Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1952
Page 7
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Few New Marks Expected As Rain Greek Porker Relays «!«u|ht »n rtcordi hid juit ibout f*d*d M.tht innutl Arkinsas H«- l»jrl ,fot undtr way h«re this morning. An til-night r»iii made the track he»vy, *nd water wis standing in ipot« on both the cinderpsth and the field, it wa« windy and inftrt rain wis *hr«atened. the temperature was about 50 de- SI"OS. The University uf Michigan and Oklahoma A. and M. were favor- erl to fiitht it nut for first place in the university division. Ar- ku'isas was the only other entry. Seven small oollegt teami were entered, in the ;olie|,: divisions, and more than 25 high ichooli were to compete in two pfep divisions." The nigh schoo! section of the meet will be divide i between t*ic Bif Six schools ptlcndlnx plus tho in\-ited out-of-stotc jifcpregntions inoludlng Sf.ringfield Mo., Tulsa Ok'a., and Shrev.-port, La., ant: the small'r state h'ph schools f'«y«ttevill« High, Inking part in its first competition o) the season wi.'l test its strength in the Class A and B .sertion with other stato ichooli. Dodgers May Have Good Buy In Billy Loes By The Associated Prem Billy Lo«s owes Brooklyn plenty but 11 his work this spring is any criterion the Dodgers can write cff their investment as "paid in lull." Loet is one of baseball's bonus btbies.. He received $?1,000 for aijnin^ -#ith Brooklyn in 1949 but until this spring has shown little to merit the outlay. The 22-year-old righthander spent 1951 in the Army and according to baseball law cannot he shipped to the minors without his con- ent. " Asked recinily by a reporter if he would c.msent to go to the n..nbrs Loes retorted: ·I'm consenting to r.othing." Loes' adamant slant. m turn out to be a blessing in disguisi fir Brooklyn. Manager Chuck Eressen hai Dten impressed by the kid's work "He might win SO.IK* games f us,' Dressen said. He'r been fir- ;ng the ball hard sirk? his arm lost that stiffness and he has i hu'k M a eurve " Strengthen! Cue Loes strengthened hie cast yes tnr-ay as he hUrltd three hltless nna scoreless innings against the wirld champion New York Yankees in the Yankee Stadium. Ralph Branca entrusted Loes with an 8-1 Ij'id sn(i the young pitcher mowed the Yanks dowr in order until the ninth when he permitted two wMfc-. Lslcre retiring the sides. The Dodgers clobbered rookie Harry Schaeffer and two successors for 14 hits in their 9-2 romp. The Brooks stowed the decision «way in the first inning when they clipped Schaeffer for three runs. Hrm Wehmeier, Hank Perkow- ·kl and Frank Smith, almost turn- lost the services of outfielder Hoot Evers for a month. Evers suffered a broken right t h u m b in the fourth inninfc when struck by one of Weljmeier's pitches. Robin Roberts turned up for the season's opener by pitching the Philadelphia Phillies to a 8-2 triumph over their Baltimore Oriole farm hands a' Baltimore. The New York Giants nipped the Cleveland Indians, 4-3, in 12- innins-s at Kansas City. Chuck HOPES LUCK WILL CHANGE Branca Finds Fans Not Too Harsh Over Home Run Pitch To Thomas By WILL ORIMSI.EV | ririiiir:. s t n r l p c l for t h e D.irlKerK · Now Yoi'k-(/Pj-Ii;ilph Br;mra. I n a n i m ! the Now York Y.inkees In whn t h r r w t h e f n m o u ^ homo run { ' 1( ' t i f m n n n r n l i i R e x h i b i t i o n ! ball t h a i clod-Ire! the 1951 M a - Eimo .vpslcrrlnv .it the- Ynnkoo : tinnnl Loasuo p e n n a n t , says lio's Sl.itlinm. Ho wac cnvlitorl w i t h t h e i hanpy to f i n d baMb.ilI fans are '·-% Dnrlqor victory. · nnt like elephants--they tin for- Thoic \vorr r r n t t o r r d mi-rall.c fiet. from a row dlr-h.