Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 29, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 29, 1952
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-MOtTHWtn MKANUS TtMtl, tay*NtvM*, ArkaiHM. Sefvrilay, March If, If SI \f. i N rament Of Confirmation I Cphferred At Ozarks Shrine j V-lfttJW.MSpcciaO-Sl.criimcnt of ; Confirmation wa* conferred by the | Rev, Albert LfMii Fletcher, Bishop j of.LHtle Rock, last Sunday. I n . (ha J Blitine i of Our Lady .of the Ozarks, - . ? . on . Mount Gnylor ot Wlnslow. .1 .-This,-; the- first class of candldnlci ' for confirmation, proclaims the i ilowTjtiU. steady growth of. the ' parish,' "jvhich is located. In the. J heart If. the ' Osnrk, mountains, ' Se.yen..;ner»on«, from the, use of " . , ti)E;ta"7t, from Winslow were the J reflrjljirits.of^lrie sacrament,, some . J " of ithem'fconveru of .only last year ··. ·njroiie,'thV'iirit convert of the \ parish, Which has been In exist- tnce only about seven years. . ' On'this occasion, Bishop. Flelch- e f . ' h a d . the ·.mcmonles of the Eflscopal-. Visitation,'..ilsn. He was aisisied in .both c'erernonics by the Mlgr..Joseph A? Murray, chancellor of Little Rock, .two. deacons from St. John's, liomc Missions Seminary, the Rev. Edward ft. Maloy, ':-pnElpr o f . St.- Joseph's' Church; Fayottevlllc, the-Rev. A1-. beri $c(ir*)ber, pr'lor ot.Now. Sd- hiacp Abbey, : »nd his companion, and.tho : Rev. Joseph A. Costa of th« newly initialed. members' of the :·'.. Fourth . Degree Knightu of Immanuel Baptists To Participate In Daily Services : The Immnnucl Baptist Church will engage in 'the spring simultaneous evangelistic "effort put forlh ly Arknnsas's Baptists. The services wl|l be held daily,-tomorrow through April'«. Monday i through Saturday, the church will Columbus of Fort Smith Council,] give frcc-breajtfast 'at 0:30 a h i ' led "by Wllljnrn Olsler, Grand Knight; and Sir Charles J. Jewell. Knight of-SI. Gregory, served'as escort, for Bishop Fletcher. Music wns ftifhisbcd by Professor Maur- .10 m i n u t e Bible Conference 7 a... m. arid'evangelistic services 7:30 JKmV . . - ' V . ; ' ' Dr. C.'.W. -Morrison,.'pastor of e ice Dcrdoyn and the, choir from evangelist,, .Mr. Morrison was Immaculate Conception Church, rc; ,rcrl In Wrtshlnglon County and ' ' Fsyeltevillc, Springrtalo and Hos- er», · Those confirmed and Ilieir sponsors were: B. P.. Davirt, sponsored by Scrlnb Lovol; Master Phillip Mines, sponsored by .Joseph J'rwc- tor; Miss Harriet Ilincs, sponsor- 'cd -ty Mrs. Agnes Schlan; Miss Elizabeth Bullion, · Hpnnsoro'ri by Mrs. J. Proctor; Mrs. Hubert Ulncs, sponsored by Mrs. Cecelia Hccknrl; Mrs. Louise Ktzkorn, sponsored by Mrs. Schlacfll. Men, who work under high pressure, u n d e r water, ;or instance, must relurn to normal prc'.-ilrcs gradually or they will face p a i n f u l and somolimos filial Illness caused by huh.Mes ot nitrogen In their bodies, The first radio network was formed In 1920. ' . the L'lly'alnce 11)38. lie has directed cvanRclislic campaigns In eight mid-western states, and sponsored Ilu-co f u l l lime radio programs Iri anolher slate. The. sermon subject for Sunday morning will be "The Love ;md Wriith of God'" and the evening subject will be "Five Things fiod JJocs Not Know." , John F. Morclni'id, Jr., dircctoi nf . education and music of the First Baptist Church in Sjiring- dalo, will be Ihe evangelistic singer, being .well known In Arkansas for his talent and abilily. He Is a n a t i v e nf Baton Rouge. Louisiana, educated In Texas, and e d u c a t i o n a l and music director of (ho Baring Cross Daplisl Church in Little Rock prior lo coming to Springdalc. . The church is endeavoring to have a record Sunday School and Training Union attendance Sunday. The fit. licv, R. Bland Mitchell, Episcopal Bishop at Arkansas, will arrive in Fifj'eltevllle 'today for his Spring Visitatloivtoi»dmlhister the Rite of Clnflrmatlon.. On Sunday Bishop Mitchell will celebrate Communion at 8 a. m. in St. .Paul's Church; meet «wth Ihe Young Churchmen for breaking; administer Cpnf/rinatioh ' f o r children at »:30 a, mi Family Service; and speak at the 11 a. m. service of Ante-Communion and Confirmation. Sunday afternoon" : Bish,op