Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 31, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1952
Page 5
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NOtTHWBT AMANI4I TtMB. f«v vMt, Arhcmat, M»iX«f, Marcfi 11, I«U SAVE ON THESE RIST-Of-THE-WtEK SPECIALS Colored OLEO Pure Cone SUGAR 10-lb. 85c .Bag Snowdrift Shortening 3-lb. 69c Con Peter Pan PEANUT BUTTER 29c 12-ox. Jar PAPER NAPKINS IDc BOX WESSON OIL Pint . . 25c Quart . 49c Bakers Box Velveeto CHEESE Mb. 89c Box Hersheys COCOA 25c ·« tvit. Consumers Market STORE No. 1 S. SIDE SQUARE PHONIM STORE No. 2 MO W. DICKSON PHONE 240 24 Violent Deaths In State In Week; ID Die Over Weekend Little Rock-M'j-Twcnty-f o u persons died violently in ArUan sss last week, Including anothe tornado victim. Ten of the vie tims died over the weekend--ti of them in traffic accidents. Mrs. Lean Allen, ·.'., of Dierk: died in a DeQueen, . Ark.* hos pital. Saturday of injuries :uffer ed when a tornado hit Dierk March 21. She was the widow o William G. Allen, who wai kille in the storm. Her death raised t eight the death toll at Dierk James Shejby Warren, Si, Upio County farmer, was butted an trampled to death by a bull nea his home in the Lisbon communi ty. Two persons we're killed in truck-car collision on Highway 6 west of Benton Sunday. They, wer Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Irvin of Rus sellville. In another Sunday traffic col lision, two Arkansas women los their lives. They were Mrs. W. M Porter, 6?, of Fort Smith, am Mrs. Merton Bales, of Bauitite The accident occurred about. I miles west of Hot Springs on Highway 70. Mrs. . Uoraine Stevens, 30, o Kansas City, Mo., was killed v.-hei the car in which she was ridin overturned on ' Highway 62 near Yellville.Saturday night. A 43-year-old Negro, T. O. Robinson,' was killed early Sundaj when he was hit by a car oi highway 65 near Pine Bluff. Buckner Mrs. Rhoda Mhoon and Mrs Eulie Mhoon entertained Frida. night .with a wedding shower, in honor of. Mrs. Car-lion Mhoon o Spring-dale, recent bride ot Seaman Apprentice C a r 1 e t o n L Mhoon of the Navy. Thirty-seven guests' signed the bride's book Out-of-town guests were Mrs Hubert Hestsr, Mrs. Olen Lacy Miss .Doris Ann Lacy, Mrs. Doris Roberts, -Mrs. Paul Bond anH Mrs Mary Smith, ail of Baldwin; Mrs Frances Wilcox of. Fayettevijlc. Mrs. Sum Couch and Mrs. Ai Curry of Springdale; Mrs. Ida Mhoon and Miss Shirley Mhoon of Hound Mountain; Mrs. Ralph Loudermilk and sons of Fort Smith. Game prizes were won by Mrs. Loudermilk, Miss Lacy, Mrs, William Earls and Mrs. BrooKi. Refreshments were served..' Mrs. Doris Ann Keller suffered a seriously burned right arrn at her home Friday morning when she was struck by hot grease while working in the kitchen. The arm was burned to the elbow. Joyce Faye Bobbins of Elkins was the guest Thursday and Fri day of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bobbins. Mrs. Doris Drake, Mrs. Wiley indlin and Miss Helen Sandlin sppnt Thursday at Little Rock. Mrs. Edith Couch, Mrs. Maxine F.lzie, Mrs. Elizabeth Trammel and) Jack Couch were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown of Round Mountain Friday. Mrs. Hila Napier of Drakes Creek was the 'guest last week of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Counts, Mr. and Mrs. Ballard Drake, and Mr. and Mrs. Verlin Napier. Today And Tomorrow-- CONTINUED rROM PAGE TOUR cover any of the ground for C-er- many, except by going to war. The Soviet Union, on the other hand, with or without Polish participation and consent, can negotiate about- these frontiers. The third parcel is the Saar, which is integrated economically with France and is politically autonomous under French protection. Are we prepared to .start trading about that in a general free-for-all with the Russians about the frontiers of Germany? It is a mistake to have raised the frontier question in this way--as a propagandist action against the Soviets, We cannot nope to win the propaganda contest in this field. Our true'inter- est is to prevent the Soviet government from using the frontiers for its purposes. * · · The note, which is a dreary and timid little affair, as undistinguished in its style as it is uninspiring in its content, does not do justice to the great interests and to the true strength ot the West. It is almost certainly one of a scries that will have to come along, and perhaps there is reason to hope that we shall do a lot better the next time. R.F-D. Seven ly JACK CAIUSLI I think that 'spring i'i real here