Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 1, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1952
Page 5
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NOtTHWUT AMCANIAC TUNIS, fov By HAL BOYLE New York-(/P)-Hoiy will .his tory rate Harry S. Truman? Whe the partisan din of our times die away, the chances are lie will b allotted a greater niche than man of his critics now suspect. This little man of big surprise may rank as the mosl warml human president since Abrahan Lincoln. For surely. one of. th greatest sources of.his .appeal ha been the fact he looked, and talke 10 much,like the average :citizen .. His-great office was thrust upoi him unexpectedly, and any Amer lean could look at his picture an: PLAN TO BUILD ·M Oar MeterieL G*» Our Print. Trr Oui Serrke. DYKE LUMBER CO. Mi 8t. But Doctor -It's 2 A.M.! Doesn't matter what time it is! If it's an emergency we are prepared to deliver what you need . . . in a flash. Depend on us for the ultimate in service-- the best in brand names for your family. GoUto, 00 W. Dickton. Phono 3000 say, "Why, the same lightnin might have struck me." That wa a big advantage to him--any vote could imagine himself being pu in Harry's spot. Even in his act of voiuntaril; removing himself from the 195 presidential r a c e--the . latest o many unpredictable acts--somi people are sure to say: "Well there's a man that filially llstenec to his wife." And-they will fee they understand him even better If he now goes on and steps ou of the political scene altogether his final stature in the 'Story our nation will begin to emerge more clearly. The small legends of leadership will. cluster arounc lis name and fame, molding him 'nto the pattern that after generations will -know. How will they remember Harry? They will remember him as a ian who would rather be senator nan president, and would rather be a Medal of Honor winner than either. They will remember him as a m a n . w h o could fitch a baseball ivith either hand and look in a horse's mouth and tell its age. They will remember him as a man who helped his wife dry the dishes and insisted that she edit ,11 his speeches. . Historians are sure to write of Jm as a man less simple than IB seemed, and they will label s the greatest mistake of his nemies the error they made of onsistently low-rating his pro- ound'knowledge of people in the mass. "That boy could plow the traightest row of corn in the ounty," his mother once said of ruman. "He was a farmer who ould do everything there was to o just a little better than any- ne else." deed politician. "Nothing in my life amounts to anythiufbot world peace. That ii all I ani wertifaf for.." : People To.the'.EdWor:. . ., , A few, evenings ago, your'pub- lisher, Mrs. Roberta Fulbright, had a very timely editorial on the iron page in regard to the auJioritics releasing criminals after they hac nerved out only a.short portion o: tHeir timeV 1, am wondering thai n»re;6tvjfe««-ofthe feme i going But he himself said: "I've worked hard all my life. hat's the only recipe for success know." Truman has always been proud of being a professional politician. How would he himsUf like best to be remembered? Here are two statements he made during his presidency: "Government is politics and in the hands of able and honest politicians government is likely to prosper. So many men who have seen attacked as politicians while they were alive have gained fame after their deaths that I think the best description of a statesman is Ad .-eitte IB the TIMES--It nifs. A few weeks ago .1. man was :-ken before the couri for "wife beating" and fined $15, and warned if he came back again before hat court, he could inform his vife that he would be put away or six months. About/three v.-eeks ater, he was picked up or Saturday night and put in jail. Monday morning he was fined J100 nd given 90 days in jail. That vas according to the published ccount. Drunken driving. This, believe, was the fourth time on imilar charges. I noticed he was around home t all times of the day. As soon s I saw the ptper, I contacted he police court and the county heriff. The storj. was this: Mr. was fined and given a jail entence, ;as reported, but was rivately permitted t o ' i o out at ight each ..morning, to work "on is job arid'report-back at the ail at five in the evening. And n Friday he would enter the jail ot to go out anymore until Monay morning. He was not to touch his car. His cense was taken from him. Ab'out lie second week he got in his car t noon Friday and left out, and it was Monday night. before the sheriff's office inquired about him. Till now he has not been returned. W.W.Richeson Truman's Decision Not To Run May Hurt Democrats Bf JAMES MARLOW Washington-'(/P)- ident Truman,' as as Prcfc head of the party, remained a possible candidate, uncertainty about his intentions kept most would-be Democratic candidates mum. Not all of them, of course. Senators Kefauver and Kcrr h a v e been beating the bushes. And Senator. Russell of Georgia announced his candidacy although, in his usual quiet way, he hasn't said much yet. But the otherwise f o r c ed quietude among the Democrats enabled them to enjoy, if only for a short while, the spectacle of the Republicans being split into fac- '.ions on views and candidates. It is still too early to see how deep and irreparable the split among the Republicans is or how much damage it do their Keep ap with the Onus--read ·- T'MES tail}. EVERYTHING M nUMMNO and SUmiB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVHNMtNT AVI. lopes of winning the election in November. But President Truman's decision not to run again has dumped his arty into the same scalding pot vhlch has made the Republicans aces red: A wide-open scramble vith plenty of time and room for arty splits and bitterness. Southern Democrats have stood firm against Truman because of his civil rights program and would have remained so if he ran again although, in fact, Trumnn did far more talking than acting on civil rights. .. Deep Division The division between the South and Truman was -so . : deep that if he had been nominated he might have lost the South and thus the election In .'this year when the Democratic politicians know they have a lough row tp hoe. . This realization may have been one of the main reasons, if no the principal one, which induced Truman not to seek another term But his withdrawal is no guarantee! that the division won't remain Yesterday, within less than 24 hours after he announced his retirement, the governing board o Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) served notice on the Democratic party it must not abandon its civil rights program. The ADA supported the Democrats in the 18C8 election i some of.ils members were a guiding force in putting a civil rights plank into tl.e Democratic pint- form, a move, which alienated Southerners. ADA people will be at the Democratic convention in Chicago ne.x July and, judging from the notice issued yesterday, will be just as unyielding on civil rights as they were four years ago, a situation which will hardly soothe the South. So Democratic politicians may be mistaken If they believe Truman's retirement will heal old sores and put all the Democrats in one harness, a political condl- lion which Truman himself suggested yesterday although not in those words. DOROTHY DIX -- -ONTINUED FROM PAGE FOUR )ened once, she reasons, ca.i happen again! Without nagging, and vith as little refcrra-e to the past as possible, you must brinj back her confidence in you and your love. · Write To Her You have probably exhausted every- vocal argument; why not send her' an old-fashioned love letter--or several of them? It's always n nice custom for a husband and wife to write each other; even though they see each other every day, a letter often conveys tl ought* that are difficult to express in speech. An unexpected gift, particularly of something .she has wonted for n Ions tlnn, may help the warming process. 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