Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 25, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1974
Page 14
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Arkansas TTMEJ, ftm., Aug. 23, T1T* FAYETTEVILLE, A R K A N S A S I i^ l'Round About Townl By RICK PENDERGRASS TIMES SlaH Writer Just In case you hadn't noticed, tho University is coming out of its annual summer hibernation again. . The signs are all there. Suddenly police activity reports grow to arm's l e n g t h with "..investigate report of loud party at. . ." · : Each afternoon while shirts and ties, white bucks and swaggers, identity the groups of fra- ' ternity students engaged in rush activities. ' ' ' . · T h e local hamburger shop, .'relatively peaceful nil summer, - is jammed with students at lunch time, and in the crowd ' you catch bits and pieces of swelling conversation: "..if Bcb's playing rugby this year. How 'bout you? I'm . carrying a pretty heavy.." " "..see Cathy's hair? Yeah, she cut it all.." President Fitted For Confaci Lens : WASHINGTON (AP) -America's nearsighted President had his eyes examined for contact lenses. . But President Ford will have to make another trip to the Navy's regional medical clinic before bring titled with them. "I guess I'll be back," Ford said as he left the clinic after an hour's visit on Friday. "They are going to have to do some more." Ford, however, did pick up a pair of prescription sunglasses while at the clinic. He wears eyeglasses only when he wants to see distant objects more clearly -- such as on the golf course. "..finding a place to live. Gels worse every .." "..those parlies last night out at the apartments. God, cops came and everybody was fall- R down drunk,.." And the cars. Thousands of hem, all following you where- ever you go. Confused newcomers to the college 1 and the town lilting brakes, hesitating, staring lo lurn, then changing Iheir ninds; townspeople honking .heir horns in frustration. Cars with rear seats piled high with clothes, records and stereos, lot rods hot aut of Detroit. Nobody builds his own anymore, now that Detroit goes to such great lengths to "customize" its new models.) Old lickup trucks and VWs. Toyotas. Capris and Mustang Us." License plates trace the routes of the great pilgrimage the moun!ain-c-owned green of Colorado; stark red and white of Kansas; the yellow and blue Liberty Bell plates of Pennsylvania; the bucking cowboy of Wyoming; the "status" plates from California, young Ameria's Mecca which draws the college crowd in the summer and sends them home dark with sun-sea bleached hair. The foreign students walking through Ihe sliopp-:n?, centers in groups, wearing brand-new Levis and taking pictures to send home. It's a little carnival, this last fling before hitting the books, and it happens every year in Kayetteville, and in Lawrence, Kan., and at Lansing, Mich., and Berkeley, Calif., and Columbus, Ohio. And the cars are the same and the while shivts and ties and the hamburger shop crowds and the bits and pieces of swelling conversation and the mild, Monday-morning irritability of townspeople. Birth Of 'The Pill' Accident Of Luck . SHREWSBURY. Mass. (AP) --It was a time when people were trying to forget -about Korea and the slogan of the day was "I Like Ike." F e w talked about population problems. It was 1952, and birth control' meant diaphragms, condoms, rhythm or abstinence. Birth control didn't concern Dr. Min-Chueh Chang as he despondently walked into his boss' office to report the apparent failure of his fertility research. Dr. Gregory Pincus listened attentively as Chang explained that his hormone work with rabbits and rats was inconclusive. Chang had hoped the hormones would increase fertilization, but instead they only seemed to stop ovulation. "I was not pleased but Pincus was rather excited," Chang remembers. "He told me not to worry and to go on with my work. He was a man of vision." Pincus' "vision" came part from friends who had begun talking about population control and the need for improved contraceptives. W h a t . - f o r Chang was failure, for Pin cus seemed opportunity -- the opportunity to develop a r 'mone compound that stoppec ovulation and therefore acted as a contraceptive. .: By 1954, Chang and Pincus .had found two progesterone hormone compounds that fe male animals could take orally to stop ovulation, preventing pregnancy. PILL IS BORN The birth control pill born. It wasn't the first hormone preparation that inhibited ovu lation. The first was developed In the 1930s by researcher working with steroids. Bu these hormones were scarce then, and they couldn't be lak en orally. The great achieve rnent of Dr. Chang and Dr. Pin .cus was the development of a birth control compound taken .by mouth. Twenty years later, "Thi Pill" is a term synonymou with contraception. About 50 million women throughout the " world use it, international government studies say. Never before have so many people regularly