Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 23, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1974
Page 3
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or MEN Fri., Aug. 23, 1974 UNIVERSITY WOMEN'S CLUB OFFICERS .. .Mrs. Market, Mrs. Lieber, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Phillip Taylor and Mrs. Fred Taylor, left- · right, plan fall events Hints From Heloise-On Apartment, Dorm. Living Dear College Students: Letters are still coming in with economical hints on both apartment and dormitory living for college students. So I have put. together some of the best for all you.students.' Lynn Shanks told us they were allowed to use popcorn .poppers and electric percolators .. in their rooms, but not h o t '. foods can be prepared in an · plates. Many easy and quick ·· electric popcorn popper, such · as canned stews, soups a n d ^ chili. You can even heat water · for hot dogs, hot chocolate, tea I or coffee. ' Some dorms will let you have ; a hot plate. As Jo Ann Kendall j mentioned in her letter, a ;, double-boiler is a must. The bot- · torn can be used to heat foods ! while the top can be 'used to '- heat rolls or to keep vegetables : hot. i One smart student said If you : are lucky enough to have ac; cess to the use of .a refrigera- · tor, take a big plastic bowl o tor, take a big plastic bowl or ". box and put your, name on it. I You can use it for storing gopd- · dies or mixing salads or serving ; snacks at a party. · A pizza pan can also be used ', as a cookie sheet, Take several ; mugs and spoons, a serrated ' knife, a bottle opener, forks, paper plates, scissors, a small ", sewing kit and don't forget an \ iron. : Another budget-minded gal ; had an idea for inexpensive '·· curtains. · : Buy a pretty, flat sheet and ', slit in lengthwise up the middle. '.Just iron the cut edge un;. der...Put ' the curtain rod " f through one hem and the cur; tain is ready to hang. A ribbon ^ can be used for tie-backs. We · even tie-dyed some and they ·- were darling. These are espe- · cially good for older dorms with 1. tali windows. ;· Before moving to an apart- iment, some students feel it is -. a good idea to live in a dorm ;. first so you'll meet the girls ;ycu want to room with! : . Most students say that w h e n : you get an apartment, have one -roomie put up a deposit for one T utility and you the other. At the . year's end, no dividing,' each .gets the deposit she "paid. ; Make your rules and stick to .them. Decide who cooks anC ;lhem. Decide who cooks and cleans up which nights. · If at all possible, get together -with your roomie this summer 'and decide who brings what »Most Moms will have enoug! : stuff between them to keep yoi THE LIGHT TOUCH by Gardenhire's Usually, the fellow with money to burn ends up lifting through the ashes. * * * * Nothing makes it easier to resist temptation than proper upbringing, a sound set of values -and witnesses. * * * * Teenagers are a dime a dozen -- it's when you .cut the number down to one that it starts eosting. * * * * People with high blood pressure should take life with a grain of salt substitute. Thf announcement that there are 48 million unmarried adults in ihit country gjve§ you some idea of the vast market for electric blankets. * * * · * Youll get a WARM welcome at Gardenhire'c Jewelry. See us for baubles or bangles that delight her. GARDENH IRE'S JEWELRY 4.1. Corner of Square om buying anything. If you're really short of funds, eck into a university sponsor- 3 co-op. These cost about a ird of dorm fees because you are the cleaning and kitchen lores. Many' foreign students v'e in these and you can learn lot. Last, but not least, none of ese hints will do you any good nless you study. Heloise Top panels cut from plastic ear Heloise: Top panels cut from plastic :g cartons make ideal prolec- on for snapshots and slides ent in a letter and add practi ally no weight. A Devoted Reader ear Heloise: Here's a hint on how to help ave hot water. - . When taking a bath and the ater is too cool, turn down ie cold--not up the hot. C.H, Jlass edged in tape and six months later I had a beautiful ungle and haven't had to add vater. It takes care of itself. ank, ame and the plastic reptiles came )ear Heloise: My husband solved the lumpy ugar problem at our house. He had me cut a small square f old clean nylon hosiery anc '11 it with rice. We made a pouch for my anister and sugar bowl and no more lumps. Mrs. Kathy Lacy )ear Heloise: A roll-on bottle, when washed great Icohol. for applying rubbing Just roll it on and hand rub i n. I spill much less alcoho his way. Enjoy your helpful hints. Mr. C.H 3ear Heloise: I thought perhaps someone might be in the same position was when I wanted a terra ium but couldn't afford t h e rice. I came upon the idea f using a ten-gallon aquarium vhieh I had left over from fish aisihg days. I filled it with an inch o. iravel and three inches o oarse sand and soil, arrangec a variety of small plants in i nd. added some imitalion rep iles and shells. For nourishment I put in char :oal, fertilizer and water. The op was covered with a piece o Best of all it cost so little as the aquarium was standing die, the gravel and sand were 3ii hand from when the aquar- um had been in use as a fish UA Women's