Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 9, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1952
Page 7
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Kefauver Cheered In California, Pushes His Homey Campaign Into North Carolina Areas 10* Angeles-W)-Heartened by the Illinois primary and an cn- thufiastic Los Angeles area recep- filed by supporters of Gen. Dwight ] convention th«t selects the 1| n*D. Eisenhower, said write-ins would be permitted. But late yes- lion. Sen. Estes Kefauvev today ] terday the Court of Appeals--the pushed his homey, coonskin campaign into Northern California. The Tennessean drew a standing ovation from 150 Democrats who paid $15 a plate to hear his short 20-minute speech in the Biltmore Bowl last night. Almost as big a cheer went up when the Illinois tabulations were tnnoune.ed. "I am gratified by the result/' laid Kefauver after his address. "But I do not feel that it really represents a true comparison of Gov. Adlai Stevenson'i strength and mine. He did not give his sanction to the write-in campaign in his behalf." Later the senator added: "I'm j sure that if an effort had been the state's highest--said in split I decision that "there exists under the present election laws of Maryland no right to write in names at the primary election." This means that in the presidential balloting, the Democrats will have two choices--Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-Tenn), or an "uninstructed delegation" to the state tion»l eonvenion d«lf|»t»». No GOP presidential aiplrantf enter- tional convention delegate*. No Asked T* «u» Washington - (f) - A thrce-m«n Negro committee from Kentucky asked Vice President Alben Barkley to run for presidtnt today. The visitors got a word of appreciation from the "Veep" -- but no clear- cut word whether he would teek the job. - with labor, the six big steel corn- made in Governor Stevenson's be- ! panies made sure there wouldn't half, he would have gotten more be a recurrence of what happened votes than I." during the 1949 wage talks, when In his speech bore--the first i Bethlehem broke ranks and made major bid for California's 68 na- a separate settlement with the "Big Six" Steel Companies United This Time In Wage Discussions With Workers By DREW PEARSON |of a divergence in calculating Washington - In negotiations frin«e benefits for paid holidays. tional convention votes--Kefauvcr struck no sharp notes. Peace, he said, is our No. 1 problem--and "the United States must persuade men that, whereas Communism offers them only bread, our system offers them bread, freedom and opportunity." No Maryland Write-in Annapolis, Md. -(/P) -Maryland voters won't he permitted a write- In ballot in the May 5 primary election. That's final. Last week 8 Baltimore judge, ruling on suits EVERYTHING IN PIUMBINO anel SUPPUB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVMNMENT AVI. steelworkers, eventually forcing the rest of the industry into line. Rot under way astute Ben Fairless of U. S. Steel Rot an agreement from spokesmen for the "Big Six" that there would be no deviating this time. To bind the pact, it-was further agreed that John Stephens. U. S. Steel vice president, would do the t a l k i n g for all six companies in the secret sessions. He was an unhappy choice f'-om the standpoint of union spokesmen--CIO President Phil Murray and CIO General Counsel Arthur Goldberg. Best Stephens would offer was a 15-month contract calling for a total wage increase (including fringe benefits) of 16 cents an hour. overtime, etc. It was angrily rejected. "Totally inadequate," snapped Murray. "We can't accept anything like thai." Murray insisted that the steelworkers were entitled to the 22%* cent increase, spread over an 18- the Wane Stabilization Board. He said the union would not accept a penny less. No Agreement "We've been at this lonj[ enough," Murray pleaded. "In the national interest, let's net together on the increase recommended by the Wage Board and select a drafting committee to start writing a contract." Stephen* replied that this was out of the question unless the companies got some "price assurances in Washington," authorizing a price increase for steel to compensate for the wage boost. Murray and Goldberg argued in vain that the steel company's prof- Howevcr. the union contended ! its in