used drugs as potent as hormone compounds for such extended periods. They do so although scientists argue about the side-effects of contraceptive pills and the poten- came out of our early work." Todays pills work largely by ·re-venting ovulation -- the pro- .uction of eggs ready for ferti- ization -- or by changing the ining of the uterus so that a ertilized egg cannot attach to tie womb's side. But scientists acknowledge hat they do not know in fine etail what birth control pills lo to a woman's body to pre- ·ent pregnancy. No one under- ·tands all the effects of tipping he delicate hormone balance. Mrs. McCormick thought it would be and supported the re- earch with donations which eventually totaled $300,000. Pincus, who died in 1867, became the principal promoter of urther research on The Pill. rle went on globe-circling talking tours to raise funds and to encourage skeptical scientists and laymen to accept the ef- lacy pills. tial use. dangers from long-term The work by Chang and Pincus at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, in Shrewsbury, was only the beginning. Since then several new formulas for The Pill have been developed. Today's pill basically is either of two female hormones called estrogens combined with one of six different progesto- gens. The progestogens are sex hormones that also can be used alone as contraceptives. Combinations of these hormones in various strengths and dosages give users in many countries a choice among 25 to 30 brands. IRONY OF SCIENCE It is an irony of science that sex hormones occur naturally in the body to set up and aid pregnancy, but when given increased doses on schedules, prevent it. certain Chang, who admits to having been born in China "about 60 years" ago, slill docs fertility research at the Worcester Foundation. He says he is more Interested in basic research than social application, "but it is gratifying to k n o w what of oral contraceptive USE CLIMBS The Pill's use has climbed steadily, particularly among women under 30 years of age. The only noticeable dip in popularity came in 1909 and 1970 when the hazards of The Pill received wide publicity. The side effects throw a long s h a d o w over oral contraceptives. Studies show that pill users run a greater risk than non-users of thrombosis -blood clotting in the veins that can be fatal -- stroke, high blood pressure, gallbladder disorder and other problems. Some side effects appeared to lessen when second - generation pills with lower hormone dosages were introduced in 1969. But critics maintain that too much still is unknown a b o u t possible long-term effects, such as increased cancer risk or genetic problems in offspring. Proponents of The Pill s a y the risks are minimal considering the social benefits. Millions of persons not born be- would have added to today's p o p u l a t i o n problems, they maintain. A five-year analysis of health data on 46,000 British women was published recently by the College of General Practitioners. Comparing pill users to non users, the report concluded that risks from oral contraceptives were minimal. Dr. Sheldon J. Segal, vice president of the Population Council and a noted researcher in the field of reproduction, says that within five years several new developments will be tested and marketed If they prove safe and effective. MALE PILL Segal includes in his list of contraceptives in sight a male pill combining steroid hormones to arrest sperm production; removable clips or other devices to assure reversible va- seotomies; and devices in the tubes carrying sperm from the testes that can immobilize or cripple the sperm cells. For women, possible new contraceptives include devices implanle dunder the skin that can secrete antifertility agents for months; hormones-secreting intrauterine devices; and a monthly pill or suppository to bring on a menstrual cycle even if tho woman has recently become pregnant, in which case the pregnancy would end. Segal said in an interview that women also might see a monthly pill to suppress ovula- 'morning- be used tion, a post-coital after" pill that can regularly, a pre-coital "night- before' pill, or a pill that can exactly regulate the menstrual cycle so the women can safely practice the rhythm method. *49-*720FF 4 SET OF TT STEEL-TRACK BELTED GRAPPLERII TIRES 34,000-MILE GUARANTEE REG. *37 TO $ 55 EACH 4-PLY AIR CUSHION 14,000-MILE GUARANTEE REG. LOW PRICE TUBELESS BLACKWALL PLUS 1.78 FEDERAL EXCISE TAX EACH AND TRADE-IN TIRE PASSENGER CAR TIRE GUARANTEE Montgomery Wold Bunrcfile.i .athaf ftl ponenger car lirei for a specified numb.r of mllM when vied on aoiienger can or jlation. waBoni, laiOi, If your Ifr* dot! rot p.iv« you Ihlt mileage b.cauic oFi In maleilol or · normal road-hazard fa!!ui«, · premalur* (read vrearOTr (2'/32 Inches Cr ten remaining]; Y Wold will, 1. Ovilng lh« fi'ul 10% of guaranteed mfteagt, replace 1h» lii. free. J. 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