Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 24, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 24, 1974
Page 3
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miiijininiintnnra To or WOMEN- Saturday, August 24, 1974 « ininranipin^ Dear Folks: -Well, it's when the college students a r e getting ready to go off on their iwn. So here are some useful lints sent in by a former student. "Instead oothpaste, Hints From Helorse-On Campus, B.A. Can Also Mean Budget Account that time again of trying to juggle toothbrush, wash- lave a library Sure saves. clolh,- shower cap, etc. when heading for the shower, purchase a small cleaning bucket o hold that suff. They're great ,o keep by the door' and even the sleepiest of us won't forget a thing. "If you need absolute quiet 'or study, set your hair dryer on cool. When you put it on your head-instant privacy! "Always ask around for used books to purchase. IF none is ivailable don't forget that you ._.:. _ 1:1 card,' use it! "When you need extra money (and who doesn't?), check around campus for part-time jobs. Libraries need aides, profs need typists, admissions departments need guides. "If you really want a 'happy existence' with your roommate, make it clear just what you mind or don't mind her borrow"You can really put on weight eating dorm food. So take your bathroom scales, and watch it! "If you're in a cold climate, you' can save lots of vending machine money by buying soft drinks and snacks at the store and keeping them on your window sill. "If you're without ing shaped s u g a r or ginger cookies. Place dough on aluminum foil, place another piece of foil on the top of the dough and roll out. the dough between the Toil sheets. Just roll to desired thickness. Peel off the foil, cut with your cookie cutters and t h e dough will peel right off the bottom sheet of foil. If anyone has been using this idea for years--why didn't they Too before placing it in the oven, sprinkle generously with cooking oil.' I think mine tasle as scrumptious as the ones I get from my favorite pizza parlor. Mary Licbenlhat share it with me? Mrs. M.R. Miller Sometimes it helps to slip the cookies, foil and all, into the freezer for a few minutes before you peel off the foil it the dough is extra sticky. Or to cook them right on the Dear Heloise: A one-inch thick piece foam rubber cut tho she o[ a plastic pillow cover makes a nice pad to use when bathing baby. Slip the foam rubber inside the plastic cover and zip closed., Cover the pad with a towel or blanket for baby's comfort when in use. We take this pad with us when we go visiting as it makes a nice waterproof place foil. Heloise change the baby. Carolyn Roberts a car and MRS. JERKY W. HOSTETTER ... was Miss Donna Lee Tomasko before her marriage in Spring Lake, N.J., on Saturday, Aug. 10 Hostetter-Tomasko Marriage Is Told on a light 'budget, check the bus schedules for shopping centers that send buses to dorms. Stores within walking distance are usually high priced." Former Student These are ideas for dorm-liv- ng, but one day soon I'll share ideas about apartment iving. Gosh, Mom doesn't "it ake . you back to your youth and the things you tried out while struggling to get that degree? And bless our former student on a budget. We all love you, vhoever you are. LETTER OF THOUGHT Dear Heloise: You are running one of the biggest recycling centers of recycling information from LETTER OF THOUGHT Dear Heloise: Sometime ago I started' putting things for my husband in a "saved" box. It could be a new pair of socks, flashlight batteries, even the map he wanted from the gas station. I'd present the package to him at the dinner table and we all got a kick out of watching him open it. Then he began and on it, loo. My little 4-year-old even wrapped a popsicle stick he found for his brother's collection! It seems we all think more about the rest of the f a m i l y this way, and have learned the HAVE YOU NOTICED: That hose or panty hose will more often twist when you are in a hurry . . .and even though you start a flow of plain o 1 d country sweat you can't budge them... Ghost Jon to do the same for me, now the children are in Miss Donna Lee Tomasko, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .:· Andrew P. Tomasko of Sea Girt, N.J., became the bride of ' Jerry W. Hpstetter of Russell.