 Hebrew measure 16 Arabian gulf 20 Black or Yellow Avg. solution time: 26 mln. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 21 Overenthusiastic 22 To farrow :Z3 Worm ' larva 24 Beard 25 Wager 26 Footlike organ ·27 Large cask 28 Wapiti 29 The law thing 31 Large parrot 34 Corded fabric 35 Eat greedily 37 Tall and slender 38 Coarse hominy 39 One of tha Muses 40 Western city 41 Scarlett's home 42 Goad 43 Vocal music 44 Playwright 46 Marsh 47 Consumed 4 NT 7 V Pass North East 3 4 ' Pass 4 V Pass 5 * Pass Opening lead - queen of clubs. There are certain patterns of lands that repeat themselves, and it is normal for players to apply the same treatment to such hands as their previous experience indicates. But similar hands are not necessarily treated in the same way. Even a slight difference the setup will sometimes suggest a different approach to the play. Consider this deal where ioulh won the club lead with the king and played the A-1C of trumps. Had he found the icarts divided 3-2, he would have made the rest by playing another trump and r u f f i n g a club in dummy. But when West failed on- the second trump lead, South s t o p p e d drawing Irnmps. cashed the ace of clubs, and ruffed a club low in dummy. East overruffed and the grand slam went down the drain. ; South was u n l u c k y to find tha hearts divided 4-1 and the clubs i-2, but he should have made the contract anyhow. He over-looked a much safer method of play. ; Haying seen the 4-1 t r u m p division, he should have noted the danger of trying to ruff a club in dummy. He should have led a diamond to the ace at trick four, and ruffed a diamond at trick five. ' : Then, a f t e r playing Ihe queen of t r u m p s and a spade to, lha queen, he could draw East's last trump w i l h dummy's Jack and discard his five of dubs on it. He would then easily score the rest of the tricks.; In effect, the club loser is made to disappear by r u f f i n g a diamond. Instead of Mow- i n g t h e u s u a l p r o c e d u r e of trumping a loser in dummy, declarer r e v e r s e s the process by trumping one of dummy's losers in his hand. There is nothing really difficult about the hand -- except tha difficulty of resisting the familiar pattern of play. PONYTAIL IS 23 IT 24 25 "It 41 2O 22. 37 w;8 47 4-4 Delivered to your door seven days a week for less than llf a day. That's a bargain! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242 ON TOP OF THE NEWS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

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