Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 8, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1952
Page 11
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mmmmM! NOtTHW-PT AMAWAI flMg ^ CLASSIFIED ADS Ayrfl «. mi LEGAL NOTICES HOTICI In Tfct PnNMte WnMnftwi CMiitty, Arfcinu* In Th« M.lter Of .lh« finite A. M. Kelly, deceaied. No. 1069-A. TKAKSrOlTATlON OFFERED \ TO Lot Antclci or to Camp Robert!. I CiMornii around 12th or 13th. M i n i ' be able to rfrivr. share rxprnsr. Call Sara Stapleton. Pralri* Grove. I'ASSINGEBS wint*d.""Leiivinf "wum for Anahe m. California. B. H. Chanman. Wooliey. The under*igi, cl , ^ H0 ( l ) l p M U ) l i minislrairix oi ihe camte ol the nbove iiHineU decedent on the 4th day of April, 19.12. ' All personi h n v i n p claims ajainst Ihe estate mint txnibii tnem, duly vrrified. 1o the undersigned w i t h i n six months from the dale of the firit publication nf this notice, or they snail he forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the eitate. Thin notice first publisnea Bth dny b( AprlJ, 1952. llHiel Kelly A d m i n i s t r a t r i x %\Vade At MuAliistcr. Altornrys at Law, Fayetleville, Arkansai PtTiencp necoMary Some interest in aviation h e l p f u l . Mn. M o r r i n . Hotel Washington. 10 11:3(1, Z O O to phone cjtlli HOUSEKEEPER and ciiuk f o r ' f n i T X v of two. Time a lo 2 iso. Aulnrmu r dishwasher, w n s h j n c machine. dryer. Good pay. Slate experience a n r give reference in lirsl l e t t e r . Wri: T Superior BACK IN CALIFORNIA following a triumphant 19-week, record-smashing run on a New York vaudeville »tage, Judy Garland hugs daughter Liza MinnelH, 6, as they greet each other in Pasadena. Liza is daughter of Vincente MinnelH, Judy's ex-husband. (International Somtftpliutti · TRUMAN AT NETHERLANDS FETE ··ESIDENJ HUMAN chats with Queen Julian, ol The Netherlands ·hortly before · dinner eivcn in honor of the Chief Executive and Mrs. Truman at the Netherlands Embassy In Washington. Later, the President bestowed the Legion of Merit, Degree ol Chief Commander, on the Queen and her husband. Prince Bernhard. (International) STREET CLOSINGS-- CONTINUED FROM PAGE FOUh , vited the Highway Department to put the bypass through Fayettc- , ville? ;? and wanted to know if t h e City Council or the Chamber of j Commerce f i i t proposed the I ered the move. It has been a proj- I ect nf the Chamber of Commerce for a number uf years, the aldermen said. Mayor Rhca emphasized the city has petitioned ihe slate Highway Department for the right to open _ _ NOTICE In Tht Prcbite Cwrt Of Waitiinitvn County, Arksmat In The Mailer Ol 'Jhe Estate Of William A. Gibson, deceased. No. 10S1-A. Last known address of decendcnt: Route 4. Payetlevltle. Arkunias. Date nf rioaih: January 26. 1952. An in.itrumenl dated .January 20 1919. wag on th« 251 h day of IWarcn, 1952. ndmitled tn probate as the last will of the above named decedent. a nd fht; undersigned has been appointed executor thereunder. A conteii nl the probate of the will can be effected only by f i l i n g a petition w i t h i n Ific time provided by law. All persons having claims n g a i n s t the estate must exhibit tht-m, d u l y verified, to the undersigned within Kix months from the date of t h u (irsl publication of thin notice, or they fhall be forever barred and prrrludrd from any benefit in the estate This notice first published dlh dnv of April. 1952. Rnbrri M. Gibson Executor ·MVade McAllister. Attorney! «t Law. Fayetteville, A r k a n s a s 8-15-c Nettie Of r*\,nt Off .