Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1952
Page 9
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Bishop Sherrill Gives Special Easter Message N«w,York, N. Y.-"We are too frcatly governed by our prejudice «nd anxieties" and "need some rock of reality upon which to stand,'! the Rt. Bev. Henry Knox Sherrm, president of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. declared here in · special Easter message. To overcome our "hysteria based upon a nameless fear o f i what may happen in this choatic world," Bishop Sherrill, who is presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church, suggested "an inward peace and strength" to be found "as we realize the truth that God ritjtns." "The joyful news, 'He is risen' does not change the contemporary world," the Bishop laid, but it doe: bring "a freedom from worldly fear and anxieties--a joy which no circumstance can take us." "Men and women "everywhere are in a State of disillusionment, of intelliceual and emotional confusion within themselves. The result is that so many times clear Grounding Of Wlying Men Reported But Only A Few Because They Refuse To Go Into Air Washington-yP)-Thc Air Force will ground more than 1,000 flying officers this fiscal year, but only a handful for refusal to fly --the. reason for a small-scale mutiny of. six airmen at San Antonio. Most will be taken from flying status. Air Force spokesmen said, for medical reasons--lask of flight proficiency or, particularly among older men, lack of physical fitness, from They said 734 officers were re- mo.ved from flying status during On The Radio NO! THWKT AKAMAI TIMM, tayMtvllto, ArfcVMM fefurAly, April 12, 1992 courageous action thinking and are lacking. "Such was the experience of the first disciples. They had held exaggerated hopes of a new day --which were dashed by the hard fact of the crucifixion. They became the impact of the Resurrection. The stern task given them still remained, indeed was intensified--but now they understood as never before the meaning and purpose of God, of life and their lives. They were given insight, courage, spiritual pnwe'r and an indefinable th« radiance as they set about preaching of the Good News. "So may this Easter tide bring us once tgain these great gifts as we realize the truth that God reigns. Here is the source of spiritual power to meet the necessities of our times. the first halt of the fiscal year. Only a small percentage of the 'jtpected to top 1,000 by total- year's end on June 30--would be removed because of refusals to fly or requests to be grounded, they emphasized. The six lieutenants at : Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, who refused to fly included a pilot who said it made his wife "a nervous wreck," two bombardiers, two navigators and a radar operator. The six have'been on a no-flying strike since April 1. Officers at fi»n- dolph, the nation's biggest Air Fore* center, declined to sa/ why, reporting only that the cases were under Investigation. Maj. Gen. J. K manding the Crew -Lacey, corn- Training Air -. iiianuiiiK me ^ i e « n a m i n g rtir Force, said disciplinary action would be taken against any man who disobeyed orders. Mutual To Carry Texas Sunrise Service Plans have been completed for Easter Sunrise services, the annual Heart of Texas Easter Sunrise Service, which will be alre* over the Mutual network at 9 t. m. Eastern Standard Time. The service will be held in a natural amphitheatre hewn out of a hillside between Mercury and Brady overlooking a hugh live oak tree which is generally regarded as the geographical center of the Lone Star State. The Hon. Allan Shivers, governor of Texas, will present a brief mes- t sage on the program, whose main I last 2,000. It does seem