Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 3, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1952
Page 15
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·JOtTMWMT AKAMAI TIMfl, fnrtWovlll*, ArkartMN TttUfMIy. April I, IfM ·IS Price Of Hams And Chickens Down Little In Some Areas chicken u rent It.* Mill. a.C.i»er»l r fcrtiM r. ftuit profit* or will (·» TIM AntMUtMl Pr*M) Retiil pricM of »s«i and a long of fresh vegetable* wen a Inflation cnused the price of! I bridea to fo «ky high in Uganda, little hillher this wuk in moist | Africa. It in now "frozen" at five j HorM. Hanw »nd frying chicken* wer* a couple of cent* a pound lower in many places. Otherwise the overall level of meat prices WM about unchanged, but a libcr- il aprinklinf nf rather sharp reduction! t* attract customtrt made thii week look like a good one to fin sorni extra shopping around In for meat bargain*. Prices were nff a* much as 10 cents a pound on such popular cuts as leg of lamb, rib roast and sirliin steaks in scattered areas. - · Th« advance in *gf pricei amounted to two to lour cents as a rule; and wai generally attributed to heavier buying by stores preparing for a lively Easter and Passover trade. Wholesalers said it appeared unlikely that eggs would go up much more .before Rafter--and might well decline moderately after the holidays. Vegetables higher ii. moil produce departments included best quality green beans, Leets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, oniona, green pea«, and summer squash. Market reporters said adverse growing weather in the South and a ea- «onj»] downtrend in production in tome important vegetable areas of California were responiible. Most fruits, including citrus, · veragec! a little higher but white- fleshed, grapefruit, Florida Valencia orange* arid California navels .were being heavily promoted by retailers. The Agriculture Department's list, of mist-plentiful foodn for .thrifty buying this week: prunes, raisint, b.roilet!, fryers and cabbage. Music Teachers Of Southwest To Hoot On Campus Of U.A. Approximately 75 music theory »nd compotition tenctiern.from 26 collects »hd univeriities in the ·SouthWfit will mMt Stturdav in the Arts Canter it the University. Tht meeting will open nt 9:30 n.m. with in addrew of welcome by Ktnnitrt R. Oiborne, chairman · of th* division of fine and applied arts. The tweherf will then divide into tw» disunion frpupr lor thf remainder ot the program.. Dr. Bell Rom of the University of Tulta will act as moderator for « group discussing problems of rompoaition teaching, and Dr. Bruce Benward of tht University of Arkansas will h« moderator (or a group discussing theory «nd " related subjects. " Schools participating will be Oklahoma A. and M.. the University of Oklahoma, University of . Tulsa, Kansas State Teachers College. Phillips University. Oklahoma City University. Kansas City ' Conservatory of Muaic, Oklahoma Baptist University. University of conatrucii.n KhM i xonoa datrt Adr) 1 head of cattle, five goats and th* j equivalent of $2.80 in cash. » HHH irate three pound. cam nut macMiwa. Havtr bw* remmtr- rially uaeal aM 1* pauncta t r * a h ·Imwirta. Atari v«ur «wn nut rfiut* at 4a acic*. Machiitta ST.Sa vach. null, tic |«unit. Wrll« Ho« K-SO, nm a*U, CM of Mat cam in~rir~- ·Itavlll.. FrlMl la itll. Wrllt »«* I LOST AND FOUNB NO*THWi$T AtKANSAS TIMES Itjl PtYMOUTH. 1*7 W*at C«nl«r H FARMAU. tractor, plow and mrru-- Inf machine. Hayrfpn ranlknrr. Phorw H7JI. aon motorcycle. 1»H1I3 _ _ Mt .vniDCBAKEIt or IMS ch»vrolfl Phnnr IM.U. C L A S S I F I E D ADS Hat*: 3 ccrm per word ai ·ertion Thr*t consecutive in 7 cenw ptr word. Minimum or. .,,. . Clatnified adi cash in advance--nat I taken over the telephone. Deadline for claMlfied ads: 10:H a. m dally: 1:30 a. m. Saturday. Correction)! and rerun cheerfully' *filA¥«D. from HII 5"'°"; Barn. Hlfhway 71 n A" 4 2 '; m. h.ill. Call 1770 Hilton BrM. Sa,l« inrlh. larKt Brah- !77«. nri.r WANTED--MALI PARf'TlME MEN , %OTF, Ad».r,l» W ,op, ,nr o.K.r pace* is due at 12 noon th* day pre- ceedfng publication; 12 noon Saturday fo^_pub|lcatlon on Mondav ' LEGAL NOTICES INUHSKY WORKERS. ? month. work in Iowa. Transportation potd for qualified applicants. A p p l y Employment Office, NOTICI Notice i« hcrrby given that tha un- daratanerf has filud with the Com- miaaioner nf Revenu«i of the Slate of Arkansas for a permit to aelt and dtupenie beer at retail on the premise! i 104 West Center' Street. deae.ribed aa r.nt Meadov.