Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 4, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1952
Page 6
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Women Sort Larger Yoke In Affairs Of Corporations In Which They Hold Stock Bjr.fKmOTllY ROE (AP Woiwn'i EdiUr) Women stockholders arc raising vast company's more than a million stockholders are women Some of them feel that a woman The girls are beginning to read the proxy statements and a n n u a l in the mail and active interest in what femi- 'line voice can be expected at the fourthcomina annual meeting of he American Telephone find- Telegraph Company in New York A p r i l Ifi. A solid majority of t h i s demands of late to have a part in (should be added to the Board of m a n a g i n g rorporations w h o s e Directors. | n e presentln« the Federation of Women Shareholders in American Business at the meeting will be a small but determined lady named £lla H. Aronslam, a retired- New York school teacher who supplements her teacher's pension w i t h judicious stock investments. Her resolution, last on the list to be voted on at the a n n u a l meeting, reads as follows: "Resolved: The stockholders request our Board of Directors to augment the board to the f u l l n u m b e r ( I f ) ) aulhortxnd under our by-lav/s, i n c l u d i n g at least one woman on the Board of Directors." Has 100 Sharrs Miss AronMam owns 100 shares and T. :;tot-k. accumulated over a lontj period b e g i n n i n g in her girlhood w h r n hor mothor usnd to cive her n share from time to lime. Says she: "Where would A. T. and T. be w i t h o u t w o m e n .stockholders and customers, to say nothing 1 of employes? Why, ji ;;l imagine t h e -1 CANT CATCH THE PUPS TO GJVE THtM ' TONK: J WANT YOU TO S£T A GOOO EXAMPLE FOR THE PUPS AND TAKE THIS TONIC UKE YOU Pp. makes big business tick. An evidence of this new AW, DUDE, WMV CANT I GO BACK TO PARKING CARS IN TVIE PARKING LOT LIKE I USTA.HUH? HE CAN JUST LEARN TO REME0BER WORDS, WEfe IN,' HIS VOCE \S CLEAR, AND IT"? LOUD.' DONTSOU EVER THINK OF ME, TONSILS? DON'T SOU EVEK CONSIDER ME IN NOUR SCHEME OF THINGS? I GOTTA UVE. DON'T i? ·DUDE, THAT ^y VOU CROONER VOJT\ CAN'T - EVER MAKE TALK US RICH. HE'S / THAT WAV A ZERO.' A ABOUT Beat boredom Chew Wriglry's Spearmint Cum. Good chewinf! relieves monotony. Brightens up dull momenU. OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams YOU USED TO \| HAVE A Hfil P!£R WITH A BANPAGE AROUMD ONE HAND" MOW YOU GOT A HELPER. WITH ONE tfANP AKOUNPA 6AMPAGE. EYES, MY EVE.' ITS ACC.WNT INSURANCE-- I'P SOONER BE AROUNP A MONKEY WITH A HANP GRIT THAN A HELPER WITH MPY 1M RESTIM' MY EVES-THEy'RE STARTIM 1 TO NOT BAD-THE COOK IWS OK DISH I LIKE-BEEF STEW/ ITS HIS OWN SPECIAL DO YOU kWOW HOW Hfc' MAKES IT? I'D LIKE TO TCV IT UZ RINSS, |J ABOUT TO RING MAM MIEN CLICKING DOWN THE HAIL. YOU'RE FEELIN5 BETTER YOUR FEVEB'5 DOWll. I WAS $TUM»llNS DOWN A WA40N TRAIL. /*· BUT HOW WO I XT Mm? THE HELP SHORTAGE Believe h or Not! HEAVENS ITS TtVO 'BA1W OLD. ITJS FADfeP, IT'S JUST LOST i ITS CHICT.' V s~ » -·i 7 * C EVE5r-THlNG.' n^TM"; OH.DEAS.l NEEfJ ONE^O SO BADLX BUT 1 SIMPL.V} CAN'T APPOCO A NEW ,-?£· jJVCtlk!/^ I I T -- r i i in m . . Ill ,' ^ SHATTERED BY LIGHTNING REMAINED SO PERFECTLY BftLftNCED IT CONTINUED IN USE FOR 2'/l YEARS THC FIRST SON OF 16 GENERATIONS Of FIBSTSONS' /s rue GKEar-ciKitT-cKenr- caear- GKEAT- GREAT- GB£flTGKMDSON OF PERK PINE UM/re-U/HO «#»S BORN ON WAS NICE OF 5 QUITE A BIT EASIER TriATOL'GEEZER \ 1 HAN SWINGIN' A PICK 'TO SHOW US MOW \ BUT 1M 1 SIZE OF TH 1 TO PAN GOI.D' Si TAKE KINDA MAKE6 ME SICK WE DON'T SEEM TO BE SETT IN'RICH VERY FAGT NOW, IH IN A HOUR WE TO MAKE DOUGH, SAY IN TH NEIGHBORHOOD OF A THOUSAND OR SO. I SUGGEST SOMEWHERE ELSE WE GO! PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK SLEEPING BAGS THIS IS MAM HOME?