Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 2, 1952 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 2, 1952
Page 18
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;rnpire Lines, Details, BricsOffer Close Copy Df Big Sister Fashions Fashions, is fresh and pretty ·: itself, are ready for · June's (election this season. Dresses ititf and coats, designed for this fft, offer the same romantic Empire and elongated torso-line outlook that it to predominant In new ttshions for her older or missel ifte sister. · *Tlny jackets, full MT'.S accenl- , el by crisp petticoats, wealth of trjm that often centers about tin hipline, full deep-set- sleeves or 'Kftened effects in brief sleeves ·td a wide variety of surface interest In fabrics air help to lend complete new interest to the Jinior's spring parade fashions. ,The Empire silhouette Is ·tress- el, .In new spring dresses, by htgh smooth midriffs, often em- ptaslted by tiny figure-hugging Spencer Jackets or cropped boleros. Elongated torso lines app e a r on dresses that may be biTJIed, but have smoothed-down effects to the n,Id-hip where there li* all-around button accent. It call alto be seen on dress that are iijugly fitted from neckline to mid- hi, then, swirl into full-pleated (kjrtc. Ctitume Trpei Expected to hold 'an Important plice in'a Junior's daytime ward- rope are the costume-type dresset. Tlese often have coats, fitted on lop and bouffant skirted, with lin- ln|t to match the color of the drfu beneath. Other costume emsembles offer tujy curved or straight-cut bo- leto tops or the new popular fig- urf-moldinj Spencer j«ckeU. There · art also classic redlngote combinations, enlivened for spring '52, with giant bows, touches o^rhine- itlne glitter and bright linings, for dress-up, newest frocks cane with diminutive sleeves solt- eried in a gentle ^uffed-out man- ni' with eyelet or other lacy trans or in curved nnd rippling fl eve-on-sleeve capelet effects. collete necklines, on these gala .oc -asion fashions, are dressed up with all-around fences of fabric, itfnd-away portrait frames and notched fronts on the more formal ttfaplcss models. rallcoata While, for the mo»t part, skirts blSow out crisp and wide..with petticoats beneath to help heighten) the look of fullness. · Suits, too, present a pretty plc- tuje ot femininity for Junior), this ipllng. Their skirts have exaggerated fullness, with pettlcoati be-: loi- tp Increiie the billowing out- IMK, or their skirts are slim «nd ealed for long it rid Ing by low- pllced pleats. Complimenting the very ful or .very'film lihs of «kirti to perfection ,are little Empire jackets that hug the figure and stop ihor at the waist, debonair Eton jack- eta, capes tint are trim ana tailored and often detailed with tham pockets or capes in mure'. of a dressmaker mood lined In a gnlly colored crisp fabri such as taffeta and middy-like box jackets that present i long torso effect. To define the over-all look bl femininity, hlpllnes arc stressed by flange, button and pocket treatments. Removable Capei Costume effect' in suits as in dresses, are predicted to be a Dopulir Junior selection for spring. Costume suits often combine removable capes over slim cardigan jackets, neat, tailored blouses with suits or petticoats in colors to match jacket linings. From the excitement of surface interest In fabrics to the long torso effects produced by shortle styles there Is news In spring coats for Juniors Fabrics, like basket and waffle weaves, nubby tweeds, boudes »nd soft fleeces In a joyous variety of new colors, that Include viviq red?, bold checks, clenreat 'ellows, soft lilac and strong blues, are featured with lining., in vivid stripes or. in colors to match or contrast with new drcss-s. Fashion Interest l i these new coats centers about the fitted styles that flow Into full and swirl- ng skirts and hip-hugging short- es thit suggest a long torso ef- ect and blend to perfection with he new season's skirts. Season