*!.:..ville in Spring Lake, N.J., on h:- 1 Saturday, Aug. 10. The bridegroom is the grandson of Mr. «'·· and Mrs. J.B. Hosteller of Rus- i-c.selville, and is manager of cor- ..:, porate communications for Announcements Welcome Wagon Club w. i 11 .,; ; meet for coffee at 10 a.m. to ; ~"12 noon Tuesday..Members are '-V,.urged to come .and bring a friend and it is not necessary be a newcomer to attend. ,,,,Recipes for the club's cook book will also time. be received at this Xennecott Copper Corporation in New York City. He attended Russellville public schools and is a 1967 journalism graduate of the University of Arkansas. He was a reporter for .the Russellville Courier-Democrat and t h e Northwest Arkansas TIMES at Fayetteville. He served as information officer for a deputy chief of staff o1 the Army in the Pentagon after his graduation from the University. The bride is a 1969 economics g r a d u a t e of Marymouni College, Tarrytown, N.Y., and has been an investment analyst for two New York brokerage firms. She currently is associated with Rubinstein and Wolfson, Inc., a New York financia public relations counseling firm Doth Mr. and Mrs. Hostetter have done additional study ai the New York Institute ol Finance. They currently reside in Manhatten and plan a trip to Europe in the Fall. Natural Food Associates will "'meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, ""Aug. 29, for a watermelon feast ""at 1616 Theadore Street · in Springdale. V"' Highland Chapter ot the '-·Ozark Society will have its " - a n n u a l Buffalo River clean-up ' f l o a t trip from Gilbert to the "bid state park. The group will camp overnight at Maumee *,.. Landing. Mmbers will meet at a.m. Saturday, .....shuttle. Aug. 31, for IRENE MISSES SKI TROPHY PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (AP) -- Irene Horton's hopes of winning a national water ski trophy ended with a splash as she '.dumped near the first buoy at Callaway Gardens. She captured no prize on Thursday but she won the hearts of the crowd. Mrs. Horton Is 71. The Arcadia, Calif., grandmother has had her share of Counterfeit Money Declines In State LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Ar kansas, which ranked third in art of giving. Judy Dear Heloise: A few packages or cakes of yeast in the bathroom commode will help Ihe septic tank's work a lot. I was amazed when a friend lold me: At last, something to tide us over until the J. Rosene Heloise A Reader "If? . everywhere. Dear Heloise: Use the home address of the patient in a hospital as the return address, on the Envelope. It will insure delivery of your card if the patient has been discharged. Dear Heloise: sewer arrives. Dear Heloise: Clothes to be ironed need a lot less ironing if they are put on hangers when they come off the line or out of the dryer. "'IE'you have no place to hang them, hang them in a closel until ironing day. Mrs. O.A. Donaldons Dear Folks: A good fisherman I definitely Crystal Cramer If your thimble is a bit too large, try this little trick. A few coats of nail polish at- plied around the inside of the thimble will build it up enough that it should stay on your finger. Let the polish dry between coats. K.S. Dear Heloise: Did you ever turn under blue jean cuffs and staple them to the correct length and then wear the Jeans until after tnier first laundering? B. VV. Punches 1ms saves hemming and ripping out again to alter them. We were having a backyard picnic and the yellow jackets were swarming around the salad and fried chicken. One lady asked the hostess for a candle. She brought out just an ordinary scented candle. The lady lit it, and within three minutes, all the insects had left us to enjoy our picnic without fear oE being stung. the nation amount of last year counterfeit in the money spills, but she "It's better to philosophized, take a few bumps than, to stay at home out of trouble." It hasn't been all dumps. She won three third"place trophies this year in Denver and took a second-place cup in Kansas City for her slalom skills. She placed third in the Western Re- gionals in Seattle in July and tons in it. Six of the Horlons are competing. seized by the U.S. Secret Service, dropped to near the bottom of the list for fiscal 1974. Harold Duke, the Secret Service agent in charge of the Little Rock office, said the state's new ranking indicated that authorities had removed from circulation most of the counterfeit money printed in 1972 and 1D73 at three plants in the state. All money seized by the Secret Service was the output of plants at Bruno, North Little Rock and Hot Springs, he said. The Bruno plant was printing counterfeit bills in 1972, and the plants at North Little Rock and Hot Springs were manufacturing bogus bills in 1973. In June 1972, about $1.5 million was made at the Bruno plant and seized before being circulated. In 1973, a b o u t 200,000 made at the Hot Springs plant and about $1.2 million from the North Little Rock plant were seized. Duke said that apparently no new plants were operating in the state in 1974. He said that all money seized before circulation that year was the product Low In Calories ·Vegetable snacks served as appetizers can be indulged in without fear of too many calories. Try carrot and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and cooked artichoke hearts. Use coarse salt as a dip, seasoned with a little curry powder. KXPIRT WATCH REPAIR · ' · ' · ' · / j, Linda Douglas I m sure going to try it. If it gets rid of those flying varmints, I'll