that th Hillside Adventures * The By FRED HTAttR most far-reaching events on, the pag« of time are the birth and murwtion of a Man who n : oo The Perfect "36" Contest B Heart of Tcxai Service at MM' cury, Texas. Other features: CBS 11 a: m. dramatization of Easter story, "On New York-W)-On Saturday 'the Third Day" NBC 11:15 risk night list: 'Jubilee singers: ABC 11:15 Busier NBC--8:30 Medicine USA- 7 i i n . Bermuda;- MBS «:3n Salvation Jane Ace; 7:30 Bob with Ray: « | A TM. v ; MBS 7 mixed choir from Judy Cinova; 8:30 Grand 'die' chlld cit v ' Monsehart. Ind.; MBS Opry; 9 Vaughn Monroe. j 7:3 ° f 3 '"" Pylon's Triumphant CBS-«:30 .Operation Under- | "°^ M"?'^TM"^"'*^ ground; 7 Gene Autry; 7.30 Tar- i ^ rSU5Miam1 ' F ' a " H ' eh Sdlorl1 zan; 8 Gang Bustors; 8:30 Broad- I ' B way's My Beat; 9 Waxworks. ! ABC-7 Dancing Party; 9 Music i Vane*;'. i MBS--7 Twenty Questions; 7:30 | Thwtter of Air; 8:80 C,uy Lombar- | do; 9 Chicago Theater. j Sunday: Sunrise services--NBC S a. m. Moravian service «t Winston-Salem, N. C.; (I at Walter Heed Hospital, Washington; 6:30 from Radio City, New York; 7:05 from a barge on Lake Springfield, 111.; 7:30 {rom Grand Canyon, Ariz.: 10:30 from Yosemite National Park, Calif. . . . CBS 6 from Natural Bridge, Va,; (1:30 from Garden of the Gods, Colo.; 7 from Hollywood Bowl, Calif. . . . MBS Police Funds To Buy New Vehicles Little Rock-Arkansas Comptroller Lee Ro.v Beasley has authorized the Slale Police Department to transfer $21,170 frnrn i| s salary fund (o its equipment account, for the purchase of new patrol cars. Director Herman Linrlsny snicl the money had accumulated in t h e srlary fund hr-causc of a Inrgo turnover in personnel during the past nine months. . 6:00 Lombards on the Air 6:!S Starlight Time «:SO News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review 7:00 20 Questions 7:30 M.G.M. Theatre of the Air 0:00 M.G.M. Theatre of the Air 8:30 Lombardoland U.S.A. 9:00 Chicago Theater of the Air 9:30 Chicago Theatre of the Air 10:00 News 10:15 Dance Orch. 0:30 Dance Orch. 10:55 News came to glv« something to the world instead of trying to get something for Himself. The t'.vo outstanding news items of all times are the ones which startled the world with, "Today in Bethlehem a Child is born and His name shall be called Jesus," and the one the ang spoke to sorrowin,-* friends of th man Jesus, when he said, "He h risen!" Every year in thousands of com munities people who never sa this Christ, stage pageants cen tered around Mis birth and resu rection. The story has been to! over and over every yeaf for 1h 11:80 Sign Off NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rate: 3 cent 1 - per wort! »fnle !n- tertion. Three consecutive irnrrtioni 7 cent* per word. Minimurr. order 42c. Clatsi/ied adi cairh in advance--not taken over th« telephone. Deadline for classified ads: 10:30 l. m daily; 8:30 a. ni Saturday Correction! and rerun cheerfully made after first insertion No corrections or rerun made after ad ban expired. NOTE: Advertltini copy for other paitea Is due at 12 noon the day prr- ceeding publication; 12 noon Saturday l o r p u b f l c i i t l o n e i n Mon day ' LEGAL NOTICES rox BALE--finite I-lly Free delivery fttry'l rioter*. I Phong rein. ^_5£titrl_arefg I HANDYHOT pnrlahl* walhlng" mj- rhlne with wringer, llumlnttpn ttih K-crellent condition. In SI). C a l l " W h y nheuM money *tand m nur w a y ? Two can live aa cheaply at ''WHITlMAGIC' Clothes Dampening Bag No 'Sprinkling Needed LEWIS BROS. CO. KOK BALE--MlUCBM.AHEOIIg BABN lltler lor your jafHfn, youri for the haullni. Circle Courtu, Snulh c n a e j a c r _ w J dll ?j;?uJ'!«l_and Eait Slreetn. ONI rn«idni're relrliSr.tOT7ii|l|i'llt ·round floor Prefer hu*t- n*»rt man. Share bathroom with gd» other huilneai man Serv» hr«ikfa«t I'hone 3\KV;.