Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 4, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 4, 1952
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INI rUllIC INTfRHf · THI FIRST CONCIRN OF THIS NEWSPAPER Associated Press Leased Wire AP, King and NEA Features tOCAl KMKAIT-- .;.-.- Fayettevillt and vicinity pirtl; cloudy and cold tonight v/ith tern- ' perMurei from 30 to 3. degrees. Tomorrow generally fair with ·lowly rising temperatures. Rainfall 1:02. High temperature y*$^ trirday 57: low 38; noon today 10. Sunrise 6:02; sunset 8:42. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 216 f ArETTEVIUE. ARKANSAS. FRIDAY EVENING, APSli. 4, 1957 PRICE FtVI CtNTI Compromise In Michigan Is Taft, Eisenhower Probability Detroit-C/Pj-Uncertain advocates of Sen. Robert A. Taft and Gen. fcDwight D. Eisenhower appeared agreed today on a compromise to send a divided 46-vote* Michigan delegaf.ion to the Republican presidential nominating convention. Although both sides publisly claimed the edge in the contest for this state's potent convention ·vote, it v/as apparent in the present confused situation neither Minnesota haven't been here. A r t h u r Vandcnberg. Jr., .an off i c i a l of the Eissnho'.vcr-for-Prcs- idcnt Committee, rnid his national org.inJzaUon will agrcs to selection of a slate "representing all elements of Michiga" Republicans," Charles Kinjr, chairman of tha active 1 licfs. Both voiced hopes /or a victory for the Republican party. J Eisenhower and Stevenson supporters v.'crkcrl to bring out big write-in voles for their men in Illinois Tuesday, '""en. Dwight D. Eisenhower's name will not be printed on the Republican ballot in the Illinois primary. Nor will Cleanup Bubble Bursts McGrath Ousted And Replaced Ousts Ccstdb Jyry Foreman ByMcGranery Taft Committee of Michigan, said j t h a t of Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson his group win go along w i t h such of Illinois be listed in the prcsi- a slate. v/anted to risk a showdown fight j Drives C:i In Illinois in tomorrow's GOP state convention. As a result, a slate df :0 delegates-at-large may be chosen on ,a. compromise basis with supporters of Taft and Eisenhower represented equally. Backers of Gov. Earl Warren of California and for- ilfier Gov. Harold E. St.assen of Senator Taft and Stassen continued tiieir drive for votes and delegates' in Tliesrlr.y's Illinois presidential preference primary, in speeches at varjous cities since their final drive started yesterday, the two candidates hit at the Democratic administration's policies, and each attacked the other's be- dential portion of the Democratic ballot. Stevenson's name is printed on the ballot for governor. He is unopposed for the nomination. To write in a vote for president in Illinois, the voter must dra'.v a square and write an X so t h a t t h e ! cross lines intersect w i t h i n the square. Then he must wrile in his candidate's name behind the square. Steel Mills Cool Furnaces Union Ready To Issue Orders For Strike Receive Traveler Honors Six Are Killed In Jornado'es Two Southern States Struck By Windstorms Four Members Of One Family Die In Louisiana New Orleans -W)- Six persons were reported killed and at least 19 others injured as a scries of tornadoes and violent windstorms . swept across Southern Louisiana and Alabama early today. Four momhcrs nf one family-the father, mother and two daugh- , ters--were reported killed when a tornado demolished their home rear Arnaudville, La., a small! Cajun County town. State Police Captain Jerome Haas said a surviving son in the family identified the'dead to him -»s'.~Alejt Olivier,-50;.-Mrs, -Alex. Olivier, 49; Shirley, 17; and Pearl nine. Haas said the identification was made hy C.V.Olivier, 20, who also told him two hrothers, Larry, seven, and Donald, five, were taken to a clinic at Breaux Bridge. Another brother, Earl, nine, was unhurt. A tornado also struck at Mobile, Ala., 100 miles cast of New Orleans. Two persons were injured 'there and property damase was extensive. A man identified as Albert Ruiz, about 45, was reported killed when ·nis dwelling on the Mississippi Hiver at Violet in St. Bernard. Parish adjacent to New Orleans Stoppage Expected Wednesday After Negotiations Fail New York-WP)-The steel industry braced today for a strike as j Ne-.v York-(/P)-The foreman of the j u r y trying Gambler Frank Cos'.ello for contempt was abruptly riiscliiii'i-cd toHay. She i-aid the j -dge claimed she was "to get $25(1 to sway my judgment." Mrs. Helen Louise Mason, a Negro housev.