Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 25, 1974 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, August 25, 1974
Page 23
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Air Force VIP Lounge Is Waiting Room. For Dignitaries \ ANDREWS AFB, Md. (AP) ^'. --To a majority of people at Andrews Air Force Base, it is a .·little known room in 'the Air '' Terminal. But within the walls = of the moderately yet stately ^'furnished Distinguished Visitors " Lounge, some of the most in come. Whether it be serving coordinating messages coffee. fluential people ? have gathered. in the world One day the DV Lounge may be used as a transient waiting ·' room for a foreign head of " : stale; the next day, it may be I' the scene of a press conference J.' for a cabinet member. -" "The DV Lounge is a place ,. for full colonels and above to ·- sit and relax with a cup of cof- "' fee or work at a desk while ' waiting for their flight," ex- '' plained Lt. Col. Robert I,. _ Thomas, Wing Protocol Officer. _. "It is,also the location of spe- "· cial receptions or honor cere- , monies, such as the arrival of a ,,' head of state." ·· Whatever the. occasion -. a r r i v a l , o f - a - C o d e 1 such as :; Prime Minister. Kirk of New '.*, Zealand or the routine passing "" through of a Code 7 (colonel )-" T-Sgt. Wanda Archer, assigned ,,·, to the Protocol Office from the ', 2nd Composite Squadron, is usually on hand during the or just talking to them, she nakes their stay at Andrews a ittle easier. "We have to be resourceful and everyone in our office usually gets in on the act," Thomas said. "You don't a 1-w a y s mow what to expect. One min- ite you may be greeting the eader of a country, the next carrying the luggage for one of lis aides." week to make them feel wcl- PLANS CHANGE "Before Brezhnev (Leonid I., leneral Secretary of the Soviel Union) 'arrived last year, we planned and replanned the arrival ceremony. However, we still remained flexible. We've learned to expect the unexpect ed' and everything wen' smoothly." The job of hostess-recep tionist isn't new to Sgt. Archer She cross-trained from.the ad ministration career field to lha of stewardess when she. reen listed for her second term. "" almost got out of the Ai Force," she recalled. "My jo' as an admin clerk at Tinke (AFB, Okla.) wasn't too ap pealing because I wanted t travel and meet people. It wa ny supervisor who talked me ·Ho cross-training and staying n." During an eight-year span, ;he accumulated 5,000 flying lours and would have had nore except that Air Force stewardesses were grounded because of the Vietnam War. 'The only alternative for me to neet people after -that was to jccome a recruiter," she said. "That's how I got to ^yashing- ;on, D.C." When Sgt. Archer rcapplied for a stewardess career fielc she was turned down because .here were no vacancies 'That's the only part I miss about this job," she said. "I've always been intrigued wit! travel." ON DUTY Although she doesn't trave any more, Sgt. Archer does ge to view other lands througl their representatives. She anc other members of the protoco staff were on duty when th Shah of Iran arrived at An drews. "I didn't get to m e e him personally," she said, "bu I was working that day. He re ceived a red carpet greeting." In addition to the many for eign dignitaries such as Kinr. Hussein of Jordan who hav isited Andrews, Sgt. Archer .as met several American talesmen. She has talked with en. Barry Goldwatcr of Ariona and Speaker of the House 3f Representatives Carl Albert. 'Once last year, I served cof- ee to 70 congressmen. Some of hem were travelling overseas and the rest were seeing them off. I guess I've spoken lo many congressmen at one time or another, but the most impressive statesman I ever met vas Secretary of State Hnry Kissinger." Evn though Sgt. Archer has jeen a hostess for dignitaries varying in international importance, she still looks at her job on an individual basis. "It's not a matter of rank to me," she confessed. " I try to show as much consideration to a Code 7 as I would to a Code 1. They al worked for their position they're all VIPs and I try to do my best for all of them. "I've learned to relax while doing my r jqb r and not let it bother'me. But," she continued, "I always try to present a favorable impression. In some cases, I'm the first and last impression someone has of the Air Force and the military in general." 