Club Names Committee The new executive committee of University Women's Club, composed of Mrs. Fred Taylor, president; Mrs. Donald Market, first vice presidnet; Mrs. Thomas Turpin, second vice president; Mrs. Phillip Taylor, tliird vice president; Mrs. Kenneth Cook, secretary; and Mrs. Michael Lieber, treasurer; have completed plans for fall activities and announce that Mrs. Neil Schmitt and Mrs. Robert MacCallum will serve as publicity chairmen and Mrs. Charle [Cayiness will serve as transportation chairman. The events scheduled for this faji include a Get Acquaintet Coffee honoring Mrs. Charles E Bishop, wife of the new presi dent of the University of Arkan sas, and-other new faculty wo men and wives on Sept. 11. A fall luncheon and style show ii planned for Oct. 9. . Various interest groups sue] as bridge, arts and crafts, re creatonal activities, book re the stones and shells from the beachcombing rom my young ipecial junk. son's pile of The plants being the only thing had to buy, I could afford o spend a bit more money on hem, but they, too, cost very ittle: Mrs. H.W. Jarvis That is a darling idea. Bless fO\i for giving us a hint to use something we might just put away until another time. 'Heloise Dear Helise: I've discovered : a neat trick to take care of the inevitable snags in double-knit clothes. Take one of those thin wire needle threaders found in sewing kits, insert through fabric from the wrong side at point of the snag. Thread the snag through it and pull to the other views, couples dinners, needle craft and sugar watchers ar available to all interested clu members. Chairmen of thes groups will be at both the coffe and the October luncheon an members may join specif! groups at that time. Reservations for the Get Ac luainted Coffee may be mad by contacting Mrs. Leiber, 52: 7895. Personals side. Easier than a needle doesn't leave a hole. and Ruth Chaney Dear Heloise: When I wanted to make little bags for scenting my dresser drawers, I found I had no cheesecloth or nylon net, so I decided to try the feet of worn- out panty hose. I clipped off each foot about six inches from the toe, filled halt full of grated, scented soap and tied the top in a knot. The knit of the panty hose is tight enough to keep the soap flakes (or herbs if you prefer) in, and loose enough to allow the scent to escape. These are great for hanging in tub or shower for an herb scented bath. Another great use for.a nylon net bag is in the flour canister where they can be filled easily used to flour baking pans or dusting a cutting board. Beverly Blunt Mrs. Kathleen Eowley of For Calas,,N:M., was a house gues of Mrs. Vera Chandler this pas week. While here she was e tertained by relatives an friends from Lincoln and Ben tonville. Mrs. Chandler was ho tess for a party honoring Mr Rowley and Mrs. Elsie Kur of Greenwood. Mrs. Kurtz is the city visiting her son, Geori Kurtz and family. Mrs. Rowh is employed at Port Calas state secretary for the Calvar Baptist Convention. Fords Complete Mov Into Whife House WASHINGTON (AP) - Mr Betty Ford, who moved into t White House four days ag said ' ' '" · ' hard around." today, time "I am finding having my Mrs. Ford's smiling comme came as she talked with repo ers after watching her Pre dent husband sign a proclam lion on women's equality. Is Ford still fixing his breakfast? she was asked. e did the first morning the First Lady replied. the Snip-Slip a contemporary daywear design by Gossard This nylon tricot slip is fashioned to oc- comodateyour height with removable lace trimmed panels. Just snip off chain-stitched panels until the length is right . . . Especially for you. n Recording Business Olivia Newton-John A Success By MARY CAMPBELL Can a British girl with a hy- enated name cut a record as away from Nashville as ndon and get a country hit in B United States? Sure. Olivia Newton-John did with "If You Love Me, Let e Know" and then she did it th "Let Me Be There." Both came pop hits, too, and sold million copies. Now she's corded "I Love You, I Hon :ly Love You" and advance ders are so strong that it's on best-selling charts before s in most of the stores. A n d Olivia Newton-John isn't yet set foot in Nashville. She won a Grammy Award in e "best country female vocal rformance" category this iar with "Let Me Be There" id says, "It's probably the rst time an English person on an award over Nashvllie ople." But she wants to go to Nash lie and says, "I don't think i akes any difference where m make a record. I did hear bout one lady singer who asn't too happy about me, bu don't think they'll eat me lere. I want to go there; I'm ol afraid. The problem is jus nding time to go." Miss Newton-John -- that'., er real name -- moved from 'ales to Australia with he amily at age five. Her fathe r as master of the college at Or mond College in Australia.. Sh ked to sing and entertai eople as a child and at 13 en ered a contest for a Hale lills look-alike. She remenr ers that she won it but can emember how many girls en ered -- "Probably two." GROUP STARTED She and three other girl larted a singing group calle IB Sol Four, stopped that whe t interfered with high school ihe entered another conies' his time singing, won, and th iri/e was a trip to London 'here she became half a