^_ _l_J_l Ur ""' n """ a p a r t m e n t ovrrjrjhinj( rarnpuf Two roomi. hath N e w l y decorated r .^cl p, m D U P L E X ~ ^H ..* r 9"r" unfiirni.ihcd University kltcrmn »nrt l ______ JMuine 2.124J before ' " ' AM umiiiv» paid «0,irlm*rit rtu M WHITFIELD'S^ USED - CAR5-TRUCKS:iS t i · « , - '949 Mercury Sfaflon 8-p a i s ,n 9 er. Hodlo, Jjiwlm. n FffONT btfJroomV BulicVFfn iqunr* redecorated. Phone j o w n g r ; . _ fin«S~~!or'Nnrih|194l Olds 76 Sedan .,-.,$395 Vl£iVSnwh«. "" Pl/mouth . flve-poiwiifir i rilcknon. Call VTAftNIMC OftDtft In Tfl« Chtnctry C*nrl Of W«hinft*n OMintv, Arktnm Suzannah Cnmpbcll 1'lntnthf vs. Joe Campbell. Jr.. Defendant The Defendant Joe Campbell. Jr warned to appear in this Court wllhin t h i r t y days and nnswei- Ihe complaint o f . t h e P l a i n t i f f in the above entitled cause. Witness my hand and seal nf iYj Court this 28th day of Mnreh. I95H. (SEAL) Richard 8. Greer Chancrry Clerk 29 April S-12.-19-C WAKHINQ ' =x In The Chancery Csiirt Of Waihlngttfl Cnntr, Arhiniu George Tjossem Plaintiff SUNDAY MORNING 7:00 Freedom Story 7.15 Music for Sunday 7:30 Music for Sunday speaker will be Dr. Eugene R. Bertermann, director of the international Lutheran Hour. Music for the event will be provided by the Concordia Theological Seminary Chorus of Springfield,. Illinois. The group of 32 singing theolo- gaina ii under the direction of Prof. Fred L. Precht. In his address, "Your Resurrection in the Risen Redeener'' Dr. Bertermann will point Up the true meaning of Easter, emphasizing Christ's seven-fold promise to ail who believe in Him. CAIH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Pho» Sdtael list Joplin Rendering Co. multitudes would get bcred b this same spectacle, *nd that thi would yawn and go home to te others it has become a tlresom thing. But not so. The crowds are ge ting bigger as the show continue its run that will cease only whe time itself shall be no more. th th The unusual thing a:iout strange man who walked 50 Ford tudor $1390 49 Plymouth f ardor $1175 49 Chevrolet fordor $1290 50 Ford pickup $1150 ·II M AIM f AVI IBSNIER-MYAN T«» Frltnalr Tnt D*il»r shores of Galilee is th«t He was n't trj-ing to make the front pag of the papers. He had no publicit agent. He didn't own nny stork i: any corporation. He only hankerd Lo be a big stock holder in humai lives, and He accomplished tha by being kind, turning the othe cheek, doing good for evil, lovin His enemies; all these things «i many people today--19 centurie after His coming--declare will no work. Jesus had some rather stru planks in His platform. For stance: When some of the people He ran across started finding faul with another He stopped thei gossip with the suggestion that i might be a good idea to let the fellow who was perfect cast the first stone. According to the record there wasn't muc'i r ck throwing thereabouts that day. This Man had what the worlc considers a queer philosophy about lot of things. His idea on war was a honey. Remember the nigh: the tough guys came after Him to take Him to court, and Peter got ambitious and chopped off an car for one of the.n? You remember Christ said, "Put awaj your sword, son. He who take: up the sword sh?.ll perish by the sword." Do you see anybody perishing any faster today t h a n them [hat have the sword drawn? This Man, whose conquest of the grave we are celebrating along pvith nature at this season, Would lave the whole world junk its war machine, and devote its time to bettering the condition of those who are in need. You may have a lot of doubts about this Man's code of ethic: Some people even go so far as to declare Him an imposter. But all ou got to dc. is take h loo' at the records. Check