Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 2, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 2, 1952
Page 5
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Column MOf TMWffT At«ANl*l TIMM. feytMvM*. AftoMft. , AarH J, KCJ By HAL . New -York-M)-Durmg the last war many a weary traveler figured It must be easier to ' b ct the keys to Fort Knox than ; a V.-y to the average hotel room. Hotel desk clerks were more powerful than the neighborhood butcher. Remember how they look- · ed at you as if you had the treaties? Yes, even though you Issured them youU be wildly con- aats BOYLC - tent with a cot in the boile: rodm --or even a blanket and a sofa on the mezzanine. The room shortage battles annoyed some people so much they swore they would nevei leave their own hearths again unless forced out by fire or flood. Well, the good .lews .or today is--you can start hitting the open road again, fellows. Hotels want you now. The emergent; Js over The welcome mat Is it the front door. The desk clerk again s«ys "yes, sir." . "Business is excellent, bu* the lerrific pressure is no longer there,"- said Frank Wangcman scion of the old European Hole', family. "We no loncer have to spend most of our tim 3 saying 'no to people we'd like to take care of." . ' . Wangcman, now 39, served an apprenticeship in rueh over-sized inns as the Jlitz in London and the swank George V in Paris before becoming general manager Who Gives Green Stamps? McKeehan'i Fabric Centtr IB Eait Onitr We Do! Fairway Grocery 411 N. College Johnion'i Glenn's Dairy PainJ and Wallpaper Stort (Home to house delirerfl 25 North Block* St. Hilton Bret. Drire-in Furnilun Store Hwy. Tl North Town C Compui MEN'S WEAR Otark Thtatri Bldg. loner Bros. Shot Stores Phone. S60-W-4 Ozark Cleaners 101 North Block Si. Marian's Service Station Friendly Gulf Station 11 North College McRoy-McNair Farelievillt Printing Co. South Side Square Retail Store CASH Sales Only Phillip Mttor Co. (It North Celine Mwri's Olft Shop II Netlt Hock It. Fairway H«rdw«ra 110 Mill St. Waggoner's Bakery 101 West Center It. Quaker Drug Store li East Center II. Beebe's Jewelen U East Center Royal Beauty Shop S. Side Square Phone 1581 la Rosa Haus» of l«oufy 111 N. Callage Phone 991 Redeem your SH Green Stomps at the Redemption Center, 420 North College of the Roosevelt Hotel here which caters to more than 250,000 guests a year. He believes that hotel-keeping, now one of the nation's eight largest Industries, is In the same transitory phase the department store was in a generation ago. "About HO years s«o we had' trouble attracting outstanding young men because they didn't want lo work in a service industry," he said. "But not any more. It's a big business of ferine big rewards. Right now \ye have in our dish washing department a boy whu :ook post-graduate courses at Cambridge University and a forme British Naval officer who com minded t destroyer. There is a Gr«dUat« of Yale working as a file clerk lit' our accounting department "They art learning the business 'rorfi the bottom. So many young men with good educational and umily 'backgrounds come to us hat we have to remind them: Look, Johnny, this business isn't all glamor-^it'n hard work'." The traveling public li':es to be omanced and pampered and made o fee! at home, and smart hotels now are trying to do exactly that, low? By streamlining, service, providing better parking facilities, modernizing rooms, installing high speed, elevators. "Everything n r w is geared to speed," Wahgeman said. "The thing -guests hate most is to be' kept waiting;. 1 ' Women are playing a big role in influencing the change, a wives often pick tht hotel when the iam- lly Journeys together. There it also an ilicrtaitht number ot traveling women executives. "Women are no more demanding than men, but they are more precise in what "they rip want--and more appreciative when they get get It," Wangeman said. "They like light, cheerful, well-decorated rooms with a feminine touch if possible--rooms that look more like their own living room. And they like lighter, well-balanced menus with a choice of salads." A sidelight: Ever stay at a hotel that Its lobby clock seemed a little (hat its lobby colck seemed a little fast? Well, it probably was--about three minutes fast, That is to protect dawdling guests. "The closer a hotel is to a railroad station," said V'a'iceman, smiling, "the more likely its guests are to miss (heir trains." Kee._ B» with tht rlmea read Governor Moves To Gut Alabama Highway Toll Death Rate Drops Sharply In Three Months Of Zoning Montgomery, Ala. -UP)- All- bama's governor, striving to stop Ihe slaughter on state