Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 27, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1974
Page 12
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£ 7. HAVE you EVER BEEN IN A STOATlON WHERE W FELT i«W WERE IN OVER fWK HEAP? /THAT£ HAPPENED TO Ate LOT LATELY } AS SOON A? I GET UP IN THE MORN INS, I F£GL I'M ' AW HEAP! DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS WELL,) J PSOPLE ITS/ (TAKEIT A \ \AWAV / [ FI.'J / LEA!?N ANVTv-U NG?J Y'KNOW HOW ThlEV SAVCOWS GIVE MILK? OUS JUNIOR WDODCHUCK TCCOP WENT ON A HELD TCIP TODAY-· tOOk.BUZ! IfHE MUST BE DIVING^, NOT POWN THERE, SWEENEY HERE'S BUBBAfS k FOR THE TREASURE, SOME OLP BARBED WIRE CAR ...RIGHT BY CISTERN / YOU sers we 9STN / PSyCHObOCAb CARE" I THfcNURSeS ARE AU, NUTS VOU OUGHT TO tAKe ( I'LL SWAP WORE ONE \ F E R I GOT A DADBURN VE LOOK SORTA \ SPLITT1N HEflDRCHE, PALEflN'PflSTV \ MIZ'LEOBETTER TODAY, LOWEEZV HIM ASHAMED )/ WE WOT LET MIM OF REO // 'FORGET.'.'-WE DRAG HERITAGE -yy\ RED HERITAGE. ACROSS HIS HIM NOT WANT WORLD TO KNOW HE IS EX- REDSKW. SO HE HATE FEATHERS SOME JOKE A. riWEN NUTLEV REALLY RUNAWAV WARRIOR NAMED 'SCORNED-BY SWINE "- 8-n you CAM START RI5I-!T IN NOW, PLEASE, LCKP, PLEASE LET O WEIL a o IT'S CALLED }1| MOW TO AVOID) CONFLICT IM rj MARRIAGE" 4§ WHEMEVER WE HAVE 3HI AflSHT I JUSTHITHIM ) --rBelieve It orWW/! Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tue»., Aug. 27, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS THE RAM A CHARACTER OF SYDNE^ AUSTRALIA, IN SUMMEK AND WINTER /' ALWAYS ' WORE 2 COATS) SWfffAL SH1RKANS 3PAIRSOF 1F BATTLE MONUMENT IN RNNING- TOW,vfeRMONT, COMMEHWAT- INSTNEnTT BATTLE OF BEWMIMGTO), ISTHEWL- EST BATTLE MONUMENT IN THE WORLD- ROCK SHAPED LIKE THE LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Nerve Deafness Not Cured By Acupuncture OUT son became deaf in one]that yap see ar after a severe case of nd otologist SUBMITTED BY ROBERT REKAK OP ftPPISON, ILLINOIS FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) A first-rate period for inventiveness and bringing out dormant talents. Put your strength behind unusual projects, but only if while. they are truly worth- cnown waters before you have he know-how and facts. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Finesse and, possibly, a more original treatment will brighten everyday routine 'and stimulate your mind in more taxing matters. A good day for accom- TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Some lack of harmony, differences of opinion indicated. Proceed with prudence, forethought, Be alert; expect some obstacles. Widely divergent opinions to be evaluated. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Most favorable influences. Do not let pressures or tensions hamper steady, well-tempered action. Especially favored: written, personal matters. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Mixed influences. You may face some odd situations while traveling, or through communi- c a t i o n s . Obstacles, take philosophically, could prove in- tersting as challenges. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Explore further means to solve problems that arose in the past, are still on t h e docket. Fulfill a cherished desire by going after it. Don't just daydream. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Summarize past gains and future potentials and it will help you to plan your next moves. Don't think in terms of the unreasonable, however. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Curb an impulse to take on enterprises you would not ordinarily consider. Stellar influences now suggest that you stick to routine, avoid recklessness of any sort. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Certain changes are in order, others are NOT. Don't "go against the grain" needlessly, or penetrate loo deeply into un- ·hought, an, idea or plan seems impractical, don't waste time ;rying to MAKE it workable. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Your best stock in trade is your warm personality; also ,'our creative talent. Both mumps. We have been told this type "of nerve deafness can be cured by acupuncture. Can you tell us where in the Southwest this can be done? Dear Mrs. E.: Unfortunately, long before there was a shred of scientific proof that sensory-neural nerve deafness could be cured by acupuncture the idea was prematurely announced in t h e newspapers. . I believe that this kind of maturely scientific reportage does readers a great injustice and raises hopes to a high level only to be destroyed by the lack of promise. PUBLIC RELEASE How much wiser it would have been if the studies were confirmed before the announcement was released to the pub lie. . Countless parents made the most extravagant sacrifices to secure enough money to have their deaf children treated "acupuncture specialists" w h o promised them hearing but could not fulfill Iheir promise. · Scientific studies do not sub stantialc the enthusiastic claim of those who first released them to the public. Before getting involved with this disputed form of treatmen for nerve deafness I sugges your own- doctor so that you will disappointment and spared leartache. Undoubtedly, d e s p i t e m y varning and the warnings of ear specialists all over t h e country, there will be people ike yourself who will still expose themselves to exploita- ion. I live with