-. Farette- ;= = z^--=· ·illt. w»nin ( UM Cnuniy. "Ar« »· Railni TroufetnT * The bndeniffted atataa that he ii citizen of Arkansas, or aoort mo character. That he iiaa never been convicted of n felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no ilcenie to tell beer bv the uneer- signed hai teen ravoked within ifve year* last past: and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other atatf. relative. to the sale of * ! Let · Wart Ad Help Yen Solvt Them!" alcoholic liquorr Application is mr permit to be issued for operation beginning on the llth day of April. 1152. and to ·expire on the Mlh day of June. IH2. Sherman A. Morgan Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me thit 2nd daj of April, 1952. Ethel M. Smith Notary Public ISCALl My Commission experts: March M. ItM^ 3-lt.x , H*TI« I* TIM , £.r l ""» t 1±. · IN TK» iiVrrut rJr rS« IBTATH OF Cirl S. Stillllnt. d«« No. i - L»t known «(tdr» of decedent. Route «. Sprlhfdalt. Arkaniin ' Date of death: March 10. 1M2. An inatrttment dalfd N( vf niber 1, 1M7. wai on tht MtK da.v of March, IM2. idmilted to probate aa tht Ia« will «f tht above named decedent. and tht imderaicned hat Wen appointed executrix thereunder. A con- teat of tht probate of the will can be effected only by mine · JKtitlon within the tlmt provided by law. All peraoni havina clainu atalnit the eatate mutt ekftibit them dulv verified, to the unftereiiried within alx month* from the date of the firtt publication of thia notice or they thai! be forever -barred and precluded from any benefit in the eetate ,1*1* notice firit itiihllaheit ITtff Say of March, 1151. Mra. A. Shllllnf Kkecutrik, Route 4. Sprtnadalt. Arkanaat. Box !». J7 April -c ~ "THREE EASTER SPECIALS" 1950 Plymouth Suburban. Ro- dio ond h»ot«r. Looks and drives lik« new, Only SI595 1947 fiukk Special 4-door. Ra- dio, ond heater. A nice slick car. Only $995 1942 Chevrolet 4-door. Heater, One of the few good ones. Only , . $ 4 8 0 HELP WANTED--FEMALE GOOD STMOGRAPHER AND GOOD TYPIST nttded for National Orn«n-« ization which will optn office locally In near future. 5al«ry and em- ploye benefitK are above avenge. Muni he permanent, exprriencrd: Kite 20-3S. Apply Employment Of- Ijct immediately. KXPntflfCED WAlffipft. APPLY IN PEHfcON, WA6HIKQTON HOTEL. HELP wtnfed for tifefworlc and mark- intnock. F. W. Wool war th_ Co. EXPERIENCED waitreM. Jftfltn'i daft". South School Street. TATUM BUICK CO. Phones 213 and 18? 30 EaU Mountain St. FACTORY WORKERS. Some factory optnih|e ire *xpert«ri in the near future. Mutt be permanent. Ate* ?1-3S. Apply f!m^oym»nt Office im- inediately. WANTED WANTED. ftttMRian . If you ar? net. katlifled with your pr«*nt earning, would like to make Sim.M per wfffc or mor*. Muxl have car. S«* or write Mr. Luther Hod«in for full details Payetteviltt. Arkan- aas . Ha Ihcot k _P"jjd I n|[. Room 312. SITUATION WANTED _ COMPANION liter light work. ·VTimer _ l fdiif alert. Con- Write ftov K-.M CBINCILLA» NOW aviilpbte. quality pain. refiKler- ed PfCBA. One pair babies born S-31 -52. other* carrylnf. See at Clyde TimbrMk'*. §11 Xiimter, vipitor* wel- 1 come. -- LAYING hens qbout « months oTd". IP. t mite* north of im tli* .CkaMenr CMrt tw Wa»Mai|tHi CMMir, Arkt^aaaa J. T. Palmar and Helen L. Mlmer, huaband and wife Flalntiff Hallie Oxford Defendant The Defendant tfallie Oxford is warned to appear in this Court within thirty daya and answer tha com i plaint of the Plaln.tlff in the above I entitled cause. : Witneaa tn.v hand and Ma! of this Court this ISth day of March. l»Sl. ISEAI.) . Richard B. Gre«r Chanc«r- Clerk HI-K April VJI-c Brcntwood lAd|i Wthilaw. on 11 SPICUL U S E D · FARM EQUIPMENT FARMALl Cub Tractor. Plow, cultivator, mower. FARMAIL C Troctor. Plow, cultivator. FARMAIL A Tractor. Plow, mower, cult'vator. JOHN DEERE side delivery roke. IE ROI -cyl. Power Unit. FORD wood sow ottoehment. TWO 2-wheel heavy duty trailer!. 