Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 10, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1952
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

·· Senate Votes For Watchdog Committee To Cheek Costs ; _ Washington -(*·)· Th* Senate '·'*"''" yesterday pnssed by overwhalm- ·'···· in* vote a bill to set another wnchdog committee aver federal ·pending, but the House may live **';i|'lt a chilly reception. Some House "" Appropriations Committee members said the measure wquld just create anoUter committee, whil th* n«*4 Is lor better tunellmin of existing groups. Th* bill, sponsor**) by Sen. Me Clellan (D-Ark), won Senate pa sage by 39 to I yesterday with i Democrats and It Republican! a] proving. It would ercat* * 1 ....»* wont you Ttete-a-flfAKEf /···*·/., 4i E. CENTER PHONI 21 WEEK-END SPECIALS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY ..NYLON BRIEFS 77e : Lace .trim, assorted colon. Size* small, medium, larg* $5.98 NYLON SLIPS $4.77 Gored Style, Color White. Sizes 32 to 40 $3.98 NYLON SLIPS $2.97 Nylon Lace Jt Nylon Embroidery Trim. Color Whit*, Sites 32-40 $1.00 HALF SLIPS *77c Rayon Knit, Lac* Trim, Aeiorted Colors. Size* Small, Med. Lrg. $3.98 RAYON SLIPS $1.97 Multifilament Creoe, Lara trimmed. Colon Pink, Blue and White. Sizes 32 to 40. $2.98 BED JACKETS $1.47 Hayon Crepe, Lace Trimmed. Assorted, Colon. Siies Small, Medium, Large 89c NYLON HOSE 57c 45 Gauge, 30 Denier, Assorted Colors. Sizes 8V* to 10M. 35c ANKLETS AND SOCKS 22c Assorted Colors. Sizes 8W to 13 $1.98 GIRLS' COTTON CREPE PAJAMAS $1.47 Cotton Crepe, Needs No Ironing. A««ort«d Colors. Site* 8 to 18 $1.89 KIDDIES' CREPE SLIPPERS Assorted Colors. Sizes I to 3 $2.98 CRIB BLANKETS; Assorted Colors. Sizes it to SO $2.98 DOZEN - BIRDSEYE DIAPERS Supreme Quality, Slae 98c MEN'S T SHJRTS Color White, Sites Small * Large 59c SPEED SHORTS Color Whit*. Sites Small, Medium, Large $1.98 MEN'S BLUE JEANS 8 Ounce, Sites 21 to 42. $1.59 BOYS' BLUE JEANS " 8 Ounce. Sizes 6 to 16. $1.47 $2.47 $2.47 77e 44c $1.67 $1.27 $2.37 $2.98 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Barn Dance Plaids. Sizes Small. Medium, Med. Large, Large lOc MEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS .07 Color White. Siie 17x17" $2.98 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS $1 .77 Lone Sleeves, Assorted Colon. Sizes Small, Medium, Large M.50 WOMEN'S LOAFERS $3.47 Assorted Styles. Colors Rust Green. Sizes 4 to I $6.98 WOMEN'S WING STEP SHOES $4.97 Color Brown. Sizes 4 to 9. B Width $2.98 WOMEN'S CASUALS $1.97 Colors Reed, Green, Black Slies 4 t* 7, C Width $1.35 GRANULATED ROCK WOOL, Bog $.117 40 Lb. Bag, Fireproof It Odorless $5.80 WARD'S 3-TAB HEXAGON SHINGLES Color Rod Only $28.59 METAL KITCHEN WALL CABINET Size 21" $25.95 METAL KITCHEN WALL CABINET Size 18" $5.69 PLASTIC GARDEN HOSE 50 Ft., Colors Grey, Red, Green $3.59 PLASTIC GARDEN HOSE 25 Ft., Color Green $15.95 LAWN MOWER 18" Blade, Wood Handle $1.1 9 GRASS SHEARS 8" Blade, Squeeze Grip 23c DOOR PULLS Lusting MlnW Chrome Beauty $1.98 PARTS CABINET Metal, 4-Urawtrs, Size $1.00 WILLOW CLOTHES BASKET $6.95 ELECTRIC IRONS Ward's Good Quality, Automatic 27c 3-PIECE MIXING BOWL SET .69 FIELDER'S GLOVE Baseball Glove 1*5 SHOTGUN * Pump, Western 'HeU Sq. $4.77 $1788 $1288 $4.97 $2.97 $10.88 88c 17c $1.67 66c $4.97 . 22c $57.88 member Senat.-Houte B u d f t Committee consisting ef sever members Mch from tht Appr| prlations Committ*«i of the two ewgrtulantl chambers lilt esmmltt** would hav* trained, professional ilaff -- I n numbers w*r« not specified--to male* * year-round continuing study of federal expenditures. It would recommend cuts wherever passible. Sponsors said the stalf wo.uld give the two Appropriation Committees the kind «f Information they needed and do not now have for guidance on hir money bill) under the president's budfet. Oregon Safest Place In World To Have Baby Hartford, jConn. -VP)- Connecticut lin't the "latest place In the w«r!4 to hive a baby" ajt*r all. Oregon la. · The State Health Department announced Connecticut had nnly one-tenth of one per cent maternity detthi per 1,000 live births and tald it was a world's record. That made Connecticut the "safest plica in th* world to have I baby" the