3 Named To Psychology Faculty Three new faculty members have been appointed in the University of Arkansas Department of Psychology, according to Dr E. Phillip Trapp, chairman Their appointments are effec live with the beginning of the Kortnwe'sl Arkamoj TIMES, Sun., Aug. 25, 1974 FAYtTTIVILLE, A R K A N S A S ^^ 11B As Greeks-Turks Battle Priest Now Wears Robes fall term Monday. They are Dr. Frances Elea nor Everett, Dr. Dean Deitl Dr. David Wcsiendorf, all assistant pro Reputed Mafia Boss Police Guard Coppola After Death Threat ROME (AP) -- Twelve armed policemen are standing guard around the clock at the hospital room of reputed Mafia boss Frank "Three Fingers" Coppola since a telephone call warned he would be killed and a cork shoved in his mouth. Coppola, deported from the United States in 1948 after a lucrative crime partnership with IjUcky Luciano, is 'in the surgery section of Rome's Regina Margherita hospital. : The 76 -year-old Coppola has ' objected to police protection and asked his attorney to take · legal action to get rid of the - guards, armed with pistols and - a submachine gun. "How can I suspect that this " so-called Mafia may want to shoot me?" Coppola asked a ' group of newsmen in his hospi- .' tal room. He has been at the 1 hospital since July 12 suffering ' heart and kidney conditions. Anonymous telephone tips .' prompted police to send guards to the hospital two days after ~ Coppola had won freedom pend- , ing trial. , He had been arrested in June I.i i i^^^^M^t ^Hl^kfty uftdi^^k '' *^^^^w^ ^^^^"T ^^^^^F } WANT TO BUY : A USED CAR? . ' '-' _ _ * « m ·« ^ Did You Know.... ..WHEELER VOLKSWAGEN New Uied Solei Dept. 1973 on charges of having masterminded a plot to kill Chief Detective Angelo Mangano, who is investigating Mafia activities. Police said an anonymous aerson twice called the Interior Ministry to say that "Luciano Liggio has issued orders to shut the mouth of the spy." . The tipster said Coppola would be killed and a cork laced in his mouth lo symbolize punishment for one who has broken the Mafia code of silence. Liggio is currently in jail in Milan charged with heading a kidnaping ring which collected several million dollars in ransom by adbucting industrialists or their relatives. Chief Detective Mangano survived an ambush in a street in ilome two years ago. He said Before a court in Palermo a few months ago that Coppola riad told him Liggio was behind the most spectacular Mafia killings and kidnapings of the past few years. Coppola countered by calling Mangano "a dirty liar. and my number one enemy." Police said they would watch Coppola's hospital room day and night to prevent a repetition of a Mafia execution in a Sicilian hospital four years ago Then four men disguised as nurses entered a hospital a night and shot dead Candido Ciuni. a Mafia suspect and po lice witness. Mourners Jam Church For Funeral Of Buford Pusser ADAMSVILLE, Tcnn. (AP) -- · Buford Pusser, whose criTne- lighting crusade made him a .egend before he was 30," was juried beside his wife on Saturday as a Methodist minister compared his life to Christ's. "He was young and manly and felt called to change jobs, said the Rev. Russell Gallamore, a close friend of the Pusser family. "He saw sins and vices and this struck a responsive chord. His vision was clear and strong and he steadfastly went about righting the wrongs... "His life was savaEelv Pusser, whose exploits during six years as McNairy Counts sheriff became the subject o the movie "Walking Tall," die in the flaming wreck of hi auto early Wednesday. He wa 36. More than GOD mourners jam med in the small brick Adams ville Church of Christ and gath ered on the church grounds a Pusser's body lay in a bronz casket Saturday. Hundreds of friends and Ir curious passed by the $6,01 casket during the night and u to the hour of the funeral. Floi al wreaths lined both sides o Kissinger Sets Nore Talks In Middle East WASHINGTON CAP) -- Sec etary