Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 1, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1952
Page 8
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TMfcy, April 1,1M1 On Amount Of Income (jovernment Can Favor 25 Per Cent Ceiling Uicrc be a| Griffith Purcell, sponsor or the 'federal income taxes? question has caused a cqn- of ophiion in capitals across intry. .' ' ..'· '. . Souses of legislatures in .it'have adopted resolutions ^Congress to call .a con- litutlenai convention to make a inge In the nation's basic law. i: resolutions generally favor a per cent limit in federal income procedure-states petitioning igrew "!-'for. » constitutional Iriiont is ralhcr,unfisual. the of action in legislatures,has ari cxlroordlnnry length aroused concern · in , ,,. is'riehina the movement? What did friends and foes sriy? ;4 SttTieiAssociated Press obtained reports-front its staff.-corrcs'pond- 1 1 - in the capital".of the Jive s.-which,have'approved the utlon'in the last i|. Florida, .Utah, :Georgla and "The 'power to 'tax may be the power to destroy," said · Delegate J. Bradlc Allman, ''but the wont (if -the power to tax will just as certainly destroy a government," 1 Democratic opponents in the Utah .Legislature contended the ceiling would benefit the rich at the expense of persons In the lower-Income brackets. Vt. -Virginia Legislature hpard the effect:of a. 25 per : wJI»nt tax- limit off the swill and Uie hop yigjll not fatten,'" «ti(t. Delegate W. vi -M'lMUrniT ' tf-- «£ Beautiful Colon A* MrsteMls. · f!S CLARK VENltlAN JND t AWNING CO. , Ml AIMr I t. m, Burden? ,"Thc. resolution is directed toward' tfe v/hiihwhllepbjeftlvc of reducing 'the heavy burdch'of taxation that presses on every Airicfl- ca'n," stated Utah's Oov. J,' Bracken I.ce.~ The: Utah. tUte'Ux Mmliilstraioni: had ari 'opinion-plus a down-fo-the-roots SUMestion.. "People,: more than anything, else, would'like to see twws cut," he told a newsman. "They're too high. There Is a-great deal of sentiment, for that! Cut First Legislature adopted the resolution at the request of Gpvernor ,-Lec, a' Republican. Georgia lawmakers took favorable action after, Gov. Herman Tal- madgc, a ^Democrat, hecnmc interested in the idea. Both governors 'are outspoken critics of fcd- cral, ; taji policies. ' .' There'wns no evidence of widespread public interest In those states or In Kansas or Florida. Delegate. Furccll, who offered the resolution In Virginia, said a'mod- crato quantity br mail came from taxnaycrs who IHrtd It:':- '·'.' The . general;.- public's feeling about tax rates is a ; matter of Individual opinion .rather than collected facts. Representative .Mason (R-I11), who is for the 2B per/,cent limitation, made a House speech on that subject In January. "The .excessive :and oppressive 'cderal («x burden of recent years las..brpujjht about a tax rebellion ibat'.'is sleeping the nation,*' he «aid. "It Is a .peaceful rebellion but i grim" and. determined one just he same.". ' ..; ·/'·" ' : ; Charles F. Conldn, executive director of the Federation of Tax Administrators, an organization of WM MR. MOTORIST- ;Ts your money that pcyj for roads "But the only .way io cut 'taxes is to cut expenditures.", He figured a 25 per cent income tax celling, wthout a slash In spending, would bring "some type of consumption tax." There are two ceiling proposals The one making the rounds of the state asks Congress to call-a constitutional convention. The convention .would- write an amendment and submit it to the states for ratification. " j Under this amendment the U. S. government could ' hot take more than 25 per cent of incomes, gifts or inheritances.' The other proposal is a rcsolu- lon introduced, in Congress by Representative'Reed (It-Ill), This one asks Congress to draft an amendment and submit it to the states for approval. This amendment would place a ' 2 5 per cent limit only on'income taxes. Under iclther one, Congress could set aside the ceiling during a war by a vote of three-fourths of its members. The Reed measure also provides that Congress, by a three-fourths vole, could raise the celling to 40 per cent for a one- year period. . The progress of the resolutions in the states prompted a study of the subject by Urn staffs of the Senate-House Economic Committee and the House Small Business Committee. The staffs set forth these arguments in a recent report: , . The ceiling would "tend to shift the individual tax burden from the rich,to the poor." , ' Based;on 1951 figures, the cell Ing-would cut federal revenues bj 16 billion dollars , a year. Thi: might mean, among other things a federal sales tax. Lets Federal Service Many services 'now handled by the federal government would have to he taken · over and financed by states and cities. The Western Tax Council which is pushing the amendment argues: Thcr-,ceiling'wouid leave more money -for investment in Job-creating enterprises. If It hud been in effect in the most recent peace-time fiscal year --1050--It would