Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1952
Page 7
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NOtTHWttT ARKANSAS HMM, Mmmm. K Mt Golum* By HAI. BOYLE New Ynrk-(/P). There are only | two clause* In thf. world--neat abys AT US PEAK! .. with the new Ford Tracfor and Thf. Proof-Mcler-nvailnhle only on the n»w Ford Tmctor-Hfhown engine speed »l n glance, in rr.rolntionv psr-mlnul*. This informnlion, nercr hr/ors arailnbU «.rcepl on 5nerioM)/-/:gtripperf Irar.tnrf, can mean. mon*T in the hank fot yorr! It enables yon to Ret lop performance from your tractor engine always . . . on any job. On» gnoA r.rnntple t'.« rtYnrrbnr irorlf. Ford Tractor He- livern peak pulling pcrlnrmance and fuel economy at »n cnrine speed of 1750 K.l'.M so that's what you want. To set it you simply open the Ihrottle until the indicator on your Proof-Meter shows an engine J750 R.P.M. Nothine easier, thanln to the Proof-Meter. Proof-Me.lrr help' you to c- hest r e s r i l l s on belt pulley and P.T.O. jobs too, just as easily. It his ninny more advantage! . . 1»»li ta oml In addition to En»lne S»eed. th« »n»f* yo.. T r a e t o r Travel Sp««l P.T.O. Speed. Bell Pnllev Sveed, and i n d i c a t e s Honrf Worked. Nothinf cHe like it. Only rt» Ford Tractor has tht Pwof-Mtttrl HI ·» fh» iloretu of T«M In «-hkh thf versntilt Fonl Tractor untl tMrbom Farm Equipment can hflp yon cut forts, fft nrtter T»- ·nltn, and help m«k« more money fer ?«"'· HAIIEY SALES CO. Highway 71 North Phone 1689 rip-174 people and thf people they criticize. The thing that always bar puzzled me about neat people i* their intolerance. They are reformers at heart. They are never aatisfied merely with beinr. neat themselves. They want everybody else to be ai, too. This in a violation of individual right*. A person JK as legally free to be dsorderly as he is to be neat, so loan a« he doesn't infrinje on the liberty of other?. For my part, i can see more advantages in being disorderly than in being neat. Neatness isn't al- wayj a virtue. Most peopl? aren't neat because they really want to be--they just can't help it. Many neat people hav. a resl : less passion to put everything in pigeonholes. They believe there is a place lor everything and every- mak« a neat person nervous, as he hates to »e the iky disrupted. But a good, routing thunderjtorm is a source of poetic joy to the disorderly soul. Tt brings out the best in him. The neat man is frustrated from birth, because his goal is impossible--the achievement of complete order. The only really orderly thing in the world is death, and the moat disorderly thing is life. The closer the neat man comes to his goal--that is, the more he catalogs his daily l i f e -- t h e more bored he is likely to become. The disorderly man can never become too bored because he never knows what will happen to him next. When the neat man goes to his desk to get out a letter, hf knows in dreary certainty just where he will find it. It is a dull routine. To the disorderly person, however. . .. . Tu» lne alaoiweil.' [JC1BUII. II thing ihould be in its place. They , ^.^ f w a lettw jn the feel that life if like « bingo game: If they keep puttinK the right buttons on the right nurnber.s--bingo! The trouble with this theory is l i f e doesn't operate that way. To get the most out o living you have to be a connoisseur of chaos as well as an advocate of order. Th^re are some situations and experiences you can't solve with a platitude or tag with a label. They don't fit neat pi a situation he is defeated by it-and sometimes destroyed by it. Life has a wonderful, sprawling aimless quality that only a disorderly person can appreciate. Take such common things as t h u n der and lightning. They tend to nest atop his desk is i real art- venture. Gingerly he pok« »t the layers of debris th«t resemble the leaning Tov.'er of Pisa. He paws through old letter* and re-reads them. He comes upon nome theater ticket stubs and recalls the play. He finds a pair of old socks he thought hid been lost. It may tike him half an hour to it into patterns, and when find the right letter, but mean- person is faced with such while he's been somewhere. He s Building Up a Herd Of Jerseys Air Force ROTC Rivkw ji Bi \^ |P fa gg Fayettevllli- »ownjp«opl» are i*K *' vlted to review the University A Forr» FiOTC Winz during.ita niral inspection and parade jr.orrny nl 11 a, m. on the ui football practice field at Mm and Oarlan.i Street.'