of State Henry A. Kissin jer heads into more talks with oncluding three days of in GDSIVG discussion Ssturds) /ith Syrisn Foreign JVlinisle Abdel Halim Khaddam. Kissinger is ' scheduled t meet sometime late this woe! with Saudi Arabian Foreigr Minister Omar Sakkaf in a con tinuing attempt to lay the fouh dation for another round o Middle East talks. Israeli Prime Minister Yit zhak Rabin is scheduled to ar rive in Washington early nex month. For an hour Saturday morn ing, Kissinger and U.S. Am jassador to Syria Tiichard Mui ihy conferred with Khaddam i lie White House in what wa described as a vital discussio to plan the next moves in th Middle East. Kissinger had been schedule .0 meet with Khaddam for tw days, but the extra session wa added later. Khaddam, who a rived Wednesday evening, vis ited President Ford for an hoi Friday in the Oval Office. The meeting Saturday too place in Kissinger's Whi House office, but Ford was n present. At Kissinger's d i n n e r fc Khaddam Friday night, the to eign minister warned th peace in the Middle East d pends on the recovery of occ pied territory by the Palesti ians.. Khaddam declared th "Arabs who have left an ir fessoi's. Dr. Everett comes to the Uni versity ot Bethany, Okla where she was acting director of the Bethany Child Guidance Center. A native 'of Pennsylvania, she received her bachelor of science degree from Oklahoma State University in 19G8 and a Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in 1972. She held a fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health during her graduate study at New Mexico and was a teaching assistant there. Dr. Simonton. a native of Los A n g e l e s , Calif., recently received his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Occidental College and a master's from Harvard. He served as a section leader and lecturer in introductory psychology courses at Harvard and was a supervisor of senior lonor theses. Weslendorf also just completed work for his Ph.D. at Van- derbuilt University. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1970 and a master's from Vander- built in 1872. NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) -Father Xavier, whose shell- locked church sits right on the jrcen Line, used to walk around town in slacks and sports shirt "like one of those mod priests" until the Greeks and Turks began shooting. "Now I wear the robes and do the 'High Noon' bit right down the middle of the street, nice and slow, so everybody can see who I am," said the tall, soft-spoken Franciscan from Hamilton, Ohio. There's a Turkish machine Kunstler, Lane Released After n Hours In Jail r e 1- ST. PAUL. Minn. CAP) -- At-i'the Federal Building where lorncys William Kunstler and j they met for about 15 minutes. Mark Lane were released from I Lane and Kunstlcr talked custodv Saturday after nearly briefly with reporters as they -- - · · ·· - . - . ~ . 21 hours in the St. Paul City Jail. No charges were filed against the defense "lawyers, whom U.S.. | c f t tl)0 federal Building, but Tilsen went immediately to his car and the judge did not appear. District Judge Fred .1. Nichol i Lane said be and Kunstler ordered jailed following a ' exchanged only a few words melee Friday afternoon in the with the judge and that he did trial of American Indian Move-!not know what transpired in the mcnl (AIM) loaders Dennis i meeting prior to their release. Banks and Russell Means. "We all regret this happened, although maybe for different reasons," Kunstler toicl reporters after his release at noon. He said Nichol would make a statement to that effect when court resumes Monday. Nichol met for more than two hours Saturday with another defense attorney, Kenneth Tilsen, before he and Lilsen went lo the jail lo release Kunstler and Lane. The four then rode, Nichol driving, seven blocks to The courtroom disturbance began when snickers broke out in the spectator section as Kunstler was questioning _ a prosecution witness in the trial in which Banks and Means arc charged with larceny, conspiracy and assault in connection with last year's 71-day takeover of Wounded Knee, S.D. The-judge ordered spectators removed'from one row of seats. w ; t |j