/ MOON-TH'MOST O IMOOV IT- MHAMTICAI.TIME. /AH GOTTA O'MAH WHOLE ,-f FEF.LIN'IT LIFE/T 1 ^ (HAIKJT GONNA LAST -AH BF.T nir:T MIRACLE,WHICH IS GONNA MAKE Mf A BACHELOR AGIM, ISIOOMIN' THIl-A-WAY, CUOHT mz*^ "Th' tippw'i ituckl" women who spend half their time talking on the telephone, and the operators who place their calls. If any company needs a feminine voice in management, this is It." Arkansan And Another Esc»pe Burning Plane Hamilton Air Fnrc$ Base r i l i f . /Pj-Two iiirmpri escape'. 1 injury yesterday when their F-89 twin- let fighter burned shortly before takeoff. The pilot, C;ipt. E. W. Gates, 31. Crossott, Ark., and Lt. A. A tevonson, 30, Flint, Mich., the ad;ir operator, leaped from the June after the right engine ex- iJoded while taxiing on the run- vay. Russia Breaks Cuban Regime Couriers Turned Back By Batista, Soviets Complain Havana, Cuba-(fl)-Russia broke diplomatic relations with Cuba last night, because--she said--the is' .nd's revolutionary government turned back two Soviet diplomatic couriers carrying secret bags of documents from Mexico City. A sharp note from Moscow said refusal to admit the tjvo couriers deprived the Soviet legation of normal diplomatic Units with the Kremlin. Cuban sources rave charged the Russian legation in Havana was a center for Communist spying and roof. " intrigues through all Latin Ameri- Thc blaze was discovered about cn - Tnc Havana Post said in an 3 a.m. Mr. Find Mrs. Si Perkins editorial today Cuba may have had boon living in the house b u t ' b e e n on the verge of breaking have bcen_;iway_for several days. | relations with Moscow because of these activities. ' Cuba's reply to the Moscow note said the couriers came without previous notice, required to arrange inspection-free clearance of their lucsage. They were sent back to Mexico City at once after they refused to let inspectors look t'irough their 350-pound suitcases. The Cuban note also noted the couriers arrived at a time when the Soviet Union had no given diplomatic recognition to the regime of Fulgencio Batista, who House In Bentonville Damaged By Flames Bentonville - (Special) - A one- tnry frame house on Northwest B Street was badly damaged by fire here this morning. The house, which is owned by Dr. Atkinson, was damaged inside and on the Buckner Mrs. M n r y Kelly of Anderson, Mo., v/as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fry Davis Sunday. Mrs. Bud Gahbiirri of Fayettc- villc has returned home after being here to care for her daughter, Mrs. SUi':y I'hclan, who has been ill. Mr. and Mrs. LoyH I'icrce and children, Mary Jo and Walter, were guests of Mr. and :.lrr,. Cecil Stout of Elkins Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. G a r l a n d Lawson were d i n n e r guests nf Mr. ?nrl Mrs. Fritz of Fayetteville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Atkisson nncl Mrs. Emma Sharrock were nrlny r'ti-sts of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Atkisson of Rogers. i- ; . i - c i ' e Uron.iS is the guest this week of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Samuels of Drakes Creek. On The Radio New, York - (/T) - Listening tonight : NBC--7, Roy R o g e r s ; 7:30. M n r l i n and.Lewis; 8 Ginn.v Simms w i t h M a r i o Lanza; 8:30 H. V. Kaltcnburn'o 30th radio anniversary; !, N i g h t Beat. CBS-7, Miisiclnnd USA; 7:30, Big Time Vnrioty; 8, Doris Day; 8:30. Waxworks; !I:I1S. Capitol Cloakroom, V, r . Avcrell Harri- mrm. ABC--7, Dick Powell; 7:30, This Is FBI; 8, Ozzie and Harriet; :30, District Attorney. MBS--7. Adventures of Maisie; 7:30, Grade Fields: 8:05, Magazine Theater; 8:30, Armed Forces KQRH seized power in a military coup March 10. Police Protect Legation Russia's legation is headed by Ouennadi Komin, charge d'affaires, and includes four accredited diplomats. A special police gu.