Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 29, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 29, 1952
Page 10
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t MMMIAI TMm. ArtYMtw, Saturday, March M, I«S1 IJtM AND HOME NEWS Extent Of Plum iNlfi Is Diraloped By Dr. W. D. Wylie ··!*·. f u J O Sent Arkanun peach frowera Vamp he aeen in their -orchardi ·|din| a white nheet under a tttch fet* wlttiNw* hand and hlt- ·( th« llmbi of the tree with a lallet held in the other hand H uch gwjwers wlir be keeping up - Ith tj$ lateit refinements in Iri- A "~ I lit control, for they-will fae using new technique developed by Dr. , O'.'D. :Wy)ie, ; entomologist with ,'.$Mi'iUnjv«riity'»Agricultural Ex- ifimfBt Station, for .use in com: iit^hf.'plum curcullo.'' , . 'The plum curcullo is a major KtHrV:'Arkansas peach orchards.' itlifactory control depends on tnrlnf tpray applications in'-ac- Ji^ 1 .feofr" 0 *' W .M abundance of cur. . ; . Z:n.-. in( j pn locating any areas vy infestatlpri. Since It l« npoislble to Inspect/every lenf on i icji peach' tree, the- practice of rrjns the trees, and counting the , i iionber of curcullps (hat.fall off, ; { as lone been followed. ' § the past,. th.e entire peacl was'shaken in niaklng. euch ti, with the curculloi; falling a large.iheet under, the tree fr^yTa! periona were.required .to itSt « aheet large enough .to cov- fr MM area under a large peach ,) DIME To Tht Muiic of WESLEY RAMJEY IkyflMi Wringers Ewry Sifirdif Night ' Lincoln, Ark. - tree, Otherwise, the sheet hid to be placed on the ground, and in orchards with'uneven terrain or gro,wn up . with Iweerts"or cover crops, that presented new difficulties.' Furthermore, when the sheet \ya» placed on the ground; it became soiled, and it was difficult to jar the trcc'wlthout walking on the sheet.; ' '' . · One Miii System' . The .new technique originated by Dr. Wylie uses a small sheet four feet by seven feet · in size, which Is;'.-attached to a light wooden. 1 ,:frame. T h e ' , f r a m e is hinged for folding to -facilitate Carrying'it from one.area .to another. The' other equipment consists o f ' n light, rubber,.covered mailct and n smnll bottle for col^ le'cllng the bcctlc.a. . . '· The operator no longer tries to shake the entire t r e e , . a ' ' d l f f l c u l operation w l l h a large \ree.. Instead, he holds t h e , frame one sheet under a l i m b with one hand and jars the limb by giving |t : nht oc two sharp blows .with the mallet, 1 At. the ond of the Jarring period,".usually: five, minutes, the beetles c'bliectcd;'.jn' ( .the. s.hce ; (:-are do'uot.ed"' a C.urculjo;'''--abiind»nce;;:is calculated by - determining !.iihc number of beetles ^collected in ,a given, period of time. Usually the operator jars the - limbs-'on one side of a tree, and. then moves 6h to'the next tree.. ' Northwest Arkansas Farming By John I. Smith One .Washington County dairy- m a n ' , said last'year.'"j'd rather lave to fight bans" thrtn mastitis." His barn iot showed, 1 however, hat he h'ad t|ie rips condition's lor mastitis--un'drained and halJ knee leeri in manure.. Seven,! .months later he sold his herd. Another dairyman eoid his herd -lot the same reason--filth;' barnyard that helped in the infection'of his herd. /Mastitis (inilamallnn of Ihe ud- rtenc) Is not caused by any one infectious-organism. You cannot vaccinate against it as you can 'with bangs .or as one can vaccinate afinfnst smallpox. Should you or 1 mash our h a n d . i n a ma.hihe and then fall to disinfect the wound and allow the'entrance of all kinds of f i l t h , which harbors'n,- 082 cows tested w;re slaughtered as a result of this test. That is a heavy loss. Or. \V. Ei-PelptKon, iirofeteor of dairy husbandry at the Ui.iverslty of ..Minnesota' states; "You can notjcbntrol mastitis--the only way of really controlling the disease Is to prevent it." InWgencrii ..Northwest Arkasas (dairymen arc new in th. game as compared 'with those of Wisconsin. They mUste' acquire.- experience in preventing the disease, One inexperienced dairyman when warned 'about mastitis said, "I don't worry, about mastitis, I use penicillin." He was using a sood cure but was he tallowing Dr. J-ctcr£on's advice regarding prevention? ' ny .organisms, the 'hand .would become ln{|arncd,'-,rhe many, organisms of many types that cause'mastitis oV udder infJnmation of any kind of i h f l a m a t i q n ore present almost Br, Wylie designed his small', framed sheet for uie Ih his.ex- perimental studied.on the control if tho.