highways, has put the brakes on speeders. A rigidly enforced speed limit of (0 miles an hour in the daytime and 50 at ni|ht prevails on all 0. S. highway* and 56 of the most heavily traveled state routes. In the tirst three months the highway death rate dropped sharply. The 90-day total was 174 compared with 241 fatalities in the corresponding period last year. Before Gov. Gordon Persons took matters into his own hands and speedzoned' the roads, the only thing resembling a statewide ceiling oh fast driving was a "reasonable and proper" limitation. Every motorist h«d his own deli what that meant. Meantime, AI»bim» built up one of the n»- lon'l bloodiest traffic records. finds Old Law The legislature in I9S1 turned flown « speed limit bill, but Persons Was determined. . law already on the books gave him the iniwer. It allowed the governor, n effect, to regulate fact driving m "any part" ot a highway It onditior.s justified it. So, on the theory that "any part" of a road could mean all of it, 'crsons by executive order zoned he entire lengths of the various highways for 60-50 sp ed. There have been seme com- ilaints but Public Safety Director ... E. Sullivan, who runs the State highway Patrol, said the public jy and large has been coopera- ive. Court Tent Start** A Montgomery Insurance nun, L. M. McNelll, Jr., has started a ourt test, cftnlendtng the law pro- 'iding for Speed tones applies nly to limited areas and can't be tretched to cover whole highways. McNelll was fined 15 for doing 5 at night. Under the governor's xecutive order, it would have been anything up to 110(1 and 10 ays in jail, Mont fln*« throughout the jtat«, iiys Sulllvin, have been $10 or Sl(. Persona Isn't swayed by any of th* gripes he has heard about the speed limit. Vlf it has saved one life," he rtplles firmly, "it's worth it." DOROTHY DIX -- roNTINUED FROM PACE TOUR a present. KM* t«"«rttt (be tlsret-nMflM line* *fly. T ODAY you will see the first Americtn air styled by famous Pinin Farina, creator of the world's costliest custom cars for its kings and leading figures. ; Today you will see luxury new to America-the greatest visibility, the widest scats, the most modern features ever combined in one automobile. . , Today you can take command of power that even surpasses last year's official speed record- holder ... in a new Nash Super Jetfire engine with Direct-Draft horizontal carburction. Todiy you can ride in safety no car ever offered before--with new braking power, new safety "crash p»d" custom cowl--all within the life-living safety of double-rigid Airftyte Construction. Today you'll sec new wonders in automatic transmissions, in steering ease--in Reclining . Scats and Twin Beds--all in the one car (hat's luxuriously new for 1952--the Nash Golden Airflytc! Come in today--and take command of the most beautiful and exciting car in the world I MODERN MOTORS 125 W. MwinUin St., F lr( tj«i||| near Miss Dix: 1 am troubled with two girls. They -want me to be friends with them, hut they are not friends with fsrh other. Their mothers aren't friendly either, If I go out with one girl, tli^. other one gets mad and jo docs her mother. I'd like to be friendly with both, but it doesn't seem possible. Rpverly Answer: It has always been rny contention t h a t only people with very small souls cannot get along with their /cllow men. When you run Into a double s i t u a t i o n of this sort, w i t h both daughters nnel mothers at swords' points, I think the best course lor you is lo drop both girls. You have a friendly disposition, and the conslant strain of trying to plr-ase two antagonistic girls is too much for you. Gather a congenial group around you, girls who admire and respect each other as well an you. Don't let yourself become a part of pettiness nnd spite, Tell, these young ladies frankly and firmly that you will not RO out With either of them unless they cap get along together. OT course,' the source of all the difficulties lies In the mothers, who should b« old enough to know better. They're acting more childishly than thdir daughters. The number of U. S. farms d*dined from 6,no,oOQO in 1*31 (6 5,3110,0(10 In 1950. THI BLAIRS, STATIONERS Th* oldest Office SuftJy H*tii. ami Cifl Skip BIAUTIFUl IASTH CMOS- FayitleTillt'i Largail Balaetion -- Styltd br Olbfoa swfOM sm mi mttovt Junge's MMH MMittM about cigoreffeirrifnfion A-M«*«*** N** MM*. OMM. Cm,, tww, PHILIP MOIR1S gives you MOM SMOKING PLEASURE than any other leading brand. VVl-TOVlL II DUO TOMOMOW, YOU IMOKIQ PHILIP MOMIS TOO AT I You'll lov* "I LOVI IUCY" Korting IAU and Dili MNAZ The new TV lou«h rid over CIS

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