Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 14, 1952
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1M HJBUC INTtHKT « IVII FIRST 'CONCHN ' OF THIS NEWSPAPIR VOIUME 90, NUMBER 724 Associated Prtit Leased Wire AP, King ond NEA Feoturei IOCM fayettevllle and Vicinity »!i5ud.y and cold tonight with t«gi- peratures from 34 to is and scit- t-Td lis'nt fro*!. Tomorfow m- rrfa.«inff riotinjnen*, windy a.nd v-srmsr. Rainfall .3?. Hisib ttrtt- r-Taturp yesterday 44: lov 37; noon today 32. Sunrise 5:47; jw»- r.'t fi.-sn. ARKANSAS, MONDAY IVINING, APRIL 14. 19SJ PUCE FIVI CfNTf Arkansas Hero Honored Iowa, Nebraska In Flood Pat *' · » ·! t I Pickets Back At Telephone Plant, Unionists Out Again Two Western Electrir employe? , * -- ---Board Makes It The School Of Pharmacy, , of America (CIO). be.Ban picket- ! _ _ . _ , . . ,i i. . I iSf^rMr/r^iTimis Down S.A.E. Bid For Building Aid , and the union operators walked . j off their jobs. j Tn e C'olleRC of Pharmacy at Ihe Supervisory workers and non- university will he known as the union operators manned lh( ! School of Pharmacy, under a de- switchboards, and an attempt was i ^.^ mad( . t; R ., lrr |,y j n I.iitle beine made to maintain full tele- j " phone service. However, priority; ; was being given to emerRency ' calls in lush periods. , VJar nf rpn eral college Irainin? Rock by Ibe Board o( Trustees. It | was decided tn ;;ive the school j professional status, rcouirinq one · year of cencrnl college It may be necessary to rent spare for classroom and laboratory work, or temporary buildings at Graduate Center may be structed. The hoard decided to have built State Politics Quiet Over i Easter Weekend Two Soy They Are Candidates For State Commitreeman'lr Rock-i/1 the the weekend ·-· i-nn- developments ii ! inaior statewide Nohofly a-inoun ·ere 'ithout iinpnrlant political cnnlc't. ·ed for sovernni. the the P "ot I r ma places tile 1V|U.;.I ot uotior arnund the neck of LI. ;,loyd I... Hurkc. 27. nf Stuttgart, Ajk.. in a White House nionv. Lieutenant Burko's wife, Virginia, riireciiy behind him. and Gen. Omar Bradley, upper left, p.rc amonj the onlookers. The Merlal i The pickets came here from Van Buren and Fort Smith, where they bad picketed telephone plants earlier today. They refused to say how lung they would remain in Fayelte.ville. fThe pickets (old a reporter ' ; . . they found a less friendly vccep-| »TM^ ^ ^ Ur , iv , M . silv ,,,,,,,,,,. may attend classes instead at Little Rock. The hoard voted to t !·" a .-.lurlcni can resistor School of Pharmacy. Under ; the second story wi present system, hilh school cost of S graduates have been admitted to the Collcse of Pharmacy. The chance may mean that student?, who nnv a t t e n d an added story to University Hos- I n ,,,i, 1PS , lnn , Paul Chamber pital, the first unit in the proposed I nf ' }]f ^ m ant | ri a |,j c . Rhodes c new medical center. The shell "'' H a rTJc O n. announced a": caiuli II he built at , , winner is credited with sinRlc-handedly killing 100 enemy soldiers while lending a small, outnumbered force against a slrcmsly-hclrt *nemy hill position in Korea. linn in Fayelleville than in Fort Smith. Passersby spoke sharply t o i them, and one person mis-read the word "communications 1 ' on Hectic Race In New Jersey