Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 29, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 29, 1952
Page 5
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,ffT MKAMUI TIMU. ry*MM««, Arkmmm. faMntoy, Mar* ». IMt Boys Club Week To Be Observed In Fayetteville The quarters may be cramped but the program at the Boys Club still covers a Jot of territory as these club members demonstrate. Above, Harold Rohannonj 12, member of t h e boxing team, works out on the heavy bag in preparation for the team's next malc.i. At J c f l above Bruce W i l l i a m s winds up a pitch as he warms up under the eyes of Director Bob Lnjjnden and assistant Bill Nunno- Ice ( r i g h t , in b a c k g r o u n d ) . Left. .Tody Grumpier ( l e f t ) and "PunUy" Crcightnn concentrate on a fast Carrie of pingpong while a group of fellow club members w a i t their turns in the background. (Carl TIMESFOTOS). B FLOYD CARL, JR. Next week will he Boys Club Week in Fayetteville. It v.'ill also mark the beginning of an Exchange Club sponsored campaign to erect a permanent home for the growing youth organization which at present is bursting out the seams of its ramshackle headquarters. Among other tilings, members of the Boys Club--more than 250 of them--will tackle a city-wide chan up campaign with the aid of city Sanitation Department trucks. Crews of boys will ride. 1 the trucks, loading trash, junk and other litter. The week will open Monday and the various events will last through the following Saturday. On Monday members of the club will open a drive for old clothes hangers, and will ccp at the job of collecting hangers all week between other jobs. Proceeds from the sale of the hangers will go Into the club f u n d . · The clean up campaign will open Tuesday a n d c-.ntinuc through Wednesday. Thursday an open house will be held at club headquarters in the old White ChapeJ Assembly of God Church on North College Avenue. Every- CITY BUS NEWS ·«· By H. W. YOUNKIN -For the past v;cck, due to construction on Highway 71 By-pass at Rock and College Avo., two of our buses have hcen forced to make detours, adding nbnut ten blocks to both the Huntsville St. and Fairgrounds runs. As a result, it hns been impossible to avoid being late at busy times of the day. one interested in the youth program is invited to. drop in at the building during the day and sec the facilities. After school hours the program will be in full swing. Visitors to the club house arc going to find the old b u i l d i n g a l i t t l e shaky. But they are also go- ins to find the boys, making f u l l use of every facility. More Space Soucjit The extent to which the Boys Club serves the youth oC Fayetteville isn't really known to irost of the town's people. This is n a t u r a l enough considering that the club was rejuvenated only last year. The organization has mushroomed, growing from an organization of a dozen boys to one of over 2SO. And it will prow larger ---much larger--v/hcn space is available. It is this lack of space t h a t cramps the club through t h e long winter, months. Its present small building simply isn't big enough to accommodate all the members. In summertime, with most of the c'ub's activities outdoors, the building is less of a prnblr-m. H the joint effort by the Boys Club and Exchange Club is successful, another winter may see the organization in adequate quarters. The plan calls for a simple concrete, block building, but one big enough lo permit basketball and other similar activities. In fact, the .proposed b u i l d i n g could easily double for a municipal auditorium. It's going to cost moncy--about 525,000. Of this, the club has $10,000 in its building fund. But the rest is going to be sought through contributions of money, material ·wd labor. But however much work it ith e l l worth the effort. takes--ask any judge dealing wit juvenile' will be we] We hope to extend bus service to several additional parts of the eity us soon as new paving projects for this season are completed. Most of the present runs and limo schedules will have to be changed and extra bus equipment will be needed. Our cash (arcs of 10 cents for . adults and 5 cents for youngsters going to grade nnd high school have boon the same since the Fay- ftteville bus lines were started six years ago. During that period of time prices on many food items havt doubled