Fistfights erupted for de- Auditions Set Auditions for players in the University-North A r k a n s a s Symphony Orchestra will be held today through Tuesday by Ihe Symphony's new conductor, Dr. Campbell Johnson. They are'open to all musicians living in the North Arkansas area. Auditions will be from 3 to 4:30 p.m. today and from 9 to 12-noon and 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday In Room 300 of the Universily Arts Center. Audition appointments may be made by calling the office in the Department of Music (575-4702) or by signing an appointment sheet on the third floor bullelin board. Dr. Johnson was scheduled four concerts for the winter and spring season. They will include repertoire of Bach, Beelhoven, Brahams. Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Richard Strauss, Stravinsky, Prokoficf and Copland. "In addition to its concerts n Fayettevilte, the Symphony Orchestra will present programs in Siloam Springs, Harrison, Bella Visla. Little Rock, Snringficld. Mo. and Tulsa, Okla.," Dr. Johnson said. Rehearsals are scheduled f o begin Wednesday. The weekly rehearsal schedule, which will be followed throughout the academic year, is as follows: Tuesday from 7:15 lo 9:45 were removing the marshals spectators Stay* Opan ;. 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday Through Friday Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p,m. I Have You I Shopped There?? 1972 AUDI 100 LS Automatic Transmission, Air I conditioning. Real nice car. : 1972 DATSUN 510 J 2-Door, Low Mileage, Extra j. Clean. \ 1974 FORD TORINO 5 2-Door Hardtop, P o w e r ' steering, Power Brakes, Air ' conditioning, Showroom ; fresh. I 19?3 FORD : MAVERICK ' Power Stering, Air condi- ' tioning. Stereo Taps Deck 'with AM/FM radio. Extra ' low mileage Extra Sharp. '· 1972 PLYMOUTH : SPORT SUBURBAN : . WAGON »Automatic, Power Steering, Power brakes, Cruise-con- frol, Rcdial Tires, An except- · lonal wagon. M I 1972 VOLKSWAGEN C BUS ; t, Spead, Air Conditioning, ; 2-T.pne · Paint, Real Sharp. \ ' I Wheeler Motor Co, v Inc. fftjl | PHONE 443-3458 MM S Highway 71 .North' ·«· snuffed out like a candle and ' he sanctuary and crowded be snutiea out line a cancne ana . . '. . T,,,.-,,.. ...,,,. sadly, many rejoiced at his passing," said the Rev. Galla- SWEPCO Protests Testimony Motion LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The state Public Service Commission has received a protest Southwestern Electric Co. that a motion to from Power' strike some of the company's testimony on its proposed coal- fired .power, plant svas without merit. The testimony was filed for a public hearing which starts Sept. 16 on the proposed $100 million, 530-megawatt facility to be built near Gentry. Asst. Atty. Gen. Fred Fraw- ey filed the motion to strike, saying the written testimony of six of the utility's nine witnesses was incomplete. Fraw- ey represenLs the state Planning and Health departments in the case. In almost all cases, the testimony consisted of the witness' name, address, education and professional experience. The Arkansas Ecology Center, an- hind the casket. Pusser was clad in a dark suit. j His parents. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pusser, and his 13-year-old daughter, Dwanaa, were among the last to enter the church. They sat in the front row with other family members and close friends. PALLBEARERS Among the pallbearers was former Congressman Ray Blanton, the Democratic nominee for governor and a lifelong friend of Pusser. Uniformed police officers from Nashville, At- other intervenor in the agreed with 'Frawley. case, SWEPCO responded by saying its environmental impact statement, as supplemented, was its direct testimony on en- v i r o n m e n t a l matters concerning the plant. It also said it planned to present five persons from a Chicago consulting firm as a panel of witnesses. lanta, Mississippi. Alabama, Missouri and Ohio were also present. Pusser's life ended not far from where it began in the.roll- ing hills of West Tennessee. He was buried beside his wife Pauline, who died in a 1067 ambush in which Pusser himself almost lost bis life. When the wreck occurred on U.S. 64 east of