Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 23, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1974
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

aasna THERE IS NOTHINS MOK eRRlFWS THAN THE S16UT Of A VULTURE PEROKP IN A TREE WAITW6 FOR A VICTIM... ~0- (3 /IT'LL COST VOJ\ $l5OTOREPA1f?\ 17HIS ^f AAAK.8UPHH5E TOSEEV00.3IR/ 5-23 TGOTNOTlMfWl WASTE, WOMAN. WHERE'S TREASURE?./ PLEASE, BUBBA! YOU'RE HURTING ME. i-i THREW rr IN THE CISTERN. SO THAT'S TATER » MEP, BESSIE LOU-THIS IS MV LEETLE you WILL PLY TO AMERICA AND TAKB THE PLACE OF THE ONLY INDIAN TRIBE. YOUR TRAINISia AS AMERICAN INDIANS HAS THEY ARE, . f\f A6 YOU ARRWS BUT 0EIUS TRUE ^__-_r. THERE-- TH6V WILL BS LBAVINS TOR A TRIP RESIST A FREE ^ f - r r HERS - TR4P.' SURPRISE, SOW 5 MADE SOME- STEW FOR YOU TODAY/ JUST UK£ ^US£PTO flAK£FOR YOUR FAW6R.' "CHOMP-- WOW i KNOW WHY 1 CAME FROM A BROK6M HOME.,' w « 50MB PAV, V 30Af-leAP, 6ARS.'... I HIT'/ME/ I SOME PAY... A PONT CAPS 00°°°.' you RE/ .. KNOW-How TO HURT A@UY, DON'T YOU? rNT\ 1'MREftLlVMAPAT MAVIS HOPSOOD [" SHE WAS SUPPOSED i TO CAU.ME TODAY Believe It or Naif Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, Aug. 23, 1974 ' ARKANSA* LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Bulging Eyes Don't Indicate Blindness ^CHURCH OF THE HOLYfifiOST IN HEIDELBERG SERMAW, FOR 400 YEARS WAS DIVIDED INHftLF BY A WALL -WITH ON£ SECT/ON t}SED BY CATHOilCS AUD TH£ OTHER ByPROT£$TAM$ oOYSoFTHENUER O" TRIBE OF AFRICA, AS A MARK OP ATTAINING MANHOOD, 3HAP£'THEIR HAIR UlTHMUDTO KES£MBIE AllAMC/£MTKOMAHaEiMET HEREFORD COM THAT GAVE BIRTH 10 TWIN CALVES · ONE A BLACK ANGUS AND THE OTHER A , HEREFORD \ Submitted by Ve.TIPTON.OS, FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes' and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SAT., AUG. 24 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Watch out for intrigue, dubious involvements. Shun hassles over procedure. Observe and, when sure, act with maximal discretion.- TAUKUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Many new interests indicated. Be ready to grasp every worthwhile cue'and lead. The thing: you do on this day will in fluence your tomorrows-.. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Be careful about your judgments and emotional reactions. Dubious ventures may be pro posed. Control enthusiasm. Do nothing without careful thought. CANCER (June : 22 to July 23) A goort day for cementing old friendships, making new con tacts, reaching understandings and planning moves for nexl week. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Don't trust to guesswork nor be l a x . in situations which require security treatment, better day than you may antici pate. If you ar ein there pitch -ing. VIHGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) A time for broadening you mental horizons. Don't let your self get hogged down in a se? of triviality; You should fee capable of 'big things now. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Some unusual situations ind cated. In all dealings, be direct Avoid devious tactics or ap proach, and give others th aenefit of the doubt. SCORPIO":(Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) 7)o olhe'rs seem needlessly pnosed to your ideas? Review our plans . again. . A . few hanges might bring them round to your point of view. lAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 1) Fine Jupiter influences en- :ourage your particular know- low, sensitivity . to delicate situations and reasoning powers. These are winners' always -- but especially now. IAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Caution should be My mother's eyes have been bulging for some time. It seems to be getting worse. Because she is so highly nervous, she believes 'she will become blind. She is so terrified of this she refuses to see a doctor. Miss G.J., Mich. Dar Miss J.: .It's very'sad that a n y o n e ' i n this liberated age of undcr- should live in terror of a disease that she does not have. I am speculating now, but the ikclihood is that Ihe bulging eyes and the nervousness may well he caused by (he overacti- vity of her thyroid gland. If this is t r u e and hyper- thyroiriism is the cause of her problem there is no chance that this will affect bar vision and cause her blindness. Actually, her fears will probably do more damage to her health one happiness than any condilioi: that exists. BLOOD TEST A simple lest of the blood called the P.B.I, (prolcin-boum iodine), can readily eslablisl the state of the thyroid gland Another lest, Ihc "radio-iorimi uptake," can substantiate the diagnosis. Excellent 'drugs, or anli-lhy roid agents, are available t reduce the activity of the thy roid. Dr. Stephen Yohalem, a sne cialist in problems of the tin roid at Ml. Sinai Hospital i Now York City, has written ex tensively about the exeellen forms of treatment that ai oiv in use. He emphasizes that cople with markedly bulgiiig yes who have delayed trcat- icnt for long periods of timd an have their basis condition ivorsed. Yet (he bulging eyes not readily or quic'klj elurn to normal. )' Your mother can be helped} 'ith simple persuasion she cari e freed of her anxiety a n d nderlake the gratifying road 1 physical and emotional", ccovery. Are there any advantages 16 : ; .king medicine by injection' atlier than