Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 21, 1974 · Page 30
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 30

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1974
Page 30
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THIS'15 THf BALL THAT JOE MIT WHEN HE 50T HIS BLOOF 5IN6LE IN THE NINTH INNIN6 WITH HIS TEAAl LEAOIN6 FIFTEEN TO THREE AM I WRONG. OK DIP HE MISSPELL HIS NAME ? WE MAS PROBABLY ("^ELEPHANT CftVE WEAR DEUPASflR, BALI, SEWED AS A MONASTERY FOR 800 YfARS BUBBA.'.. HE WAS HERE... IM MV BEPROOW.' HE CAME THRU THAT SECRET PANEL/ MR. SAWYER. , ^UTI^ | t MR. SAWVER --HE IF --lOU WERE I ALL RIGHT/ * S .FRILLY. 5 '/^? HE'S ORUHK... HE'S LIKE FTER CLARA BELLE. I'M AFRAID AWlLDMANi HE HAD ILL HER. HE MADE ME TELL T » .Vriii-v- i . nti.uniLi.HeK, Me MflUt ME TELL ! ^ N £* *TMY TM°^. «!« SIE HID THE TREASURE f^OM . I'LL GO 1 M MEDIATELY, SURVrVi W/i/PRMiPENWI TO WHICH 1 SSIBRT van CAU. t*5 wvnr? iBelieve h or Nat! /" HE ' S GOT A . [, ^1 ^ ^^. (^ TIRED BONESJry i» Oj ^1^3 i " ^ I SHORE AM VE WUZ WRONG, \ TICKLED TO LOWEEZY-SNUFFV 1 HEflR THAT/ fllN'T GOT TIRED BLOOD ( -SELECTED BY ^f TH' 8URPSI - BOOMA I COMP'NV-- AT LAST.y- AH'GITS TO see AMERICAS GREATEST HERO- Y0LJ'R£ RI6HT7 HR6 H£ IS MOW/ BUT HOW DIP YOU KMOW? All "**'ARE COMICS MOMS TO KOO TOLD you IT FOK A IOH MEETIN WHEN VOU A6' A LOT Of YES, i I TK15P TO you IDIOT/ you MAPS MS /VtlSS MY POKER 5AM£ TOMI6HT. E ISNT HANDSOME, ^lli' HE ISN'T RICH AND ' we ISN'T; ROMANTIC ) 1 I SUESS I'M A LUCKV WOMAN TO HAVE JULIUS DITrlESS FOR A HUSBAND, AFTER ALL... HORSES WERE SOLD IN AUSTRALIA IM 1924 FOR. If EACH rJwiiiiMiiHiinsiiraiiiitiiaifiininiBrjiii'w LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. C1852-1934) WAS A DEEP-SEA CAPTAIN AT THE AGE OF)7 FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope iimiii»iiiii!iiiiiiiiiraiiiiiiniiBi][iiiiiii[iiiiiiiffl!imi ninniiiiiinfiiiniiiiiiiiiiinniinHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNiuiniiiiDmitiiii n Look in the section in which i vour . birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according the stars. FOR THURSDA'V, AUGUST 22, 1974 ABIE'S (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Normally, you are not easily deceived, but keep especially alert now or you could fall for some slick salesmanship. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21 A v o i d tendencies, toward haste, emotionalism. Study proffered plans, proposals. N e w advances indicated, but don't lose interest in current projects. GEMINI (May 22 to Juno 21 Through sheer personality, you can be an effective influence-in areas where-stumbling Mocks have been raised. Your spirit of enterprise stimulated. CANCER (June 22 to.July 23) You grasp ideas easily, see benefits to be 'gained where others only note the obstacles. Use your instincts NOW--and gO'forward! '. '. · LEO (July,24 to Aug. 23 Not a good day in which to mix business -with 'pleasure. R o s y promises made in aura of congeniality c o u l d prove deceptive. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Some strain in key associations indicated; Probe deeply to find ·: the cause, the better to cope with it effectively. In any case.'keep your sense of humor intact. , LIBRA (Sept. 24.16 Oct. 233) Pay, no. heed to glowing reports or sensational rumors -especially, if finances are involved..Keep on an even keel and you should .do well. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. .22) Be ready to face competition. You usually enjoy the slimula- 2 «''\ Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed.. Aug. 21, T974 ' fAYlTTIVILLI, ARKANSAS ^ ._ 'Male Menopause' Is Inaccurate, But Apt tion of this, but don't burn th candle at both ends in your de sire to get ahead. Easy d o e ; SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec An associate will offer som unexpected assistance. Be re ceptive. The proffered help wil be genuine, the motive sincere CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Routine will probably bon you now, but don't idle timi away. Get busy on one of you pet creative projects. Influence; stimulate original ideas. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 If you've been interested in a new project but have postponed taking action, NOW is the time!" But be sure you h a v e the know - how and e n o u g h data to go on. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) There are tendencies now to take" off on tangents and to east up in effort just when more persistence is needed. Don't fail yourself by yielding to such inclinations.- · YOU BORN TODAY a r e extremely versatile. Leoites have attained great heights in politics, the military, literature and industry; also as poets, musicians and painter. You are generous,' almost to a fault, are always willing to share your assets with loved ones; sometimes. ' however, use -this as a "hold" over them in order to get your own way. Don't! You have great pride in all .that you do, but it sometimes' becomes excessive, so be-a!ert, since the arrogance you display at such times - alienates others. Birth- date of: Samuel P. Langley, of: Samuel P. - Langley, U.S. U.S. pioneer in aviation: Claude I Debussy, Fr. composer. Is there a male menopause? · Mr. F.G., Mont. Dear Mr. G.: This question was specifically f u t to Dr. Herbert S. Ktipper- man, specialist in endocrinology at the New York University Medical Center. He said. "No. Menopause re- ers to the cessation of the menses. The male climacteric 'change of life) 1 , however, denotes that stage in a man's life