Arranged For All-Week Service Pre Easter Program ;A preaching'.mission, which Is part of the statewide" pre-Easler program will begin Monday evening at the First Christian Church This past week a.bout' 75 members of the congregation have 'made . . . . , · ,, . . . i ; - . - » - · j w j Mitchell wilj co to meet ca ||s in the community to invite with the Executive Committee o f Interested people to attend these the Church of the Redeemer'and services. · "" · will conduct' Evensong there at ':3II o'clock. While in Fayettevl Ic, he wil be the gucct of Mr. and Mrs. Leand Bryan, and ot Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Smith while in Rogers. Mrs. McClure Remains W. S. C. S. President North Little Rock-'(/P)-Mr.i Johnnie McClure of Springdaie las been re-elected president of he Women's Society of Christian Service for the North Arkansas inference of the Methodist church. Other officers, elected at the i n n u a l conventjon here, include Mrs. Ben DeVoll of Paragould, Monday night the Rev. Hqbcr Moffott will open the preaching mission with · a sermon entitled "Thy Will Be Done Through a Committed Spirit" which will deal with Ihe recommitment of, individual ChristianH. treasurer. Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend F1HST BAPTIST WALTM L JOHNSON. Pallor - . .B;JO · :m'.SunaM tfchool ·10:M-». m Morning Worship Btrmon; "The Conversion nt Saul" Anthem: "Turn Ve Even To Me" fl.Mi p:, in - liaplm Ireimhi Union ·t y p ni Evening Worship 5errrion; '-To .Ha'.Seen .Of Men", ·: ''.' . .- .* '··' CIKTBAL PRESBYTERIAH C, COWARD; BKUBAKM, Pulor -WllUun C.Oibaon. Minister to 8|u- . . . t:4S i. m. Churc lo:So «. m Morninr Worihiiv . .Anuwm:. "Bleni. the Lord, f c m r - " ) D | o m o f - I v « m i t ' . .ttrmon: felwird .Brut»k«r IWITAH1AN FELLOWSHIP Game room Student Union U a. i CENTRAL CHRISTIAN rHSO.HJJCKKLUlIRV. Pallor 403 Wesi Rock Street MS ·. m: Sunday School IlliW) «.. m. tilble BCIIOOI 11:00 a. m Worship Servlca · Communion Sermon «:« p. m.-ViwIh Mcollni 7:30-- Bvenlim BvaniieMitlc Servli snd Communion 7:30 p m. vVedlleidoy-Praj.i 1:00 p, m, rilin Schoui Wntmlniler 't:WJ p. · m; Unlv6r»Uy Weitmlnittr Ftllowkhlp Wcitmltiiiier . .Houi* PRCHrTERIAN J A l M W BUTLER. J R . Cilloi Wllluim I Olbion, Mini.Hr lo »lu- ·tnu. . 1 . - . ' . ·:4c «. m r 8und«y School ' .'' W\n Mornlnf Wdrthlp : Anlhrm; "Cioii So Loved Ihe World" ' ' ' · · · . . . '·crimmi"'. "Children But Not Kelri" · 4:30 p. m. Junior 1-rnowHhli} ... ,«;» p. m. Jr. -HI Pellowihip A:00 p ' m W«ilmln«!er Keilowihlp iudtui Center, tn .wen Mtpi, street Mld-W«ik Bible Ktudy, Wednel: - · · · · · ' · · - . m., D»«con'i Meet- ·«·. J:38 p. m. £Tu*ld»)' l T:U p. . . . . IT. PAtilt EPISCOPAL MAIUU8 J Li.NUi.OIT. Rectn ·. r»n!ijr. Juna«y . f , KiOO k. · t m : u u j Communion i »:OV i . ; -ni,. lr«ml|y riMMK* ·«·!» i J1;M : «. Mi., AnH-tdmrtwSlon .iif' CantfrnutlDB. · · ' " · " · · · · . - · « · '·.···· ·: 4:0 p. RV. Young churchmen i.'T;30 p. m. fvenionl ·" -^- \: ·'. ' · - T . · ' ' V. CIHTRA1, METHODIST Oi' t DYKEl. JR., I'llior . , :· - f JOO .«;- IT.'. Coliece student Coifet ·our''.-' -'· · ·''. . . ' · · ;','4;30 ·.- m.-Sundl School '. . ^·|0:ii 'l-m 'MornmK Woritifp : i*hihetn: "1 W«lked Todiy '..Where I«1U| Walktd"-- CHH»ri . - ' ...... - «olo: ." yt:.Q9d. U. Will ' - Wednesday. Tenche Choir- Pracllc - . '., j '7:00 .p. 'm, U My ! Ttalnlng Clan ' 7:30 p. m. 1 ........ end Youth Recreation " · · ' T CHUHCH OF THE NAZAREN J. O;. CORDELL, Paslul Soulh Locust Street- KG'RH '" *' 1S *' '"' B " 1 ' 0 P"iram-- »M a · m : Sundsy School 11:00 i. m Morning Worship Mtj.J.'.hi. N. Y. P. S. Prayer MOB JiW-tV in. H.. Y, P. 8, Prnsram 6:« p. m. Adult Pruyer Bund 7:30 p. m. EvangellMlic Service Werlneidiy. 1\x p m., Prayer Mce Inf . v ' Thursday, 7:00 p. m., Visitation Biplltl Forrt Community Church _ First Sunday 11:00.-«. m Rev Dei Parker Sunday II-DC a tn Rev. D H. Uuderlisck Third Sundny 11:00 Alfred Whlteley Fourth Hunaayt 11:03 i C Erwln - L ni Re* nx Rev . V 117. Eundn WEDINOTON METHODIST CHURCH A. L. R1CO8, I'lumr ' ' 10:00. n m. Sunday School ll!00:«. m. «nd 7:30 .p. m. Prenchlni Servicti oh Fourth snd Fifth Sundiyi iptolsu Myrtlll*' Dnrman ·-. krmon: n. k,'Dyke'i; Jr. ,. , y.»:»0 n m. Wesley-(ount^Uon V*.:M p, m..Youth GrOup* y 7:50 p.