Dresses Star Dawn, Dusk Dresses will go everywhere, do everything this Spring. For whether designed as a'dingle unit, Jacket iiitcmble or two-piece frock, new Ines and details ready the dress o stand alone and hold greater mporUnce in wardrobes than In Masons past. Simulated effects of boleros, redthfotes and gllets appear as leverly manipulated trims on Irenes. Other dresses bloom forth, rom i beneath their jacket com- wnloni, with new decorative ouchei *nd flattering decollete leckllnei. Even two-piece ensem- )les have dingle unit outlooks with Iny, gently molded · jackets, like Colorful Accessories Shown Miss Jcanettc liichnrdscn models bright red leather shoes and landb'ag from McAllister's Shoe Slc-rc in keeping with Spring's trend owaid exciting colors. The shoes, with white trim, are by Gaylor, he bng by New Yorker. pcncers that end just below the lusttine, and skirts, that arc lined o emphasize their femininity, used generously." And over nil, helping to stress he Importance of the dress, np- ?ars the return of turn-of-the entury fashions with frocks, for very hour of the flay, stroiiRly nfluenccd by the lady-like designs- f that fabulous era. Also in evidence, and just ns emlninely pleasing for Spring, Is princess line, the elongated orso line and -the Empire feeling. ilraifht and Slim Typical of dresses inspired by urn-of-the-century fashions, are lose that hang straight and slim t front, and full at back, with rent emphasis placed on sleeves list as during that period. In some Instances, isheath-slim dresses are created with lull- blown organdy sleeves which can button in or out to meet the demands of the occasion. The importance of sleeves Is also seen in ruffled capclct types and oversize puffed designs, Elongated Tono Newest of the princess line dresses are those, that team with princess line redingotes, both slim from shoulders to hipline, then flared out at the skirt. Lending elegance to the slenderncss of princess silhouettes are collarless necklines and newly popular sleeves. The elonsated torso line appears In many guises for Spring. Two- piece dresses often have long moulded overblouse effects with all-around pleated skirts to emphasize the slim lines above. Refreshment finyon blouses or slips that have grown limp can be restored to life by dipping in gelatin. First, wash them as usual in lukewarm soapsuds, and rinse well. Then make dipping solution by softening two tablespoons granulated gelatin in cold water. Dissolve in two quarts boiling water. Cool- to lukewarm. Dip garments, squeeze out excess moisture. Iron as usual at low heat while damp. Keer ·» with the (lane--reaJ the TJMF.K dallr. Beautiful Easter *Sh for ·wrylfcliii MIW you'll wear this fprlitf riwra's · f«y n«w cast*' ViAtwe* u,ou go G'kren rf\" tliii Sluing. "· rtni, warilij rl'tf 53. you It lovi lk« wag f^ertuntl j-itt footwear to fornien .. .ana aott inttt delightful FIOA11NO SUP cacudlf for ·VCT'IJ mmuU of IJOUP lif«l H*r* tr« tr« nt*»tt rtuUr...flatr, tflilortflr, flll hitl niignir, oil fatkion colon anj UatUrt. AH on (kat · r-flifina. FtOATINO S T [ f . . . .11 .ilk tk flair for rtuj. tUi it f-erlunit i vtri^ o«n. S« lk«m,..ekoo» tUm,..ioon. DELICIOUS BAGS TO MATCH $4.95 to $7.95 Crisp Femininity, In Fabric, Design, Keynotes Lingerie There's a crisp, lady-like loo to IImerle designed for Spring And this feminine outlook is: re fleeted to best advantage in th abundance of cottons used fo everything from petticoats t nightgowns, and in the man petticoats presented to help bil low out new fullness of dress anc suit skirts. Most important, perhaps, in the Spring lingerie fashion picture are the many variations of the petticoat, now so popular with th current stress on wide.skirts. Newest are the petticoats with fullness accentuated by stiffening.' This is done,- in many in- etances, with underskirts .0; crinoline or organdy, flexible boning in the hem, narrow hands of corded fabric placed directly above the hemline