Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 4, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 4, 1952
Page 5
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Arkansas' Diamond Opener With A. And M. Called Off ilftiA and wet grounds havt dc~ ·-· layed the opening of the season for Arkanias' baseball team. The Razorbacks were to have played Oklahoma A. and M. this a f t e r noon and again tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow's £3^.0 is expected to be played as scheduled. The Porker's practice yesterday war, callerl oft because of ;m intermittent rain that leli ail ai't- ernoon. That coupled w i t h a heavy rain early this m o r n i n g made the new lisld near the ipn.ii:; c n u r t s ton wet for play and 'oday'sgame was palled off .it ii:JO a. m by Hog coach Bill Fcrrcll. Unless more rain lu.-iius in the next 24 hours (hs liekl will probably bt? in shapo for tomorrow's game, which is scheduled to start at 2 o'clock. The same problems are siill facing Coach Funcll who is to pitcri and v/.io to play in the out- ficid? EO:C'| Mix. Charles Lruv.-n and Waller Kcarns are all jn lina for a s ^ a r t i n ^ mound 'assignment, with Koarns lir.vins a slight edge. He is t:iu lik'oly starter tomorrow, unless cage practice int:rlores. In t h e om.ield lietl \ V a n e n , Hnro:d Pridcmorc, Charlie Lutes, Jimmy Smith and Lainar Mcl-iun are ail battling for the left and right field berth?. Fran!; Fischcl is established in c'jmer, but I-GJ-- rull w i l l nave to settle on the others by .Saturday aflc.T.oon. The Aggies, with a record of two wins and no loss:s this Reason, have a . y c u n r j team composed of sophomores and 'rcshmen. In I their opening games the Cowpokes j shoved cxcallsnt b a t t i n g power with just adequate pitching. Arkansas, on the other hand, has ihown much sharper pitching than batting in practice sessions. In Cardinal Camp As Batting Practice Pitcher, Schmidt Earns Regular Berth One in 350,000 PHILIP McDONALD, 12, Arlington Boys' club of Arlington. Mass., holds trophy after being chosen "Boy of the Year" by the Boys' Clubs of America N a t i o n a l Judges committee tn New York. He was picked from among 350.000 Boys' clubs members for hi» leadership in club and community and his training for the "Citizenship of Eutinci* Lezgu* Tomorrow." (International) R:ckcLffi Drug improved it* position but failed lo knock Mcllrny Bsnk on 1 , of tlie lead in winning .·)-!". while i ·nd Dr. Pepper left Ropers'' in .hi- ', P -i- r . Lee icctt pacpci '· the Refers group u-i;h r. '^ r ,-r,\\. K c J - ! Icy Brm. Lumber Co. trimmer! !-cr- I fiuson 3 Cafeteria 4-0. ami MaEon's ! Cafe split 2-2 tt-ifh' Mahn Cuns;i ! Co. Cora-Coin tnok Palncc Drujj o-l i while Slump split 2-1 with Prortor Tolalo Chips. Crciphton's Drive-In took three points Iron, WhMrielr) Motor Cn. and Modern Mo;on irounccd C A. K\vin!i[in's 4-0. Kairway Siorc nnd , F 5 ! JCfl ^', loy . ^PP 11 ' 3 TM* r c a u i i c ' in a Davtona Beach, Fla.-(#)-Tris 2-i ric.idlork .inti Hnhc s urncr v r;ini' 1 ' ,- T 1 1 ] * · r..ii , · .u through v/iih a 4-n Kwr-rp m;T the i Speaker celebrated his G4th birth- FT'.ter Agency. i day today and observed that be' ing able to pitch to a batter's weakness is the key to a hurler's i success. Speaker, a member of baseball's Hall of Fame and an instructor at the Cleveland Indains minor league farm camp here, put it like this: "I think 75 per cenfof pitching is control. It is proven tn me because pitchers like Joe Wood, Lefty Grove, Walter Johnson, Bob Feller nnd others came up to the majors with lots of stuff, but were somewhat wild. Control Is Key To Pitching Success, Says Tris Speaker tint) I . BroL;. Lumber Co. hla h -h team Fnrics with their 2.7GI Dr. Pepucr lunpled most pins i singtt SHIDU wi'Ii or.3. L»?3up Sianrtinj* Mcllroy Tlank Rngers. Ark. ... ,, ........ Dr. Popper . ,,__ Kclley Bros. Lumber Co. J T ihn Construction R'ckctt's Druis Cv Carnev Appliance · Modern Motors C A. Swansnn's and Sons ' S urnn Furninire Cx _.::.T The R i t t c r Acency 19 Maori's Cafe _. ."..TM.I-JD . . P.H'KCP nru« . Troctor Pniato Chips V'iiitfioid Motor Co. Sun-Till Venetian S) : ntl' 4ltir*iirum rnfl Dush'n? Awnings Aluminum Winjawt and Door Screen? Orramrntal t?on Iceorationi *erches. Fert:s Stai-v.-sv^ GABE COOPER fhon* 1016 (41 So. Locutl "As they began to lose their I stuff, they developed control and' j still won on their ability to pitch I the bull to the weakness of the ] batter. That's what Bob Feller is 1 doing today. When Feller was ! fa?t, lie was wild enough to keep ; the batters worried. Now he has i control and he sliil wins. That . convinces me how far control ' snow." | Speaker, who has been active in bnrchu.l since 1908. singled out the lively ball and night games as , the two innovations which have i brought changes in the national ! pastime. j New York-f^-Willprd Schmidt, the young sensation of the St. Louis Cardinals, is not unlike the man who -came tn dinner hul stayed on as a permanent guest. Schmidt is a 22-year-old farm boy from the wheat fields of Hays, Kan., who came to the Cardina training camp as a batting practice pitcher and turned- out to he the find of the camp. In less thin H month, . t h i s sturdily built righthander caused Manager Eddie Slanky to revise his entire pitching alignment. Not only is Schmidt sure to be scratched from the Houston roster and made an official Red bird, but he is almost certain to win a starting role. "From what I have seen of Schmic-t," observed Sianky, ''he is a major league pitcher. Tha includes the arm, head and stomach." Although he has had only three years of experience 1 in organized ball, Schmidt has the poise of a veteran and is the possessor of fine control. He also is an alert fielder and seems to have pood baseball instinct. Schmidt came up for a look last fall and immediately made a Rood impression on Marty Marion, then manager of the Cards. "Kid," said Marion, "your fast pall is better than that of anybody on my club. But your curve bait isn't worth a nickel. You won't he big leaguer u n t i l you learn tn th r nw one " That was old stuff to Schmidt He had heard that ever since he took up pitching but nobody had ever volunteered to teach him to throw a curve. "Then I got a good break." recalled .Schmidt. "Harry Brecheen look me aside and showed me how :o throw a curve. This spring he has spent a jrreat deal of time working with me. He also has encouraged me to throw my knuck- -. I'd been fooling around witli knuckler for quite a while bu I never dared throw it in a game." » . Werle Suspended By Buc* Manager Hattiesburg, Miss.-(^(-Manager Bill Meyer let his Pittsburgh Piralos know today they will have to obey training rules if they want to stay with the Burs. Meyer, who fined southpaw pitcher Bill Werle $500 and suspended him indefinitely for an unspecified violation of the rules yesterday, read the riot act before the Hues got ready to take the field against the Chicane Cubs. "This is only the beginning. I will not tolerate any more violations of training rules. I'm through covering up. We've got too many kids on our team and I'm going to protect them," he declared. Meyer, who is being backed to the limit by General Manager Branch Rickey, said waivers will be asked on Wcrle. The 30-year- Si0rtt}tnr0i .mm".'"" 