- m Evening Service "Anlheni:'"All In T h e - A p r i l Eve ·!«»"--Roberton. ' -, Solo: RIchtM G?«er - Serrnc-n:~D. L, Dykes, Jr, ' ^Broadcast over KanH ' flRST CHRIS11AK ·OBERT MOrrtTT, Paste* VT»:«B Sunday school- {;«:« Mortlinl Worshl* .'/. . K'ft:30.p, nx Christian tfoulh Fellow ·hip .and Chi Rho Fellowship film Series on Lilt ol Paul lit. JOHN'S LUTHtrtAII ^Arkansas and Drtkson Tet Wl or ! ntCOtRJCK GUMZ. Pastor ^·»:30 a m Sunday, ticliool ^ltl:30 ·'·.- m. NUrsery ppeni -.1.0;4J a. m Sunuay v, orsnip r'Anthem: "Beloved -Jeiui"--liich ·:£errnon! "It Is Finished" SJ:W. P. m. Bvcnlnn Service . . film: "The rimafie Piny' ii;. . .· OUST CHUHCH Of CHRIST. ·CIEMTIST . , '··:·».5o i. m Suniliy School ,vH:00 a m. Sunday Service ·;.;·!« p m. KUHH Sunday Radio fi-olram '-^Wednesday, 7;4^ p. - m.. meeting Madinf Room In church open eacn lUy except Sunday and holidays. GREENLAND CHUhCH OF CHRIST JORIS SALVER, Mlrustll .- 10.00 a in Chuich school. - 11:00 a m Serciot U.4A e. m Communion Servir*. 7:30 p rn onn Service and Bible Study ·T. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHER EUWAHO It MALOY. I'.llor Sunday Maius B:00 and 10.00 a. m. Thursdsy. 7:30 p. m. Novena Masiei. Cevolions Weekday Man. Monday .th:ouKti Friday, 7 Slturday Mast. 1.W a. m. rtjit Friday Mais, I W) a. m · FUst Saturday Mais, l 00 . m Copfescions: 7:00 to S.OO p m and efor* all Masses ' - CHUHCH OF CHRIST EO McCLUNO. Mlnlilrr .W«t Center ana Norm Locmt ·:4ft t. m Blhle itudy. lt,8 ·. m. Morning Worihip TM p.' m . Cltnei f:I» 't m Worship Service ·:10 i, m.. Wtdntidty, t-aditi nihle laii ' ' 7:M ft m Wtdneldty, P r H y r r lettlnf tnrt Atblt flturiy for ill acei LKim COMMONITT CHUHCH CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN BILL: BARNES. Pastor . : ,. . .N7. Dciuglai Sireet - .e:45 a m · Sunday School, 7:00 u m Evening Wonhlp . · ' . " · "»· . WEST FORK BAPTIST R II HEED. P»Mor 9:tt a m Sunday School, 11:00 «., m. Morning Worihip f:30 :'p. ni. Bep'ttit Trnlnlng Union ' .7:30 .p. m Evihlng Worship BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W HEEU. 'fn.-.lor Kll Mlnilon . Street 11:45 a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a in Morning Wonhlp. 6:30 p m Trainlns Union 7:30 p m. Kyening Service Midweek Pray** 1 Service--Wcdncs. day p. m. " J · ' - * - . ; CENTRAL BAPTISl' JACK DEAN I'asuir 5:4!i n m Sunday School. lOiaci a* m Morning Worihip. 7:00 p m Bapim Training Cnune B.oo p m Evening Worship n'OO p .01 Wednesday. Prayer ier- FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY OIBHS Pallor 10:00 a m Sunday School. 11:00 a m I'rcHching. 7:1 p m Evangelistic lervlre Wednesday, 7:30 p m Midweek Prayer Service ·Friday, 7:30 p m PYPA Servi-«. · .: · + " · BLACK' O.AK BAPTIST HOWARD PRICHAnu IMstor IO:OQ n m. Sunday 11:00 n m Prencl ' School ':00 p m .Training Union .1:00 p m ['reaching Service Thuriday 7:30 p m Pruyer meeting ·r- GOSHEN METHODIST S H. VANCKY, I'BMor 10:00 n in Sunday School. 11.0(1 n m Mnrnlnn Worship 7:00 p tn. Evening Worship AYETTEVILLE BIB U E MISSION WO BLOCK SOUTH COLt.tUh. Interdenominational HOMKR MOUTTET, Pnilor 9:4 a m Stmgny bcnutil 11:00 a. m Murninc Worihip fi:IS n 111. Y r u n j Ttoplr* Sprvlrei 7:00 p m EvanSellKtlc Service, Junior Choir.wlil meel Snturdny «l p. m Wednesday, 7:30 p nv. I'myer Meel- SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST RB; K MOlltiAN. PnMol ARL1N MOSTFLLER. Aislxant Pallor 10.00 a m Sunday 7:30 p m Evannelislic M.!i.«ase Uedneiday prayer meeting al 7-.10 nx HIGHLAND COMMONITT 10:30 i m Sunday Iwhimi 11:11 a m Morning Worihip Wednesday night. 7;Ju p m. Prayer ervlces. ' 4. WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY JEHOVAH'S WiTNERSES 3rd Floor Red Cross Druj Bldf. Wednesday. 7:30 p m Book Study Friday, 7:30 p: m Service meelinc Friday. s:45 p m., Theocratic Ministry School Sunday. 3:00 p. m.. Walchibwer Study; ( . v SECOND B'PTIST N V OHAKE. I'litt-r v:45' a rn Sunday bchool. I0:4. r a in MorninR \Winhlp. 7:00 p 'hi Evenini Worship Wednesday I p m Grayer Hervlce -f WEST FORK ABEEMBLY OF GOD BRANHAM and HTEELE, Pustora 0:13 n m. sunony School ll:m Morning Worship fitfo. p. m. Christ Ambassadoi Service . 