Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 5, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1952
Page 9
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On The Radio Htw York - (f) . On Saturday MOtTHWBT AJKAMiAS T1MB, ·!|ht lint: NBC--«:30 Medicine · Jan« Ace; 7:JO Bob and Judy Canova; 8:30 Grand Ole Opry; 9 Vaughn Monrn*. CBS--8:30 Operation Underground; 7 Gene Autry; 7:30 Tarzan; 8 Gang Busters; 8:30 Broadwas-'! My Beat; 9 Waxworks. ABC--«:30 Dinner Tunes; 7 Dancjnf Party; 9 Music Variety. MBS--7 Twenty Questions; 7:30 Thoter of Air; 8:30 Guy - Lombardo; 9 Chicago Theater. Sunday talks: MBS--10:30 t. m. Reviewing Stand; CBS--II a. m. People's Platform; NBC--11 a. m. Viewpoint USA; CBS--12 noon Field Marshall Sir Wm. Slim of Great Britain; NBC -- 12:30 C h i c a g o Roundtable. Sunday other: NBC--10:30 a. m. Albuquerque Boys choir; 11:15, 1:15, 3:15 and »:SO p. m. Masters Golf Tourna- KGRH / , \ ·ATUCUAI BVItNIMb 6:00 Lombards on the Air 6:15 Starlifht Time 6:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review ment; 4 Star Playhouse; 5:30 Jan* I Russell in Big Show; 7 Phil and i Alice; 7:30 Theater Guild; 8:301 »«4 Question; 9 Stars In K h a k i ! , and Blue. I CBS--10:35 a. m. Invitation to USA- 7 I'-Darning; 1:30 p. m. N. Y. Phil- Ray;' Jbituory . . . . harmonic; 3:311 Hearthstone's Mystery; 5 My Friend Irma; 6 Jack Benny; 7 Edsjar Bergen and Char- Timothy Neil Boll i Funeral service for Timothy Neil Ball, four-day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. I-co Norman Ball Johnson who died yesterday mlntiln an th» time tt tjkei to 4« I one daily chore you'll hove an ' extra eight hours a year. No* t h a t ! i» somfthing! Suppose you could cut down six minutes: there's be 16 hours a year, and it you kept hurryint! enough you'd have a i wholt 1ilc of t l r n n ancl ""thing to Jse it for unless you like to pla checkers. ley; 8 Screen_Guild; 9:05 People City Hospital, will conducted ' ABC--11:30 Piano Playhouse; 1:30 San Francisco Snatchbook; 4:30 Greatest Story; 5:30 Norwe- this afternoon at 2 o'clock in the I That Church of Christ at Johnson bv Bill Smith, minister of tha't church. Burial will he in the gian Army Band; 0:20 Great A d - 1 Stuckey cemetery under the di- venture, Paul Revere; 7 Stop the ] rection of Nelson's Funeral Home. Music; 8:15 Meet Corliss Archer' 9:15 Gloria Parker. I Otl« W. HtMkint MBS--1 Trendler Tunes; 3 Un- | Springdale-ISpeciaD-Funeral and W. der Arrest; 4 The Shadow; 8 Peter j and burial sen-ices for Otis ... Salem; 7 Great Day Quiz; 8 Op- I Hoskins. who died at his home era Concert: 8:30 Jnhn J. Anthony; I here yesterday morning. way we could save six or eight months instead of hours. We might get preacher? to cut down on their sermons, am! InnR winded after-dinner speakers could sn us oodles of time. You know time is a f u n n y thine. : The scientist tells us it had nu beginning and will have no end. In that case we wonder where it came from and where it's hendrd for. The preacher in the Bible MIVS , ArhmtMN t«rt.ird«y, Aprlf I, 19U 9:30 This Is Europe's Music . . .! nel1 Monday at 2 p.m. in Oska- j and . . . _ , be 'To every t h i n g there is n -xhibition baseball--MBS Game i lo ° sa ;,. Iow i of Day Network 12:55 p. m Bos- Callison-Sl.wo Funeral . -- « « . . « · * |j. in. iJWO ««, a - In ,,!»,.,.,,._ ,,* 1 _ _ _ 1 Dear, I'd Ml. you to. meet my secretary." ton Braves vs. Brooklyn. DuPriest To Make Return Appearance ments C ge local arran 8 e - Mark All.n Murphy Springdale-(SpeciaD-Mark Allen 7:00 20 Question! 7:30.M.G.M. Theatre of the Air 8:00 M.G.M. Theatre of the Air S:30 Lombirdoland U.S.A. 9:00 Chicago Theater of the Air 8:30 Chicago Theatre of the Air Mrs. Edward Arrington of j :1 l ' mc to speak; n time to love, aternal great and a lime to hate." 10:00 News 10:155 Dance Orch. 10:30 Dance Orch. 10:55 News 11:00 Dance Orch. 11:30 Sign Off SUNDAY MORNING 7:00 Freedom Story 7 15 Music for Sunday 7:!0 Music for Sunday · (:00 Church of Chrurt 8:30 Fayetteville Baptist Ann. 8:49 Sunday Serenade 900 Naiarene Churc 1 - · 9:11 Tbt Story Behind thi Song 9:30 Voice of Prophecy IO:M Sacred Hurt Program 10:15 TIMES Morning New. Edition 10:30 Tabernacle Choir 10:45 Harding Hymns A youth-led revival will begin at the First Baptist Church Sunday, April 13 and will extend through Wednesday, April 23 1 ' Services will be held at 7 