-mls liu! thojo . "I thought I'd Rot n terrible «''«· drowned out by t h o heavy r i d i n g this sprinR," sjilrl t h e bis niiinit of applause Rlvon th Graziano Savs Bronkfyn r i R h l h a n d c r today. "Jn- "i f ' (1 rt.v pUclior. strad. I fnund the fans--not only Hv;iiu-;i sc'rvi dnwn in Florida hut a l l t h e \v;iv homer Out Sugar Ray Rob nton Expresses High Regard For Ex-Champ's Power Chioaien-(/JVHnrk.v ( I r a / i a n n Ib n H F t i n R he'll knock m i l H u t - n r Hay n n h i n s u n i n I l i f i r r n ; f ! ' l ! - JORfHWEiT AiJIlAlvlAS IIMJi. fayetlovillt. Arkansas,. up on our t r i p hnme---very undi-r- Diering, wcik-hlttlni! outfielder, singled home Al Dark from third with the winning run. It was his second hit of the game. Bob Elliott, acquired a few days aco in a trade with the Boston Bra\ee, reported and played f o u r j ': inning. He batted cleanup and I f dre\v one walk tn two times up. j A scheduled game between the! White Sox and Cubs at ChicaRo'.s Wrisley Field was called off because of cold weather. I i IBS Will Seek Court Order To Air Major League Games ed in th gam* o! fourth no-hit no-run ng as they team- tht fourt if the spri up to pitch the Cincinnati Beds t« t 5-6, one-hit victory over Detroit at Columbus, Ohio. Outfielder Pat Mullin spoiled the bid by cracking a double igainst Wehmeier in the second inning. Even Bretkt Thumh Beside the defeat the Tigers also VouOwelt , To V6ur Face/ : ( You h«T» only on« (net with 1 .· v'nich te lace th« world. luit a , | lew drops of CH1LDS' Aller-ShsvB ; IOTION gives skin a delightful ' j tip, test snd tang] Malces your tan l«el fresh As a child's. Enjoy ! IH« thrill 61 «lter-«h»v» r«frtih- »·«. Buy « boltl* ted»yl TNI 60 «OHPAH|0)I TO lUZOIt IUOII Chicago-W-the Liberty Broad-»- casting System is still fighting to get its "game-of-the-day" baseball broadcasts on the air this Mason. With the major league season opening Tuesday, the network's attorney, Thomas C. McConnell says he'll go to court Monday and ask a special order forcing major league teams to let Liberty broadcast the games. The network, which claims to be the nation's second largest, already has sued 13 major league clubs, the two league presidents and their commissioner for 12 million dollars damages. LBS sued under anti-trust laws February 21, saying it had been frozen oul of the 13 ball parks al- than other bidders for broadcast rights. The suit named all major league teams except the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds »nd the Chicago White Sox. No hearin* date hat been set tor the suit and it may not come up for months. Attorney McConnell yesterday amended the federal District Court complaint to include · stipulation that broadc»«ts be permitted until the suii has betn de- Lakers, Knicks Square Off For NBA Cage Title St. Paul, Minn.-(/Pi-Minneapolis ikers were out to halt a "track meet" offense by the New York. Cnlckerbockers in the "World Series" for the National Basketball Association title, starting here tonight. Not the least part of the proceedings is the $7.500 at stake for the winning team's share of the proceeds. Coach Joe Lapchick of the Knicks said the "run, run, run" strategy would, be used to try to offset the Likers' front line height, including George Mikan's 6-in build. The series switches to New York for the third and fourth games Wednesday and Friday nights. Added games, if necessary, are slated here April 19, in New York April 22, and then back tr the Minneapolis. Pigeons Foil As Substitute For Western Union Ventura, Calif. - (If) - Operation coo was a dud. Radio station KVF.N arranged to fly baseball results of an exhibition gamp between the Ventura and Fresno teams of the California League ny carrier pigeon from Oi tario, 110 miles away. The st^rlon hoped to compile details .for a re-created broadcast for Ventura f a n s last night. But In t h e ,\w%nik'Ghims'i, v ;; 1 ''!' m · · h n n i p ' o n s h i i ; nobby Thomson in t h e n i n t h in- ""'"""".v n!f!ht. i nim; of the decisive p l n y o f f j t n m e i ; last year. The hlov: sent the Giants i , i n t o the Worlri Series riKjiinst t h e ; Ynnkees. i In r i v e p l a y o f f panics in the N.t- , t i n n a l r.racue the t ; i l l d m l i - l i a l r c r l . j r.rnni-a has l-f-fn charged w i t h . I three of t h p losses. ! "I don't ?eo how ] c;m ever net' I even," Hr.ntu-n snlrl as he disvuss: orl tho unp]f;!f .'miners w i t h o u t j rancor. "My only hope Is to Ret I .yimc breaks and do a lot of win' i ninfi. Rii|(«r n«y, the l i t l o l i r m l f lint