0:30 p. m. Junior C. A. Service 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic Service Wednesday at 7:30- p. m^-Praycl Mcetlni and Bible study BRENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHUHCH . . . ' . . ' - l'»slurs-Rcv. Olha Tackeil and Rev Rex Morftnn 10:00 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 · 'rii. Sermon 7:30: p. m; Evcnlnt Service 8:011 p. m Friday mint, Bible ttudy and prayer meeting WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST AHNOLO SIMPSON, Pastor South Church antl Third EtrHta OiO n m. Church School 11:00 a m. Morning Worship B!30 p m. Youth Tcllotvshlp 7:30 p in Evening Worship WEST FOHK CHRISTIAN JOHN ' ASOELL. Minuter fl:4S B. m Ctiurch School 1I:OJ a. m. Morning Worship an Oiimmunlon Preaching every first and thirtl 4- JOHNSON CHURCH OF CHRIST IJII.I. E. SMITH. Minister 10.0ft n m. Bible Study 10:SO n ' m. Worship Service 6:30 p. m. Youns People's Classes 7:30 p m Worship Service Pruycr Heeling Wednesday al 1:30 LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JESSK C COI.EMAN Pastor 10:0!) a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a m ' Morning Worship «:30 p. m. Training Union 7:30 p. m. Evening Wonhlp CALVARY TABERNACLE 35 East Soulh Slreel BERYL E BETH. Pasior 10:00 a. m. Morning Service ON'S CHAPEL S MILES EAST ON IllnilWAY 4S 0:30 a. m Sunday School Superintendent--Turner Brown. Auxiliary every lounn Monday 1:00 ARMINQTON BAPTIST M. KHEIS. Pastor 10:00 n m Suudai School 11:00 n m Morning Worihip (1:30 p m. Baptist Training Union 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic Service Wednejday. 7:30 p. in.. Prayer Meet- ARMINGTON METHODIST .. RIGUS. Pallor 10:00 a in Sunda.v Schoo: 11:00 a. m. nmi 7:30 p. m. Preaching crvlce on First. Second and Thin undnj's ORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY F COD A M U K L K BRUCE. Pastor 10:00 n. m Sunday School 11:00 a ni Sermon 7:30 p m Evangelistic Service Tuesrtny, Young People's C. A Ser icrs. 7:30 n m . · Friday Prayer Service. I 5 p m ARKSDALC BAPTIST K N N K I t DAVIS,. Pastor ItLEN MOSTELLAR. Asslilant Pastor 10:00 a. m aunrioy School 7:30-p m KvAngeli.illc MesiRg* Wednesday. 7:30 p. m. Prsyer Meet- C rrins.Y. 7:30 eelinK. Pr ; 7 : -3n P ' Services 7:30 p Service . . p m ' D "lveranee Menage and m. Evangclisllc Services · m Wednesday. Tarrying m Saturday. Testimonial WEST FOHK PRESBYTERIAN DOUGLAS BREWBR, Pasto.- rini AM Thir* iiMjiyi Sunday School 9:30. a' m. Evening Worship 7:30 n. m i» ·«· AM r.urih tuM.ri , Morning Worship H:3o a. m x Sunday School 10:30 n m Evening Worship 7:30 p. m. WYMAN COMMUNITY CHURCH . °TM · m. Sunday School 11.iw a. m Morning worship *errnons: Second and Fourth Sin days--Rev. .Inhn Asbell Third Sunday--Rev. Virgil Erwin GOSHEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CARL FIEDLER. Pastor ?!SS .*' i- . S . U "".V School, E M. TETER. Pastor 10:00 a. m. Sunday School ';··* a. m. Morning Worihip 7:00 p. m. Baptiit Training Unio 7:30 p m. Evening Worship ' . e"vlce" C ' CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD 013 Soulh Cnllcse I L BAYLESS. Paslor ·:« «. m Sunday School. 11:00 a. m. Morning Wonl .hip «:30 p. m. Young People's meeting 7:30 p m Evangelistic Service 7:30 p m. Thursday. Pray«r meeting. CALVARY BAPTIST CHUHCH Rev. J. R. Johnson Tuesday night the Rev. ,1. R. Jofinsori minister of Rogers Heights Christian Church of Tulsa, Oklahoma, will preach on "Thy Wil! Be Done Through a Consecrated Fel In-.vship"; which will deal with th idea of the chuvch as primarily _ fellowship. Mr. Johnson wa formerly minister at Kingfisher Okla., and associate at Soutl Street Church In Springfield,. Me . Wednesday night the Hcv. C. A Prticlt, minister of Wood 'Memoria Christian 'Church in Van Burcn will' preach on "Thy Will Be Doni Through the Call of Christ" which will deal with the evangelistic mission of the church. Mr Pructt received his education a Phillips 'University and came to Van Buren from Mangum. Okla. Thursday night the Rev: William Malotte, minislcr of The First Christian Church in Rogers, preach on "Thy Be Done Corner o/ Mapli nd West Street) ELDER Af'D. STUCKEY. P.stoV »:« a r. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship S:30 p. m Training Service 7:30 p m Evening Worship ' m Prayer ' Wednesday "if"7:31 ,. Service and Bible Study + , MMANUEL BAPTISl CHUHCH O W MORRISON. Pastor Corner Duncan' and Stont :30 a. m. Sunday School 10:5S Morning Wnrsnip *·" Bnpllst TTnlnlng Union «30 Evening Worshi 1 Wednesda y. 1 a p. m.. hip .. Prayer Service m Young People s AMM K. CARTIR. Siiperlnund.m CHURCH irw *. M.. lund*)* Ichool Sunday School 10:30 a nv A$ A Community Development the Following Business Firms Dedicote This Schedule OHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH M LOG UK. Pnslor 10.01! a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Worship Services 7:0i'l p m. Training Union S:00 p m Evangelistic Services R:no p m Evening Service Wcdncsrlny. 7:30 p m., Prayer Meet- Ini; SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST a7 SOUTH STREET SATUHDAY: in:00 a in Sabbath School 11:00 n m Church Service Tuesday, 7:30 p m Prayer meeting SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W R SHAHP. I'iislor Si* Mile* northwest 10:00 n. ni Sunday School . 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship 7:HO p m Evening Worship Wednesday, 7:30 p nv, P r a * t Meeting : ' ' + ' CHUHCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS J A M K R KLKTCIIEn. Elder sindoni Union Blue Room a. m. Sunday general. FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD DONALD WALKF.R. Puilnr 9.:i a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a m. Preaching «:0! p m Y. P. Clusa. 7:.10 p m Evangelistic Services. s ; :.10 p m Friday. Bible study 7:30 p m. Tuesday. C. A. service- OAKLAND BAPTIST (Six Miles Northeast) 1. S WHITEI.EV. Pastor 10:00 a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a m. Morning Worship. 7:30 p m BYPTC 1:30 p m Evening Worship Wednesday. 7:30 p m Prayer meet- Jig. PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER .IF.HSER. Paitor iHighu-ky It We.ll 10:00 a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Mornina Worship 6:30 p m Training union 7:30 p m. Evangelistic Service Wednesday Prayer Meeting. 7:30 p. m. Friday, Youlh Musical Program, 7 p. m. GREENLAND COMMUNITY BOB CORNELIUS. Pastor t:*."! a m .Sunday School 11:00 a m Morning Worihip Thursday 7:30 n m.. midweek serv- lyei led by the Rev Jack Taylor. APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NEOLA MOORE. Pas'or Highway 71 Soulh 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Morning Service 7:30 p m. Evangelistic Servlte Wednesday. 7:30 p m.. Mid week lervjce ST, JAMES BAPTIST INtfrol ' W WEBR Paslnr 10:30 11:30 3:00 p m Young People's rne«llni ·:00 p m Evangelistic strvlct ST. JAMES METHODIST (Metro! A I. BUCHANAN Pastor 9 4S a m Sunday School. tt'«sl · m Morning Worship ' 14S p m Youlh Fellowship, 7:'iO p tn Night S«r\tcM m Sunday School m Mnrnlnji Worship. ' Through Devotion To His Word" which will deal with disciple practices of baptism, and commymipn Mr. Malotte was in the Navy dur ing the war and came to Rogers from Jet, Okla., where he was Ihe minister while attending Phillips University. Friday night Dr. Wallace R. Bacon, minister of First Christian Church in Fort Smith will preach on "Thy Will Be Done Through an Enlightened Faith.". This will deal with the reasonable, and intelligent f a i t h which is the right of every disciple. Dr. Bacon and Mrs. Bacon have ministered to the Fort Smith church for over 25 years, since their relurn from the China Mission Field. The services will begin at 7:30 o'clock each evening with an informal period of singing. At 8:30, following the service, an informal coffee in honor of the visiting minister will he held in the annex. The nursery will be open ' from 7:15 to 9:15 o'clock each evening with an attendant' in charge so the smaller children may attend with their parents without having to be in the services. Unitarians To Visit · All Souls Church Dr. Z. V. Harvalik will be the speaker at tomorrow's meeting of Ihe Unitarian Fellowship, service beginning at 11 a. m. Dr. Harvalik, who Is with the Institute of Science and Technology at the university has for his subject, ''Is The Universe Expanding ?" It is (he custom following these meetings to have a general discussion in which the audience participates. The meeting will be belrt in the Gnmo Doom of the Student union simultaneously with Ihe church school. Dr. L. B. Ham and Mrs. Boyd C. Shnfcr are in charge of music. On Sunday April. 