up on those who 'ollow In His footsteps and prac- ice His philosophy. Go interview hem,,and they will tell you His vay is the one and only way man- tlnd will ever rise above himself, around and sec what His ollowers are doing toward healing he hurts of the world, and then ;o take a look at those wh" would :ast His teaching In the discard. Kin conquest of the grave as- ures us we, too, can conquer the ears that Assail tin. The meMago, He has risen," is the one we sec II about us in nr.turc, nnd In the ives of those who 1 Have seen fit o follow where His footsteps lead, f you havt r Job of rolling away he stone that ha« made fnr the arkness and coldness nf your life, H» Is noted for Hli ability to toss side the blfgctt and most stub- orn ones. (:00 Church of Chrlit 8:30 Fayttteville Baptist Assn. 8:45 Sunday Serenade 900 Nazarene Church 9:15 The Story Behind the Song 9:30 Voice of Prophecy IO:M Sacred Hurt Program 10:15 TIM1S Morning Newi Edition 10:30 Tabernacle Choir 10:45 Harding Hymns 11:00 first Baptist Church StNDAI^TTBitNOON 12:01 News with Vandeventer 12:15 Piano Portraits 12:30 Show Tips and Show Tune* 1:00 BASEBALL Game of the Day Joyce The ·c« Tjoasem Defendant ... _. is warned to appear In ihis Court w i t h in thirty dai'B and ani*cr fha eom- plaint of the Plaintiff in the above entitled cause. Witness my hand, and seal of I h l a Court this 21st day of March. 1952. (SEAL) Richard B. Creer Chancery Clerk 2:3-29 April 5-12-c 3:30 Private Files Bell 3:55 Bobby Benson of Matthew 4:00 The Shadow 4:30 True Detective Mysteries 5:00 Sunday Down South 5:30 Nick Carter 5:55 Cecil Brown SUNDAY NIGHT 6:00 Affairs of Peter Salem 6:30 News fi:45 Christian Science Program 7:00 The Child City Easter Program 7:30 Methodist Church 8:30 Favorite Stories 9:00 Top Ten 9:15 Top Ten 9:30 Top Ten 9:45 University Hour 0:00 News 5:15 Easter Music 0:30 Sign Off MONDAY MORNING 5:30 Rise N' Shine 5.50 HFD 1450 6:00 .Rise N' Shine 6:30 Market Report and Weather 6:35 Rise H 1 Shine 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Korfee Kup Kapen 7:30 Otatco Newa 7:45 Koffee Kup Kapers 8:00 Robert Hurleigh--M 1:15 Morning Devotion l:,10 TIMES Morning Edition 0:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 1:30 Take a Number 1:00 Food for Thought 1:15 Linda's First Love 0:30 Queen for a Day :0fl Rhythm Ranch Hands :15 Bauckage Commentary :25 Carl Smith :30 Church of Christ :45 Musicnl Roundup :55 Market Report MONDAY AfTKRNOON J.'OO Hymns of All Churchet :15 News at Noon :30 Chuckwagon Jamboree :45 Riders of the Purple Sage :on Dixieland Matinee :25 News :30 Afternoon Varieties :00 BASEBALL Game of the Day N. Y. Giants Vs. Wc$t Point :30 Tune Plck'n Time :0* Bobby Benson M WIM Bill Hlrknrk :S5 Orl! firnwn MOTICI All owners of real property w l l h i n the following cleicribed terrilor.v situated In the City of Fayeitcville. Washington County. Arkansas, hound- Td as follows, to-wit: BeRinninf at Ihc intersection of the south line of Wall rjtrcct and the West line of full Avenue nnd runnlna thanec West H7 feel, thence South to the North line uf Section 21. Township 1(5 North, Rangu 3C1 West, thence West along the North line of said Section a. to the right of way of the main line of the St. Louis-Snrt Francisco Railway Company, thence In u Southwesterly direction with Ihe Easterly line of the right of way of the rhaln line of the St. Louti- San Francisco Railway Company to the right of way of the St. Paul Branch of the St. Louis-San Francisco H a i 1 w a y Company. thence curving in an easterly direction with the easterly and northerly line of the right of way of the said St. Paul branch to the East llr.e of the Southw'6St Quarter of the Southwest Q u a r t e r uf said Section 21, thence Norlh along the Fast sides of Lots 11, 10, 9. 