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. daily, with exception of Sundays when the morning sprvicss will be at 10:55 a. m Plans for the meeting are largeb Murphy, one, died Friday morning at his home near Springdale. He was born December 1, 1950, at Fa.vetteville, the son of James and I I Betty Arrington Murphy. I Besides his parents, he is sur- n j | vived by one brother. Edward Lee; * I maternal great grandparents, Mr. Gallipolis, Ohio; maternal g grandmother, Mrs. Blanche McCullough of Gsllipolis; paterns' grandmother. Mrs. Pearl Blackman of Fa.yettevillc; paterna grandfather, Eli Murphy nf Texas: maternal grandmother,'Mrs. Edna McCullough of Seattle. Wash.; maternal grandfather, Edmonri Ar rington. Gallipolis. Funeral services were held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Mt Comfort Church w i t h O. L. Lierly officiating. Burial was in the Mt. Comfort cemetery, under the direction of Callison-Sisco Funeral Home. Bethel Church To Join In Baptist Crusade Bethel Baptist Church v/ill join in the simultaneous Evangelistic Onssde which will include Ban- lists throughout the sHte. This series of meetings will cominue from tomorrow thrp'.igh Anril 13, limp tn every purpose under the teavcns: a time to he born. Home and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill, and a t i m e to heal; a lime tn break down, and .a time to bulltl up; a lime to weep nhti a time to laugh; a t i m e to mourn, nnd a { , time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a lime to Rather stone's together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to (let. and a time !o lust-; a time to keep, and a tir;ic to cast ; a time to keep silence, and NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Rate: 3 cent*, per word ninic'e In. sertlon Three consecutive Insertion! 7 ccnti per word Minimum order 42c Classified aril cash In advance--not taken over the telephone. Deadline for classified ads: 10:30 i a. m daily; 9:30 a. m. Saturday Corrections and rerun chuerfullj made after first insertion No corrections or rerun made after ad has expired. roit_gALE-- AUTOMOTIVE . _ _ mm. hy orlflna! own«r, laavlm for Japan, mull sell Mrs, J · m e s A Jll 1 .1'i_ 2 ''. Jr°J!l1f_?t!?.!!* '!! IW _ l?50 DE SOTO, custom 4-door sedan. Light green. Original owner. 17,000 milti. In perfect condition and a beautiful cor. $1600.00. Write box K-55, cor« of T'm»i. KAFtMAI.L tractor, plow and mnw- m a r h l n e Haydftn Faulkner. np T.97J?. A T T E N T I O N 1951 Ford fordor custom 3,000 miles. See ol BOB SIOUT SERVICE STATION fOK RALE-- MlftCei.LA.VEODI 123 North Collage Ave. ...... PLYMOUTII. .'.07" IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality n«w mdttrett and mattrttk renovating. Phon» 3036 401 WEST OtCKSCN DUPLEX a p i r t n i f r n t . v a r n n t now. l a r itnn«, i* v try I hln( Srn-nij I t hcM _lnf __ Clrclr Ctiurt. South 71. 3 ROOM nicely . f u r n H h f l H f r n n a p i r t m p f U P r i v n l t t h u h a n d ri l r » n c o New r r r r . j - i r a ' n r vnv'i 1 M l n r t i N p w t y dfc-ora'--!-] Girnr I m __ He hoot I' hont» K-iJM. " FOK SAi.I~MAL CJTATB ^.. 71 ACRES on highway. 6 mllei out S rcnm house, good birn «id ffthw putbuiiriinn. AlTimooth *n4 ttUrtli. No rorki. fmrrrtdlat* powfriton. ftt.fl _h^rgain. IIJ.tOQ. WJiaoti Healty.^ 2 HEDROOM modern home. att«b^ txrafK. fma.l down pipment. Cjllv _ B .U nr_jjc at _S14 Anambly JRoAj. 7 A*LM03f now one btdfoom'hom*! ifcx. nstruction. 3 nttjrooml, ta! wo bnthj. 1 flroplaces -- ami growmir section. A chjru. honi*. J minutrt from squtf*. ] fi-Any from noise and bus'.fe of frjf- (it no'Tictsl (or your investment WHEELER REALTY CO.; GARDEN _TJmc» f l r i r l t Theater BW "· g W». Nl«hti 272U .1 flOOM f u r n i s h e r ! npi\nm-n' pnv.itc j^th^_inilillc-s ji.iifl Phone -.!)-'.(. 5 ROOM mn.trrn Imuir. r,7rnplrl~' u r n l s h r r f Couple j i r i ' T r r r t - f t Sout!-- vrst |,nrt r '.y ?:1 W) i;nnm. ('non* (uroiihrf! np:. 1033 i ROOM M f l O E K N i 'room h'ouf-7 e'los ·riru^ i n n r l c r n house 2m?. 2 HOUM" (ii'mlVl^d j , i r i n \ c n l Mr-ndO'.^ J ' h n n o 30o? Mtinmff' j Y:iom' »D JTtiMVTi 1 _ cinter. r i ' ' 1 I'horr Itn i U N D E R FIVE THOUSAND 1 NF.W rnnoYrn home--on l»f« lot , f.txvo- at trtf? of town. City I vv.iK-r. nstur.-il gas, shower bs'.h. r.Vnrt roTiirrwr-'lon of Grsdr A 'jju- j t"n.:l.i. k M c h r n htilltlns and many o'hrr f i n * (fsturps. F.H.A.