Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 23, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1974
Page 8
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· Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday. Aug. 23, 1974 FAYETTEV1LLE, ARKANSAS DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketch am :; *I SAVE YAAWRE SUGAR... Aluminum Producers Seek Alternate Ore Soviets Regard Cyprus As Key Part Of Middle East PITTSBURGH, Pa. (AP) -The Aluminum Company of America. faced with skyrocketing taxes and royalty aymenls in bauxite-rich Jamaica, is prepared to bite back at the hand that has long supplied it with the ore. F o r example, industrial wastes and waste from coal processing arc being, pursued »y the company as an alternative to bauxite. Bauxite is an impure mixture of early aluminum oxides and is the principal source of alu- mina, the ore for aluminum.. 'Alcoa and other U.S. aluminum producers have accelerated programs to develop commercial refining processes for a number of alternate ores," says C. W. Parry, Alcoa vice president for corporate planning. "There is no question that the United States could become self-sufficient in the production of alumina from a domestic ore," Parry said. "We arc far enough along to get some very strong in- didications that alumina produced from several of these sources would be competitive with alumina from Jamaican bauxite under the new tax con ditions . recently before committee, Parry, however, Parry testifiec a congressiona acknowledg An AP News Analysis ! Moscow's proposal for an 18- nation conference on Cyprus is a Soviet ploy to get a foot in the door. The Soviet statement 'cited the "special responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security" ol the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. The Soviet Union, of course, is one of those, with the United States, China, France and Britain. The Soviet problem is that the United States is all too prominent in the search for a solution and there seems no room for the Russians. The problem involves two American allies, members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Greece and Turkey, plus Britain as a guarantor with Greece and Turkey of the 1960 Cyprus treaty that made the island at least nominally independent. Soviet diplomacy seemb to re. gard Cyprus as an important part in a much bigger picture that "involves the whole Middle East. The Soviet press has been complaining that there would Russellville Theater Owner Plans Action RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (AP)' -- John McNutt, the owner of Mini One Theater here, who was told that he would be prosecuted if the controversial movie "Deep Throat" was shown said Thursday night that he plans to take legal action. "I'm going to war with them," McNutt said. He said he canceled a 7 p.m showing after Pros. Ally. Alex Streett and Pope County'SherifI Bill Abernathy told McNutt tha if the film was shown he woulc be prosecuted under the stale's obscenity statute. "Deep Throat" isn't rougher than other pictures shown in the Russellville area or pictures seen in magazine^ in newspaper racks," McNut said. Streett said law enforcemen officers may have been lax in allowing other m o v i e s to be shown that also were obscene. He said he couldn't enjoin thi showing of any movie. Strcel said he merely advised McNul of the consequences if the mov is was shown. Streett said h thought McNutt made a wis decision in not s h o w i n g th film. ave been no Cyprus problem ad not NATO 'ploted to im- inge on the island's independ- ice to insure the future of two ritish nuclear bases there. possible, the like to bring Obviously, ir ussians would bout a. situation wherein those ascs were untenable. After all, yprus is only 100 or so miles the Syrian-Lebanese coast nd only a short distance from ·gypt and the Suez Canal, and tins its geography involves it . Soviet strategic thinking. What had existed on Cyprus ad been satisfactory for the me being to Moscow, which ould regard the presidential ule of Archbishop Makarios as cutral and perhaps even lean- ng East a bit. The Archbishop was over- irown in a coup which woulc ave joined Cyprus to a Greece uled by a military dictator- hip. But' that backfired in July nd toppled the Greek generals' unta. Turkey invaded Cyprus o protect the Turkish minority. At first Moscow encouraged he Turks to feel they could call n the Russians for help if ceded. But with the fall of