love y o u forever. Linda. Heloise am not. It kills me to sit all day and everyone else brings 'em in, and the little devils just steal my bait. Some fishermen tell the darn- dest stories. And they a 11 compare bait. Well, I got a new one for them. I found a dead grasshopper, put him on the hook and caught me a dilly. Now these little critters you don't find when you need 'em. And never at a lake, so I started looking around at ipme in the yard. They're plentiful, too. The secret is to catch them, I keep a bug spray-can on the porch now. When I see one of the little darlings, I spray away.' Then know what I dos I bottle Then know what I do? I bottle him in a pill bottle and p u t tlim in my fishin 1 box. Try it. But don't tell your fishin' iriend. Nobody knows this but you and me. And let's keep this a secret between just us. Fishe'rgal Heloise Dear Heloise: Last year we bought an older home. The kitchen drainboards are composition, but the former owner had evidently used abrasive cleaners on them, and the protective finish was gone. As a result, everything that was set on them left a stain tea,, grapejuice, etc.) that could only be removed with bleach. My little isster (a freshman in college), suggested a remedy. I cleaned the drain- boards with bleach, removing all the stain, and then applied two coats of an acrylic floor ax; Now, the counters are shiny and wipe clean with a damp sponge. You can add another coat of wax when necessary. Christie Curtis Stale Buys Equipment For Isolation Cell REFORMATORY, Ark. (AP) -- Gov. Dale Bumpers has allocated $9,000 from his emergency fund to puchase locks and equipment for cells in the puni live isolation wing here, a pris on spokesman said Friday. The new security equipmen is an effort to prevent future in mate uprisings. Ten i n m a t e s broke out o 1 their punitive wing cells July 2i and freed the entire inmate disturbance. No jured were heads population during an hour-long mce. No one was in seriously, but window: shattered and showe: were ripped from the walls. Ronald Dobbs, assistant su perintendent, said the uprising demonstrated the inadequacy o the old locks. "We can pur chase new locks that can't b picked," he said. Dardanelle Man is Charged In Murder RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (AP -- Pros. Atty. Alex G. Streett o Russellville : " ~ " charge of fir ,,_,, had been filed against Tomm Posey, 21, ot Dardanelle in th shooting death of ther-in-law, Calvin 50, of Russellville. Posey's fa Leo Adnej Conway, who o sent to the Sta Little Rock for 3 Posey was arraigned Frida before Circuit Judge (Russe Roberts of ~ dered him Hospital at days' observation. City Marshal John Blevins Dardanelle said Adney WE. shot at a service station at Bar danelle Thursday during an a parent argument. Paris Fall Fashion Model shows ruby velvet skirt and collarless jacket from the 1974 winter collection of t h c Chanel fashion of Paris. It is worn with a pink s a t i u_ Jayceites Aid Needy Mothers The August meeting of Fay- itteville Jaycettes was held at rtcKim Manor Trailer Court vith Mrs. Larry Kilgore as hos- ss. Jaycees Ben Cabee and Nel- n Johnson told ot plans for he August board meeting to be held at the University of Arkansas. Mrs. Ron Foster reported on the Jaycettes continuing project of providing baby clolhes to needy mothers. Anyone having used ' baby clothing may call 521-6207 and they will be picked up for distribution. Mrs. Nelson Johnson reported on a watermelon supper given recently for a Little League team sponsored by the Jaycees. The door prize went to Mrs. Al Baltz and refreshments were served by Mrs. Johnson. blouse with bow collar. Wirephoio) (AP Sorority Makes Plans For Rush Mrs. Jerry Whillington was ostess for the August meeting psilon Sigma Alpha Inter- ilional. Six members and a guest, Irs. Brenda Allen, were pre- ent tor a cook-out. Following le meal, a short business ^ssion was conducted by Mrs. . C. Shackelford, chapter vice resident and plans were iscussed for fall rush which il begin with a brunch Sept. The State Leadership Seminar vas held in Russellville Satur- ay. Representing Beta Tau hapter were Mrs. Carlos Gui- inger. state second vice presi- ent, Mrs. Duffey Carter, Mrs. Vhiltinglon and Mrs. Dave losnell. Mrs. Guisingcr reported on ier recent visit to Indianapolis, TIC. to attend the international onvenlion in keeping with the ducational theme of "Travel JSA Style". Hospital Auxiliary Hears Administrator Seventy-five members at- ended the luncheon meeting ot City Hospital Auxiliary at t h e City Hospital on Tuesday. Mrs. J. E. McClelland, president, conducted the business meeting. Kenneth Sanders, hospital administrator, introduced he guest speaker. Dr. Buss- ;ield, director of Ihe Arkansas iospital Administrators. The next general meeting of the auxiliary will be held in January. Household Hint Keep the leaves of your household plants lustrous ana healthy