-G.I. tOAN AH.SL'MF: t h h f i n e Jo:m an* pay S4J « ni'inifil.v 11 i a (inf. modern two h-:1rr-om h r m - In N. C. section Qt*~ c i t y M « n y f i n p f u t u r e s such a i . :iu:,tioi'i^ f!mr fnrm-riv hardwood'-"' f.nnrirv.:. KCnr-rmu closets, hullttns, ir n-n-11* r n n n e o t l n n on u t i l i t y porch,- fc nnrl v r r v srmrtsv rtfrornted--Also axli*. cnillnp UAI1GA1N In cxrcilerit c:inrtttion ·nl.v 580000 Sec Hal ... old M n r t f n n . Tfrry X M I I n n p . Hlrls .1 Ap:. 2. Or phrinc Mm l!:irolr! Mor - between 8 nnd .·» at 7ttt. MONEY TO LOAN LECAm NOTICES hOTICS wners uf reaj property w i t h i n wing deHcritjcd l e r n t o r y sit- 11:00 Firit Blptitt Church StTNDAT AFTBKNOON 12:00 News with Vandeventer 12:1S Piano Portraits 12:80 Show Tips and Show Tune 1:00 BASEBALL Game of the pay Braves Vs. Dodgers 3:30 Private Files Bell 3:55 Bobby Benson of Matthew 4:00 The Shadow 4:30 True Detective Mysteries 5:00 Sunday Down South 5:30 Nick Curler 5:35 Cecil Brown SUNDAY NIGHT 6:00 Affairs of Peter Salem 6:30 News 6:45 Christian Science Program 7:00 Gabby Hayes Show 7:30 Methodist Church 8:30 Favorite Stories will nTM h . il° Uth evangclist ' years. Mr. Record has ,1sr, bee,, will preach at the services. Mr. i engaged in evangelistic work, bof 3uPnest is » graduate of. Baylor [ ' University and is now attending he Southwestern Baptist Theo- ogical Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He has preached in revival meetings in Washington. D. C and tourer! Europe in 1947 preaching in several countries on that continent. He preached in a meeting here at the First Baptist Church in April of 1931. Fred Ellerbe, who is also a stu- ! dent at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, will lead the singing and be in charge of the music for the revival meeting. Mr. Elicrbe is music director of the Rii list has ex- InclTirlcrt campaign messages in preaching nnd music, for s'x years. He has been engaged in youth activities throughout his ministry, including toys clubs, youth rallies, and youth choirs. Mr. Record's minisir;; tended over eight state in the list of camnaigi, ,.,^.,., n ^ are such titles as: "The Timid I Sor.l," "Is Your Religion a Faili:re?" "Where Art" "The Troubled Sea," and "The Empty Tomb." Mr. and Mrs. John Decker, formerly of South Side Bcpt Church in Pine B l u f f , ,-nd now studying music in the Universit 9:00 Top Ten 9:15 Top Ten 9:30 Top Ten 9:45 University Hour 10:00 Ntws 10:15 Organ Moods . 10:30 Sign Off MONDAY MOCHINQ 5:30 Rite N' Shine 5:50 RFD 1450 8:00 Rite N' Shine «:30 Market Report and Weathe 6:35 Rise iT Shine 8:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Korfee Kup Kapcn 7:30 Otatco Newi 7:45 Koffee Kup Kapers 8:00 Robert Hurleigh-"^M 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:!5 News--M 9:30 Take · Number 10:00 Food for Thought 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:13 Bauckage Commentary 11*5 Carl Smith 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report MONDAY AfTUNOON 12:00 Hymns of All Churchtt 12:15 Newt at Noon 12:30 Chuckwifon Jamboree 1 15:45 Rldfn of the Purple Site 1:00 Dixieland MMInen 1:11 News 1:M Afternoon Varieties Glints V.«. Cleveland 4:H Tun» Plck'n Tim* 5:00 Bobby Bcnuon . .V30 Wild Bill Hickock 4:55 C«cll Brown h r, W . h in Fort Worth, a mem- brr of the A Cappella Choir at the Seminary and the Southwestern Singers. 35 New Autos Tb Be Bought By Department Little Rock-(/P)- Arkansas Highway Director Olon Fuller-ton savs the dopartmpnt plans to buy 35 new nutomnbilcs. He said an 'Equipment Needs" Committee will mept Monday to rnnsider the purchases. Fullerton sa id yesterday that nev/ cars are needed hy most of Inn 10 district supervisors, their assistants and the 10 resident en- pincers. and Gospel songs. The pnstor, the Rev. Hoy W. Reed, extends a cordhl invitation to attend. He reports t h a t there is some redecoration being dine and a d d i t i o n a l sealing "-pace provided at the cluir-h, located at 631 Mission Street. Keep up with the times the TIMES dtftr retd CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phoiw Colltel 135J F.Tett.Till., Arklniai Joplin Rondtrirxj Co. GENUINE FORD SUN VISORS NOW ON SALE AT ABSHIER-BRYAH Regular $17.50 Value for ONLY $12" PAINTED A INSTALLED FIT ALL 1949, 1950 A 1951 FORD PASSENGER CARS AB5HIER-BRYAN Motor Co, Your Ford D«aUr for 39 Yoon in Fay«tt«vill« Hillside