nnd trebbled, cotton and wool goods have doubled in price, and auotmobllcs, trucks, buses, parts, etc., hovo rapidly splinted upward. Because nf thn steep hills nnd high gasoline lax, It costs more to operate a bus in Fayetteville thnn in many cities In other parts of tho country. We are not, however, among the 277 cities which having but fares hlsher than n dime, nor do we chnrRc for transfers as Is bdnf clone In IBS cities. One hundred f|[ty-one cities have fares nf IS ccnls or more nnd one city not f«r tram here has a 20-ccnt fare. GOP To Use White House "Deadwood" WashlnKlnn-'.IVA sav cl made from W h i t e House "dcachvond" will provide a kickoif line for Iowa's Republican convention April ·!. "Dcadv/oori from the White House to start our campaign lo get more dcadwood out of t h o While House," said Hcprcsentn- tive Dollivcr ( R - l a ) , who made the gavel from a plank torn loose in rebuilding the president's home. with ^ IffiSiViNT AII^AIumtrtum r*»K Hmy up all y tnua fern. "UJo.,, pore),.,, P .|U, wlM ·l«"7 k - ...... V«'l «m bud., i,»»~.n,; r t*?*'-- ~Dciiullful Colon Aik Ftr Dilalli. CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. II Wllllim. Ph. Mil Alltr I ». HI. Young Men Being Accepted By Navy Reserve Unit Under a new regulation naval reservists can not transfer to Fay- ettovillo's Organized Electronics Company 8-8 no matter wh;it rating they hold.- Until now only radio,- radar and allied specialists have been eligible to join the unit. In addition, while men over 13 and one-half years old cannot become members of the Naval Reserve, those between 17 and 18 and one-half can and will be accepted for enlistment in the company. Men who meet the requirements will not be called to active duly while under 18 nnd one-half, or while attending high school. Nor will men with children be called to active duty. Should a member of the Naval Reserve be called up by his draft board, he can volunteer for a twn- year lour of active duty in the Navy any time up until he is inducted into the Army. The two-year period is the same as that served by drafted men, and is the shortest possible term of Navy duty. The regular Navy enlistment--the only other way info the Navy--is for four years. Complete information on the program can bo obtained at company headquarters on the top floor of the Eason Building, 8,000 : 000 In India Face Famine Conditions New Delhi, Jnrtia-f/I'j-A Fond M i n i s t r y spokesman said' inday i,OOn.OOO persons in two Southern India j4;tles arc suffering frnjij icar f a m i n e conditions, i 'n mid he central government and stale governments are meeting trie iMt- uation with the determination "not ,o allow even one peasant to die of itarvatinn." U is the f i f t h year of drouth in .ho Madras area. The ministry ipokesmnn said it WRS the old ragic story of crop f a i l u r e s and ack of d r i n k i n g water made wshcr by its long jonliniiation. In birds the chest is not .Tna- Mcd from the nbdomcn and treathlnff is carried on by UK* bdominnl muscles.' Promoted Springdale Woman Finds Ceramics Perfect Expression For Artistic Talent; Spends Many Hours In Creation Of Beauty SIloHm Spring*, the cine* nf By niUJK JINKS | Funny, isn't It, how the grent rocks were worn by the winds : and wutcrs nf time into clay, and how t h a t clay IB now kneaded, 1 moulded, Rliizcd, fired, painted nnd rcflred to become the ornnlc- ly-beautiful ceramics of the contemporary age? Although pottery, which includes all claywnre-earth- crnwnr, stoneware, china and porcelain -- dates hack to earliest history, the practice of moulding bulk clay into useful or decorative articles is no less fascinating today than It was in the age before electricity or machinery or even the potter's wheel were known. As the potter once look a l u m p of clay and realized its f u t u r e wns entirely in his hands, so the rera- micist of our takrs the soft- ettcd clay or slip and realizes that whether or · not he uses molds, trio beauty, of the finished product rests entirely upon the will of the one holding (he clay. Among those of Northwest Ar meets In the Sisco hoine on Saturday Afternoons. The china painting dnnc by Mrs. Slfco includes painting on -porcelain and thf figures and flowm of the ceramics. Anions the articles she tax painted ore * tcwst nnd tew set w i t h a dllfcrent flower used for each service and a set which Includes