Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 11, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 11, 1952
Page 3
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NMTHWKT ARKANSAS TIMIS, Foyattovilb, , April II. 1M1». West Expected Jo Reject Four-Power Talks On Germany Br JOHN Washington ·dieted today the Western powers very probably will reject Rus- »ia's new demand for a four-power conference on unifying Germany. Soviet insistence that any Ger- jnan peace treaty must give a unified Germany her own independent army, navy and air force was seen as a major obstacle to an East-West agreement. -Russia also stood by her original suggestion that the Big Four, not the United Nations, should decide whether all-German elections are feasible. Officials here, in predicting rejection of the latest Russian moves, emphasized, however, that trie final decision will be reached in talks just starting between representatives of the American, British,.French and German governments. The United States favors turn- Ing down the latest Russian proposal; but it wants full Allied agreement. It particularly wants understanding and support in Germany. Problem Of Phrasing A flat rejection would have to be phrased in such a way as to convince Western Europe -that the Sussia'n bid for German unity is merely a phony but dangerous propaganda move, and that the West also wants a unified. Ger- fnany, but under a system' that will safeguard her from Communism. . · The March 10 note proposed a unified Germany with her own armed forces--but without the right to join any alliance against t World War II enemy. It sug- ge. an- the Prairie Grove The Study Club met at the home nf Mrs. N/L. Brooks Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Caswell Wilson and Mrs. R. E. Pyeatt as assistant hcstesses. Mrs. Lincoln Maupin presided, and Mrs. Jeff B a g ft e 11, president-elect, -- nounced her committees for coming year. Mrs. Clyde Delan announced the year's programs. Mrs. Dolph Helm, Mrs. J. R. Blakemore, and Mrs. Herbert Buchanan were named to the Music Committee, and Mrs. D. N. McCormick was appointed publicity chairman. The program was in charge of Mrs. Jeff Baggett, Mrs. C. A. McCormick, Mrs. Delap and Mrs. Helm. Refreshments were served. Members of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church entertained members of the Wesleyan Guild Monday night at (Ihe church recreation room. Mrs. Delford Reiff reviewed ,the book, "The Road to Bithynia," issue throughout Germany, and j a S t 0 ry of Luke the physician. Re- »ny step toward a settlement | freshments were served with Mrs. arouses enormous European in- L. E. Maupin at the tea table. terest. I U. and Mrs. Bob Blakemore Refected AHUnee Bin have returned to Tulsa, Okla., On March 25 the Western pow-I leaving their son, Jim Bob, with . . . . . . . . . _ . _ , Mrs sted- the U. S.. England, France and Russia hold a conference to work out a treaty along these lines. The proposal was viewed as a propaganda move because unification is the overriding political U.H. Group Again Asks Admission To Red Area Geneva-(/P)-A U. N. commission today gave Russia until April 27 to let the commission into Germany's Soviet zone to study the possibility of f r e e elections throughout Germany. The commission set the deadline in a 'fourth letter requesting admission from Gen. V. I. Chuikov, Soviet zone commander. He failed to answer the other three. Unless he lets the group in by the deadline, they said they would wind up their work and report failure to the U. N. The commission already has visited West Ger- «rt. In a carefully-weighed, carefully-worded answer, did not turn clown the idea of a unified Germany. But they rejected the Russian Idea of a national German armed force, and a ban on any alliance between Germany and other Europeans. They asked how the Soviets proposed to unify Germany and 'set up a government, and in turn proposed that the Russians let a United Nations commission look jnto the possibility of holding Iree elections in Eastern Germany. The Russian reply to this March 25 note was sent to Washington. London, Paris and Bonn, and made public yesterday. In many respects it was more nearly a dud than a bombshell. Test Of Good F»ith Secretary of State Acheson had declared that if the Soviets sincerely wanted free elections and an all-German government they would agree to accept the United Nations inquiry. This was seen as a test of Soviet good faith. Instead of accepting it the Soviets clung to their idea of four power control of everything to do with Germany. The United States is therefore 'in a position to claim, that the Russians did not measure up on the test of good faith. The nearest thing to a new idea Mn the Soviet note is the suggestion that as an alternative to a UN investigation, a commission · of' the Big Four powers could investigate the conditions for free elections. A steering oar is considered . more effective for small boats than '» rudder. 