Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 3, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1952
Page 12
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elping Boys Adjust Themselves Tops FBC Achievement List t DA»AM| K^lfSSS^Vi^^ I""" 11 *"' « o l d en Gloves; Jim* i i · _ Fine Record Compiled In Boxing Team Shows Way With Team Tfephies, 11 Chomps IN GII.BKRT, 1H. J»..bny adjust himself the Ally 1 business of nssociatio vith others is as much a part . the Boys Club program as fide ·aolball.or basketball team TOT (vaye 11 Is more Irnpor hough less -spectacular. " istancr , . . liorig nflcr the [·'nyeticvll BoyjjiClub was reactivated la. Juncfrelub director Bob Logsdo noticed a small, timid child wnlch Ing K* activities from a rarelu and gspeclful distance. The clu at thWMitnc was staging its pro Sram*''6n the vacant (Icld norl of the swimming pool In the Cit Park. Dlrfrtor Logsdrn hoped lhal th boy %'Ault* overcome his limldlt, of hlff'-rnvn accord after watchin; for a time. It became apparen after several days that this wnuln not hwpcn. however, and Lofisdcn tried |c; 'approach the boy. Atjjrst any advance would send the mile boy'running for cover But ttpcntcd efforts finally, en- couralcd the child to draw closet (roup. At first the boy re- j to Make, any. part In the ^content to walcV He was d'by-a speech Impediment ij « badly humped shoulder »ided to his timidity and inferiority. he gained confidence In is he found his afternoon Jon', with other boys did Jilt In his becoming an ob- L'Hdiculc. A'glove was put tha'nd and-he waa riven a fplay with; The boy insisted jtlhg by himself »t (he star!, twor|t»d on overcoming n fear gtmoving objects. Balls fly. if.g athim (rave him a real fright for quit* «-4lmc. t^^^mmw teM^H^;c:^t $$$:·$·'·':* ':.·£.:. '··· · : . : pounds, O o l d e n Gloves; Jim* Brown, I ID-pounds, Golden Gloves; Gene Rltter, M7-pounds, AAU; .llm Stnlton, 156-poundr. AAU; Phillip Reginelli, 160-pnunds, Golden Gloves; Bill McFarland, 175-pound.i, Earl Kaiser, 17*- poundr, Golden Gloves; Red, Warren, heavyweight, Golden Gloves; Harold Bnhannon, 50-p ri\i n d s, r.olden Olives; and Archie Watkins, 105-npunds, AAU. Team trophies were collected for 1 the following: novice division at the District Golden Gloves, open division trophy at state Golden Gloves; runner-up novice trophy at stale 'Golden Gloves; and the runner-up trophy in state special weights Golden Gloves. The basketball terms have engaged in a number of games this winter, using Root Gymnasium as a home floor. Future plans call for an expansion of each of the above listed activities with greater emphasis . and expansion to be sought for ' the minor sports. Seven of Ihe 1.1 champions produced by this year's Fayelleville Boys Club box-log Icam arc pictured nbove. In the ccnler is Gene Hitler, 147-pound AAU champ. On the left, top In holtom--Jim Mahan 97- .ound Golden Gloves champ; Archie Watkins. 105-pound AAU champ' nnd Jim Brown, 118-pound Golden Gloves champ. On the right sldei op to Bnhannon, fill-pound Oolden Gloves champ-'' lohm.y Mahan, HB-pound AAU champ; Bn d Chuck Centers fis-pound Goldtn Gloves champ. (Puska T1MESFOTO). Municipal Court Benefit Concert To Be Presented Sunday Afternoon A campaign to create a University Symphony Orchestra scholarship fund will open Sunday when the orchestra, presents a- benefit concert, at 4 p. m. in the Arts Center Concert Hall. Marx J. Pales. Bi't with the apparently easiinl ittentlon that was given him and he group's acceptance of him as member the hoy showed marked nd steady progress. He finally legan pliylng catch with blhcr wys and this, exercise Improved Is shoulder In » noticeable de- ree. And as he became Interested n other things his stuttering im- rovcd. 'Iain "Ra»pberrr" Helping Ihe hoy us much as an.v- hlng, probably, was the nlc'k- ame he acquired. The older boys uhhect him "Raspberry" and It rrved as a membership card for he boy In his first Introduction to society. Rnfnre he left the gn;iip for the last lime he bad roased lo DOH'TCAH'EM, Jft FREEZE 'EM :~*^ WITH A BEN-HUR All you do with fruit? ind vegetubli* fa package, se»l, and put them in the Een-Hur fretting compartment. They'll iwtin their garden- fi frah flavor throughout the year. Iff KN-NWr-4iMrkfl'f fiimt-flKUMS HOLLAND BROS. LOCKER PLANT 103 WEST DICKSON. PHONE 263 rccoffniTic Anyone calling him bv his Riven name. As fr.i us he was cr.ncnrT'd he WM just pUin "Haspb try." The hoy and hi? family have moved from Ka.vettoville, hut his caso is one thr te ville Boys Club can be proud ^of. There are other examples that could he cited that ^nuld- prove. , the value of Ihe program. In list-! i ins (he