1 »·--- ISPORTS lOirHWEST ARKANSAS TIMSS. Foy.nevill., Arkoniai Friday, April 4, 1952 Boys Club Week Marks Critical Stage In Local Group's History B.v ALLAN GILBERT, JR. This is Boys Club Week in l-'ay- evilJe ami across the n a t i o n . For the Fayctlevillc cliOi the observance comes at H p n t i c u l n r i y criti:al period, n linu Hint HKI.V prove to be the iu'-ning ··oint in Lhc group's efforts to gnin a recognized place in i'.th community. Many problems face the club-more than would normally be prei":nt for a new enterprise. I';ist history has left tiic organisation w i t h ;i pubiic p r e j u d i c e t h a t must be overcome. At one period the c'luh was rumored it hideout for I r u a n t s ; l a t e r it disintegrated to d buxiiiR club; ami .still Inter became the center of r many-sided controversy over its proposed location In the City Park. All these phases of its history have tended 10 place a j-lixmn on the cifort in the public eye. And it is from the public that the support must come \vilh \viih-h to julld and p e r p e t u a t e the movement. There are many specific prob- ems current in the present organi- Newsom Back With Nats As Relief Pitcher One objection is Ilial Ihe poorer boy:-, the ones whose liVk of avMI- iiblc recre.-iticin leads lo delinquency, are noi boms attracted by Hie club. This is less t r u e now than over befon pressed purpose of the board t h i i t this ph;iyp be einpliasi/ed. In mlHition ti'c I board feels IJiat tlie location in j the southern part of Ihe city w i l l allow it to be of more service-to Fayetloville in Ihis connection t h a n ft has in the past. Another objection has centered on the boxing program. M a n y persons feel t h a t this lias been Fly The Aiuriatrd frrm Old BoBo Nowpom Is hnck. Nuwsnm. who claims t h a t h«? lias speit more yciirs in Wanliing- ton titan nny other m«i with thr exception of the late President F r a n k l i n D. Honsfvolt, hni signw! for his f i f t h hitch with the Senator f. Basobfill'x fjimous noinarl, who owns up to 43 yours of JIRC, hnnk- rd on w i t h thr KenMnrs us * relief pitcher yesterday. Nrwsom hnd hern working out w i t h tlu- Sonaiors ;it Orl.-mdri, Tin., and lonkfd p i - p t t v jjnnd. W n p h l n ^ t n t i Mftn.-iqfr Biu-kv ' H a r r i s r n « d : ' . "If Koflo Isn't a r h n n g p H ninn. ' IIP'.*: p u t t i n g nn th*» hr*. firt I know, j ' ' W h f n NVwsfitn dirp, they m i n l i t r tn rut off his right Jinn mid plnrr ! it in the h n l l nf f;nni ;it Ompms- ' tnwn. He M i l ! has ;i Int nn the hnll find I t h i n k ho cnn |n»,p us HF ;) : r r l i f f r r . " ; NPU'snm hiisn'l Krni'.'f. ihr m;,- '' jor ICHRHP I.ITMP since HUB when j Giants. He .,,.(,..,,,,, J Chattanooga and I f the work l " lm " f ttlr Sn " th iau'on. The club has gro n during | tliis the past 10 months to over-emphasized a t , , hi- expense of inon« valuable t r a i n i i i R along other linos. That may havt? been true, at one time, but it is no ionRcr so. And it should bp borne In mind that boxing appeals to some hoys, whose very nature seeks a more or less violent outlet. And Boys Clubs throughout the nation have proven that a well-supervised boxing program can he of renl value. And the entire Hoys Club program ean be of real value, too. under proper-supervision a n d w i t h the .support of the citizens of he was released by I h r New York for for ninnini!