Selmcr, Pusser was returning home from Mem phis after announcing that he would portray himself in a se cjuel to the movie "Walking Tall," which starred Joe Don Baker as the sheriff. There were immediate ru mors that Pusser's death wa caused by sabotage. Pusser'^ actions during three terms a sheriff had brought scvera threats on his life. But the Tennessee Highway Patrol declared the wreck acci dental. An officer said the car'; tie-rods and brake cylinder hai been removed for inspection ti allay rumors. Gag Order Silences LOS ANGELE S(AP) -- Silence on the case of the "alphabet bomber" was the word today. A court gag order restrained police and court sources from talking, but a spokesman 'or the district attorney said that order may be appealed. Spokesman Jay Berman said Friday a final decision on an appeal of Municipal Court Judge Sheldon Sloanes order probably will not be reached for about a week.. Th gag was imposed on request of the public defender representing. Muharem Kurbe- govic, 31, charged with three counts of murder in an Aug. 6 bomb blast that killed three persons at Los Angeles International Airport. Blimp Bumpy SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- Anyon with a hankering to ride 'plunging buffalo" might try ilimp instead, according t Gov. Tom McCall. The Oregon chief executiv was at the controls of the Gooc /ear blimp, "Columbia," o Friday as it gently bobbed ove this city. "What about the nose?" h asked as the front of tbc blim eased into a slow-motion dive. The captain, Nick Nicolar assured McCall all was well b cause blimps gain little spec when they dive, and are easi" righted. McCall, who went from Va couver, Wash., to the Orego State Fair,at Salem on his fir hlimp ride Friday had the co trols for about five minute act" in history "are those who mid not accept injustice which the result of aggression." President Ford had told laddam that he hopes diplo- atic ties between Washington id Damascus can be strenglh- ned. Ford also raised the pos- bility of U.S. economic aid to yria. p.m. (full orchestra.) Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:20 p.m. (full orchestra.) Thursday from 4:30 lo 5:20 p.m. (strings only.) DALLAS .(AP) T- Billy Jack Potts, wanted in Arkansas-for jumping bond in a narcotics case, apparently has cleared himself in the disapearartce of a Dallas lawyer. The lawyer, Joseph K. Hendley, has · boon missing since Aug. 13, the day he cashed a $31,00 check on a special account of his law firm. On the check were the initials "BJP" leading officers lo hunt for Potts, a Hendley client. Potts jumped ?10,000 bail put up by Hcndlcy. Polls was traced Friday to a motel he reportedly owns at Lake Whitney in Central Texas. He was found through the efforts of Basque County Sheriff John Baxter and Texas Ranger Bill Gunn. Brought to Dallas, Potts denied knowledge,.of . Hendley's whereabouts,, offered names of several persons as alibis, and, said police, passed a lie detector test. Hendley was sent in the Dal- riously vanished, the lawyer received a registered letter from Hot Springs authorities order- ins him lo nay Potts' 810,000 bond forfeiture by cashier check. Hendley was sent in the Dallas County Courthouse before and after cashing the check and still later was seen eating lunch in a cafe near the courthouse. Also missing is Hcndley'p and one marshal sprayed a car of chemical Mace toward spectators, Inadvertently bitting another marshal. "Judge, you brought this on,' ! Kunstlcr said. Nichol warned Jtunsllcr no to say any more or he would be jailed. Kunstlcr said he didn' care, and the judge ordered marshals to take him into cus tody. When Lane interjected to as if Kunstler was being jaile "for little laughter," tin judge ordered him to jail, too. Lane said Saturday that physician had treated his lei eye, which he said was struc' by a marshal. Lane was wearing sunglasse when he was released Saturda but said there was no visible 1 'n.World War II. sign ot the blow. He' said he planned lo file charges. ' Sheep Menace MERTHYR TYDFIL, Wales (AP) -- Stray she"p, a menace Welsh drivers and garden- rs, are proving smarter than e authorities. They roll across estricting cattle