By GOP Expected Taft, Eisenhower Stossen On Ballot; Kefauver Stands Alone (By Th» Awnci»l«' Pr«s0 New Jersey Democrats readied Stuttga^^ To Pay T r i b u t e calle To Lieutenant' anriTrl " Kraphl Ihpir placard? and "Cnmmunislp.") ' Approximately 3,00(1 Soulh-l weslprn Bell Tolephonp Company employe? in Arkansas were order- : ed to attend ''continuous mepl- ' inqs"--another way of saying 1 strike--until a nationwide strike , ! against 1he American Tclophonc , f i- dales for fpmoeralie national roin-; 10. Imiltrrman from Arkan«i« Or. j The hoard turned riown » r e - 1 R. B. Rollins, Camden phyncian. i quest by Ihe Sioma Alpha Kpsilon : said he v.-oukln'l seek n l.lurri t e r m , fralernit.v Io help finance a new chapter house al the she of the presenl buildinc. »cros Dickson , ^^Jl'.^.nnini;'.'' TlVe 'comm'iti'e'e I Street from Raznrback Hall. The ,,. R| . p |m| , aic | ' p a r ty johs. ; board said it would consider a ! - | 2 cho ,, cclln ,.- r - rnn i t H. Docice. over to Ihe nuildln« Comrnitlee' lowin- Ihe fralcrnity t o t a k e l ):ll ' |73 nf ]M ^ n oc ^ announced he i l h c task of arldina space in Ulllc in a loan plan Io help finance » , wolll(i no , scc | ( renomination. lie ; ! Rock for the School of Pharmacy. ! new huildine at some olhei sit Council Bluffs And Omaha Face Heavy Damage Towns In Path Of Record Cresf Arc Abandoned To Waters Omaha, Nfb.-(/J-VThp Missouri n Ivor i hre*v In reervrd-breaking flood crerJ at the Sioux City, Iowa, to thr fisjh' ncaln?' "'ntT in I 1 ""? Omah.i-Council Bluffs, Iowa, ar*a. Knr Sioux Cily, with fM.nflfl per- r-onr, and neicrhorin? South Sioux h« rplsprt ninr^ner (jily, Nr-h.. with 5.300. the rrpst's rnt m the F.nri and FIX per cent ; am fa I -AM? only in«ult atnn injury. n th' 1 Smith /snd \VeM. Today'* or; SurrenHrr had conr 1 n'av* ··'Hfli^r hr 1 i. MifH r.i'tn tccon'iirleratmn,' and inundation h/id b^n a rrpep- Rate Increase For Railroads | Wins Approval ro.mierrr r.'nmir.i-"ion torl-iy c.v " Ihe r.-iilroi' 1 -- a f u r t h e r fr"i;ht r a t e ~ liv-ir;!-". c-:!invit"f! In rni'p ehnrcr-, J ,-.· ahom ?fi7r.,nnn.finH a Thei n: r r nine tier r e n t in th" ;-outh · ··ix per cent m the i an/i \Vc.M fur a IS p i ICC' hst Aii . nf a Mrai';h rharRiv. Ml'. IS per : · :.l this ·r C--H increase. The ;iist rii -rt that in-,i-al IS ner cent hike, the commmpornjm. nkn n m the Associated Press reported Ini dav However, not all members I.illlr Rork-l/IVThe first A r - . nf · (()| Comm , mi ,. alion workers of katwn to receive the Congres- . Am( ,,. jca stnveri o f f tno i r jobs 1o- sional Medal of Honor in Korean : rfav lishlin; stopped off here last niehi j s c '|t| pmpn t in Ohin on his way from Wsshinjrlon In:' Onr , n e front at least the tension ! L.I. Lloyd I.. FlllrUc. who received the medal from PresicM?nt Truman last Friday, said he v.'as "impressed w i t h Trurnar." and ' nnia^ed at. his lioorl health. Tomorrow. Stuit'jart civic and veterans organizations are spon- Bishop's Furlough Granted On Good Conduct Record McMath Declares He Didn't Pass On Freeing Killer B.v F R K I ) COOKR I Mnmbprs nr Ihr Slate fioartl of Parrtons. Parolos and Probation i-pvcalcri traja.v t h a t a Christmas furlouph u-as qranlpH in Dpcpmbrr : i to Tuck Bishop, slayer j n Sprinsrlaln of four : in 1B4.1. solely ' for a relatively niiiel presidential ' sririn , ., ((.stiuiniiiiil dinner for Ihe 1 tn wnrli ° r nut F c - ; hero. I.ieulenant Burke said he on whelher ' w i l l leave RiultKarl Thursday for ern Electric Fort Hcnninp. Ga. lessened 1oday. Some 12.onn Ohin bp ca use of his good conduct as a Bell Telephone Company workers ; prison trusty--without regard to ended Iheir week-old walkout. ! ( np length of his sentence or the Bu! the s t r i k e continued in parts ' nature of the clime of which lie of Ohio and 42 other states, the : was convicted. AP reported. | u^heiD received a holiday furlough of eichl to 10 days, in De- cemher. prcsumnhly horn McMalh, has served as first district, chan- : cellor continuously since IM7. j K. Fl. Parharn, Little Rock law- · ver who has served oflrn .-.»: special chancellor, said he would; he a candidate to succeed Dorlae. Two other Little Rock lawyer' ··aid they were considering, seek- ins t h e ' j o h . One is Murray O,! Reed s t a t e HiRlway Departmnnl ( atlorney whn served as chancellor ; for more than n year hy appoml-i ment after the leRislntiirc created a second division nf the Hrsl a\r- tricl The other i-, Quinn Clnvo' sometime aclins chancellor nllnv.T ih" f-.ill l.'i per ihr roitn'rv. Five Sent To Hospitals After Road Accidents Series Of Wrecks Occur In Area Over Weekend preference poll loniorrov.' publicans braced for a hot and hectic thrcc-v.'ay battle. Up to 4 million ballot-.- are ex-, reeled from 2.360,non rcsistercd | voter.-. The record is ni3,5.18, sot in ; 1940 when New Jersey ' eld its | last presidential primary. Results · · re not bindina on pvcsidcntffil . nnminatinp dele'jales to be named ' .I RO -- 311 by Rcpl'hhca- and Sfi | with 3: votes hy Domiitnils. j Sen. F.fte? K e f n a v c r of Tonnes- j fee. is the. only on;?-.-ori candi'iale for the Democratic nnminr.lion xf president and then' are bu ronte:-ts in the par race.. Three GOP president 1.1 nee candidates arc listed New Jersey ballot: Sen. T a f t of Ohio, Gen. .Dv.'igh hower and former Gov. Slassen of Minsc.-.ola. Delegate post? are well contested also. T a f t tried t o withdraw from ihe 'primary a f t e r New .Jersey's Gov. Alfred Driscoll threw his support to Eisenhower. Despite his riisavo-.val of interest, T a f f s name staved on the ballot. Officials said ~ " hackers Granting of pay boosts settled e Ohio strike, but actual return mploycs depended whn ao|ed nn a( | vic , c , )f ,, 1P p aro | P not striking West- , Rnsrr | Th(t i, oal -,|. j n turn, acted on Little Rork-fl'!-Governnr Mc- Malh said it was "a mislake" t o Kive. multiple slayer Tuck Bishop a Christmas Viirlnuifh fron; t h e A r k a n s a s penitentiary. He said, however, thai he tell thai Prison Supl. Lee Henslee. '-'-'b · rec- and Anrirew G. Ponder of Nrwpnr «alrl he would run for Circuit Judge of the Third district, lie is serving by appointment and i; Five persfns \vere nospi'au Snlimlny and Saturday lllKht »* j'^t Ihe rcnill of WashinRton County i 0 ,. v . arc.dents. Only one of Ihe victims remained in the hospital to- cent acrn-s inc. pro;re-«ive ihinc. i fJov.-nstream. to\vn nf'er 'n-i-n } w^ 1 ' eitlicr piostrctt" or .ihonrioned. : Hut Omoha and Counri! Rlufts, who?e combined metronnlitan arpa take'- in 3fifi.flOO person?, "'ere fiRhtinc it out--prepared for t.h* worst but determined to foiestall it. Thoutand* FU* This w:is 'he picture in *h" '''-En , cities- I Ahoiit two-tMrrli of Counri! Bluff! 