have cut fedcra: Cuts Proposed VOWl- gt4,aaei, license can be designed accurately * feet and other taxes' pay for any legal axle load-and "".building pavement, for it/be^iis'load-carryingca-; maintaining .it and for re- pacity throughout its life. '· paving it when it wears out. Concrete costs less to Concrete pavement is maintain, lasts longer. It is moderate in first cost yet few-WMVof-corf pavement. CEMENT ASSOCIATION (Wd work revenues six and one-quarter billions. Revenues would have covered all essential peacetime expenditures and no substitute taxes would i have,bocni needed. ,, If stales and elfl«i*"tobk eivor some federal functions, they could do a more efficient Job, Senator George (D-Ga), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, told a newsman "our taxes are too high." But, he said, the ^tate-cndorscd resolution represented "an ; impracticable program .to'View flf fliir national debt and .obligations,',',-; , . . ,, . ... . George said,the limitation would mean that everyone would have to pay a 26 per cent Income tax and a federal sales tax, too. The American Bar Association's policy-making House of Delegates voted support 'of the celling idea last month. They endorsed the Reed resolution. . ' Objection to the convention method was spelled out In the South Carolina House, which killed the ceiling resolution last month. Hep. John Fonrd Bald he feared such a convention- would not. stop, at tax limitation but would "rewrite our constitution." The 1952 legislative season is House Group Would Trim Budget Only , By Three Per Cent . ..Washlnglon-C/P)-The House Appropriations Committee yesterday cut the budget of the Agriculture Department for the fiscal year starting next July 1 approximately three per cent. In a bill sent to the House floor for debate this week it rccomend- cd $724,003,699, a cut of $24.412,129 for regular activities of the Agriculture. Department. Another measure sent out by the committee provided $24,365,780 for the operations of the appropriations group itself, another three per cent cut amounting to $811,015. . Percentage wise, the cuts were among the lowest of any recommended by the committee this year in the regular 1953 budget bills. In addition to the cash allotted the Agriculture Department, the committee approved the full request for 229 million dollars in funds for'lhe Rural Eleclri- ricatlon Administration .and the Farmers' Home Administration. It disallowed the entire $183,182,250 in cash requested for implementation of .the international wheat agreement but approved bookkeeping project, which, it ad mltted, will not result in. a savin, of the amount rejected. The international, wheat agree mont is designed to stabilize th world wheat market, with th Commodity Credit Corporatio paying from its funds the differ cnce between the price specifiec in the agreement and domesti market price. The committee decided to re imburse the CCC by allowing tha agency to!.cancel $182,162,250 in Treasury notes instead of paying them by direct appropriations. I said this "docs not result in an actual saving to the taxpayer.' More Use Of Funds The committee directed the department to make more use o available customs funds to support the school lunch program The department receives a part of customs duties.'oh some imports tmd is supposed to use the proceeds to acquire" surpluses and support the market on certain commodities. Since 1948, the committee said, more than 56 million dollars 01 these funds have been spent to provide commodities for foreign economic assistance under the Mutual Security Act, "in violation of the purpose" for which the funds were given to the department. For soil conservation and land- Uie payments, the committee rec- omend 250 million dollars, a reduction of six and one half million dollars from the budget request It approved a 190. million dollars program for the If93 crop year. . For the .school lunch program for 1051, the committee recommended the full amount of $83.- 3(7,411 requested. The, separate bill financing the legislative' department also included funds for the government printing office and the Library of Congress. ' ' · Its of.'vW2,380,280 was $£,- 685,282 less than the budget estimates. The heaviest reduction was In government printing office funds which the committee cut from $28,187,885 to $21,817,120. The bill carries no funds for operation of the Senate, the budget of that Jxxiy 'being added to the measure when it reaches the Senate. Not white, not wheat, not 17% but a flavor blend of all', three-- Juufe's Roman Meal Bread. 11-lMf. Keer w with the the T.1WES dally. · f t ' ncarlng ah end. If the ceiling resolution is approved in California, where it has becri introduced in the Legislature, the total of state adoptions would be 29--three short of the 32 required. But even i f ' the 32 mark is reached next year, there is a qucs- ion of how many resolutions would be counted as valid by Congress. 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