··tiflon * " T* Qufet Tittt nil Warninr Ortftr In Th* Chinetry Caurt Of Wa.hinfton County, Arhanti! Lester Crisp and Laverne Crigp. h u s band and wife Ex-Parte, and Plaintiffs vs. Eleanor Picrmont nnrt Lrp V a u g h n Defendants Notice is hereby Riven t h n t ihorr has been filed in my office as Clerk nf the Chancery Court of Washington County. Arkansas. ih L - Petition of Lcs Cleaners. w ^TM*»*» SALESMEN WANTED EXCEPTION A OPPORTUNITY FOR nBRpjnlvc snlcsmnn -o-.. of ."n and en. Line w i t J i National Distribution. Contact* inc'iid- lnduilri«l P I H n t s. Institution!: Schools, and nil type* of bti?inrsi e-itahlishments. More than M'n rr- pcat Just one- nrdcr tlaiiv assures incom? of S70!).8fl per moiuli. Advancrd commissions wrckly \"iih lihnral yearly homn. M i i f t have rar and be able to s l n r l work in two weeks. Experience in. our line tin- neceMtry. Kn material (.hnrlnge.i. write Paramount Industrial Products Co.. University Center . Station. Cjffvclnnd_6. Ohio. . WANfED. inlclman or saleiiTa(ly~tn work f u l l or part time. Must have car. Earning.-! well above avenitfc. For full dctaiiB see, write, nr cnli Mr. Hodcen. Hathcock Buildins. room 312. Phone 2184, Office "houri 9 ter Cnsp and La Verne Cri»p. husband and wife, for t h r q u i e t i n g and confirmation of title in t h e m (o the fol- Jowins-describeri rcdl Pitale. sitnaled In Washinnlon County. Arkannai. 1owil: The · Northwest, quarter of Ihr North wrst nuarter nntl the North half ol Ihr Southwest q u a r t e r ff thc Northwest q u a r t e r of Section 22, In Township is Norlh. of Range 32 West of the 5th Principal Meridian. c o n t a i n i n g GO acrti. be the Kame more or leu*.' All persons cliimins any Interest in nairi lands or any lit?n thereon arc hereby notified to appear in said Court w i t h i n six (fil w*»*k* frnm the ..L -.. ........ _ _ _ date of the f i r f t puhlicntion of t h i s l KOR wor It" horY* notice and show cnusc. if there hr ^ - norarj any, as to why ' t h e t i t l e to said real estate should not be quieted and confirmed in the P l a i n t i f f i in fee simple forever. The Drfendantn, Flrannr Picrmont ·md Lcr Vaughn are hereby war net. lo appear In said Court w i t h i n t h i r t y (30) day* and answer the complaint of the P l a i n t l f f B . WITNESS my hand 'and seal on thin 28th Hay of March, JPS2. [SEAU Richard B. Greer Clerk of Chancrry Court May_fi-c " _ "~spare tlrnc."w"e~wil] coninct a n?|Ub:e pcrion from nrrn to r e f i l l and collect mnncy from a new m?rchandisinR machine, No celling, to q u a l i f y applicnnt nrjul have a car. referenri-s n n d Sfi'jn no workinc capital. Kicnt hours \vrrk- l,v will nc: ? m o n t h l y , w i t h pns- n i b i l i t y of t a k i n g over f u l l t i m p For interview write Rivinc f u l l particulars, n H m c. age, address and Fhone n m n b r r . U n i i c d Distributors, '. O. Box .111. Carthage. Mo. " W«« boliinj for nn «|:arri!t 7oun t m«n nrlin w.,,1. to c l t e n o in thii buiinett." FO« HALK-- MlSCH.LANr.ODj TELEVISION 17" EMERSON WITH BOOSTER .5150.00 TRI-STATE SALES CO. Phone 513 fOil Eoort q u a l i t y nulc flonrini Iff* __Hraln H^rflvvnnd Co._fMione 2S.V FOR your Etntrr f l o w r r , Phone 2P3.1 Hrrry'i: Flower*. 4.1 Smith Or*,TK KNOW white rnhbtfi of till ilrn fnr K m l r r _Al«o yuunf do*-i rrady fnr Siren *Phnnc 2.V1IW " * r * J NICK" 12" foot TWO bfdroom modern hum? with 5 M -_MTMJ. , - 3 ROOM ~nl^rV"VVfrtWshort'' · purttnsm F'riva'c r n i r a n . l»slh nn*1 I;IM-. flow; tn. A d u j M Plionc N K W ~ z~"i*V!fw.m" ' if-TpTp'TM" bflT "Vif- 1 K n i a N'«*w u-in-io!