grids and took nly two weeks to crac's sheep-proof" garbage- b;'ns. We are up against a'very'so- histicated animal," saUl Welsh ndei'secretary Ted Rowlands. ;un right outside his bedroom. _i broken window and a hole in he wall of his office from a Greek mortar round, and a papal f l a g bravely flying in Iront of the grotto of the Virgin, garlanded with snapped telephone and electric wires. Father Xavier never vacated Holy Cross Church, his first parish as a pastor, throughout Ihe fighting. He doesn't intend to abandon it to looters now during the shaky cease-fire, even if he and his Spanish curate seem to he about the only ones left living on the Green Line, which divides the Greek and Turkish sides of the capital. "We got 13 Greek and 13 Turkish gnus pointed at us for company," he said. "With no street lights, and no telephone or television, we sit out in. the garden under the stars listening to news on the BBC. It's almost peaceful, except when a gun goes off in the night." Tile narrow street outside, ·here the congregation used to ark their cars for Sunday lass, is now lined with burnt ut imlos and trucks caught ill n attack on the Paphos gate olice station two weeks a'go. Three mortar rounds exploded in the rectory garden at he height of the fighting, and ifle bullets smashed through he windows and whined down he hall. "I wasn't running around vith a rosary in my hand," Fa- hcr Xavier calmly recalled. "I vas in bermuda shorts and T- shirt. No matter what hap- encd. 1 was determined to be comfortable." He figures the Lord may lave spared htm by "leaving one last Coke in the fridge. I went to the kitchen looking for It when a mortar landed right outaide my office. When I got hack the window was shattered and there was a hunk missing out of the wall." Father Xavier said he had a problem keeping his excitable young Spanish curate away from the windows during the shooting. "Thank God for my trainiirg at Fort Bragg. Some of it came back," said the 51-year-old priest who was a field artilleryman with the U.S. Third Army rolling across Germany "This was worse than that war. Being with the artillery we were always five miles behind Ihe tanks and never heard anything." chocolate-colored - Continental All rehearsals will be held in the Arts Center Concert Hall. Mark III automobile. Miss Zalmanson Veterans Representative To To Leave MOSCOW- '(AP) -*- Sylva Zai- manson, the 30-year-old Jew re- eased from a labor camp after erving four years for an air- lane hijack plot, said Saturday .uthorilies had pardoned her nit told her she must leave the :ountry immediately. Miss Zalmanson, who was re- eased Thursday, is staying vith physicist Andrei Sakharov it his summer cottage outside Moscow. He read her statement o newsmen over Ihe telephone. She was sentenced to 10 ·ears on charges she took part n a 1970 plot to hijack s.plane rom Leningrad to Sweden. Her husband, . Cduard Kuznestov, and her brothers Wolf and Is- ·ael are still in prison on charges they planned the hi- acking. Fifteen Jews were con- 1 victed in the alleged plot. Miss Zalmanun did not speak lo newsmen but could oe icard a n s w e r i n g questions through Sakharov. In her statement, she said Israel "is the aim of my life and cannot envisage any future outside her. With four years in jail I have the right to leave for my motherland." "But the authorities are demanding that I should leave the U.S.S.R. immediately without even a meeting with my husband and two brothers whom I have not seen since the mo ment of our arrest...." She said she would not leave "at least until I have had a meeting with them. I will ask the authorities to pardon them as well as me. I appeal to everyone in the world to "do everything possible for the freeing of my dear ones and of Veterans altending the University of Arkansas will find now that they can take any problems they have to a representative of the Veterans Administration right on campus. George Curme was assigned lo Ihe University campus this unimer by the VA as part of its "Man on Campus" program, which is described by the VA as "an all out effort to insure prompt delivery of GI Bill educational assistance checks and otherwise 