Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1952
Page 6
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AftnV i4» 199* Penile Includng Eight State Channels "£ jTMhlaftofl -·*" Thirty-eight ttttrWw dMBrieli hive been al- loeatcrf lo H .ArkiniM cltlM by th* Mtmt Communkationi Com- ·nMee, which ytftrtty ended it freei* en "*w TV tUtiont. ' Arturuai |M nlna · Very Hiih ·frftueneV channels; and 18 Ultra- Hlfk trtquency channel*. Three : aHfUtt* were roMrved for non- caninefcUl and education*! tele- eatthif. They »r« in Fiyetlevllit, rort 7 Smith and Little Hock. .';. Ark«naa» Aoet not have « tele- ·ilion ttitton. There «r« five ap- .plication* pending before tht FCC for outlets--three in Little Rock, ·*nt at Blythevilln and nn« »t Fort : Smith. . ' Her* if the city-b.v-city channel ·iiiinment. with VHF channel* Ihmt numbered two through 13, WHF channel*' n t i m b e r e d 14 through «R and those marked with an "X" educational channels: Arkadelphla, channel 34; Bst«x- »iil« 30: Heritor. 40; Blythevilk i4i It: Cainden 50; Cnnway 48: El Dorado 10, S6; Fayellevllle x!3, 41; Fofreit City 22; Fort Smith 5, xl)H. J2: Hitriion 24; Helena 54; Hope 15: Hot Spring* », 5j;'.7one§- koro I, 3»: Little Bock, ;x2, 4, II, 17- JS; M«»nolia 28; Mxlvern 4«; Morrilton 43; Newport.2«; Para(mild 44; Pine B.'uH 1, M; .Rux- Wllvillt JB; Searc. SJ; Springddle If; and Stuttfiirt 14. , -Not while, not wheat., not rye, fcut a flavor blend of all three-- JiOiie'x Roman Meal Bread. .,; .: n-i»-tf Kw* ·* wttk «M rtaaea ntl «k«. ftmn «»lr». SHABBY? SMutify it, t*ol' it, pr««.rv. it with tONDEX . : .world'* c*m*nt paintl tO N D E X bondi with mo- itrtry lurfacn, 1*011 por.i throuf h which m o 1 1 1 u r * tciapi, k.cpi motanry DRY) ·6NOEX tom.t in 1? colon and whit*, mix« Miilly, can W .applioe) with bruih or tfriiy. f * r f * c I for ttucco, brick, carter*)*, iton* and all .Vtndl of rnatonry-- indoor* or 114 W. Dickie* tONDIX from fttcllty lr*M. Lumber C«. "1 Waxhlniton -(*')- Television .In every American community wax a long l*p nearer .today ax the government lifted its three And one- half year fre*t* on new ttatloni. F,v«ntu*liy. ',000 utatlonx may he hiillt throughout the United Stilus and ft* populous. Only 1 OR operate now, mainly In large cities. The Federal* Commiinieitloni CommlHlon'i "unfrecit" order m»an« TV reception for. arrax which do riot have It now, a' fur wider range of programs In areas already covered, and a gold rush (m the multimlliion-dollir industry iuielf. Only about half tht American population can get television .ihowx. The FCC. in ·nnounclriR It will jr.rant permits for new sta- tionx,' opened the door to 2,053 atatlnns In 1.291 communities mft- terfld over the country. To handle this many stations, thr FCC had lo increase the number of chnnu«ls from the present 12 lo »2. This was done hy moving Into the ultra-hlRh frequencies. Despite this technical clwunf. prexent sets will not become ohso- lete. To receive the now channels. hovyever. a converter must be In- gtatied at a estimated from $10 to IO. depending on the set xnd the number of channels ie- 'xlred. .l^ler ' n e w - t y p e receivers will he built to cover varied reception needs. New television will not appear 1 overnight. Obtaining grants tn applications and construction of station* will take time. However, the FCC «nid it Intends to Rive first atlentlon to grants In areas Uiat have never hud any TV service, and to communities which will pioneer on the UHF channels the KCC Is anxious to Ret into opera- lion. Barbara Flncher, Miss 1,a Joyce Heflln. Mils Carolyn Peavy, Roger Curtis, Johnny Mahan, D i c k , Bowles, Billy Meyerx, Jimmy Lee {Watson and George I.. Lewis, all of Fayettevllle, and Miss Cilynda Flowerx, Miss Donna Flowers and Jimmy Watson, all of Buckner. Mrx. Katherlne Gibson and children, Barbara and Charles, left Thursday for Wcstwood, Calif., after spending two weeks with Mrx. Gibson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Tuck. Mrs. Cordia Drake and Mrs. Mary D«vis, who have been III, are reported Improving. ..Mid-week prayer services will be held at 7:JO p. rn. Wednesday at the home nf Mr. and Mrs. jess Hswklns. . Mr. and Mrs, William Van F,rd- mansdorff -nri children. Chris, Avalon. Mack and Johnny, nf Kansas. City, Kan., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Von F.rrimanK- I dorff. Colonel Finds Words To Build Truce Document Buckner T h e Friendship tlub met Wednesday afternoon with Mrx, Dorlj Drnke. Mrs. Cordla Drake, who wax III, was complimented with a blillidji.v sift xhower. Oime went lo Mrs. Mnmle Atklf- ·on, Mrs. Nell Iliighex and Mrx. Kul« Onhnrne. 