. ' The review will be held in · tnaai unction with the a n n u a l Inspe ritila trisn of t h e A i r Force ROTC d John t a c h r n c n t hy Air Force represent Kjlfj j lives from headquarters of 1) f 1 ** n t h Air Fnrrc ft. Robins Base. (? . On the revinwlng stand will 1 niTrtalr nf l i l h Air Force; IT. r official*, iricludina: Provost J Mor- Co-.'inston, Vies President. T. Carlson, Dean John K. Shoemakfc n- and Jacob Sharp: U. Col. J!ay f Alforri. 11. A. professor of nie EC enrr and tactics, and nthrr office of I hi- A i r Force ROTC staf Mayor Powell M. Rhea of Fayett ' v i l l r ; and the commanding o f f r c i of th« Air Korrc nesr-rv? unit, I - y^ Col .t.T-k .loyrf. ·sbali Award* f n r o u t s t a n d i n g r»de fgt w i l l hp made. The UniverU liOTC band will furnish mu» irnr^r the dirertjnn of K. J. Mart i A.i»t»rtt«. In th. TIMER--It t*.T Jimm lived over- a lot or memories, had a pleasant little visit into the | past. He emerges refreshed by his shown s t a n d i n g in a clover pasture n o a r his homp in thf W h i t e Rork C o m m u n i t y o f ; this county, w i t h 3nrnp of Jersey c a t t l e he is r a i s i n g FH a 4-11 p r o j e c t . He and his f a t h e r , V i r s i l KNII'?, ! sell t h e m i l k from t h e i r cows to the U n i v e r s i t y dairy. J i m m y ' s story is one of a n u m b e r M hich w i l l he j told in the .seventh a n n u a l F a r m Kdirir.n of the T I M K S In he puhli«l,ed K n d a v of t h i u-eel*. small voyage of discovery. R 111 | SHoOtS F a t h e r ii'h*r* h a e th» neat man hppn? ' 4 Famous HEARING AID F e a t u r e s ONLY ZINITH CIVIC YOU ALL THIS!: * IxcHillv* PlRMAt*HONI it R«i«rv« lattery Switch * 4-P«§ltl«n T«n» C*ntr«l * Pln|*rtHi Vvkifn* Control where has the neat man been? He's been only to a dry, cold f i l e . He has learned nothing. 1 once knew a lady -whose secret joy was going through her husband's poeketd at night. Bui she married a neat man. After in years of utter misery, however, she divorced him, explaining: "He was no fun to live with. Burns Home And Takes Own Life A u b u r n . Calif.-(/P)-A spinster stranslcd herself yesterday w i t h a s t n c k i n R , tltrpc rinys a f t e r Mie had killed her f a l h e r and burned their ; ranch home; herausr Hie c.o Prairie Grove j I/if*;) I schools nhsTv**'i F.a.Mer j Fririay morning wilh flemces at i j the grade school auditorium. Mr*, i | E. H.Cnop, pi-flde schnol principal. J led the dc\'ntinnal. \vith chilrirnn ! from all grade* taking part in thr . 0.1 - i n ' OUCH! My Acid Stomach L B s* .*« TOO- rt to HO the .ati* poi- iwn, was «an- iaw tint, Year after y«r I found nactly men , h a d c o n d c i n n c d i t f m a ,,,,,,, the sam* things in his pockets. Later she married R thoroughly disorderly m*n whose pnrkets re- control project. The body of Ella Map Dickinson, ' pr sembled a department store hit R hurricane. "T never knew life coulr be so exciting," she said, and they lived happily ever after. Perhap* that in why neat men are BO jealous of disorderly men. They know women never find them dull. "ROTAl" AN* SUM!