1 «5.nnn pet-Fon; had fl"d or weie pulliri! out of their hotncv Aeio^s the river, in the F.3"'. Ornnha and Carter Lake, Io" a. areas, homes of perhaps 3.00(1 more were similarly Hrscrted. These were Rhost area. 1 :, patrolled bv r.nlrilciT. police and civil guards. Not even the persons who live there were permitted Io "nter much of the. area. Experienced r e l i e f "'orkrrr. ^^ (h(% rxnf | u|! mp nf , he h(s . ipr movements in mem- day. A Camp C h a f f e e soldier, appar- e n t l v Ihe '.vnr.'l injured iri aL«o j :I:1S o'clnck Salurdn. Percy wlicn tbe car in which , w h o ! . the about afternoon filled by an appointee. Percy wlicn Ifle car in which h! wan a CunninRhamof SValnul nidge, whn | p.,.,^,,,,,., nverltirned i-oulb of likewise Is Inclisihli? 1" succeed j wjns | 0 .., nr , Highway 71. himself. A i t . Sheriff Hrucr (,'iidor and Depu- .vnrkers set. un picket! r O ' c nmm'e'nda'tion 'of Lee" Henslee, ommended l h e l e a ( ' e from which i 4. It. \" diiu '"^T' J ,!,,,,,,,,'j ty Sheriff Leoiiard .lones said I'vt. lines al Roll buildings today. : s , a|( , pri ,_ nn s ,,perintendent. fur- \ Bishop did not return, was doing , J^_ I ,^ rvn1 ;; j "" ynn ,, n CrFnn!1 ' fn llcll- i Ernie A. Crow, 22. v.-an n pas- whose I an exlraordinary job. In Fayelteville, members of the ' loughinB a list of trusties More Offices Opened 3y WU Serv'ce Restored To Little Rock Little Rock -I^Pl- Twcuty--;even ! Western Union o f f i c e s in A r k a n . sas, closed by a strike of telc- ^raphei'S. have re-onencri. nomi- on the Robert F.iscn- I Harold I three riclcsais union walked off Ihe job at 6 a. m. i conduct had DM n sood for three yesterday and stayed away until f Bishop failed tn return 1oi on last niBbt. Nn pickets were posted, · .^ wh(;n h|s 1m}oueh the operators simply did nol work. : nm . , j|)s| FHd . n . ,, tah a Miss Dorothy Estes, CWA local.! rcportpri hl w a j arrested charped with killinB two men at Ophir, Utah. Two member* of the board disclosed thai they have resigned and have not attended board meetings since December. The three active membei- are P,nard Chairman -lames A. Neaville. Sr.. nf G r i f f i t h vine: R. -I. SuffririRc of Perryville: and K. P. Burton of Marked Tree. i - - - - - - ,, m . incu -, u ,,uu,v for governor, server m a car driven ny i.pi. ' the only man who hac "gone bad' Mm-rv hasn't announced; but untnuhcm ·B.'-PhiUirv.-KI. Crasr sul- ··' -·- ------ "· -,,. 1 M l " r 1 . . ...... i. . i, r ,,| U , n ,-,,-m fl nd other In- : intendent Oklahoma for City said orders tn walk nut came from state union headquarters in Little Rock. Telephone service here was l i t t l e hampered yesterday. Most University students were out of the city on Kastet vacalions. anil business calls are normally licht nn Sunday. Supervisory employes --not members of the union manned the hoards all during the day. For the most parts calls were accepted on a normal basis. The AP reporied t h a t operators at 4(1 of Arkansas' 75 exchanges slaved off ihe job yesterday. The ..... Honslce riiirins the several | ,, nnm ',ncemcnt from him "r from (f( ,, Td UKh w a s | v c a r s that the superintendent has i Governor McMalh would be con- i j urits when 11 inthorities "been recommending the holiday | f i,iered a formality. Tbese^lwo^and 1 1((; ^ f ( r e a tei and ' the car overturned. () n| , ho Veterans The river was at rec».