20-FOOT tingle axle, all steel trailer. Phillips Motor Co. M A T T R E S S E S Have your Old Cotton or Innrrsprl-iK Mattrem Rebuilt to Belter Than New free Ettlmote--One-Doy iervice Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. ( Fnrmprl v I .cvvia Mnttrrs Cn.\ 20 S ° ° St - phon * MK_NAi,rr--kCAi. r.sTATt NISAHiJv'ni'w'nY.MVrn h'oTis-'. l»r»i Garland A.'»nu* Pavement 4 HOOM mortem prune on «ou' Intuit reduced from »(.v»n rn i *3,Kno for qtnrV wlc SEVKRAI, «(od binlilinx Ion Addington Real Estate Pho \'V\ MODERN ttirr- hrir,».'n bouie. i urn EC anjir-hfi (er of tfvr n a r r e * on 1\vf mil" W well. · vflllft 1 (t(V\ . nat al blr Moder ap»rit\ Pn SAI.K--MISCEU.ANF.Otm 'COME SEE ME!" , ...jubater. cuitom hatclflnr. act every Monday. Place orden now for day old toalings. I Geett art'profitable! Haalmy. live on graia! Delicious meat. Money and Phone 666. labor aavera for weeding berry crota. orchartta. etc. Guaranteed live delivery. Ancell-ljiwson G o o a * Hatchery. 3600 Gateway Drive, | -.·«.,.». *, re . :hway 11, Joplln. Mo. Phone | DEBUTANTE Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO 2 OB North Slock "My nome i? Eunice, ond beautiful CHINCHILLA. I live at 51» GUNTER with- my keeper, Clyde Timbrook. Come visit me and my 5 chinchilla neighbors, any time." FREE LITERATURE AVAILABLE For The Best in Building Stone and Top Soil. Phone 2748 or 791W. Hrmititching, Picoling, Covered I Buttont, Button Hol*f, Toiloied Relit and BuckUi. Sptcial Attention given Mall Orders.. Satisfaction or Money Back. 5INGEK SEW'NG MACHINE CO i Nn It, S.K. St^. F»Yell«ville Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake; Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES Contractor .W K. I.iifsvrUr, Hox i 4 3 t' Sl» I'hni^f HUH. fa.VPll_i-villi. "FOR "voifS" mxrmG~Nr:r.ns~ " (·ill II I. stcwsn liootinf Cnntrsnor llnmc repair., nhnni- inil.t " E X C A V A T I N G ^ B U L L D O Z I N G Gruvvl, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phon* ?49 . K U'nt-idniM. R o u t e illr. Ph'inr ririninftn FARM BUYS ji £.* lir^ rirlf- fn J. W. H I L L ELECTRIC CO. Quality lnitallir ·PUMPS · POWER Then* 24. W*it Fork u: :.nn no I ' .31 m-rrji. 4 im]i« n»i fvtllr eood ro-»rt l hii». fn 3 hrdrrtnm hoii«c, »-ii 'Vll h fled ft .inn rhif FOR 5AI-K--Af'TOMOTIVE _ W H I T F I E I D ' S TRIPLE CHECKED z TRUCKS I 1950 CMC Pickup; «-ply ti.-«.j? Hcotrr. low mileoge. fer- fret condifinn. Gooron- tr-d Sll?i 1749 Ch«ivroli. C.O.E. 3-ton. 2- \p?cd nxlr. 8 2 5 x 2 0 lirfi. Long whflel b o s * . . .$695 19i8 Ford 1-ton expran. Naw/ bed ond fflnders. 6-p'y rif^i. ^-^pc?d tranjmii- r,inn $795 1947 GMC 1'i-too. Widf. Iroo! axlo. 12-foot bpd. 2-spoed rear o*l«. 8 2 5 x 2 0 ' rfrk PH1CKP HK.HT McCarlnev Lewis Co, Inc. HCME'AND INCOME »ach rnruils!* nf ! bathroom. Iqrcr t lar«» rnmhlniitln id w r a t h r r - furnarf. Mnnrn. vr huf tt pnrrh in:»ro:i!M m- Tlpptrt nn'n. 'Ur FOR SALE--REAL f 9TATC _ living rrtnm. (\\n\ng room, larjtr kilrhfn wllh hrnkfust upare. loH nf hullt-ini. rxtrn \*fff ntlnrh- rrt gtrntf wflh plumhlnjr for auto- nintfr ivather. tot 70x!7A on paid p^\'r*mt»nt. The prire hm hffn rr- rtunrtl 10 Jtft.WW. NF.W TWO BEDROOM HOMF and »1- | Ifi(:h(!i1 (jfirnf* with 1nvf1y IK'Inf t rnnni. modern kitrhrn anri ninrttf. | tilcrt hath and nmnv nlhrr c x t r n j fpatttr^*. The pr!rt in Sd.WW. ' NEW TWO BEDROOM HOMK anri \nr»t tarafi* with prMtv kitchen and rtinrttt-, ntliiiy room, r x t m inr«i» J hrdrrn.Tii. (tillv Inmila'tprl, vcntMlan · hlinrtf. forced air KM furnacf. Uarff^ . Ifvfl lot and only wiih C.J , 1,nan nvHilahlt*. j TWO heel room honir nnri cnrport i,«ar hu« lin*. convi-nlrnl to University nnd ho*pitBU Thr prict 1 nn!v Sfl.rXH. with St.DOO dnwn and S44 «'J nh/fln .i-^mrnt THIS 15 " A t OVF.i.Y MOMK PLUS HANDSOME IN'COME FOR 1947 B$-J Iniflrnotionol. foot siock rock. 2-spaH : o*l. .