the plate, cup, saucer and fruit glass In an clxht- Kcrvli'e sot. This Inter set depicts a d i f f e r e n t fruit cluster for each service.' The f r u i t , particularly. is so true to life in its color nnd form t h a t It might he l y i t i R ' i h c r c on the plate ready In. he eaten rather than painted there. In ceramics, there seems to br no end to the artistic vision of Mrs. SlBco. The products themselves vary greatly; complete sets of f inures 1 for a N a t i v i t y scene, figurines, china clocks, musical piimof-, vases, ash trays. Jewelry. coffee litblc ensembles find decorative articles of many kinds. Each " cm b " omps » n '" fllvim1 " 1 i t c m - - ( ( . Kansas who have become ceramics Almost unrecoRn./ahic as he rc!»- enthusiasts is Mrs. Friedman Sisco of Springdale. A year aso Mrs. Sisco began the hobby of ceramics, and six months Inter she added china painting to her original hobby. Today, w i t h only one year's practice, she has turned out scores of exquisite articles which 1 live of another Hem from the same mold. The fiRUre* seem to have a c t u a l expressions on their faces. Hundreds of minute forget-me-nots may he fashioned and painstakingly attached to one bowl or vase. One figurine with a lace skirt required . appear to be the work of one with many years experience. At first Mrs. Sisco, the mother of two small sons, took a few lessons in ceramics. Then, like a true student in the subject, she ordered books of instruction and hpgan fi trial and error method nf learning. When she "hit" she learned her Irsson by pride In the finished product; and when she "missed" she learned her lesson for the clay riorbly well. As n result it is d i f f i c u l t to believe that one so young in experience could j have produced the near-perfection ' she has achieved in her ceramics. Studies In Class Mrs. Siscn is a mrmbcr of a class in china painting t a u g h t weekly by Mrs. Stella Walker of needed for moulding the treeii- wflre or sponging it down and preparing it for f i r i n g in (he k i l n Nor did It Include wailing 21 hour* for the kiln to cool enough to be opened, nor the palntin?, glazing nnrt irttring necciumry. Mis. SUcoV electric kiln Is 10- l.i led in n pleasant, very clean (to eliminate dust and rus-t) room n the basement, w i t h sunny south windows. The kiln Is fired at 1800 io 2230 degrees depending upon ihr ware. So accurately must the liral be gauged t h n t In addition to the automatic gaigc, hcat-recorri- cones also are used. Thes* are phccd in the oven with the pottery and arc designed to melt at a ccrta In degree. They ca n be watched through n mica -covered spy-hole. the teacher »nd proprialely. Mrs. Sisco the church pianist with ft nifsjcal china piano.. " '·. · ._·- -..^.So, w h e n it i.t air bolted down,*ceramics is a form 9f art.' That"'' makes Mrs. Sisco an artist, for as ; William Morris, one-of those : who:-. inspired and ler the aria a n d * crafts movement of the last c«n-;'' tury said, "Iteal.ara If the "«x-: prcs*Ion by. man of hit pleasur*-' In labor." " * " . v r Used 07 thousands In reduclrtt ·, itets--Juno** Roman Meat Oread *"· No 'Vrnttirr Mrs. Sisco docs not work in m'fimlcs as a business venture. She enjoys- the work is « hobby and she enjoys giving away the beautiful items she fashions from clay. Striking example* arc the small open ceramic Bibles 'which she presented In the Sunday Prhool teachers at her church, the Salem IjUtheran Church, as Christmas jfifls last year. On nnc pa?C is inscribed In gold R prayer. In the upper corner of the opposite page are small f i g u r e s nf angels, made in hslf mnldv Beneath the angels may be react the name of seven hours of Mrs, Sisco's Unit; just to put on the 10 yards of luce. This did not inelutVe the time MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL REVIVAL Second Baptist Church Beginning Sunday, March 30 Each Evening at 7:30 EVANGELIST TOM RICHARDS Pianiit lobby H*ndnx S*n| Updtr Ctnt Layman IVERYONE WELCOME TO ATTEND N. V. DRAKE, Paitor HEAR SlydeRecord BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH April 6-13 'ill : · ? £ " · · · SiimliiMMis Ririvih 631 Minion St. ROY REED, tart* Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMIERS CITY HOSPITAL Phoiw 1200 CAS. Phon. JIM ACCOUNTINQ-MOBIRN ·UIINIlt COURHt · CITY WATM PLANT. Mum 721 LIGHT AND POWIR/MMM 2200. 