achievements of the clubj in thr InsL 10 months these things rank first. Helping n boy adjust, himself tn the business of living is about as important a thing-as can be done. One objection to the dub often voiced is thai it attracts the children of wealthier families who do not need Ihe program, and A* a result is faced with * difficult task in attracting the less fortunate boys and the maladjusted ones that need help. It. should he remembered that the problem nf helping a boy ad-' JUFl himself to life is inextricably ! bound to his ability to associate | with people. Complexes .are bred i and not cured by segregation. The I best place for n timid; child t o j nversomc his handicap is with · people, not awa'y from them. The best placfi for 1 n poor boy (or a rich one),, to leaYp how to mix ! with people, to understand them j and to. cooperate with them is lo J associate with them in a common , effort. j In listing the accomplishments, if the Hoy* Club the record shows I :hp following H.nms: j Baseball--More than 70' boys i ook part in three age groups, j .'ith the two older croups playing ' ive games each. The oldest group ! von four and lost one in inter- j ity competition, while the inter- ncdintc age proup won two and ost thrcr. Approximately 32 hovs ook part in each of the inter- j Dale Copcland, 1R, of Klkins, was finnd J500 Tuesday afternoon by Judge V. James Ptak on a charge of windov/ peeping under Arkansas' 19nfl statute on that offense. Four hundred dollars of th fine was suspended on condition of good -behavior. Copeland was arrested at 11:15 p. m., last Friday by city prov/l car officers. mediate Rroup Raines, Football -- Approximately 70 )oys look part in the program, A'ilh a record of one win and three ost. Boxinji--Thirty-five hoys took art in the boxing proRram with 1 winning AAU or* Golden nioves championships. The boys ok part in five tournaments and wo inter-city matches, In ( the five tournaments entered inmbcrs of the Kayetteville box- ig team Ramcrt 13 championships: huck Centers, fifi-pounrts. Golden loves; Johnny Mnhan, RR-pnunds, All; .lim Mahnn, D7-pounds, C.oldm r.lnvpj:; and Archie Wat- Willie Orman, SO, of Fayette- vitle, was fined $40 and sentenced lo one day in jail yesterday when he pleaded guilty to a charge of drunken driving. He was arrested by city police last night. A second man charged with drunken driving, E. C, Peoples, 45, of Miami, Okla., was fined $25 and costs-$45 in all--on a pica of guilty, and was also sentencer' to one day In jail. He was arrested by sheriff's.deputies and State Police. W. A. Whilioch, 5R, Fayetlc- ville Route 8. was fined JIO and costs, a total of $30, on a charge of doing plumbing installation without a plumber's license, Work On Highway 100 Is Well Under Bentonvil1e-(Sp«l»l-The;ne«rl.v one-quarter ~nt « million dollar project rtvamplnj state Highway 1110 from Bcntonville t« the MIs- xnuri line .should be .completed around August 1, Walter Hieks. resident engineer for the Highway Dennrtmerit, said this morning. Three miles of the hifhway is bcitiR relocated to eliminate the -sharp curves. The culverts and concrete work on the new line have been completed, and workers :ire in the process of building up » grade. A Rravel base is being used for the asphalt top coat. A- three-inch bot surface will be poured on top the present road UP an additional three miles between Bella Vista and the line, Hicks said. The road will remain officially closed pending completing of the project. TOO FAT? Your own doctor will tell you that Waftx it absolutely SoU for Reducing ANO Clinical Evidence provet Wofex helps you lose weight without dieting or feeling hungry Yes, show the Wa/cx label to your own doctor. He will tell you It Is absolutely safe for re- ducinj--that it Is a Food Adjunct, not a drug. Wafrx, the discovery of s group el New York physician*, is more lhan safe; it actually . makes you lose weight without it«i«g. or iHltng hungry. And we mean, without ditllng. r HERE II THE PHOOr W«f« w»i letted on » group of really- overweight people under the eupcrvlilqn.or leveral'mcd- leal experts on obetlty, This sroup wa'i Irutructed · by Uie doctors not lo go on anv speclnl dlel^ not to cut out any ·pedal rood; not to do anything except .chew or suck a Wa/ex Witfer before each meal. Uteo ?eal ,'until -.