-S895- S A F E T Y TE5T0 r CARS ; 1951 73 Deluxe Oldi.mobilc i?.don. Oftmonsirator. Hy- ; HJpCf M r C ^ . Nf)W C(lf 'VQr- ! rnnty $ 2 7 8 3 i 1 7 4 9 Fnrd ?-rinor. Radio. o»-r- i drivr. Good fires, Hfjaf«r. i On*; ownfir S M 93 '19-13 Ford 6 dub coupo. Radio, ! hrnfr, p I n , ! i c covtv*,, i original finish. Clron o^d iolid $795 , 1 9 4 6 Olds 7f) club i*don. Hy : " drofT-otic. Rod'o and h*ater I7?S 1937 D o d g » sftdon. Cl^an. solid. A real buy. . .1295 UTIEY COMPANY, INC. WHITFIEID M010R CO. ""?"·"! 15 Nnrth Ensi 5t. frmr REAM'OR5 I.KNOF.RS il , ,1 H 1, \n\f\- "201. Ren IR07 _ TOO GOOD FOR WORDS j FOR *Al.r--KMI. AND too «ood tn \mi* up Thl« Tfl \ B\*' nrrrrs hn · A room rnndrrn hon 1 ." PUBLIC SALE" THURSDAY. April 1 ..ipglnninc 10 , rlnck nn Ray -William* Farm Green tnnd. I.I veil nrk nrul lurnllu Herman Toncy. owner. Ollle a BUI Tarkell and Rrure Hand *i FOE BAl.r--HOMF, NRIDil Hl|h ur. Missouri, Drury College of Springfield, Mo., East Texas'Baptist Col- Jege, Maryville College of Maryville. Term.. Kansas State Teachers College, Tarleton State College · of Stephenville, Texas, State Teachera Colltge of Kirkfville. Mo., Arkansas State College, Arkansas Technical College, Ar-* kansas StaU Teachers College. *Fort Hays State College o( Fort Hays, Kan., Southern State College of Magnolia, Ark., Parks College of Pa.-kville. Mo.. Missiissipi Southern College. North Texas State College, Hendrix College, »nd Ranger Junior College of Ranger, Texas. I .A CftbiMU I»Ttt*d The Univenity art riepHrtnteni hut been invit*rf to ftxhihiT student drawings in the third annual ex- hit)itt?n, "Appnwchtu to rr«w- ing',' tt th« University of Missis- njr| sippi Gallery April 20-Mfly 4. Thft j p , r Bn d accrued interne. Univ»r«ity ht* taken part in the j *""m ««rpiut in it.* building; . Nvttct Of *·* Of S«h**l ·«*.*« Elkins School District No. in of Washington County. Arkaniaa. hereby - M notice that It will Bell to the ,he«t bidder for ca«h it* propotcd -- of WO.ftOO in 2.10% anil ruction achool Mnrtft dated A tori) l. 1952. interest payable aemi-innuitly. find maturing aerially on April l of t?ach yepr an follnwa: 11.50ft 'in ItSS and 1»M; *2.NN) in 1935 to'1%0. Intln.iv*: I2.SOO in iHl tn ISSfi. incluitve: S3.0M in 19*1 l»tt nnd 19f»: I3.WO in 1$70 and 19T1: $4 «W in 1972. The bond? are payable in the first initance from the proceed* of a thirteen mil) continuing building fund tax. vftted by ihc elector* ot ti alt- trict. which will continue annually until the bond* and Interest are paid in full. In addition the bond* will he secured by a pledge of all other rev- the district can legilly 1«. pick ·«uli/ul enue thfit pledge. POO ft--CATS--PETS REGISTERED male Collie litter. 4 month* old. Beautiful dot ·O?,- houaa broken, child's pel. Phnnr 1001. WILL- five away part Persian rat. Callafter 3 p. m.JB4*M. POINTlBKpupil. $10.00 e a c J f T P h o n e IM9M4.J _ ' TOR gALI-r-LIVESTOCK PUHiKSStb ""jftmiahir* "*w#7~ityen ra old. wHh purebred buck Inmh, 2 COSMETICS, FULLEK BRUSHES. PHONE 1548 ELECTS 1C ~irontr_ f*honeT3M«.wr PERSONALIZED rubber ~door"miTiV your name molded in il. A prrtrrt _gift for all occasion*. Call 2397.T. ^ · I! S A V E ! ! On your furniture at HILTON j MOS., Hiwoy 7V North. Wide I selection to chooi* from. Free parking. 8u» every hour. We give SH Green Stamps Phone 1770 Hi on. Oi. Inr.. ' hulk Really Co. M? North College A v e Phone _ n«! Day or Siijlil " ~ " ~ i 71 A VERY finr. !n*!nim.»nt at * l«ir price. No nmnMrosHle.i. HOO Soulh Sclionl .IflfiTJ RAINBOW TROUT soid~dflfTT.""Phone Sprinidale .1201. Owrh Trout Farm NVar Jnhnwin LIKHGAGK. mil i-asnu. fnoi lockpri. brief cnse*. B-4 ban, O'nltf CAHKI inilct kill. eir. A rnmplele lini N's AHWV_SIIRPI,I;K STORK _ IDEAL MAHRES5 CO. Quality new mattress ond mattress renovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST DICKSON hnua*. «nrt*1 barn and other Nn rork*. I m me din IP poMpwtlnn Rral , hiirynin. stfi,Sl0._Wilion Really. !A"NICE"SM'AU~FA"RM"'"~ " i!0 ACRFS, Krrmoth, mnptly tf-vct. all rlpairfrt nnd In pwttur* nntl mfd-lnw. Thrrt room hoiiKf, «ll lari* room*, liarn. hpn hnntr. crtlnf and Rood well. A «ood buy «t S. l l.20n.