the generals, Moscow s e e m e d to ee a chance for gain on two ides of the fence and turned either Greeks nor Turks and onfining itself to belaboring ·JATO as the real villain. But. to Moscow's annoyance, 13-participation is not needed the 'Cyprus peace quest any nore than is a big power con- erence. The guarantor powers :an reach a settlement if they lave the will. It seems clear that the con- erence . the Russians seek vould accomplish little tout to muscle Moscow's way into the negotiations and perhaps hinder more than help them. :s that a turn to alternate ores las its handicaps and its price. "This would inevitably slow he development of off-shori Bauxite reserves," he warns. Alcoa's bauxite problems an in Jamaica now, but could shit to the Dominican Republic in .he future. And the troubles with thes two governments will be re fleeted in higher alumnum prices. All of the major aluminun producers announced increase in mill products and ingots th CDEDiliiCH Today In History rst of August with the in- reascd price in bauxite at the oot of the hikes. The Jamaican government as increased its revenue ile- nands with Alcoa for example, om $25 million annually to 200 million. The producers large Jamaica violated cxist- ng contracts and "unilaterally iolated the contracts." The country has also said il ill take over company bauxite ands and equity participation n the operations. Alcoa and the :other com- anies then · submitted" the' dis ute to the International 'Cenlei or Settlement of Investment Disputes, but Alcoa, the na ion's largest aluminum produc r, says Jamaica will not be icund by any decision. Though he does not compare he bauxite dispute to the Arab il embargo, Parry acknowl edges that oil-price manipula ions by Arab nations may' hav made other countries'-' mori aware of the value of their re ources. ' ' Alcoa mines 15 p e r ' c e n t ' o f it: auxite in Jamaica and 5 pe cent in the 1 Dominican Repub ic. The company has jui made substantially the same ol or to the Dominican Eepubli hat Jamaica refused. So far here has been no formal sponse. Until some agreements ar reached with these govern ments, Alcoa will continue t ursue other sources of baux te, such as aluminum-rich in dustrial wastes and waste" from coal processing. " ..' . .. Public Broadcasting System To Open New Season Oct. 6 By JAY SHARBUTT NEW YOKK (AP) -- The hree TV networks start' their 974-75 season Sept. 9 with '·· a lamboyant exercise called premiere week," when they oil out their smash movies, icw scries and new episodes of elurning series. Not so with pubic TV. Its Oct. season won't 6, according start until to Public Broadcasting Service officials. A major reason f o r . t h e tradi- ionally . delaysd start, says fohn . Montgomery, . PBS' vice resident,:.fop programming,, is hat in September the bulk of .he TV audience always is Two Men Charged In Drug Thefl FORT SMITH,-Ark; '(AP) Terry' Mischanko,' 30," "and brother,' Freddie Mischanko, 25 both of Kansas City, -'were charged with burglary arid grand larceny here Thursday. Pros. Ally. Charles Karr p: Fort Smith said police arrestec the two men inside the Princi Drug Store after a burgla: alarm went o f f . He said a pil low case, containing narcotic taken from the store, was con fiscated by officers. Karr .also charged the twc with the habitual .criminal ac in Sebastian County Circui Court. Bond was set at $50,00 each. - " . ' "- ; uned in to see what the net vorks are offering. When PBS' new season docs tart, you might not even real' ze it.- Unlike the networks' frantic, go-for-rich first week, the PBS eason tends to stagger in with- jut much urgency, with a hand- ul of brand-new shows on the opening week's bill and others arriving as late as April. But if Montgomery had his druthers, would he prefer to start the season with a solid block of new shows instead of nging their premieres "out ov=r a period of months? '"Well, I guess there's a lotto e said for establishing viewer ," Montgomery said. "I'd say yes, if it was a series that was worthy of that kind of continuity. "But when you consider that a great many of our programs have limited interest at best, such as 'Burglar-Proofing'" -a new six-part series on how to foil thieves -- "then you have to raise the 'question whether they warrant'that kind of continuity." In the new PBS national program cooperative, stations are for the first time helping pay for national shows they once received free. .Montgomery said they've helped pay