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It will Mftafe tte Mood (Increase ted bl*o« e*ftn*cl«) to overtime that tired, worn-out feeling. · R» iMi't t* «n suffering! If you fwell with fas or feel weak and mlmm. dw to the above «mdl- llans, get CE*TA-VIN-F«ett«. . »llle One Store. Large Btltle SI.M. his grandparents, Mr. and J. R. Blakemore, for a visit. Mrs. W. E . ' N . Phillips was eration of Women's Clubs during the state meeting at Little Hock this week. The local delegation, including Mrs. J. C. Parks, Mrs. J. S. Harlan, Mrs. Doi.ald Parks and Mrs. C. R. Feniinorc, returned home Wednesday night. Several members of the Order of. Rainbow Girls attended a friendship meeting, of the Springdale chapter Monday night. Mrs. R. C. Lane, mother advisor, and Mrs. Jack Cook accompanied them. Mrs. Willard Brooks and Mrs. C. A. McCormick spent Tuesday at Fort Smith. Members of the local Masonic Lodge attended a meeting of the Lincoln lodge Tuesday night. The annual senior play, "Hilarity House," was presented Tuesday night at the grade school auditorium. Members of the class presented Mrs. J. Frank Holmori, the director, with flowers and gifts. Before 1900, the U. S. Patent Office had issued 7,573 patents for bicycles, most of them after 1890. Keep op with the the TIMER diHj. Canada Trims Taxes, Builds A Surplus Income Levies Are To Be Lowered By Neighbor To North New YorJ-(/P)-Booming Canada is showing the United States another trick today. It's cutting taxes and still budgeting a treasury surplus. In this country, Congress is being asked to raise taxes and the budget for next year anticipates a deficit of 10 billion dollars or so. In Canada, income taxes arc coming down, as well as excise taxes--for a saving of .'rrm $110 to S400 .on cars, for example-and still Canada expects at least a nine million dollar treasury surplus next. year. If you want to buy a Canadian dollar you have to add two pennies or more to your American dollar Eighteen months ago the Canadian dollar was worth 10 cents less than the American--it's gained 12 cents in that time, American money is pouring into Canada for investment in industries tapping jts rich resources. In this country, companies complain it's like pulling teeth to get a risk dollar out of the American investor. Some of this urge to pul'Ameri' can capital into Canadian ventures many pretty speculative may he a "flight from the Americn dollar' --the desire to put one's money in a land that operates on a balanced budget, car. cut taxes and encourage industrial growth by offering tax benefits to those developing ' natural resources. Flight From Taxes Specifically, the rush of Ycnkeo dollars to Canada is a f l i g h t from high tax rales ort income, to take a chance on making cauital gains, which are taxed at a lower rate, in most instances. But a larger part of the American investments there are probably based on the realization Canada is emerging as an industrial power, that it h?s vaut resources the United States and other nations will need in the years to come. Unfortunately, sharpies have also been playing this field f in some instances selling all worthless stock to gullible Americans. Americans have eight billion dollars invested in Canada. They control about 2,500 plants there doing a third of all Canada's manufacturing. We take about 60 per cent of all the goods and materials Canada exports and she gets 05 per cent of all her foreign imports from us. Last year this brought 2% billion dollars to .American business, according to a report by the Research Institute of America. Canada is really cashing in on her resources now. Rich oil strikes, an expanding aluminum output, large deposits of copper, lead, zinc and platinum are bringing high prices. Canada has 80 per cent of the free world's nickel and 70 per cent of its asbestos. She is first in uranium. Iron ore is being developed in Labrador. ' America gets much of its newsprint from Canada. It looks to its northern neighbor for part of its needs . in cobalt, titanium, magnesium, cadmium, tin tungsten, calcium and gypsum. Korea jugiperi the demand for STUCCO SHABBY? Get Beauty Plus the Proved Protection of CEMENT PAINT Year After Year It Outsells AH Other Cement Paints Combined Redecorates beautifully, seals moisture out, protects and preserves stucco and nil kinds of masonry walls. Easy to milt--easy to use. Your choice of 12 lovely colors and white. $430 m (Colon 1 O«t BONDIX from Your Regular DcaUr 01 mt mi NANW OF YOU« NIAMIT OIALH PHONI WISTIRN UNION MK POR "OMRATOR 25" all these. And Canada, with its financial house In order, is attracting investment dollars from around the world. Easter Sales In Southwest On Upgrade New York-W-Rclail merchants in the Dooming South and Southwest are cashing in on "terrific" Easter business. In the rest of the nation they're struggling to equal last year's sales. That conclusion is drawn from an Associated Press survey in which retailers, bankers and chamber of commerce officials in 21 cities were asked: "How's Easter business?" In oil-rich Texas R. C. Dnlbin, manager of the Dallas Retail Merchants Association, reports: "Stores are pushing a l i t t l e more this year. Merchants arc very optimistic." A department store executive in Richmond, Va., proclaims that last Saturday's sales were "the greatest since Christmas." New Orleans merchants predict their Easter sales will run well ahead *of the national average because employment in their city is at record levels. One Greenville, S. C., retail*says business is "stupendous;" another reports a 20 per cent increase since last year. "Excellent" sales are reported in Atlanta, Ga. Production Down In Connecticut, where many factories have cut production, Manager Lee Isenberg of the Hartford Board of Trade opines: "The