(M A .GOOD LIVESTOCK FARM 210 ACrtKR Jocalrd on statf highway, ntail milk and trhnol hit* ront«. Not far out frnm rrnrtr .chnoi hlfh jtrhoni nnd t ratling rpnt»»r. lisn arr«n In gnnd paittiri* and mradnw. Wll) rarry ,in or mor» hoari of .r**tt».. S room hnute, ha" light,' and propanf f««. Gfinrt largi* hum. plrnty of HAMMOND RFAITY CO. _ _ nice Jeriey heifer, hea tarlnier. Jack Johmon. P h o 3042R4. it«ck. New Zealand Whit* and California doe* ~and htirkft. -T F narkiitrom Fvr Phonr 2T!(!.*L-1 '41 FORD panel tntek for tor. Phone -11 M. The buyer may name the place of j * -w- *' s ^' 1 - rj ^" J ^ r "*· «·*·-"·'--TM»-«-^*^««'-««*' payment and trustee, and may have FOR SAI.K OR LEASE the right to convert the bond* to a «eiMA*gi.g ' av-ri · lower rati- of intereit. ·ubntintiRlly tfDHffit. vae»nt now Will Mil my -T^nrri.^ syri- s^^sssv"^";:;:! K^TM^*^. »»_·» Catr* Of Wt with to express our sincere think* and appreciation to all for their aympathy. beautiful floral ftffer- .ng* and any kindness ahown during the loa-i of our dear Father. Edpe- - dally do we thank the. enure net and th* utters, doctor* and nune* of 1h« washinfton County HoRpUal. Th*-. Carriwell Family GENUINE FORD SUN VISORS NOW ON SALE AT AB5HIER-BRYAN Rtajulfir $17.30 Volu. far ONIY 12 9S PAINTED t INSTALLED FIT ALL 1949, 1950 t, 1951 FORD PASSENGER CARS ABSfflER-BRYAN MolorCo. Your Far«j D««l«r for. 39 YMN in F«y«n«yill« iccorrt with th* Dniversal Bond Value* Table* and. mibfecT to the approval of the CommiHioner of Education. The buyer will be expecttd to pay the foIlowfnR expeniien nf the iuue: the printing and trunteelng of the bond* and the f*» of Towtiatntj A Townaend, Atlornoya. I.ittte Knck. , upon whoic approving opinion thr bonda will be issued. The bonds will be^callablt f6r payment prior to maturity fn invent* numerical order at follow..: fund, from ._ ... . y in- paying date on and after April ' 1157. The tale will be held noon auction hjda at 8:00 o'clock P- m. on thf- Mth equity 1STSW. will rrnt. Phone M2C or . . day of April. 19.12, In th» the Mth . ., office of Superintendent In Elkins. Each bidder will he required 10 file a certified check in the sum of Sl.i payable to the Distrirt, ax liquidated damafaa if he is the micc«ssful bidder and rail* to complete the pttr- chaae. Other chrcks will he returned promptly. The District reserves the rlfht to reject any nnd nil bid*. For turther information addre^f the under- xJCncd. GIVEN Ihii 18th Hay of March. 1952. KLK1NS SCHOO1- DISTRICT NO. 10 OF WASHINGTON COUNTY. A R K A N S A S By L. M. Cimfield. President And B. K. FaubiiK. Secretary 20-27 April Vc MONFT TO LOAN FhA HOME LOANS Low interest, long termi UTLKY AND COMPANY, INC. fte*uilful colon At* f**r CLARK VENETIAN ·LIND AWNING CO. It wmma» ft. mi «na I y. aa. CASH FAID FOR DEAD ANIHAL5 fhona Sdtacl MM ArkllllM Joalin R«n«l«rini) Co. FOE £ALE.|--AIITOMOTrVlt 1950 DESOTO,"cuitom" 4-door ltdon. light green. Original ' owner. 17,000 miltts. In perfect condition and a beautiful cor. $1600.00. Write box K-55, care of Timei. axle, engine in excellent condition. BARGAIN HI only *»fto.(to. See Harold Morgan. Terry Village. Bid*. .IX. Apt. 2. Or, phone Mr*. Harold Morgan between I and 5 at 7M. J24.50: lln*n chest, SVMl. nilenl wheel trnUer. Furniture jjunt ind mlacellfineoiu. Lloyd'* Tradlnn pojtl. HiRhway 7 j South, ninr Purdy'i ^ .1 ROOM upufairi Private cnlrnr . bills pnid. Price reckon* k-Ir .Tin \ V e s t _ Spring, _phone__tM4M. "''~ i lurntahrri apnr) private hath. All NOT MANY WOULD KNOW i only m. THAT thrrr \* * farm of I hi* hlrh i w i ( n I' 1 " ralihfr Kitting wifhin ' j mi|.ynf Tt highway. Nn f»lf5. hut writ con- Ktritrlod x\e*l nttle-cunrdi. Your own privatr. «crnlr. drlvr right to thf nld rnlonlnl munslon. And * r^nl hnmr H Is, Isref living roorh whh flrnplacr. 