8. 7 and 6. Block 7 of Parksdale A d d i - tion to the Southwest corner of t h e N o r t h e a s t Quarter o f th« S o u t h w e s t Qunrler o f S e c t i o n 2 1 . T o w n s h i p 1 6 Norlh. Bang* 30 '.Vest, thence North IS rods along the East i=it:e of Lots 1, 2. 3, 4 and 5. Block 7. Parksdalc Addition, thence North 72 degrees East along the N o r t h - ern boundary line of tlw W. A. Easterllng property lo a point 502.9 feet Nor:h and 111.4 tcct Welt of the Southeast corner of the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of said Section 21. thence North three rods, fhence East to the East line of Ihi- N o r t h east Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of said Section 21 thrnci- North along the Kssl line nc said Lnst rhentloned 40 ncre tract lo l l t h Street, thence North acrns-i 1 1th Street and continuing N o r t h on the East line of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest QuBrler of said Section 21 to a point due East of the North line of Lot », Block f of Wilson-Dunn A d d i t i o n , thence West to the NorlheaM corner 61 said lot 8. thence c o n t i n i i i n c West along the N o r t h line of Lot « and Lot I. Block C, of said Wilson- Dunn A d d i t i o n lo the East line of University Avenue, thence Norlh along Ihe East line of U n i v e r s i t y A v e n u e lo Ihe Northwest corner of the N a t i o n a l Cemetery. t h e n c e East to a point 453 feet East nf the East line nf Hill Avenue, thencr N'orlh 453 feet East Of nnd parallel lo t h e East line of Hill Avenue to a point 210 feet South ol the South l i n e of W a l l Strcef. thence West 33:i fept. thence N o r t h 210 feet lo the Soulh line ot Wall Slrcet thence West 1?0 feet ,-ilonx the South lin- of W a i l Street to the Ea.n l i n o Of Hill Avr-nue. thence West ;icro«r, Hill Avenue to Ihe point of beginning. re hereby n o t i f i e d :tifii ,T p r i i t m r i has been filed w i t h the C l l y Clerk of he said C i t y of Fayetteville. p u r p o r t - g to bt signed by two-third.i in slue of the o - ,vner3 of real property i t h l n said t e r r i t o r y , which p e t i t i o n pray* t h a t a local improvement dist r i c t he formed e m b r a c i n g snid i n n - tory for the purpose of c r n d i n R , draining, paving and otherwise improving M i l l A v e n u e f r o m t h e South line of W a l l Street tn 7th Street. 7:b Street from Hill A v e n u e to ntinc.m A v e n u e . Duncan A v e n u e f r o m 7 t n Street lo I J t h Street, l l t h Street !rr,m BUSINESS Ori'ORTUNITV ·iMAt.I. cnfe. Best location in art- Priced tn sell. P. O. Box n i l . WANTED BAn*P,eH work or lease or buy two cluilr shop In Lincoln. L. D. Carter. R o u l e 2, Phone 611F3. HKI.P WANTED WANT and sfifcylntiiiM fnr r u r a l snlcs work. K n r n and icarn w i l h p well known company. Liberal roiiv missions with expense and car nl- Jowanre. W i l l f u r n i s h car io fhost whn - f j i t n l i f y . Write Box K-ftt HEL1- WANTED--M ALE SHARE cropper, Sum Your Ed«t*r won't be complete without that delicious Dairy Sweet MARY'S MALT SHOP ^ , SO MODEL 7 foot" Seri'einarge~"lfj .11) inodL-l Roper range, Gray 2 piec l i v i n g room suite. 4 piece breakfioi let. Small tables nnd baby bed. All _m__exce]U?n_t_ihnpe^JPhone 2476J. fitE.SH .lersey milch cow's'; HTmpshTFc gilts from registered «toc^; b e a u t i f u l used hardwood flooring long l e n g t h * Extra lame electric neon Road wKa'i- reside [arm. Lincoln Theodore Flphcr, Ot-ncral Delivery, Kaycltcviile. j^honft irt98W. HELP WANTED-- FEMALE WAITRESS. app'ly"ln"perTo"n.' 