-plurn;curcullo,'and he iccn Mslfig 1 . .It . i n . t h a t : Work'since 040..-.He · reports* .however,-, that Arkansas peach growers who'have seen the, sheet a r e ' beginning to adopt i t . I n their orchards,'since hey have found jt an easy onc r n u n way to determine. when to he bushes In-hls pasture"had been tlirt spray -applications, for con- .(.hopped off about 18 Inches In rol.of curculio, .;. . -,,. :..:: . lc )gh(. T | Jcre w j. e m a n y of thcst , fidged stumps just the right height One Ih seven agricultural w o r k - I t o / i n j u r e the udders and teala. rs In Britain IB a woman. everywhere--,ln ahe .'soil, In the mjrcstjye:. tracts o( .a'nirr.als, and especially,,in any d a m p ' i.cap of decaying' organic, 'matter. .' The- more ,a milk cow injures tile udders' rind teats 1 on various projecting'.objects or the more the teats are injured by improperly regulated -milking machines, the more mastitis she Is likely fo have. The 'more damp, manure and filth .hat the cow is compelied to He ground in the more mastitis she s 'likely to have., it .is .Important o. give the cows. dry" am.', com- 'orlablo bedding, As Northwest .Arkansas dairymen gather experience they should observe these preventativcs. . 1. Avoid wrong sized stalls, too short platforms, slippery walks, high 'door sills,., obstructions in pastures such as jagged stumps, tall boulders, briars and brambles. 2. Avold;all kinds of filth, especially undrained cow lots deep in manure. ··'· ; ' 3. Avoid milking machine damage by seeing that cow has let the. milk down before the machine is attached and removed as soon as the m i l k flow slops. 4. Milk infected cows last, and dip the milk cups in chlorine between each milking. · ·· There are many other precautions, t h a t one should ctiidy ' closely especially the precaution of beginning with a clean herd. The United States today has one pel- cent less milk per person than it had one year ago. The future of dairying is still brlg-ht. Now is the time to make plans for 1953 and 1854 and. · among those plans should be a . plan to rid your herd of mastitis. Dr. Peterson' says it can be done. . Various Insecticides Prove Effective For Control Of Curculios, ^^Specialists Find Some Far Better Than Others There are several Insecticides now-'~- available to. fruit growers that will satisfactorily corMl curculios irtiroperly ;use«i. ·No tn- scctlcide wil Icpritrol curculios unless properly, applied. The : basic schedule as given in Leaflet No. 81, "Spraying Peaches, Plums and Cherries," ip still sound. However, due to the early, blooming of peaches this 'year a close' watch should be kept for the appearance of'ciirculio adults. · · Two petal fall sprays may need -o be. applied because of the spread in the blooming this year. :t .appears, they will be' relatively ater-jn c'nYerging _ than usual as Treasured ·'by peach development. Where heavy populations occur special applications for their;.control may need to be added to the schedule. Where extra sprays are applied using organic insecticides, zinc-lime may be omitted unless needed^ for bacterial spot control. Many of the organic insecticides are reduced in effectiveness when used with lime. When organic'in- secticides are used, fixed zinc; if available, used in place of zinc-lime. Examples of fixed zinc are Tennessee Nu-Z or SHerwin- Wi'lliams Zinc Oxide. These materials are no more effective for bacterial spot control than zinc- lime but they do not need lime in the mixing. Growers who have obtained REVIEW The weekly review of spccial- JOWL, FOK PLEASURE Bcnlon" Bowline Limes-- Adv. ^CHilfCHTMAN'S BROILER-BRED CHICKS MNV HAMW-VANTHIH CROSS MUWAMHAMP CROSS CtteMtalMd Ont » Y«r. Truck DtllTMtM !