- i Assochiliiin tile past t h r e e so;i*nns. i^esidr-s tile Senators an! the G i a n t s Ncwsoin has pndieil lor the Chicago Cubs, itrnnldyn Hud- fiers ami every American League club w i t h the exception of Cleveland and Chicago. Newfoin foiinrl time in his travels to win 205 hi« league «amcs. Uob Feller of Cleveland is the only other adivc major leaguer with more t h a n 200 victories. Nrw5om*5 return by W«tinf th«. Spnators, 5-1. at Charlwtbn, S, C. Ixsfty Harry Perkowsk! w«nt all thp way and checked the Nat* on five xlnxfes. The fled* collected eight blows off Bob Porttrfitld and Sandy Conjtuflijni. ; Ru.-- Meyer of th« PMlidflp'hi* PhMs also went the distance, at tlu- PhMs nipped the St. Loufz Cardinals, 4-3, at Waycrois, Gi. M^-yrr allowed only four hits in- r l t i r l i n B three in thfi second fnnlnf I whpn fhf-y srou-d all of their runs. ! Thp. rVtftnn Brnvwt edgftrt th« ' M r o n k l y n Dnrifif-rs. 5-4. In 13 ln- ; nin^.s n\ Mohllp. A l a . £bh« St. Clnirfi rioublfd horn* the winnini run hofnrp 10,50.1 fans, ' farfest rrowd cvpr to witness » baseball cnmf: in M f i b i l ^ . Davo Phillry socked a three- · run homer tn spark the PhlUdel- I phi;; A t h l r t i r p tn n fi-4 victory over j f.'nlumbln nf the South Atlantic ' 1-enRiie nt Charl^.tton, S. C. Phll- | ley rrmnrptpd in the seventh in- Iturk Nrvwiiu in 1032 when linger. 1 ; Ilorn,sl»v w;is the m a n n p y r . l i t an rarly season game i n f i e l d c r Unrnxhy played r i g h t f i e l i i . "I r r m f i i i l i e r I h c r t - \ v c i c n i n e - b a l l s hit a g a i n s t t i n - n;j!.theM fcni-e and Honishy. nmplaved ; every l i n e nf I h r m , " N r w - n r p re laics. "1 never saw a nuy i o n . i o much lioinsb.v d i d n ' t : .a.v a n y t h i n g to rn in tile clubhouse u t t e r tiie c a m e ; The Chicago Cubs scored their seventh straiRM victory a.i they t i i r n f d bark tho Pittsburgh Pirate. 1 ; Id-.l at H*numon t, Texas, Roy · Smaltey pacrd the a**-iuU with 9 three-nid hnnier. 1 Iwllii.-i nf thp Texnv league held I tl-e H n ^ t n t T nr-rl Sox to ft l - l tie in ! » R H t n r t h a t wan called because | nf rain a f t e r five innings. Don I !.enh;irnt. homerrrl for Boston. u i f i r M r r Oeor«e Wil- The shopworn r i g h t h a n d e r has , but t h e n e x t day I was w i t h He.... p l e n t y of stories. There's the one i inc.." he tells about the first l i m e he j \ V i l h Newsoin around l i t e will was shinned bach to the minors. | the Senators .shouldn't be H u l l N'ewsoni came up to (he Cubs '' The C i n c i n n a t i Herts spoilci community. old hurler, who cost the Bucs a reported $SO,000 four years ago, was sent to Pittsburgh to await further instructions. point where t h e director and his assistant can mil a d e q u a t e l y n u i d c Ihe membership. Equipment i.s lacking in .some phases of tne program. There is a creal need for a permnnent b u i l d i n g of large-' This is Hoys- Club Week. Take '· Ihe time to find out w h a t is heinR done by the c l u b -- w h a t its a i m s : .".nd accomplishments a r e -- t h e n j rejMilato your support accnrtliniil.v.! Glen Hose, who has been on the I hat is a l l l h a t can be asked. It J n b as head basketball coach nt Banquet Honoring Rose To Be Held Al Country Cub lhan the one presently occupied, i Fo "inch. Some provisions are needed for the transportation of t h e boys on out-of-town trips, and Ihe Director, who has proved hhnsDlf an excellent man for the job, cannot be expected to stay much longer without a raise in p a \ . Tlie club ov/ns a Id-acre tract of land soulh of 4th