'H Cifc. bourn School Street. S f r a money, America's mo*l popular low Blips. Nylon t r i c o l a 10 32. \ V r l t r Ho* K-li inc address wnd pho s e l l priced nd rnyon. Sizes ' men. « mber. time. r u i l , pnrt- TRANSPORTATfON OFFEKKD passengers Los Angeles or or Tuesday. TAKE Z .._ ,,_ v i c i n i t y . Leave Monday Phono 720V/2. -EAVINQ for" Annhefmr~Callt.. aboul April 14. Can take :i share expense pMsepgcrs. Phone 2205. _ ' MONEY TO LOAN FhA HOMF, LOANS · Low Interest, long terms TLEY AND COMPANY, INC. I'hone 2203 LOST AND FOUND LOST pair of glasse where In vicinity in rune, some- Unrk Thester aiioiit April ;t. 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S400.00. f£w*r; Phon.- 5J33. 4.1 South Ofgyn. ofrt*r tfint EaVter cnrBiie lo complete her new Eaiter o u t f i t . Mother nhd d a u u h t e r Cutter corMyc*. Phone 2W3. Btrrr'i Flowers. J : l_ South_Grei|i(. KASTER rt*ni*^\\^,~'h^ifintej,* nzalew. Kfcixlanfa*. vloleti, i n r r f e n l n and (ithnrn. Phone 2|33, 6*rrv' _flowers, Jljioujh Grrjti KEYSTONE qua~my~«id '1ST~b(ilh Lewiii Dion Co. Ine 1CK /urnlihfd *p^rirn«-nt""w : iTh p'rt". vat* hath for rounltv Sc.t, nfter 4 303 J*H£l h "'I 4 :* ,, _ nFUJI N ISlfit D 4 room « Diriment. .*MVft nj« yft n tf r. P h o n e S57-R-4. 3 ROOM nTrefy fufnlVhcrj downalairi *p*r(m*nf Private e n t r a n c e , private bath nnd m r a f c . Clonf; in A H u i N ^Phpne IfiBU. j NEW 2 betJrnam "difBTcjT 201 vHF.! ml», New ttfhoot.i. U n i v j r d t j nnd ! all new ht'inff adrtlllon- i BMIVICBS'D ^7and*c*pc Entimntr^res Phon* Sl-J-2 C r d e r nrothcra N u r t c r y , Gr* Foft paint I n?"" 1 "" 7 "' ~ Z6WJ. 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HI Bh wny 2127. .10011 Gatr 71. Jonlin. G u o K e D r i v e Phone miiw-MW i-oung Krrr7 . RcRldlerer and wntch- DOnS--TATS-- PETS WANTF,5rrurftl"rtniTir"fo7" Blue Terrier, m i l e tiny, AKC. Fine for him tin*; rios. Phone 2713. -^w^v»-. FOR S^ YEAR~i;i"wbrk "lTor7cn"5r7. s p n i t e d ptmy. Leo Umlerhill, ivnnd._Arl(. Insist 4'i. t h i r d house vi«it FB Snwi. bred tflffs" a m, "TvTanori OR work horsw fimf i,,.. Rfc .Tim Lester at H i i t o n s ^ ,,,,.,, nnytirne. f:iHNCII,l,AS Chinchilla-:. Rrcistcrrd N C. F! A* Vl.tMor.* wclromr Frpc l l t r r a t t t r r FOk RALK. -AUTOMOTIVE 41 CMKV'nOLET pickup.'sci'nrorl.r j'uVi rchi.ilt motor Plenty ol "Kit " M n t o r Inn CJjinsii?. Sou'h Krhonl .1 in 1 tciday aotl M o n d a y , city nnd M a t e license Need cn'ill n u i r - H l y Hill P I . V M n i l T H eluh criune Iladlo »nd heiler C o n d i t i r n cood Reasonable. Conlacl F. Malcr. Vcls Hoi- pi|al _ _ _ _ fttj' Fbnn p!rkurT~"l T rT?;',r"r7n??.n"- - Duncan A v e n Brook* A v to fi B r 1 Avenue So w i l h Brook of the r i g h t Brook-: Avenue, n u e f i r i j n l l t h Slreet n d Avenue. Garland 1 h from i t s i n t e r s c c i i o n venue t o Ihr N o r t h U n a of way of the St. pun! . Branch Of the St I.ouis-San rllco R a i l w a y Company, a n d t h a t I t i e cost thereof he aurssrd nnd r h n r f i r d upon the renl property nhove d r - serlhed. All owners of real p r o p e r t y w i t h i n tald t e r r i t o r y a r c n d v l s r d t h a t ·aid petflion will hr; heard at the meeting of the C i t y Council to he held at the hour of 7 30 P. M , on iho 2Ut day of A p r i l . 133?. md l h » t a| nld meellm: .aid Council w i n determine w h e t h e r thn.c s i g n i n g thci lame constitute two-third* In v a l u e of ·uch ownen of real property; nnd at lltld meeting all owners of real prop. *rly wllhin snld t e r r l t n r y who cieMra will h« heard upon the fjiteition 'WITNESS my hand and Ihr seal of lh» Oly of fav«-llpvlll«."AtliiinMl Sl£ da/ or April, 132, J. W McOfli.p Cllv Clcrfc, Clly nf Pnyil|r« ArkanHai ;, Ihll COMING to c IMrt Smlih? Rnntrr ·t I^ikc IMrt Smlih? nrrakrmi u-iil Itf ff^dj- fnr you »/tffWi»rrt! Also "rvliHi Ipfriil rxnur rtlnncr. nonn ·nfl «v«ninR. lofw(yHj Dining llonm, Winslow. f!)1s'~MKM"cjlTRY Good condition Center "e7rir . Term rimnlns_rirdfr. Phone .ITU l .??L.rCTMQi't.'tl' S !? " *fr~CcnS? 11 KAilMAU. tractor; pinw iind~mow- Ing machine Haydvn fatdiinr-r Phonp .1H7J2 PACKARO-WJLLYS"~ Sales -- Service IYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO 208 Norlh Block fOR_ SAI.K-IIOMR DEBUTANTE COSMEt'lCS, FUUE.iJ BRUSHES. PHIDNE15.48 SMALI," hoinr In vtrmMy" ^SchgDL^JJhonel919'W. FOR KENT--» IjARGE_ room_.