'hie Imstesn w«s a»- xlxted In scrvlns by Mrs. FlnMle Drake. Twenty-five tnembpr anri Rupstx of the Buckner 4-H Club met Tuesday nijht »l the Community House. Miss Roberta Drake led group singing, rtrul refreshment* \vere served by Ihc club sponsors, Mrs. Flossie Drnke. Mrs. OIU Wnlson and Mrs. Benlricc Belate. The next meetlttif will he May 12. Dxvld Rushing enlei lalneH Monday nl|ht with a party »t Cnve Creek Farm. Out-of-town cuextx Incllldetl Miss Vlrginin Harvey, Miss Camllle [Cdmnnslnu, Miss Other Armistice Agreements Help In Korean Work Munsan, Koi-(Mi-(y?')-Di)-/niip of voices hnvp har^nRuprl mnrp thnn nine monlllR in IryliiR lo reach an armistice in Korea. Rut The truce agreement iiself Is being written mostly by on? man. He IF U. Col. Howard S. l.evie, legal officer of the Allied truce delegation, l.evle, 44, a (good-natured New Yorker, Is charged with writing the ftctunl words of the document that will he-sicnrtl when--and If--an agreement is reached. "There never has been ft situation such ax this one before," l,e- vle said. However, he has been able lo borrow piecemeal from other armistice agreements of modern times on the paragraphs dealing with a demilitarized 7ime. The wording of the cease-fire paragraphs stems from the 19.16 B o l i v i a - Paraguay agreement. Some phrases on prisoner u»- chHrme--still being debated -come from the settlements reached on prisoners at the end of World War 1. Once agreement with the Communists at Panmunlom is reached on a principle, It becomes Le- vle'x Job to put it in wrltlnf. A general principle may Involve 10 to 15 paragraphs in the truce document, More often than not, they will require repealed revisions before final agreement on wording Is reached. An outstanding flavor--Jtmge'f Roman Meal Bread. 1l-l*-tt Wage Boost Is Gained In Bell Settlement Case Agree Pay Boost Not Tied To Steel And Talk! There i B? DRKW FFARHON ! WftJthlh»ton--Story Unind the ·settlement of the telephone strike I in Michigan, which will be a pat- I tern /or (he re^l of the industry, I IK that 'the Michigan Bell Telephone Company w« headed for a settlement a week before, but its parent company, American Telephone and Telecrnph, jinxed the works. At that time ft appeared that the phone strike might be averted on somewhat the ?arne wage terms that the government'ii w a g e st»bili?.Hion Board recommended for the storl workers--that is, a hasic wnpe increase of 12 ! /i cents; an hour (plus fringe benefits) for j »he year 1952. The CIO CnnimunicMions Worker? were demanding more, but: iif'gn tin lion."' were, moving Xavoi * i ably with the chance of a "middle j p.round" Rfiroinent.- The telephone union ft 1 ready bad some of the · fringe benefit* the steel work- j j ers we're seeking--including paid I hdlidnv'K--so anything close to »i 12 '/a cents basic wage increase- would have been acceptable to union negotiators. As the secret ne.jjotiation* continued. Mighlhan Bell .spokesmen appeared set for such an asree- ment. They had already . broken the line by n tentative offer of 10 rents an hour in basic watrcs, with . Inc. likelihood of something more ja.T the talks continued. ! The company made a ooint of | saying that it wanted to "study" i the ;;nvern merit's steel wage rer- ! ommt-ndHtion and stronjrly inferred that the steel formula would influence the telephone negotiations in Michigan. Up till this I time, powerful A. T. nnd T. (which i I owns all the major teU-phonr j Mines) had raised no objeption l o j I the Michigan position. However, when it became apparent thwt the steel companies would reject, the stenl wage formula, A. T. and T, shifted its posi- ! tion. Word then went out from i New York that any pay boost for telephone workers was not to be tied to the steel formula. Even Michigan Bell spokesmen informed union negotiators in Dctriot: "We don't give a damn what happens in steel." Finally, when the strike was five days old and it appeared that the union wan ready to hold out considerably longer, A. T. and T. changed its position again