4 b»drnom« earn wllh p r i v a t e hn*h, «»rvlre porch 'tlnins room nnd kilchen. Two rn- iinl rtoui-**. h«rn. rhlrk^n hotita, nr-parilinR room wllh rnnninx wmrr . O\'.-r nfWl ^c-rri. 2W1 Krrr of orw-n gra»i Innrt. Several «Trtngf. f^nrtnr Eood. g ti I t r » rnnch AND WT THINK YOU WILL I.IKE IT. 1,OOK AT IT nd floor? In 1 room" Srr'- rd-in rear porrh. pnrtja) h«nrm"0i Inirrinr It papered, nutnlflr niil.ilifrt ·tfthrilo* Kid Inn A n n.lrqrtiv j'nrd wllh *hnihhrry. 2,ofln hroilrr r*- pnclt.v. Vinrynrrt nf 2'-.. nrrc-. 7^ nrach ir.»»*. 71 opplc, Imn^pflrrnt and rtotlrmiif. ' ( »(rr a rnwi.Trlps Roll It nf thr he*!., ann (her? « n tir-ar -Springdnlr. nnd' M aontl bil.v YOU'VE HEALLY MISSED SOMETHING IF you f a l l In t-pr thl». Slv niom hoitte. modflrn. on 30 *rrr« of land, nrolkr raparhy o( J.'i.nfld. hitllriMiKi Htl n-a-H-cnnHriirlrd Oni* urn- linnet", r4purity 17.Wn AiHrm.nlir wrilfr«T» Oax wrll mippllp* gat for healing nil bultdingv tnt'ludlnx dw.*ll(ng Land wr)| drained. w*\l tlmrd ami (·rtillrrd Sr-rlrd tr» orchard rrp*v ludino rlovrr. ottirr grn.iteit IK arrri of granev Good fcncp-. (mm m fair rondlllnn. A r-"i! Inv'-ilnipnt. i-rry reanonahlv prlcfd. Cull for » ihow- NEWLIN-POWEll REALTY South 71 iMum-t 91.1 Spru.sdHlr Ark THREE "THOUSAND" DOLLARS""" MODF.1ST ftiv room hoii",- in uplrrt N. W. lornilon Siitmicfl on gcnily alorHng lot Mnrtprnlyint and «nrnp- ing up will convert thlf" prop-ny Into lovely horn- or pn idfPl rpnts! proprriy. 6? HIGHWAY LOCATION rK5URARI.R I.V II. rronlaze nn lhl« hiny highway H'» rl^ht in tnv.-n. jutl two hlork« Wesl of Ihf two n^- fcrhooi* Thp »ttrtcllv^ * room b'inx- alow JM ftrirlly modern. 5«IHnc «' nly $4.750. Complr-iety fiirni*h»d j 'nlturr - nt ini.ill ndil- | OUTSTANDING OFFERING Til REE hrrtrormi himcnlow rnnftriifl- ·d in ITVf R f t t nf m*i'trial and workmnmhip I^rtr*- In) ififfx^n l in neiflhhnrlv ^nhnrltxn nfichhorhnoii Thr ronv^nifnt r H A Fmnnf-r may h" pi^iunprl Total ^Plllnii prim only ninrtly motlern S f*5r» n»liv»* fltnnr nome located 3 rniU.l nut Hljthwev IK «aM.' NatKril «n, .lanltrnl floor Curni«. naicmtn'. nurriwnort flnrjn. (lr*plac*. vttHtlin hll nrii. rock iirnf-*. On* tft th« l*-4i w^Ma In thr r-juntr- H*« 4 brnikr hou»e* with rapacity ef S 000 Aulonnttr »'tier*r, f u 1 1 j. rqitipprd. Mak? M*al brol'rf nr li.?» rr Hftitp t ncret Irvfl ffftlt* IQlV Ff?ncpri «nd rro** fpnctd, itQck 9*ndL horn nn(\ lty\nt hntifp. S2..VM will tianHlr. hnlanrr cm tan pil4 liM rrnt. Will «l! htrnilhfd Ir HetirtlL H^a -ton fnr »r lltnf, doctor *?rd«?rf rhnni^ nf tlflturt*. If yntj ire Irti trrctteri If. nwninK * rountry hort* wlih rt(y ronva»nl^nrc« In · Iov*fcr nxlxtinnrhoocj, ll wit! jttf yn« tft in*- v^llmil* 1 thin pf*cf «1 ^nr«. Kritf Catnip men "rf w*lrom* to ihir* this pl»tr_n H. Hil. Phnn* MTWfc Y~"nwnr~r. ~4fi""a?frii of . park filS irantland on Clf»r Crfftk, 2 miltt north of city nmr Hllhwijr ,11. Half hotinnt lnnd, hilf uplantt. tc»t.- \f!'id. Inr i*- trrr* anrt tw Ho|Wt»4 anri rcflhiid. Alun tprinf water. Nt hulldlnt*. A p*rf*rt nom« ·!»«, fil»nn Will, , _ ib""VoOTMWAN r f "TO fiOtUo OWN HOME? WE HAVE FACILITIES FOB nWLDINC BY YOUR PLANS FOn YOU AND CAN FURNISH THE LOT AND FINANCING KOfl FHA. Cl OR CONVENTTONAL LOAN SEE US FOR AN E»TI.MATf WITH NO COST OR OBLIGATION. :.WILKINS REALTY CO. , 1HI ANGtLUS trailer. 2» fool over- ' 2 ROOM'"iinfiirnhhVri all. Slerpn 4. Hai nhower, many dix ftvailal-- Illillt extrac. Sell for cash «,700. Cun he i room unfurnishrd teen after fi week day* nil d*y Sun day. Mary r. rooter 1WW 'Home _ihoe__Orive. Springdale. NICE cabinet model rad.6~gnod~ron' ^'tion. Very__ cheap. _fhonp I83KW. RUMMAGE sale. Legion " HiflT" Anril I Mh, 7 a. m. NEV/LIN REALTY WFK1 . 