'trouble-shoot' problems which arise on college campuses between the veteran, the school and the VA regional office." Curme will maintain an office in room M405 of the Arkansas Union with regular 8 to 5 hours, except for periodical visits to John Brown University at Siloam Springs and the ^new community college in Harrison Curme was recruited by the Veterans Administration lasl spring and, along with aboui 1,300 other "men on campus, received special t r a i n i n g ir Ulanfa to train him to counse' Rock Air Force vorked with the Municipal League all prisoners of 7,ion." Kuznctsov and Mark Dym shits were sentenced to death for their plan but roles in Ihe hijack the Soviel Supreme and apparently that was]Court commuted tlic sentences enough. I to 15-year jail terms. Firemen Helpful GAINESVILLE, Ga. (AP) -Firemen in Hal County an swered a call to a mobile norm -- not to extinguish a fire, ou ,o prevent one. Rose Marie Brown telephone! the Fire Department and sail she was at work but couldn' leave. Firemen went lo her mobil' Kome and turned off the slov ,'hich she had forgolten. Bustle Helps LONDON (AP) -- The bust! and'bustle of London is an ai to lithe, handsome bodies, cording to a survey publishe here by the Weight Watchers. Said N'orman Billon, a direc lor of the organization: "Ball ing lo get on the tube (sul way), running for the t r a i n . . . all helps to burn up those extr calorics." eterans on their benefits. He ill work with Bruce Kellrr ssistant registrar, who to) ·ears has been the University eprescntalive.i.n ch.arge.of.cer fying veterans'-- enrolimenl Cellar will continue- to do this nd every veteran attending th Jniversity should see, Kella nd fill nut an enrolment ccrli ication card. Curme is a native of Pennsy' r ania and graduated from ,ehigh University in Bethlc leni. Pa., in 1969 with a degre n applied science. After dut as a first lieutenant in the where he served wit Ihe SAC missile unit at Littl Base. Arkansa (or 1 JBU Opens SILOAM SPRINGS -- Students will begin arriving at John Brown University on Aug. 31 when dormitories wll open to students. Registration will be held on Sept. 2 and 3 and classes will begin Sept. 4. 1-12 ABOARD INCHON months. His_ parents now_ live n CharlottcsvirieV Vai Curme reminded velerans o! recent extension of the 1966 Gl Bill, which allows velerans who served in the armed forces between 1055 and 196S tf begin heir educational program any time before 1976. Previously he deadline for beginning Iheh education had been this pas' May. Taken Literally ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- Alba ny County foreclosed on th state Court of Appeals buildin. and its own courthouse -- t the embarrassment of Count Attorney Hob Roach. "When I said we will fore close every bleeding piece property with back taxes due apparently somebody took m literally," Roach said. Computers tallied a S16.f water tax for the county builc ing and a S37.02 water tax fo the Court of Appeals building. "It's a knce-slapper," he con ceded. "But unfortunately it' .just the type of thing that' been happening lo me since In first of January when I startc the job. "I'm trying to get through t the chief judge now," be adder Ihe chief judge now," he adder. HOVATION WORKS SO WELL BATTERIES LAST 4 TIMES LONGER. One Battery Lasts 1,300 Hours A 6-Pack Lasts Over a Year! You save save avoid Ihe nuisance ol constant ballery changes. Dahlbergs Magic Ear' aids with the new Ultra-Low Current (ULC)" Amplifier are so energy effective, batleries last up to 400% longer Long alter the batteries in olher aids are worn out. yours are still working in a Magic Ear- with ULC*--producing clear brilliant sound. No need to make repeated trips to Ihe store lor batteries. No need to store a large supply No need lo frequenlly worry about your battery running down at an awkward moment No incessant need to fumble and frel anymore The new Magic Ear' with ULC* is one more sound idea from - Dahlberg It's available in 1wo behind-the-ear models To find out more, visit your local Dahiberg DealerorMAILTHIS COUPON TODAY! D A H L B E R G I n.W. Ark Hearing Aid Cor ' 2100 Green Acres Rd. 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