by wiping them regularly with a tuft of cotton dampened with water. ·mum Daily Calendar of Events onjght Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Al-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Springdale Dance Club, Springdale American Legion Hut, 30 p.m. Dudes and Dolls Square Dance Club, Asbell School Cafetor m, 8 p.m. SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Your S-way radio headquarters la electronic! iinoa 1929 520 N. College 413-2222 [For Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center -- 4424248 CHy Parking Lot In Rear Sunday " ' Alcoholics Anonymous, VA Hospital, 7 p.m. Al-Anon, VA Hospital, 7 p.m. Tasty Salad Dressing M a k e an Italian-Tomato Dressing for salads this way: Combine one can condensed tomato soup and three-quarters cup prepared Italian dressing in covered container. Shake well. Refrigerate until needed. Makes about two cups salad dressing. Dear Heloise: I bought a record holder to fit under my sink to store my paper bags in. Really keeps Mrs. Bob Embrey them orderly. in the house for unexpected company. I start with.a very hot oven, (tho secret of tasty pizza), and Dear Heloise: Before buying material, I lay the pattern out on newspaper the width of the material I plan to buy. I then note what the attern measures on the news- aper in yards and inches. This can mean a considerable avings. Kris Chadik 3ear Heloise: Time, flour, and a little an- iety can be saved when mak- Duke said that in!972, $24795 Duke said that in 1972, $24,795 in counterfeit money had been foisted on the public as genuine. In 1973, $36,375 was passed successfully in Arkansas, he said, but in 1974 o n l y $13,100 was passed successfully. s f s » NMlfe We h»Te « savings program *nd Interest rate b meet your needs. Fayetteville Savings Loan Association Ml N. Eut Avenue TERMITES? CALL ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL Roaches, Ants, Spiders, etc. COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL. 442-7298 Dear Heloise: I usually keep frozen pizza I LEARN BASIC OR ADVANCED INCOME TAX PREPARATION Thousands are earning good money as tax prepares. Enrollment open to man and women of all ages. Job interviews available lor best s!u- cfenls. Send for free information 2nd class schedules, Classes Start: SEPTEHMEK U OFFICE NEAREST YOU: Z Offices to Serve Yon UOf South School, FaTet Phone 62M7,T3 208 8. Thompson, Sprlngrjale Item* 751-5000 .4/v~~*t/f~~4M3 r ILLE f DLLEGE i KELLER-JORGENSEN STUDIOS »Ballet · Tap · Jazz · Pre-School · Acrobatic · Adult REGISTER NOW 402 Arkansas Avenue or Phone 442-7492 For Appointment FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE HAS MANY WAYS TO DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE Many fields welcome you, if you have training. Fayetteville Business College is .the ideal place to train. Pick a career now. Enrollment Starting Aug. 26th through Sept. 6th Accounting j the demand grows every year. Salaries at all-time high. Genera] Of/Ice Clerk Learn the basks of Office Procedures for a successful future. . Executive Secretary Master basic office skills, then specialize in business procedures, No belter way to become an executive than teaming up with one. Bookkeeping Expanding buslnwu means lens of thousands of new book- kecpera will be needed. Acounting, Secretarial be a top notch Secretary and know the Company books too. More and more women proving they can run business as well as they run homes. Barriers coming down, Salaries going up. Income Tax Special Jit Business Administration and Accounting Parl-timt needed and the grow. full-time, everywhere need will Key Punch Learn to Key Punch the input computers and fill one or me 115,000 new jobs in the next decade. Anolfier FAMILY WEEKLY Exclusive - August 25 FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE 221 South Locust -- Fayetteville PHONE 442-2241 Licensed by the Stats of Arkansas Department of Education VA Approved Alr/wVv Family WeeUy's Presf ason All -America Collie Football TV«n "Pursuit of Happiness" WmrkOurE-Hes? A Sports Extra: FAMILY WEEKLY'S Fourth Annual All-America College Football Team "It's no surprise tjiot Oklahoma, Notre Dffme and Ohio State, should boast 13 of ilie 24 fast-team AU- America players. These tiirce are thought to be the nation's lop contenders for the national title in 1974* FAMILY WEEKLY'S 1974 All-America Pane! of Sports Editors from papers coast-to-coast voted the All-America college team for this week's sports extra. Two teams are for the first spot -- an offensive squad, a defensive squad -- and two second teams, also offensive and defensive. Learn who you can expect to be passing, receiving and running with the ball this fall. Included are the players vital statistics and some interesting family notes on tha present-day sons and brothers of former gridiron greats. In yaur copy of the

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