·itlsfied. Tht- r«u!t»-wtr« astonish- Iftgly succeanful. Weight lom*n of R In 3f» Ibs. were obtained without any III Jffects and all said they never e«d a tingle hungry moment. rHpncltv fit Ih. hnll«d potntnci or S fllrr^ ol whtt« tirrnd or 4 I-KJU. Vft null rnntnlnii S rulnrlf. I These same Wnfcx Wafru used by the diK'tnrs arc now available M Fayctteville Drug slorefi. A month's supply costs only IX economy Size, 2 months supplv, fit. You save j|. And you must lose weight after Ihe very'flrsl bottle or your money hark. DOCTOM! Write on you, let. lerhead for prnfe«.vional xam. pie* and clinical data. Wafex. Inc., N. Y. 31, N. Y. j86 Kroger Scholarships Offered In 17 Stales Eighty-six v o t: ti g men an'.women will enter college next fa 1 ! i.nder the Kr'iger scholarship plan i lor 1052. Joseph R, Hall, president ] of the K r o g e r Company, an- · nounced. The plan, which was be, sun in 193S, offers one-year scholarships of $200 .it the land, grant college.' of 17 Middle West! ern and Southern states. ! The .scholarchips are divided ; between students planning to major in hnire economics ;md those specializing in agriculture. I r.rad.intcs of accredited high I schools in the 17 states are ell- j glble. Applications and informa- i tion may he, obt* ned frnr.- the ' I deans of the colleges of agricul- j tnre or through county ngenls, home cconooipics teachers or vo- ; I rational agriculture teachers. I Four scholarships will he \vard- ( ed nl the Ur.ivprsity of Arkansas. Chick Placements In Area Remain Steady Hatcheries ,-nd dealers placed 1.231.000 broiler chicks with producers in Northwest Arkansas during the week ended March 29, according to the Arkansas Crop Reporting Service. This Is about the .same as the previous week. Of Ihe total placements. 919,1100 chicks were hatched in the area i.nd 312,1100 came from o I h v .· states. There were also 147,000 chicks shipped out of the area. KSRS set during the v.-eek were down eight pet cent from the previous weelt, More than 12 million Hindus and Moslems took part in one nf ' history's greatest population -x- rh»n«es followlnx the purlition of India «nrt Fakhmn in 1947. conductor of the orchestra, ?:iid i today that one bcne/it concert u/jn be given during each school year. ; but that all other orcncstra con- · certs will be given free of charge. I In addition to the concert pro- I cceds, the scholarship fund will bcl raised through contributions of interested individuals and music clubs in Arkansas. The scholarships will be given to talented or-1 chcstra players, includinu students majoring in all (iclds. Thcscholar- i ships will he available to both Ar- katisa.s and out of .state students. · orchestra, while Edmund J. Mar- Tickets to the benefit concert · ty serves as guest conductor. Pales are on .sale any anernoon at the i also will conduct the orchestra in music department office or may i compositions, by Beethoven, Kobe reserved by telephone 1806. dal - v ' and Howar(1 HaBson They nlso ma. 1 - 1 be obtained the afternoon of the concert. A brtek sales-was reported by Pales, who said also that many persons un- dble tn attend the concert were sending the admission fro as Contribution tn the scholarship fund. P;ilcs will br f-'otoisf in iwo Brf- ihoven Ronifincns for violin and '/i GALLON Vanilla Ice (ream 64c Holland trot, lecktr Plant _lisnn lo Iht NEWS each weekday, at 7:30 AM, over station KGRH OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. for I SPORTSMAN; o» Ocean-City REEL GLASS Casting ROD NYLON Casting LINE J0 1 ' ^' $8.50 Value Just tie on your favorite plug and you're ready m v flct the hig ones! The glass rod 'won't rust.' rot or take a set; the reel is an easy casting, level- wind, and the line is water and mildew-proof. 12 Fool 3-Piee C A N E POLE * FURNISHED LINE ·18 SINKERS Selected cane pole, line, hook, sinkers and float. Everything you need for hours of pleasant fishing. H-l "Mohawk" ' · G L A S S F L Y R O D · Vernley FLY REEL · N y l o n FLY LINE $13.00 V.lue A SUPER-VALUE! light- weighr, sensitive action glass fly rod, plus i smooth- action fly reel and 20 y ? - ' : of Shakespeare fly I . 6 J. 77(1.6 SUPER- Wilson or Hufch F i e l d e r ' s G L O V E Fully oiled, tvtih deep, prc-formed hall pocket ro hold the hot ones. l.aced fingers and deep ball trap. Soft and pliable. Rolled heel. Wilson "Ball Hawk" or Hutch 4-Finger GLOVE BASEBALL feAT...Only SOFTBALL BAT... Only M a k e s stooping up r grounders a cinch. Kxtra * wide web, Inced finders and deep ball pocket. EVERYTHING M .MI tumm FAYETTEVILLI IRON *n4 METAL CO. ·OVWNMIHT AVI. Wright Ditson T E N N I S R A C Q U E T Nylon Strung Strong laminated construction frame with reinforced i throat. Perforated leather non-slip handle grip. R A C Q U E T ti.ot PRESS only »-;-M.| ~--=-- ftj BASEBALL or SOFTBALL 49X Wilson or Wright "Dido* T E N N I S B A L L S 3 for QUALITY PRICE Wett Side Square Phone 161 Fresh stock in sealed can. «)·*«! "Long.Lift" G O L F B A L L S 'HOME OF BETTER

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