Adventures By FRED STARR All the following ualcrl in the City of FiiycftcviUc Washington Counly. ArJianisHS, bounded en loHown, io* wit: BeKinning ftt t h e intersection 'if ine south line of Wall Street and the West line of Hill Avenue and running thence West 87 f e e t , thence South to t h e North line Of Sect i o n 21, Township 10 North, R a n g e .10 West, thence West along t h e North lint; ot said Section ^1 10 the right of wny of the main lin't! of I h p St. [jouii-San K r a n c i s n i Rilihvay Company, thenct- In n Southwesterly d l r r r t i o n w i t h t h p Easicrly line of the right nf u-.iy of the main line of tht S!. I^nnls- San KranciBco R n i l w a y C o m p n n y lo the right of way of ihc St. Paul Brnnch of lh( K t . Louis-San Francisco R a i 1 v: a y Company. thenre in *ui eaBtcriy dirtc- lion w i t h t h e oastcny and n o r t h - erly line of the r l p h l of way oT ,he fluid St. Paul brunch to t n r Fast lint; of (he Southwest Quarier of the Southwest Q u a r t e r of said Sct-Mion 2!. thence N o r t h along t h e East sides of Lote 11, it), y, R. 7 and 6, Block 7 of Parksdalc Addition to the Southwest corner «r t h e N o r t h w e s t Q u a r t e r of t h u SnuihwcAt corner of the Nortln-aHt Quarter of the Snuthwest Q u n r ' ter of Section 21. Township 1C North. Range no West, t h e n c e North ]ft rods along the East side of Lois I, 2. ,1. 4 nnd fi. Block 7. Parksdale A d d i t i o n , ihcnce Norlh 72 degrees Eaet alone the Norih- «-rn boundary line ot the W. A. Eastcrlin* property to a puint M)2.9 feet North and 1 1 1 4 feet Welt of the Southeast corner of t h e Northeast Quarter of t h e Southwest Q u a r t e r of snid ''ct-tion 21. thence Norlh three rods, thence East to the East line of the N o r t h - rnjt Q u a r t e r of the Soil !h west Q u a r t e r of ssid Section 21. iheti'je N o r t h nlong the Enst l i n e uf snid Last m e n t i o n e d 40 ncre t r a c t to I l l h Street, thencn Norlh ncross l l t h Street and c o n t i n u i n g N o r t h on the Eait line ol ihc Southeast Quarrer of the N o r t h w e s t Q u a r t e r nf said Section 2\. to o p o i n t due Enst uf t h e N o r t h line uf Lot «. Block 6 of Wilson-Dunn A d d i t i o n . thence West to t h e Northeast corner of said lot 8, thence c o n t i n u i n g Wesl along the N o r t h lint; of Lot 8 and Lot 1. Block fi of E n i d Wilson- Dunn Addition to the Knst l i n e of U n i v e r n l t y Avenue- . (hence N o r t h alonH t h e Enst line of U n i v e r s i t y Avenue t o t h e N o r t h west corner of the N a t i o n a l Cemetery, thence Enst to H point O.'i fret East of the Ensl lino of H i l l Avenur, thence Norlh 4.13 fcul Enst of and porn I Icl to Die Knai line of H i l l A v e n u e to ;i point 210 feet South of t h e Soulh l i n e of Wflll Slreet. thence West 3:« feot. thence North 210 f«et tn the South line of Wail Street tnenct Weil ISO feet alonn the South line of Wall Slreet to the Enst line of m i l Avenue, thence WeBt Across H i l l Avenue to the point of bc- FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC Thonc 2S03 LOST AND FOUND S1RA1LD nr stolen. Sorrel filly. BI«7.c fnct'. hliiiHl mil nnd tnnne. Hcward F. W. Hess. Wrsl Fork Itoule 2 STRAYED. (r"in Bnrn, ::ij;hHii.v mn tjull. Call lillloti Bros. Snlet 11 nnrth. Jaric Brah- 1770. TRANSPORTATION OFFERED PASSENGERS wnn'.ctl. Leaving «! (or An.ihctim. C.HKornin. B. II. Chap- matl. Woolacy. W A N T 2 share c*jenM- pMicnTTS. newer, coinrndo. W r i l c Bux K-57. BUSINESS OPPORTHNITV Planting 'taters is not a very romantic task, but did you 'ever .stop to think how many kings and queens, presidents and important people are denied t h a t privilege? Queen Elizabeth would certainly look silly dropping 'Inters for her husband to plow under, but not any more sillier than I would look trying to help my woman be queen. Maybe planting spuds i s , not so mighty important, but ifl!' r t ! hereby notinvd ;nat a petition people like me didn't plant the £ SVr" 1 " !!h """ C -' y Cl " k '" things I don't know what ths big boys would do for their french fries and mashed 'taters. Strange-- thought I today while setting out lowly cabbage plants-how much peace can be had from common things. There's watching a plum tree in bloom; listening to the call of the first turtle dove, and the sound of cooking vessels rattling in the kitchen when you're downright hungry. Why