Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 3, 1952 ツキ Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1952
Page 16
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TMMS, NyMtvllta, AHwMM, Thimfey,-April I, IfM Idly Human Side Of Why Mr. Truman 'tkted Not To Run Not Publicly Known; ly Have Been He 'Went Along With Bess' By JAMES MARLOW | romphratcrt h;m that hrcnusc In テつキshington-M-PrMidnH Tru- "? '"' st - vc( ! r "nilテつォ""テつサlt events - -.3. . piled up on him, onouuh of them MS whether you like him nr |0 ,., x ,,,,, rncl , r , u | ncw nf Hnv テつキofc'Ue an extremely human man. man On( , y( , nr ,,,,,,. on MaITh 39, fulcl tempered, us humble ar. liny ]|) Sli hf r( , pfir tp,i he had roarhert Jimwho ever ocrujiied I hi- White ., decision ,n,,, u , .^kini! annthcr goOfe. almost painfully ioyr.l In; ,,. rm ,,,., ,..,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,| lst . l( , sc it I mends m most cases, and -.vlth i , lnl ji ,,, ,,,,, ,,,..,{,. A-Moker In College Found To Make More Money Later On Than Ail-Around Student Nrw Yrtrk-OTj-Thr "fi r r a s y Krlnd"--Ihc A-makcr in colloRe-- is Ihr jtravj'-mitkcr whnn hr gets out. Th/il's what a study of rol- r. .Amduatos, jUHt published, turned up. "Good Nite LacHes" To Be Presented At Joplin Hall J.-wnen he mil lie wouldn't run i Thp Americans in Korea were hr- Mto it was priihahly the mosl I Klnnlns ,,, , ]n B , c || ,,,,,,),,_ ,,,!,.,. bntmrlanl statement he'll e v e r , | h c i r s h;illciina reverses In Ihc lihテつサkJ. from a political .テつォ1.iinlp(iinl. ||ir,i)-.'.| v.-inti-r; ilennral Elwn- BuMrom the strictly human side h()W( . r ),,,,) ,,,,,,,, ,,, E, m )|,e to build Be left the most n- pnrlant question : ,, p , h( , Nortn Allanlie treaty army; unanswered: Why did he decide j jn f| a i im , ,..,,., M m ,,.,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, rot 1.0 run? He or his li lends may j mn vms slowly; employment was rxpliin it some day. Mayiie tl was i |,jj;h; and (le/i-nM- protiuclion WHS テつキ5 simple as this: He テつォ-テつォs Retime i maUnc proKress Uke n |t fl earv V ''"'" W; "" Cd '"'"' '"i " TM w,m the war in Kore,,. JUI it w.iVnh.h Iy a lo, more | ^'^.Vnnri TMe' proTM,,?TM r rolling. Trum/m miflht have i hoc.n jiblc In feel just about thK in 11)31 ih,tt he could ask Ihr voters for another Irrm in thr j While House with some fooling of i conHdcnrn ho mifiht fi^t it. But by l a s t Snlurrifiy ni^ht, March Ufl, tvhich wa.テつサ onr your In the flay since hr h;irf s.'ilrl he had I rcnchrd ;i drcifiinn, rphuff. 1 -- ,inrl re- versos had piled up for Truman, so the derision (IP minouiK-ed Saturday nifiht, not In run, might have just (ho nppositr of the i drci.slnn he hud reached n year Thr \vnr in Kore;i has hi down; Truman suffered n-humiliating defeat in the NV" Hampshire primary.' and even in Minnesota Senator Kcfnuvnr heat him on Ihf write-In vntr; Ihr smell of corrupt inn In government had .spread ;icross thr countryside; and had reached a low in jobs in our swirtv. 'f'he non-col ly man who rises to IN top it a j Thp )hrc(1 . ac| テつキ fm . , comcdv restive rarity. I ., CowJ Nj|( , ]jaj ,, is schedulcd . 0f , rn . u . r '. P Jn :"."".' - ?. l ! ne ' !S TM dll :i'nr two nights at Memorial Hall Joplin. April H and 9. It will Tuesday and Wednesday of atrj? hold the top positions. About! i n - -'-r of thorn hold clerical,'.,.. HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery PnJrk-ia S. West point out in their book "They Went to ColleRp": "If you study hard you are sure to go ( n hcnwm nnd incidentally, hnvi* thr happiest and m o s t jjiofflftblr lift? en route." The "greasy grind," they say, makes even more money than ihe all-around student who may he picked n* the most likely to puc- rr-ed, or Ihe big man on campus. fiut. and here's a rheerful fact, according to the authors, regardless of where they stood in the jjraduHtjng, a creat many of Ihe more than 6.000.000 living i:nltcRテつォ cntduntes "hold* the key Dr. sales find manual jobs, the authors ; say. But even hero, , grari- earn considerably more lhan their non-col leffc colleagues." And, believe it or not, 1he wealth awl prestige of ihe, college he attended is Ihe guide fo predicting テつサ grnduate's financinl success. Also, the boy who works ItiK way makes relatively less money than the boy from richer family. next week. Starring in the comedy are Dale Rodney, Jack Mathiesen, Dorine Liplk, .Monie May and Josephine Drew .'Mrs. .1. L. Wilder, Box テつォS6, Joplin, is reecjving applications for tfckets. The play concerns a woman- .