1 MUTUAL mlU»MCI PIRt. ! MMM 71 POIICI. Ph«m 31 TRAIN FOR CIVIl SIRVICI JOK SECRETARIAL -- STANDARD COURIES FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE FAYETTCVILt.E. ARKANSAS PHONE 13 K 0. DAVIS, PRCI. Staff Sgl. Michael J. Hushes, son of Mr. nnrl Mrs. Jack Hughes nf Buckncr, wn~ rc"onlly promoter! to his present rank \vhilc serving with the Air Force's 801st Ail- Evacuation Squadron at Ashiya, ! .Japan. AUTO BLASf ' AUTO ClASS * MIRROR SHOP Automobile Clan Iniltlltd GI.IM Tibln -- Pl«i« Qliu -- Mlrrori Mirror Rciilvering, Cini Furnllun Topi ALL WORK GUARANTEED 119 Watt Meadow. Phon* 2720 · Advertising \NoSoftSpot, ; Bill Learns BnlUmorc-f/lVWilliam, a unose, was back in the barnyard today telling his friends t h a t the adver- I Using business is no!' - infi to honk about. And old R i l l ought, fo know -- he had n pretty good gander at it yesterday. He pot hooked up with Ad-M;m Francis Davenport in a scheme to exploit the liberal credit terms of a Baltimore department store. Davnnporl dressed up in a clown suit, saddled himself with a brightly painted sign and harnessed up old Bill just for kicks and to attract attention. Together they j 1 padded the pavement of the city's streets. Late in the a f t e r n o o n , bi'iy noticed, bloody tracks on the sidewalk, "Thoy look l i k e tracks," she. told a policeman. "Yes sir, bloody goose tracks," deducted the officer. They followed the tracks to William and Francis, hailed them and called a paddy wauon. The acl-man and the ad-goose were taken to headquarters where S.P.C.A. Asenl Fred Priotz sug- gcsted lhnt V/illiam be sent back to the barnyard, Davenport apologetically explained hn had been loo busy advertising to notice the sorry stale of William's foet. Rhinoceroses once lived in both hemispheres of the world, hul ar« nnv* found Jn fhe wild slate only In tropical Africa and Asia, AUTO SUPPtllt FAYETTEVILLE AUTO SUPPLY II CAST MOUHTAIN FAVEYTEVILLE, ARK. PHONE ?T4 Crortkthaft GHndtnf Mofer Kibuildln» Part* for All Cart and Twcttft ·pov SHOP' SINES BODY SHOP Sptdtliiing in Body nd Ftndir Work. Silttr Ptlntlnj, 227 W. Dickion aim, Upholitiring. Cov.ri, Phon. 196 CLEAHEKI li LAUNDHV CITIZENS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Quality -- Service 326 N. West Phone 2146 DRUG STORf EVERYTHING IN PIUMIINO and SUFrtltl FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVMNMINT AVI, MINT? 0*1 ·ONDH trim DYKE LUMBER CO. 101 SI. Chirlti Phon. (77 Cempltl* Drug Star* Strvlc*. frw Delivery from 7:30 A. M. to 10:00 P M. PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency 422 Dkkion St.«rlll«, Ark. LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "Jtigftt en fhe Hiwcy--Klghf on tnt Friet" MO N. COLLEGE PHONE 1111 Wuhingfw CountyFihMri Mutual Fire InvrttKi Organized 1922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary ·'. .: .'· . '.-·:..; -..(; ; ; ,, ) , ' 7 of Mutual Insurance Phone 180 209 North Hock StrMt CARMEN'S NEWS STAND (Form.rlr FowUr't Fruit tad Ntwi Iliad) "THE BIG LITTLE if ORE" " ' : ' to FAYETTEVILLE i) ' 411 WE»,T DICKSOH PHONE III JOHNSON PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACT OR REPAIR Corner Spring and School. . Fh«M IMO HARRY'S RADIATOR SHOP Ltt Htrrr IntpKt rout cooling «r«l«m ihd ncbMttton r*v ndiiior lot wlnttr «r«iih«r. New earn InitiUtd. EAST OF MONTGOMERY WABD TIRE SHOP 32'/, E. Rock SI. ' Ph*n* 1114 MRVICI tTATIOH*- WALKER AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOR ALL CARS · ·Bur" Wh»«l Allfnmonl Whnl BtUneinf FRAME AND AXLE STRAIGHTENING 113 S. COUCOE, FAYITIIVIUI, ARK. PHONE 771 ·HOI trout- Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNBROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY SOUTH SIDI SOUARI LIQUOR*- SAM'S LIQUOR STORE '· Most Up-tivDato 1 I. Mcuntalp 1*1* M I L K FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. PASTEURIZED - HOMOGENIZED HWM 190 PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC SIGNS - NEON - ELECTRICAL WIRING I - D A Y SERVICE ON NEON REPAIRS FREE ESTIMATES ON ELECTRICAL WORK 137 SOUTH SCHOOL PHONi MOI T*«l MDVICI ·**i^.^· \*j[r 0-K TAXI CO. fcjIfWf/ our Ciki «r« MW «·!«*· «ttk !·«·?..' Ridl. lo fIT. T*« MtMf MrrlM. FW'i .,. , ,, _ Prom»l Tml ·*»!(· t«n t A A . 400 W, DICKSON Thti N«w ROYAL Family c«m Mpi YM it llMN« U typini to 4o. ALEXANDER TYPEWRITIR CO. ·ALES PHONI Ml

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