and en- ·blflH MirhJ-ta R«t| tn reach * settlement. Note--The final Michigan settlement called for a wage boost of 12.7 cent* an hour, including I.I cents in fringe". Can't Tell Why He Kicked Ovl Windows Chicago -Iff')- A Univernity of Chicago Instructor won at losn to-| day to explain why he kicked in pl*t» flan window* nf fmir atorm n«ar the campus. "I'vt n«v«r broken windnwi be- j Ion," Hugh Walpol* wai quoted by police last nlf ht. "It isn't char- j actcristic of me." ' Walpolt, 4(, ·Militant profe«Kr In the University 1 ! education department, wa« arretted before dawn Sunday. Police «aid he told them he wan "just taking a walk" after attending a "decoroux and extremely intellectual discussion on (rreat books." The discusxinn "?ot involved and we had mar- tinai," Walpole added. Charged with maliclnu* mix- chief, Walpole wax treed on (900 bond. Coll For Statements Of Banks Is Made Washington -(IP]- The comptroller of the currency issued a call toddy /or a'statement of the condition of all national hanks at the close of business March 31. AetrtiM i* the TIMES--It i Authorities dispute whether the manor, one of the batfo element.' of feudalism, wax a development of similar eststex in the lute Roman empire or waj.developed in the Middle A sen. Quick Comfort far itching, bominfjjUerY ·' j Simple Piles i with fMriiiitf, oil-rich* l««in«l 'Cantaini Lanolin . RESINOL'"TM" KENMORE Automatic WASHERS Specially Priced! (REG. 199» 5 ) Now Low As 00 180 WITHOUT SUDS-SAVt* chtr(t) · lNcl«*J*( normal Imtollation · DU1ALITE AGITATOR washes clean. Can't rust, corrode) or develop thorp edqet! · WATIR DEPTH eon be adjusted lo fit large ond small wash loadi . . . saves water, soap! · FLIXIILE CYCLE lets yon shorten, lengthen, stop or repeat any washing operation Kenmore automatically washes, rinacx xeven times, spins laundry damp rlry. shuts itself off . . . Your hands never touch water! Yet you pay no more---BUT LESS--for KENMORE. No wonder it's America'i fastest selling automatic washer! See it today. NON SUDS SAVER, REG. 191.15, NOW 180.00 Kenmer* Aut*matit Waiher Kenmar* Clothei Dryer , . werk-iayin*, companion! Foyttttvilk Ark. " 20 East C«nt«r St. SEARS Phont 1827 w--^r ^r ^r ^r T ^ ^r^- '^ ^ "^ ^ ^v ^r^ ^ ^w^ ^ -v ^ ^ ^r ^- ^ -v -^Cook's House Paint CMS YOU MORE VALUE fOR YOUR PAIHT DOLLAR BECAUSE IT'S BALANCED! * Balanced to GO ON USER... R e g. $J89 All THIS WEEK $569 ^^V PER 6U10N ^ ^^ IN F I V E S Balanced to LOOK BETTER... * Balanced to WEAR LONGER... * Balanced for a WHITER WHITE! IF YOU PtEFEi COiORS ASK TO SIE COOK'S COMFANIONATE HOUSE PAINT * m rue 9r COOM HOVSC PAIHT MK MADE * COOKY SCUFF moor FLOOR ENAMEL I lmM« Ctton *174 · QiMrt ONLY Ronow any floor, iniid* or out--wood, concrete or linoleum wfrh this supcr-dvrabU floor ·name). Ifs really tough and elastic. Dries ·cuff proof overnight. COOK'S-XOTEIt ·.OILER «fPLI£H /nc/uo*ei: · 7-IN. PAINT ROLLER APPLIER -· STURDY. ALL METAL TRAY $051 Point Soih, Windows,, Doors with o SASH ft TRIM ROLLER NO MESS NO SCRAPPING Easy to Use ·NIT $109 · w. R A Z O R BLADE SCRAPER · ALL-METAL · HANDY «SAFE lf»do 19 EA. Cvrrid tack SCRATCH BRUSH WIRE . HUSTLES 177» Fin* for removing old paint. REG. 98c 50! NOW · COOK'S RAPfflRY · VARNISH 4 POfUAR STAIN C O L O ' S NOW ONir Kemorkobly duroM*, protactiv* beauty for woodwork and furni- Mre in Light, Oak, Dark Oak, Walnut and Mahogany, taiy- to-apply. (Flat and Clear Var- nlth ilighrly high«r.) Caok'i HopioVy Nen-Y*Hawing WHITE ENAMEL t-T-A-Y-S WHITE ·MY This beautiful, gleaming white enamel stays white) It brushes on smoothly and dries quickly to a lustrous, porcelain-like finish that can be scrubbed repeatedly without yellowing! · . C O O K ' S · TRIM COLORS [ I MMhFHiit Cllort $ 1Q1 MOST |7Hr COLORS · Quart Highlight your homt with color . . . brilliant Trim Colon. Durable, non-fading. UM thtm on windows, doors, shutters, lawn furniture and similar surfacts. They don't rub off! Look-Proof PAINT POT S-QUART SIZE Mad* of cold- railed ilt.l. MHYVVEA. Paints screens without streaking or filling PUTTY KNIFE NICKLE- WATEO STKL FERRULE COOK'S GLASS CLEANCR II-OZ. WITH JPMYER ·««« I O T H tzi WAX APPLIER 50f. COMrXEK D O O R E A S E U,t crayon on doors, 'afcri*i, *lc. STIH WALLPAPER TOOL KITS Includ* all took n»uM to hang your own wallpaper. 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