a bod who loves simple things can ge'l purl nigh as much satisfaction oul of placing the eggs u n d e r a scttin hen as a man who loves money can get putting his money bags in the v a u l t . And t h a t reminds me of the nlrl boy who never had any, what made the remark that he'd always (.bserved that the man with the ir.ost money bags was also likelv U- have the most bags under his someone who knows his oves. Will gcose tell me how long It takes for the CRKS tn hutch? As a boy I h«d many a bout with the papa ROOSC when his mistress was covering the eggs, and shortly after lintchinK time, when the downy liulc tricks were learning to grow up nnd take tholr places in the Roose world, and I always thought it took four weeks of careful setting to produce goslings from Reese eggs. Now along comes n woman who has nl«o had experience, and she says their geese set six weeks. I'm of the opinion the fist two weeks were wasted. Speaking of waste: The man who looks a f t e r my money just torlay sent me a Donne's Agrlcul- ural Report. Now Mr. Donne ia«n't met me, but I take it he's n* of the boys who juggles fig- ires and comes up w i t h the l i d i t answer whcin he nils, and gives Ips on whether to stock hf-iv.v on iroilers, pigs, turkeys, or w h n t iave you us a farmer you arc most interested In losing money . But this here Donne feller In his eport says we ought to «AVU moic Ime. SrtmetlmM I wonder whut or, but that's what he «»y«. He wyi if you cut down by three ol F n y e t t r v i l k - purp.,n- ,»K to he sicncd by Uvo-' in value of Ihe owners of r c n ] p r o p e r t y w i t h i n K.iid t e r r i t o r y , which p e t i t i o n prays t h a t a local Improvem-nt ilis- Irict hp formed einhrai-mR fini-l IMTI- iory (or till, purpose of c.-aijmp, draining, paving and otherwise improving Hill A v e n u e from t h e Soulh line of Wall streel to 7lh Street 7 t h Street from H i l l Avenue to Duncan Avenue, Duncan A v e n u e fr -"On SPARE TIME D I S T R I B U T I N G c o m p a n y w i l l MjJcel rciiablf p a n y (o uwn nnd operate route of r n n c l y . mil and culurcd b u h h l c Bum ninchltips. No selling Hnnrsly antl f i ' l i n h l l i t y more iin- p u r l b n t t l m i i pnat c x p c r l c n r r K n r n - tnK-i to SI 80.0.1 m u t n h l y n p p f y i n a 4 ID (i hours cadi v.'c».·!:. t v i i a l l f l e d person run.;) b;ivo S*2».dO c.ifh. In- vc3tm?»i Keciirrd. W r h c t h i s paper, nnx K-.'iO. R i v i n K nniiir. age, phone juiuiihcr_anfl fOijiL' rrrcrcncct. one of ix*t cntea in Fay. Priced lo sell. Write Rox HK1.P WANTED N K K H Commerce- teacher Immediately. Glcnpool. Oklahoma. Conlict L R. Thompson. 1'honc SIOI-VI. HELP WANTEP--MALI! FRY COOK. Rome experience pre- ^feired. Apply Employment Olilcc. HELP WANTED--FEMALE W O M A N lo stay witliTinlifiliiliiy wfilic m o t h e r wc.rkv B u i l d i n g S7-.1, Terry Village. __ TYPIST needed for N a t i o n a l Orfian- iziition w h i c h w i l l open o f f i c e locally In neiir future. S a l u r y anil em- ploye b e n e f i t s are r.foovc iivernue. Mujt. he perr.innL-nt. experienced: n«e in-.l.-i Apply .Employment Of- ftee Immediately. _._ EXHEH1KNUEU "\VAITnESS. APPLY IN PERSON. WASHINGTON MOTH.. PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO. Phone 666. 208 Norlh Block FOR SALIC-- MISCEI.LAVrOU* PUBLIC SAIE THURSDAY. April 10. 1955. hc«ln nin* at 10:03. 3 i milei went o Snrlnidr.le on Highway M 11 hen ot stock cnitle; j lot of mnchlnc-r i n r l u d l n R t r c c t n r . cliic. r»kr. rtc.: lot nf hcunohotd Rnodc; I |«rc ntiiounl of shop tooli, motors, i n t h i wrenches, etc. A, r Kownltky. own tTi.JlU.lS?- J lr °"^ All r! ion ** r *GOOD ern-n~'6kiahoma" pmlria " hppc 23f)7W. _ SET of carpenter l o o U u d 21 j 75ITJ]. ' ConN~f7»f* sale. Gus Wlllia'rtis, 'pFwn . ?«.ll.l,. Elklns. Ark. I'IKCF inihocan'v dlnlnfl room re"! two msholtany end tables. Phon _M9!J. _ I9.',i ANCIIjUS"tr«iTcrr"S~foii5~nver. nil. Sleeps 4. Hits nhowfr. many extras. Se;l for cash SUCH. Con be reen n f t c r fl week days, all day Sun tiny M=,ry K. Foster. 1809 Horsr dinette s«t. dtvan, (·halm, lampa. ruls and other ar- Dl'rii sas ranfe. like new. reaso able. 4-2.V)A_, lioiilh_Coll«lt. TOMESEifMEr . South Scliool Etrftfit. "My name is Suiie, and I'm a beautiful CHINCHILLA. I live ol S18 GUNTER with my keeper, Clyde Timbrook. Come visit me and my 5 chinchilla neighbors, any time." FREE LITERATURE AVAILABLE TWO Cf »,'l 'fu _S30 TO. 1272W 3 Hboivr'i ·Tfvirn^h".; LARGE FAMILY HOME · '·iniri-n n " \ CJl ~ \ hnrjc: '/ i" convi-ft into · lor.itlon fcr offtea "JZ h i t h ?