-ROYAL" j HIARIN4 ! Bandits Scored During t h p a f t o r n o n n a SO. K stocking cinched l l ^ h t around j w, r \?. f nf ^ o f t h a l l RJUIICK wnrc her nerk, wa« found a) Drwttt j played horp and t h e barebfll) tpam State Hospital, where she had been j dcfcatpd FarminKton ^1 F f t r m i n f t taken for o b s e r v q l i o n . j ton. Gradi? Fchool mothers Innh She was found T h u r s d n y , dis- ' W" 1 ynunijer children on an Easter trauzhl and v/ild-cyed. w a t c h i n g ' °KE h u n t during thp afternoon. i the burning hnusr nn t h n i r .126-1 Mr. c . Konnoth Carnns aave a acre cattle ranch. She v.'ns charged I b i r t h d f i y pnrty Thursday for her | with m u r d e r i n g her f a l h e r . -Inmrs two daughter*, Clydfl nnd Lnna. ! Peter Dickinson. 78. A u l h n r i t i n s ' Heire.fhmenl* were served to 1S ·said she related phr- K i l k d her fs- , curst?. | ther w i t h i thr hnuse. la.nt week of thr MV. and Mr f,' Hidwell. Tht-y plan to mo\ Ntirthwfst Arkansn*. i Mr*. Kathlfon C'ntnrninyy h;i« , returned liom W;i.»tliinfi1on, D. (.'.,: u'hpre .nh* 1 spenl the w i n t e r w i t h · her .son-in-la^\ f find daujjhtei', M r . . and Mrs. r.orrinn Phillip*. Mr. and Mr*. R i l l I.H*ite? xpettt prnsrain. The senior h'iph school j the weekend w i l h MM. I.aMter'? : devotional WHS lrd hy Prlncip»l ! P«i'«ni«, Mr. and Mi?. Charle* R n l l \ David McC'strlnry. Mis* Nancy j n f Greenwood. i G ^ n o t t and members of the Olfo j Miss Betsy Campbell hap hfen j C l u b also took part in the pro- returned honif f r o m K a y e t t e v j l l e i City Hospital. j Mr. and Mrs, 1.ay ton Mi-Coy j nnd . c ons anrl K e r m i t McF^irland I took two i:nrt of hifih rrhrxil boys! million" ·!*·» carry T««f--far i»i to Oklii., Thursday night 1o JJJ^iJJJJ n^\nS^Mte!\n IftZ Ace « baski'tbiill unrne between tmnkina or dr'inkioi hrinn« «eid A?t the. Harletn Glohntrottct* and the ! Ten. K f c p Tutu* hund/--tit 111 Mr*, Roy Ffdler and Mrs. Clyde Dclnp took Raster a i r t p ' l n the s t u dent.* at the Illinois Chapel win* school. Mrs. W i l l a r d Brooks and TM Iwl Nt MM't Mm Mm* TflM A rnl| of Turn * r«n» only · dime. 8a it't "worth it« wcijtii in gold" ·ctd imlijtcition cnu)«* |tl and prt! inurnen ·tmnit hcfot* it t»ru--ifjth nut riik nf tcM rebound, Ther ronui no h*ltint *orf* nr oth*r «riicr lolubl " " rhat'i wh a shotgun. I h r n fired | Mr. and MIT. Chester Armstrone j the Rev. (",. C. Bidwell tnnk wifh i of Rarstow. Texa.*, wore niiest*! tn the Cnv* t School student*. AIDS $75 «. C*if RITURN PRIVILIOI ASK FOR A DEMONSTRATION DIXIE RADIO 4tl DICKftOM rHONE 1141 By Own Gunfire! New York-iVP)-A handil scared himself and his two pals away : from « holdup yesterday. ; He was in nervoua thai he ar- ; cidentally fired his xuo as the , trio rode in an elevator to the. | sixth floor office of a sheet metal I firm. The hullet hit the elevator- operator, Jame* Calander, 6^, in the hand. Trijrhtened, til three men shoved Calander out of the elevator. Then they took it down to the street Moor them«ejvfts and fled. : It's i f»ct! For the »ver«f« American ftnrtily, a kilnwutt-hotir of fttectricitr costs On» today than i( r)id 30, 20-even 10 years ago! Although th« cost of material*, man pow«r and everything els« necxied to provide electric service has font up in price, your electrtt rates have stayed low. Your plftctrir service is still the biggest, harfain in the family budget -- yntir cheapest, most dependable servant. Ynvr r/ecfrif fr.rrif. '-« fit tap n» rtwscyoii Vff n Int of it and beeavf «i/ thr uHlJJ 1 and ivfrrasiltffty *f- tintl ni/.it'wr** m/iwopc"""'' "»"' Hflhnjs IMP// by thf mi.n nttrf ·otwm "/ tkt* r.. 3. nrrM. nivmion MAKAQRM One o\ Arkansas' Fine Stores After Easter Sale Coats-Suits · All beautiful 100!* Wool Fabrics and Top Labels . Sizes 9-15 -10-18 -- Pastels, Navy, White %0ff Dresses Large Group Spring Dresses (Spring and Summer Weight) Were $12.95 To $39.50 $5 $ 10 $ 15 · All Season's best colors and fabrics »Size9-15 10-20 14Vi 221* · America's Finest Makers -- Your Favorite Labels \ ott'U waul several at these "pirc-nwa\" prices Spring Millinery Drastically Reduced Small Group Skirts (mostly wool) 2 Suede Jackets Drastically Reduced! ·All Sales Final When Silvermait's Has a Sale It's a Real Sale! ft-1

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