-rd pro- '.ecled the legation last night. There were indications the Soviet staff \vould leave soon. The legation is under the supervision of the Soviet Embassy in Washington. Batista recognized Russia when he was president during World War II. Since coming to pov.-er last month, he has been outspoken against Communism and pledged his government to alertness against Red activities. " He has said, however, that he las no p'ans to outlaw the Cuban Communist party, which has about [50,000 known members. FRIDAY EVENING 6:00 Dinner Music 6.1S Starligh* Time 6:30 News 6:4.T Ozark Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:l:i Gabriel Heatter 7:30 Rthymic Rendezvous 7:4") Lombardo on the Air 8:0(1 Bill Henry 8:03 Magazine Theatre 8:30 Armed FOICPS Review 0:0(1 News 9:0;) .Grade Fields 9:35 Just Music 1(1:01) News i n : I S Platter Party 10:3(1 Platter Party 10:45 Platter Party :t)0 Platter Party 11:3(1 Sipn Off Schlitz Company Sends $2,000 Disaster Check The Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company of Milwaukee, Wis., has contributed $2,000 to the tornado disaster fund, and the check has been presented by C. R. Howard, district manager of the company, .o the fund committee. Erwin C. Uihlein, president of the brewing- company, said this check is an expression of our sympathy for he victims of the disaster and we lope t h a t its pain and anguish will be quickly forgotten." Benton County Issues 368 Marriage Licenses Bentonville - (Special) - Three hundred and 68 marriage licenses were issued by the Benton County clerk's office last month. .Arirertite In the TIMES--II Dayit So Classic And Smart SATURDAY MORNING !) Rise 'N Snine e:ni) Rise N' Shine M n i k c t s and Weather 6'3f.riise -I' Shine 7 nil M i n t i t e s hy Music 7:15 JorrinnEircs 7:30 Olasco News 7:45 Orfian Reveries B:ll!l A f t e r Breakfast 8:1."i Moi-ning De\otion B:30 TIMES Morning Edition- S:4.=i O7nrk Diary H:0n Kiddies Hit 1'arado fl:30 K'eiys !):·!!) Sorcnudi! ill Blue I0:(iri New Uncord Kcleases i n ; l " ) New Record Releases : Hero' TO Vets 0:'15 Guest Star 1:00 Proudly We Mail 1:30 Church of Christ l:-)5 News at Noon SATURDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Man on The Farm 12:30 Symphonies for Youth 1:00 Symphonies for Youth 1:25 News 1:30 Handstand U.S.A. 1:55 HASEBAU, Ginnts Vs. Cleveland 4:30 Swing Session 5:00 Smiley Whitley 5:1S Know Your University .V4S Prwton Stlleri 9:59 Ncwi 14.46 by Sue Burnett Favorite in every wardrobe the country, over--the well mannered shirtwaist dress that's so versatile and flattering. Sleeves and yoko are In one for comfort. Pattern No. 8718 Is I sew-rite perforated pattern In sizes 14, IB, 18, 20; 40. 42, 44, 46. Size 16, 4H yards of 33-inch. For this pattern. Mnd 30c In COINS, jour name, address, lz* desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times, 1190 Avc. Americas, New York 1», N. V. Basic FASHION for '52 Is filled with Ideas to mak» your clothe* budget go further -- tlme-snvlng and economical deslgnj that ar« e««y to lew. Gift pattern printed Inside. 35 cent*.

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