ruffling .and starched fabrics used in the making of the petticoat itself. New Outlook Petticoat fashion's, in themselves, offer a new outlook for the Spring season. -There are full, full petticoats, designed with side zipper closings and finished waistbands, that can double as skirts. There are pretty cotton petticoats with ultra feminine eyelet embroidery trim made for wear beneath sheer dresses. And there are bouffant petticoats of crisp organdy, designed ' with their own crinoline underskirts, that also may be worn as skirts. Dainty trims also add feminine appeal to new petticoats. Featured are lavish net and lace hem ruffles and colorful floral embroideries. Many of the new petticoats come with their own matching camisoles. Elasticized, shirred and molded midriffs help carry out Spring 'ashion's Empire silhouette theme in nightgowns featured for the new season. While the 'use of organdy and lace trims lends a delightful feminine appearance to newest designs. Typical or nigmgowns emphasizing the Empire silhouette is a gown and negligee ensemble of rayon tricot. The gown is fash- oned with a smoothly fitted waistline that has its molding contours accentuated by an ap- plique of bright gold ribbon. The ull length, easy flowing skirt is jathered' around the hipline. And the brief sleeved top has a wide V-ncckline. Another example of the Empire silhouette is a gown which features a completely smockec bodice feminized with pastel embroidery. Nylon lace inserts outline the bosom of this nylon tricot gown. Placing emphasis on the femininity of trim is, for example, a partrait ncckljne gown detailed with shirred nylon net. Another, in this dress up fashion, is of cotton plisse lavished with tiny tiers of organdy ruffles. Fresh lingerie colors, on hand for Spring, include sparkling whites, mauve, maize, pinks and blues. High Fashion Stays At Home Glamour has invaded the home in new Spring homemaker frocks hat sing with imaginative fabric, color anil style excitement, so that, this season, the lady of the house need never feel improperly dressed when unexpected callers inter- upt her Spring cleaning. The "textured" look, so im- mrtant in dress and coat fabrics, now appears in the at-home dress, ;iving these utility frocks a high 'ashion look. Surface interest is achieved with clipped raised pat- erns and "tapestry" plaids that ook and feel like expensive hand- imbroidery. Striping also achieves he dimensional look, appearing ometimes in a satiny face in nar- ow and wide widths. A whole artist's palette of color ints these new fabrics in vibrant cwel tones, exotic subtle hues, Jnusual combinations of tone on one, and gleaming metallic gold gainst color. Luscious amethyst, angy tangerine, soft jade green nd many other shades do much to jcautify the Spring indoor frock. These fabrics and shading? are ombined in styles that have wirling skirts, dropped shoulders nd smart mandarin or roll col- ars. Some of the classic coat and ip front styles have taken on free ction gussets, placed to give laximum comfort to the busy omemaker in her many daily ac- ivities. Spring Fashions Stress Pre-Teen's Youn£ Figure Sportswear Has Dress-Up Look Sportswear, for juniors and their misses' site sisters, has a dressed-up air, this Spring, captured from fashions popular at the turn of the century. Jackets are shorter and snugger. T h e y appear as picturesque basque tops, figure-hugging spen ccrs, perky boleros and little capes. Skirts, although in many instances still billowing out with petticoats beneath for emphasis of this swirling effect, are slimmer and more gentle in line, featuring fullness in back panels -of 'all- around pleating. Sweater blouses, too, are gala for a new season. Presented soft pastel shades, these blouses often have dramatic boat-shape or draped surplice necklines, -and make generous use of this season's favored full-blown sleeves. Retaining. their popularity for outdoor living are pedal pushers, irief