6, members of the local fellowship will go in a body lo Tusln, Okla., whore they will filtcnd services at All Souls) U n i t a r i a n Church, followed by buffet .lunch. Those who wish Irnnsporlntion may call Mrs. E. E Blnndoati, 2009-W and make ar- ranKcmcnts. Seasonal Music To Be Presented By Qsborne An orjan composition appropriate to the church season will be played' tomorrow afternoon by Kenneth R. Osborne, chairman of the University's Division of Fine and Applied Arts, in a public or-' Jan recital at 4 o'clock at the Arts Center Concert-Hulli ·"'. ' ' The Ascension Suite by the French, composer, Olivier Mes- saien, a work of profound religious feeling, which has a dramatic impact on the listener, will highlight the recital program.. The suite is divided into sections, ca:h of which bears a title /ind a quotation from the Scrip- lures or liturgy. ,They...are:' : first, The majesty of Christ asking for glory to His Father, '/Father, the hour is come; glorify the Son; that Thy Son also may glorify Thee;" second, prayer of-Christ ascending [owards His Father, "We beseech Thee, O Lord, that .we may. dwell in Heaven in the'..spirit;; 1 ..third, rapture of a soul before: the Glory of-Christ which is the sftiil's owrn jlory, "God is gone u p - . . .'with the sound of a trumpet.... 0,' clap your.hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph." " ' : The suit was composed in 1934 'or organ ' and later transcribed 'or'orchestra'..It is said to be a'kin o the music of Cesar Franck in Is religious feeling. Messaien has been organist at A Trinite in Paris,'arid Has'taught t a number of t'ht'leading Paris music schools. He is a graduate of he Paris Conservatory, where h» itudied with Marcel Dupre ' and 'aul Dukas. Also on the recital program are ompositions by Buxtehude, J. S. Bach and Hindemith. Christian Churches Will Meet Tomorrow Christian Churches of Washington County will have their regular f i f t h Sunday meeting tomorrow at the First Christian Church in Springdale. A cooperative luncheon will be served during the noon hour and the afternoon program will begin at 1:45 o'clock with Mrs. Pink VanHoose presiding.- The reports of {he Hillside Adventures · Br JTBEO STAM A man what's been around in these hills long enough to know aiks how a body gdes abou't.'tellini when the moon U dark flnd when it's light. So if the class in moon- ology will come to order we'll go through all that once more. One teller suggests the best way to tell about the moon is to go. out in the yard and look up. But suppose it's cloudy? Well, sir, the night or day. after the moon becomes full--gets to its largest looking size--the thing then seem. Ingly begins to get smaller. It is then said 'to be on the wane, and that period until it begins to grow again is said to be the dirk of the moon. It passes through what is called quarter moons, and finally becomes what .is known as new moon. . · . There are them what 'lows if a freeze comes when the moon is dark the', fruit will suffer if .it is in the proper stage. If the moon is light the damage is also light. I don|t happen to have on almanac in my hip pocket, but am of the opinion the' last weekend- freeze was in the dark'of the moon. Now'that is all probably as clear as mud to folks not raised 1 in a moon-cohscibus family. Are there any questions? 