* I ' m v . T M t y t\r\f\ ( j| nru- horn? m l r j t t l n n i " ' f 3 r V m i ""»««!- i O.MK morp lot -.'"".·-?**·. " BARGAIN'. br«uU/Ul I ,TM,. ,, t"iiit-inv plen'y of «vBrjf«»ns !"·"·*-W.W Phorw 2MO or tm " n^ndix lnunriry Gr,n,( 'masirV »l Jnlmi 7] ,\(i rri '"'' i t h iv. KASTrn hlinnin.'rhnni. 710RV " ' BKM'Tirm.' a n l i n u c » « I n u l ptrl m i r - nir n i n h n n n y Mri-lin»ril. (on Soirh .Jj h Slrcr'i. rtofri.- COHN shrltr-r iiiifl o'h?r in!!]!n- m r n l . nl»n 5 pit-re nuplt livlni; room f-P(. Phnnc 44«R4. . _ . . . IONT rorri;t " lo" orclor"lii»l eiTitrr rori;iRc to r n m p i r t r hrr nf\v Easter o n r r i s . Molhrr and f i ^ u f h t c r r;r«««e(. pimnr 2^.13. B:rrj'ii Flmi-er'i 4.1 South GroKc. POULTRY SPECIAL -- Goose incubator ctisibin hntchinp, snt every Monday. Place orders now for riav old gosling* GecFe arc profitable! I I c n M h y . on tfraRBl Delicioin meat. Money labor savers for weeding hrrry crops, orchards, etc. Guaranteed live delivery. Anccll-Lawpon G o o B e Hatchery. ,1(100 Gateway Drive, Hlfhwny 71. Joplin, Mo.. Phone FOR SALE-- LIVESTOCK GOOD A]plnc~miltt~go'ats. fre«rr"Anril JJtli._Phone_.5IOEM. _ _ ^ THOROUGHBRED" mifkiii'g "jihoTiiiorn _ . _ «nd~wVaned pin* 5 Sown, bred iji"it« Phono 44RW1. see Jim Lester nt Milton'* anytime. IR horses rale Ban 6f o» r*tition To Quiet Titlt In Th» CN*nc»ry Cvurt Of Washington County, Arh*nM L*f .Spam~ter Edward B Meriv/cther ind Jack Phillips, ns Trustees fnr The Southern Alerrorial AssociMtion. nn Unincorporated Aasoc.fltion EX PARTU PLAINTIFFS otic* s hec -. i* hereby jiven thst there filed in ffice, an Clerk move. "Mayor" Rhea'^id""ihe pro- j t h c stl ^ ( -'' ; across the highway gram' WES in the planning st;i r ;c | fl 1 ?" t o m?ta!1 t r a f f i c »f thr Chnnc'ery Court of Washington :odn'y. A-kfinRiw. the Petition of Lee Reamster. Edward 13. Merhvethrr. and I Jack PhillipB. ns Trustees for The 'Souther:. Memorial ARRocifltior. nr tin- CHINTIIXAS NOWTvafiaSiV Chinchillas R..,..., Victors welcome. ; quality ~ B A. ,,. Frcp IJ tern lure le^Timhrook. 5IS Guntcr I'OR SALE--AUTOMOTIVE 1»« BTUDERAKER or lfl«~Chevrolct Phong 2SB5J. CARS AT REDUCED PRICES Middlebrook Motor Co. FOR SALE--AUTOMOTIVE PERSONALLY ENDORSED USED CARS 1949 Hudson 2-door. Heater, seat covers. Nice..$1295 1946 Chevrolet 4-door. Ne.v paint, scat covers..$650 1946 Jeep Station Wagon. Overdrive, h e a t e r . . S595 1940 Ford V : B 2-door $295 1940 Hudson 4-door. Heater, radio, seat c o v e r s . . $250 1939 Plymouth 2-door. OZARK MOTOR CO. Springdale KOR_SAI,E-- HOME NEEDS Shop Wards and Save" on Home Improvemenis Buy now and save on top-! quality home improvements at j Ward?. Pay 10% down, enjoy m o d e r n home ccnvoniencisi while you pay balance. · This week only Automatic yas water Hooter $62.50 $54.88 , - ) nr.iTlpnu. gtoxi« n t»i%. vlnl^t.i BtH n l h A r r . Phonf 2H.1.1. Klowrrj. 41 S m i t h Grcgn BOY'S" lilcT!!.' JISOO." Plinn PRACTICALLY n^w John Dr pl.lnltr Phonf H80R4. SINGLE row rul'llvninr. '5100D." Ph 4P5M4. , B f r r v » ~'4imv " JUST RECEIVED A NEW i h i p m - n l . lalr-M rtr»l»n» nntl rnlnr* ot W h l t u and Wychnft. and Mont.ijii slallftnrr.v. Omnp in Ip[ in ihow you I h l i nirr rrlrrllan «hi| r SLIPCOVERS. · Inckfl are or-molr-tr McRoy A Me Nair--Craveni BlrJr I'hone S F U V I f ' K R OFFrlEO MONTGOMERY WARD Phone 21 rr.ysllrvillp, Aik. Radio and Television Service HV )inv Ilir _ _ _ JUST ABOU7 HALF PRICE'V J" _ A conn f a r m am! yorrd lmTjrof*m*BtJ'' ··· ···'- hul poor road, 1'j m!I«» W»Mi ~ ,1 «on^ so!H 5 rnom hdift«r C. ty. ntw mrn. 2 cMckWn. ', /.imilv (ruli. a tan vtuty,- ~ :ll r'-irrd and In frui.' ~* and Jciort i»ll«r. prtta 13.7W, hut ., t'ftk \ pri!'y ftfr-nt 41 arr?a Jui* j frar BVDT frnm 71 hitliuvay. 