recent years were sufficient that the offer actually added u p | t o absorb the pay hike recto only 14.4 cents an hour because You Can't Beat a Medicina That's GOOD! HERE'S REAL HELP FOR KIDDIES WHO ARE NERVOUS.SKIHNYdii. to Deficiencies of Vitamins Bi.Ba.Niacin and Iron If your child has no appetite, Just 'picks' at his food, is rundown, nervous and underweight and s u f f e r s f r o m Ktomach upsets because of deficiencies of Vitamins B,, BJi Niacin and Iron in his system -- start giving him HADACOL. You see HADACOL relieves a real and underlying cause of his deficiency-caused condition. That's why HADACOL should bring about such an amazing improvement in the way he feels within a few weeks. It'll nil your heart with joy to see him e a t h e a r t i l y again -- to see him feel frisky as a colt. HADACOL is also a wonder- f u l blood iron tonic to build up red blood corpuscles to get more strength. And kiddies like to take HADACOL. So buy a bottle today. See that your kiddies take it laith/ully. HADACOL ommended by the government. The best evidence that steel profits will continue at a high level this year and next, Murray contended, is the fact'that the companies have refused to accept the Eric Johnston "earning standard" formula, whereby the industry would be entitled to waire relief if profits fell below M per cent of the four most profitabe years, those between J945 and JMO. Cite* Hlfh Profit* The fact that the companies wanted the profit-average f i x e d higher than »5 per cent showed that they expected profits to remain high, argued Murray. Hf added that under the government's wage recommendation the steelworkers would get an "average" increase of only about IS cents an hour, since the full 22'* rcnls applied only to the last six months of the proposed 18-manth contract. "That's less than your Mr. Fair- | less said we were entitled to because of the cost-of-llving rise since October, 19SO," argued Murray. "According to his figures we : should be getting in average in- j crease of 16 cents an hour." ; It didn't get out, but at one | stage the.strel companies weri in- i formally offered f price boost of | $r.25 a ton by former Defense I Mobilizer Charles Wilson. T h e ! companies turned it down as nut I enough. However, when they carm I hack' later to "talk It over" with Economic Stabilizer Rcger P u t - AVALANCHE KILLS 7 IN PORTUGAL IEICUI WOIKIIS dig through the wreckage of an electric car which wii ihattered near Lisbon, Portugal, when an avalanche of rocks and e«rth tumbled down upon it. Seven persons were killed and 50 injured. NMTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMIS. fey«M*v!IU, Arkamo*. WtrfntMiay, Apr« 9, IftU '-* ---------IT-- · . .- u . .. ,------ww^ffimfm*m^- ^^^^^^^^^^^^Sj~« Russian-Invented" Television Much Better In The "'Soviet Union, Moscow Says; Derides U.S. Stations Moscow -(yi't- Television--which a " · ·· m the Soviets say they invented--1« j staUnns rio nn brtt( . r t h a n eo | (s-.olvne exploded while he was HI Mipenor in inf ..ire.jn \ a r i e i j , i k i | o m e t e K ( a h o u l sn m || PS) j working on a truck It i Little) it is being c.aimed here. | .. Tf | ev |,| on ," he Mid. "of which | Hock garage.. · - · · : : · . · · . "Since November 4. 1948," rairtjotir crmntry Is th» birth place, is! ·--'·-- CommenlF.lor 1. Olbov, "the Mo;-. becoming the property of millions' it i, hclieved thil cow t?;»viyion (··Mei has Ivon O f workin* people." nettled'nn the *Ite of imiu.-s divided ml fi24 lines. This Is ll-.r highest rsn- dnrd in th? \vn'id!" He ?nid the U. S. anrt the roiin- tries of Eiirnpe have fallen f»r behind the Russians in the irreat S|»ln Seeks Control Madrid, Sp«ln-(/P)-Spaln nskM last night to control the polict force In the Internationa! ?.one of Tan«ier. With Spaniards in thit no people of Rome until about 1.000 B.C. b«c«Use of volcanic activity inJhe vicinity. MtertlM hi Ik* TIME*--It i*) II MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL new medium of television. charge, she said there'd be 113 Grlbov said that in B r i t a i n and I repetition of a r e r e n t riot ; n t France the old p r e - w a r method I whit * lOjierfnnjjvere killed, of 405 lines was f t i l l being used: " * *~* whereas in the llniied States the i Wen of Injurlen pictures have only S25 lines. j l.lttlc Rock-WVEddie Dallahan. "The conversion nf the Mnsrovv ! " Jacksonville, Ark., mechanic, television renter to t h e new s t a n d - ' r t M htrc carl - v yesterday. He was ard has sharply raised the q u a l i t y : h u r n e d y e s t c r d n y when a can of of the im.ixrsi" he said. "Now t h e 1 "" · -·««»·· » sequence., on the ."rrccns of t e l e 1 T U E R l A IDC CT A TI/MkJEDC i vision sris are jrst as distinct ,15 I H E DI»AII\J, J I A I lwN,EK9 On Tho Square* guod photographs." · ' · · · · . The Moscow station Is able In Th * OWe " °" le · uptlr HouM md Oi " **"* !