for more than 60 per cent of this season's shows, putting $4 million "of station money into nationa programming we would not otherwise have." And, he said, "in the past xye used to build our schedule in three-month segments. This time, we can lay it out rather .completely for nine months." ' Erskine Caldwell Undergoes Surgery ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) Erskine Caldwell, author of "Tobacco Road" and "God's Little Acre," is reported in satisfactory condition alter undergoing surgery to remove a growth on a lung. The 70-year-old novelist was operated on on Tuesday at Methodist Hospital. His wife, Virginia, said her husband along fine." The TIMES Is On Top of The New« Seven Days a Week Thursday thai was "coming Caldwell came here for a checkup at the Mayo Clinic. Letter Received WASHINGTON (AP) - Chinese Premier Chou En-lai sent President Ford a "very warm and personal, letter," White . secretary Jerald F'. · lerHorst volunteered to re-| porters - a t a news briefing Thursday. He gave no other details. Ozark Home and Garden Center HERE NOW! Crimson Sweet WATERMELON $1,49 ea. ICE COLD 7c LB. Vt ml. IVest \\lilt Chevy ? "We Give Youri Green Thumb Ai Helping Hand" . In Springdale SEEBURG MUFFLER NOW OPEN HEAVY DUTY MUFFLER Installed LIFETIME GUARANTEE FAST SERVICE S E E B U R G MUFFLER Highway 71 North (at North City Limits) SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS By The Asssociatcd Press Today is Friday, Aug. 23, the 235th day of 1974. There are 130 days left in the year. Today's highlight On this date in George the rge clai in history: 1775, King Third of England there was open the American colo- Rather Reassigned NEW YORK (AP) -- CBS correspondent Dan Rather is Deing reassigned to other duties after covering the White House for nearly eight years. The network said on Thursday that Rather will be replaced by Bob Schieffer, CBS's Pentagon reporter. Phil Jones, who covered President Ford when he was vice president, also will join the network's White House staff. Rather, 42, will continue to anchor CBS's Saturday night news programs and will start anchoring the Sunday ones, the network said. Senior vice president William Snriall called Rather's new assignment "a promotion to a better job." proclaimed rebellion in nies. On this date: In 1500, Christopher Colum- hus was accused of mistreating natives in Haiti. He was arrested and ordered sent back to Spain in chains. In 1869, followers of Mary Baker Eddy obtained a charter .o organize the Church of Christ Scientist. In 1914, Japan declared war on Germany in the first World War. In 1937, Japanese military forces landed at Shanghai. In 1944, allied troops fighting in France in World War II captured the port of Marseille. In 1947, 15,OflO persons at the Hollywood bowl heard President Harry Truman's daughter Margaret give her first public concert. ' Ten years ago, a "footbridge collapsed over a river gorge in Venezuela and plunged to 'their rapids below. 29 persons deaths in the Five years Thief Khiem South Vietnam's premier'by his old friend, President Thieu. ago, Gen. Tran was appointee EVEREST JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS TO 10" RENTALS t SALES FayeltevllleDru* £. Side Square 44J-734S H. I. S. Trio from Tulsa will be at Mf. Sequoyah Assembly Grounds Fri. night Aug. 23 at 7:00 P.M., Sat. night 7:00 P.M. and Sun. Aft. 2:30, singing and preaching The Good News from the heart. EVERYONE IS INVITED SIDEWALK, DOCK WAREHOUSE SALE! EVERY ITEM (EVEN IN OUR SHOWROOM) ON SALE FOR 2-DAYS! SAT. 9-9 SUN, 12-7! RIGHT OFF THE SIDEWALK COUNTRY SPANISH LIVING ROOM.-.Never Before Sofa, Loveseat, Chair Ottoman. Touch Dura | ble Naugahyde, Maybe Never Again!,......,,,. SPECIAL SAVINGS FROM OUR DOCK 14 cu. Refrigerator ..$19.9 Record whll. 1 Changer-»M-FM Radio, ' Thy , Console Stereo.. l .°r... .$150 Spanish Club Chair $19 3 only Headboards .:........... .$5 Stereo Credenza $38 Buffet Hutch $48 Bookcase $28 China Broyhill Gliss ughtad $199 48"xl6"x60" ROOM DIVIDER Spnliti Oik Color with Open SM»« Mt Door Sterai*. Right In The Carton ODD END TABLES STARTING AT.. UUU Dinette Chairs............$5 Bedroom Suite $48 Red I White Velvet Spanish Sofa............$98 Iccasicnal Ihairs^ $28 Recliners .. . K0 *" $68 12 x 12 Carpet .$38 $222 ,.'.$5 Round Bed ' Mattress, Bx. Springs, Frame .. I Odd ADDITIONAL ITEMS j; FROM OUR SALES FLOOR * »58 |7-Pc. DINETTES Table with 6- I Ch [2 PC. 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