-ifc, heatedly denied this. "It's ridiculous," she said. Federal Judge Sylvesler Ryan ·t convened | During the brief f l u r r y of c o u r t 1 this morning. Th? r.rlinns uus-jt the ; rrnm a c t i v i t y , the (H-ycnr-oId Cos- ' c;ir.e--Cnsiorn's rcrcnd t r i a l on Ihe . te'lri approached ,n reporicr anri : - n t n c r u n n l p o i n t . Mrs. Manrin mid t h ? jurtr.r c a l l ed h r r i n t o his clnm'ncr:*, Inicl her t h a t fvn lawyer" i n f o r m e - l h i m t h a t "mm? man w n p i;ninn !n have an envelope ;incl I \v,*:s to not $250 to s'.vny my jirlfiir.?nt." A t h i r d juror wns reported i l l . n.van - c aid the case, slated to K O ; a n y o n e interested in the ra.-=e a n d : New Cobinct Mcmbei Cautioned Things Arc Hot In The Capital :' WashingTM - lifi -The Truman -Jcrol Garrison, left, and Sarah "Sissy'' Cunningham, rihl, a r e ; .shown following presentation of awards to them last night at the University Press Club banquet. Garrison holds the trophy he won as the year's outstanding reporter on the Arkansas Traveler, student newspaper; Miss Cunningham holds flowers she received as "Miss the CIO United Steolworkers gave notics cf a 700,000-man stoppage at 12:01 a. m. (EST) Wednesday. It appeared that - o n l y a government seizure or a presidential order for a Taft-Jiarlley law injunction couM stave off a strike in mills that produce 95 per cent of the country's steel. The industry said it would re- i sist a seizure. The union said it would fight any move for an injunction. The Tafl-HarUcy law provides an 80-day, no-strike injunction under national emergency provisions. Wage negotiations between the industry and the union collapsed yesterday. An industry spokesman, John A. Stephens of U. S. Steel, said companies would begin "cooling their furnaces" today. And CIO-USW President Phillip Murray said a strike notice has been drafted, ready to be put in the mails to the companies and union locals. He said he thought a strike would "definitely take place." Under an agreement w i t h 1 Wage Stabilization Board Chairman Nathan P. Feinsingcr, the union is committed to give a 86- : hour notice to the industry before ; a strike. This period gives mills j time to cool furnaces and guard against permanent damage to : equipment. | ; The wage talks fell through ,mfter the union turned down a '·company-offer to boost wa|tcs ; nine cents an hour and provide fringe benefits. Industry negotiators estimated the offer at 16 cents' an hour. Murray figured it at 14V cents. The union chief said he refused the offer because It was less than increases proposed by the WSB, v/hich recommended a j 17^-ccnt-an-hour increase and other benefits. Steel pay now averages an hour. a n o t h e r juror, withotil I hailed. to a j u r y today, might have to b o j l h n t she kncv: n o t h i n g about any i 1 h j l l f p d . i C l l r . h inflrtti^t isuch i n c i d e n t . Unable To Agree n.skcd: "What';: this all a b o u t ? " ! U. S. Attorney M y l n s .1. Lane I t u r n e d aside questioners. | "I certainly am hurt," M r s . ' Mason p a i d . "It's very embarrass-; administration'* we-can-clean-tip- in£ and it's ridiculous." ! the - government - ourselves pro- She snid neither she nor h c r . j r a m , as r.rcanlzed t..-o months husband had '-ern approached by , ag0| h n 5 hlown , hy h , ^ ': And a federal jud£e from Philadelphia, .lames P. McGranery, 56, was called in today to serve as the nation's nttnrney general and try to pick up the pieces of the anti- corruption drive. · McGranery--if ronfirmrd by the Senate, nnd it lo.ik? as if ha will he--must corns to Washington In the slippery aftermath at the hlcgest government explosion to rock the capital since President Truman's middle-ol-the-night dismissal of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. '71 rri« Stabilizer Ellis Agnail ( l e f t ) and U. S. Steel President Benjamin Fairlcss confer in Washington on the threatened steel strike Arnall said he fears a strike is likely. Fairlcss seeks a price increase to cover a wage boost. $1.83 Arkansas Traveler" of 1952. Garrison, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. oni the east and south, was blown j Gal . rison o£ Faycttevillc, is a junior in the College of Arts and into the rivet. Sciences. Miss Cunningham, of Black Oak, Ark., is business manager ISegro v ' nman _ of the Traveler and n senior in the College of Business Administration. Keys were presented to members of the staffs of the Traveler An unidentified Negro v.