321 EAST MAPLE STREET TIIREK hKilirifirn hnrnr In 'hi« pirn rtld locution and tmdrr nine ttin't tttnrt Hollnr« Unrrhvnnd floors bill It Inn-- rjosfl5-- iiHlil.v -- frttl rrll«r-- fertile fnrr\cn nnd da race It will p»y you tn ln*prrt thi Lei how you Phnif _ Phone .Ktfi. 2 ROOM~rui"nr-ih7d npnrlmrril'. in" Wif- _JJaui» Street. Phnni .10,11. TWO"~hmi«s. Sou'th" 11. "Ontf "mnilprn. paid. Adul.n | NEARLY new 3 bedroom modern A pa r! men f, hnuar. lot? of hill It inn. rlosris. vf- nctlnn hllndx. large attnrhed garaKP. l.arRF lot on privfd »;ir»pt I'svlnji pn!d. Po»p»inn by or before May A T T E N T I O N 1951 Ford fordor custom 3,000 mil»«. See ot BOB STOUT SERVICE STATION 123 North Collega Av». SPECIAL SALE FOR THIS WEEK MOST ANY KIND OF MAKE OR YEAR MODEL SEE US BEfORE YOU BUY . HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES: 194? N o i h Ambattodor. Low miraogc. One owner cor. Fully equipped. 1948 Noah Ambouodor. Very slick. Hunt like new, 194] Oldi I-door. 194? Dedga 4-door. 1941 Plymouth 4-doar. 1939 Chevrolet. All OUR STOCK IS SPECIALLY PRICK) FOR THIS WEEK Modern M o t o r s 135 W. Mountoin. PHentt 25? In tin TTMfS--It JUST RECEIVED A NEW shipment lalr*( dt»R.|[n« *nd colon nf White nnri Wychuff, untl Montagu stationery. Come In ltl \it show you this nice selection while ktockF are complete. McRoy ,V Mc- Kafr--Ct-avena "' ' _ F I V E room mtly. Ham _phnne 7RH _ 5 ROOMS, ~ ond __ iinTi7rnished7~~«0 Mr»Hy Company. iin(urnl«hrd. plet Sld GAHDKN tractor--riding Yno~del.~ S : horiC. pIOW. di«C. 2 rill It v» tor*. I menu 07.ARK MOUNTAIN SMOKF. HOUSF. : ,-.""" Highway fi2 Weal. ; I.IOHT _ _ _ _ _ _ .T ROOM~ tnrnish«d~a"pitrt^iir"nT rerteroratfd Private bnth 417 Mounlain _ Phonr_24M.I_ _ SLEEPING" room*', niiio a~ 7oo" furnished apnrtment. 4 IS ^School. _ ONK""nnd tw'o rofim* fnrni-ihu't "j turnti. Phnnr . r i42.1 ffKE new. portable - rryir Pho ington Model 7. J.SO Joe ».' Olson etle van print low j rhalrt. Iamp«, nigR and olhe ... tlrlf*. Ap»rlni«nt_22-.jr«?rr.v Village. ROPER gflR range, llkrr nrxv. rfa.ton- ahle 4-2n(iA^. South C^IJ^gp. ALUMINUM /iVr"niturV"~(7urk"~~h7d". ·intlng prrs«. ahaper. sawmill, ypl- . nt lumrwr, oak flooring, trtirk «iakc* Vnl BranhiBrs, Rfrryv.ll* A r k a n A a ^ . ___ . .. -al kimljrn';'nc"ar Farmer'* Market. Saturday. April S. Winn'«_Bprry Tarm _ "AUCTION SALE SATURDAY 10 A.M. ONT. lot fur nil tire, l a t p mort^li frigerator*. tiovei. liteK. odd pi (or your home One lot mi lanrnut. If yrtn have fiirnllure, for *ale. coniign It lo ihexp »»lrn Al- wayii a good demand for good furniture HTT.TON BROS AUCTION HOUSE ' Sale Every K«iitrri«v IJ'^I-V.TU*?!!* 1 .... ,, J! hnn * 177 " .1 ROOM fnrninhrd" opYrimenl. prlvn ; rnlrancc and bmh. (,-loJ.c in. Coup I 2 BEDROOM IHHIVP. Phone 224^0 UNVlJRNiSHF.n" flrTi~flonr~ 4 rnr, ·: aparUnrot. 4X1 Vanrlrvrnlpr Phri I .VS7R4. _ ..SIX room and " H«rdpn!~Pho _ OARAOF/apartment. a room kitchen" e t t e and b.ilh. f.'oiuplcteiv rrri*-c- nri "^'' P a r i t y lurni«h-ri Highway 71 . S01 "h rnc_niile .W7M4 a f t e r S p m IfiO AfTOES pntture W r l t r Mr« fr- i- v » B hnM r "l rj -".; r?tfi ''"' Vk '·- ' ROOM furnnhrd apartment ?«, blocks of 'quart-. Phone IRHfi (ill . .^Jf- '"··_ Mf|f '-' nhers. mstrh- f J2- r .fH. UNPUHNISHF.IXi ".V'ron"m" hath everythinR i _£*^_/*Jl»Uii»_Phfine 3I42W2. _ _ . TWO bedroom modern home. 'centrally torated. pairl pavement. Small rouity. assume payments. Sef own- rr. 427 _En«t_Proapect. Phone 1397. S ACRF.5. lust ouisfrle'cfiv. 'on~pnve. ment. MJRhway I* west. Ston* houxe l«r«e barn nnri »mall barn, other oiiM.iilMJn£a._ Phone 2M7J _ BY n w'ner . lufRe" In'tT "»i[)prnxlmiite1y 40(1 t e e t off E**t Ifi 1', mile* frotn town t?TS na O w n e r mi Fait Men rfow. Who's Who For Service Consult You" Classified Service Pi rec tory _____ HAMMOND RFAITY CO. Kvf Phone II n Mainninnrl 1.172 .' A .Jnrvt* IStJflW SPECIAFpRiCES NO I Lovely 2 herfroom home. Kxtr.i ItrKc living room, nirr kitthfn nnrt hrrpkfml arra, EU»meri in bre^rc- donblt*. . hdth. view lot. ^ _ __ ·i'fnMnn'k i'n K TMT» i ^lurefT'bMtii tiiittonhnln. iH-rntion Mr* ' RARNTtRE. Hiirflent. " " nr'|Vnt fertilifcr f i^^lownii. 