-d high l e v e l s and ftr.adilv rlimhinj toward the DO.foot cre«l expected Wednesday. The old high mark of 24 f! fcft. rstabll.ihcd In 13fll, was passed yelscrday. Early today the reading wan 25.4, compared with flood slaRc of 19. : At 2«.fi, the river '.fill bf *i the level which levw and flood walls along the two cities were designed to handle. Freeboard or safety margin «dd« thrne tn f.H'*, foci to thf levee height, ha*?-Y«r-' Todny'n battle w»5 a continutd nil-out (sffort to »di twh feet to the levef hricht. AUh* Mm? lim» workers were mnintalninj constant vigil for breaks and giving Immediate attention Io the jand i. company super- Arkan.-ar. said in yesterday that offices in these cities bad re-opened: Little nock. Hnfrors. Rprinsdale. | |,ul annarenll Fayettcvillc. Kort Smith. Harrison.; j n service. Conway. 1-lot Springs. Oxark, Van i * P . i r r n . Rcntonville. Marked Tree.' w^Z^r^kt^F^citEiiSilc For Atomic Energy Dorprto. Smnckn\-t i r, Arkufieiphia, f t . - .. f i J ' J Blythovillc. Osrrnln.Stulur.'irt. DC- ; f\^[\\ j6Cr6fl¥ MUOI6Q W i l t . Camp Ctiaffcr n:id Paris. ; Tho l.iitlr Rnck office hR ^ctcd tno Into. T a f t rlaim tJri"rnU's powerful j--upp°i't opened yc.-Ucrriay ' for 1hc Pf Rippiiliownr a. c surcs the yenor- j lmi( , ? i ncc the «trikp of thr al's victory. Eiscnho^/cr force:; re-; commercial TclfiJjrnphcrs Union !.ortcd, "poor lr*cr" latrr Paying t l, CC an. City Supl. -I. F.. Carleton T a f t flralrRiPt? Pimply went U|1! -: declined Io ;a-.' hn\v many people cierjzround anrl kept spending cam- . worn working, or n-hc'rf they came paign money. Taft force? rejected .from, hut said none of the strikers Folic.v Kxplainrd Conlacleri loony hy Iplephonf. thf chairman and two members nf thn hoard who have resigned A X - ..tnrv did not make clear how i plained the policy customarily fol- rnanv exchanRes wore out today. · lowed in RrantinK brief holidnv iany were hack ' furloueh? in prisoners w i t h fiond i conduct. They defended thn prac- i t ticp. nllhouch one o/ Ih^tn asserted ' ( ^ that in Bishop's case i! had "un; fortunfile" resuHp. W. L. Fulmpr of Booncvilli; and · John P. Keel of Newport told the j TIMES they have reyit-ncd ; portions on the five-man Paroln 1 Roard. They declared thpii rosis- tions frnm anynnr. . "There Is nolliinK wrntic with doesn't want the randidnte tn sell . Arkansas down Ihe rivrr adri | rledion," said the ; ney pcnei al. he former a t t o WasliinBton-lfl'i-nansei had returned io work. Progressive Parly To Hold National Meeting New Ynrk-i/TVThe Progressive j party will hold it? 10.i2 national · cot;\ r en',inn in Chicago over the I July -1 week end. i Former Congressman V i f o Mare- antonio. Campaign Com! mittpe chairman, announced the President Albcn Barkley ?aid they I,Lc hedu]inq of the convention yes- heleivp. he is in a receptive mnorl I trrday. A party platform will be flhout the Democratic presidential :ihe main nrHer of business. The nimination. As vice president, h e ' p a r t v nlrendy ha? ratified as can-* is reluctant to hid