shorts, slacks, circle skirts, back-wrapped skirts and middy pullovers. But, these -too, are often offered in dressed-up versions of hardy sportswear fabrics. Typical of the dressed-up fabrics is denim, that hard-wearing sportswear favorite. It is dressed up for a gay entrance into the Spring '52 fashion season by touches of embroidery, jet, braid and quilting. One example is a mandarin type cardigan jacket and pedal pusher ensemble of quilted faded blue denim lined in gold cotton. Another instance of denim in a dressed-up mood is a waist-length blue denim jacket with lantern sleeves that are center-bordered with white string lace. For Your Choice There are two basic style categories in men's neckwear, bows and four-in-hands. But within these two categories there are as different styles, of a tie is from many as fifty Average length forty-seven to fifty-four inches. · The pre-teen Mt nukec. lathkm news, this Sprint, with « w«»4th ot exciting designs that pay Special attention to their' very young figures, and fabric texture* that «re especially noteworthy for their nubby, · fibby and popcbmy. outlooks. V'-v . . '·/-,'···" · Shepherdess dreMe^Irnpire, silhouettes, princess line* and iritii- top, full skirted fashions til-com- bine to cre.te very ypuni.fiiyre interest. While ,texture appealing fabrics run the gamut from pipery. -rayon taffetas, and glared cottons to ribbed rayon, suitings and any number of variation! on tweed.»; Beneath it all are gaily patterii- ed lining!, and criip,' colorful petticoats that: help . emphasize 41- ready 1 lull..skirts. . \ ·. · ..- - Shepherdesi-tj'j*./frocks -.' a r,« pretty .to see dtessed'-up with pert apron"and corselet effects, icoop- ed-outi' necklines,· puffed sleeves and lacings . and · braid ; accents. Typical shepherdess, and '·'· fabric texture ^interest by .'meant : of 'ja glazed pique corselet and peplum over multi-color, striped cotton.'?'' Dresses and coats featured in the high-rising midriff Empire iilhou- ette appear; : in.trabricsi 'to rViitch the occasion. Dresses, for example, are made in'gala fabrics like taffer tized charribray and pure taffeta for. dresA-up; and in..' a. variety .ot gaily pririted'-CQttorts,'. fpfjichooi hours. While coats are ottered for ''Sunday Best" in , fabrics . like checked worsted, and in fleece lor more casual wear. ' - . - · ' · , ' · ' · ' ' · : · ' The princess style coats, that present an almost classic. Easter Sunday appeal, are more appealing than ever, this Spring, with extra wide skirts often accented iy padded hiplinea and aide-entry hip pockets. i Keynote of young suits and the many convertible fashions on' hand for the pre-teen's Spring wardrobe are billowing skirts and snug-fitting tops. Suit jackets' are usually brie! and skirt fullness is often emphasized by all around pleats or flouncy petticoats. Convertible capelets, iuits that sometimes include two skirts and a reversible vreskit as well as the usual jacket, and jumper dresset that'come complete with little close-fitting jackets, frothy blouses and crisp under-pettieoats. Open Saturday Nights Until 8P.M. PHONE 21 TULIP s Outfit Them Now for Easter AT WARDS THRIFTY PRICES 3-6X NEW TAFFETAS 2.98 Swishy-skirted, pastel-tinted acetates or rayons for spring Sunday-best. Lets ef tiers and ruffles, posh-op puff i!eeve» and v'nite lace and organdy trimming touches. 7-14 SPRING SUITS 6.98 Criip, wrinkle-reiiitont rayon and ace- tola gabardines In spring navy and high shades. Bc!o and bony jacket In ilylei. 3-6X SUITS for Easier at 4.94 7-14 RAYON BUYS 3.98 (t| Where will you find w much pnfty fashion for K) little? RuitKng acetate! In paiteli, navy and medium tontt. Dran-up detain, in bodice Mm, rufflw and pfeinft. 11 TO 18 SLACKS 3.98 © Year'round weight rayon-an4-a«tato gabardine. Zipper fly. Irawn or MM, JUNIOR SIZES 4-10 1« Q] COTTON SHIRT, 6-11 ....1J» SEE WARDS ASSORTMENT OF GUIS' EASTER HOUStS AND UNCM?

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