^nn-) rrnmih.' _Snuih M i l l 3 ROOM up^ulrrfilrn'uhfd \\I ' r l v n l p rntrdru-''. p r i v n i p 1, b U l u im el P m c !«:,t,in:i 1 ROOM u i i r t i r n i i h r d H p - i r n n f d!x nvnllnl.*? U u i n i r i p n i f i 4 ntuin u n f u r n - i - h M i f r _itriu[t_B _P[inn.- 3fifi 2" ROOM" f n r n l s l ^ d ' n p i r t T i i V n t ' _ l l a m i _ Street. Plmnc ^!:!| F I V E room hini'.r. i m f i i r n i ' J y - f i " jin in II y. Hammond I t v f i h y!n\ __pli^orie_7H3 ItW AC?IES"*tiii»'Tiir'f"' "\VrirV.\Irs -VU. 1 '^ )J L rn . ir '*' Qrn\-«. Ark 4 ROOM f u r n l n h « t | n p i r h i i P i M T ^ S i j . blocks of h q i t n r o . Plionc l ^ W t i l l _ _ S _ p _ m . PINE ACRES only fr/.- cr '.iix y*arx nld, ?Rlma n-\~, h'.rd'vnn'-i (|ifir ieltrhftn h u i f t ins rr-1 m i n v oih*r f i n e fcituirf. li"-'ii'Unp flis floor [urnace Lo- c-r-fl -in 3 7! HUhwny and n? T H. A In fnrcs !hat n n v he Miumtrl ., Lfl ni fho'A- you Phnn*-7i3 ,-w,,-. HAMMOND REAITY CO. Kvn I'honc H n H»mrnond 1372 · J . _ A _ J a r v ( ! i _ _ _ W M W J_ N K A J ? ^ V nitw modern houtK."lVr.j« (k- Cc-r- Neiir_cgmp»i. Phont .H4JW2 2^BEPHOQM houiie, JJl7oiJff~..l03R.'t! 3 ROOM nicely .'uinliiird i i n w n M a l r « ·parimcnt. PrU-,itr rn'nncc. pr!v.y.e h a l h nnri tnrrmp. CInio in. Adul'.s Plionr 1MIJ. gml.i. N all new ... dliplf*, ^ ichno]?. U n l v j r s l f y TIC a d d i t i o n . and .-oont i i n f u r n l t h e d J. r OOO. f u r n i s t i c SflS.OO Hcndlx lniint!ry n v n f l n i : Phone KM ·ipproxim.i!e!y flnc acre ti»!ri:m'l A v n t i * Pnvcm-nr. 4 ROOM modr-m house on Soulh i . f i r u i t . rotlncif) Irom $1.00000 to BKVr.IlAI. «aod huitilins loti. : "J: Addington Real £state : -r SjER\'ICES OFFER KD__ nnrt vnrlmiv other Itcnia of l u t e d c c o r n t f o n . Kxpurt w o r k r n n n i h l p R n t i s n n n h f r . rates Thr nns*-wo _SI"ip, I in N". Olnrk. P h o n o .IGBl. VILL care for r h l l d r c n in niv iiiT) by the wMk. I7HW. ' QUALITY dfcaim^lnp"" Quick tcr Icr: rf a ion ahlrt r n t c « . I'honc 577 J Mri V/nlkini. _ "RACTOH iBrden (".iowinf. iMiono 226f for in/arm»tinn. . ONDS - ROADS - C L E A R I N G -OLIN KARNES AND ELLIS WILSON' JWW 26 HJ " " nuni window icrceni nnr 1 a w n i n a i Frse nitimatM. Guhc Cci ptr 411 South Lr-fUM Phon^JOlB *I.nnditcnpe 1-^iiHrnDiD Free Phone Sl-J-2 Crlder Brotheri Nurirry, O r R o n l a n U FOOTING S~\v n t o r. f B* and* I0w«r dltchti, Mptlc tank hn.'M and bkck filling Call 2fl?B flryca . . I f you .irr not B . - i l f K f i t t l w i t h votir prr-icm carnlniT. wonl.l l i k n In liiakc ilOfJ.Oit JILT \VfCk or nutrv M i n i have c-ir. Sre or write Mr. r.nthi-r Hoilgp.i Inr f u l l rtLMnlls. f n y c l l n v l l l p . A r h a n E u i l f l i n g . Hoom .112 CiHNCILLAS NOW jjvHll.-.tilc. q u n l i t .-(] NCBA. :l-:*l-.i2, nlh Ttnibrook's. . pairs. rpRintrr Onr p n i r liaba-j hor rK cjirryhiR. St-e at C l d S13 Glinter, vil'itnrs vcl POULTRV i».i- -MH. -10 : J. I'ANSY p l n n l B . Phone Ktowgrri.^j.1 Sn.ilh G K A V E L and topsoll. 4 y«rd~leid~dV- livorrd. SC.O^ «nrt up. Pnnne B. D Grf-_nthoiiE*._3176JI^ - ._ GAIIDEN' tractof^ridif.! modVi. a hfirtc. jilow, due. 2 nultlvntori OXAI1K M O U N T A I N K M O K K IlOtJSE H i R h w n y fi2 Wr^l_ __ For The Best in Building Stone and Top Soil. Phone 2748 or 791 W. T .yp p . tlnlivnr.v. P-G chick C i t y . Mo. · Iroili-r rhlck IRC. COD. hv. Box ^OD."i, Kim- Brook , et to I l l h Street, l l t h Slreet f can Avenue to Brooks from A v e n u e from Illh St,.-^i G a r l a n d Avenue. Garhr.rl' Ayeniir South from Us Intersection with Brook's Avenue to the North liii- of the right of wny of Ihe St. I'mil Branch of the SI Loul«-San Francisco Railway Company, and t h a t Hie cost thereof be assessed and chared upon the rml properly nljovc ilc- srribed. All owners of rt-al propciiv w l l h l n said territory are advlird thn't meetlnB of°'jh" City' Cou"m-ll "to 'h, held at the hour of 7:30 P. M. on tho 21S1 day of April. IMS. and t h a i :,t 'aid meeting said Council will ,{,-. lermlnc whether those slsnlnx the -·amc constitute Iwo-lhlrds in v a l u « of '.uch owners of real property -md -it *llniE all o\vners of riMl snid terrllory · . '",'» """·" "lion the qu WITNESS my hand and ihi. s " " ' Ark " ns r a l , m . ho Jeiro - " - - . - --...,,»«./ Court Of /··hlnlltn Clunly, Arkansas Suzarmnh Camplirll I'lnintiff Joe Campbell, Jr,*' D o l r n d a n t Thr Oefendanl Jot- c.imuhpll 1 WitneSH my hand Courl this 2«lh day nd sp;,l of :!»; 'WSLINGT FOR "SALE" MRS. F E FOSTPR PHON'F. ].