for it nov/, they : diriates Vincent Hallinan. Cali' fornia a t t o r n e y , for president: and Mrs. Charlotta Bass. N\v York Nocvo, for vice, piepido.nt. (his as propaganda to boost Eis- enho^^·pr'? vofP. Cnnnally Not A Candidatr Elsewhere 'he political rol .bubbled tins way: tn Washington, Sen. Tom Connally of T e x a s announced: ·' 1 do cot desire to he a candidate . - . (or re-nomination 10 the United States Senate." Connally, Dcm- neratie chairman of the FnreiRn Delations Committee, is 74 and has served -l.i. years in Congress. In Washington, friends of Vice of land first. spetMilation may prompt govern- AFI,' mcn | officials to keep secret until the last moment the site finally selected for a billion dollar atomic energy plant. Cnnsrrssional sources were reluctant to identify any more place? that may havp hnen surveyed for the. bic ROPPOUS diffusion plant. They said they were fearful mention of specific sites mipht lead .speculators to buy up J land in hnpc? of making a k i l l - ! inc. The Atomic Energy Commis; · 7ion ha? annoimced it is cnncp.n- ', i l r a t i n g ii= search for a site in the Ohio Rivpr Valley, i The commission emphasi?eH no : decision has been made--and it , mentioned no individual places as j ' beinc under consideration. nations reason?" F,iid, but may be a\ai!ahle in case nf a deadlock at the convention. Sen. Richard Rufscl 1 of Gcorpia said on a New York television show yesterday there vas IH n a - pon Democrats could nol have .T civil rifihts plank ploRsini; to all i Piirty r'ncmbrrs. This'\vo Id " p e r 1 Fordyce, Ark.-iVPi-An Ike Murry for Governor Club has been organized here, Muri v. who^r home is at P'ordy-e, ha= not announced for covernor hut is ex- pnr-ted to do so shortly. were for "p f r f n M ;i 1 and did noi result fmm i «nv conflicts over policy. . · Fulmer sairl he quit in DPCPIII- : her and received prompt nr: ' know led Cement from Governor ; McMath, apparently accepting the resignation. Keel said he turned in his resi^nntion in .January and : ha? not heard from the governor · as to whether it \-.-nc accepted. ! (In Little Hock lh» Assnriatwl I Pros? rcprnled 1h«t M c M a t h today announced the two rrsignations and that McMalh had accepted Keel's resignation but had not acted on Fuhner's resignation.) Snnerinlfndrnl 1,1st* Pamirs As outlined hy Fulrner. Keel. and Roard Chairman Ne^vjlln. thf Christ ma-: fuilouchp are g ranted this w a y : In n^cember the prison superintendent draw? up a list of nil prioner« who h;n'o hrnti t r u s t j f ? thr**o y e a r s and u'hose conduct has been finorl. The hoard check* each c;i.ef rf^ardinc conduct in prison, hut nol r^carninc the mme rotn- coNTrMirn ON PAHK FI.KVKN r.'omp;in^ Southern R 1 leave, was hi? f i r s t . Also. .MrMalh said. Bishop i? a cripple and needed Io have, a no".' body hraco made tn replace one \vhich had been de- si royed by fire. Tin. 1 unvei'iior r oil era led "Bishop should hnv*? never been released Under any condition? bill foregoing are the circumstances surrounding Ihe ca.«\" McMath said hp would recommend t h a t the Parole Board ( ., o , . . . MJ _ ........ _. view more c'-trefully application? only $222--although si.Mfl hns J I"ayr;Ucville on (liKhwny 71. Sher- ; sin'am. anticipated the hignes' lor holiday clemency, hut said he '·. been spent for publiritv and ad- jff Cririer said the truck, driven i rreflt since 1880. felt some kind of a i-Pward for verti.