average Easter shopper, because of the pinch in cost-of- living items, is extremely conscious of values." A Federal.Reserve Bank official in Boston finds cause for "cautious optimism" ' Even where sales are ahead of last Easter, profits are down because prices, have sagged while costs of doing business have stiffened. Promotional activity is at a high level. Allied Agents Executed Panmunjom, Koren -WP)- A correspondent with the Chinese Reds in Korea reported five Nationalist Chinese were executed by the Communists yesterday -as Allied agents behind Red lines. House Committee Calls For More Cooperation In Defense Effort By Nations U. S. Is Helping Washington-(/p)-G r e » t Britain i m u t u a l defense program and the I and Germany, as well as France, I recipients of our aid." ' and to a lesser degree. Italy, were Highly critic.- . ical nf Ihr Unlt-rl District Scoufers Hold Meeting Heir Rogers Approximately 30 Seoul workers attendee! a tli.stnct m p f t - in« o( the Westnrk Area Council at Lake AUlanta near R"S'-'rs last nighl to discuss tho .Scouting prn- gram in Northwest Arkansas for the ncvt four mnnihs. Amonc thosn attendini; WIT? f.. M. R. Roger* »nd Clib Barton of Fort Smith, Srout executive and council president respectively..and Dick Burke of Kayettevllle, dis- Iricl chairman. All three tpoJte briefly. The various committees met briefly before reporting on their programs of work for Ihe next four months. Slides of the new council campsite in Newton CoUn- ly v-erc «hown by Rosrers, while Barton explained thr various features of Ihe fi.lfl-acrp lite. called to account this week hy a [ Kingdom, "hesrt hy growing fi- | special House Foreign Affairs nancial difficulties." the report Committee g r o u p demanding greater cooperation as the price of [continued U.'S. assistance. declared the United Stales is j "faced with the decision of how i much and how long will wn con- i Decjaring t h a t Europe cannot ·""" to n-"' 5 ' Enfland in her ! survive economically or defend struggle to recover f m a n c a i l l y . itself "against Soviet attack u n t i l ! "'" s lile "' t h o Proxmiity nf there is "complete unity of effort." B r i t a i n to the continent of Kin-ope Suffocating "Hot Flashes" stopped or strikingly relieved In 63-80%* of casti in doctor*' Utffi the group^described Great Britain ' "as only an observer" refusing "'.n I become a participating member of the European federation." Its report cal.'cd'for an end nf fuses tn become a p a r t i c i p a t i n g ' - · member nf the European federation." thn report said, j "The explanation of Ihis s t a n d I nn the ground thai it m i c h t ;iffect tho commonwealth r e l a t i o n s h i p . adversely appears to have little' : bargaining, delaying anrl arguing hy "some factions" tending to retard the contribution of Germany . to western defense. It viewed in- i stability of the French government i as alarming and emphasized that 1 in Germany, France and Italy the achaic tax structures are such t h a t the rich become richer and the poor, poorer. The group, headed bv Rep. Clement J. Zablocki iD-Wis) studied conditions in Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia. Italy and Spain last year. Other members were Edna F. Kelly D-NY and Chester E. Morrow R-NH. A previous report had declared that Europe must unite or perish. Today's final findings regretted "that some nations have delayed a greater progress toward Eiiro- pean unity and survival." The committee expressed an "opinion that American aid should be contingent upon the achievement of the creation of European unity and if this is not made a definite condition, then the United States will not be assisting the and in spite of Mr. Chun-hill's advocacy nf the necessity of a strong and unifind Europe. Groat Britain remains only an observer u | Former Arkansan Heads; Union Planters Bank Memphis-WVArlhiir W. Mr- \ Cain, former vice chairman of Ihe I Board of Directors nf Chase Nn- ! t i o n a l H a n k in Nr'.v York, was ap- i pointed president of the Union i Planters National Bank of Mem- ; phis yesterday. He succeeds Vance '· J. Alexander. McCain, 57, began his banking career as a clerk a'nd teller at the bank of .lonesboro, A r k . He · Arc you colng through "change of Hff." ,. . 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Cnmpnund. o r n f . v . i m p r o v e d T a b l f t n with adtlM Iron . . . iinrt dl»- cotpr how much rosier jour "chftnftft of lif*" nmy b»f Ymmyrr irom/rt and pMt-- t u f f f r l n i : f r o m f u n c t i o n a l pkins and fltfitrfri* of mrn- t i r u a t l n n - C l n d P l n k h s m ' i vondflrful ion' It rorttalru no pain-deadening drupsl Lyrfta Ftnkham'f action throvfb Hevei diirresi of president and director of Chase National from 1016 tn 1949, when hr became vice c h a i r m a n of the Chase board. He will assume his new job May 1. Welcome To The Razorback Restaurant 416 Dickson "Home of Good food" Open 7 Days a Week 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Free! Playing Cards With 15 Trade Coupons From Razorback Cleaners Phone 2382 218 W. Diction With each $1.00 In trade at RAZORBACK CLEANERS, you will receive a coupon. W"»n you have saved IS coupon», we will exchange them for one pack of Remembrance Quality Redi-Slip Finiih Playing Cardi, in your 'choice of two beautiful color combinationi. 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