4 room hout»/ tfirn. 2 r h l r k c n houj»s, p'^nty ot. Clod fruit, jprini and a food w«U^ p - r o M.VHI. JO-M l-rfflf.. ' , ONE r,r ' FARMS. Tri-$!a!e Sales Co, 320 WfM flrkwi I'jions SI! MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G OlMon Mgillrn:.ei Fl.iilt In'.') O N K ' D W SKnv|C:'B-r!!ONK r 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. Day Nursery. Hot Lunch Provided. Phono 1753-W (or r h I M r r n in rnv hnmc . THE BEST MOUNTAIN *1 Jrrei. food - 4 ro'nT" nomr w i t h rmfm?rf', foorl laMM?" K i r n and outbulldlnfj. p B l r t,t tr*3"ti***. upplpt and bfrrlftj. foodj i n r j n * h^Jipn 1*71-1, rrjsitlx · ctor*d ; f M in mM'J'v*.- »nd pattUTt. It'/ ft iifii friv (or *f:"J - ·_ SO A ^ ' R ^ r»n *!! rotl'M. H (oi-l 4! r,in?n ruptif n« inrf l l f h i r 32.SOO: ,. tr-vicr;, 31,000, Ji.Roo cash ma food , '"lEWLIN REALTY '| WEST FORK. ARK . r ~ PAHTM.U.Y fu.-ru»h-(l 4 room haul* ^ rented and jjood fsnv . I rr r . linmfr!mf I ?.'.7I-\'.' i RY o*.v!i^r"3TM?aTv - Plionll I. M *-'ttl . ,, rnom rtouss, bull', on ftp Nn. r, 35 pcr«, modern 3 rnai» NO a, 30 Btrfs, 4 room «m£ m All /*rma located n-iif. ' n s t o n ri'I'irc tn hsatl'n tfitf- i__P!nnf 2S7n.\ Prjlrl**'Grove, PUBLIC SALE THURSDAY. A p r i l ID. 15,12, hPHin- ninB n l 10:00. 2'; mllr* wen of S p r l n g d n l r on Highway fifl. I ] hfad of stock cBitl*: I loi of machinery i n r l i i d i n f i t r a c t o r , diir. rnkc. etc.; 'l lot nf hounrhold goods; 1 largft a m o u n t nf shop tool*, motors, isth* wrenches, r l r . A. F. Kou-n]«ky, own?J:_ J .I'i! 0 .5 f?. r "?- All il I J. on f cr '' GOOD srpcn"'okiJthoTntT pralr!«'"Kay Phone 23Q1V.'. KKYSTONli quality"' l.ffwl« Btoi. Co, Iiic Pit " Wit. I, rsr _ h y th" «-fp W A S H I N G " n ~" 1(17.11 and v n r i n u n ricrnnitlon. in nf m i c r m r n-orl;nnn*ri.[ Shpp ( __Hn N. Hlot-k. Thorn- tfi QUALITY drcssnmkinR. Otilrk ' lee; r r n x ^ n n h t e mips. P h o t fojrjjn formation. KXCAVATINC5""'-- -- ONDS -- nOADK - CLKAHINO -OUN KAKNES AND KI.L1B WILSON 3'fegW __ ___ __ ;_ __ 2«13J SUN-TlLT" VcTTcUan bUndi unci n7yml- t niim window ncrrcni nut* flv/ninji* Frt* fi'linnlv'i Cuba Cccpnr 44 South Ij-rUBl Phom 101C InU r o f i n h?i p i r f u r c u-inrlo'.". 4!n» Ins ror,:n; brrnklrti ipic« I n Urrf* l c . * r h n n . fpsra'e tittlltv rnom. ef- t.-ji-.h-ri fferas-! V-nrnsn h l l n r f s ind r V - r h.trr; 11( od (lo^rt throughayt. On Kood level lot. Priced it $1,- KIHCAID AND COMPANY I Ml EM . , -i«no-H«hulli-Slrf«mllti»l A VEHY (Ine I n n t r u m e n t it · f»lr price .No mnnitroiltle*. Mo South Srhnol. M57J INBOW TROUT inln diiiy Sprlnidle*329l!'ourk Trout r«rm Nritr ·-*----- South 7] Fayetteville · a y_ , The Highwny Dnpnrtmcnt has re- CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon* Collect 2JS3 F«T«tl«TiIlt, Arkansai Joplin Rendering Co. irporatrd BKsnciation p r n y i n c for confirmation u n d q u i c t i n R must bo followed. The mayor and , thc aldermen pledged all the rf- ; forts possible to see that the streets i ! tii-c- upon and signal lights are in- I stalled. The Collar Buttons On 50 Ford tudor $1390 49 Plymouth fordor $1175 49 Chtvroler fordor $1290 50 Ford pickup $1150 III III AND SAVI ABSHIER-BRYAN Ford D«Ur ... t i t l e in them to Hie following de- ne ihed rea' estate situated in V'a*h- inetc.n Cnanty. Arkansan to-wit: Lots 1. 