-'ini and it owes $1,432 for J n y Thomas .I. Owrn of Forum, had | The Weathrr PurM« «·; nth .,,.,. .-kiddnd and turned nvnr. {South Dakota, along t h r l o w s Roth men suffered cuts, hruto · ^ajka re«h« and Iqlo K*ns« nnd .honk. S t a t e Trooper, R i II | ^.^^..Mn. SirucniiiE ,inri Cnrl While rharjcd The Mijjijsippl war »t a r«'"td Murphy '"i'h speeding They sairl ! h |^i, ani \ dimbinft at SI. Pf'V. lii= car ^kiddPtJ n.'i (cot before i Minn. ThouKanrt?: xvcrp homeles* klriliin« r, culvert and liirnln-; over, and al ihe St. Paul Municipal Alp F,,nd Rl»lnt slow A Tahleqnnh. Okla.. man nnrl i port was under water. Th* Minne- VTM - ,, - The ,,., 3 per hi, , i(n ,,rrc,,d -ninor ^\^% ^^STM Yorniuri rnponed today a cam- ;d midmcht Saturdny v:hcn lni;lr lchj tn Wis. expected the worifi '· paijin to build a memorial t o Gen. ^ c a r strui* the roar end of a smii- I Mississippi River flood in history rft ~ 1 PouRlas Mat-Arthur ha« collected ; trailer truck three miles sinlh «f : by Tuesday night. La Cross, up- prisoners ·.v^s neceF'ary under ihe present system which depend? (or it? enlorcement mainly nn iiiistic*i rather than a limited number of p;u'd euardfi. McMath said lhat "a lar^e num- ' her of prominenl citi7ens" al vari- ! ous limes had asked the Parole Board for a regular furlough for Rishop. but lhat the hoard had = never recommended s'jch clemency. _ Reserve Champ And Owner Telephone Cable Cut, Louisiana Service Out NV'v Orlean.'.-'/I'j-A larRr '"I* 1 - ' phone rahle v.'as nil 11 mile.? "n;ith of Alexandri;) in Central Louisiana, disrupting «ei-vice between N'rw Origan? and Shreveporl for several hour* yrsterday. Thf r u t t i n g "was inlintionnl," .irrordinir to CVirirl'^ I'e.nrson, .Ir., d i s t r i c t man^crr for Si uihern Bell ToVphnne an d Tr efiraph New Revolutionary Government In Control Of Bolivia .Rrll ritfnied .1 S.i.nof) i e \ \ - a t d for m f o r - a t i n n leadiny Io Ihe arresl and con\'ielifui of guilty persons. party mit the party to be reunited," »nirt the nominee-candidate. flen. l")ouuhs MacAithnr paid, in a lotivr to n Republican Kmup, he Is nol a candidate for nny pub- lie office, lie su/zceslcd voters should "avoid waslinR their voles on mo." W. Averell llarriman, head nf Ihe frnvrrmncnl's foreign aid pro- and ' a p - j T.a Pa hnryinjr more than 3nn dear tending Fomo l,."ino wnnndrci pe.'ired today under firm control o f ' M s nnv,* r(M'olutinnar- cnvrrn- nieni, A w a i t e d VHF Victor P«?. Kstrns- porn. ]nng-pxilcri leader u'hn is in relurn from Arsrrntina Wednej;- mnd,- ) plain ho is w i l l i n c j d n y In hr-nrl the now recirne to hfiromr ^.canriidatr for lh rt 11 r .- j ' A f t o r instnlltnc a 1.1-man cahmet erratic prrpidentml nomi.tation, . I r . ' n f ihe Nntional nevohitin?)ar^ tnld n sroup of N'e\c Vork H o m o - party, thn victorious rebel. 