}! D.\YK SPECIAL -- Cansc i n r u l i n t n r cuMoiTi h:Mcliinp. n-t c v r r y M o n d n y . Place nrdcrji n n w lor day olrt rniilincs f i p c f i e nrc p r n f i t n b U l H r a l t h y . I t v c fm yrns*! n..-licloui HIPJI'. Money unri labor f a v p r s for v / c r d l n g berry crops, nrchnrd*. t-ic. G u a r a n i e c d llvr delivery. A n r f l M . n w . « o n G n o n f Ifntchcry. 31,0:1 G a t e w a y DrivV H i « h w a y 71. J o p l i n , M n . Dions' fe! r 'S^ATS^ETS_ HF.I.1,0 kf.l?. "W.T"hn'vr^ibltT~7or K.-isir-r Rml. Bl.ick. while. Knst 45, t h i r d firm-,:- mi; F.iirviijv/ c e m e t p r y . R K f i l S T t K K l ) " iii~iT"Collir pirk " n( l i t i c r . monlhn old n c R i i t l / u l A», K . »«'« house broken, child s pet. J'hono 1001. WANTED TO BUf s'.ir nf i- iy Mmiis or v/lihln .1 milei of^^own 1'honu 2343W. FOR S A L K -- U V E R T O C K ^ L'u ilV/K.'i, l i i i r k .ind"T;i"l.T"nThK.*noy~M M i i l i - r . 4 m f l i ^ wrsi nf West f o r k , on 17H PlinF.HKf:!)" Hfniipr;hYro""r-A~ : '*ypari old, w i t h p u r r h n - r l h n r k Uiiib 2 W f f k s ol-l. Elk-n.". .1L'.H. FOR work hf KC"? .lini I.PZ mo PUBLIC SALE TfllJnSDAY. A p r i l .T ,t. ( finrmi« 10 o'- rlnrk on H»y W l l l f a m n Purni af Orcenlfinri. UvMitork and f i i r n t t u r r Herman Toney. owner. Olllf »nd Pill Tnchttt nml Bruce Bftnrt, MIC- tlnnefirt. __^ KEVSTONK qtmllty~ wevO~ In "bulk. Lewi* Bros Co.^Inc. Piano--Rebuilt--Stream! fnVd A V E R Y tine; i n s f n i m c n t at * f a i r price No mnnitroaltlei. flOO flnuth School. 3057J RAINBOW TROUT lolrt daily. Phone Sprinqdnl* ,1201. Oxork Trout Fnrm Ncnr Johnton. LUGGAGE, iuTr"c.wi". foot TocFeri. brief canei. B-4 b««8, O'nlte ciiei. toilet kin. etc A complete lint HAMPTON'S A R V Y SURPLUS STORK Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service pi rector)' Al.TKRATIONS EXPrni 'Ireftsmaklnc-- tailored belts buttons, auttonhol's. alteration . 314 Norlh CoBe|e Mrs Phone sf:ft ;m'l rTfiin((~ homes, r at Hilton's r.ale Dnrn , h.pps. BF.A tnr v^ SHOPS ___ Stone's B?auTy~Sho'p r.vrning Apjruntmcn'.s Greenlard. Phone 51 R4 nlii|d"r"Jn~rn" mv~riomr Mrs. H u R h e y f,:i _ Wlf.l.~rir~for' hour or day -rett, I17U. FOR SAI.E OR I.KASE l i i i r ' I . V X . ' v n V . i n l n"w! Wiii""srll my r i l l l l y or will r r n l Phone 222B Rlchnrd n Grper Chenrrry GlrrK April WAHNINO OttDCK ' In TM Ck«Mry Ourt Of nifliinKHn Ccuntv, ArhansM c-corii; TjniiMn Plaintiff ',»;·· Tlnssem Drfp'nilant Thr firfrnrlant Jnyci- Tjnisrm li i ,17 , "IW 1 In Ihll Court w.lli In Ihlrl.v days and answer tho com. ? leHaM B Orper hiniwy curk ».n April t-li-o FOR My;--iioMn DEBUTANTE COSMETJCs" FULLER BRUSHES. PHONE 1548 M S A V E I ! On your furniture at HILTON BROS,, Hiwoy 71 Norlh. Wide loleclion lo choose from. Free parking. Bus evory hour. W» give SH Green Slampi Phone 1770 "Art .vog Ilirln TiDUhlmT . 1 · VVtnt Ad llrlp Vtu Mr* TbMnr Annstrc IIKAUTY siTop" " · Pfraiment Wiivr-i a Specialty 1 _Plwn« 1«J f(,r nppolntmfnt COI.VARDK II'KAUTV siloP"" 204 W M*adow--I'hcino «002 Mach ^3 M-up Cold wave |A up ITAPCH HLAuVt ttHoV rtortnet Bumctsw « » tMokum HMM m Have #mif;OH"Cptr«n.o" ' Inncrsprl:iR Mattress Hcbullt? to Rctttr Thnn Now Fr«« Ettimate-- One-Day btrvic* Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. (Formerly Lewis M.iUrcss Co.) l_20_So__Eatt^St. Phorm 2774 24"~H6UJT SEivlclT'ON""" Plcoilng, Covir«d Bufloni, Button Hold, Tailored Bclis and Bucklei. Special Attention given Mall Orders.. Satisfaction or Money Back. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO apiclmn llvui( room, dining room* " Ic?