'If not, class is dismissed^ Saturday 1 overheard a man up. at the county seat call another one a .lose), arid that's a fighting word in some parts, but it 'peared Services at St. Paul's £piscopal Church will continue throughout Lent with Holy Communion at 7:30 s f m., Wednesday in the Student Union and Holy Communion at the church at 10 a. m.; Litany and Meditation at 5 p. m., Friday; evening prayer and sermons on "The Creed" Sunday evenings at 7:30 o'clock. ' St. Joseph's Catholic Church will continue its Lenten services with mass every week day during Ixnt, at 7 a. m.; Friday, mass at 7:30 p. m. . St. John's Lutheran Church, in a special Sunday evening'Audio- visual .program, will observe Lent. The following films will be shown at 7:30 p. m., tomorrow, "The Pilgrimage Play" (Part I), and April 6, "The Pilgrimage Play" (Part II). . · A sermon series under the general 'theme, "Cries from the Cross," will be delivered by Pastor F. A. Gumz, in the morning services which begin at 10:45 o'clock. Specific subjects and the los«I. didn't know' what one da j es a j. c g s £ 0 u ows: Tomorrow, is. We 1 he happens to-be a good. « It , s Finished;" and April 6,' . - .various churches will carry the theme of "Evangelism," as will the sage by the featured speakers. Vhose who. will speak are Allen Buckrcus, church school superintendent of the Fayetteville First Christian Church, Mrs. EC. Garnett, West Fork and Herbert Neie; German exchange student at the University. The Youth Fellowship of t h e host church will present special numbers for Easier under the direction of the Rev. Mr. and Mrs I. J. Kerrick. for nothing; sort of a somebody. My mother Used to say of some of the. weddings' in our community that, "She's done married a lose!, and she drove her ducks to a mighty -poor .market. She'll always have plenty ol wood on her back, and water in his eyes." Ever so often I have a hankering to see what's nmongst the accumulation of my files. Yesterday being a fitttn day for such a chore, I dug in and found.a sale announcement where Chess Stout was selling all his earthly goods under the hammer. Chess must have" been one of the first Arkies "Father Into Thy Hands-. . ." The remembrance of Jesus' passion will be given further 1 expression in traditional liturgical forms and will culminate in a communion service on M a u n d y Thursday evening April 10, at 7:30 o'clock. Miller To Lead Spring Revival .. In Springdale SpringdaIe-(SpeclaO-The Kev. to migrate to California. He lived j J- Ivey Miller, missionary to Chile three and. one-half miles east of I "'ill .he the guest^ evangelist to Brcntwood, and arhongst his pos sessions was two good coon dog he was going to;sell if price wa right. Made 'me woridfef^'hat the right prire for a'.good coo dog. St. Paul's Choir To Sing "Requiem" The choir of St. Paul"s Episcopal Church will sing "Requiem" by Gabriel Faure, at a special service Palm Sunday, April 6, at 5 p. m. .Under the direction of Mrs. aarius J. Lindloff, this will be the "irst presentation of the Requiem :n Fayetteville. Mrs. Lindloff states thst it is unique in the modern choral repertoire and, it ranks among the finest religious vorks from France. It was writ- en in 1887 and was first presented in the Church of the Madeleine, vhere Faure was organist in 1890. Mrs. Lindloff, in describing the music, says that it i s - o f deeply moving grief, inspired by the death it the composer's' father and-con- 'eys the acceptance of death with wise and confident tranquility t calls on God and sings of his :iercy. The offering at this service will e civen to the Sewancc All Saints 'oundation. Mrs. Homer Crow will rovide the organ accompani- nent. Dedication Services lanned At West Fork West Fork,-(Special) - Sunday ic members of Ihe West Fork baptist Church will be hosts to wo former pastors, former mem- crs and friends at an all-day service. A program of worship 1 and entertainment has heen planned by r.arry Andre, Mrs. Bill Waterfield and Mrs. H. A. Carter. The 10l.h anniversary of the church will be observed along I Chess also advertised free cot fee but insisted/you bring you own cup. He had a cedar chur and a safe for'sale. I don't kno what he got lor his churn and safe but I'd give all o f ' w h a t has bee acquired of ,eartWy -goods--whic is nothing to blow about--to g back and raid the safe in m maw's .kitchen, and' watch he take up the butter from the oh cedar churn. But for some gooi reason the Good Lord don't give i body a second chance at such. These two phrases I found writ ten on the back of this sale sheet "She is always trying to protec him from the warm rains o everyday living." Probably somi doting mother trying to live he: son's life for him. And, "Some people can be big in a durn little way." You've seen folks like that no doubt. Spring is o