agree, n n t u i ' a l l y , l.u he ill,;': say the 8-1 odds f a v n r i n i ! h i i n s r l ! .ire nut of line. "That's I'iMx.v." Unl.ins'-n F:iH a l j n u t (he orlrls on n n i v i n i ; yr'.icr- (Ijiy from New York. "Th:it menu:. : Mayer, Riegcl ;i Tie Foi Lead i, ! At Green - fnv :oro "I wont be worrying about t h a t | home run ball d u r i n g t h e season. ! I'm going ahead and doing my i best. If I get some breaks maybe : I can win 20." West Fork Planning Easier Pageanf RALPH BRANCA Tho Ivislcr pagoani [ i|, pion. He's a hard inini'Jicr." C.irariano secnnflcd t h i s o n i n i u n j the of G r a z i a n r j . "Ahmii (1:20 Worlnp! ; si-c day n i g h t ( t h e bout starts at !i ! er f ;-. p. m. C'ST) t h e y ' l l he e o u n t n i B mil : i n ! T i rlory w i l l be t n l r l a t t h e West Knrk j " t h n t . . . suy nml I ' l l bo ch.'impinn," he snarled. *Tlie Rock from R m : l , l y n has been l u l k l n c l i k e t h a t cm i-iii'v he beflan t n i i n i i i R for the bom. I!'; st-licrliilerl for IS r n u n d s n i C h l ' - a r o air! w i l l be tele\'i.;r"l n;il i n n a l l y w i t h ("hiraKo blnrltecl o u t . Ohviniisly l a u t a n d eflKy. H n i k v hns been p u n r t n . - i l i i i R f i i v j i i r n t n;iij;|nR o u t b u r s l s v/ith f u r f - TN ' 1 "" 1 ' ' 1 -.'nikr in front of three i ; Thi-r were 11 'work- ii'f.t rotinr! 70s. including ii-'-. .S:immy Snead. Seven ·V- i; in p;ir 71 over the m! ^ t / i r m n u n t Forest i ' I n b i.iyoiit. :;)ir!;i"l Jciekxylnn for po- iis fxi.prt?(l before tho in i.-j t!ip In-.v 60 and ties !ii:t£ :M ( 'I .''.'inrviy'.-! third round in t h h Ts-imle evenl, f i n a l tourn»-, rn'-'^i f i f ( l i p v / i n t r r tour. ; Kr.-nii.- Ho \vinlser. former Ok- lahiiim A. a n d M. player making M- Hi hui .-:·: ,n pro out of Atlantic ' ' ' i ' y . .-' .1., i n n k r c d the 69s 'of . \:-n!v Knr,;n!, A t l a n U , and Bob TrrJii, N"i rh.-impton, Masfi., t o 1 mm'' in t k d for fourth. Not white, noi wheat, not ry^ ' n i t n f l a v n r blend of all three-Jui:i(i-'s lioman Meal Hrend. 11-18-tf ui . .l.,y school tomorrow' m o r n i n g s t a r l i n g ,,_ I hey hardly got on me al all. at o'clock. All the West Fork . rhe.y re eitner fine spnrls or they i churches r.nd lh- school are co| (ton t hold It against a guy for just ' operating in the program. | one pitch. There was l i t t l e or no | ribbing from the stands. ] was EVERYTHING M nUMMNO and IUWUH FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVHtNMENT AVI. Five hours after pigeon No. 9.*took off he showed up, bearing ! tidings of the second inning.! Pigeons later appeared wilh news of the first and fourth innings. The other pigeons apparcntl kept dates with their girl friend-s in Cucamnnga and way points. A' any rate, they didn't become involved in the strike of Western Union employees, whose facilities toe radio station ordinarily would use. Fortunately, KVEN used telephone facilities ar a standby am had all th? results promptly, Vent u t a won the game 9 to 3. Better Play Expected In Southern This Year Atlanta-OPj-The Southern Association opens Its f i f t y - f i r s t srRson tonight, and fans expect to tee a better brand of Class AA hitting, fielding, pitching and catching. Managers and officials of Southern Association teams, almost without exception, say their teams are better, more evenly balanced and that the caliber of players is a cut or two above normal for the past seven seasons. The first round of opening g a m e s - will be Memphis at Chattanooga, Atlanta at Mobile. Little Rock at Nashville and Bir- m i n g h a m at * New Orleans. The second round of openers comes Tuesday with Nashville at A t l a n t a , Chattanooga at Birmingham. New Orleans at Little Rock and Mobile at Memphis. Fiqhts Lost Nmhfr New York--Del Flanagan, 145, St. Paul, outpointed Arthur King. 139, Toronto, 10. GUARANTEED USED TRACTORS W« hove a number of good us«d tractors for sale. See them be- fere you buy. Below are listed a few we have in stock . . . 1949 FARMALL H Tractor with plow and cultivator. 1946 FARMALL A with mower, plow and cultivator. 