*t k i t ^ h f n w i t h hreokUn ip*«, lois nl huiH-tn«, f x t r a laric otF^ch- rcf utirngf. with plum'nlnf for »u'.p- tn.Ttlt' lot 70x173 on putd pnvrment Thi- prtfe has been reduced to S10.3M) K\V TWO BEDROOM HOME arid at- tnrhr-d xnr«R6 with lovely livlnf rorsm, mndcrn kitchen nnd dln«fr«, HIM het*h iinrl miny other extra fca'.nrcB. The price li 13.5M. MEW TWO BEbnoOM HOMF. ,»n«i- l«r.i* esraG*; wllh pretty kitchen *M dlnftlP. utility room. c*tra larf* hfrlroomj, fully inaulited. venenan hlincti, forced sir gnu furnace, I«t'M Irvrl ]Q? and only JU,WO with 6% t.nnn nv.iiliible. -. *n''n bedroom home and carport nei^ him Hne. cnnv*n!rnt to unix-eritlf nnrl hnspltah. The price la Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES. Contractor 537 K. Lafayette, J ! o x - i 4 3 U. Sta. Phone I486, tayouevlllc FOR Youh Roormo~K«fiDs~~ Call H L Stewart Roofine Contractor AJio. Anhestos Siclinf Home repairs. Phong 1013J E X C A V A l l T G " B U L L D O Z I N G Qravet, Fill Dirt. Top Soil D. M. f A T T O N J. W. ELEHRIC CO. Quality Initallin PUMPS ·POWER Thon» JX, West fork Wiikins Really Co. ;j; »02 North Coll««t AVI.' ^ Phone \m Day or HltM j " HOME AND INCOME ;t rVE h«vd thi* lovely ntw tfupltx lti»..: cnlcd np»r th* .Univtrilty, n«*f thBij,"- nrw high tchool and fr«4e *cnpol. nnih npartmonti arp ground floor, ^ each rnnalitk of two txdroetnf, 'ti]i tmthrnom, Iarf« living room. «Jttr» Iftrjtr rtimhlhation Kitchen a njl dlnrlte. acretnart In back poreC kftclisni are lile wainKMlM, irt- niU'itcd and weather-itrlpptd. auto* mntlc ffas furnace, attic atoraf*. hunlwood floor*, vtnettan ihadt*. r,aciiied on paid pAWtmcnt. THIS IS A LOVELY HOME PLUS A HANDSOME INCOME FOR 11.VIW. UTtEY 1 COMPANY, INCj ALT^lllll' T, EN DIRS TN8URO.UI f a H j; J, I'y*att ««, Re W" II. L Ullfty 2203. RI-I IM7 .j- SPECIAL PRICES * NO, l--tovely 2 hertroom home, Erirt*/ large living room, nice kitchen ajtd'' 1 - b r r n k f m l vrrft, Klaflvd In bretlf- -' u-.iv, Hnuhfc (araitn with «ho«ir, im:h. L*rg« corner lot, b-autlful-C virv/, Location li Winwlah HeigAt*. . A rral buy »t 111.00000. Flnane«l.' O. 2-Large 3 bedroom COLONIAL ·" home. 2 tiro plarci, full dining r»**..- all ttefll kllchtn, «tarai* " " lord. Corner lot 100x175 . locndon A rent buy it Ffnnnr-rt. O r--Nice 1 budroom homt on , Maple Strcot. large livm* ' d i n i n g room, larjc k»cni_._ , .,,,,, rahinpu aplenty, basement, (orttd ulr gn* (urnscf. Ifvel lot with !5*i of shrulu 7hii place priced f*r below replacement coin at $B,500JM_ ~-5'.'tvooo v/in handle. ".500i3 will makt the dovn nf FayeUcvillf't no weft addition*.. Clour* to new Hf«h School, ntw irad* school and the V of A. HQUM Ittt than 2 yeirt old. Price only W,**rt. Foft further informttion on theM trtd^, other llnttnn call .O. H. Oimblt; ·*- McCartney Lewis Co., Inc. c Phone S«» : J3 ,.... homt on Eaft ing room, \\f\ itchen w i*n 200 i Yaors of Service 20,000,000 : Pollcyhclden ; Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE THE RITTER AGENCY \ "Savings for Preferred Risks'? COK S A L K -- R E A L K STATE f'wh brdrfiorii Tnriiisrn MOKI'C^ centr;i]- ly lornicrt, psid p f t v c m p n t . Small r u n i t y flMume p*.vni"ntt Se« nv/i- rr. 427 _V.f.\ P r i . 5 ( ) i c; f'hri.T- ia^7. A C I I K S . J U l t ' f l l l X i r l r - c . l y r . M p.lVft. t n c n t . H l i h w n y M. writ. Slontr hou»p. I n r f f t ham nnrt rrnll harn. rtthe/ ^nHbinlnMnr.! PJinno 'dWJ. _ A'BI'LITTIE FARM . i (TOW m p i j r t ' y l . t n i f n o r i f !!tnrt, nil i o i f j M U'mt hi . . -2 I a n ' PRlUKJC-n-'S BKAUTY SHOP Ratt.lAli I WORK ALi?ESiTliEA urV~.sH6r " Now no town 7 a C Mout.tnin »t Alice Douctt. Phnnf f.IO COR^ETIRRF. " Mrs.",!. W Hpnm MrfJi-h' ' , r i r . l e r 127 3011th t l n l y f rally HI " INIllVlDtrAI.I.Y .trrnnnd foundation and fturflca] support*. Vivian Orten remlered Oorsuler,-. 21» N o r t h Ea«l Phone ?MJ HAULING CoU HntiUnf r»y er nlfht C l c n n j l s r I hilhroom. f y in kftchrn. honi* find ft aiTtn HC.1M b'-rlr n h- mock fnriii. 117'. in a i YOU CAN'T FIND MKTTKfl buy i n t h - O/.irk» Unnd ft] n r r r (;,m M n t * dnod 4 runm hdm*. hi'rnirn* nn\ Kood I n r n . p l r n t v (,uni:y f r ' i l t nnrl p l r n l y of f i n e wntfjr. .10 nm-i in cultiv.i. i l n n . Thii l»mi n t f 1.1*00 li » re* I 100 ACRES RIVER BO I TOM l!H ACflKS. n i l rni-n cmi nri'l f s r m I f j n d . r x c f p t no n?r*\ in timber Two loot} hoinr- fi.ivri c«paclty i»«tlr farrier flnd"wiitrrtri V-'ATKR ' API.KN'TY A c'Mn. pftnliicK furm, w*ll ttnpr.ivnl nnfl on i roiitf 1 ^21 iWi K h h«M to bf " 'Wfi "REALTY WEST roHK. ARK. FAYETTEVILLE ^ i PLUMBING HEATING^ CO. Phon«J30 i S ' i ' t ! AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. ·'·' 1 '';l A Btlltr P!«c« to Bur ifutpflinl: .-.Huqr,. Kmcaid cr Cc. · Fir« · Hfealthand AccWent J · Polio ·Llobllif/ · WOUKMBN'S COMPVWBATIOI* ·Plate Glou · Burglar/

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