department announced with pride. Then Oregon came along and Ml* IU: record was the coma'. Doctors turned mathematicians !» figure out the two states' records more closely. The figures were carried to more decimal points and the tie continued. But finally Oregon was declared .he winner by the eyelash margin Hop« For "Unesy" Place In Sii Months Teky»-(*)-The commander ol he British Far East land force: aid today he is "optimistic tha' vithin six months an uneasy peace vlll be worked out in Korea." "Whan that peace will come,' aid Gen. Sir Chsrles F. Keljht- y, "probably will be decided b he men in Helping." At 82, Arkonson Takes A Bridt, Age 83 New London, Conn.-(/P)-An 82- Y«tr-ald Arkanial man and his 13-year-old bride are on their honeymoon today. Jesse Poor* of Pine Bluff, Ark. nd the former Mrs. Grace New- iury, 83, of New London, were narried yesterday in the Old Tim- rs Club here. It was Poorc's scc- nd marriage; his bride's third. Choice Recipes If CICILT UOWNSTONI Fresh Spinach With Mushroom Sauce lngr*dl«nls: 1 pound fresh spinach, one 10V4-ounce can 'ondenaed cream of mushroom soup, 2 teaspoons finely grated -union (juice and pulp), freshly-ground pepper. Method: Wash spinach.well and drain; place In large heavy cauce- pan over moderately low heat, cover, and cook until thoroughly wilted, turning with a fork a few times. Drain well; chop fine. Re^ turn to saucepan; add cream of mushroom joup, onion, and pepper to taste, (It wlll'nri r* necessary to add salt.) Reheat slowly, stirring often. Makes 5 to 6 servings. Yellow And White Corn Bread Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, 1 cup yellow corn meal, Vi cup white corn meal, 3 tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 cups buttermilk, 1 egg. Method: Set oven at very hot (475F.). Put butter or margarine In 9-inch square baking pan in oven until just melted; remove and set aside. Into mixing bowl sift yellow and white corn meal, 'lour, baking soda, and salt. Add JuUermilt;, egg, and butter from making pan. Beat with rotary beat er until just combined. Pour into ar, In which butter was melted md bake In very hot (47SF.) oven 20 to 25 minutes or until lightly browned on tob. Cut into squares and serve at once. ' Carriages George H Jones and Mrs. Hazel , Jones, bath of Rogers, were married April 7 by n. F. Jackson, ustlce of the peace. Clinton' R. Mattlx and Mist fieda Maion, both of Tulsa, Okla., i'ere married April 5 by Judge riaupin Cummlngs. Lansford A. Bowles and Miss iva Ma* Owens, both nf Sand prings, Okla., were married April 5 by Judge Maupin Cum--lings. Earl Hamblet, Wichita, Kan., nd Mrs. Mary Roesner, Ponca :ity, Okla.. were married April 4 y.James H. Kays, justice ef the eace, Blake Van Landingham and Irs. Maxin* W. Cole, both of ayett*ville, were married April 4 y the R«v. N. V. Drake. Luther Ledbetter, Wesley, and illra Wilma Thompson, Huntsville, «r* married April 3 by the Rev. . W. Sis*more. Afton Ledbettor, Wesley, and liss Betty Thompson, Huntsville, ·ere married April 3 by the Rev. : . W. Sisemore. Luke Hardage and Mrs. Imogcne till, both of Westville, Okla., were married April 3 by John B. tephens. justice of the peace. u. Joseph Gaynor, Lafayette, a., and Mrs. Jcnnette Blair, Ce-. lia, La., were married April 2 by arry 'M. Pratt, justice of the eace. For Rtscrvarfons Tickets AIR -- STEAMSHIP - RAIL HOTEL! - TRAVEL AND LUQOAOE INSURANCE AMERICAN TRAVELERS CHEQUES No Serric. Charge iMtpiiriMii a, c«MvctM TMn KRUGER TRAVEL tUREAU ret MM* PIMIM s-rsr* LITTLI ROCK. AIIKAMSM Ihiciken Liver And Egg Sandwiches Ingredients: 4 eggs, 4 chicken livers, butter or margarine, tt cup mayonnaise, salt and freshly- ground pepper (to taste), 13 thin Slices bread, salad greens. Method: Hard-cook eggs.Ttfaan- v:hile wash and dry chicken livers; cut tichVn half, removing center membrane. Melt 3 or 4 teaspoons buUer In J-inch skillet over moderate heat; add liver and cook, turning, until barely pink inside. With sharp knife chop liver fine, adding drippings from skillet to them. Shell eggs and with fork mash fine; mix with liver, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. Butter bread (toast bread if desired) and make 6 sandwiches using liver spread and salad greens. Cut