2 3. 4, 5, R. 7. «c fi. in niork ·I. in Hill's Addition to the Cily of Kayet-evll.c Arkansas brina A par' of the North Half of the Sc,uthwart Qua.-ter of Section IS, Township 16 North, R«.i«e 30 Weitt nf t h e 5th P. M. A p a r t o r the N'nrth H u l f nf the So thwrs' Quarter of Section f i f teen (l.-i,. Township Six-teen ill!) North of Ranee .10 West of th» P. M.. irnro p a r t i c u l a r l y dCFcrihrd at ' a\ a point 4 chains and nfi l i n k : Soulh of the point 25 rhains and 3d links Eait nf the one-hulf srrtion cnrner hetwern Scclion 15 ,ind 10, t h r n r e South It dejjree« Eant. s chiins and 70 links, thence Couth 82.5 drRrers "' t, G chain* nnd 3d links, thence NorJli 7.5 degrees West 4 chains an % links, thenrc North 7fi rie- Krrp.. and 4S minutei East 2IS fe»t, 1^-encr North fil 5 degrees Ea5t 207.21 feet to the point ot hrRir.- ning, containinc 3 acres more or leas, and subject to any portion thereof encompanred in public utrcets o- alleys. All persona claiming any Interest in said lands or any lii-n t h r r c o n nrn 1 Thy notiTir-d and warned tn appear ... said Court w i t h i n \i\ i f i i \vrek* of thr date of ihe f i r s t p u b l i c a t i o n of t h i n Notice nnd show cause, il any they have why thr t i t l e lo said land* not he vesirri, confirmed 1949 Morcur/. Radio and heater $1325 1949 Ford CLsto.n. Radio and heater, oveidrive. .$1125 1949 Hudson. Radio and heater $ 1 1 5 0 1949 Chevrolet Deluxe. Radio. and hcotei. Clean $1295 1948 Chevrolet 3 /«-lon Pickup $765 1949 Dodgo Pickup. Heater $725 1947 Buick. Radio and heote- $925 1947 Chevrolet Flcetline. Radio ond heater. . .$835 1947 Nash. Radio and heater $755 1948 Kaizer. Radio and heater $725 1947 Chevrolet Pickup, with everything on it. . . .$865 54" Steel Cabinet Sink 3-Tob Hexagon Shingles, Tile Rod, Sq ...... $ Plastic Wall Tile, _Sq. Ft. ....... ' $94.95 $84.88 5.80 $ 4.77 _ 'THIS Pouter hrd. do . . SOS.M., Lawson w a l n u t f i n i s h , r v i n R room s u i i r . . . _ ^ _ _ ^ - _ MATTRESS CO. Quality ntw mottreii and matlresi renovating. Phone 3036 J01 jyKT_ PJCJCSOM WANTKD TO BUT ^95^.^ y J* no "l3TM**'Z?f'5 l * t 2407W COUNTRV store. from~owrier""prefer- nhly w i t h postoffice. Small acre- acf. Give location «o 1 c»n find. Fred l , i t ' l p / l r ) d , 1608 Hornfihoe, _Sp_rlngda_le. A r k . _ _ .SMALL" home In vlcinTry"of'j«fferi«on School. Phone 1SID-W. . or 2 A : m i h h : c r ruti». Sxl2 *2-'-«. . . Lrtlnr cnr«t, walnut venep Inr s49.An . . ; i.'.. . , . The Stump F u r n i t u r e Co '603 ; IV. Dlckson "usEib MERCHANDISE Coldspni rctrlsrrnlor . -------- : 5 73 i .',110 TLOBK In, JnrRe two room fuml7h*d pirtmenl. n.frlienlnr. Phone IJrt. lhrii~.|evcl lot.', HIM South Phnn(! IMS or 20311. _Colle|(e.^. ..^... .,, .,,,,,,. I-'AHM' hoiiie. sfs.fH) ^JnorTth '^Sp'por- l u n i t y to work out rrnl plun p»rt t i m o work. Eari Wi«*; 3 mU« South nf Prairlf! Grnve. rTiCK''/iir*r.'iR.r«d " apaYTnTcnf" wfth~pri- v n t r for rnuple. See ftfter 4. Ml North nionk. 5:.OOo!«M/VLL"hotiM a» so ' chine . . . 5;( -j- Now American Bertuty licwinu mnchint; . j.-ja ni JOHN RHODES A P P L I A N C E " CO. ' ·»! N - Block Phone 2021 '! Yn . ur . Kolvlnfltor D';alcr" fipecinl price on new Kelvlrtator Mori?! M-r fi cubic (O.T( sZM 9s Mortrl I f - M 10 fl-IO c u b i c foot S2799S THIS price a v n i l d h l p while- ihey last JOHN I1HOUES APPLIANCE CO 31 N. Block Phnne 2021 "Your K e l v l n a t n 1949 CMC 4,C Trader and trailei . . . . 