· "ottliwertAAiM.. broadcast more t h a n inn miles--I BEAUTIFUL EASTER CARDS " to Tula and Vladimir, he said. while the poor weak A m e r i c a n ' Fay»tl»»IUVi Largeit Selection -- Btrled br Olbtim .,. , after Wilson had resigned, any wr:? tnam refund even to BO as i S2.S3, r- nam, Putnam high as $5.25.- He has hern refusing '-.^. boost other than about under the Capehart t. Who Gives - /Green Stamps? We Do! McKnhan'i Fabric Center 11 Eeit CenKt Jehnien'i Ptlnt «nd Wtllpiptr Slort IS North Block II. Hilton Br«t. Drive-In Furniture llore Hwy. 71 Nerih Town I Campui MEN'f WEAR Otirk Theiire Bldf. loner Ire*. Sho* Slam Fairway Oroccry 411 N. College Oltnn'i Dairy IHouH to houu delivery) Phone IIO-W.4 Otark CI*«R*n 101 North Block St. Htirlan't Service) Slalicn rrt*n*lr Gull ilitlon U North Collet* MchyMcNair r«yot!o*Ule Prlnti»i Co. South Side Squire ReUU Store CASH Itln Only Hilllfpt M*4tr C*. 110 North C*Uop§ Mtwra'f Sift HUB » North Block St. Nlrway Hardwire ttt Mill SL Wasfontyi Saktry 101 Wott CMter SL Quaker Orvfl Star* II Eul Center Sb leeae'i Jewelan U Cut Ctattt Rayal Baauty Ifrna · · U ftwe Hey** of' touty 8. Side Satire Phmi UN 111 N. Collet* PBOM Iff RttiMm your S*H Gratn Stamps at tha RodtmirtiM Ctntar, 420 North Coll«§« Get Ready for Summer Priving- wifV66 Service'/ Don't go into lummer with · winier-weary cir! li'i time for » check-up of ill the point! covered by "6(i Service". See your Phillips to Deiler todiy. He'll put your cir in (rim for pleisurahle wirm »either driving. He'll me reliihle Phillip. M Geir Oilt ind Grei«e«. And he'll fill your cir'i crinkciu wilh ne», improved Phillips (W Heavy Duly Premium Motor Oil, ihc oil ihit ·"·'"' lu- hricitinn recommendiiioni of U.S. cir mlkeri for ill cir«. Gel "IWI Service" u ih« union where you »*e the fimoul orange md hlick Phillipi iWi Shield. lliir »« Alii* ·«/ 1*1 Sm if iki Pi SH yur Itttlfift! /«r limi ·** IMH t»r f. II. I. G«f New, ImprevW "Lubri-fiCtiori Want a lot of mileage for your money ? W E'LL admit that the price tags of automobiles -- a l l automobiles -aren't what they used to be. But it's just as true today as ever before that some price tags are lower t h a n others, and some cars cost less to own than others. So let's sec how a Buick SPECIAL fits into the picture. Take first cost. If you put the price tog of this Buick against price tags of cars that have always been tagged as belong, ing in "the low-priced field"--you'll find that, in actual dollars, a Buick's surprisingly close to these cars of lesser size and horsepower. Rut that's just the beginning. What you're g e t t i n g here is Huick quality - this SPECIAL comes down the same assembly line as SUPERS and ROAUMASTRRS. Its heft tclU you it has extra sturdiness in frame and structure. Its F i r e b a l l E n g i n e delivers e x t r a It is an eight, a valve-in-head, with high compression, and the miles you can get from a gallon of gas make it a thrifty performer. You get Buick's Million Dollar Ride, which protects you-and the car-from jars and jolts. Even the tires are bigger - which, any tire man will tell you, lengthens their wear. And if you pay a bit extra for Dynaflnw Drive* you're casing the strain on the engine, the rear end, the tircs-and eliminating clutch repair hills. So when we talk about "mileage for your money" we're talking about the miles you'll get from your car-- including the unused miles that are what you have to sell when you trade it in. Maybe that's why Buick's doing so well in the present market. Why not come in and sec what a great car this is for you? r rvbjtet MrAuwr»Ulf'l**(l .sTrJr.cpfiniaJ! at rttrtt*a4 czfra co4l «· WlAff SfHaaX Sure is true for'52 ·. BUICK TATUM BUICK CO. 30 EAST MOUNTAIN PHONE 213

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