-omar was also reported to have died of shock at the height of the storm at Bridge City, near New Orleans. Fourteen people were reported being treated in hospitals in the Kew Orleans area for injuries and shock. Morriss, U.A. Track Coach Out Johnny Morriss, Arkansas track coach since '.SoO, will not return . and Ifazorback, and Traveler Editor-elect Tom Dygard announced!'" that job after this season. The llteQi+nlet ·y IHi OSSKVH ! The CAA communications office at Drake Field informed the TIMES last night t h a t the United States Weather Bureau was warning of possible tornadoes over an area touching Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Today the Weather Bureau reported the possibility of a few small tornadoes in Florida, Alabama and Georgia. Yesterday was an even rougher day than usual for Fayetleville automobile drivers--U of t h e m banged together in seven separate accidents and a loth hit a pedes- 1 trian, luckily with little damage to the pedestrian. City police, who didn't know whether to place the blame on the weather or just on carelessness of drivers In general, spent most of the day driving from one accident to the next. his staff for next year. Carroll McGaughey, managing editor of the Arkansas Gazette, spoke. (Puska TIMESFOTO). U.A. Professors To Help Set Up Miniature Civil Service System In Highway Department Air Force Says It Is Checking Flying Saucers Washinglon-WPj-Thc Air Force says it is continuing to check all ·'flying saucer" reports and wcl- t.omes them. But chocking is done no 1 . 1 .' through "normal staff channels" rather than as a special Trains Collide, Killing Three Several Injured In Montana Wreck Havre, Mont.-(/!')-Two G r e a t ] Northern m a l l trains collided headon on a single track main line I east of here early today and a l l ,least three persons died when t h e ] one. "We are very satisfied with | spokesman said, "the. f i n d i n g s have j engines "exploded t o g e t h e r " The Morriss' coaching, and this is not | p rnv ed to be weather balloons ,-incI j chief dispatcher's office here rc- threc crewmen were killed, ry em- Some Messages Going Through Key Cities Open For Telegrams New York -I/Pi- Weste.-n 1,'von slid today 39 kev citio. plus \vv York City would start sending and receiving messages among themselves today despite strikers' clnims that their walkout is almost 100 per cent effective. Some 31,000 Western Union workers, members of the AFL Commercial Telegraphers Union (CTU), struck yesterday In the first nationwide telegraph strike I since 1310. F. N. Stacker, miniirr of the Fiyeltevllle Wentern Union «f- flce, uld iMliy the office here In open for hnnlneM and cm exchange mMMKei with a numbtr of 'key cities." The loral orfke ha« remained open, although ymterday the only exehanie possible wai between Fayette- vllle Mid Sprlnrdale. A separate threat nf fi telephone strike set for Monday by 40,000 workers in Michigan, Ohio, and Northern California, threatens to fOrther'snarl'in* cotmtry'i com* municallon tynlemi. ' Maybe The News Show Was Too Hot For TV Now Orleans-(/P)-A television .^et exploded and started a flro that cause $1,700 damage . t o a home. Mrs. Anthony St. Angeio turned on her newly-purchased 5f?t yesterday. It didn't work so she wont into another room to phone the dealer, Then \\ic. set exploded and the fire started. news was confirmed today by Joe ( Covington, University provost, who i P r °J° c t. said the reason was a financial | "In most rases," an Air Force Little Rock-(/P)-The first stop to ward, setting'- up a small civil service-like personnel system in the state Highway Department has been made. Highway Director Olen Fullerton and the University yesterday closed an agreement to set up the new system. However, any new personnel procedure wih have to be approved by the legislature. Under the agreement, two University pro/cssors--Thomas W. Smith and Darrell L. Spripgs-- will so.! up a system of job de- criptions, employe classifications and salary recommendations. The contemplated new system will be based on merit and job q u a l i f i - cation- -a miniature civil service. Personnel problems in the department recently were spntlif-hled by the Highway Audit Commission. a suHricn decision. We have planned the step a long lime. It is a move in t h e University's (iffovtj. to stnbilizc the athletic department budget," he said. Morriss, a former Olympic hurdler, came to Arkansas from Southwest Louisiana I n s t i t u t e and dur- ! two others nnd ploye were injured. Boys Club Open House Held At Headquarters The Boys Club open house yesterday afternoon and last nlshl failed-- because of bad weather and closed streets -- to draw the said, the dead were crowds hoped for. But a aurprls- J. mtuttH MtOMk , The known casualties: ·I. Howard McGrath, attorney general. McGrtth plummeted out . \ tile .c3,bjyiiet | of ,_hUt jjld friend. flirry Truman ywtwdtiy "witlv · few team, a statement that he W«»" paying "the penalty" for doing his duty as he saw it, and.» tip to hli successor: Bring ubestos panti with you. . . . Newbold Morris, Republican 'cleanup chief" lor the administration. McGrath fired Morris with rare abruptness just before gotn* onto the greased skids himself. Morris fed from a park bench for a while, then averred he was fired because he wouldn't turn his corriiption-in-govorn- ment Investigation into a whitewash. MefJranery In Charge The man at the top, Harry. Tru r man. announced the "resignation'.' of his 1948 campaign manager! McGrath, as calmly as you pleise' at a turbulent jam-packed news conference. " ' Truman said MrCranery would j take over what he called the pro«. gram. Questioning developed tltit he meant the clean-up-the government program. Home to-New York goes Morris. And--in his own good time--Me- Orath 'will return to Providence, j n. I., after a public career that ! once seemed pointed toward fh* Fullerton also tcrday that an announced tiiird place finishes in the con- ferencc. His cross-county (earns h.ivc won the Southwest Confer- asphalt capping yes-, ence title the last two years. Coach Morriss is in Texas for the program would be carried out t h i s T(!1(ns Rc | ay .