my daughter and son-in-law. They have a four- month old baby. The only time hey feed him is when he cries "or food. Do you think this is a healthy way to feed a child? Mrs, B.F. Ohio . Dear Mrs. £'.: You will have to prepare yourself for many changes in attitudes in the rearing of children. The idea of "demand "ceding" seems to have many advantages over forcefully 'mposing food at regular intervals whether the child is hungry or not. BABY'S NEEDS This newer approach to feeding recognizes the indit- · duality of a baby's needs. Usually 'babies will give an audible and visible hunger signal. It may not '"oe necessary to wait for the infant to cry out unhappily. Children brought up on th» "demand feeding" schedule seem to maintain good health. ^lishment. APRICORN 20) (Dec. 22 to Jan. A day in which it will be important to use your very best judgment. If, second B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) should make this a fine day lor you--IF you use them smartly. ; PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Mixed influences. Organize talents and know-how to promote your interests more efficiently. Some personal plans may have to be deleted from your program at present. YOUR BORN TODAY are an unusual combination of the practical and the idealistic. You could excel in almost any undertaking of your choosing because you prepare well for it and have the persistence a n d determination to set things through. You have a tremendous sense of responsibility and are revered hy family and career associates alike for your dependability and trustworthiness. You have a great love for home and family and will wprk unstintingly to provide the best for them. There is something of the mystic about you and this is most readily evidenced in creative undertakings such as music, painting, poetry "r writing of any kind. You could succeed in the business world, but would be happier in one of the arts or in a profession. South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH *QJ2 * K 6 2 + K J 1 0 4 Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS IDry 4 Leather moccasin 7 Nail 11 American inventor 13 GI's address 14 Son of Jacob 53 Kind of 15 Menu item record IS The present 55 Mental 41 Cubic meters 43 Negative vote 44 The rainbow 46 Nutmeg, ', for one .50 Man in the kitchen 60 One of the 10 Underworld 17 Rubber trees 18 Aquatic mammal 20 Attica township 22 Bar offering 24 Sometimes stewed 28 Edicts 32 Dull in color 33 Chinese Port , 34 Russian plane 36 Grande and d'Oro 37 Baseball items .39 Prevalent concept 56 Confederate general 57 Malay isthmus 58 Lampreys 59 Pines or Wight Caroline islands 61 Cunning DOWN 1 London district 2 French state 3 Stone chest 4 Kitchen item 5 Footless animal 6 Cringe 7 A dessert 8 Elec. unit god 12 A dessert 19 Regret 21 Small rug 23 Hebrew letter ·25 A cheese 26 Privy to 27 Examine 28 Female parents 29 Discharge 30 Pigeon coop ·31 Thus (L.) 35 Weapon 38 Weight unit (India) 9 Salutation 40 Short- Avg. solution time: 24 mln. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. napped 42 Sericeous 45 Rail bird 47 Caesar's fatal date 48 Monastery chamber 49 Tranquil 50 Greek letter 51 Pronoun 52 House whig 54 Breach WEST. 410875 V A K Q 1 0 4 » 8 3 *A6 EAST *« V J - 7 6 4 1 0 9 5 4 4 9 8 7 5 2 + Q3 The bidding: West' 2 V Pass South 1.* 3* SOUTH * A K 9 6 4 » 8 2 , ' ' North 2* 4* East 'Pass Opening lead - king of hearts. There is more to the play of some hands than meets the eye. Thrust and counter-thrust is sometimes possible, and the outcome is often determined by the amount of foresight exerted by each side in planning its play. Take this hand where West leads the A-K-Q of hearts, South ruffing the third one. Declarer realizes that if the trumps are divided 3-2, he can make the contract rather easily :by drawing trumps and playing a club. This will give him ten tricks. ' But he also realizes that the spades may be divided-4-1. in' which case, if he draws trumps, he may be -- and in this case would be -- defeated. So let's say he plays a low club to dummy at trick four in an attempt to forestall this possibility. If .West is alert and goes up with the ace, South goes down when West then plays a fourth round of hearts. Whether South ruffs in his own hand or dummy's makes no difference. Either way, West's four trumps prove decisive. But note that if West fails to go up with the ace, declarer makes ten tricks by drawing trumps and cashing his diamonds. . . However, South can make the contract despite the 4-1 trump division. After ruffing the third' round of hearts he cashes the Q-J of trumps. When East shows out, declarer temporarily abandons trumps. He plays' a club to the queen instead, maintaining dummy's deuce of trumps as protection against a further heart lead. West takes the ace of clubs but is finished. If he returns a heart, South ruffs it in dummy, plays a diamond to the jack, draws trumps, and easily makes the rest. If West returns anything else. South equally makes the rest of the tricks. PONYTAIL SI 46 ff 10 SAVINGS GALORE! Smart shoppers first check the hundreds of advertised values that appear daily in this newspaper. . . .and save a big bundle on food, clothing, cars, everything! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Delivered to your door seven days a week for less than 1 H a day!

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