1949 Allis-Chalmers C i*j. wiMl plow ' eul *'»«»or, disc and mower. 1944 ALLIS-CHALMERS B _ with plow end cultivator. 1947 FORD-FERGUSON ia j* »JL'L S jL yl !!!* h « a »y-'«'y 'od« «nd half tracks. 1944 FORD-FERGUSON with plow. 1941 McCORMICK-DEERING 0-4 Tractor Odod SPRINGDALE TRACTORS, Inc. u . , ... $AM COUCH-- lAfcLI SHOOK H lf hwey 71 SMI* PhMe 770 Sprinfdale, Ark. BOWL TOR HEALTH .Mm Honton Bowline l.anes Ad* ous h n m m e r l n R s on i i n f * r n m n t - ' ; 'I'l].,. ?' ;i Jesse Gray. Chleaco vel'erweinht : wonM p- who'.-; bearlnfc t h e b r u n t In .flpnr- ·· i h c rii.-irj-' riiiR so. e s!ons. ; ( ,n f{o^'s\ Gray, v.'iio Rorky rhnpe because 1 ' IcTitt-ii T! ho hart the.crime height n n d "bill!!'' Gr.i/jnno as the champion, was k n n e i t r d out i i h - v v c i n 1 ) ! Sim-Tilt VvnirtUn BUn** Alumlrutti and nuehinx AwMld Aluminum windows anrt Qia Scr«cflt OrF«m*nt«l Iron 1«««ra«t«M ^Drch^i. rtnc*i, Stairway* GABE COOPER Mtian* toil 441 t FERGUSON AGAINST SETTLE On Aoril 9, 1952, the United States District Court for the Sburhern District of New York entered a final judgment, with the consent of all parties, which ended four years of litigation between Harry Ferguson, Inc. and Ford Motor Company and others. It was ordered and adjudged that: 1. The sum of $9,250,000 shall be paid to Harry Ferguson, Inc.-as royalties on Patents Nos. 1,916,945; 2,118,180; 2,223,002 and 2,486,257. 2. Ford Motor Company shall not manufacture, after December 31, 1952, such tractors, and Dearborn Motors Corporation shall not sell any such tractors manufactured after December 31, 1952, as have (a) a pump driving a volve on its sueHon side, as for example in the present Ford 8N tractor, arranged to be automatically controlled in accordance with the draft of an implement, or (b) a pump for a hydraulically operated draft control and a power take-off shaft both driven by the lay shaft of the transmission, as for example in thi present Ford 8N tractor, or (c) a coupling mechanism on the upper portion of the center housing, of the form employed in Ford 8N tractors manufactured, prior to November 22, 1949, and Ford Motor Company and Dearborn Motors Corporation must affix a notice on any long coupling pins, manufactured by them, to the effect that the pin is sold only for replacement on 8N tractors made by Ford prior to November 22, 1949. Thli noHcc will continue to be affixed until October 3. The Ford Motor Company and Dearborn Motors Corporation sho!( hove o psriod of time, expiring not kfcr than December 31, 1952, in which to make theie^hcnger. 4. All other claims ond cminfcr claims ore dismissed and withdrawn on the merits. A copy of t h e consonf- j u d g m e n t is available to anyone interested in reading it. This settlement between H o r r y Ferguson, Inc. and The Ford Moior C o m p a n y icr.olvcs tho issues. The inventions i n f h s i r r n f i r c t y w i t h v/hich this action was concerned will ba f-vjrv! only in the Ferguson Tractor and in the Ferguson System in the f u t u r e . It is fitting Kiat fnrw.-rr, cil especially in ths Ar-crim . to Ferguson for fiiSfili-.nanS- tions contribute fi a ^ - ^ c f a g r i c u i f u r c , Beticr irrsp!^:' 1 c tices, more a b u n d a n t p r n r f w r t i o n , ond lowor f o r m i n g costs h a v e rr:ult5il f r c m tlio Fergiis;;i 2y:tom in the Ferguson Trac'.cr. ovrir f h a world . . . and . . s h a l l continue to look of oi! t!int these i n v e n - r a;)J m o r e prosperous , bo! f o r f a r m i n g prac- Now, i n d e e d , f l i c F c r q w r c n w i t h t h e O N E 'AND O N L Y c o m n i r r o ! : cr-i'i'.rii System is THE troetor t h a t m??!-* iMO.': of f';-! n?--!: of M O R E of the f e r m o n A/.OSti of f!:'.- t'n?. Thi'-, mi !;.? proved to you ot a demor'/ri?!' 1 }!! 0 1 y j ^ r ov-'ii {.^rm. Such a d c m o n s f r n t i o n con hi o'lir'-.'y a r r a n g s d by telephone. NVon'r you call ui a b o u t it? SPRINGDALE TRACTO YOUR AUTHORIZED FERGUSON DL Ferguson Tractors ond Ferguson System Implements SAM COUCH-EARLE SHOOK HI-WAY 71 SOUTH Springdale, Ark. TELEPHONE 770 k u.'

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