- a , Austin. summer on some of the slate's ·--· main line highways. Two m i l l i o n ' f...--, l _ l _ _ i _ j T dollars has been allotted for t h e ! O C r m - l n f C C t C d I OyS work, he said. Sites of the projects Dropped, Reds Claim haven't been f i n a l l y selected, but one of them is to be Highway 70 n a t u r a l phenomena. There regains, ho'.vcver, a number of reported sightings that cnnnot h e , T n( , thus explained, and as long .is t h i s ; Engineer Jim Hnincs and F i r e m a n ] ing number of adults braved a is true, the .'.ir Force w i l l con-! Henry both of Havre, a n d , chilly wind to visit the club head' quarters on South College Avenue.! JhTueft' hi'mThe sixth'nTatTto *£ part from the Truman cabinet in a rattle of fireworks. Both men may be comiii? back foon under different circum- I-.xchange Club members.| stances. Representative Chelf D- nrc backing the club in its Ky) said his House Judiciary Subcommittee, which is investigating the Justice Department, may call for more testimony from McGrath and may warn in hear Moryis as Acting Chief Named j well. Morris already hai given Fort Smith, A r k . - i / P l - L t . Bill j stormy testimony before a Senate Rodjtcrs if the a c t i n g chief of p o - j committee that wanted t- know l i n u e to study the problem." l a n u n i d e n t i f i e d m a i l clerk. Tv.-o . . . . . . . , The statement was in answer to " l h c r m n i l clerks and a supervising his first two years here guided | q l l c r i c s concc ,. nin ,, a L i f c ,n. 1i! ; 1 .;''r.v emplnye wore hurt, his track teams to fourth and j 2in( , rcport (hal lhc A i r Forcc is | An o f f i c i a l said the M-car east- t a k i n g n e w , serious interest in "flying saucers." I bound t r a i n "drifted" out of a iding inlo the main line at the end of Fort Belknap, 36 milei Club members ran thrntigh regular afternoon's and evenint's program for the visitors, and dished out ' refreshments to nII I between the Pulaski County line and Lonoke--probably about riiles. London-MVMoscow Hadio declared today U. S. a i r c r a f t are 10 I now dropping germ-infected toys I on North Korea. County Republicans Will Meet Tomorrow Washington County Republican!-' '· will convene at the courthouse tn- rr.ornv.v at I p. m., to select d e l e - ' gates to Ihe R e p u b l i c a n district convention to be held .n I l u n t s v i l l e later t h i s month, and to the state , convention. cast nf here, nnd was struck headon by the westbound IB-car t r a i n rolling along stretch of t r a c k . on a .straight Trial Put O.'f New York-i/?)-Start of the Comm u n i s t t r i a l has been pul off un- who drive to raise f u n d s for nent headquarters, were hand. perma- also on lice here. Rodgcrs, senior next week to give defense i ' cnant on lhc F" rl Smith force, counsel more t i m e to press their i was named yesterday to succeed i a t t a c k on the federal jury system j Chief Pink Shaw, who resigned 'here. .last Monday. lieu-1 about his connection with a multi- CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO Six Nominated To Compete For Queen At University's Gaebale Celebration .Those- four men in green and tan uniforms down at the courthouse this morning were not, as they first appeared to be, visiting members nf a neighboring state police force They were members of the Sprlngdale police force in their newly-designed uniforms--complete with campaign hats. Tht Wtathtr-- Arkinca*--Mostlv cloudy this iftemoon clearing tonight and cooler; low tonight 34-40; tomorrow fair. Little Rock -(IP). Sen. .lohn I.. McCIcllan (D-Ark) will spenk it th« 42nd annual convention nf the Arkansas Wholesale Grocers AMocUtion her* tomorrow. ·ornc woni.iAiin. "V PATftlCU «OOMk CAIOLIM I'dl.fc ·ONNIK NICKMfc Poultry Market -- The poultn market today as reported by Ihe University of Arkansas Institute of Science MHJ Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas'area: Market steady; demand good; volume of trading heavy; prices f.o.b. farm reported to 2 p. m.--broilers and fryers, all weights, 24-26 cents, mostly 25 cents.

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