-hy professor who "believes the the i female, of the specie's is more i deadly than the 'male, but who Factories Ahead Of Homes In New Ideas Of Planning And Furnishings, Designers " And Architects Say; Ugly Plants Passe . , Contrary to Ihe popular myth,; learns that while girls' are just it is the rule ralher than the ex- j rlanccrnus they are more fun," cepiion to earn your way through テつキ according to a publicity release. college. More than 7f) per cent; Thn profwwir attcnris an ls ArtK-la worked their way in whole or in j an d Models ball known . a s the .テつ」?"' ___ | Pagan Hc'vel.' which is raided by the police," and in escaping from thn clutches of the law the professor and his male companion find themselves in a Turkish bath for women only. The results are daring but hilarious." H*tfy Seeks to Dnmiss ((urge Against Him l Nashville, Tenn.-W)-Taft Moody of Oklahoma City, a former University of Arkansas basketball star, .sought to dismiss a charge brought against him by the federal government that ho evaded ; paying $75,614 in income taxes. Moody's lawyer t h e : charge was invalid r -cause" time had run nut, and the sii tutc of limitations was in effect. . Moody was an ice cream dealer ! at Mc.-nphis at the time of the 31- ! legcd tax violation in 1943, 1944 ' and 1945. Federal .Judge Klmcr bavics set a hearing in the case for April 14. Starts Friday Drive-In Theatre I he knew ! popularity. Attorney Announces Opening Of Offices F. .1. Mealy, Fa.veUpvilUe attorney, today announced the opening of offices In the Ensrn Building for the general practice o f ' l a w . A resident of FayeltevHlc since June of Intt year. Healy received his legal education at the Pacific Coast School of Law, Los Angeles, Calif. He is a member of Sigma Delta Kappa lr.\v fraternity, which he served as Missouri Valley District vice president in 1051. Following admission to the Arkansas bar In ID.ifl, Healy practiced In Little Hock for a time before corning hero! He is married and the father of two children. Aテつォvrrtlテつサr In Inr TIMM--It nテつォTテつォ PLAN TO BUILD *テつキ Out Miltrlil. Qtl Our Pile**. Try Our itrrtti. DYKE LUMBER CO. 301 81. ChirlM Bj SAM DAWSON New York-i/Pj-The home maker inifiht tnkfi a gander at today's fac- inries for ideas. Some architects nnd rlcsifinrrs say that industry j is way nut in tront in planning. hiiildinR and furnishing its quarters. Those who plan their offices, commereifil hullriinKF and factories aren't as afraid of innovation, and are more sound on the matter of lighting, acoustics and usefulness, than are their wives In planning homes--that's thp idea these architects and designers are touting, anyway. One reason, perhaps, IP that the. induKfrhilisl is morn likely lhan Ihe homemaker to takf; the advice of professionals on ; uch mailers. That old ytuinbling block "I know whafl like"--is found more around .ho home. The ugly factory is hn.'omins ptisse--nl least it isn't built much any more. Interiors arc b coining more efficient to work in and definitely more pleasant, for the em- iloyrs. Onr result claimed is increased productivity. And the trend of lair in moving 'aetories to the suburbs has increased their outside beauty, landscaping, parking space, and rrc- reattonal facilities are becoming .he rule ntthcr lhan the exccp- .ion. To solvr housing problems, especially Ihe high cost of building. Architect George Nelson suggests a king some, tips from industry, which knows how to enclose the most space at. the least cost for better solutions. His (dra isn'1 1o mikfi home* look like factories, hut he doea think thテつォ conventional e eoMs more. thテつォn it nerd for service H performs, "Industry i? for in arlvnncc nf the homemaker in furnishing offices anrl commerrjal buildings," dust rial designer. He told members of the American Institute nf Decorators at their annual meeting here that they should get. together with the housewife to create "an efficient and workable (fhinc." He thinks industry ran ! leach them much about lighting, j acoustics and easy access to rev- elont things. A lighting, engineer, Richard Kelly, thinks both homcbuilders and industry could learn about visual reactions In surroundings f r o m impressionistic painters whose ryes are highly sensitive. Kelly says commercial building? havr led the way with nc"/ lighting techniques by serf' on morp scientific knowledge of what the human ] eye perceives, i Much nf this is gelting beyond ! Ihe average man's depth. Dean ] eph Hudnut nf Harvard's Grari- テつキ uatp School of Design admits thai, "thr average man has little op- ; portunlty, surrounded as he is by floods of machine-made merchandise, to develop a critical faculty." j Most, men and women, says the dean, have need of informed and | competent professionals tn "make j Ihem aware of thr necessity of i beauty in the rnmmonplaces of i life." | In the island of Barbados, a- divnrce involves division of all property, including the house. The husband carts off his half of the houfe and the wife boards up the open side and continues, to live in the remainder. ! All living things are slightly! radioactive because- cosmic rays 1 act on some of the nitrogen of the air they use. When they die;,; the radioactivity dies out in about! .10,000 years, permitting scientists] to estimate the a^c of ancient I objects which once were living. I REVIVAL SERVICES at SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH South Locust Street will continue, through this week Rev. Tom Richards is conducting services and Gene Laymon directs song services. // you have not been attending, be sure not to miss the remaining services. Copernicus. the astronomer, who is sometimes credited with ihe discovery that Ihc earth re-ma- | vn ' vps around the sun and not the sun around the n arth, is believed to have revived'suggest ions first made by Aristarchus, 3 Greek who lived about 265 B. C.' BETTER for less money! Hfrテつサ are twテつォ suptrh hearing aid* by makers of world famous Zftilth 1le- vl*!m. Radio*. FM Only Z-nl(h Hfテつサr ing Aid* hftvr fxclusiv^ ntw. putfnt^d rrnMAPfioKf 1hテつサt *sstirテつォ ty.celtent pfr- formflncテつォ under extreme heat and humidity- Come In now! Aboriginal residents of Easter Island callrd it "Rapa Nui"--"The Big Paddle", presumably in memory of the lona canoe, trip which brought Ihc first people to Ihc island. C*mテつォ in for Fill Pccket of Inwry Ioar4 Contact Cleaner* DIXIE RADIO Ut BktKM MlMH 12 WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yearn SMITH RADIO SHOP rt. Put your friends on a Pedestal Simrkfi nn A table. ? Crown Hrinko in thrir hnnds. A pleiiflftrH hnflt joining in ihr ronvrrantMHi. No wMiテつォlrr lltry fritl like ttoinrhfiHy Hnrrin I. ATM! if ( h r y ' r e fririi(iテつサ of yuur... Mr.*' nrtf i 7 Crown. MtfNM WWihty, 16.1 Proof. 65% Grain Neutral Spirit! Sテつォテつサ|nm-0rtti)fftn Corp,, N,Y, OZARK - - NOW THWll - DANCER - IXCITIMfNT tテつサ KIRK DOUGHS IKE BIG TREES fy* P.lrk MULE* テつキ WYMOftE 7:00 テつサ:00 *T PINZA 1:30 3:30 -r S;30 7:35 9:35 THE SHOWGIRL AND THE PRINCE Priced Especially for You 4 Piece Bedroom Suite $ 239 95 In Limed Ook. 12 months to pay. No carrying charge テつキ*** *f SPECIAL BUYS Five Piece Gleaming Chrome Group Modern homemakerx are using chrome in formal roomi. too. and this five piece net can bテつォ uitd ANYWHEREI Green and yellow. Reg. 119.95 95 52-Piece Set Irregulars Si 095 Reg. 34.95 Ifc Beautiful Desk $49.95 Platform Rocker $59.95 in Friiu or Plastic テつキ ;ii ^B|l f!!!ir 1! i: P 17-19 N. ILOCK PHONE 35

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