1 ; last rrnls in Washinctnn last ninht he niyhl sen) a dolcsation by plane to v'oiild "ronridrf »' nn honor" t c . ' p.npnor Air"5 t o nv Me !':"·. K-.i^nr- havc^heir hnrkmt- . i-^ro, thr party's rlucf, to Kinrn. Bolivia - 1.4*; - Bolivia. He ^f*id he would accept the hid.' r-apital. Pa?. Kslrnssoio won the Oenerai nalhvian · nuniher of votes -almost half--in io havp tak-en asylum presidential rleetion-^ 11 month? nmhassv, reportrdly Vene/uela'*: · a 2 n hut failed to n-in nn overall There va? nn immediate informa- maiionty. P,eforc the le^islaHirn (ion on the "·hrrpjirtnute of flr-n. i could rhooj;p hel'A'cen three lead- Htimbrrtn Torre.- Orlix, hi? A r m y ' inc randidHtep. a milMfiry junta chief of = t n f f u-hn led the c^ 1 | hehdod liy f'.r-n. Muc n Rnllivian ernmcnl force? and who .·.-i^nert !he ioved in hv fovce. It u'a-; this rlique which Kstenseoro'?; supporter* pwept frnm pouer in a three-day hatllr ?ia,r1- ina b;t Wednesday. Thf parly leader fled the rnrnlry in 1010 vhen rrhpl" os erlhrnv.' Ihf pov- Tnmeni nnd hnnj*»rl Proj^dfpt CiualbcrU) VillarrofiJ | formal surrendrr to ih** rohr!5 Kri- Po7.' dny aftrrnnon. The Annv. porno unil* of vi-hich had oppopod the lehely. w a s pinc- t i c a l l v i no DP rah*, c today folio win 2 » hehr-ed : Poulfry Morket -n a foreign , The poultry rnarkfl today : porlfi ijy !hf I J n i v r.|--i1\ nf kaiisa* I n s t i t u t e of S mnce Trrhnolfitfy nnd ihf Hairy Poultry Market \V-.v* SPIA irr o f ! the (I, S. Drpjirlmriii of A R i ' t r u l - j A r - turr. Northwe«l A r k a n s a « markPt un- «;ett]pd with pricfr fiom *m«- rent highpi in one cent low«*r. Under- lone Rpnrrallv woak. demand* f«ir ...·rrst fir di.v«ipparnnpp if many n f ' and offprint lihrral to h**avv. All il iMftpr.*. Many rrpori^d!" hnvr prippr f.o.h f a r m up Io 2 p. m r nijsM Ar'.'l'"n io fotcij^ji /"T». inday. 7,-\ *'· ?fi '·'·nt^. fPO'^ly '·· batfi* 'crnts. to ir.ii at 1 . Flood roNT'tMT^n ON PACK Ki.kvKN: cities alone thp dovnslrcur Iowa-lllinoL rcache* to ^xp^ I all-time hi«h cr«ts thr t^st wew 1 in April. In North Dakota nnd Westftm 1 Minnesota, ihe R*"i Rivrr of thf ' north, hit or menarfd towns included Karen, Moorh^ad. Wahpfs : ion and Grand Forks. FarRO and i Mnnrhcari. twin cities, had hun.- idrods of pv«c.uMpd persons. Dams In Newport And Augusta Areas Holding Little Rock -i.-Ti - The White River «ppnr«U|v "'ill not 50 nu'. of it' at Newport and A'l- Eiisia ioct.iv a 'i-!n firft feared i l n .1 revised foreea.'t today. th» It. S We.ilher Blirrai) al"' Roek sin! H,im« in that area art holriini- Ihr surplu" wa'er anc thoe rities .ire not in immcdialt rtanzer of hemK (looked. Tne nuarhlta Rivrr ii ixi-eft-f 1 feet .-' Cantden Frt- 'aje there j s 26 Icct Scrop Paper Drive By Club Is Postponed The seiap paper rinvi- sponnorcrf by the .lunior Women's Ci\'ic Club hns been postponed until a market for paper is re-opened, li \va« announced today. The Tulsa, Olib . market has closed pending an increase in prir?. Tht Wtathtr -A r k a n s a s -- Clear te partly rloud.v snd cool this afternoon and tnniaht: low lomptMtum tonight tomorrow, ________ __ __ , I'iclnrd Miles of Siloam Spring. «nd his Yorkshire ho;, which v..« north portion .15-43; tomorrow, ud cd .e,e,ve eh»mpiTM at the llrnt annual 'at harrow ,hov »nd .»!· Partly cloudy .nrl warmer. .' t-eld I Ibe V««hin(rlnn Cnunlv S»le ll:irn l-'ridny, nnrt shown flPOV*. ... . The I,,- u ,- ,* rrn»wd h^ Ihe K.nv"' I I- MtOfU ·!* AMfHon Oil)- I f«T 111" 1»nWlM««W«H- Mtej. ' ' T-i-ka TIMESFOTO). li* t* *r««l» *« U^itV. Ud».»

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