by mouth? ·'··{ Mr. F.G., GaJ Dear Mr. G.: I Drugs that are injected in'- nost instances. act m o r e ; apidly than those taken by · nouth. In emergencies, such rapid . ictton is important. Sometimes, Iriigs and antibiotics are iissolved in an oily solution and ' hen injected. By lliis melhod. ' large quantity can be stored ; at the site of injection and then ', released slowly over a l o n g ! period of time, to mainlain the iropcr concentration in the . jlood stream. INJECTION USED Wlien a patient cannot . swallow or is vomiting, and drugs cannot be retained, injec- . lion is used. ; Certain drugs are known to he irritating to the f i n i n g o f ' the stomach and cannot ba tolerated. This is another rea-'. son for the use of injection. JAY BECKER and conservatism stressed. Above a l l , avoid persons who are impulsively taking risks. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Keep emotions under sterii control. Any tendency to "fly off the handle"col resul tind i off the handle" could result in serious misunderstandings. '1SCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) An excellent day for both Dusiness and personal interests. Sven if you have to make some On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) vulnerable. The bidding has been: compromises, it be profit- North East Pass South able in the long run. YOU BORN TODAY endowed with an engaging personality and are highly gregarious by. nature. The: Virgo an is idealistic and.= sometimes suffers needlessly when others do not live up to his lofty standards. You have a great love of home and family and, though you enjoy travel, are happier in your own surroundings. You are extremely versatile; - would make a good banker, journalist, real estate operator, confidential secretary or diplomat; would be happiest, however, in work which requires careful research and meticulous attention to detail -- as in science. Try to curb .tendencies to be overly critical and exacting with loved; ones-and associates. What would you bid now with each of the following five hands? L* A72 »Q85 « 63 + KQ943 2.* K9S4 V AK872 · 53 JL. 74 3.AQJ V KJ94 * 885 * KJ02 4.*A9643 V K7 * 10 *KJ954 5. *Q8 ¥ AQ2 »'QJ95 * KQ83 1. Two spades. Partner's Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Goddess of infatuation. 4 Healing sign 8 Mervffle's Captain B Gypsy 13 Window glass H Certain IS With praise (M 17 Fuel 18 Steps 19 Cravat H Born 22 Jack or Julie 26 Children's game MMarsh 30 Twilight 31 Exdaxna-- tion 32 Thing (law) 33 Edible food 8* Feminine came 35 Stitch KKngkts 37 Summit 39 Duct 40 Grain 41 Ascends 45 Vegetable 48 Appbrtibn 50 Sulk 51 Instrument 52 Enemy 53 Normal 5t Painful 55 Conclusion DOWN 1 Parts of circle 2 Race · tipster 3 Austen novel 4 Shows mercy 5 Reason 23 Ruminant animal 34 Elliptical 25 Snares 26 Type of modern music overcall . the one., level- . generally based on a hand thai would not qualify as an opening bid. However, game is not impossible, and. it can bet be ex plored '"ay raising spades. It would be wrong to hid two clubs as this would deny sup port for spades and woult normally be read as an effort to locale the best part score contract. Partner might yerj well pass two clubs. The direct raise in spades is more defini live. 2. hTree spades. This is clearly a stronger game try than two spades and is justified by the general strength of the hand. However, three spades is not forcing. North goes on 01 not depending on the caliber o his overcall. 3. Two spades. II is unusual o raise partner with only two rumps, but here there is no better bid. To pass with 11. points and a trump fit would evince a thorough lack ot respect for North's overcall and to bid two clubs or hearts on a four-card suit is unthinkable. North is enlillcd to some form " of encouragement, and two spades comes closest to filling the bill. 4. Four spades. The oddi strongly favor making four spades, and thats' a good enough reason for bidding it. The specter of raising partner to three spades and hearing him pass is too awful to contemplate. This is not the right time for halfway measures. 5. Three notrump. It would be wrong to bid only two notrump, as this would permit partner to pass. It is bad policy to invite partner to old a game when you know the values for game are already there. One way of estimating the chance of game is to say to yourself that partner has at least 10 points - in high cards or distribution - for his overcall. Your 16 high-card points indicate that game is virtually certain. 6 Conjunction 127 Medicinal PONYTA1L Ayg. sofaflon time: 25 min. 11nsects plant 8 Colorado 28 French resort city 9 Color 29 More than 10 Macaw two 11 Wager 32 Warms over IS Connects 33 .One of the 20 Electrified arts particle 35 Swine's pen 36 Actress Lombard 38 Angry 39 Bravery 43 Secure 43 English school 44 Origin 45 Goddess of harvest 4$ Hawaiian k® 6 47 Operate Answer to yesterday's pozzle.. 49 Card game IS 26 AS 22. 20 33- 2A 2S 55 "Got a little loo mucli sun I seei" Complete news coverage, (local/ area, national, international), intensive sports and women's- interest reports, top features. . . .six afternoons a week and Sunday morning..,.,.delivered to your door for less than 11 £ a day. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242 8-O

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