· Manr UcalUlM JOtKHIMAN HAKHERY '·»»»,$; ·UUORUM CHAN Phann 34T-1B ~T For Prlns And DiliT«rr DIIM ! - · BOX B, '" ' APPLETOM CITY. MO. E SAT. NIGHT SPRIHGOALC LEGION HUT *t« 12 p.m. , j Adm.: 75c person MB BECKER and his ARIZONA TRAILHANDS The/April Issue of-"Successful Farming" .'states, "Don't fool with mastitis. It Is the No. 1. disease problem on -many dairy farms. Such, animsls (mastitis infected) are ahvays dangerous spreaders of the-disease, even though the milk iqciks good in the strip cup..Diseas- cd undcrs' often harbor various k l h d s i o f germs.for long periods !' time. There Is little c-idcncc . than a light of .infection other quarter." . ; A 1 by the U n i v c r - i k e t . by the University of Arkansas Institute of Science and Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department · of Agriculture: The Northwest Arkansas irarket was steady this week, closing steady on Thursday, I larch 27. The demand svas fair to obd with the volume of trading averaging slightly belo'.y normal. Offerings have been reported liberal the entire week. Prices at the close were unchanged. Balesvlllc-Floral area: Com r.iunleatlons into parts of the area were destroyed by the tornado' outer, effects. Trading contlrlued n the area but not enough sales were recorded to establish a mar- felty of IS dairy herds In five d i f - ferent milk sheds revealed t h a t 40 |:cr cent of the cows had :-.astltls. Cnc hundred arid. If) out of the U GALLON Vanilla Ice (ream 64c Holland Bret, locker Plant The other markets showed weakness this y.'cck as offerings were heavy and demand often only fair Farm the Dclmarva area were unchanged to one-half cent higher, b u t - a l l other areas had price declines. North Georgia and North Alabama were as much as Iwo and one-half cents lower. In .he Shenandoah Valley prices were off one to two cents. Prices were mostly down a cent in Texas. In he Mississippi area .prices, were he same to-one cent lower. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yeart SMITH RADIO SHOP satisfactory insect control in the past may wish to try different insecticides. The following gives current data regarding insecticides that have been employed for curculio control and those that have been promising in experimental plots: Lead Arsenate . Many growers continue to get excellent curcullo control with lead arcenate. It is extremely slow in killing curculios and for that reason may not be entirely satisfactory against overwintering adults. Even-if it .Is not used in the early sprays you may wish to use it against'first generation adults in the month before harvest period. Use of lead arsenate at that time appears to'help relieve the Oriental fruit moth problem, presumably by its effect in .checking tree growth. !H should not be relied upon for Oriental fruit moth control, however. Pertinent information regarding its use Is given in Leaflet No." 81. Methoxychlor Tests the past three years have shown methoxychlor to b« very effective in killing curculio adults. The results have been better against .overwintering a d u l t s methoxychlor has proved to be ps effective as parathion. One of the Rrcatcst assets of mcthoxchlqr is its relative safety. It is only one- tenth as hazardous to use as DDT. However, it is a relatively expensive materials at the usual dosage. It has some effect against Oriental fruit moth, but Is not as effective as DDT and should 'not be relied on for control. Where methoxy- chlor is used it is suggested that it be tried at the rate of three! · ' * ' * . , three seasons in Arkansas tests. It has'--long,^residual. action and coniftl should not be used within 60 days ·Nd'in- of-hirveit.. According to some re- portj it is one-fifth as toxic to the operator as parathion at the usual dosage, but it may accumulate, in .the system, making continuous exposure highly -dangerous toy.the operator Dieldrin is not effective against Oriental fruit moth. Lave! claims, for-use of dieldrih on fruit insects have not been accepted by the U.S.D.A., .but it is available and will be used by some '. fruit growers'this year. If you plan to try it, use necessary precautions, in handling it. Is shou!d:b,e'used at the rate.of four ounces of actual dieldrin (ie. one pound of 25 per cent wettable powder) to 100 gallon ot water. It should not be 1 used later.than the 1 two weeks'spray. Parathion ." . ^: !J . . X A number .of growers have usec parathion the.past two.yers both on peaches and apples. Extension service has not recommended anc still does not recomrntnd'- para thiorf (or other organic phos abates) on fruit · because of th :oxicity to the operator. Where safety precautions-are strictly ad- lered to parathipn can .be use safely, barring accidents. It is ef- ective in killing adult curculios but has very limited residual action. This is. a distinct''.disad- vantage especially where curcu- lios continue to enter-an orchart over a long period. Parathion is .said to control scale and Oriental fruit moth as well as curculio Much caution should be exercised in substituting parathipn for .