1941 Chrysler. A good one 1940 Plymouth Club Coupe PLATFORM rocker, new preen tnptB- _try__u-cav(!, Phone I3S9W LOVFLfESf E«li.r~ji.'firiK.?~Eiiri"fr Lily- Free d f l i v p r y . Bprry's Flowers. Phonf EIC.I. 43 5inuih ~ . j DEBUTANTE~~COSMEtlCS, . $ 1 5 5 0 ! FULLER BRUSHES. PHONE ..$385 . . $ 1 8 5 s o u i d not e vested, Confirmed and ,,.,,_. . ' , ..... T . -quieted in the petitioners Let- Scam- j 1938 Chevrolet. Nice OHC $185 ster, Edward B. Meriwether, and J a c k ! i n - j o .-L I . e ster, Edward B. Meriwether, and Ja Phillips, as Trustees for The S o u t h e r n j ' ...... ltnincorpr ' r ' ] ^ 941 Buiclc. Padlo and By Sue Burnett You cnn add two dresses to your lul's wardrobe by sewing only one with this easy In follow pattern. Simple princess sunrircst turns into ;i Sundny frndc in no time with the ciitn button-on collar. Bonnet to niaich. Pattprn No. 8815 Is n sew-rllc pcrfni-atpd patlrrn in sizes 2, 4 (! 8, HI yeais. Sire 4, dress, Pi yards of 35-inch; 'H yard contrast; Imimi't, -Ti yard. for Ihu pattern, send 30c In COINS, yojr name, iddress, (lie desired, and the PATTERN N U M - BEIt to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas. Times, 115(j Avt. Americas, New Vork IB, N, Y. Basic FASHION for '52 Is filled with Ideas to make your clothes budget go f u r t h e r -- time-saving and economical designs that are easy to sew. Gift pattern printed Inr.lde.' 25 cents. n f r n n r i a i / i ^ ^ n r i a n n n . 3n i m i n c o r p d r - i V. ITNESS my hand anti «cal on t h i s ; .ird day o'. March. 1952. ' (SEAL) Richard B Grrer Chancery Clerk 4-I1-1R-25 April 1-R c INSTRUCTION I heater IF yo writ like tn d r a w , skrtrh for Talent Trsl ( N o Fed. fltfe and occupation. Box K-f.S, Care of Tir "£i--***--«--^«* A *-*TM NOTICE . WILL nlve home care to elderly peo- plf. convalescent*. Rachel 'i Home, 403 S. 6th St.. MONEY TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone K03 LOST AND FOUND LOST, rlRht fender cu'afd To Rrry Lincoln on Old Wire Road Frlrtny Phone 1978W or 505. II) WEEK oM female hl»rk~Cocirrr Spanlrl w i t h red hnotli. Reward Pnllomf n_Or«y._I2_Weat JMaplo. COST--Billfold tontalnlne: mllitaTv paper« nnd nrdem. Iclenllflralion card and money. Reward. I would appreciate very much havin« II r e t u r n e d Billy Lee Sloneilfer. Phone ri4 Winilow, collect, or return In paper office. ' ' 1938 Dodge Coupe $265 1938 Studebtkef. Radio and henlei $165 1941 Hudson 1938 Buick !! SAVE !! On your furniiufe at HILTON 8RQ5., Hiway 71 North. Wide selection to chooso from. Free parking. Bus every hour. $325 j We B iv « SH Grcon Stamps Phone 1770 UNUSUALLY nlceTronm u n f u r n i s h e d a p n r t m c n l . "team hc*t. Private rn- . . lla . l ?.?5'_ i i?.?. Shidy. Phone 2ia6J._._. Norlh Duncan, newly decorated.'cnll 1 l'inw_anor_.-i_p. m. CLEAN n rnom furnlih-jd *p"artime"nT. Near l l n l v r r a i t y and new nchool 4ll_ S. H M I . 1'hnne 7I2-J__ 2 SooM'Y.irnViihcd."8o;rL*v7MtT~^h^"nc h » l h . Ph_r,nc . nnoSl nli-eiy /urnlifind JiSinTnifnt. I ' r i v n f ^ h a t h and antranpf NfW rr- frfj;irrfl1rr, v f n e t i n n hlinrll. N f w l y flrcnratcri. CIos« Jn on Schnnl. Phone Lanrlicxpo EaMmiirf Fre? Phono 31-J-z ^ . "DITCH itioitid rooTINGS--w n 11 T, Raft · nd dllchei. xctptlr t a n k ho'eit D and baeli fllllnn Call :IJ» Otvlp 24 ON Hrmilltchlng, Plcoling, Covtr»* Buitoni, Button Hol«, Tollotee B«l;» and Buckle*. Special AtMnllon glvtn Mali Ord«ri. Satiifnction er Mon«y Back. SINGE* SFW'NO MACHINE CO 1» S.B. St.. rmMtvlllf _ Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roarls - Clearing H. H. JONES Contractor M7 K. l.afnyelte, Rax j4:i !.'