this lime. Last Saturday whe I drove by the E. H. Yojng plac Mr. Young was getting r fishing. Mr. Young says that doesn't go in for this cold-weath fishing. And Saturday was a fine day fi gardening, too. I saw many pei pie who ordinarily so t., to* every Saturday, getting their ga dens planted. Several people have commente upon the' crowing hei that 1 men tioned last week. Most of the agree that there is s,jrnethin eeri; about crowing hens but tha they are not too rare. And 'H coup of people reminded me of the o] saying: A whistling girl and a crowin hen Always come to some bad end. A word was left out in the ite. . wrote about 'Billy Williams las week and it made Billy sound Ilk i chronic invalid. I said that Bill jpent most of his Army life ir th lospiial and it came out that h md spent most of his l i f _ in th lospital. The "Army" got mis ilaced. The Dickensori family has sol .heir place" in the Mount Saler immunity and have moved dow around Fort Smith. Some one toll m? that the people who bough he place are not moving to th roperty for some time yet. Mr )ickenson aiso sold nurs ,ry stocl ind raised capons. Ant) that reminds me; a sad hing happened to a broiler on m\ oute the other day. A trucklpac if broilers was breezing down the lig'hway about 200 yards ahead o :-e when, in somr way, a broilc iscaped and hopped off th* truck He turned a couple oi somcr pulls and got up.'sort if stretched :nd v.'ith a scornful last look a ijs brothers and ejsters who were leaded for the-processors, walked ight jn front of my car. I think eathers were (till falling when rove by the next day. It jus: rain't nil day, I guess. The detour that you have to iake on account of the rerouting f 71 Highway, is not tod we] marked, I see a lot of strange cars -andering around, trying to fini ifi way into N town. There Is a mall detour sign on a telephone ost, across, from Curl Campbell's rocery, but most strangers rion'1 ee it. The Reverend Buchanan, pas- or of one of the colored churches n.Fayetteville, preached at White- ouse Friday night. Bill Thompon told me that the house was acked a.nd that the sermon was xcellent. Many members rjends from FayeUeville were also resent. The children along the route 'ere enjoying thejr special, vaca- ion last Thursday and Friday VI pt the teachers were in Little Rock--or supposed to be. uclj of the property around )e Whitehouse Grocery is in the rocess of being traded off. Leon dons has sold his place and is noving into town; Tack Hale is elling his place and is going to a ryer climate for his wife':; aslh- ia; and Hoyt Childress hopes to nd a sale for his' place befon c moves to Miami, Fla. Another sign of spring--and I ate to mention it--is the junk see dumped along the roads, eople are pretty thoughtless out that. I even saw a man issing out a bunch of empty beer ottlcs right here in town. It was ut south of the city park. It made e so mad I drove up and stopped, tending to tell him something, ut he was so much bigger than cvpected, I just asked him the way to the depot. Those are not new graves you see in King's cemetery. Ed Edwards has been down there fill- Ing in some of the sunken graves and straightening some of the stones. Some of you other folks who are interested in the upkeep of the cemetery ought to go down there and help Ed out a little. The Biums were really working when 1 drove hy Saturday. Look- like they were trying to get tt the spring farm work don* in one day. He has worn out the tires on his ·mall tractor but 1 deliverer two new ones with his mail. If you will remember, Mr. Baum came down here to take life easy, h« this RFD Seven air put new life in him. Officers Seize Whisky-Loaded Gasoline Truck . Oklahoma city '.(if\- Sheriff deputies seized a gasoline tan truck loaded with whisky last night near here and arrested thre men including Barney Shcltnn, 4 eastern Oklahoma night club op roator currently charged wit trying to bribe a state official. Sheriff Bob Turner describe! the camouflaged truck as "one o the most elaborate I've ever seen, · The one and .one-half ton ve hfcle, painted with the name of major petroleum products flrrr was built to hold more titan 20! cases of whisky in its hollow in terjor. Signs nn, the outside sis deceribcd the contents as "in/lam mable," ind false spigots even dropped oil. Inn Imposes Mirtiil Rule Afar Violence Tehran, Iran-(/P)-Iran's government declared martini Jaw for his capital yesterday -to prevent recurrence of such, riots . ' a . t h c outbreak Friday in which five persons were killed and more than n injured. The decree, in effect for one month, prohibits meetings by more t u n three persons and sets a dusk-lo-dawn curfew. Bloody clashes broke out Friday letween anti-Reds and 5,000 Communist-led youths ivho gath- red to denounce the U. S. for Ilesed germ warfare in Korea. Rats Kept Out, Also Held In Detroit, Mich.