-trie measures now successfully" employed, fo rthe control .of these pests. If parathion is to be used all safety precautions advocated by the manufacturer should be strictly followed. Other organic phosphates--A number of organic phosphates besides parathion are on the market. Some like EPN are claimed to have longer residual action than parathion. Others are claimed to be somewhat less hazardous to use than partition. If any of these materials are used the some precautions should be followed as with parathion. BHCr-BHC is not very, effective against curculio adults . at the dosage used. It docs have'an advantage over some other materials in that it kills immature stages in the" fruit. Two serious disadvantages of BHC are the likelihood of its causing off-flavor in the fruit at harvest and the fact that cover crops can't be grown in some areas where accumulation of BHC from fruit spraying has occurred. Most peach growing areas appear to have eliminated BHC entirely from their schedules. If BHC is to be used at all three gamma dust in one or two applications not later than one week after shuck split as a supplement to a spray schedule may be beneficial. Myersi-Dccree of divorce to plain- iiff, custody of minor children of p'.rties-awarded to.plainti.'f. ' Beulah Bayless ys franl Bayless:. Decree of. divorce to plaintiff. . : ' · · . ' Boy Scouts Help In Tornado Relief Work Several Boy 'Sc'tits'helped Red ;ross workers prepare Donated clothing-for shipment to tornado- devastated areas 'Thursda, a n d yesterday. They, sorted, packed, and tied the clothing into bundles. Scouts included Berriie Hoyinga, Norman Stuckey of Tro/;. .138; and Charles Kay Ledbetter, Gayle Baugus, Lenucl Preston, Charles Ross Davis, Billy. Wayne Meyers, Jerry Riggins, Tommy McClcland, and Leon McCleland, all of Troop r Not white, "not wheat, foot rye, but a flavor blend of all three-Junge's Roman Meal Bread. Mmttu, hi tM TMES-lt part Coming Soon PLAN TO BUILD Sei Our Material. Gel Our Print. Try Our Serrhi. DYKE LUMBER CO. 309.31. Charlts ' pounds per 100 gallons of a 50 per enl wettable powder not later han the two weeks spray. Me- hnxychlor has fairly good resi- ual qualities. Considering all of ts ..qualities, methoxychlor is irobably the best material against verwinterjng adults for general use. Dieldrln This material has given excel- cnt results against eurculios for WINNER OF 3 ACADEMY AWARDS! U A R K NOW SHOWING Robtrt Louii SI«T«nson's great adrinlurt itoryl DOYAI LA8T TIMES HWI ML TONlflHT t GREAT FEATURES Chancery Dispositions In the Washington County Chancery Court: · . ' i Laverne Myers vs Bobby Eugene The Whole Family Will Enjoy A Drive-In Movie Tonite 7:00-9:07 -Aisa COLOR CARTOON 4 RECORDING SESSION Midnite Show 11:15 P.M. A Suspense Thriller BELA LUGOSI Corpse Vanishes · ·fcWeak hsorts - Beware Starts . For Grins, Giggles . . . . . Sunday Cruckles and Glee... Htre's 3 Big Days the picture you want to see! Tlit funniest scandal that ever wrecked « smell town! ANN BLYTH. MARK STEVENS-cEcumuwr 'ony Rides Monkey Village 71 Phone 3103 Drive-la Theatre Playground * Miniature Golf PROUD » PRESENT- FIRST -«,. BEST i« ADULT ENTERTAINMENT PLEASE -- NO CHILDREN -- OR TEENAGE FIRST SHOWING Storting SUNDAY VIVIEN LEIGH FIRST SHOWING named. ·1ST ACTRESS of the YEAR LAST TIMES _ 'Whistling Pints' 'Atlantic City Honeymoon' I 2 Big Features SUNDAY 2 P.M. 4 P.M. 6 P.M. 8 P.M. SUNDAY 2 P.M. 4 P.M. 6 P.M. 8 P.M. Best Supporting Actor MON-TUES 2:30 P.M. 7:30 P.M. MON-TUES 2:30 P.M. 7:30 P.M. Supporting Actrtss Regulor Adult Admission Prices -- 45c Inc. Tax TODAY* KID' *«« LEIGH · ***· BRANDO wiifc KIM HUNTER · NIWSRHl SNOn Of TORNADO ARIA r Thrilling Advtnlum W · kxy ·ml hli.lwnwl "MY FRIEND FLICKA" Rtddy McDowell and: Pr««teii All Artendonct Records Iroken an RETREAT, HELL!" ThrFiqhtm r\tBortlrr?o(Air this FIRST SHOWING the Last Three Nights YOU'RI SMART IF YOU SEI IT TONIGHT--7 or 9 LAST TIMES

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