when goriadal (testes function liminishes, eventually resulting n complete cessation. "It's not as specific and defi : litive as what we 1 see in the female, although the onset maybe precipitous, occurring over three.or four months. CHANGE OF LIFE "Men between the ages of 50 and' SO may develop these changes." When the male change of life sets in, it is possible to study Jonadal activity by measuring She steroid level -in the blood. Occasionally, it is possible to replace hormones - when they are found to be markedly deficient. In general, there is scientific agreement that changes in body function do occur in the male, which can be classed as a male "Change of live." Time and age are responsible tor changes in gonadal function and in changes in every other organ of the body. My husband has chilosis. No one seems to know what this means. Could the doctor be trying to avoid telling us that this is cancerous? Mrs. A.H.V., Mains Dear Mrs. V.: Doctors do not play games ith patients and pretend that cancerous or dangerous conditions do not exist, ' Sometimes, particular patients are unable to accept the seriousness of their condition and physicians., therefore, enlist another member of Ilia family in the handling of a difficult emotional problem. LIP DISORDER Your doctor was n o t hiding anything when he said, your . husband had cheilosis. This difference in spelling may account for the reason why you haven't been able to find it in a medical dictionary. Cheilosis is a disorder of the lips and the angle of the mouth, with small cracks and scaling. Only occasionally is a vitamin B deficiency the cause. Ill Fit- ling dentures in adults with drooling at the sides of t h e mouth, may account for cracks and fissures. These sometimes become infected with bacteria and funguses. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Maple genus 5 Greek letter . SBede, for one 12 French painter 13 Lamprey 14 Opera heroine · 15 Shame 17 - Minor 18 Piers 19 City in "Kubla Khan" Zi Bumpkin 24 Joke 25 French author 28 Agave . fiber 30 Met 33 Cuckoo .34 Sylvan deity . . 35 House wing 36 Dance step '37 Peter, for one 38 Ooze 39 Spanish gold 41 Salamander 43 Mexican blanket 46 Appearing .eaten 50 Covers 51 Separate 54 War god 55 Behave 56 Map of town site 57 Had been 58 Flower time 59 Auld lang -- DOWN 1 Egyptian stink 2 Cornerstone 3 Formerly (archaic!) 4 Entertain 5 Size of coal SDry 7 Holm oak 8 Biblical mountain 9 Lack harmony 10 Among 11 Cat's can l« Early auto Avg-joluBon time: 26 mln. |s'|Q[L|LBc|AJfai[C|Q|N| lAyiJilAlsliJoWRlEl Answer to yesterday's panic, 20 Culture medium 22 Javanese tree 23 Gigantic one 25 Breach 28 Miss -Claire 27 Illness 29 Ancient marl time city 31 French Island 32 Jungfran, for one 34 Road sign 38 Divests 40 Ciyetlike animal 42 Moist 43 Cabbage salad 44 Ireland 45 A cheese 47Sole 48 Read metrically 49 Diminutive suffii 52 City in Peru ·5J Enclosure on farm IIElM!IIIWIllMI[lll1TM|il|f!|IWIF1ll|:'i||l : 'i|r B. JAY BECKER Qn Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Hasten' Individual Championship Play) ·iiDiiiiiinnffliiniiiiniiniininiiiiiininiiiDininiu South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH * K 10 7 6 2 » 5 * A 10 9 S 4 3 *8 WEST EAST A J * 5 4 ¥ K Q 9 8 6 2 V J 3 · K J 7 » Q 8 2 + A 1 0 3 4 K J 9 V 6 4 SOUTH A A Q 9 8 3 V A 10 7 4 ' * 6 * Q 5 2 The bidding: Sooth West North East 1* 2* 4»? Pass 4 NT Pass 64 Opening lead -- king of hearts. Leon Sapire of Johannesburg has l o n g been one of the world's foremost advocates of asking bids. Publisher of South Africa's Bridge Bulletin, he has persistently been heating the drums for wider use of these bids -- which are virtually un- fieard of 'in most bridge circles. Asking bids were introduced by Ely Culberlson back in the 30's, but they never caught fire because of their alleged complexity. They were basically aimed at greater accuracy in slam bidding, the purpose being to pinpoint partner's values in a particular suit and so remove some of the guesswork from the game. Consider this deal where North has a wide choice of bids he can make over two hearts. There might be a slam opposite even a minimum opening bid, and there might conceivably he only a part score with South holding a super-sound opening bid but the wrong hand. fn order to discover partner's diamond holding, North makes an asking'bid of fow diamonds. (Three diamonds would he a normal forcing bid; consequently the unnecessary jump to four diamonds,is an asking bid which at the same time announces good spade support.) Four notrump is a conventional response t h a t indicates two a^ces and second-round control of diamonds in the form of either the king or a singleton. North, not being a mouse, goes to six spades after this highly favorable response, and South easily makes the slam by establishing dummy's diamonds. Not a bad result, considering that North-South have only 19 high-card points! Score one for asking bids, without which a slam could not be reached with normal bidding methods. At the same time, score one for Leon' Sapire, whose tom-toms have been sounding a muffled roar in the wilderness for many years. PONYTAIL ''I've been working on my budget, Daddy, and I find I don t have to ask for as big a raise in my allowance as I thought I would!" Delivered to your door seven days a week for less than 11 a day. That's a bargain! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Phone 442-6242 ON TOP OF THE NEWS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

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