Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 22, 1974 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1974
Page 17
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ANYONE WHO WOW.P SIT IN A TREE PKTENPINS TO BE A VULTKKE SHOULD SO TO SEE A SHE M(li.O KNOli) THATVcniRES ' ALMOST NEYSS ' LECTURE ROOM2S ART THERE IS A TREASURE, · ClARA BELLE HlbVTFRO/rt. BUBBA. HE'S GONE AFTER HER. WE'VE GOT TO STOP HM. NOU FEEL UP TO IT? WHAT HAPPENED/ WHERE ARE YOU? SURE... BUZ... X THINK SO' SHE HID IT IN THE CISTERU.. CAMT suevMg otttte »«$ TWIT'S .flSHORg stew FtXKVJ'TO GIT SOME COMPflNV MVDftDBURN NOSeiSftSOOT TO TTCH OFF- / C ( Five YEARS yw V_ 6TUP1EP TH6 SPSECH 7 AMP CUSTOMS OP \AMERICAN IWDJANS- ve THUMP DfiiJMS UKS BLJFKALO MEAT LIKS UMff-- TH£Y DO WH2M TMY'VE. WHACKED' IN TH6 STOMACH WITWA TOMAHAWK I KS3CK If OF? WITH TTHAT DSH'T aO AROUND SAYIM6 ffOiti NCWOl-l, ALL VWSTEPAPEK TAKEN PIRECTt-YTO Trie RECYCLING CENTER' IP We START S I V I N S Y U rrs THE PRINCIPLE WHY NOT? DRINKIWS WATER Hi COSTS PRACTICAL!- ) NOTHING MAY I HAVE ANOTHER GLASS O F WATER, PLEASE? ·XOUlLL BE ASKING fiORFREg TOOTHPICKS !P^--Believe /t orJfot/ *34«r.WkM "i»mtfr~iT . --^* - * ArfcotUM T1MIS, 1h«n., Aug. 23, 1974 · 17 PAVrmVILLK, ARKANSAS UlTHOIir THE USE OF A SINGLE NAIL nniffliiiiiiiwm^ LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Muscular Tics Are Physical, Emotional What can we do to alleviate tic of the eyes and [ace our 8-year-old boy has acquired? Mrs. J.C., Ark. Dear Mrs. C.: NATURAL BRIDGE OVER A STREAM N MASSAW\ M THE.SfiZELlt PEKMMSOIA JOHN EARL JOHNSON Of KETCHIKAN, ALASKA, N 1926 RMS CITY'CL'ERrv. MAGISTRATE, ASSESSOR, ATTORNEY, TKB^SUREE OP THE SCHOOL BOARD, SCHOOL TAX COLLECTOR, DEPUTY TERRITORIAL TREASURER ASST. TERR. TAX ELECTOR ANDffll OFFICEROf 4CIVICAMO FRATERNflL ORSANIZATIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY ·Submitted by Emery F. Tbblti : Vaneotwet Wash. Muscular tics that involve the eys or the muscles of the face arc common. Hawking noises and clearing of the throat are modifications hat can be considered tics. It is rare to find a physical cause for the twitching, so dis- ressing to observers. Neverthe- ess, the possibility should be nvesligated before the tics are considered entirely of emotional origin. For example, allergies may FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope and, with simple guidance, th» habit tic will slop. It is obvious that the on* thing that must be avoided is to embarrass or * shame tha child suffering with tics. Under such pressure, tics may seem 'to disappear, but the underlying problem persists and emotional conflicts may come out in other ways -- in ways that are less recognizable. More can be accomplished by not calling attention to the tics, but by giving the child reason to feel more relaxed and secure. Try it. VITAMINS Can vitamins 'iN" DIET alone sustain te responsible for movements][he body on a very stricj Miss R.R., Vt'. of the nose or rapid closing of the eyes, as a means of avoiding the irritation of a foreign substance. Some neurological disturbances are associated with a variety of tics. BASIC REASON If. after all physical exami- ations fail to produce a basic easdn for the tic, then cre- ence should be given for the Dear Miss Ii.: ossibility of an motional factor. in MiiniiiflinniHiiiiirininiiiiiHiinniiitiiiiioiniiiniiiiiiiinHiiiniiiiiiiiiuniiiii inniiiiiNMnmi Look .in the section in. which AGITTAR1US (Nov. 23 to Dec, your birthday comes and .find " what-your outlook is, according to-the'Stars. FOR FRI., AUG. 23, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Extra responsibilities indicated. Tackie regular duties'first, . Restrain yourself, no matter how strong the urge to take direct action becomes. This is i day for planning -- not tor .nvolvement in complex situa ions.. . then take on what you can -within reason. Don't overcrowd your schedule. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Your inherent, sympathetic nature could lead you astray now, take -all factors i n t o account if asked for. favors -material : .'or -otherwise. Curb emotions. GEMINI (May 22 to' June 21) Relations- with,.the public, or ganizational w o . r k special events, uniqjie. projects highly favored. Capitalize' on your ver satility. CANCER (June 22:to .'July;23) You have an excellent chance of getting the information you need if you go.the right sources. Your intuition-will-'be helpful in this respect. LEO (July 24, to Aug.; 23) ' Some changes^ may be pro posed. Study everything from an objective, viewpbjnt. Change for .own sake could . cost you ground. .Concentrate 1 .on ; purposeful-aims. . : VIRGO-(Aug; 24 to Sept. 23) Don't let sympathy enter into business deals nor cold calcula tion enter what-should be-a sen sitive, i warm relationship, discriminating in all things. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) D e v o i d of planetary Be couragement lend to feel now, lost.- you may But don't Instea'd; ' accelerate, . reactivate your - interests, and. you will land on sale shores. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Some opposition, but al plenty of smooth sailing if you are ready .to pitch, in and se your sights straight values warily. (aware underlying Too much parental pressure, atigue, excessive demands at chool are but a few of (he reasons why habit tics occur. Sometimes, simple psycholo jical studies can readily reveal a basis for 8 child's anxiety ·educing diet? represent only a of the nutritional Vitamins small part requirements of the body. They -nost definitely cannot substitute for the nutrition that can be obtained in well-balanced meals. I often wonder when t h o s e interested in diets will learn tha simple fact that calories a n d only d e t e r m i n e weight loss. In the absence of any organic disease, the firm rule is that when you consume m o r e calorics than your body requires for fuel you will gain weight. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) , . . . , . ; - ., ..... Collaborate on a program with associates who, have, allied interests, and principles. Some excellent ideas could · result from a "meeting of minds," AQUARIUS (Jan. '21 to Feb. 19) Stellar influences - mild,-- yet you can have 'a successful day. 1'aboo-. wild.- schemes, daring ventures..: There's: a tendency toward recklessness now. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Some persons may react in a manner not fully anticipated. Do not let (his throw you off balance or ruin your innately serene disposition. . . YOU BORN TODAY, as a Leo-Virgo cuspal (one born, at the change of Signs), 'possess many, of . the traits .of , both, which makes you a most interesting .individual.. You have "the typical reserve of the Virgoan; are not' as lynamic and expressive as the average Leoite but, on the other hand, are far more practical than your Leo-brother. You could be a tremendous suc- .cess in the business and financial worlds; also in real estate and manufacturing. Your inventive' powers are unmistakeable, and you may have outstanding talent' along - musical lines. As with the true Leoite, you are extremely versatile .and. could succeed as a writer, lawyer, physician or -scientist -- in fact, almost any field where your in- tersts lead you. Birthdate of: King Louis XVI, ot France; Gene" Kelly, Amer. dancer, actor. . B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to M«ster»' Individual Championship Play) : South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH V K J 6 » K J 7 3 4 9 8 7 5 2 WEST EAST * Q 9 6 5 3 S * K 8 7 4 V 8 2 » A 5 · 4 * A M 9 8 6 2 * » 6 4 3 *J SOUTH *A» V Q 1 0 8 7 4 3 Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS IGounter: felt' . . ' · · ' . 5 Painful disorder S Annoy persistently 12 Subtle emanation IS Stringed instrument 14 Commotion IS;Changes by degrees 17 Deface 18 Ocean shore 15 Subject 21 Family member 8 Mexican coins MILS. inventor Wlntet a Pant 31 Girl's name K, Conjunction 3} New Zealand' parrot 34 Facts 36 Thing (Jaw) 87 Curve 38 Finished 40 Pronoun 41 Oscar- winning film 43 Charge . with gas 47 Whole amount 48 Advocate ofP.D.R,'s policies 51 Japanese name 52 Minced oath 53 Indian unit'of weight 54 Card game 55 Heirs 56 Lampreys DOWN 1 Droops 2 Injure · 3 Sandarac tree 4 Female title 5 Happy 5 Absent 7 Shoshonean Indian 8 Examinations 9 Junior, for one Avg. solution time: 22 tain. D O R S fen AM IAS BBfflfl @nra@ anon son sag HHD HHHn Answer to yesterday's puzzle, 10 Man in Genesis U Pierce 16 Feminine name 30 Kg. 22 Longed 23 U.S. engineer 24 Possessed 25 Eggs 2S Scene of Napoleon 1 ! defeat 27 Scarce M Oriental coin 30 Cushion 35 Insect 37 Scold 39 Units of . force «TIny 41 Post 42 Voice 43 Annexes 44 Medicinal · plant 45 Relate 48 Epochs « Personal- tty * A K Q ThelHddmg: South West North East I V Pass 2.» 3* 4 V Opening lead - four of dia- ionds. The play of hand, on either 'fense or defense, cannot ef- ectively be separated into indi- idual segments but must be onsidered as a whole. East's allure to appreciate this llowed South to make four earts when he should have one down. West led a diamond, on which ummy played the jack. East he ace, and South the five. East realized the lead was S singleton -- West would hava ed the queen had his holding consisted of the Q-4 -- and accordingly he returned a diamond for West to ruff. West ritffed, as expected, but .here was nothing he could do o stop the contract. He returned a spade, won by South with the ace. A trump lead orced out the ace and declarer made exactly four. Had East resisted the impulse to give West a ruff at trick two, he would have defeated ths contract. He should have led this sin'gleton club at that point in order to establish a ruffing position himself. f5outh could not have prevailed against this defense. Ha could lead a trump to force out the ace, but East would win, return a diamond for West to ruff, and West would then return a club for East to ruff. The principle that emerges is that it is not enough for East to deduce that his partner's lead is a singleton and on that basis instantly give him a ruff. East should look beyond that ·to the play of the hand as a whole before succumbing to tha temptation of an immediata diamond return. The diamond ruff offers no future unless it can be combined with a later club ruff. Just as jn football, the delayed buck occasionally pays off. PONYTAIl "I jast LOVE your car, Stickshift.. .'How about driving by my boyfriend's house so I can make him jealous?" Complete news .coverage, (local, area, natiorvaf, international), intensive sports and women's- interest reports, top features. . . .six afternoons a week and Sunday morning. .,.,.delivered to your door for less than 11 a day. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242

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