n ' t h e march and i fast leaving its marks at everj turn. Soon the dogwiod, redbuc and sarvis. together with the wild plum, will .be showering their beauty on every hillside. Orte nice thing about sprign; you- never never heard anybody dread to see her coming 'round the mountain. Sometimes it looks as if she wasn't going to make it, but here's hoping ·he always shows up in plenty of time to plant a garden. F.. A. Gum/. To Conduct Morning Devotions .Next week F. A. Gum?., pastor. of St. John's Lutheran Church, will conduct the morning devotions sponsored by the Ministerial Alliance. Mr. Gum?, will speak over.KGRH at 8:15 from Monday through Saturday on the general theme, "Unto all Men." His specific subjects are: Monday, "Lost and Found;" Tuesday, "Self-Centered or God-Centered;' Wednesday, "Time for a Visit from God"; Door" Thursday, "Heaven's Low lead 'the'.Spring Revival at the First Baptist church in Springdale, April 6th through the 13th. Mr. Miller is a graduate of Decatur Baptist College, Baylor University, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He began preaching- und*f the ministry of Rev. Stanley Jordan, while he was a student at Decatur, ' Texas. Mr. ·Miller was a basketball star both at the Decatur Baptist College «nd at Baylor University. He has used, his athletic ability to a greet advantage since going to Chile as missionary. Before going to Chile, Mr. Miller was a successful pastor, evangelist and personal worker,. At the same time the meeting is in progress here, most of the other Baptist churches in .Washington and Madison counties will also be engaged in revivals. During the week, the ministers and singers will meet each morning at Ferguson's Cafeteria in Fayetteville for breakfast, fellowship and prayer.. Everyone is invited to attend one of the revivals at the Baptist churches in the community April 6-13. A special rally will he held in the First' Baptist Church in Springdale Tuesday, April 8th for ' evangelists -pastors and singers of Benton, Washington and Madison counties. They will have dinner ogether at the Hitching Post Caff and will broadcast over radio sta- .ion K.B.R.S. from 1:00 to 1:30 ('clock that afternoon. Mr. Miller vill be the speaker. Marriages Paul G. ,May and Miss Lena .'laxine Harrelson, both of Spring- ale, we're married March 27 by he Rev. James I;. Neal. Harry Harrison and Tuiss Pearl 'hurley, both -, of Fayetteville, '· married March 2i by the :ev. Noal Dodd. "Auld Lang Syne" was Andrew ackson's favorite song. Work";, and. Saturday, "Miracle Friday, "You and Your Drugs Can't Cure This. I I 1 1 G J 0 N Announcements Central I' Church Circle three of the Central Preshylorlisn Church mcel with Mrs. George F. Branlgnn, Oakland Street; Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. A. H.. Carter will load the program, tion," Our Faith In Ac- First Rapllll Cnurrh Circle one of the First Kaptlst Church will meet Monday at 2 p. m., with Mrs. O, A. M. Johnson, 2 Ka$t Clebtirn Street. A4)ertlM !· the TIMES- « pan. the church from the members who pledged $250 for thq installation. All labor was donated and Miss Dcslna Fine, a West Fork High School senior, is painting a picture for the background. The program of thf day will Include Sunday School trim 9:45 lo 10:45 a. 'm.; from .10:45 to 12:30 p.m. worship service with the two former pastors, the Rev. T. L. Newbill and the Rev. Al Feljz Rlvinir the welcoming addresses. The Rev, Raymond H. Reed will deliver Ihe derllca'ilon message of the Baptistry. Special music, brief talks and the Initial use of the Baptistry will conclude the morn- Ing service. Dinner will he served In the church b»rement with a special service In the afternoon, beginning nt 2:30 o'clock. About U per cenl of air If oxygen, Within Ihe ,oul of every mor, and womon is o crov. injlhol only Chriil con lotiity. i S T T u E l l V I N f i FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Woll«r 1. Jehhien, Patter "THE CONVERSION OF SAUI." Mornln» Worihip Hour 10:51 (Broaden! OTtr Sullen KQRH) Sunday School Ii90 "TO IE SEEN OF MEN" Worihip Hour 7iJO Training Union I: IS Tht Nurury is open at all s«rvic«« WELCOME

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