Street between College and School Streets, but is just 'now a r r a n g i n g to RCI access to the property by way of a bridge and road. Still needed,;ne developed playgrounds and n building. And there arc countless minor problems lliat come up from day to day. But in the f i n a l analysis, il is public support t h a t is the key to the entire program. Some way to finance the club must be found if it is lo continue. It is felt thai with an a d e q u a t e clubhouse and facilities Ihe club will be in a position to better handle its own financing. From is a s m a l l t h i n g , hut can amount to Gafford And Palmer Lead At Masters AUKUsl.-i, C.a.-(/l')-A brace of sliRhtly imMicccssfu! t o u r n a m e n t solfcrs-- Ray Gaffop-d iml Johnny Palmer -looked over 1 -- t h e i r shoulders today from I n f l y - first plnce in the Masters and saw a terrible iwosome. One stroke bohiinl the leiidinj; (i!) shooters as the Masters' second round licuan were Benjamin Harrison II n R a n -- 1031 PGA champion, and Samuel Jackson Snood. Also at 70 was Al Resse- iink. Those f i v e led t h e charge nn par at the A u g u s t a National's par of ::n-:ifi ..... n. . that point Ihe club could take its . " ff olln E l r n k e. others sliced Shoot/us 71 were Johnny Reprogram and accomplishments I (he public. In that way the club, if its program is as v i t a l as its supporters believe, could gain public confidence and sllppor,* and would be assured of a bright future. Of the many complaints t h a t are i °" "'" Professional Golf Asso- Mountaineers, Tigers Open Baseball Loop the University three days gets an i B(!1 ,,, )llv |||,..,s,»clali.Acllon in o f f i c i a l welcoming t o n i g h t from ; lllc n r w l v fo ,. m(v | |,,. nlon c 0 , ln iy Ihe F a y e t t e v i l l e members of Ihe ! |,| R |, w himl bareb-ill Ktgue net's Kazorback Club. The club Is in- I under way this afternoon when the neiHonvilJe and Rogers diamond crown meet ill Rogers U e n t o n v l l l c conch H u g h "Tater" Hiack has Indicated t h a t Alfred Knox will lie the s t u r t l n g pitcher for the Tigers. Quenton Sngcly lias been given the nod for thp otner end of the bnUery. Tlie I n f i e l d w i l l be made up of vited to « party Bt the Fnyplte- v i l l e C o u n t r v Club t n n l R h t , stnrt- inc at (i:30. The p a r t y w i l l be a slnK n f f a l r , .iccnrriinK tn athletic director John H a r n h i l l . and if open to n i l I f l f t l members nf the RnznThnrk boost- Uarrcll Scoll nt Landers nt srcnnri, volla, Kred Hawkins. Dou c Ford, '" ' h1r . *"TM m " ol ''nr"; ; s. sairl to. Uoyd ManKi-um, Tommy Unit l l n l . l h r ! "' S : lca , m wl " I'" lh( Skip Alexanctar, Lew Worsham n»«t p o w r r f u l we've ever had." ·nd Joe KlrKwood. , \ h " pf TM TM 5 TM «'· .shouldn't first, Donald j Knight at short, and Lynn Ilrown nt third. Black said t h a t he hasn'l made up his mind nhntil the o u t f l i M d . H liullciitPd M u d d y Shcrnuni, Hasil Horton, Wayne Coffolt, .Mm Dean, Hob Homfinar.s Pnytu-, and Kd \vard White .IK pnssIblHlics. Wliitc will come on PS relief pitcher if noecird. · · The Men Ion County IcaRUu Is mad*; up of .six teams. The win- nlnR t r a m w i l l hi» awarded n trophy. Some I B RimUmville players wnr« to m a k e the t r i p to For six seasons Palmer, of ' n a d i n , N. C., has been a regular Fiqhts Last Niaht New York--Mike Koballa, 149, - - ,,-,, Pittsburgh, outpointed Carmine c l u b m a position to receivi occasionally made fiqainst the Boy.s Club none are entirely valid in the light of the goals low;ird which the organization .sliivt'.s. H true that mismanaKemcnt find unwise decisions have placed the ! BOWL FOR HEALTH i Jim Benton Bowline I.anes. Ad* Makes Shaving So Much Easier! Try It Today! ·dually pr« feco whil* you ahavol Sty creim thai dri«* ti.4 eckec. Groan, oontilna Lather- g o*w ingredient that t citam drying on your ahavol Say gooabyn lo Talco youi ibavos tha iiy way--lha Child.' Lalhar ' way. Bur a tuba todayl IATHER OR BflUSHLESS ·Chllds' tinili m»k lor l.chhln. Shaving Cream OUAMHTEEi Fall Satisfaction M *ntil8 you n o n e y b a c k . Come In and See Us About Our Easy Payment Plan en Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Garage, Chicken House or Milk Barns, etc. ALSO W« Have Old and New Fhilco Refrigerators and Freezers Clifton Lumber Co. Phont 27. Wtst Fork, Ark. | Fiore, 144, Brooklyn, 8. Spokane--Garth Panter. 162, Dayton, Idaho, stopped Paul Kaylor, 159, Sacramento, 7. j ranted criticism. But it is cqu.-illy true that the aims of tlip club arc sound and the service that can ho j las will be played rendered is needed. i o pPn | n ,j mlc .. April Sports Card .pril 4-~Arkan»s bistball learn TI Oklahoma A. and M., h«r«. Arktmai tinnii I«am TI. Okla. A. and M.. at Still. wtlar, Okla. Arkansas golf ttam TI. Baylor, al Hardserabbl* C o u n t r y Club, For! Smith. April 4-5 -- Arkansas track team at Texas Relays, Austin, Texas. April 5 -- Arkansas tennis team vs. Tulsa, at Tulsa, Okla. . Arkanias baseball team ; TS. Oklahoma A. and M., f c i a t i o n circuit but only occasion- a l l y li.-is he i-iiiiic up w i t h the k i n d of shooting so often c.\ peeled. This is G.ifford's first ouliiift of 19^2 a f i o r a minor operation. J a n - uary 15. He carnc to the Masters p a r t i a l l y to look over the r u n n i n g of a first class if.'Urnamenl. On his home Northwood course in Dal- the National Missing The Big One here. April 7--Arkansif bactball ttam j TS. Winona. Minn., Si. I Taachtri, hart. April 8--Arkansas baiaball l«am j Tt. Wiflana, Minn.. St.! Tfachtn. hcra. Arkansas Rolf team vs. Tulsa, at Tulsa. Okla. April J--Arkansas baitball ttam Tt. Buena Villa, Iowa. College, hart. April 10--Arkaniai baiaball learn TI. Buena Vista, here. Arkaniai lennii team TI. SW Mliiouri Teach- j «n, htrt. | April 12--Arkanias Rtlays, htrt, April 14--Arkanm baieball learn Tt. Illlngli, here. April IS--Arkaniai Itnnii Item TI, ' Okla. A. and M.. hert.: April 17--Arkansas Rolf team vs. Rice, al Houston. April 18--Arkansas Rolf team v«. Texas A. »nd M., at College station. Arkansas baseball team vs Tulsa, at Tulsa, Okla. Arkansas track team at ers organization. A buffet dinner w i l l be M°rved and i n f o r m a l speeches are expected from Mayor Powell nhea, Barnhill. Hose mid members of Ihe football coai-hlnj; s t a f f . U.S. Wrestling (each Says Olympic ham To Be Most Powerful Ever Mbaca. N. Y. - Iff) - Haymond Swartz, cniyinc. rmrrd-chrst«l '· ,·· ,,, , ,. , , Navy coach who w i l l lead A m e r - ' . B e n t o i i v i l l c s first home game ican wrrMIrr, a E ai,,s, ,,,, world .! » «'.!', 1 ,±TMl, llr * * :Wt W- '"»· n thr s i i m m n r I f n m v u i t l tin " I r i n Lowest Odds In Grand National Quoted At 100-7 \ London-(/l r )-Thi'iX' wv.f Uirec I j o i n t favni-itps and 411 KUPSSCB I ready tnr.fiy for 1951. running nf I Gnmd Steeplechase and 191- j e a c h was ns good as thp other. Party eit,'ht lake their places al H t a r l l i i K ijate at A i n t r o c tomorrow for thr Uuil w i l l wind up sonic 10 r n i n u l f s hilor a f t e r fi four mile. R.Vj-yjprd i:ha«c over 30 trcfichcroti.s hurdles. It's n race v/iicie favorites U M i n l l y d f t n ' t "mint for much hut Hri tii in's tranlixed ixinkmnkers sprrari ihr nnd aninn^ thrsc likely prospects-- Hov,-;l T»n, Teal and Frcfbnntcr all at lf:0-7. Royal Tan finished .Kci-nnri lasl ycnr. Frcchnotor w(.n -.INfi but fell in '.