du vith another Australian gir 'at Carroll, but Miss Carroll' 'isa expired and she returne Australia. Since 1071, Mis Newton-John has been singin olo, I've been singing since vas 15; that's 10 years. I en oyed the group and the doub ict but I think I've enjoye leing on my own most. Yo ave only yourself to blame. "I always'listened to folk mu- it was too c. I don't think inch planned that I'd become country singer. But my ecord producer was quite keen n that music and thought it uited me and nobody else round London was doing it, so did it. "My first solo record in for the stale fair lour is from Minnesota. "We heard them on the last tour and we were pleased with them. They're not well known or anything but they play everything; they can play country and they can play 1971 'as 'If Not for You.' I had oth- r songs almost making it, but ot quite. I recorded 'Country loads' and 'Banks of the Ohio.' ""he country stations knew of le. . "Then the ;two ;songs that did nake it were written by John lostill. Unfortunately he died ecently. He was a friend. "My new record was wrillen yy Jeff Barry nnd Peter Allen. write some. One, 'Changes,' is in my new album. One is on an English album that isn't out lere. Maybe it'll be on the next Better than touring, though, Miss Newton-Jolm says, "I like recording best. I think I like it best because it means I can sing a lot. Usually I go in in the afternoon and work through until I finish. It could be otic in the morning. Sometimes there arc days when I sing six or seven good tracks in the same day. Another day I can only get through one or two. It all depends. I record in London -- on Abbey Road." Asked about aspirations and »oals, Miss New ton-John says, "I just drift along with it." one." THREE ALBUMS We had she been told that be- so pretty young In this country. Miss Newton- fohn has three albums out, 'Olivia Newton-John" on UNI, 'Let Me Be There" a n d "II You Love Me, Let Me Know" on MCA. They don't have exactly the same songs as her albums in Sngland because the second al- Diim for the United States was a collection of all her country cuts. But things will get lined up so that future releases will be alike. Miss Newton-John is in the United States, having performed at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas for two weeks with Charlie Rich. Next, she says, "I'll go on the state fair tour all over the place. In Vegas I wore long dresses. I think I'll wear trousers for the stale fairs because might be walking across muddy fields to get on stage. Trousers are more comfortable." The band who'll be with her men are falling in love with her in droves. "Really?" she says when askd about don't think they're doing it enough to bug me." She says, "I'm single. I think would be very difficult if I vercn't. I have a boyfriend but I link unless a husband could ravel with you, its difficult for marriage when you're away o much. "I don't w a n t to be on the oad forever. I want to be able o get in a position where I can vork so many weeks and be off o many weeks. About acting, Miss Newton- lohn says, "I've done a little bit. Nothing vast yet. She isn't ure what comes next after Iha our of slale fairs. Probably ome more happy, long recofd- ng sessions on -Abbey Road, '.nd some more country hits.' Billy's Maternity Shop "Everything for the expectant mother" ' 502 W. Emma ,; Springdale Births REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Stovall. of Fayetteville, a son, August 20. Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. Reed, of Cane Hill, a daughter, August 20. WEDDINGS NO DEPOSIT NO MINIMUM COMPLETE COVERAGE - LOTS OF PROOFS Reserve Your Date Now! PHOTOGRAPHY 19 North Block Street Phone 442-D9Z5 Daily Calendar of Events Tonight Gay Nineties Ice Cream Social, Headquarters House, 6 p.m. till 10 p.m. LEARN TO DANCE SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio lour 2-way radio. headquarters ; tm electronics ilnoe 1MB 5?0 N. College 44J-2222 For Your Prescription Needs SeaUi QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center -- 44Z424J City Parking Lot In Rear Saturday Farmer's Market, Old Post Office Square, 7 a.m. Car Wash, Warbonnets Drill Team, Evelyn Hills Shopping Center, 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Melhodist Church, 7 p.m. AI-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Springd?le Dance Club, Springdale American Legion Hut, 7 : 30 p.m. Dudes and Dolls Square Dance Club, Asbell School Caielor ium, 8 p.m. ELEANOR WILLIAMS DANCE STUDIO For Girls and Boys. Age 3'/ 2 through 18 COMBINATION CLASS OF ... ACROBAT · TAP · BALLET » MODERN JAZZ Personality Singing i and Baton given with Routine Special Gymnastic Classes Accepting Registration Now 'til August 30th Classes Begin First Week of September Studio located 3 miles east ot Root School, Highway 45 Phone Mrs. Eleanor Williams 521-5373 In white black, beige $10.00 Daytime Classic This easy-to-wear shirt fook with placket frtint modified shawl collar. The "Gucci" print is dress features a newer smartly engineered in navy, gold, green and red tones. Sizes 10-18. $24.98 Budget Fashions Street Floor THE JOCKO IS ADVERTISED IN OCTOBER'S PLAYBOY His-526.00 Hers-$23.00 English Tan

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