«T : w. Ct-ntfr nOdM'Tnodp.rn uffiiin aparlnTeni Phonp 1207 Unlvcr "" y '" rm r °" tl flJRNKHErt ~s F^nS ~ho"uM~iiiTrTfl month. Phnnp_J525M. 8EK thli nice apartment~~now vitc pntrancc. Clrolr Court, .i~noc5Sf"TurnTsWd'""alirInTpnV "MJ iilndell. ' SIS** "' 1 , lr ,7 s '« ; S~»P«fim«nl. Frivaw _hnlh._ullllnci paid. 40ZJ. BKAllTIFlJL Ihrpp. ToVTm" TurniiTiTd n p n r l m r n t at 202 Or.ark (or adultii on te:. ComplPtrly priv.U. Srp.rat" iilllltlM. Tenants preferred. Phone NICE fiirnlnhed* Prl. South room a pitalra, mo~dern 2 h a t h apartment, w i t h Phone Mrs. Carney, 131a. TRACTOR garden plowing piinno 2?l for IrtformafIon. 'ONDS -- HOADS - CLEAI11NG.-- OI.IN KARNKS A N D FJ.L1B WII.8O. ZJjl! vcnellan Tillndi flntT"ilum num window fcreenn ant* n^rwigi Free rfl'.ltnntei Gahe Cot per. 41 8r.»!h tcu*it Phonf IDlCi · "fiircn rtiuuiiia rooTINGS-w attr. g» .nd ««« dltPhfi, .eplle tahk hnloi Dlijgin ·nd blcK filling Call IKt tiryt DavU 24 HOUR JEHVICE OK Hemitltenlnfl, fltoting, Covtrtrj Bulloni, Button Hol»«, Toiloted 8el:« and Bucltlei. Attintion given Mai Ord.n. Satlff artieri , of Money Bock. SINGS* StW'NO MACHINE CO 1« S.E. St. Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES. Contractor 837 E. r.nffiyctle, Box i13 U, fita Phone 1486, t nyeucvlllc? FOB V5tJrTTio6r!Nc;~NEED3-- Call H L Stewart. Roofing Contractor Alto. Atbfatoa Siding "TOTWBffe B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel. Fill Dirt, Top Soil 0. M, P A T T 0 N Phone 249 J. W. H I I L , Quallry ·PUMPS Phon« 24. *POWER W«tt Fork 1!1L S '1L I! - 1I «? A '' HOOM »irictly"rnodern~KonTron~T7 acres f e r l l l e f,yll. on all rrtuter le«i t h u n y\ m i n u t e drive to Fnyettevllle hnuie l u l l y furnished ready to move into, n.irn. ccllnr. «DrJn8 w a t e r under pressure All for $4.000. C*ulrk nonel- iiin. SKK CALL on \',mrr. M. PAHKEn. SAS LINCOLN, An OTIS KAN- 1 BOOM furnllhcd I p i r t m f n f . ngwrv I f u r decoraled. Private bath, refriiera-' lor .-. lnner»prln« maltr«M. Utllllle, p.ld. IM.flfl. 417 Well Mountain, phone_2420J. y lurnlihefl hotiie, clo*e 1 ROOMTHrnlshed. Ornund floor pff- vale entranee and bith. Location _«ood._^ee_320_Sroll. phone »14. 2 AND 3 rooni apifim'enta". fufnT«h7d S U iE'"^ n il* h ' () ' newl ' "ecoraled. 1S ^oiiln School. UNrtiriNlSHtD apartment. "Good 16- TWO hedroorri modern houip. w i t h ea- r-TBP. In WeMu-ond A d d i t i o n J»3 W m o n t h . Phone ar». Af(tr hour phone 197S. WILL TRADE ACRE f a r m for city residential or ommjrclal property, good 2-«lorv rork houic. Urge barn, gooi pas- · plenty limner, all fenced In RUSSELL REALTY CO. C»H S. T. _Call frm coup*. An extra charter. Radio';qnd huoftr. .1193 \H6 Old. 2-door ......ff95 1?32 Plymoufh .| 95 1947 Ihternationol KS8-5. '15^" foot iteek reek, J-ipmd rear axle, 825x20 -3 tires ··*.'??* 19^7 Chevrolet F o n e l . , . $ 55 1950 Olds 9S S«do ' " 1935 Ojds 2-doer WHltflELO MOM CP t5 North' East St. irradf Irom FOB BALE--Hf.AL t8t*T» a M ?£ ll»r«rtive'!i .houM in« lot !.n e *iv» u ' i Wcoln Arkanuil. Contact Mil. Joa amiI "lenty; ""j.. Samnatt. ArKintM. -tf . ··it or have I "' owner .1 new j trartrmn hom«*"in new adiitilon. Larn Kntim Mot fetti. Plenty of ihad. S hlocK. (Jeni *» anff hilth .chool. 