^1 r u n n i r Teal, who once m t l n n w l his f i n e hlttlnn for j the Chtrnu'i Whitr S»x by doub- j HMI; home Ihr* u'inninR run in the j eighth i n n i n i * in n 2-1 triumph j.nvor the St. 1.011 is; Broxvns at San ! Rain rancTted schoduled jiamea hftwcen Clovelnnd and the New j York G i a n t s and · night game be- I tworn Ua'las and unothor Whit* ! Snx f f i u a d Graziano Predicts Knockout Win Over Sugar Ray Robinson ChlfaRo-W)-Rocky GraiUno has re.ichorl t h a t sl»«» In training for his mlddle-.velKht tltlo bout with champion Ray Roblnsnn where h« ( · m a k i n g predictions. n r a z i a n n predicted today that he w i l l lake Roblnson'i crown with H knockout. The 15-round bout will be held Apr!) i n In Chlcico Stadium. Al Sllvnnl, Grailano trainer, aald: "Rnblnxon l« thro :|h--he'i reached that age where he must of necessity conserve his enerjy, He has a fear of le.ivlns hll fljht in the uym." "Robinson got away with it inlml Randy Ttirpln and B o b Olson," Silvan! continued, "but h« won't against a ro-JKh, touxh pmi.'hcr like Rocky." Robinson It 3), two yean older than Grariano. He il tftinlnf In I'ompton Lakei, N. J. dominnte the sport in H e l s i n k i , " the Olympic Instructor and former Oklahoma A. and M. Krapplor. said. "From w h a t IVf seen in 1'ir- Intercolleciates and these A A U malchcs, we should have our Hrealrsl squad." The U. S. won only two clutin- Kansas Relays. rence. Kan. Law- Used oy thoutand* In rcductnt Jl«t,«. -- .Innne'n Roman Meal breed 11-ll-tf Clyde [.ovellelte. Kansas' grem srnrlnR ace, with n simple Inyup , nyup tlnrmit him in the face, the score lied, and only IS seconds to B o In K«mc against Pcoriii d u r i n j the Olympic Basketball Tourn.iment f i n a l it Modljon Square Garden, ml.-scd Ihls shot. Pcnria went on lo win, iw . i, MCk| ' f n l r t l - ovcllo " t '. nilMinj "« d i n k y old one-footer." wiur.lng thp upcomlnR mlscuc is K a n r » - ' i-«i ««»v«r(l Hob Kennpv (AP Wirspholoi plonships In 11MB in Uimlon hy Henry WltlenberK, the pound New York policeman and Glenn Brand of Inw» State Teachers Coileco, 174. The 33-year-old Witlcnberc, lnbeaU;n in more than 350 matches since 1939, has come out of a four-year retirement to seek a berth on the tram. Brand, however, said he will pass il up. Hog Golfers Open SWC Play Against Baylor The Arkansas Rolf team, defeated in its first outini of the season, plunges Into conference play I this afternoon rnectinE Baylor at I the Fort Smith llardscrabble Country Club. The Porkers have rccntercd SWC competition this year following a one-year l a y o f f . A r k a n s a s links-tors Wednesday dropped a 10-3 decision to the University .it Missouri team at Columbia, Mo. chan|«x; hands for newcomer to Alntrec. .GUSS-LIWI WATII H!ATIIS FAYETTIVILLE \j Plumbing Heating 1 Co. R 310 N. Wnl Phww TM j! · Announcing · THE RE-OPENING OF CONOCO Service Station 126 W. MOUNTAIN Und«r the Management of DAVID FOSTER You art cordially invfttd la bring your car In fat txp*rt, frltndly itrvict. OMN 7 A.M, TO I P.M MONDAY THRU IATIMDAY If you've tasted todays SCHENLEY/ know its the best-tasting whiskey in ages I B U N D E D W H I S K I Y 8 6 P R O O F . 65K G R A I N NUMMl IPIIl.t .' " ;T. SCHtNUr DISTRieUTOM. INC., NIW YOkK. DM 1

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