1RM.I. . "NEfr"Go«fy.»ir flfei'.""«.70ili"~Bar. ' lain. Conoco .Servtr* Kt niton. J2.1 j .1 ROOM nirclv fnrnt^h'-fi doxvnVla.ri | aparlmrnt Privwlp rnirxnip, p r i v a t t h^Ih and cara*.*. Cloif in Adulu i Phnnr IftXM NP.W~*2 Ivfdrn'on. "diipifxV" ?(M Vir- PARK VIEW "APARTMENTS "nWiied- .oom tnifurnisherl $^0 00 lurnlshcft Sir 00 Bpndix laundry avaDfthlf Phonp RflJl _ CHICKERiNO hV piece* chrome , PAN»V planli. F'lowtri. 43 Jtoi.lh -- pi a no. ~ 2 * l»dy llvered. SR.OO and un Phone n D ftE'b^elecTric^DeLaval^irpnrator^r*;- rellent rondltlon. reason a hi v priced See ihio a) LINKWAY STORK . lo 11.00 hale. No Saturday M|PH. Wllaon. GrornlavM. Ark " . Vriiirh. rh»Tr7"Maho"ii»nT- t*bl* and rhalrit. Phonf 8RRVICRK OFFF,ltM WKKKLY" jiarkinit «par»rrn'am TftACTOH itardrn plowlnj Pho'ne 2*f, for Information ~ " " 1 ONDS - ROADS - CLEARING - OI.IN KARNER AND r.M.IS WI1.SON StiN-t'iri" vrnenan" h*lVnri".VriiiVtijml- Free pftMmalei (Jab* Oi per 441 Rrvr* IIKAIITV SHOPS Stnor flea 11 ty Shop F,v*"nini Appointment* Greenland. Phone SUM BABV SITTING Wli.l, r*re""roV~rhi"rdrrn'"tn"*mV" hour or dav Mr« HiiRhfy fi?l 1171.1 BKAIITV SHOP "" AR'flSTlc'BEA'HTY'lSHOP" "Pfrmanrni W a v e * a Sprrtaltjr' 1 __ __ Phonr IfiS tor unpntnl merit COl.VAMDS n,A(JTY SHlP~ ^ _ ~ » T'A i»E3"HrrA~u-i't itHo rior*nca Itaplvtnr _ ___ pit!C;kK'i"i"s HKAI/TY . RV.I.fARl I WORK ?tl N Rlork t'hon* 7 Ai.'lCK 1 S""BEAUTY"~'SHOP """ Now up i own 7'., E MnuM»ln St. AMcr Dor»rtt, Phon^ ftZO CIORSKTIKRF, SPENCER INDIVIDUALLY vt*Rifnfd fnunflali* nn-1 iiirgjra! *upporii. Vivtan flrpr r*-fl»)»rrrt ror«»M»r«-. ?|» Nnrih f.*» Phon* 1 71*.! l.ncatlnn it Wnnerlah A real buy at 111 I.ffn Aft r.nanc-d ', NO. 2--Large 1 brdrnnm COLONIAL j h.oine. 2 fire places, full dining room. · all *IP| kitrhrn, florae^ ypare fi- ! lor*. Corner lot inOxl7s Nonhep*) ! location A real buy at Sin.StMlftO j Flnanc-d. j NO .t--ivtc* Z bedroom horn*- on K*tl Mnnlr Slrret. Urae 11^'tnK room, rr" , r)Itiing room, large kitchen w i t7i ; rahlnru aplenty. b.i*en.(nt, forced j air VH* fiirnare, level lot u-tth lnt« j of hriihn Thi* plar* priced far j h*-loi*' reolacefnenl mils at JS.SW (W · S2 ooo twi will handle i NO. 4-- SJ.SOOOO will make the d o w n : pavment on thl* IOVP|\ 2 hedronm j hum- IncntPd on Vlrg)in» Av«- One . ol K a y e t t p v f l l e ' n nrv-eM ad-lnions Clo«p to new Hljh School, new yraiir ichoot and the I.' of A Home 1r»,» I lhan \ v e a r t old Pric" only St.Son nn FOR further infornntion nn ihe*e und ! niher li»(injr« rail O H G»mh t .' McCarlney Lewis Co., Inc. Phr.n- ?fifi _ _ A STEAL'"" GROW CUCUMBERS FOR · \.ATKINS PICKLE CO.,"' ATKINS, AUK. '" 1 to 10 cents per pound A quick cosh price. ^ For full defalli regarding contracts son Robert Shavnr ond Son " Stotion Manofler 317 Pork St. Phone 2521 Spftngdol« Central Marke* Phone 7409 HAZH FRUIT SUPPLY -,,' Phone 2141 v Springdole, Ark. ^ BROWN BROS. HATCHERY ' , Phone 3U - Foy'ttevillii r 2~W .; Ynors of Service 20,000,000 Policyholderj 20^; - Savings MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE THE RI1TER AGENCY _ for Proferrnd Ritlf^* - TIIIP Mif- w * - t l Inraif- Inf «1 S5fi fin pT nirt nl onl? S4..'.fii ffl II liV I..P. -; FAYETTEVILLE ^M'^'OH"' PLUMBING HEATING AGENCY :·"« CO. IS Ten'T Pho ' Mollv phrtn* 1MW. 4'RKnT1OOM horn-. Untvenitv hou»c». A p p r n v i r i t a i e l v i "'-r CifMvr! ro^d I'tione }(,::rn JUST COMPUTED AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A B«tt«r Plica to Buy · HAITI. ING Dav «r nifhl Tall Hlenn Ktf ···« 1.1TW. Ihi STC.Won WILSON- ADAMS A T T n A C T I V K lran- room* "'Mb Is-JT- rlo*et in inih I.l ADDITION h"me. : bed- inse's W a l k -in room romtun^tio bre,)l(fM«l "pare room aiiarhfd ja Oo he* till f till v i 7.WOO intt . P.IR kilrhen u-nK Sept rule tUlim rnfe Cmiral li"jit mproved lot JIV KINCAID AND COMPANY Kincaid Co. · Automotive -*^ r * · Health and Accident), · Polio ·Liability · W O R K M E N ' S COMPENSATION · Plate Glow o)lurglary

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