. Sta. Phone 1J8II.Jnycttcvnit »OK voUn'iioo^iNcTN CnM 11 L Stowari .Routine Coatrarlor. AJB1, Aibcjlon , l l l n ... ,, uton . ·'vrrythlnr. Ser' Circle Court. So " ' if hffltev. (lei. - i , E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G " Gruvel. Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N _ _ Phono 249 _ ' J-'OTiT"" ElEQRIC CO. Quality InjtalUri ·PUMPS · POWER Thon* 24, Weit Fork 210 "AC«K"r»rm, I I 0 'nrr-n"n'redf"d*to lam" etttnnct. lot^ n[ p.istuir, waler- etl by upringi and crtuk.sond tl room hduie. l»r,tp fctrn, located 3 mlirs from tp-A-n. nn m a f l . «nd ichool ! i o i i i f i . - p r i p ! j Sio.6nf) 5 ACRKS 11* in:!"(i f r o m town, 0 room ' modern hounc, nsiunl v»r., city t water, S.OOO brnllff rapiriiy. rnftll J *£* * r . h001 ?"» r f"' 1 "'. Prlrr I7!.nn. LISTINGS" WANTED : i "r, b»'er Tor nir* 1 bedroom houw I h fflrrfrt »(r he*?. Prefer ibsut ftcrr in north or northeast Alito vc buyer for modem «·· priced ,,.'».., with Bmall ftprenfe. G. R. Crandell Real Estate George Wolf ll - r iy'. 1 ' 1 a * 1 S:rcet_Phone 2S9«---12*5 " FOUR" ri5*E ACRES A N D A fin* home roniuttng of fivt cheerful mom i. hardw-ood floorlnf- · ·cnrroiiK e]os«t5 and billlMni *nrt othi-r n!c« f»«tur«?. Ineludinf imirt n«nv drrnrntfona. Also, t*r*gt, bsrn · nri two poultry hnun-f. Only 0311 nti'r from !J. of A., on food roidj n q i u r n l ttu »nd citj- v.-«ttr. T, H. A.-" G. I IvOin may he nsiumtd. ' ' *' EXCEPTIONAL u* ULTRA mo-Jern Ihre* bedroom horn** · Inraterf In rfstrirtud are* and flnl?!-.. three yean old. Thin Jiplendid ho«k4! P* IT «itun ( ad on larfe (Iff) xiTft') unteoth' i -lot a f f o r d i n r Bfnermtpi furrfun «T*»' r~ In m l d i t f o n to « h-iautlful yard. Yctr f" will enjoy the woodburntnj flre-t SC pfnc'*. cvntrt! htatlnc unit, hijhlyj pniinhpd hardwood floorlnf ind den-* ·*· eroiii cloicti ind hulltini. Thil MK -planned Kitchen and fcncroui brccln' ^-f fwt room will make. · bjt with thijti 1 , · fnr idditlonil confidentUl itf^j^ MO HUNTSVILLE ROAD ·· ' GOOD eomfor'ahle buntniow. abod ycnr» oM, Five foom», front i nn-1 «ncln M d b C K nereh Thtt !,,,.. I« In A-! B'rurturBl condition, iw rlrun Mnd Ftrlctly morf*rn. Clothei rio%frtn. bulltln* and etc. Dlitint owners hnve reriucH price lor oulck m)t, - -Let in nhow you Phons 783 HAMMOND REAITV CO- ,-.rv*ThonVH. D. Himraond 1S7I ·' 'J *. .larvU ftr.W fix rnom framp homa. Two b*d- f roonn wlih jim» wncnu d«n Clxl rlci«n«. Larst atlAdied (ari)t w»K ·ihrouthnul. I!, ai-r*« ofTrtrfiu l"-«| Innt) in nlrn lublirbilt B«lfhboN noon. · Qrnjfp rauefUt with ·' CRAVENS CO.! ( hnn* Phone 21SIW , 2 0 0 .Yeaw .of Ssrvlc* '20,000,000 Policyhold«r« HOOM modern or.-ilrd. ?. hlorlc, price i:u.M nouif . ( r om ,' i .$185; 1936 Chevrolet 2-door. 1941 Studebaker LOTS OF .$150 . $ 2 6 5 ' .$1651 . $ 2 6 5 ' Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified ALTERATIONS I KXPrhi" " _ _ _ _ _ 1950 DE SOTO, cu5tom~4"d"oor sedan. Light green. Originol owner. 17,000 miles. In perfect condition and a beautiful car. $1600.00. Write box K-55, care of Times. ' " inn mar-hine Phonf .137.T2. . Hnydr K a u t k n r r HKI.P WANTED IK ynu like to dfnw~1itirt7h~n «cf T«|pnt Tnl ail In !nl« Column. ' paint ruction HELP WANTEII-MAI.K -- .....^,.^ r .