each sandwich into 2 triangles. Use 3 triangles for each serving. Makes 4 servings. Seafood-Stuffed Avocados Ingredients: One 5-ounce can shrimp (rinsed, drained, and de- vcined). one 6!z-ounce can crab meat, U cup finely diced celery, Vi cup finely diced sweet pickles, W cup mayonnaise, U teaspoon salt, freshly-ground pepper (to taste), 2 tablespoons catchup, Yt asjioon Worcestershire sauce, few drops prepared steak sauce, 3 avo- :adoes, salad greens. Method: Cut shrimp fine into nixing borfl; remove any cartilage 'rom crab meat and add with celery, pickles, mayonnaise, salt. pepper, catchup, Worcestershire md steak sauce. Mix thoroughly, 'hill. Halve avocadoes lengthwise by making « deep cut to the seed, encircling fruit. Do not peel. Sepa- ·ate halves by holding avocado ictween palms anrl revolving lands in opposite directions. Re- nove seeds. Pils seafood mixture n avocado centers and serve on salad greens. Makes 8 servings. Dronge Marshmallow Cream Dessert Ingredients: One 6-ounce can rozen concentrated orange juice, pound (about 18) marshmallows /3 cup water. 1 cup heavy cream 'whipped). Method: In saucepan put undi- uted orange juice, marshmallows, j md water; cook over low heat, tirrlrig occasionally, until marshmallows are partly dissolved. Remove (rom heat and continue stir- ' ing until marshmallows are en- irely dissolved. Place in refrigera- or tray with control set for fast reezing; freeze until firm. Turn nto chilled bowl, break up, and eat until smooth. Fold in whip- led cream. Return to refrigerator ray and freeze u n t i l firm. Makes bout 1 quart. :asy Grapefruit-Cherry Dessert Ingredients: 2 to 3 grapefruit, ne small can (about 8 ounces) ght sweet Royal Anne cherries. Method: Halve grapefruit; re- move seeds (If any) and eerier membranes; cut sections (re* from membranes. Drain syrup from cherrlei; save syrup for pudding sauce or ham baste. Place chirries In center of each grapefruit half. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Not*: Ptu sugar with d*fs*rt for (hot* who want to sweeten grapefruit. ' Adrerttea to tk* TIMCS-lt eaf*. Most trees on rubber plantation! yield four to fiv* pounds of rubber a year. It is estimated there are 20 million bicycles in use in the United States today. HOLLY BRAND 10 to 14 Ib. Small Hams . . . . Ib. S9 10 to 14 Ib. a»j. Star or Premium. Ground Beef . . . . lb.59l Kroger mad., fresh,, »ur*. Sliced Bacon . . . . 39 Cudahr Wicklow. Tray Packed. Pork Sausage. . Ib. roll 29? Arkansas Maid, all pur. park. Skinless Wieners, Ib. pkg. 59c Arkansas Maid. DUCKLINGS Ib. 65c Famous Mlchigold.n, Clianid, pan-raady. er Premium HAMS II re 20 Ib*, Shank . Center luH Portion Slice* Portlen IB. 33c ib. 79c ib. 47c C«prti(M If4t, Tk, Kf.g.f Ca. K M O B C M TURKEYS FRYING CHICKENS Ib, 5ft Kroger, Cut-up, pan ready. U.S. Gradi "B" Lgrg., Each ont guarantied. Ib. 65c Garden Sweet Peas 1 sweet Potatoes Pillsbury Flour Kroger Brand, *J cans finest quality. £, No. 303 Kroger Brand, cooked, No. 3 just heat and serve. Squat can 25 25 Fine, light, even texture. C A R R O T S An outstanding value found only at Krogtr. Critp, bright orange carrots w i t h fraih gron tops. BUNCH 10 Oranges Potatoes Radishes Grapefruit Juicy Florida Valtncias. U.S. N«. 1 Rods Mild, crisj firm. Ruby-l 8 ft 49c 10 t 69c L,. 3 bchs. lOc 3 for 25c Beef Stew . . . No. 303 cm Kc Austex Brand. Humko 3-lb.cto, 65 All vegetable Shortening. Ocean Spray . 2 No. 303 cans 37$ Cranberry Sauct. . ' . Pineapple . . . 2 No. 1 cans 29 Kroger Brand. Sliced. Pineapple . . . . No. 1% cm 33 Kroger Brand, Sllctd. Pineapple . . . . No. 2 cm 29? Plantation Brand. Sliced. Chili Beans... 215-oz. cms Sty Kroger Brand. Kroger Crackers . . . Ib. box 23 Thin, Crisp. Kroger Milk . . . 2 fill cans 27 Craporated, Vitamin Rich. Pie Cherries . . . . No. 2 can 23* Packers Label, Red. sour. ·Iliad. Peaches . . . . No. H cm 31 Arondsl. Brand, Slices or hair**. Spotlight Coffee , , , . . Ib. 74* AJAX CLEANSER With fetmUif Kile*. Con Ik L A V A SOAP ri» ·itir hu4ii. ' Bar IOC T I D E Washing Fevslar. Lge. kg. 29 SUPER SUDS Washing ow4*r. Lgt. pkg. 29c CASHMERE BOUOUiT Tellel Sea*. 2 Bath Bart 25 NIAGARA STARCH ^ 12-oi. pkg. 22*

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