1 bMekl \y hui line. Very jnul! do%^,. t Balance leu than rtnt. I f l l l W after 3 for appftlrit. inent. NF.W 's wm houle. L'tllltj- room aM larasc. Modern. If.! 7S«SIO. Op«n ftir Inipcctlon Thuridav, Friday. Satuf- "lay nnfl Sunday. Located ft retfth 2 niHra. pjiane_2«W. ; THTEE-BEDROOM HOME :-· rntm block) from Waihlnttoh t In very cood nelfhborhood, room* with many bulltln f«itu clwuti of drawtn trl ! rocimi. 1 tlr«jiin([ table altd dfi In bntn. china c»hln*l Jnfl rn*s« In Jlvlns and dlntnf L^^.n. Hardwnoo 1 llonrj and plaitered Ad papered walll. Oft onl! floor on ltfr«l ahady lot. Woodournlng flfe0|ae« and forced air central hMtlnf i}*. lent Priced below reBIietmem tttt at Sll.flOO Oeorue Faunettti with ' CRAVENS CO. rhon. Ha ' " Plioria HSUt TM ACHES tlrdlwr p««turs near Hljh- way IB, Creth and iprlrtf « Home improvement and fencw. 115 an acre. (, caih. 15 acrv ..,._ level. « miles r»y»lttvin«. Gc 4 room house. Several rrulf tri»«, K.OOO, Half eiiti, J.H.RAY 212 ...KMOn B)d|. . Ption*. 1I4T J new houi« located on e; ,, la(, two-bpdroomi, Ilvinf re_, combination dln«tt4 »n« Sltchti ·H* chert fan**. ln.ula!»d Venetian ihad«; - _ ..... weather (tripped. hirHtvnnd lloori. automatic faa hea*f- Locator] new hl| , ed. Price t«,7jjoo. -- - - paid pivu...-.., ..,_ r^ w j i ! h f?'??? 1 -.-'"* '° Bn *v^*^ UTLEY COMPANY, INC.^ nrALTORS LENDIUS WiVKORi HOME ORlNVESTMENT HAVR nice fnur-tftnm frinM hourt loeaien en S(«tfluM Rotd; Hn b*tn rented Rt |4S ptr month. Houi4~t»' In tfxcftlfont condition tn4 tt loeat*? On.a.J^i command!ntf t- Mtuf XVtefJLfto*' ^ fl * M "* * iel Ufley 4 Company, Inc. K. I. Vilty 2M3, BM. 1M7 · g AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE COf A te»n PltM la lur $ I II. Block DEALEB Ph. iff 2 0 0 , Yeorj of Sorvic* ' 20,000,000 Policyhold*r» 20^ 0 : Savingi '_ MUTUAL flK AND AUTO INSURANCE THE RITTER AGENCY "Sovingi for PfBf«rred Riji R «aie ISO ncrei molintalnTand neir _Snifflebeam, nt L 3. Sprlngdaie. Ark 1«7 ACBE farmTbV ' own«f~Alfj "high- y,! y ..!' P^Ptny In Greenland. Phone Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified BKAIJTJJiHOM Stone's rieauly fifiop Evening Appolntmenti Phone SIR4 Greenland. BKAIJTY SHOP "Permanent W a v f n a Speclallyi Phone 1W for appointment COl.VArlDS 8.AUTY SH()» 201 w Meadow-Phom sow Mach^ Hie-up Cilld w«ve ! SAVE ! I On your furniture at HILTON j "" BROS., Hiway 71 North, Wide selection to choose from. Free parking. Bus every hour. We give SH Green Sfompt Phone 1770 l'l(!t;KE'n"S HCAUl'V SHOP Rtl.lABI.I WORK ~~~MAifc»~ttT,*VT¥~8iiof Now up town 7'.. K Mout.oln St. Ahcc Uorutt, I'hone «20 CORRRTIRItR " Krn OB wilh IMf Die TIMKS .tillT. 3p*rirtr Coriellere University St. '--·"----- 1NDIVIDIMU.Y deilfntd loundalKn and Kiirxlcal Itlppornl. Vivian Green renntered Corietl«r«, 21ft North Fa»l 7»«J. HAULING . tr nlfht Call Glenn Kay I BY owner, new 6 foorrT'i'infTe'v'enesr house. I'.i hsths, breakfast room u t i l i t y room, attached garagr wood burning fireplace, laroo corner lot javcdjtnic.i^p. o. Box 625 "·JliCMIN; beaullTuI 5~oc;n~hcVuTf bulll-lns. plenty of cverare«n.t. P j · FAYETTEVILLE PLUMBING HEATING CO. 310 N. West HELP WANTED-- FEMALE Phone : 730 S T E N O G R A P H E R Pormonent employment. Good working conditions emd pa)t Promotional possibilities and other benefits, local branch of. national organiiution. vV for appointment with tompany representative . C Coll 2260 Monday, April 14. FEMALE EMPLOYMENT" OPPORTUNITIES ..-""' We.are endeavoring to establish a list of women between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested ii^ permanent or temporary employment. We hoy* cijr* rent and future job openings in manufacturing processing and canning industries. · ~C Apply Employment Security Diyis.Oh 104 West Center Strett.-^^, ,.,y; -. {,,

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