^ aervlc* Mallnn al' trnrtant. Slfphen'l 'W Slallnn, «l« North CnlleK* . travel rran! tirrfrrrpri. mm M-.r Clllfnrnla W«altrn r«orti ,. . a d v a n f f r t . avpraf/; t a r n l n m X7.S 00 weekly. Ntw r«r« furnl«h»rt. Chanrr llBli) Apply Mr l,a'nrr, H o" r 1 Wiihlniton. Friday 9 30 to 11.10 I.,. : N in 4,jo. NO priori* eaiii ' Phono 666. A T T E l O N 1951 Ford fordor custom 3,000 miles. See at BOB STOUT SERVICE STATION 123 North Colltgt Ave. IMI Went Center, .PLYMOUTH. »7 PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service IYLE-BRYAN MOTOR °CO. 208 Norlh Block hu'toni h u l t o n h n l r s : "li'ppi, SU Norlh ( lWd' helli eration Mn eje Phone BEAUTY SHOPS Stone'a BetuiFTirTnp Kvrnlnd A p p o m l m f n l B r.rrpnlanri. Phone Slfll "ABY WH.l. r»re nr" chridr«n~"(n my hnrn^ hour or riny Mr« Htiihry. 621 f.i-v- f r r t t , 1 171.T. riTtnnncnt Wivn a Sprclally'' nhonff IBS /or appointment Ul'LVAIlrfs fitAUTY SHOP 20J W Mt»dow-Pllont IODJ M.lch Cold w»v« 15 UD ' TT-AH.5 - - ~ Biuce Wax Bruce Floor Cleaner Sani-Wax Silver Polish Copper Polish Foamo-Kleen Rug and Upholstery Shampoo IEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. 17^2HMoeTra7Trflctor 5-Spcsd drive (or «poed a n d power control. 4-cycle engine develops about 2 HP at 3400 RPM. With lire*. 26 altachmonu available. Only* 10% down on t'fMtnXcMnKni'.'tu'fllnttt'iSn Wardi Momhly Payment Plan. -E!£S;,2K ~» fog. J 169.30 ClCft 00 nAI " INO Thlt week only... |j7.00 MONTGOMERY WARD ni,p... 11 i ». .n . i *"* ·» WH! ·*· un*»~f«M Phone 21 FaycMville, Ark. tk« TIMER 4»Ur MOORE REALTY Ovrr n»il Crnn Drin I lit)fie 105 r )--20U--27.74-W ...i-ii-- "OfJ "NOHTH 'W A 1,"N if T I HTRHET In W n O i i n s n n l^hnol 1)1,.! Irlrt. nlc« lot 100x150. picnlv nl ', ·h,irtr« nnsl shruliiierv. l a r s c livini; rmrn nrrn-., fronl, i, hawmcnl ideal lor r h l l d r c n i nl.Tvroom XKM.ING AT S»..WO.TM-ENOUCH SAID Saving! ; MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO-. I INSUKANC! j}^ THE RITTER AGENCY |g "Snvingi for Prfffffrred . . . A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR JIM Hor,np:n T*·l··phfm^ 2-1I JflM or 1019 10 N o M i C O I f f a p [Iri-plnci-, ].ir t c irlajiwl flrttl I f n n O.'hrn Inci'.i-rl 12.10 nn( i O a k l a n d Rv o w n r r j ^Hfin ^FW Ihrpp 't ^r it r~ Chwitt your drcorattoni. By bti in ·MWJKtrrrs HKAUTY SHOP R'.I.IACLt WORK TO. N Blwk Phnnf IM AMcrs~"ffiEAOiY"~siiop " " Now un lnv.-n 1, K Mnui.lain SI INDIVimiAI.I.V drillnml f n u n l a l l o n an-J . iiipporr«. Vivian Or*»«n. llnnllnl Day «r night Call fll.nn Ray I FAYETTEVILLE i PLUMBING HEATING' CO. j 310 N. West Phone 730 ! AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE COT) A Better P!ac« lo Buy ] I ifutpoint j |'L N - Blo(:k DEALEH Ph - '· ' SPRJING^PEGALS "1 i 1951 Nosh Ambasf,ndor custom 4 door, Hydramatic,; j DEMONSTRATOR, less than 2000 miles.: Priced 450.00 under list. A REAL BARGAIN.; 1951 Nosh Rambler Hardlop s e d a n , Overdrive,! Radio, etc. Demonstrator, less than 2000 miles/ priced 300.00 under list. What a bargain! _ 1949 Nash Ambassador 4 door, fully equipped, one owner car, very slick, a real buy. 1948 Nash Ambassador 4 door, 2 tone, very slick, fully equipped. One you would be proud of. ' 1947 Nash Ambassador. 1946 Nash 600, 4 door, : J 1942 Dodge 4 door. ' 1942 Oldsmobilc 5P coupe, Hyd. : ' ; f *;: s ·) 1941 Plymouth sedan. '''-"v'H''-T · 1940 Chevrolet 2 door. ' ' ? 1 1940 Plymouth - - i t 1939 Chevrolet 2 door. SEVERAL OTHER GOOD CARS TO CHOOSE FROM MODERN MOTORS: ; 125 W. MOUNTAIN PHQME 251

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