-m-The Health Department a few weeks ago ordered Mrs. Mary Wingfield to rat- roof her home. She did. Yesterday, Inspectors reported: "No rats can get in. Now he trouble is, the rats that are n can't get out." Ordinance Judge John D. Watts ismissed the case against Mrs. Vingfield for not having a rat- -itoal house but told her to slop larboring wild rodents by May 23. Ireek Betfi Executed. Athens, Cireeco-(4')rPour Greek ommuniste convicted of '.casing giant spy ring were executor! efore -dawn .(miry I.y a fjrin.3 quad. The sentences of four others ondemned to dio were commuted life imprisonment. Bishop Says Reds Control Chi ha Church Mnnlrenl-l/Tj-Th'c fit. Rev. Y. Y. Tsu, assistant Anglican bishop o( HonR Kong, «ays the Chinese Communist government now has f u l l control of the church in China and uses many of its facilities for political purposes. Bishop Tsu! former gem-nil secretary of the National Chinese Church, .snid Ihnl between 1049 and 1051 the Communist policy followed Ihrce well-defined stages. When tho Kens ramo down from the north In 1940, he said, they followed R "common front" policy. Well-disciplined troops protected church and other property. Communist officials proclaimed them it-lves friends of all whn were sincerely interested in China's welfare and guaranteed freedom o| religion and other "civil rights. The second period,' "the period of penetration," began about JOiiO Bishop Tsu said. "Christians soon found that when the Communists said they wore bringing freedom to 'the people 1 they meant only to those actively .in favor of the Red regime,". The others became reactionaries and "enemies of the state." Many ended up during penal labor. In 1951, he continued, began the period of "complete control." All but the most subservient church officials were eliminated from effective control of church affaii-s and even church services were used for Communist propaganda. Fire Dog Gets Another Chance Port Smoky, the ousted .ire coming back to his old job by popular demand. The tnwn Fire 'Board boarded lim but a few weeks agu when le nippod a woman who walked oo close, to some of the equipment of his Engine Company No. 1. Smoky's friends, the firemen, never felt good shout their mas- n ot leaving. They felt wor.'s when cards' and letters poured in, asking another chance for him. They got up a-petition and asked the Fire Board to relenl. Last night the board did, almost unanimously. Smoky Is com- ng home as soon as possible. Used by thousands In reduclni Jlets--Junge'i Roman Meal brud, Washington, ·}. Y.-OT- dog, 1. MrerUw In m* TIMM-rli MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL ANGLE IN r ANGLE OUT \ Dearborn PUU TYPI DISC HARROWS Jmt ul KM mount el angle you want with the Hydraulic Touch Centre) Ifvar on lh« Tmi Tractnr. Then when ji"i »uih (he l«v.r 4»wn th* gangi tak« Ihii anile. Whtn you move tha T«Kh Cwilnt krtr up, i»|i hecnme itrilght,., for eaiy Iwl-iaving lurni, protecting graued watar- wayi if pilling through we) »poli. No tlnpplni, n* llMtiniinllnc, " piilllnf ·t ritpa* or lever* (o anile Ihe finnx*. Vnti jel a (null, lev.l wtll pulverlicd tnd l* wllh minimum wnrh. HAILEY SALES CO, Highwoy 71 North Phono 1619 SAFEWAY OUR PRICING POLICY Safeway will mtcl rh» hiwnt «dv«r- tiled prict *f *v«ry competitor, Htm- by-item, do/-by-««y, town-by-town, ., quality and condition if fMrclMmlfM conilricrcd. ' . Prices Effective Today Thru Thursdif Floridoy T:s«-Ripe-Juic y 5Lb. 0(1 Bag ' . 4v Pet Milk 2s: 27 69 Wear-ever . 29' Hoy Kidc! Look at This Ball Bats -,· 39 Doltwood) Colored in Quortor* Margarine Domino or Godchoux Foctory logt Cane Sugar U f $. Good ond Choico Rib Steak Cornotion Too At This Pric* Save! For Fin* Baking or Frying Snowdrift 25-Foot Roll Aluminum Foil 3Lb. Can Each Lb. 10 Lb. Bag Lb'. C Florida Duncan Grapefruit Ctntt r Cut Fancy Quality Pork Chops H«r»h»y Quality Choc. Syrup Hontybird Foncy fad-Sour Pie Cherries PilUbury -- Gold M«dol -- Kitchtn Croft Family Flour 1C 80-count in Ctllo-Pok Silk Napkins Pkg, Full-o-GoJd Plorido Orange Juice f»t»r Pon Foncy Quality P'nut Butter L°* Pint Quality Lunchion M«ot Arm'rs Treete 35 SAFEWAY

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